Getting Physical(s)

Echoing and austere, blank stone walls are vaulted high to overshadow the row of white-curtained cots along the back wall. Ancient metal gleams steel-bright in the form of sinks and examination table, lit relentlessly by bright glows and reflecting the colours of bottles and jars shelved above. Padlocked cabinets hide the more dangerous drugs and implements, whilst healer paraphenalia litters one solid oak table with sweetly-fragranced herbs and tattered scrolls. A small hearth contains a fire usually banked low, several cauldrons set ready nearby to for heating water. A dark staircase twists up from one corner to the dragonhealer's lair; one low door leads into the lower caverns, another to weyrhealers' quarters. Barn-sized doors open inwards with creak of hinges from the ground weyr.
Comfortable on top of a cupboard are Sploink, Caerulus, Risidan, D'argo, Hermes, Enjolras, Klee, Fluker, and Hanzatsu.
You see examination area and Candidate Physicals Board here.
You notice Siannen and Jonithan asleep here.
Elehu, R'sli, and Mirenda are here.

Sasha tucks her gloves into the deep pocket of her jacket and wanders into the infirmary with a smile on her face. She grins as she sees Elehu and the other people there and chuckles. "Ah ovines to the slaughter eh?" Peeling off her jacket she dumps it beside her on a chair and puts her head on one side. "and I only came to pick up some more green stuff...I kind of feel that I might be needing some soon..." a strange green flame flicks wickedly in her eyes.

Hiliza ducks in from the inner caverns.

Surupa ducks in from the inner caverns.

Reiko slips across the infirmary, very nearly reaching the Healers' quarters with her burden of feathers and furs before she remembers. With a scowl, she turns on her heel, coming face to face with Elehu. A rueful smirk twists her features. "Forgot I don't live here," she murmurs, arching an eyebrow and letting her eyes wander over the Healer for a moment before returning to her face. Sasha's entrance is greeted with a twisted halfsmile.

Mirenda walks in, her steps long, and drawn out, her grey eyes darting about. The said eyes land on the... crowd? "Erm..." her drawling voice emits, muffled by the fact she barely opened her mouth. On either shoulder are her two firelizard, a strap of her bag being a perch for one.

Elehu has just been generally cleaning as the others enter. She grabs a towel and nods to the others. "Good morning, everyone. Ah, Sasha! What can I do for you?" she asks, carefully hanging up the towel again. She then simply nods and waves towards the cabinet with the prepared vials. "You can help yourself I think, you haven't forgotten /everything/ from your training I hope," she comments, winking. The others receive yet more nods as the infirmary suddenly becomes a bit crowded. "My, my. What's the occasion?"

Lorsalia ducks in from the inner caverns.

Surupa slowly steps in Healer-realm, a soft scowl on her face as she glares towards the crafters around. She attempts to take a step in the tight coat, tunnesnake hood still hiding her face from all those evil people around. Which is all really good, actually. "I need some fellis," she states calmly, amber eyes peering from in the hood, though the dropping fangs hide the wide grin that is stretched out upon her face. They won't recognize her and so they won't be able to touch her.
Hiliza steps into the infirmary, unrecognizable save perhaps for her short stature and hair. That is, if anyone else in the 'Reaches would willingly dress as she is dressed. "Um... I think..well... I guess I need to have my.. my.. you know." She's come for the green stuff, but realizes far too late that she's going to get a physical to go with. "Oh shards!" Is muttered under her breath, further muffled by mask. She doesn't move the mask, for her cheeks are bright red. It /is/ crowded.

Sasha chuckles a little, as she rummgaes through one of the cupboards. "Forgotten my training? Far from it! I've been keeping up with my studies ever since I impressed and you know it! And don't forget I used to scrub out this infirmary every single day before I was claimed by the deliciously green temptress out in the bowl. But I do need some more green stuff..." she tails off slightly embarrassed.

Mirenda is quite confused, as her expression so clearly pantomizes. "Why so many people here?" she murmurs, nearing the others. Both of her firelizards are shooed from her shoulder with a swat of her enlonged, thin hands. Stormy hued orbs dance about the room, only studying people for an oblivious moment each.

Elehu eyes Surupa with cool hazel eyes for a moment. "You're standing, no fellis," she replies in a flat tone. She takes in the costumes for a moment, an amused grin finally tugging at her lips. "Candidate season again, I see. Well, I've already had once visit this morning, may as well take care of this group as well. Sasha, Mirenda, care to assist?"

