Sewing Party

Kamoku> Galleries
Kamoku> Row upon row of stone benching rises above the Hatching Grounds, seats for those who come to watch the incredible experience that is a hatching. Each individual seat is embellished with a worn cushion, the only concession to comfort in a place that traps heat, holding it within so that those who watch are inflicted with its intensity, though on a milder level than those who must stand and face the dragonets. The expanse of sand that is the hatching grounds spreads out in front of the benches, a huge stage for a spectacular show.
Kamoku> Settled along stone are sixteen firelizards.
Kamoku> You see Endymion here.
Kamoku> Kinecha, Surupa, Hynolonie, Khory, and Kezenex are here.

Kamoku> Kamoku blinks in from ::between::!

Kamoku> Kezenex wanders up into the galleries, hearing noises and finding a group of fellow candidtaes up here. Eyeing what Hynolonie holds in her arms. Hmm. "Hello," he greets with a small smile, settling down on a bench. He's not doign chores. He can be happy. "Navol what?" Herder looks generally confused as he glances about for an answer to what's going on.

Kamoku> Guessing that he's not interupting, Khory drops down onto a nearby seat, and pulls the white material over his lap. "I have enough here for two robes.." he mumbles, pulling out shears from the sack and twirling them about a finger as he ponders how to go about this.. "Anyone have a pattern, or something?" The messenger-candie eyes the longer tunics of the girl's surrounding him. "Maybe one of you has a simple dress we could unsew and use?" Oh yes.. Disrobe them, why don't you.. This idea makes the blond man blush. "I mean.. Well.. I didn't mean it like /that/..."

Kamoku> Kinecha sighs, shaking her head as she looks at the two piles, equal in height by now. "Nabol," she mutters, sinking against the bench's back as she gives Pyrene's back a long stare as the goldrider departs. No fair to just leave like that. "I'll get through these later," she says to herself, draping her legs over the bench in front of her, leaning back with her eyes closed, trying to ignore the heat and the chitter-chatter of the other Candidates.

Kamoku> Surupa arches her 'brow carefully towards Khory, pausing yet again with her hides. She isn't going to continue as fast as before if the weyrwoman isn't here to supervise them. "Nabol, then. I'm sure we can get a 'brat to look for it?" And she gives the stands a look around, attempting to find a victim and simply shrugging her shoulders with a sigh. "You said that you have 'nough for two robes? I haven't started yet... Mind if I can get some of that there material?" Look at her grin all sweetly. It can make someone sick. "And perhaps if you know /how/ to make a robe for poor me.."

Kamoku> Kezenex just eyes Khory, feelign that's he's missed somethign again. Maybe more than one thing. Not that that's anythign unusual. "Robes?" You mean they actually /have/ to sew robes? Shells. Kez grimaces at the thought, "So you all are making robes?" Rupa is glared at. If he's gonna have to sew, so's she. And everyone else for that matter.

Kamoku> Khory said he had enough material.. he didn't say he knew what to do with it. "You know.." he starts. "I know someone who knows how to knit. Maybe he.." Yes, he.. "Knows how to sew too?" The blond man turns to regard each of the others. "I mean.. if you're all interesting in.. you know.. learning and all that.." It sounds like a simple query, however.. why is he blushing so darkly? Perhaps it's not because of the company, but because of the certain person he knows? Maybee...

Reiko comes up the stairs.

"Robes.. Yes, we have to make our own robes," Kinecha says, eyes still closed as she explains it to Kezenex. "And sewing's not all that hard," she continues, shrugging. Didn't /any/ of these poor helpless Candidates know how to sew?!

Surupa doesn't have to sew just because Kezenex has to, and his glare is caught and she simply narrows her eyes at him. Who does /he/ think he is? She snorts lightly, perhaps because of all that dust from the Weyrleader's cushions earlier or the hides as well. However, she does move over a few seats with only a murmured word to follow her. "Knit and sew?" She queries towards Khory as she settles down once again, a thin 'brow arching. "I guess that sounds good." If he can make it for them.

Hoping for a quiet peek at the eggs, Reiko is disappointed to see so many of her fellow candidates gathered. But she hides it well, sauntering up to the little group with a smirk. "Morning." Did someone say sew? Emerald gaze fixes on each in turn, landing last on Khory and his mass of white fabric. Eyeroll. "I've already started one," she remarks to no one in particular, dropping to sit on an empty bench.

Kezenex is MasterComplainer, that's who he is, but he also scoots a bit near to Khory, eyeing the candie with something akin to curiosity. "Um...Well, we could give it a try? But some things must be learned for oneself..." Which is Kez's way of saying he knows what he's doing, but woudl like any help he can get. Snort. "Sewing /is/ hard. I once tried ot fix a hole in a shirt, almost lost a finger, I swear!" He waves a finger in Kinecha's face. "See?"

Khory just shakes his head. Oye... "Um.. Well, I'll just send a flitter to see if he's.. um.. busy.." Ahem.. Yes, it's the polite thing to do, rather than just barge in.. Setting aside the shears, blond candie picks up stylus and a scrap of hide instead, and quickly jots a note to the sewing/knitting teacher. Once finished, he attaches it to Lascia's leg, (who's the more responsible one, considering Nut's just.. well.. to nutty for any serious tasks) and sends the green off flying. "Ok.. Now.. we wait.." Unless anyone else has any ideas on how to get this .. ugh.. started?

