Candidate Bondage... erm, /Bonding/.

Candidate Barracks

Loren mends socks. Socks are mendable everywhere, you see, and so Loren, being tired of large crowds, has decided to mend in the more crowded barracks. Indeed, Loren is smart. Revel in her ... smartness. Or not. "Stupid. Stupid. Stupid." Lo', being smart, is ... helping the sock along with words of encouragement. "Stupid." Hack.

Surupa isn't around for chores at the moment, simply there as she attempts to catch up with sleep. The twins that usually are beside her are finally gone, and she is alone and quiet. "Sleep... Sleep. Sleep. Sleep." Rupa grumbles to herself and yet still can't seem to fall into that relaxed state. Poor unfortunate Herder-candidate, really... Pity her? She grumbles softly and places her pillow upon her head. She's going to sleep one way or another.

Reiko returns to the barracks just in time to catch Loren's tirade. She's more on Surupa's wavelength just at the moment. Having had much less than her customary four pots of klah... okay, it's really been sevendays since she's consumed that much, she's just adjusting badly. Sue her. At any rate, she's tired. So Loren is eyed narrowly. "Who's stupid?"

Loren stitches the sock shut ... unintentionally. Really. "Stupid. Stupid sock. I don't even know why I have to mend the stupid socks." A small golden head peers out at Loren from a few ... stray socks, chittering cutely. "... um, no. It's, um, okay, Hostess. No ... problem." Twitch. Reiko is eyed, though, and the deformed sock is waved. "The stupid socks." Surupa is eyed. She's ... going to sleep. And Loren is stitching socks. This is Not Good. Not good at all.

Surupa isn't just going to sleep yet, because the little crimson-gold firelizard of hers is awake once again and causing trouble. Well, not really, but she is there and chattering loudly in her bonded's ears, hissing and growling and shrieking. "Ambi, shut /up/!" Rupa shouts at last, and the little gold? She simply stays there where she is, not giving a twitch, and looking as innocent as possible before she moves to the end of the cot and watches everyone else. "Shardin' firelizards. I will /never/ be able to understand them."

Reiko flumps down on her cot. Same cot as before.. why does it seem less comfortable in this hideous barracks? Oh, probably the barracks. With a sigh, she flops back to lie down. "Wonderful." Her voice fairly drips with sarcasm at Loren's predicament. Emerald gaze regards Lo' sidelong as Reiko can't resist the additional taunt. "And they're not even R'avey's, are they?" The horror. Now Surupa is eyed, for the ill-behaved firelizard. People let metallics get away with murder. "Try feeding her," she suggests mildly, only an eyeroll betraying how she /really/ feels.

Inside Khory's Cot, Nut raises his head at the yell towards a fellow flit, and zany brown chirrups. It's not the gold's fault they too are excited. And they don't have to do mending or chores.. no, in fact, the seem to get the best out of the candidacy.. At least, Nut and Lascia both get good feeding from it.. which is good, is it not?

"Firelizards are only good if they're small and adorable and trainable." Loren looks sage, for a moment, even as a nasty-looking green attempts to gnaw on Hostess's tail. "Stop, Kya, or I'll dump you in the lake." Kya wanders off. Meanie. A grumble to the socks, and Lo' keeps stitching, glowering at Reiko for the comment. "Why? Did you think I'd have them set up in some sort of shrine?" Lo's not happy. Lo' has no weyrmate, no pillows, and the socks are stupid. It's a very bad, bad life. Or ... something.

Reiko snorts lightly, folding her arms across her face to block out the light. "Sure, Loren." A shrine to R'ave's socks. That's just... perfect. Perfectly Loren. At least, from what Reiko has seen. And it's not the /socks/ that are stupid, in her opinion. "Just do it quietly?"

