Candies In Costumes

Living Caverns
The rough-hewn majesty of this cavern far outpaces any delight in the multitudes of curves that form its enclosure. The glabrous grey granite is shot through with translucent obsidian, lending subtly-veined sparkle to the walls and the foot-trodden smoothness of the floor that shows centuries-old placements of the scarred trestle tables; carven hollows give homes for the glow baskets and the coat-pegs that line the walls. No mosaics, no painting, no tiles: just a few well-done tapestries mark the pathway that lead to the kitchen to the north and the inner caverns to the west, and frame the nighthearth's stew and snacks, while a heavier strip of oiled canvas shields the unwary from the wind in the bowl.
Scattered about in various perches and niches are fifty firelizards.
You see OOC NOTICE (look sign), Look at Me Postcard to Tatia, White Clay Egg Pot, Jaeshri, Large Picnic Rug, Kageri, Chalea, Question Deck, Streak, the Candidate's Rumor Weed, 'What's in the box?!' crate, and Gossip Drudge 2 here.
You notice Takovic asleep here.
Hiliza, Khory, and Hynolonie are here.

Hiliza shifts into the Living Caverns, spinning every step or so, "Oh! That was so much fun, and amazing and.." She spins again and falls into a chair, strawn across so that she hangs off both sides, laughing. "I think.. my favorite.. is the one.. sort of maze-like in it's patterns. You touched it, isn't it amazing, Reiko?" She won't begrudge anyone for wanting to feel a marvelous thing.

Tevya arrives from deeper in the Weyr.

Kryz arrives from deeper in the Weyr.

Miami arrives from deeper in the Weyr.

Tevya enters first, before turning back to Kryz, "That brings us back to the main area. And the crowds," Her nod is sent in the direction of the people as she waves to those she knows. "And that door there, leads out into the Central Bowl, while those there lead to the Kitchens and the crafting portion of the Weyr." She pauses to allow him to view them and remember them, before she heads to the first door mentioned. "We can go outside now, and I'll show you how to get around out there."

Surupa shuffles in, attempting to pull on her jacket as fast as she can while heading over towards the food. "Oh, the egg touching are much fun, if only they don't take you out there so early. Sun's barely up and it is /freezing/ 'bout there." She grumbles for a moment, getting herself a plate and scooping tubers, wherry, and other several varieties of food onto it while grinning over towards Hiliza. "I believe I'm in love with that burning one. Did you see it? The icky gooey one?" Yup, Rupa the strange one... She heaves a sigh, dropping in her usual seat by the fire while scooping up the food in her mouth, a mug of juice in her other hand as well.

Reiko eyes Hiliza narrowly for the rather childish display. "You could say that," she says mildly, slipping over to the hearth to fill a mug with klah. A long, suspicious sniff precedes her first sip. She slips into a chair near Hiliza, carefully concealing any emotions she might be feeling herself.

Kryz glances around at all the places pointed out by Tevya before pulling his coat closed and saying, "Ok," as he follows her to the door.

Tevya exchanges the protection of stone for the bowl outside.

Kryz exchanges the protection of stone for the bowl outside.

Khory completely agrees, but he prefered the Rusted Bicycle and Spinning Top eggs. Reminds him of when he was a nanny back at Paradise... As hewalks through the caverns, the older candidate passes by the crate in the corner, and his curiousity is tugged at once again. Since no one has told them to return to their chores /right/ this minute, maybe he can find something to finally pry that box open with?!

Hynolonie walks in and immediately goes to a long wooden table in the back, and snatches a hot meatoll from the plate there. She grins and stares at it in awe, then chomps down on it. Hmmm.. Damia's good cooking.