Khory releases Lascia, who launches into the air.
Lascia suddenly disappears ::between::!

Surupa slouches down, almost trying to hide from the argument that is soon to arise that most likely will be caused by this MasterComplainer. Well, bah to him really. Anyways, Rupa is there and near Khory and simply bobs her head up to him carefully. "'Nyways, I'd love if you might be able to share that material with me as well? I never have time to go around looking for such." Pause. "An' we are you pausing that way." She arches her 'brow towards the messenger-candidate. "Is there something odd that we should know 'bout this friend of yours?" She doesn't want to get into any trouble, now.

Kinecha's eyes open to a slit at a familiar voice, giving the woman a stare which last a moment longer than necessary, then turns to look at Kez, frowing at the poor man's finger. "Nearly lost a finger, eh? Howcome I find that hard to believe?" she retorts, not sure how someone could lose a finger just by sewing.

From the corner of her eyes, Reiko watches the note-sending proceedings with thinly veiled interest, favoring Khory with a special smirk, just for him. "Yes, Khory... who /is/ this 'friend'?" Kinecha is coolly ignored as she eyes the fabric again, arching a brow. How hard could it be, really? Not that her efforts have been spectacular - notice she's in no particular hurry to show it off.

Khory gulps. What else is there to do but.. um.. faint? No no no.. Last time he did that.. well, the rumours haunted him for weeks. "Uh.. Just.. a friend. I deliver.. um.. messages for him, and well.. You know.." Blush. Shaking his head, he tries to take back on an air of.. um.. professionalism.. (Or atleast maturity) "Anyway, he might be able to help us.. And there's nothing wrong with him either..." Never mind the fact that he rides a green.. But that's nothing wrong. In fact, it's kinda.. brave.. if you think about it a certain way. Which Khory does.. Peering back at Reiko, Khor resists the urge to stick out his tongue. Instead, he simply bundles up his white material and waits, adding to Surupa, 'And yes I'll share...'

Kezenex watches Khory's 'lizard warily, inchign a bit away from him, but other than that doesn't make a noise. "Right. Wait." He's /very/ good at that. He's had a lot of practise sitting there doing nothing. So he just smiles at everyone. Argument? He's not abotu to start an argument...He's just sitting there cutely. See? "Um, you find it hard to belive becasue you weren't there?" He says to Kinecha, hiding his finger from further inspection.

Hynolonie turns her piece of cloth over and over in her hands for a good long while before she folds it in half and begins to stitch the sides closed with small even stitches. This was going to take forever, so she might as well do it with everyone else and atleast have someone to listen to.

Surupa is still looks at Khory, almost confused by all is rambling and, well, pauses. "Are you sure 'bout that? It really sounds from you that there is trouble coming from this one perhaps... And a 'him', you say? Do you like 'im, is that it?" Hey, it /is/ a Weyr and most people are that way, right? She simply lifts in shoulders and drops them back in a shrug, heaving a sigh as she does so and simply.. Slumps there and waits. "Alright, thank you Khory for sharing your material. That's very kind of you." Faranth help them all, Rupa is being /polite/. See what happens to her when she spends too much time at a Weyr? With a last sight, she gives the others a glance. Waiting...

Kinecha snorts at Kez, then gives Khory an amused look as she gathers the hides beside her, turning one to remember her place. "I'll just go get some cloth and I'll /try/ to show you all how to do this," she mutters, as she picks up the hide-stack to make her way down the stairs and out.

Amisha comes up the stairs.

Khory simply blushes some more.. and doesn't reply. Instead, he picks up the shears once more, and begins to tear into the material... Making sure not to snag his leather trous in the process. (Now wouldn't that be funny? Ha ha) Cutting straight through to the other side, the blond candie then hands a large square of the fabric over to Surupa. "Here..." He mumbles, placing shears away for now and picking at the threads on his own square piece of linen. Turning his head away, he then stares out over at the eggs... La di da...

Reiko watches as Khory shares his fabric with Surupa... then looks around at the others again. And sighs. "So /this/ is what we're all doing? Sewing?" She pushes off the bench with a resigned air. "I'll get my things." Might as well; she's got to do it anyway.

Amisha comes out into the seating area, sewing basket in hand, and looks surprised to see others already there. She smiles shyly at all of them, then walks down one of the back rows and sits down, taking some fabric and a threaded needle out of her basket and starting to work.

Shaela comes up the stairs.

Violet eyes gleam out from within the dark-skinned face of the petite woman, their deep shade reaching an almost blue-black tone in most lighting. Jet-black hair, defiantly still of plaitable length, is knotted up so as to fit easily beneath a riding cap. Shiny though her hair is, it has a permanent look of not enough washing, due to many hours spent with said cap firmly in place. Bangs frame her indistinct forehead, curling and waving in their unstyled way to fringe on thick 'brows. Black lashes, full and long, match the furried eyebrows. Lips often curved in a crooked smile reveal gaps spacing disproportionate and misaligned teeth.
So tight are they, the junior weyrwoman's riding leathers appear nearly painted on, an effort to reaffirm her regaining of the petite, skin-and-bones figure she was known for before her pregnancy. Nevertheless, her hips are a little more rounded now, her bust actually evident: in essence, she has grown into a woman, no longer a child. The leathers are relatively simple, of basic dark chocolate with strawberry red linings and lemon gold stitching, in a two-piece trous and jacket with underlying basic white shirt. The plunging neckline of the shirt is accented by the undoing of the top buttons of the jacket. Blue Neckpouch hangs heavily from Shaela's shoulder.
Two cords, one blue, one black, intertwine to form a double loop marking Shaela as a Jr. Weyrwoman of High Reaches. A golden thread has also been woven into the simple knot, indicative of the girl's lifemate, gold Chayath.
Shaela is 24 Turns, 10 months, and 20 days old.