Surupa releases a curse, hands flipping over the hood so she may glare at a few Healers. Though evil, evil people. "'M standing, but the fellis isn't for me. Two other candidates in the barracks need to sleep... Earlier today." And she bobs her head towards the cabinets that she had to organize just awhile ago. "I'm sure that you have just a bit of fellis to spare..." Not a single thought on any physical, since she is simply coming and going today.

Hiliza whines, but is already removing her mask. "Are.. you sure? I can't just," her voice drops some,"takethegreenstuff and leave?" Hiliza squirms, eyes darting about the room. Puppet-gloves are doffed as well, just 'cause she's reserved to her ... uh.. responsiblity. "I suppose I'll go first, then.. Just to get it over with." Ah, Hiliza thought she was sooo smart sending 'Jorie into the clutches of the Healers the other day. Sigh.

Assist. Reiko looks at the bundle in her arms, completely at a loss for where to put it. Assist means her. Or wait, no, it doesn't. Or does it? No, Ele didn't ask. Completely confused now, she just stands there. "Assist with what?" It's a safe enough question, whether she's assisting or not.

"Assist?" Mirenda repeats, her cold voice hinting with edges of intrest. "Certainly." How else will she make fun of the Candidates? Yes, taunt them. Why? Because she's an evil... evil... apprentice. But, she's nice. She won't hurt anyone. Promise. The aforementioned bag is brought down from her shoulder, and she peeks in, fishing a hand through the items inside. She has it here... somewhere. Ah, there it is. Her Listening Tube is pulled from the said bag.

Sasha quirks a brow and chuckles. "you do have your hands full! I'd be happy to help...I did do some examinations, but it was a while ago...but if you are supervising El, then I have no problem! " she smiles remeniscing slightly..." It only seems like yesterday that you were doing my candidate medical....which probably means I'm due for another soon!"

Elehu takes her time to carefully reroll her sleeves to her elbows as she studies the Candie in a Tunnelsnake's skin. "Is that so?" she asks, voice again cool, though still colored with amusement. But just a little. "So now you're the Master Healer to be giving out doses of fellis? Did you know a drop too much of that stuff will stop a person's heart? Forever?" There you go, lesson in a bottle. "If sleep is the problem, there are much better solutions. However, unless they come to the infirmary, I'm afraid it's time to move on. Physicals." A wry smile spreads across her face. "I'm not about to let you guys out of the infirmary till you're done either, so don't even think about running." And with that she waves the Candidates towards a row of chairs and gestures for them to seat themselves. "Mirenda, can you grab some robes from that cabinet? Then you and Sasha can go get cleaned up and ready. Are there trays ready yet?" she asks while taking her clipboard from her desk and starting off with a few notes.

Frist blinks in from ::between::!

Frist circles around the room until he spots his beloved mistress Sasha and drops a bundle into her hands.

Frist suddenly disappears ::between::!

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Lorrie yawns and curls up, stuffing her blankie under her head as she falls asleep.

Mirenda quickly drops her bag to the floor, kicking it to the side. Well, we don't want it in the way now, do we? "Lets see..." she mutters to herself, quickly scanning over the group. "Three need it, right?" Before she allows any time for someone to answer, she swirvs, quickly striding off to get the robes. She returns to her former spot, only slightly burdened with the small weight of robes. "Here." She's not passing them out. You've got legs. Come get them from her. "You can change behind the curtains."

Reiko starts toward the door. The only thing she's certain of by now is that she doesn't need to assist. Which to her way of thinking means she can leave. That white knot hasn't quite sunk in yet, apparently.

Surupa isn't here for any green stuff, just fellis, and that is where she direct herself to. She takes a few steps towards the cabinets, that is before she stops and listens towards Elehu, bobbing her head carefully. "I won' even give 'em a drop. They jus' need to shut up one night so I can /sleep/ well for once." And that is her problem. She stands proud and tall in her tunnelsnake costume, looking like the Healer Master that she might just pose. But she was caught long ago, and now simply winces towards the word 'physicals.' Before she can make her way towards the chairs, she slips in behind Hiliza, gives a loud wine and attempts to make her way back towards the door.