This young man stands over 6 feet tall, with sandy blond hair that's cut quite short and hangs in unkempt tufts around his ears. The sun has died his skin a dark klah, and the tips of his hair an even fairer shade. These highlights then accentuate eyes the color of ice, which stare out from behind thin and fair lashes, while tapering nose protrudes slightly from oval face. The faint beginnings of a beard can be seen upon his dimpled chin, if one cares to look close enough, and full lips beg for the chance to smile and laugh. Overall, a handsome young specimen of the human race, though a bit on the thin side, if truth be told.
Warm sorrel tones flow evenly across Khory's loosened leather vest, which flaunts decorative charcoal stitches along the collar lapels and arm openings, and partially conceals the crisp white cotton shirt that rests closest to his skin. These items of clothing then hang smoothly over hips and legs swaddled in hide of the same sienna shade; stretched fabric divulges the masculine lines and curves of lower physique, and therewith extends down adequately to cover dusky boots.
Compared to his Assistant Head Messenger pin and knot, this single looped white cord seems rather.. well.. plain. However, Khory wears the symbol of his candidacy with pride, and to tell the truth, the brightness of it rather compliments his habitual blushing!
Khory is 21 Turns, 8 months, and 7 days old.

Treneere walks in from the Central Bowl.

Hiliza is a child, just older. She pulls herself up and into proper sitting position. Cold-ness from Reiko is ignored and Surupa gets a confused look, "The... icky one? Well, I suppose we all have our tastes, mm?" She searches titlts her head toward Khory and inquires, "Whatcha up to?" Legs are pulled onto the chair with her, since tiny candie has room for all of her in a regular-sized chair. She's just.. tiny. Anyhow, she's still all exiceted from egg-touching, so she babbles about it, but not anything worth listening to.

Khory whispers something to a passing drudge, who then nods excitedly and then runs off towards the kitchens. Smiling mischeviously, he leans up against the crate and grin out over the crowd. "I'm tired of waiting," he explains to Hiliza, "So I'm gonna open this myself... S'tuff said we could have whatever was inside, you know..." One hand reaches down to pat the box, fingers just itching to get into it. "I still haven't a clue as to what's inside..."

Lorsalia arrives from deeper in the Weyr.

Hynolonie wanders over to the other white-knots and cocks her head to the side as she spots Hiliza. She grins and bites her lip as she sways back and forth. Khory's talking then catches her attention as the mystery box is examined, her eyebrows lowering a little bit in thought. Hm.. Interesting. She takes another bite from her meatroll and munchs merrily as she watches the procedings.

Surupa gives Khory a glance, amber eyes blinking once, twice, and then thrice. "Having fun?" She queries towards the other candidate who is trying to open the box. Swallowing a mouthful of tubers she had just stuffed in, her fork waving over towards the ex-Messenger, "Perhaps it has some dead crawlies or something, who knows what can really be inside it." She gives a shudder, though scoots her chair closer. "Or it can be a live 'snake! Open away!" And now she grins like a fool and awaits with her form poised over her food, glances darting over towards the other candidates as she waits out her suspense.

Reiko eyes Khory, then the box, which she's noticing for the first time. Arching one eyebrow, she looks the blond man up and down appraisingly before shrugging one shoulder. "What makes you think it's anything we'd want?" She slouches back in her chair, shooting a positively wicked grin towards Surupa as the herder-girl rattles off a list of things she'd prefer /not/ to have.

As the drudge returns with a large metal spoon, Khory shrugs at the guesses. "I dunno.." he replies honestly. "But we won't ever find out unless we just /open/ it!" Which he does.. Slowly. Ok, so he's having a bit of trouble here. Placing the spoon in between the cracks, the blond candie then strains and pushes. Nothing. "Someone wanna gimme a hand," he asks.

Hiliza scuttles to the top of her chair, which is as far from the box as she can get, "If there're tunnelsnakes in there, I'm not going to forgive you, Khory!" Her voice climbs a pitch or two, as she huddles on the top of her chair. Scarey.

Lorsalia hides in the shadows of the cavern near the door to further inside, her hair and clothes rumpled as if she's only just woken up. Confused at what's going on, she stands and watches it, not comprehending what the other candies are speaking of.

E'ren skittles in from the Central Bowl.

Treneere enters, and makes for her usual table. Under it, at least. Look! It's a dark corner! Brat-magnet, that's for sure.