Flop. Kez goes from sitting on the bench to lying on it. Well if he has to wait, he's gonna be comfy. Putting his hands behind his head as a pillow, Kez grins at them all and asks, "Suppose there's time for a nap?" Always the Lazy Herder. Speakign of Herders....Rupa being polite? That is scary. Kez almost shivers, but instead gives her an amusing look, on ther verge of cocky. "Yeah, sewing...," Herder mumbles as he relaxes, appearing ot be napping.

Surupa rolls her eyes, though chuckling lightly, and takes the piece of the white fabric. "Thank you," she says calmly and then looking towards Reiko silently. "I believe so?" Oh, but she must be talking too low because the other candidate might not have listened, amber eyes back towards the messenger-candidate. "So, who is this friend of yours? Sounds really nice of 'im, of course." And with all the boy's blushing she can easily say something else about it, right? However, she simply rolls a should and waits. When is the reply going to come? Or perhaps Khory's firelizard took another way around things? And she looks back towards the eggs, full of innocence and well.. still being polite. She is just doing that to frighten Kezenex, perhaps?

Hynolonie sniffles a touch as she continues to sew, the dust still bothering her nose. She holds up the half stitched fabric and stares at it. "When I'm done with this, I'm going to take a bath. Anyone want to come with?" She looks back over the other candidates and their robes before finally taking to sewing hers again.. sighing. This really was going to take forever.

Hides disposed off and a mass of white cloth billowing around her, Kinecha comes back up the stairs, a small case in her right hand. Raising an eyebrow, she notices a few more people here, than when she had left. "So then.. This isn't that hard," she notes, holding out the cloth in front of her. "All you need to do is..." And here she stops, because she hadn't ever really sewn anything from scratch. "Well, you'll need to cut it in a pattern first," she continues, her voice a little more hesitant by now as she inspects the cloth before her with a critical eye.

Hynolonie goes home.

Have they had a sewing lesson yet? Shaela makes her way up the stairs, and, slightly distracted by the sewing Candidates, trips.. slightly. Of course, only slightly, and no one really noticed the weyrwoman's fumble, did they? Brushing the dust off her knees, she continues up the stairs, before sliding onto a bench near the group.

Lascia blinks in from ::between::!

Amisha watches the others surreptiously, wondering what it is they are sewing. It hadn't occured to her that anyone else might have the idea of doing their sewing here in the gallery. Then she sees Kinecha, and understanding dawns on her face. "So, that's what they are doing," she whispers to herself, then looks back down at her own work, continuing to glance at them occasionally.

Khory is about to comment, when his green firelizard re-appears from ::between:: Calling Lascia to him, the messenger-candie takes the note careful from her leg and reads it over. He then grins broadly. "He says we can all go on up to his Weyr, and he'll show up how to sew!" Isn't that wonderful! Exhiting! Exhillerating?! Ahem.. Still pink around the ears, Khor jumps from his seat and gathers his things.. "And knowing Ren.. I mean.. ah.. E'ren.. he'll have drinks and stuff awaiting us too.." Linen now wrapped around one arm, and rucksack placed on the opposite shoulder, he smiles softly and states, "Are ya coming?"

Kezenex isn't easily frightened! Rupa would have ot be really /really/ polite for awhile to fighten him! As it is though, he's kinda wary of he, but then...He kinda always is. Kez stirs a little, wriggling on his bench a bit. "Hmph. If we had a pattern, we might not have so mcuh trouble," he mumbles. And...thump. Startled by the sudden appearance of the firelizard, Kez jumps and falls of the bench. "Mph!" Shaela's trip and Amisha's appeance goes unnocitced as the candie grumbles and rubs a sore back.

Surupa is quiet, silent, innocent, and yet chokes slightly towards the sight of the weyrwoman trip. She wasn't laughing, really, that was just her catching sight of the stack of hides from Pyrene that was the suppose to be looking over. Which of course, she isn't. However, a bright grin soon turns up upon her visage and she gives the entering Shaela a long wave. She gives 'Necha a glance as well, only briefly, since that candidate had lost her long ago. "You're helping us sew, Kinecha?" She asks calmly, a 'brow lifted, and yet catching sight of the returning firelizard. Oh, at last, right? "Oh, he is a 'rider, then? I'm coming of course." She gets up from the seat, ignoring the hides, and takes her fabric with her.

Reiko makes her way back up the stairs with her own bundle of white fabric, rolled up and tucked under one arm, having somehow managed to avoid passing Kinecha on her way. Probably intentionally, which is why it took her so long to return. Seating herself a couple of rows away from the others - near enough to see and hear what's going on - she fishes a little case out of the deep pocket of her tunic and retrieves a needle.... but looks up sharply at Khory's words. /E'ren/? Comprehension dawns, and with it a wicked smirk. "Sure," she replies to Khory, gathering her things up and standing again.