Sasha finds the container of evil looking green liquid that she has been searching for and pours some carefully into a small bottle. " I'll leave this out shall I? after all I expect we will be needing it soon....." she indicates the large container and a slight grimace is the only betrayal of the 'interesting' taste of the draught that has become the greenrider's friend...

Elehu blinks at Surupa once before shaking her head, again waving the Candidates towards the chairs, including Reiko. "First, I need to get some background on you guys. Reiko and Hiliza I know. And I'm Elehu, that's Sasha, and this is Mirenda. But... what about you two?" she asks, eyes again moving to Surupa and Lorsalia.

Hiliza dispairingly shuffles toward a chair and /plops/. "I'm sorry, 'Upa, I forgot that we have to do these... I was just going to get my greenstuff and go." Hiliza eyes Mirenda and considers hauling her self out of the chair again. "Icky. I don't like robes. Do I have to wear a robe? I'd rather just sit around in my underclothes..." Yes, she would. More sighs. "Icky."

Reiko stops just short of the door. Of course Elehu knows her. Turning back, she finally gets it. Sigh. Three long strides take her back to the indicated chair, and she flumps down without another word. Waiting. Listening.

Surupa isn't able to escape now, feet still not able to shuffle fast enough and she just can't dart around the crowd. With a hiss towards Elehu and Hiliza, she scrunches up her nose and simply mutters, "Surupa. An' I'm /perfectly/ fine. Came for my physical just the other day, really." She crosses her arms, though not even making a move closer to the chairs. She stays away from those, and wouldn't dare make a move for them. She likes it right there, they can try to examine her from there too... In her tunnelsnake costume. And now Rupa flips up her hood, hiding her face from the rest.

"You'll wear the robe." Mirenda snaps to Hiliza, furrowing her eyes brows towards Hiliza, allowing an agressive-looking frown to smear across her face. She wouldn't hurt you, honest. She'd be kicked out of the craft if she did - and that's not something she wants. "If you sit in your underclothes, you might blind everyone. And we'd have to call in even more Healers to help us with that."

Sasha grins as Frist departs having dropped the package containing her listening tube into her hands. Putting it around her neck she looks to Elehu for instructions.

"Then you must not have /stayed/ for a physical," Elehu is quick to retort, her voice quickly nearing the icy stage. "Otherwise I'd have a record of it." In other words, dun lie, 'tis not good. She glances at Mirenda and nods towards the sinks. "Yes, you'll have to wear the robes, but in a moment." She coughs slightly and tries to catch Sasha's eye, nodding towards the door to the inner caverns. Can't have the Candies escaping. "Okay, Surupa then. Where are you from, Surupa? Any sicknesses or injuries in the past few Turns?"

Hiliza sticks her tongue out at Mirenda, "I'd be worse in one of those nasty robes.." She sniffles, "And there aren't any men to oogle so I don't see how sitting in my underclothing would hurt anything." Room full of women, and Hiliza doesn't grasp anything further then 'No men, I'm safe.' And she lives in a weyr. She juts out a bottom lip and folds her arms, "I suppose I have to, though." Sit, pout, wait your turn to be examined at a very close degree. Ew.

Sasha grins softly and has no intention of allowing candidates to escape. The door that Elehu indicates is closed and then she saunters back into the room to await instructions. " who would you like me to examine elehu?" she asks, quietly respectful.

Phoenix blinks in from ::between:: with an audible sigh of relief!

Mirenda scowls at Hiliza, shaking her head. "We all go through it. Deal with it." She's as sour as a lemon sometimes. She then aptly waits for orders, like a well trained canine. Something of that sort, anyways.