More straining, and a grunt or two, and Khory finally gets one edge of the lid cracked open. A wave of dust flies out at him, causing him to sneeze and back away, waving one hand before him. "Blah," he states, after the sneezing stops. "Dirty.. Dusty too.." Metal spoon gets shoved into another crack, and he tries again. "Almost open!" he exclaims, sounding as excited as a little kidlet on thier turn day.

"I can handle a 'snake, done it 'fore," Surupa murmurs quietly as she scoots closer towards Knory and leans down to help him open the box. "Need a hand, you said?" She places her mug of juice and plate of food upon the nearest table, leaning back down towards the other candidate with her hands stretched towards the crate. "An' maybe it's just vtols. Or dead tundlebugs, or an old prank gone wrong... Perhaps something from turns ago from previous candidates." Of course Rupa can keep rambling on about the possibilities.

Reiko doesn't move. But she does look. She even looks vaguely interested. Not interested enough to actually get out of her chair, though. "Maybe it /is/ a previous candidate," she teases. "Were all of the last batch accounted for?" Emerald gaze flickers appraisingly over Surupa before returning to her mug.

Hiliza squeeks and sniffles, "'Upa'll protect us, Khory." She nods, though the man didn't indicate he was afraid. "Ew, Reiko! No! Well..." She falters, "None of my group got stuffed in a box, anyway." And so she squirms, and quips, "I hope it's just a box of old sheets for the Guest Rooms.."

Khory scoots over so that Surupa can slide in beside him. Placing spoon aside, for it's done its job, he reaches out and motions for Rupa to grab ahold of the broken edge of the crate too. "Be careful of splinters," he warns, ignoring the comments made by the others. He certainly hopes it's not tunnel snakes, or vtols, or .. well.. dead candies. "One.. Two.. Three!" and with a tug, they try to remove the lid.

Lorsalia rubs a fist in her left eye, squinting with her right. "Yer openin' the box?" She murmurs to herself, shuffling forward to watch. Not paying attention to her path, the girl manages to stumble over innumerable items as she nears the group, frowning as she squints and tries to see better.

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Surupa takes her hands and places them well on the broken edge, giving it a soft tug and then pause as she chuckles. "We're opening the box and hoping for some live 'snakes! That'll be fun... /Oooocay/, are you in there?" She asks towards the crate before she takes in a deep breathe and, giving it a good hard tug. With all the experience in the Herdercraft, it really doesn't seem all that difficult for her, muscles already used to the tugging of wheelbarrels or runners, pulling broken stalls and dragging other stuff and animals around.

*CRACK!* And off the lid comes!!

Marianne sweeps confidently, with just the slightest hint of a whisper in from the Central Bowl.

Reiko doesn't allow herself to flinch. If it's tunnelsnakes, it'll have to be tunnelsnakes and she'll have to hope they run in some other direction. "Well?" She even manages to sound casual, eyeing Khory and Rupa none too discreetly.

Now the cry of the Herder erupts in the living caverns, as she leaps to her feet and points towards the open crate. "Tunnelsnake!" Surupa shouts in mock fright, pointing her fingers and bouncing on her two feet. However, another pause as she stares down into the old crate, eyes blinking to focus down into its contents. "Well, not really..." And that is all she mumbles. Perhaps she frightened one or two people in the process, hopefully.

More dust flies into the air, sending a fog over towards the rest of the candies gathered nearby. Coughing now, instead of sneezing, Khory backs away for a second at Surupa's shout, but when he realizes that the crate's now open, he steps forward again in a hurry. Pushing away dust, the candidate reaches into the box, unafraid. (Or too excited, may be more like it) A funny look on his face, as fingers touch something.. Feathery? "Eeew!" he squeals, pulling his hand back. Within his grasp is some sort of.. ah.. thing? Holding it out, he says, "It's made from Wherry feathers... Huh.."

The housekeeper arrives to cart Treneere off to bed.

Lorsalia finally reaches the crowd around the box and manages to stand on her tippytoes to see over shoulders. "What's made from wherry feathers?" She asks Khory sleepily, blinking at the item in his grasp. "Is it a headdress thing?"