Loren wouldn't make a shrine to R'ave's socks. But ... maybe to everyone's socks. Indeed, that is what Lo' shall do. Or not. Whatever. "I'm /not/ making a shrine to R'avey's socks. I don't /need/ to make a shrine to R'avey's socks." Pause, ponder. "... I've better things to do." Right.

Khory comes home.
Khory climbs into Khory's Cot.

Inside Khory's Cot, Trying to hold back the yawn that's threatening to come out, Khory finally gives in and lets sleep take him where it may. 'Goodnight..' he mumbles.

"Mmmhmm." Forgive Reiko if she sounds a little doubtful. She's been a Candidate less than 24 hours and she's already got it figured out. Loren definitely does /not/ have better things to do than build a shrine. "Sure. You could have latrine duty." Or any of about a hundred menial tasks that Reiko is /not/ looking forward to having assigned to her.

"I had it last time." Loren is sure that latrine duty was a big ... cosmic-joke-thing. "And I have ... other things to do. Mending socks. Cooking dinner." Twitch. "Making creampuffs. And scrubbing pots. Or ... or something." Shifty-eye.

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Tamber yawns and rubs his sleepy eyes as he awakens from a thread-fighting dream.

Reiko's arms flop back to her sides, and she rolls her head to /eye/ Loren. "You didn't say /other/ things," she points out, what little patience she possesses dwindling rapidly. "You said /better/ things."

Tamber rolls over on his bed, smothering a yawn with his pillow before he sits up. Hmm...people. The talking must have woken him up. Brandishing a smile he peers over at them, wondering what he missed while he was napping.

Loren has an elipse moment. "..." Elipses. Keen. Anyway. "Those ... /are/ better than making a shrine to R'avey's socks." Twitch, goes Lo'. "Those are better. Lots better. And if I ever visit R'ave, then I /will/ have better things to do than make a shrine to his socks and I won't even /want/ to make a shrine to his socks." Yet.

Tamber blinks once, twice, three times...and rolls onto his back. Socks? Shrines? Girls are so odd. He picks up his pillow and debates throwing it at them.

Reiko coughs, then a twisted smirk curls the corners of her lips. "I should think you would," she says wryly. When a girl visits her former weyrmate, she does /not/ spend her time enshrining the man's socks. Unless she's really shatteringly stupid. Wait... nevermind. A sound from a nearby cot draws her attention, and she turns her head to eye the boy who crashed the mass-physical. "Morning." Emerald gaze turns cold as she eyes the pillow. Throw it and die, ointment-boy.

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Loren slinks into slumber, hyacinth eyes sliding closed and figure curling in on itself.

Lorsalia comes home.

Tamber's gaze meets Reiko's and he suddenly decides against chucking his pillow at them. Something in those eyes tells him he'd pay for it threefold. He remembers seeing her in the Infirmary this morning...right before he was dragged into Cayl's private alcove for a painfully embarrassing physical himself. Tamber sits up and yawns once more, "What day is it?"

Reiko blinks. And blinks again. "I haven't a clue." Her days are mostly all the same. Or, rather, they were. This particular day has been very different from all the ones that preceded it... but she rather thinks that the days to come will hold more of the same. Sleeping in crowded quarters, too much hard work, and inane chatter with people she'd never choose to socialize with. Sigh. She rolls over onto her stomach, burying her face in her arms.

Hiliza opens her eyes and finds herself half-huddled over her cot, and shakes her head, groaning, "Nnnn?" Is her highly intelligent response, masked behind runner mask as it is. "I have a headache... " She shucks the mask, turning about to softly stare at the people in the room, "I don't think I should wear most of this anymore." She comments, mostly to herself, shucking the hand-puppets and the fin as well, "The wings are pretty. I'm gonna keep 'em." She bobs her head and adjusts, shoving the other peices under her cot like a good, clean little person. Snerk.

Tamber lets out a snort that is most likely repressed laughter when movement on the part of Hiliza brings his attention to her. Each item she removes is regarded with interest, "Hiza, didn't know you were into fins. Looks good on you, though."