Not even reaching a full five Terran feet, this usually cheerful woman can only be classified as short. She is more cute than pretty, with an oval face, sharp nose, strong chin, and thin, rosy lips. Fern green eyes are expressive, framed by thick lashes and thin eyebrows. Skin is pale from a lifetime inside, and contrasts with the deep onyx of her hair perfectly. Bangs cut choppily across her forehead, lengthening to chin level gradually. Now completely black, still rugged layers fall to her shoulders, too long to poof out energetically. She is built slightly, with thin, delicate limbs and just the slightest hints of curves where curves belong on a woman. Though full grown, her height and build remain nearly identical to what they were at twelve.
Though Hiliza is wearing clothing, all details of her dress are lost at the -ridiculous- getup she's got on. Face is obscured under a runner mask, her eyes the only part of her that show she /is/, indeed, Hiliza. On each of her hands is a small puppet, shaped like trundlebugs. And yet, the oddity doesn't even being to end there. Her feet are adorned, left and right, in sock and fin, respectively. To finish the silliness, she wears a set of oversized 'lizard wings made from lace, their straps too big and causing them to hang from her shoulders. Surely, theres a person in there. And she's surely insane.
A ribbon holding charms, Dusty Grey Necklace is worn with pride. A necklace, glittering and loved, hangs an Amethyst Charm about her neck as well. On her left shoulder, a lithe blue firelizard seems almost smug. A rotund and odd-looking green firelizard rests comfortably on Hiliza's carrying tote. Observing from atop Hiliza's head is a smallish brown firelizard. Occasionally nuzzling her neck from her right shoulder is a good sized blue firelizard.
Again, a single loop adorns her shoulder, but the color is not black. In fact, the opposite. A pure and seemingly innocent loop of white. Worn with a smile. Flag me down: I swep.
Hiliza is 19 Turns, 10 months, and 8 days old.

Surupa crosses her arms calmly, giving the Healer another glare until she finally decides to give in... But that doesn't mean that she is going to go through the /entire/ thing. When things get nasty, she will simply just act like a tunnelsnake and fight her way out of it all. She takes in a deep breath, head bobbing carefully as she begins to answer Elehu. "I'm from Fort Hold, then I went around for awhile and ended up in Gar. If you want my whole life story, then there won't be 'nough time to get to the other young folk..." And she gives each other candidate a glance, with a glare towards Hiliza. How /could/ she? "In the past few turns I was blown up by the shardin' Smiths. Those people can't do 'nything right, actually, just a bunch on dimglows, I believe. They couldn't even get something working..." /Shudder/. "An'... An' the next thing I know, I'm in pain and with some shardin' Healers. Took me 'while to heal, so I don' want you messing me up 'gain."

Reiko eyes Hiliza. Just because. Emerald gaze flickers over the girl, ignoring the ridiculous getup and leaving no doubt that gender is not necessarily the final consideration where 'oogling' is concerned. Gaze then swings to Elehu as she wonders what sort of exam this is, and whether Ele will be administering it. Innteresting. Even as Surupa goes on about her medical history, Reiko seems more relaxed than anyone in her position should have a right to be.

"Good, so you're not sick?" Elehu asks Surupa calmly, making some quick notes before turning to Sasha and Mirenda. "Mirenda, you can take Hiliza here, I'll take Reiko, and Sasha, you can handle the... uh, Herder here, right? If my notes are correct." She glances at Surupa. "You /are/ one of the Herders, yes?" See, Healers keep good notes. "And being a Herder I'm sure you're quite used to shoveling, but it won't do you much good here." Ah yes, the infirmary. A Healer's domain.

Hiliza doesn't notice the glance right away, but when she does, blushes just as she would if Reiko was a man. She doesn't comment though, and her nice little bubble is sort of broken. After all, she's still trying to deny that Majorie was, indeed, hitting on her. Cough, cough. Elehu is given a look as she shuffles out of her chair and toward Mirenda, the robe-enforcer. Whee.

Surupa wrinkles her nose, as long as she isn't under Elehu's hand she might as well be happy. "I haven't sneezed in a day, if that is what you need to know? I'm pefectly fine, though. A little cold could pass soon enough..." Even though she has been shuffling around with it for sevendays. She simply keeps her arms crossed over her chest and tunnelsnake costume, head low and with her own self... She is hiding. "An' I'm a Herder." She isn't about to go into much more detail there, tilting her head over at Sasha. Dragonrider? Not a /full/ Healer, at least...

A slight grin flickers to Mirenda's pink lips, her pale grye eyes casting a glance back over to Hiliza. Well well... feel pity for her. Hiliza will feels Mire's wrath -- er... perhaps that's a bit dramatic, but... you know...

Reiko stashes her feathers and fur under the chair she's been sitting on, then gets to her feet, arching an eyebrow questioningly in Elehu's direction, folding her arms across her chest and waiting. Funny. But for a rather persistent blue dragon previously unknown to her, /she/ might be the robe-enforcer. Instead... Hmmm.

