Well, a few things changed for Reiko that night. New knot, new quarters, and a lot less free time.

Knot desc: A single cord, white as new-fallen snow, loops once at her shoulder.

Logs from Candidacy

Egg Touching And what's the first thing Reiko does as a Candidate? Why, she's hauled onto the Sands for a close-up look at those freshly-clutched eggs, of course!
Emerald eyes widen as Reiko approaches the eggs - the only outward sign of any awe she might be feeling. That and the fact that it's taking her forever to cross the sands. "Sorry," she murmurs as she finally reaches the group of candidates. Hyzen gets a quick nod and a twisted smirk. What /is/ Reiko doing here? Oh. Right.

Candies In Costumes A group of candidates finally got curious enough to open a certain box that's been oh-so-temptingly residing in the living caverns... with interesting results.
Khory scoots over so that Surupa can slide in beside him. Placing spoon aside, for it's done its job, he reaches out and motions for Rupa to grab ahold of the broken edge of the crate too. "Be careful of splinters," he warns, ignoring the comments made by the others. He certainly hopes it's not tunnel snakes, or vtols, or .. well.. dead candies. "One.. Two.. Three!" and with a tug, they try to remove the lid.

Getting Physical(s) Well, they said Candidacy was something like Boot Camp. Which means everyone gets a physical. On this particular day, it seemed as if just about everyone /was/... simultaneously... and with some interesting dynamics going on.
With barely a glance to either side, Reiko sits down as instructed. This cold, efficient Elehu isn't one she's particularly familiar with, but she takes the hint rather well. For Reiko. Leaning back on one hand, the other lying idly across her lap, she looks up at Elehu calmly. Whatever's next, she's ready. And don't ask how she managed to avoid having ever assisted with a physical. Cough.

Candidate Bondage... erm, /Bonding/. It only seems like torture to Reiko.
"Mmmhmm." Forgive Reiko if she sounds a little doubtful. She's been a Candidate less than 24 hours and she's already got it figured out. Loren definitely does /not/ have better things to do than build a shrine. "Sure. You could have latrine duty." Or any of about a hundred menial tasks that Reiko is /not/ looking forward to having assigned to her.

Cleaning The Pens Funny how things change. That shiny Assistant Weyrlingmaster knot made Ilare go from being Reiko's friend to being her taskmaster... and even when the chore was finished, Reiko didn't really get much of a break..
Since so many candidates are here, Ilare's eyes take on.. That gleam. A chores-to-be-done gleam. "No, he's not. But we offered to hunt for Cadgwith and drop some food off for her. Since she doesn't leave the grounds much with the eggs there, y'know?" Aren't we just spiffy helpful types? Standing, rolls being pocketed, she grins at the candidates. "Drop what you're doing you lot. You might as well all start this afternoon's chore right no-- Reiko? You're a candidate too?" Oh dear. Ilare's almost.. sorry.. to assign this necessary chore now. Almost.

Wine and Music The former, Reiko can't have. The latter, she'd prefer not to...
Reiko is not particularly friendly, even on her best day. Which this decidedly is /not/. She eyes Konolan, and then the cookies, for a long moment before reaching to take one. "Thanks," she says again, dunking it into her klah rather absently. Absently because her ears have perked up at the mention of wine. But before she can remark, the sound of a gitar reaches her ears and her head whips about to find the source. A mixture of relief and disappointment flashes across her face before disappearing behind the usual sullen mask. Only the rider. Emerald gaze slides appraisingly over Myrna and her instrument. "Konolan," she says. Even Reiko was paying /that/ much attention. "He's Konolan. I'm Reiko. Who are you?"

The Eyes Have It So they're not the friendliest bunch of people on Pern. At least they're interesting to look at?
Reiko gives Hiliza a coolly appraising glance. Not quite as lingering as the one the poor girl got in the infirmary, but there nonetheless. "Well enough," she replies casually, ignoring all the eyeing. Really. It's one thing when Reiko is eyeing, but when other people start, it's time for her to stop. That perverse thing again.

Rules It's like Reiko to push her luck, in spite of the rules she's obliged to follow as a Candidate. But others have rules as well..
Reiko arches an eyebrow. An invitation? To visit? Now how should she take /that/? She crosses the room to perch on a stool near Ele's desk, facing her. "It's a matter of degrees," she says lightly, fixing glittering eyes and a twisted halfsmile on the Healer. "Nothing like actual /privacy/... but certainly less crowded than the barracks." And let's not even /mention/ the dorms. "Besides..." She leans back on her hands idly and stretches her legs out in front of her, crossing them at the ankles. "It's not /that/ bad in here."

Safety In Numbers As generally annoying as Reiko has found her fellow Candidates to be, she's nonetheless grateful for their presence when Niall starts in on her again.
Reiko has been largely ignoring whatever doesn't interest her. Brats, peach-colored whatever... but the whistle and the snapped comment bring her head quickly up from her task and she glares coldly at Niall. "If you're bored, you might try leaving," she says, voice dripping saccharine. Murrough actually gets a twisted smile for his contribution, and the bundle of white fabric is pushed aside.

A Chill in the Cellars Reiko finds a quiet place to hide, and cool besides; but when Elehu stops by in search of a nice wine, it gets a few degrees cooler...
Reiko's eyes narrow slightly at Ele's words. "I'm sure your interest is strictly professional," she says coolly, not yet making the effort to actually snap. She hasn't forgotten being walked out on, rules or no, without so much as a word spoken. She hasn't felt much like her normal self either, what with being so sharding bone-tired all the time, but there's still a bit left.

Fun With Leather Reiko's quiet afternoon of mending takes an interesting turn, thanks to a skin of wine and a bundle of tangled riding straps.
E'ren beams at both his companions, getting up to lend a hand, though not necessarily help. He doesn't put the wineskin down, though, so that makes things a bit more difficult. "Geez... P'rru. I think it'd be easier just to make new riding straps than untangle these." Slipping up beside the brownrider, he picks up a loop or two, and puts them over one shoulder, trying to sort out a handful of knotted ends with his free hand. Pretty soon he's tangled up /with/ P'rru... wow, this is almost romantic, isn't it? "Want a drink?" he asks, offering him the wineskin again, beaming.

Sewing Party Tradition requires that each Candidate wear a white robe when they Stand at the Hatching. Since just about all of the current batch of Candidates have little or no experience sewing, an offer of help is definitely appreciated... resulting in another close encounter with a bottle of wine and a certain greenrider.
Khory is about to comment, when his green firelizard re-appears from ::between:: Calling Lascia to him, the messenger-candie takes the note careful from her leg and reads it over. He then grins broadly. "He says we can all go on up to his Weyr, and he'll show up how to sew!" Isn't that wonderful! Exhiting! Exhillerating?! Ahem.. Still pink around the ears, Khor jumps from his seat and gathers his things.. "And knowing Ren.. I mean.. ah.. E'ren.. he'll have drinks and stuff awaiting us too.." Linen now wrapped around one arm, and rucksack placed on the opposite shoulder, he smiles softly and states, "Are ya coming?"