Hynolonie raises an eyebrow and awakens from her meatroll revelry at the sound of the crack. She blinks and turns to stare at the thing that Khory has in his hand, tilting her head to one side and blinking. Who would honestly make soemthing out of wherry feathers. "Is.. the box full of feathers?" She slips through the crowd to peek in.

Hiliza SCREAMS as Surupa cries tunnel snake, and almost falls of her perch. "AACK! 'UPA!" She clambers down to give the (not-so)little girl who cried 'snake a stern talking to. "That was hardly funny!!" Eyes narrowed, she pouts, and looks inside the box, "Oh!!" She digs around and pulls out some strange contraption made of sticks and lace. "Look, 'wings." See? She snuggles into the leather straps and flaps her arms, "Well, they were made for someone a tad bigger than me," She comments, since the wings hang sort of lifelessly from her back. Khory's item is eyed. "That.. is icky."

Marianne goes home.

Khory shrugs. "Maybe," he replies, before realizing that the feathers are attached to a belt. "But I think instead that it's a skirt..." Chuckling, the blond man dons the odd looking outfit. Swish, swish, lookit him! Ahem. Blushing, the ex messenger digs into the crate again. "Let's see what else is in there," he says, ooh'ing then at Hiliza's find. "Those are neat!" Second item he pulls out is a bandeau, with .. horns? Yes, horns. May's well stick them on his head too. "There. What'cha'll think?" he asks.

This young man stands over 6 feet tall, with sandy blond hair that's cut quite short and hangs in unkempt tufts around his ears. The sun has died his skin a dark klah, and the tips of his hair an even fairer shade. These highlights then accentuate eyes the color of ice, which stare out from behind thin and fair lashes, while tapering nose protrudes slightly from oval face. The faint beginnings of a beard can be seen upon his dimpled chin, if one cares to look close enough, and full lips beg for the chance to smile and laugh. Overall, a handsome young specimen of the human race, though a bit on the thin side, if truth be told.
Warm sorrel tones flow evenly across Khory's loosened leather vest, which flaunts decorative charcoal stitches along the collar lapels and arm openings, and partially conceals the crisp white cotton shirt that rests closest to his skin. These items of clothing then hang smoothly over hips and legs swaddled in hide of the same sienna shade; stretched fabric divulges the masculine lines and curves of lower physique, and therewith extends down adequately to cover dusky boots. From around Khory's middle, loose against his trous, hangs the most odd looking .. ah.. skirt? Why, yes it is a skirt; one made from wherry feathers strung together, none the less! It swishes and sways with each step the young man takes, allowing him to not only look weird, but sound funny too! And caught up within his shaggy hair, is a strange bandeau shaped to look like horns. Just what is he supposed to be dressed up as anyway?!
Compared to his Assistant Head Messenger pin and knot, this single looped white cord seems rather.. well.. plain. However, Khory wears the symbol of his candidacy with pride, and to tell the truth, the brightness of it rather compliments his habitual blushing!
Khory is 21 Turns, 8 months, and 7 days old.

Reiko arches an eyebrow, first at Surupa's bellow, then at Khory's 'eew', emerald gaze narrowing as she tries to get a better look without looking particularly interested. As candidates surround the box, however, this becomes increasingly difficult. Scowling, she gets to her feet and stalks over to look for herself. She only gets as far as looking at Khory in his feathered... skirt? And horned headdress? And just... eyes. "Nice look," she says wryly, favoring the blond Candie with a twisted smirk before taking another couple of steps toward the box.

E'ren does a good job of sneaking up on people sometimes... it comes from being small and wiry, maybe, despite how he dresses. And now is one of those good-sneaking times, apparently, as he sidles up behind the candidates around the box, peeking over shoulders at whatever treasure they've discovered. "Hey, whatcha got there? Is that a duster?" he asks, indicating Khory's... skirt? It would certainly lead to some interesting dusting techniques if it were.