Elehu sets aside her clipboard for now and smiles towards the Candies. "All right, into the robes you go. You can change back there," she says, indicating the curtained off areas towards the back. Then she moves off to wash her hands yet again. Ah, the Healers' life.

And how apt. She was holding the robes, telling Hiliza she -had- to wear them. Mirenda, watches the others for a moment, waiting for them to take thier robes. Go ahead. She doesn't bite... mabey.

Hiliza reluctantly leaves her costume peices on her chair and shuffles toward the changing area. Clothes are quickly shucked and robe is donned, and then she peers reluctantly out, "I say these things were invented just to make people feel even more on display at the Healers' expense." But she wanders back, rather pouting, "I just wanted my greenstuff, too.." Sigh.

Surupa mutters curses and growls as she takes a robe and heads towards the curtain area, taking more time than she should in attempting to peel off the tunnelsnake coat. Finally emerging with the robe on, she attempts to hide by the wall and glare towards the Healers. Glare. Glare. Glare. "I still have to do this?" No wine, just a cold voice as she edges her way along the wall and back where she was standing before... Closer to the exit.

Sasha takes Elehu's cue and also washes her hands using a small finger brush by the sink to really make sure they are clean. " Have you done many of these medicals? " she enquires of the more experienced healer. "Of the new set of candidates I mean...." she chuckles at Hiliza's grumbling. " Oh there is plenty of green stuff....don't you worry!"

Reiko eyes Mirenda sidelong, emerald glance appraising the healer apprentice with thinly veiled interest before she plucks a robe from the pile, slinging it negligently over her shoulder and slipping behind the curtain. A moment later she's back, caring little what the robe does - and doesn't - cover.

As they all go off to change, Mirenda strides over, the heals of her boots emited a soft click, to accompany the rest of the noise made with her steps. She washes her hands quickly, though effiecently.

Elehu shakes her head quickly to Sasha and grins. "We've only had one so far, but as you can see, that's all we needed to get things going." Hands are dried before she moves towards one of the empty cots, taking a small tube from the tray beside it. "Okay, Reiko, you can have a seat here. Sasha, why don't you and Surupa take the one next to me, in case you have questions, and Mirenda, you and Hi' take that one on the other side."

Hiliza is indeed, grumbly, but should count herself lucky she doesn't need to get her physical from Sasha, who she she knows. Reluctantly, Hiliza slips into the indicated cot, staring at Mirenda sort of sullenly. "Well, I suppose we might as well get over with.." Pout.
Sasha nods and smiling at Surupa indicates the end of the empty cot. "Make yourself comfortable! " she smiles. "This shouldn't take too long."

With barely a glance to either side, Reiko sits down as instructed. This cold, efficient Elehu isn't one she's particularly familiar with, but she takes the hint rather well. For Reiko. Leaning back on one hand, the other lying idly across her lap, she looks up at Elehu calmly. Whatever's next, she's ready. And don't ask how she managed to avoid having ever assisted with a physical. Cough.

Mirenda quickly finishes washing, and dries her hands even faster. The indicated cot is glanced over, and the sound again rents from her boots as she draws ever closer to Hiliza. The destination is reached, and the Nanny-turned-Candidate is given a twisted sort of smirk.

Surupa is rather glad that she is getting a physical from a half dragonrider, though she does send each Healer in the room quite a glare before she shuffles closer towards the cot and drops herself down, huddling towards the end with arms wrapped around her legs and head propped upon knees while she continues to glare and curse. "Shardin' physicals... Always want to make my life worse, yknow." She scrunches up her nose, tightening herself into a little ball. She is comfortable.

Elehu smiles at Reiko for a moment before uncapping the small tube in her hand, a small concentrated light from glows shining out. "Well, Reiko, how have you been?" she asks idly, eyes glancing at the other two 'examiners' from time to time to make sure things are running smoothly. The glowtube is shined first in one ear, then the other.

Tamber ducks in from the inner caverns.

Tamber's steps slow as he enters the Infirmary, hesitating in the doorway. He knows this is mandatory, but he doesn't have to like it. When he drags his gaze away from the stone floor he is surprised to find others already being examined, "Um, maybe this isn't a good time..." On second thought...he turns to go before he's seen.