Having ditched the feline pelts long ago (possibly they're even still in the infirmary), Reiko just shakes her head as Hiliza sheds her various adornments. "You kind of had to be there," she murmurs Tamber-wards, although she's doubly glad now that there's no outward sign of her ill-considered involvement in the matter. The things she'll do to spite someone. Sigh. "The runnermask /was/ a bit much, though." Anything to deflect attention from the feathers and fur that briefly graced Reiko's form.

Hiliza sticks her tounge out at Tamber, "Khory found a box of costumes... " She explains, looking for her boots. "I.. left them in the Living Caverns," she mumbles to herself, "Oh shoosh, Reiko, you were wearing things too... And 'Upa was dressed like a 'lizard." She bobs her head six of seven times and then deicdes to chuck the trundle-bug puppets at Tamber and Reiko, one each, just because. "I have a headache." Is repeated.

Tamber shakes his head and grins at both of them, spreading his hands before him, "No, I don't want to know." Green eyes sparkle, but really he's laughing /with/ them. "And Hiliza how'd you get a headache?" The mischief is really in him this time as he ducks to avoid a puppet, "You weren't sneaking into the wine were you? You know that's against regulations."

Lorsalia shuffles into the dorm with her head held high. Just inside the doorway, she clears her throat and pauses, waiting for the other candidates to notice her. Watch out, folks, it's Princess Lorrie. The girl tilts her head to the side, one fist on her hip, and glances around, hoping that her newly-dyed hair sparks commetns.

Hiliza spies Lorsalia and gives a half hearted grin, chucking the fin-shoe at Tamber as well. "It looks cute," she comments, though her opinion is hardly what counts, isn't it, "I might do mine pink and yellow..." She bobs her head and then go back to cuddling a pillow. Well, she wasn't before but she is now. Majorie lounges against the wall, cradling both of Hiliza's felines, and eyes the younger girl up and down, "Cute, yes. 'Liza, leave your hair be, you already massacred it with shears." How pleasent of her, don't you think. "And stop flirting with that... thing." A snort is given in Tamber's direction, and Hiliza, mollified, pouts.

Lorsalia was noticed. That's all that counts. "It is cute, isn't it?" Lorsa fishes for more compliments while heading towards her cot. Reaching it, she flops down on it stomachfirst and lies so that her flamingo-pink hair cascades off the edge. "Pink is one of my favorite colors."

"Were." That would be the operative word, here. Reiko is no longer wearing 'things'. But the discussion seems to have turned to hair, a topic which interests Reiko not at all, since nothing at all can be done with hers. She's tried. And please let's don't anybody mention wine. Another sore subject. So Lors is eyed narrowly. "Hair. Should not. Be pink." She drops her head on her arms again. Maybe she can sleep?

Tamber catches the fin in mid-flight. Giving Lorsalia a good look he gifts her with a crooked grin, "I would've gone for blue, m'self." And thats all he'll say about that. As for Majorie, he sticks his tongue out at her when he thinks she's not watching and gives Hiliza a playful smile, tossing the fin-shoe back at her. "Yours looks just fine as it is." Really, what is it with girls and dying their hair? He shakes his head.

She's proud of her new look. "It should so, Miss Reiko." Lorsalia retorts with a huff, sitting back up to gaze upon her pink locks. "Hair can be any color anyone wants it to be. And mine's pink an' strawberry blond." Tamber's comment catches her off guard. "Blue? Maybe you should do it. I don't like blue much. Pink is prettier."