Surupa lifts up and retrieves her food and drink, dropping back into her seat as she glances towards the happy candidates rummaging over costumes. However, at having Hiliza scream she can simply cackle evily and sip from her juice looking all to innocent. "Costumes, they are all horrible... I've brought an old costume of mine that I had made, it's very nice. Actually, I made if myself." And that is why every pieces of it is breaking apart little by little. She heaves a sigh, frowning towards all the different varieties of things in the box. "Pathetic, really. None of 'em can live up to /my/ costume. I'll wear it all later, actually!" And perhaps she can find a certain bluerider. With her silence, she finishes her meal and places away her empty plate and cup.

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Lorsalia, nice and silently, manages to make her way to the box. Stuffing her hand down to the bottom, she struggles to pull something out. When she does manage to get it to the top, she drops with with a squeal. "Ewww!" A multi-colored leathery looking thing sits in a heap on the floor at her feet. What looks like it could be a hood for someone's head lies open on top, and a cape with six appendages and a long tail looking thing is attached.

Khory turns at a certain greenrider's voice pops near his ear, and blushes when he sees that yes, it is in fact E'ren. "Um.. well.. ahhh.." he stutters, one finger holding out a feather from the skirt. "It's .. um.. supposed to be a wherry skirt.. Maybe from an old play, or something?" He's not sure, but he does know that it's making him look silly. Maybe he should take it off now? Unfortunately, the buckle, rusted as it is, is stuck, and unless he cuts it, this costume isn't coming off of him for some while now... Looking abashed, he then notices Lorsalia's outfit. "What did you get?" he asks, trying to distract everyone while he wiggles to free himself from the skirt, to no avail.

The housekeeper arrives to cart Hynolonie off to bed.

Hiliza giggles at Khory and digs through the box some more. Wheras Khory finds odd items, Hiliza is actually choosey with what she pulls out of the crate. "Ooh, look!" Out of the box comes one flipper-shoe, "I can be a fiiish." So she slips out of one of the boots and attaches the fins. Okay, Hiliza's not so choosey, especially since she doesn't find the other fin. "Oh, I have a firelizard costume and a Takovic/rodent costume." She pinkens, slightly and continues to dig. "Oooh... a runner mask." And anything she says from now on will be muffled, coming out of a long snout. "Eeew, a tunnelsnake, Lors. Hey, 'Upa, Lors found a tunnel snake." If you can hear her. Ooh. "I think." And so Hiliza the runner/lizard/fish continues to dig.

Reiko watches, her arms folded across her chest. "How quaint," she says mildly, emerald gaze flickering from the ever-blushing Khory, to Lors and her... what /is/ that /thing/?... And little Hiliza and her... ahem. Yes. Another couple of steps and she's safely by the klah pitchers again. No way is any of that /stuff/ being worn by /her/. E'ren gets a smirk, for the 'dusting techniques' comment. She's heard the rumors - who hasn't?

E'ren hums softly, looking all the candidates over... particularly Khory. Perhaps he'll have a few words for the young man at some later point, but he won't embarrass him by saying them in public. "Nice. Are you going to put on a play or something? Or maybe a costumed dance?" He's still trying to puzzle out what the purpose behind the outfits is. Suddenly, he smiles. "You know, when I was a candidate, we put on a costume party for all the riders in the Weyr. We didn't dress as animals, though."

Surupa wrinkles towards the tunnelsnake costume, shaking her head carefully. "Nope, that's not a 'snake!" She says calmly, pointing towards that costume before she gets up and sweeps a hand in her face from the dust. She looks towards E'ren, head dipping down in a respectful greeting before she slowly moves away and back towards the living caverns. Moving back out towards the caverns, comes a large hooded object with sick legs and crimson eyes... Not to mention the fangs that hide Rupa's face behind it. "Easy to slip into, hard to get out." As it is, it is just a simply overcoat that was slipped over the candidate and tightly against her form. She slowly wiggles her way back towards the costume party, bobbing her head. "See, now I fit in. I'm not going to be wearing none of that old dirty stuff."