Reiko smirks up at Elehu, emerald eyes sliding sidelong for as good a look as the angle permits. "Good," she says easily, in a tone that leaves lots of room for interpretation. "You?" Nevermind who's doing the examining. Tamber's entrance is noted from the corner of her eye, and the smirk widens to a twisted halfsmile. Innteresting.

Mirenda quickly takes her listening tube, placing one end on her ears, holding the other end in her hand. She has to warm it, you know... And thus, this is done, as she speaks to Hiliza. "So. Any illnesses, injuries, or such of the like?" she quies in a monotone, cold voice. Tamber is then glanced at, and a shrug rolls off her shoulder. Hey, she's only an apprentice. It's Elehu's job to tell people where to go, and what to do... something like that.

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Lorrie yawns and stretches, her li'l eyes fluttering as she awakens from her nap.

Elehu is just turning to continue the examination when she spots Tamber out of the corner of her eye. "Uh... yes, it would probably be best to come back in about half an hour or so," she informs the young Miner. "As you can see, we have our hands full, but after that please feel free to come back," she can't help but add with an amused tone. Candies who come of their own will! Amazing! "Reiko, can you look up at that point on the wall, just over there?" she asks, turning back to her own charge for the moment, pointing over her own shoulder. "And... I'm all right, I suppose. Thank you for asking. How are the new barracks?"

Sasha hooks her listening tube into her ears and warns "Sorry Rupa this might be a bit cold...." placing the flat disk on her patient's back she says quietly..." OK I'd like you to breath in and out normally please."

Hiliza bites her lip, "Well I'm a little sunburnt but it's mostly gone away, you see." She shakes her head to indicate that she hasn't any other ailments. Tamber gets a /look/ and she blushes somewhat. Right no men, sure.

Cayl ducks in from the inner caverns.

Surupa is there, curled up how she is on the bed and waiting for further instructions, having listened to other candidates about the physicals and such. She grumbles, though gives quite a hop when the flat disk touching her back. She gives a growl before responding by breathing in and out normally, stopping her curses and grumbling as she does so.

Tamber eyes the girls with a reaised eyebrow, what was that Hiliza said about sunburn. "Are you sure you don't need me to help apply any ointment?" he asks innocently.

Reiko rolls her eyes, then obediently turns them to the indicated point on the wall. "Crowded." Compared to her old quarters. Not compared with the dorms, especially. She won't add that it's too close to a certain former guard by half a Weyr. Ears, eyes... shells, this is a piece of cake. Since her eyes are occupied, she can't favor Tamber with the glare he so richly deserves, so she settles for ignoring him.

Sasha listens intently to Surupa's breathing and then the listening tube is placed on her chest while Sasha listens to her heart. " I don't hear anything out of the ordinary...your heart seems very healthy." Sasha takes Rupa's pulse, holding her wrist between fingers and thumb. " A little fast...but thats usual when people are nervous..."

Mirenda shrugs and nods, placing the now warmed end of the listening tube on the patient's chest, still talking. "I think we can get you something for a sunburn. No big deal..." She listens first to the heart, nodding along with the sound. "That's good..." she mutters, moving the piece around. Lungs are then listened too, another nod going. "Well, that all seems in order, enough." she states, giving a smirk.

Lorsalia wrenches open the double doors that lead outside.

Elehu shines the glowtube in each of Reiko's eyes quickly then nods. "Good so far, now open your mouth and say, 'ahhhh'."

Hiliza wriggles her toes, half-bored. "This is easy part," She comments, though the remark about something for sunburns is taken with a smile.

"I'm /not/ nervous," is all Surupa says with a glare, scrunching up her nose as she gives the room a glance. Tamber? /Glare/. She mumbles something about ungrateful Smiths and Healers and lets the rider-Healer Sasha to continue. "Why is it that I heard 'bout lots of screaming and such? Those shardin' candidates that sleep 'side me never shut up 'bout the screams." Perhaps Rupa is just slightly paranoid.