Hiliza attempts to catch the fin, but it clatters, near her cot. Retriving it, Hiliza chucks it back, but it grazes the ear of some Nabolese candidate, and goes spinning out of control at a random other person. "Oh, no, my hair would look nice pink and yellow. It looked nice purple and starry." She smirks and shuffles over toward Tamber's cot.. to uh, apologize to the Nabolese, who merely pouts. Majorie, the frightning, gives Reiko a once-over with her eyes and adds her mentally to the short list of female candidates she doesn't hate. So she loudly agrees, "Hair should stay the color it grow in on your head, especially if your name is Hiliza and you're too close to that boy's cot." Majorie plunks the felines down and unwraps her spindly self from the ground, marching over and /picking Hiliza up/. "Ack, 'Jorie! S'no fair!!" Plus now Hiliza's going to be trapped in a cuddle when she's removed to the corner. Eep.

Tamber reaches up and takes handful of curls and tugs on them, looking over at Lorsalia, "Nope, don't think I'd look so good with blue would give my skin a sickly cast." and that part is said with a grin so nobody knows if he's being serious or poking fun. His eyes pop, however, as the moving-toward-him Hiliza is suddenly grabbed from behind and whisked away. Sheesh. He mumbles at Reiko, "Remind never to get in a fight with Majorie."

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Xaner opens his eyes and looks around in silence, awakening to a new day.

Tamber throws his pillow at Xaner, "'morning."

Reiko eyes Majorie the frightening - not that Reiko is frightened of much - and privately thinks that she's one of a very few with any sense. Although her taste could be questioned. Whatever. It's of little consequence, after all. Tamber's comment gets a smirk. "My marks would definitely be on her," she murmurs, fixing glittering eyes on the boy. Maybe if she ignores the 'dye' comments, they'll just go away?

Lorsalia shrugs to Tamber, then sticks her tongue out at Majorie. "You should stick to your own business!" She cries, offended for poor Hiliza's sake. "'Lizaly can do whatever she wants to her hair. It's -her- hair you know." Reiko gets the same stuck-out tongue expression before the Tillekian storytelling candidate turns her back on the scene to tug her sewing supplies out from beneath her cot.

Groan. Roll...FWUMP! Xaner lands on the floor beside his cot. What's with all that noise? Green-haired candidate opens up bleary eyes from his nap, slowly looking around. "Wow..everyone got so big.." Wait a's on the floor. Why is he on the floor? Blank look.

Tamber looks mildly offended at Reiko. "She couldn't take me." Hrmph. Well, she /probably/ couldn't. He gives Majorie a sideways glance before turning his attention back to Lorsa, "Really, you're hair is kind of..." blinding? comical? "...bright." His gaze then switches to Xaner, not him too. Tambs might dye his hair blue just to fit in.

Xaner didn't make his hair green on purpose! Dsalth tripped him into the paint and it wouldn't come out of his hair! Whine! He's a neon candie now. Another groan, and he sits up, rubbing at his hip a little. Owie. The floor hurts. "...How'd I get on the floor?"

Majore does, indeed, haul a fidgeting Hiliza into the corner and not let go. No, she merely settles herself onto the floor and holds Hiliza in her lap, cuddling. Hiliza blushes and mentally writes it off as normal, not-flirting behavior. "Thanks Lors," she meeps, really at a loss for words. Majorie pulls her lips into an almost attractive grin at Reiko, and states, "Of course I would, especially if he we trying to do anything to /my/ 'Liza. Since she's got her Raevs and all." Either Majorie is also in denial, or she just doesn't count herself on account of gender.

Lorsalia giggles at Xaner, ignoring the bratty Majorie. "You fell, 'Ner. Don't you have /any/ balance?" The candidate laughs a little harder, almost unable to open her basket, but eventually working the class. "You fell into the paint the other day, too." Now, Lors pulls a long stretch of white flax-cloth from the basket as well as a small hide detailing a robe design that she bought from some weavers. If no one else is going to comment -nicely- about her hair, she might as well get some work done.

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Loren starts awake, peering around blearily and slowly rising.

Xaner narrows cerulean eyes, sticking his tongue out at Lorsa oh so maturishly. "Dsalth /tripped/ me. I didn't just fall." Naughty evil bad breath dragon. Fingers comb into his hair before he carefully crawls back onto his cot and flops on his stomach. The rest of the candies are eyed. "Did anybody else have a physical today?" Shudder.