Still blushing, and having given up trying to slink out of this odd looking skirt, Khory raises his head and peers up at the rider. "A party?" he asks, sounding interested. Well, maybe if he can find a mask to hide his pink face... Ahem. The others who are now dressed are actually grinned at. So much for being shy when everyone else is acting weird too, huh? "What should we do with these costumes anyway?" he then whispers to Hiliza, who also gets a funny look... being as oddly dressed as she is.

Deciding the tunnelsnake costume isn't made from real tunnelsnakes, Lorsa-Candidate lifts it up by her fingertips and manages to put the hood over her head and her arms and legs through the matching snake-amrs and legs. When finished, her face and the front of her body is bare, but the cape covers her back and the tail brushes against the floor. "Oooh. It /is/ a tunnelsnake costume!"

Kinecha arrives from deeper in the Weyr.

Reiko is /not/ putting on a costume. The others get an expressive eyeroll as she fills a klah mug. (Yes, another one.) "Lovely," she murmurs, slumping into a chair to watch the... fun? Cough.

E'ren laughs, leaning in towards Khory to try to touch his pinkening cheek with his fingertips. The young man's so charming when he blushes. "I think it's cute. You should all should wear them for a few days, at least. What's the point, otherwise?" Besides, won't keeping their costumes clean and well-arranged take up too much time for them to pull any pranks? The Weyr can only hope.

Drudges come wandering into the Caverns, setting up for dinner, and tsk'ing at the mess the candies have made. Feathers, swatches of cloth, and plently of dust everywhere! Refills on the klah and cider, and more head shaking. Though, they're used to it... Happens everytime...

Hiliza eyes Rupa through the eyeholes of her mask and then smiles, not that you can tell, "We had a ball and we all dressed up as animals...." She bobs her head, "Maybe it's a Candidate tradition?" Kinecha gets a finger waggle, which is also obscured, since she found little puppet trundle bugs in the box as well. "Oooh, I told you it was a 'snake, 'Upa. Now you and Lors can... terrorize people." She nods, and then says, "Say, we should walk around like this for a day or two.." A bright smiles crosses her face again, and is again obscured. "Reiko, dontcha wanna have fun? 'Necha, who can have fun toooo." Gleam. E'ren is eyes. Oh-ho.

Surupa has a better tunnelsnake costume, made from love and... love. "Wonder who actually made 'nother 'snake costume. Mine was made for Ocay, y'know. For Cay, as well." And she struts around in her tight and slimy-looking costume, the hood covering her sight from everything around her as well. She bumps carefully into a drudge, though not moving fast enough to knock the woman over. "'Cuse me," she mumbles carefully. A few young Weyrbrats begin to poke her and she has nothing to go but whine and flap her tight arms around. "Help!" Rupa whines, and shuffling closer towards Hiliza, the space not even large enough for the Herder to take a step in. "I'll scare 'em if they only stop poking me!" Whine. Whine.

Lorsalia cranes her head around to see how the costume fits, but shudders at the details on it. Not quick enough for her, she slips it off, letting it fall back to the ground. "Someone else can wear that one!" She announces, stomping away. "I don't want to be a tunnelsnake. I'm not -that- ugly or mean or gross." At least, she doesn't think so.

Fun? Kinecha have fun? Impossible! Eyeing the dressed-up people she quickly pours her klah, picks out a few fruits, and makes her way to a table at a respectable distance to those.. Strange.. Candidates. A glance goes toward Reiko as she sits, then back to concentrate on her morning meal.

Kryz walks in from the Central Bowl.