Khory calls to Lascia, who flies over and lands on his shoulder.

Shaela waves back -- evidently she got here just in time for everyone to leave? And here she was, dashing over because, as Chayath said, these Candidates were in need of a weaver's assistance. Well, perhaps E'ren will let her join the party. Hanging back until they've all gone ahead, she trails along after the group.

Kinecha glances at Rupa, the look of someone none to pleased with the situation she put herself in. "Well, I can sew," she says willfully, as she puts the cloth back in her lap, "I just have no idea how to /cut/ this thing!" Turning her head to Khory, she gives him another teasing smile. "E'ren?"

Amisha glances up over at the small group, and would offer to help, but hears that they will be leaving, so doesn't say anything, and stays where she is sitting, working on her own sewing.

Surupa and the rest of the group of candidates has a weyrwoman trailing along? /Very/ interesting, actually. However, the young woman quickly moves her attention away and looks towards Guard-candidate, head bobbing quickly. "Oh, that's nice. I actually seem to realize that most of the candidates can't sew. Have you noticed that as well? I can't, for one." And here she silences herself, slinking back quietly until she looks from one candidate to the other, arching her 'brows carefully. All having the same reaction? "Something wrong with this E'ren?"

Khory smiles back, just as sweetly.. "Yes. E'ren." Nothing else, but that acknowledgement. Nothing wrong admitting who your friends are, you know.. Ahem. Seeing that everyone is ready, he then leads the way... "Ah.. We'll have to get some weyrlings to help us up, of course.. Unless Xeth doesn't mind coming to get us.." Which she probably won't.. but still.. not nice to impose.. Cough. Seeing Amisha still sticking behind, the blond messenger-candie leans over and softly says, "You can come too, you know..." The more, the merrier.

Khory goes out.

Kezenex, still grumbling, gets up off the floor and takes his seat again, greeting the new folks with a small wave. "Yeah. I'm coming, I'm following whoever...You. Right." Right. He's up, and jsut gonna follow the masses for once.."Lead on..."

Kinecha goes out.

Surupa goes out.

Central Bowl
Seven spindles brush the clouds -- quite literally -- overhead, a jagged, spired cotillion grey-stoned majesty. The bowl from here is expansively large, extending a full half mile in both directions, and although sometimes a bit of a stretch, most of the hubs of activity can be easily observed. Hard-packed ground shows the common pathways, all of them meandering about the craggy bunch of boulders that form a centerpiece: carven, hand-worn and foothold-full, it gives a bit of centerpoint to the otherwise vast emptiness of the area.
To the north lie the hatching grounds and leadership weyrs, while the lows of herdbeasts mark the feeding pens to the northeast. A flurry of ever-present activity marks the living caverns to the west, and another time-traveled path the ground weyrs just adjacent to the southwest. Southeast, a glint of blue shows the lake, glittering and cold.
It is a spring noon.
Clinging to footholds in the boulder-mound are seventeen firelizards.
Green Kelitath, brown Revnath, green Zoryanth, brown Sevareth, bronze Rixesith, green Siulth, gold Tiareth, gold Chayath, brown Druseth, green Niamhyth, blue Mzadith, gold Ysbryth, Brown Dsalth, and green Xeth are here.
You see a wagonmaster, George Dubya bush, Trash n Treasures, Trey's Trumbling Wagon, and Wagon Two here.
Khory, Surupa, and Kinecha are here.

Kezenex meanders in from the north.

Amisha meanders in from the north.

Shaela meanders in from the north.

Khory scampers up Xeth's forelimb in a shower of silvered sparks and is assisted into place between two neckridges.

Chayath settles into a crouch, then lowers her neck, its graceful swoop ending with the straps at an accessible height. Shaela clutches the leather, swinging herself to settle into her seat.

Amisha stares at Xeth, and fidgets, not sure if she really should

Kinecha scampers up Xeth's forelimb in a shower of silvered sparks and is assisted into place between two neckridges.

Surupa scampers up Xeth's forelimb in a shower of silvered sparks and is assisted into place between two neckridges.

Chayath settles into a crouch, then lowers her neck, its graceful swoop ending with the straps at an accessible height. Amisha clutches the leather, swinging herself to settle into her seat.

Chayath settles into a crouch, then lowers her neck, its graceful swoop ending with the straps at an accessible height. Kezenex clutches the leather, swinging himself to settle into his seat.

Reiko follows behind the others, her expression more amused than anything else as she catches up. It doesn't take her long to figure out which dragon is Xeth, but rather than crowd on with the others, she follows the weyrwoman instead.

You clamber up Chayath's neck and set yourself between two neckridges.

Chayath [Central Bowl]
Rich, earthen golds wrap this dragon in the dusky mystery of her heritage: rivulets of wine-red passions swirl with wild abandon over her pugnacious headknobs and dissipate like laughter into the citrine hues twining a slender, drunken tail. Firelight licks her chest, a distraction from its uncommonly narrow width and the weedy lengths of legs and talons all darkened with greeny purples. Her wings are sparse, almost ragged, despite the once-decadent embroidery that etches stolen gold along those crimson, oh-so-fragile sails.
Astride Chayath are Shaela, Amisha, and Kezenex.
Chayath seems to be listening.