Reiko lifts her head enough to find out who's on the floor, mentally bemoaning her change of domicile. The healers' quarters had been so nice and quiet... sigh. "Just get /up/, Xaner," she suggests wearily, rolling over onto her back again and staring at the ceiling. Little by little, Majorie's words sink in, and she turns to eye Hiliza. And likewise Majorie, since they're sort of ... attached. "Raevs? I thought you had a thing for Takovic." At Xaner's question, she idly raises a hand. Did anybody /not/ have a physical today, might be a more appropriate question, from what she saw of the infirmary.

Loren stares at her socks, and ... stitches some more. Because that's what she's supposed to be doing. Mending, and junk. Right. So. Lo' mends, and mutters things about stupid socks. Right.

Tamber swivels his head back to look at Xaner, his tone sympathetic, "Oh yes. I was dragged into Cayl's private alcove and..." he shudders with the memory. "I'm glad /thats/ over with." At Reiko's comment he swivels his head /back/ around to stare at Hiliza. So, it's not just Raevs, is it.

Xaner hides a laugh with a cough. "/Cayl/!? Oh dear..oh..I pity you." Oh yes, he knows Cayl. She searched him after all. But..the physical..shudder. "Did she give you red stuff to drink?"

Hiliza laughs loud and embarrased now, still rather uncomfortable in her friends... embrace. "Ah, I do, that is.. I did... I mean.." She stops, bites her lip and says, "But I've been with Raevs.. erm.. Raevien for a very long time now.." Majorie deathgrips and says, "And she's had to use the greenstuff as well. Little loose-" "'JORIE!" Eep. For once slightly mollified, Majorie subsides. Hearing talk of healers, Hiliza mutters, "Ah, I had mine today as well." Bleck.

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Ogera wakes up.

Tamber blushes involuntarily at the mention of stuff to drink. She gave him something alright, in case of *ahem* illegal encounters with members of opposite gender. But did she have to grill him about it first? "It was awful." he mumbles, flopping forward and buring his face in his blankets since his pillow is now over by Xaner.

Xaner hms..and just takes the extra pillow to lay his head on. Oo. Comfy. "Blegh, I know! And, and I mean..ew." Yeah, that about sums it up. But wait! What about members of the /same/ gender? Gasp! Not that this little neon candie thinks about that sort of thing. Oh no. He likes girls. Girls are...girlish.

Reiko's brow is furrowed in a thoughtful line, but she's not looking at Tamber. Or anyone else, for that matter. "I'm told the red tastes nastier than the green," she says thoughtfully. Not that she's had either. When she's ready to try the opposite gender, she knows where to get her dose. "I'll never forget the look on G'deon's face when he took his."

Ogera curls up in her nice warm covers, in her nice warm sleeper. "Whatever are you all going on about?" She says, in a pouting and whiny voice.

"I always put it into creampuffs," Loren pipes up, nodding sagely. "It always tastes awful unless I put it in creampuffs." Hostess looks around. Someone called for a creampuff? ... no? She'll sleep, then. Cutesnore. And such.

Lorsalia looks up from studying the hide. "Physicals?" Someone stopped paying attention. "When do we have to have them by? I was waiting outside the infirm for mine all day yesterday, but never got called in. I even missed an egg touching 'cause no one got me!" This really gets her goat. What if someone bonded with Mirror egg? Or what if it forgot her touch? That'd be no good.

Tamber mumbles something into his cot before remembering to lift his head, "She poked me." Enough said. Cute riders should /not/ be going around dressing 16 turn olds in short white shifts and then poking at them. "Wouldn't be surprised." he says in reply to Reiko's comment about taste of the liquids, "I think they like to make us suffer more." Who likes to make them suffer is unknown: healers, riders, the world.