You see a clean-shaven, well built young man in front of you. He has a mature look for his age, though if you'd know him, he's anything but that. The childish grin that often appears on his face show his true personality. His turquoise hair is roughly cut just long enough to hang is his eyes and sticks out in all directions , with the exception of one braid behind his right ear that hangs quite a few feet longer. Colorful beads have been woven into the braid with a thin piece of twine tying the end. Bright yellow streaks run the length of his hair, the newest addition to add to this Harpers odd appearance. His skin is the palest shade possible, without being unhealthy. White paint, outlined with a thin line of black, decorate his face and arms in careful patterns.
Kryz has on a black leather coat to keep the cold winter air off of him. It all but blends into the leather pants that cover this Harpers legs and which also cover his tall boots. Gloves stick out beneath the sleeves, the fingers of which are cut out to make painting easier. A black hat sits atop his head only letting a few rouge strands of turquoise hair peek out. His right ear is decorated from top to bottom with countless numbers of silver earrings. The left only supports two small hoops at the top and bottom. Two rings also pierce through his left eyebrow, a rather odd look for this area, but an artistic statement as well. Around his neck is a chain tucked neatly into his shirt hiding what might be attached at the end. A large, strong rucksack appears full, hanging heavilly over his shoulders.
One of the many Old Paintbrushes is set behind Kryz's ear.
Kryz wears the knot of a Harper Journeyman.
Kryz is 21 Turns, 6 months, and 7 days old.

"For days?!" Khory nearly shouts, his blushing gone far deeper than ever before... Looking down at his .. ah.. skirt and fingering his horns, he shrugs. Since he can't get the darn thing off, he may's well wear it. And mayhap it will help with sweeping?? So now there's four.. No, three.. dressed up. At least he's not alone in this crazyness.. And it /was/ his idea to open the crate. Eyeing Kinecha and Reiko, the blond man waves. "You wanna take a look in the box too?" he asks pleasently enough, before ducking his head and nearly hiding behind E'ren.. for protection, you know..

Reiko scowls as Kinecha eyes her - an expression which intensifies as she spots the new white knot on the guard's shoulder. Abruptly she returns Khory's smile and gets to her feet, deciding in a flash that she'd rather be odd with the other Candidates than sullen with Kinecha. "Sure," she says, so sweetly that it might frighten anyone who actually knows her. "I'll take a look." And look she does, steeling herself to reach into the box of... whatever... and coming out with a feathered mask. Interesting.

Kryz exchanges the protection of stone for the bowl outside.

Hiliza is done digging through the box, and so twirls, shucking her reamining shoe because otherwise she'll wobble and proclaiming, "I, Hiliza, am now the reason that animals cannot breed willy-nilly with other animals!" She bobbles her runner'ed head "Oh, yay, Reiko!" She almost claps, but instead stalks up to a kidlet and pounces with her trundlebug puppets, "Beware!" The child screams and runs off, leaving Hiliza cackling to herself. "Say, this could be a lot of fun." Suddenly Surupa's condition is noted, and she stalks those children as well, "Now you be nice to the poor tunnelsnake! It could gobble you up!" She bobs her head again, looking altogether foolish rather than skerry.

E'ren can't help but be amused at Khory's reaction. Candidacy is all about humiliation, though, isn't it? Well, that's an important part, at least. He reaches an arm around the handsome blond and whispers something in his ear, before slipping away, out towards the Bowl where Xeth is waiting, most likely. Sure, candidates can dodge chores by trying on costumes, but it isn't so easy for riders. Just before he does, he calls out to everyone else, "See you later! I'll look forward to seeing everyone's costumes later!"

E'ren exchanges the protection of stone for the bowl outside.

Lorsalia opts for broad stairs that lead up to the Crafting rooms above the inner caverns.

Surupa wants to be a very bad tunnelsnake, so she simply spats out growls and hisses towards the kidlets and slithers-shuffles towards a group of talking Weyrfolk. She hides behind a chair, her hood over her head and covering her eyes as she gives a quick hiss. The only woman who didn't see her is the one that gives a shriek, but Rupa is out of there before she can be hit or stamped on by those evil people. She is a good snake now, see? Hanging around Hiliza she remains, arms flapping around slowly as she kicks behind her tail. Oh yes, this is much much fun. "So now where do we go to? Animals like us can't be hiding out in such a populated area." 'Snakes want the dark, and that is what the Herder is looking for as well.