Swathed in Xeth's dusty green and silvered flash, Khory smiles down at Amisha once again. "It's ok.." He says, before reaching a hand up to stroke Xeth's vibrant hide. "Thank you," he whispers to the green, then settles himself up upon his neck ridges. "Um.. Everyone strapped in?" he asks, sounding usure... Of course, the dragon will know what to do... Right?

Amisha seems surprised to find herself here and holds on

Xeth takes off.

Above, Xeth circles leisurely towards the lake.

Ref quietly hovers for a moment, then with a muted cheep disappears ::between::!

"okay, hang on tight," Shaela calls behind her as her lifemate leaps into the air with a jolt.

Xeth's Highwire Platform
A dragonledge, scoured by weather, the dark mouth of the weyr leading inward.
It is a spring noon.
Green Capryth and green Xeth are here.

Gilted 'ridges lower, silken wine-hue approaching the ground as Chayath crouches and lessens the height of her neck. Shaela grasps the leathers again, swinging off around neckridges to land upon the ground.

You slide gently down Chayath's neck and land with a soft thud.

Surupa slithers down Xeth's narrow shoulder, borne by the flash and fall of her hide's silvered sparks.

Kinecha slithers down Xeth's narrow shoulder, borne by the flash and fall of her hide's silvered sparks.

Gilted 'ridges lower, silken wine-hue approaching the ground as Chayath crouches and lessens the height of her neck. Kezenex grasps the leathers again, swinging off around neckridges to land upon the ground.

Khory slithers down Xeth's narrow shoulder, borne by the flash and fall of her hide's silvered sparks.

Gilted 'ridges lower, silken wine-hue approaching the ground as Chayath crouches and lessens the height of her neck. Amisha grasps the leathers again, swinging off around neckridges to land upon the ground.

Xeth's Xebec Cavern
Gently eastward-sloping ceilings give this cavern an odd sort of perspective, almost presuming that the floor slopes as well. The area along the eastern wall has been set aside for living space and has been decorated accordingly: worn velvet drapes (someone else's toss-outs) in an odd jumble of patterns and colors soften the wall. Brazers giving off warmth and light are settled around a thick carpet and its large wooly cushions. Along the western wall stretches the worn length of the dragoncouch, perfectly fitting the narrow shape of a certain green.
On the perch are Warrior and Bramble.
You see Mirran here.
You notice Miri asleep here.
E'ren is here.

Khory has arrived.
Surupa has arrived.
Kinecha has arrived.
Amisha has arrived.
Shaela has arrived.
Kezenex has arrived.

E'ren seems to have been expecting guests (though admittedly, he had no clue there would be quite so many)--wine's been set out and the broom from the earlier task of sweeping has been put away. A few more glowbaskets have been set out around the chairs in the social area, quite suitable for sewing. "Welcome! Come in, please." Is he prepared for a sewing lesson or a party? It's hard to say, really.

Khory beams. See.. He told ya all that E'ren would have things ready for them.. Smiling as he passes the rider, (even blushing a little more) the blond candie grabs a seat on the floor amongst a pile of vibrant cushions. White linen gets unwrapped and spread out, and rucksack is openned. He's ready. Patting the spot beside him, he then adds, "There's plenty of room here on the carpet for a few more too.." He's willing to share the good spot...

Amisha looks around the room, still holding her own sewing basket and knowing that she doesn't really fit in with the rest of them. She stands back from them, watching for a few moments, then finds a seat, setting the basket at her feet.

Reiko follows the others in, sharp eyes taking in her surroundings without seeming to stare, landing on E'ren last and lingering just a bit with an amused sparkle. "Morning," she greets coolly, oblivious as usual to the actual time of day. "Thank you." She makes her way over to where Khory has perched - as good a spot as any - and sits down with her own bundle, giving the messenger-candie a little smirk.

Kinecha raises an eyebrown as she saunters into the greenrider's home, eyes sweeping the interior of the place. "Afternoon, E'ren," she says, giving him a slight smile as she glances at Khory and back at the greenrider. Taking a seat of her own on the floor, she manages to get the spot the furthest away from Reiko. Meaning the one opposite the woman.

Surupa would rather love a party than a lesson about sewing, really. Wine, is that? Candidates are not allowed to have alcohol, right, but that is never a problem with this young woman. She simply heaves a sigh, dragging the white fabric of hers with her and carefully passing through the greenrider's weyr. "Nice... That is, better than the dusty area that the Weyrleader brought us to..." That is the only comment from Rupa as she makes her way towards Khory, the one that got the idea to come hear, and drops right by him with her eyes towards the rider.

Shaela squishes in next to Amisha -- she's a touch off in this group, too, to be honest -- before piping up: "Hey there, E'ren, you don't mind that I tagged along, do you? Thought I could help some, too."

Kezenex follows everyone else into the weyr, glancing around quickly and taking in the scene. "Oh, hey!" With a grin and a wave at E'ren, whom Kez hasn't met yet, he follows Khory all the way to the carpet before realizing what he's doing, "Oh, heh-heh." Right, in control once again Herder plops down onto the edge of the carpet and smirks inwardly. He's avoiding the wine...He remembers what happened last time. Meh.