Xaner curls up into his cot more and then flings Tamber's pillow back towards him. "Hey, you aren't the only one that got poked." Poked prodded and otherwise touched! Ewwwww! "I am /never/ taking my clothes off again." Never Ner? Whoa...his life is gonna be pretty boring.

Light brown hair falls across the eyes of this young man, quickly being brushed back from time to time. Behind the curtain of brown locks, a pair of cerulean eyes look out upon the world, faintly glimmering with held in amusement. Thin lips form a mouth set expressionless, though easily turned upward to a grin without much effort. His build is lean, but finely-toned muscles are just visible on the darkly tanned flesh. Standing at a height of six feet, his posture his loose, keeping him relaxed. His hands are almost moving though, picking at his clothes or flipping those errant bangs from his eyes. It seems that he has recently been into the paint, as not all of it came out when he washed. The tips of his hair are quite solid with dried, neon green paint, making him quite easy to see.
He is definately making the adjustment to the warmer weather, packed into a comfortably warm jacket and long pants bottomed with black boots. Perched on Xaner's shoulder is Anrui. Perched on Xaner's shoulder is Keera. Mutiny wraps about his neck, crispy blackened hide glimmering slightly.
Xaner wears the knot of a High Reaches Weyr Candidate.
Xaner is 19 Turns, 1 month, and 5 days old.

Reiko pushes up onto her elbows to glare at the boys. "Don't talk to me about poking." Even if she'd kept her cool, that doesn't mean she'd enjoyed it. But a wicked gleam lights the emerald gaze as a smirk twists her lips. "And I think you probably will, Xaner." For the right person. She eyes him appraisingly. Slowly.

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Phea wakes up.

Hiliza starts laughing at Tamber's oh so lamenting tone and says, "Well there'e nothing wrong with being poked. It's the cold hands that botherd me, more. Besides, you men only have /one/... delicate area." And Hiliza resigns herself to silence for the time being, while Majorie perks, "You get to take your clothes off and be poked?" She cackles almost delishishly and adds, "Are there any cute Healers?", lips pursed. The distraction loosens her squeeze and Hiliza wiggles foreward somewhat, still quiet.

Ogera sighs and pulls the covers off of her head "Bad enough I just got looked at at SmithHall by the healer, and now I have to get looked at here. Not that there is anything to look at." She giggles softly and rolls to her side, looking toward Hiliza "You sound like you have been here a long time, from how you talk."

Xaner flips over a little on his cot and eyes Reiko for a moment accusingly. She has disagreed with him?! Gasp! The horror! The /nerve!/ "..Eh. You're right." Grin.

Tamber didn't see his pillow coming and so is beamed in the head with it. Luckily, it's a pillow. Stuffing it under his chest as he lies on his stomache he gives /all/ the girls a look that says, 'you have no idea what it's like to have a delicate area with a mind of its own'. And with that, he changes the subject, "So, anyone here know how to sew?"

Yaaaaawn. Phea slowly awakens, quite belatedly, blinking slowly at the snippets of conversation drifting her direction. "Ooooh, hihihiiiiiiiiiii, candie-peoples!" Lennie is waved merrily as she struggles to sit up in her cot, nearly toppling over in the process. Oof. "What're we talkin' about? Sewing? I can so, m'guess.." About as well as she can bake cookies, erp.

Lorsalia is ignored, but that's nothing new. "I do!" SHe bounces, hearing Tamber's question. Finally, she can be the center of attention again. Exactly what she needs. "I'm really good. I make -all- my own clothes."

Loren stares at a sock. "Um ... sewing? I do. I made a couple of dresses." And a thumbprint-covered robe, but that's .. all behind her, now. Right. Whatever. "I guess. I'm not bad, at least." Blink.