Humiliation? Try jaw-dropping-bone-numbling fear! At the rider's whispered words, Khory nearly falls onto the floor, the chair behind him the only thing that keeps from landing on the ground... Flop he goes onto the seat, completely blushing, all the way from eartips to tye-dyed sock toes... He'd better watch it, or he might just pull another stunt like over at the gallery.. and faint! Actually, that sounds like a mighty fine thing to do at the moment.. save him from answering any questions.. Ahem.. This Wherry's gone.. ah.. chicken?

Kinecha leans back in her chair, scowling toward the other candidates, wondering if it were a requirement of candidacy to make a fool of yourself. Rupa gets a long look, all dressed up in her tunnelsnake outfit, before the guard-candie turns her look on Reiko seeing something she hadn't spotted when she came in. A white knot. "Ohhh, noo," she mutters under her breath, hiding her grimace behind her mug.

Khory thinks that right now, while everyone's off trying on costumes still, would be a good time for him to run off and hide. So, in a swish, he pulls himself off of the seat and waves embarassingly towards the dorms. "See ya later," he calls, his skirt making an awful sounds as he wanders off.

Reiko reaches into the box again and comes out with a ... feline pelt? Hm. No, it's a garment of some sort. She wriggles into it... no, wait, that's upside down. A quick adjustment, and she's lacing the front... oh this will be positively scandalous once she loses the tunic and leggings. Later. She looks critically down at herself, then slips the fur off again, this time wriggling it up right under the tunic, which is summarily abandoned. "I don't know..." She ties the mask on, all feathers and fur, only a wicked grin visible beneath the mask. "Good thing it's not quite as cold as it was."

Jet black hair falls shiny and straight just to her chin, a fringe of shorter hair in front just brushing delicate brows. Her skin is creamy-pale, with just a faint blush on high cheekbones and and full lips. Wide-set emerald eyes are tipped up slightly at the outside corners and framed with thick black lashes, giving her a vaguely feline appearance. Neither overly tall nor overly short, Reiko stands straight-shouldered with quiet confidence and moves with an easy, quiet grace.
Feathers and fur! Leggings and boots remain, but her tunic has been abandoned for a few scraps of feline fur, laced snugly around her upper body to leave very little to the imagination. A large feathered mask obscures the top half of her face. Perched on Reiko's shoulder is Kamoku.
Reiko is 19 Turns, 10 months, and 14 days old.

Khory goes home.

Hiliza has been scaring all the weyr's children this whole time, since they can't see that it's their former nanny. Hah. Take that, she-who-eats rocks! Boo! He who wets the bed in the middle of the afternoon! WAZA! POUNCE! She-who-is-a-fish-face. Hiliza cackles all the while.

Tevya arrives from deeper in the Weyr.

Surupa has been growing tired of shuffling around in the tight coat, shouting hisses and curses and finally simply moving back towards the candidate barracks. "Had 'nough, going to try and take this off... Got stuck in it for a few sevendays, awhile ago." Which was an awful outcome to it. Wouldn't want to go on the sands with her costume on, really.

Surupa steps into the shadows that lead back into the Weyr.

Hiliza steps into the shadows that lead back into the Weyr.

Reiko tries to return to her klah, but finds it difficult with the mask. So that goes. And now that the others are filtering out of the caverns... well, the feline fur can wait for another day. Needs airing anyhow. Setting the mug down on the table, she wriggles into her tunic, deftly unlacing the furs and letting them drop to the floor before slipping her arms into the sleeves. With a satisfied smirk, she scoops up feathers and fur and saunters back to her cot. Wherever it is today.

Message 42 of 42 on *Hrw-Candidates (#8866):
Date: Sun Jul 8 14:54:02 2001 CDT
From: Khory (#21475)
To: *Hrw-Candidates (#8866)
Subject: The box has been opened!!
Well, we openned the box, and found a whole lot of costumes inside. Make sure to get a look at Khory, Reiko, Surupa and Hiliza next time you have the chance, and giggle at the fact that they're wearing their outfits while doing chores. Feel free to change your @wearing as though you've added a costume too, and I'll have the log up on my website in a few days.
Thanks all for everyone who took place! Khory :)