Dark brown hair curls and tangles, stray tendrils often spilling across forehead, over brows, and into green eyes flecked with brown. The hair and eyes are the most noticable features around this young lad's face. His rather average nose is lightly dusted with freckles; and his mouth, usually quirking upward at the corners to betray his tendancy for mischief, is plain. Still in the awkward stage of adolescence, his body, lean and well-toned from years in and around the mines, is beginning to fill out across shoulders and chest. Lightly tanned skin, a testament to outdoor play and many hours spent sacking firestone under Rukbat's watchful glare, is marred in places by old scars and more recent scrapes and bruises.
Clad only in swimtrunks, Tamber's pale torso seems highlighted by the dark blue color of his shorts. Bound with a cord around the waist, they fall to his knees. The rest of him, feet included, is bare. Attached to Tamber's belt is a knife. Swaying from Tamber's right shoulder is brown Driftwood.
White. Pure white! As a change from the black and blue of the Minecraft, a single loop of snowy white rests on Tamb's shoulder, because he is a candidate at High Reaches Weyr.
Tamber is 15 Turns, 11 months, and 15 days old.

Sasha smiles at Surupa and produces a small patella hammer. "Ok, I'm going to tap your knees with won't hurt, I'm just checking your reflexes. " Sash waves the litle wooden instrument in front of Surupa and then proceeds to lightly tap one of her knees.

Mirenda decides to ignore the others, working at her own little pace. A glowtube is procured quickly, and the girl goes through a tiny list of instuctions. "Okay, open wide, say ahh if you want." her voice seems... bored. Yes, it's bored.

"Ahhhh." Now that she can, Reiko eyes Tamber as coldly as possible, given the odd angle. Ointment, indeed. The hand on her lap begins to twitch, fingers drumming randomly. How much longer is this going to take?

Surupa gets a light tap on the knees, though she gives a shrug towards Sasha's words and watches her legs flick. She is relaxing now, seeing that not much trouble seems to be coming from the examination. Where are the sharp poking objects that they pull your eyes out with? And what about that thing that they still in-- "Is this all there is to it?" She calmly asks with a roll of her eyes.

Hiliza opens her mouth as far as she can and lets out a garbled, "Aaaaaahhhhh" Etc, etc.

Elehu sets down her glowtube and glances once more at Tamber. And a Cayl now as well. She idly picks up a small mallet and just like that, taps them on Reiko's legs at the soft point just below the kneecap.

Mirenda hovers the glowtube by her mouth for a little bit, then brings it back. She uses a long forefinger to tip back Hiliza's head, looking up her nostrils, then her head is tipped the other way, so her ears can be examined. "That all looks fine..."

"Ouch." Scowling lightly, Reiko reaches to rub her knees, hopefully /after/ Elehu saw the reaction she was looking for. With a sigh, she adds, "Are you nearly finished?"

Hiliza bites her lip, "I should hope so." And she continues to wiggle her toes, expression sort of on the dull, bored side.

Cayl enters examination area.

Mirenda now takes a small mallet, gently hitting it on the soft spot under the knee cap. She watches the knee as she does this.

Elehu smiles sweetly at Reiko and shakes her head. "Only half done," she says, picking up a Y-shaped instrument. She begins warming the listening disc at the bottom before hooking the top bits in her ears. Then quickly but thoroughly she goes about checking the Candidate's breathing and heart rate. "Sounds good," she reports in the end, setting down the instrument. "Now, if you'll just lie back..."

Reiko almost manages to seem patient as Elehu goes through the steps of the physical. Breathe. Wait. Breathe. Wait. Lie down? She eyes the Healer narrowly, but complies with a shrug. Whatever.

Hiliza kicks, of course, as all people do when -thwacked- with a little mallet. At least when they're thwacked on the knee. Right? Ew, Reiko's at the nasty lying down part. Icky,icky. Just, ignore the face Hiliza is making.

Sasha takes a glow tube and looks into Surupa's eyes, one by one. " I don't see any problems there at all...." suddenly her eyes mist over and she listens intently..." frowning slightly she looks confused..." I'm sorry I have to go..Branwyth needs me for something....."

Sasha slips through the door to the inner caverns.

Elehu quickly moves the robe out of the way and begins gently prodding first Reiko's chest, then abdominal area, fingers gently but quite thorough. "Let me know if this hurts at all," she says quietly, obviously concentrating a bit more than usual at this point.

Tamber walks out.

The good things about having a dragonrider-Healer examining you... Surupa grins brightly as Sasha makes her exit. "I guess that I'm all done, then? That wasn't too bad at all." And she is still trying to hide in the robe, attempting to cover herself before looking over towards Elehu. She's leaving... See her get up from her cot and all, too!