E'ren smiles warmly at each of the candidates (maybe adding a covert wink to those he knows), pulling out his very own sewing basket (yup, even riders have hobbies... at least E'ren's got a practical one). "Nice to see all of you. I'm E'ren, for those of you I haven't met. Feel free to have some wine and make yourself comfortable." Shaela is given a smile that positively sparkles. "No, not at all. You'll have something to drink, won't you?" Apparently it's party first, sew later.

Khory knows the rider's take on drinking a little wine now and then, so he's not really breaking any rules by taking a glass of the alcohol... Is he? "It's ok.." he whispers to Surupa and Reiko, the two on either side of him. "As long as we don't get drunk, or spill any, or do anything stupid.." And trust him, he's not going to do anything that might make him more embarassed than usual.. Ahem. Reaching for one of the flasks, and a glass, he pours himself a small amount, and then passes the bottle on. "Here you go.."

Amisha is too young to have wine, only being 13, and wonders again if she should be here, since it's obvious that everyone else is either a rider or a candidate, and she's just a resident of the weyr. She fiddles with her hair and the cuff of her dress, wondering if there is anything besides wine.

Surupa /was/ offered wine, so she simply gets up and gets herself a full glass of wine, bringing it back with her to where she was seating. She isn't about to share some with anyone, and is clutching it tightly to herself with a glance to each other candidate-- and the riders included-- before trying to take a sip. Oooh... Rupa when drunk is not a pretty sight at all, so she must be sure of that of course. "So this is your friend, Khory?" She grins towards the candidate, looking towards the greenrider with a smile as well, making sure she doesn't spill any wine on the white cloth as well.

Kinecha fumbles some with the white cloth in front of her, stretching it out between her hands as if measuring it, trying to find out how to cut it. As the bottle passes her, she grimaces slightly, though finds a glass and pours wine into it, passing the bottle along. "Not too crazy 'bout wine, though," she mutters, taking a rather large swig which makes her wince. Setting the glass down behind her, she looks up at the others. "So can anyone tell me how to cut this? Tha's all I need to know."

"Only so long as you've got a fruit juice," Shaela says, eyes scanning the offered drinks. "I think Amisha here would probably be good to have juice, too, hmm?" she says with a glance to the young woman beside her. "As would the Candidates, I should expect." Party first, indeed. Serve wine to all the Candidates -- *ahem*.

Kezenex grins again, and introduces himself as 'Kezenex, but call me Kez'. Still grinning, he makes himself comfortable. This includes /not/ getting wine. Rupa's glance is met with a look like 'Well /I'm/ not gonna take it', and then Kez looks elsewhere. See? He's being so good and not drinking. Don't need any hangovers. Innocent looking as ever, the Herder comments, "I've never heard of /sweing/ parties before."

E'ren honestly doesn't care much about children drinking wine... don't even ask how young his daughter was the first time he gave her wine, and she's only 12 now. But there's juice for those who don't care for wine. "Let's see... you're working on your candidate robes, right? Are you working from any sort of pattern?" He pulls out his own robe from the time he Stood It's stained and a little crusty from being folded up for Turns without being washed, but the pattern is basic: short sleeves and a short hem, falling just above the knee on the rather diminuative E'ren. He casts a wink at Shaela. "A little wine always makes sewing go a little faster. It makes all the needle-pricks to the fingers hurt less, too." Ahem.

Surupa glances towards the other Herder-Candidate with an innocent grin, as she takes another sip from her wine. Wine, the one thing that everyone needs in their life. Oh wait, everyone is introducing themselves? "Since everyone seems to know each other 'ere... I'm Surupa, or Rupa." Or something, though she is paying more attention to her wine than anything else. That is until she looks back towards the greenrider with a quirked 'brow. "Pattern? Not really.. I have no idea how to do this and I just got my fabric from Khory, 'ere." And that is it.

Amisha smiles in relief at Shaela, glad she asked about the juice. She then looks at Kinecha and finds that she might have a place here after all. She looks over at Kinecha. "I can help you, if you want," she says softly, smiling.

Khory only took a little wine, and look.. he's putting it aside now.. (Making it last longer, one could say... It may be the last time for another long while..) Ducking at Shaela's comment, he then picks up his soon-to-be-robe, placing attention thereupon. "Can we use yours as a pattern?" he begins to ask, at the same time E'ren pulls his out from storage. Oh. Nevermind. Blushing a little, (which is now so usual for him that even he hardly notices the stain upon his cheeks) he grabs the shears from his rucksack. "But where do we start, exactly?" Now that's the confusing part...

"I certainly never needed wine," Shaela declares as she gets to her feet. "But I won't tell on you -- you're doing everyone a service by helping them with their sewing." Most of all the Weyr's reputation, when the Candidates arrive on the Sands.. it always reflects better on the Weyr if they're not in tattered wrecks that are half-on and too short. "Amisha, can I get you some juice?"

Eyeing E'ren's robe, Kinecha immediatly thinks; 'too short'. Not a chance she was going to show off that much leg Standing on the Sands with too many people watching. Turning to Amisha she gives the girl a slight, somewhat friendly, smile as she smooths the white fabric out over her knee. "Thanks. I really just need to cut it in a.. Pattern, then I can sew it myself. But can it be a bit longer than his?" she asks, nodding toward E'ren's shortish robe.