Reiko eyes Xaner for a moment more, the gleam turning positively feral as he agrees with her, then rolls her eyes as Tamber speaks - first for the comment about 'a mind of its own', then for the question. "I can." She doesn't like it, but she can. Phea is /eyed/, being much too chipper for one who's just awakened.

Xaner blinks. Sewing? Him? Mister neon dragon dentist stablehand? "Er...nope." No sewing for this little candie. Sheepish grin. "Wish I did though." Would save on those bandages his fingers need after needlepricks.

Lorsalia flutters and pulls examples from her basket. Here, a half-knit scarf. There, the beginnings of a sock. And look at this, the basic elements of a new, purple polka dotted dress. See her wares? "Lady Vandra said I'm a really good sewer for not doing it all the time and being young. She said that if I ever give up storytelling, I'm welcome in the sewing room at Tillek." There's a bit of bragging, but that's not unusual.

Tamber eyes Lorsa's goods. "Hey, good. Maybe you can help me out." Not a comment is given as to the beauty and craftmanship of her work, he doesn't really notice things like that. All he sees are clothes that stay together and don't have holes in strange places.

Hiliza manages to squirm out of Majorie's grasp, and goes digging under her cot. Finally, she pulls out a bundle of white linen with stitches on it and proclaims, "This, my dear friends, is what happens when I'm told I have to sew." She plunks down and begins pulling the stitching out with hands, commenting, "No use wasting so much perfectly white, " minus the dust all over it, "fabric I can use again. Hi Phea!" She chirps, still pulling at her 'seams'.

"I sewed the eye back on to my doll, once!" Phea gloats, attempting to compete against Lorsalia; be proud of her! "Mammy said I sewed very well, yep. 'Cept the time I accidentally poked my finger with th'needle, but it didn't hurt /that/ bad." Lorsalia's examples are eyed scornfully, although she manages to keep her tongue in check. Afterall, chatting idly with Lennie is much more interesting than purple polka-dotted dresses, albeit she does quip a, "Hihihiiii, Hi'!" Hiliza is nice, because she said hi, so nyah.

Loren peers towards Lorsalia, for a moment, then peers at own clothes. "I made my dress." Lo' doesn't want to model her dress, though, so she'll show off a sock. "And I mended this sock." She's proud.

Lorsalia gives a look to end all looks at Phea. "That's why you wear a thimble, wherry-headed dimwit." She folds her things and puts them back into the basket before turning to Tamber, all business. "Alright, then. What d'you want me to sew fer ya?"

Lorsalia climbs into Lorrie's Cot.
Inside Lorrie's Cot, Lorsalia gives up and turns over and falls asleep. There.

Rowann stands up from Rowann's Cot.

Phea pouts sullenly at Lorsalia, hurt. "I'm not a wherry-headed dimwit! An' my Mammy never used a thimble, you mean ole' storyteller!" Sniffling petulantly, she faces away from Lorsalia to peer over at Loren. "Do you have any orange socks? I only have a few pairs, an' I really need some orange sockies. An' a pretty dress would be nice, but I don't want to make you sew too much." She's just compassionate like that.

Tamber edges in between Phea's remarks, "I only need a white candie robe." See, he's really nice. He only needs her to help him sew one thing.

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Xaner drifts quietly into slumber.

Ripper escapes in from the bustling activity of caverns and Weyr.

Reiko eyes Tamber with a malicious grin as Lorsalia rolls over and goes to sleep. "Guess you'll be learning to sew, then." With that, she rolls over again, hauling a pillow over her head and wrapping her arms around it. Either she gets used to sleeping in this din, or she goes without sleep forever. Or at least until after the Hatching.

Ogera giggles "I do a little sewing, but not much. I have the patience for it, but everything I make just turns out either way too big, or too tight in all the wrong places."

Tamber sighs and rolls over onto his back again. He's still too lazy to get off his cot. "Does it have to look like anything in particular?" he wonders outloud. "If he took his pillowcase, maybe stole Xaners while he was sleeping...and stitched them together...might work.