If Reiko is at all surprised by the next step of the physical, she hides it well. And when she notices how hard Elehu is concentrating, she actually smirks. "It's fine," she says calmly, emerald gaze following the Healer's hands in their path.

Elehu moves just a bit lower, making quick work of that last part of the exam, before moving Reiko's robe back in place. "You're good to go, Reiko," she says with a smile. "You can go change into your clothes again, then make sure you get a dose of the green stuff once a month. You know where it is," she adds with a wink before taking a quick sidestep. "And not so fast, Herder girl." Voice is icy and sweet all at the same time. "Sasha was just checking your eyes, right?"

Surupa turns around to glance towards Elehu, watching Reiko goes in the process... Whine? "She was just checking my eyes, yes," she repeats calmly, dropping back to the cot with a grumble or two, wrinkling her nose in the process as she looks from the other candidate that is still left and then back towards the Healer that will take Elehu's place. "An' green stuff once a month? I take /nothing/ from the Healers, since I am just perfectly fine." She doesn't need green stuff, really.

Mirenda is nearing the last step, too. "Lay down." she says, pointing an aforementioned forefinger to the cot.

Reiko sits up casually, actually having the audacity to wink at the Healer. "Thanks, Ele." Of course she knows where the green stuff is. She /might/ need it. Or not. Emerald gaze flickers over Elehu even as the healer turns to her next patient, and Reiko slips behind the curtain to change.

Elehu takes a glowtube up again and finishes what Sasha started, soon enough asking Surupa to lie back on the cot. "This will only take a moment," she informs the young woman. "And of course... the green stuff /is/ optional. But if you're pregnant when those eggs start moving, you'll be watching from the galleries, got it?"

Hiliza sighs, closes her eyes, and does so, muttering, "At least you aren't Kariel...." And she sighs again, mentally resigning herself to what she knows comes next. Prodding and all that .. lovliness.

Surupa rolls back her shoulders, laying down on the cot as she is informed. Should she run now? Perhaps soon enough. "Won' get pregnant, that's for sure," Rupa simply states, bobbing her head as she does so.

Mirenda prods and pokes her fingers around her patient's abdomen, she's not careful about it, no, but it works, anyways. "Did any of that hurt?" she asks, furrowing an eyebrow.

Hiliza raises an eyebrow but still has her eyes closed, "Other than your hands being /cold/, no." She shifts, "What would it mean if it had?" Is her question, though the answer isn't really needed.

Elehu repeats the same ministrations on Surupa that she did on Reiko, and then just like that she's taking a step back with an amused grin. "Take care of that cough of yours, but other than that you seem quite healthy, Surupa. Do remember to come back if you need the green herbs later on, but for now you can go ahead and get dressed." Then, done with the process, she moves to wash her hands before making some more notes on the parchment she'd been writing on earlier.

"Sounds lovely," the girl responds, eyes focused on her hands. "Why don't you cook him a special dinner or something?"

Mirenda erms softly, raising both of her eyebrows. "Well, I'm sure it wouldn't be good... You can sit up now. Well, I guess you could be pregnant, or have something wrong on the insides. Alot of things." states her calm, alto voice, hinting with a sort of near-concern. "I'll go get you some green stuff." And thus, her voice returns to normal and drawling, and she stirdes away to get the said green stuff.

Surupa grumbles through the final steps of the examination, though she does giggle through her grumbling. Look at that, Rupa's ticklish... Cough. She finally gets up, pulling robe onto her as she gives Elehu one last glare and grumble and then finally returning towards the curtains where she might get all dressed and nice in her tunnelshake costume again. She can't seem to shuffle fast enough out from the Healer domain, though she does hop fast enough to get to the door, head turning to look over her shoulder... Better wait for Hiliza.

Hiliza sits up and says, "It's a good thing that didn't hurt, then." She bobs her head as Mirenda goes to get what Hiliza came for in the first place, quipping, "If candidates aren't supposed to have relationships, why d'we have to take the green stuff." But she's not complaining, just curious, "Can I change now?"

"Because a 'mistake' will keep you off the sands," Elehu answers Hiliza mildly from her spot at her desk. "And I don't think you'd like that..."

"Go ahead and change..." Mirenda replies, slowly returning to the cot, green stuff in hand.

You call to Hanzatsu, who flies over and lands on your shoulder.

Wafts of sweet-mint follow you out of the infirmary.