E'ren nods to Surupa. "Well, the only real rules about how the robe looks is it should be white and otherwise unadorned. So it can be as short or long as you think is comfortable, it can have sleeves or not, whichever. You can look at mine and use that if you want. I've got a measuring tape too if you want to check to see how long you'll have to make it." He sets out the tape, some scissors, thread, needles, thimbles, and all sorts of other things. "It's pretty hot on the Sands, though. That's why I liked mine a bit shorter." And young Sefren enjoyed showing a lot of leg? Maybe.

Kezenex nods at the greenrider. Well, they're supposed to be at least. He's just getting some help...not that he, all knowing, needs it..."Um, unless you've /got/ a pattern, no..We aren't." Or maybe one of his companions suddenly produced one? No? Kez nods at Khory - it seems like a good idea to use another robe for a pattern - and follows Necha's gaze...only to have similar thoughts. Hmm. Oh, yes. He's in control..He can make it longer. He jsut has to learn...everything...first. Stare. "Uh..uh..." He's lost already. "So, what?"

Amisha smiles at Shaela and nods, saying "Yes, please," a bit surprised at a rider offering to get HER something to drink. She gets a measuring tape out of her sewing basket and walks to Kinecha. "If you stand up, I can measure you and we can work from there

Surupa looks from greenrider and then towards the other candidates carefully, a hand still clutching tightly at her material that is to be her robe sometime. So... Did anyone get that because she sure didn't, as it can be seen. She heaves a sigh, slumping her shoulders with the only comfort of her wine. Wine, wine, and more wine... And soon enough she might have to get more, since another sip and she is suddenly down to half a glass. How did that happen? Well, it /is/ Rupa, anyways. "So we simply cut a hole for the head, a hold for the arms, place it over ourselves and.... Finish? That sounds easier, actually." No sewing to go with it.

Shaela returns moments later with two glasses of juice, occasionally sipping hers, while holding Amisha's until the girl has her hands free to take it for herself. It wouldn't do to be showing someone how to sew a shite robe and then spill redfruit juice all over it.

Khory searches among his sewing things for anything that remotely resembles a measuring tape. Well, a cord will have to do. Taking the long string in one hand, he then stands, trying oddly and in vain to measure himself. Wry grin, as he turns to the crowd. "Would someone mind helping me out here?" Seems it's hard to measure oneself, you know... Rupa's idea is given an appraising look. Hey, now that sounds like it could work! And it would be modest too, especially since they're pieces of material are rather long enough... He hopes. Khory is kinda tall you know.. which means.. Well, we won't dwell on what that might mean.. Ahem.

Kinecha grabs her wineglass as she scrambles to her feet, taking another long swig as she rights herself, standing tall in the middle of the floor acting measuring dummy. Not her favorite role, but one she had to fill when she'd been fitted for her guard uniform. "I think I'd like it to reach my ankles," she notes, glancing at E'ren as he comments on the heat of the Sands. Oh yeah, she knew it was /hot/ there, but she didn't care. No one was going to see her knees. Necha vain? Not at all, but she wouldn't be caught dead in a dress and that short robe of E'ren's resemble one too much.

Kezenex shrugs at his fellow Herder. He didn't get it either. If anything, he's more lost than her. "Err....I don't think that'd work, Rupa...." Well, it would, but not without...exposing herself many many times before the day's over. And while that might be amusing, it certaintly wouldn't be the expected result. "So, uh, we meaure ourselves first?" Kez asks, still trying to get a hang on this as he goes to help Khory hold that measuring string.

Amisha quickly measures Kinecha top to bottom, and has her stretch her arms out so measure her arm lenght, in case she want long sleeves on the robe. This done, she mentally adds a few inches to the measurements, for the hem, and then kneels down to measure the fabric.

E'ren arches a brow at Surupa. "Well... if that's what you want. Though you'd probably want to sew up the sides as well. Lost dragonets have been known to peek up under people's robes and even get caught in them, so you don't want to be flapping around too much." Just the greenrider's little bit of advice. "And if you're going to make it long, make sure it's not so long you're going to trip. Are you going to wear sandals or go barefoot? Because that'll make a difference in the hem." He peeks around to see what all the various candidates are working on, or if they're still puzzling at where to begin. "You can begin by measuring yourself... on the other hand, robes are pretty forgiving. Most people wear them loose," he answers Kezenex.

The messenger-candie thanks Kez for helping him out with the measuring... Once they get his size down, Khory then returns the favour. "Ok, lets write this down before we forget," he states, doing exactly that. Watching what the other are doing, he follows... Placing the robe the exact distance on the material, Khory then marks it, and begins to cut... It's rather lopsided, but he left enough space to make sure the hems would cover up for that... Or so he hopes...

Reiko watches silently for a very long moment as wine is passed and fabric spread out... Oh, the wine has passed her by. That's distracting enough that she completely loses track of the conversation until E'ren speaks again, at which point she chuckles at the notion of dragonets crawling up /inside/ a Candidates' robe. Finally, she unrolls her own attempt and eyes it critically. Mostly unfinished, and what's done is unevenly stitched at that. Hm. She eyes E'ren appraisingly. Again. "You went barefoot," she says, remembering. "Just how hot /are/ the Sands?" She had boots on for the egg touching, of course.

Kinecha drains the rest of her wine, almost choking when the greenrider proposes that someone walk barefoot onto the Sands. "People do that? Walk barefoot?" she croaks, filling the glass once again, managing a slight smile for Amisha for measuring her cloth, then turns back to E'ren. "Why would anyone do that?" They'd burn their feet wouldn't they?

Kezenex winces at the thought of 'barefoot'. "Sandals," he responds imediatly. No way he's going to willingly go out there barefoot. "Ah," h nods at E'ren, figuring that it might not be a bad idea to take measurements anyway, just to get an idea of size. "Hey, think we could lay out the fabric and kinda../trace/ ourselves and just do it twice so we only have to sew back to front?" Any flaws in that? Probably...Herder tosses Khory's string back in his stuff and just watches, tryign ot figure out what he's goign to do.

Surupa listens towards the greenrider, almost turning red... Well, /almost/. "The dragons actually do that? That's... just not right." She doesn't want any dragon, large or small, green or blue, peeking up /her/ robe. Not at all. "I guess that I'll have to work on it more, then..." And she heaves a sigh, frowning slightly, before getting up from the ground and careful not to trip over her wine. "Who has the measuring tape, and can someone help me with that?" She questions, looking around the candidates as she clutches her material carefully, keeping it away from the ground for the time being.

E'ren chuckles at Kinecha. "Well, all of us went barefoot way-back-when. Nuff had pretty strict rules, though... maybe things have loosened up over the Turns. Truthfully, we were all so excited on the day of the Hatching, I don't think the heat bothered us too much." At least, he doesn't remember it... though it was a long time ago. "You can trace yourself if you want, I suppose," he says with a chuckle. "It might be easier to measure, though." Just Renren's thoughts.

Amisha stands back up and takes the glass of juice from Shaela, thanking her again, then takes a sip. After that, she looks at Surupa. "Want me to measure you?" She holds up the measuring tape.

Khory looks up from his spot on the floor, taking a sip of wine before continuing his cutting... After a bit, he now has two oddly shaped pieces, which, in some fashion, look a little like a robe.. Of sorts.. "Why can't we just wear light cotton shorts or something.." he ponders aloud.. Now those would be comfortable, for him, at least... And less .. ah.. breezy too. Finished with his drinking for the evening, the messenger-candie places glass aside and then gathers his pieces together. "I think I'll save the actual sewing for another day," he states, hiding a yawn behind one hand. "Don't wanna push it.. make mistakes and all that.."

Reiko gives Khory a little smirk, a wicked glint lighting emerald eyes. "Tradition doesn't mean anything to you?" Jab, the needle pierces the light fabric gathered loosely on her lap. "I'll go barefoot," she announces then, to no one in particular. Just because.

Kinecha glances at the greenrider, her face set in a horrid grimace. Everybody went barefoot back then? She couldn't quite believe that, but shakes her head, making a mental note that she'd definately would be wearing sandals. Taking yet another sip of wine, she sets the glass down on the nearby table, kneeling down to open her small case with sewing needles. "This shouldn't be so hard," she mutters to herself, giving Reiko a cold glare at her statement about 'tradition'. "Not all traditions are good ones."

"Trace myself?" Echoes Surupa calmly, her head tilting to one side before she simply shrugs it away with the thought measuring herself coming back... "Yes, that would be great," she smiles towards Amisha and bobs her head carefully, standing straight as she does so, though her eyes are glancing from her wine still on the floor to the greenrider and then back towards the young girl that is to measure her. And she better hurry, because the wine is just crying for her to return at the moment... Whine. White cloth is kept away from anyone's wine and waiting to be cut as well.

Packing it all up, Khory is now ready to leave... There are chores to be done, ya know... and plus, he still wants to take a bath... Grin. Looking up from under half lidded eyes at E'ren, the blond candidate smiles. "Thanks for the help... I'll be back, I guess.. to learn how to put it all together..." To the others, he bobs his head after slinging rucksack over his shoulder.. "I'll see you all later... Though I'm sure you'll all have your robes done by the time I start sewing mine.." A grin to Reiko and Rupa.. "Though it'd be nice if you saved a bit to do with me,.. keep me company.. and you know.. yeah.." Blushing one last time, he thinks it's high time he makes his exit.

Amisha measures Surupa the same as she did Kinecha, then once more kneels on the floor to measure and cut the fabric. She seems happy, glad to have finally found a purpose for being here. After she is done cutting the fabric, with the little extra for the hem, she looks around, "Does anyone else need to be measured?"

E'ren sighs then and looks rather satisfied, now that all the candidates are hard at work. Claiming a free chair and a glass of wine, he sits down and stretches out his legs. "Tradition's an important thing. It's the way we old folks keep you young whippersnappers from getting to soft," he jokes. "Khory... come by another time and show me what you've done on your robe, all right?" he calls, before the former-messenger can quite escape.

Kezenex shrugs at E'ren, maybe, but he thinks he might be onto something, so he's going to try something different....and pray no nosing dragons go sticking there noses in any openings. Bleh. "Yeah, trace. I mean, with a few ajustments and stuff it /should/ work." Notice the 'should', not 'will' 'should'. "Riiiight," he says with a smile and waves to Khory. /He/ still has to scrounge up fabric. "Whippersnapper?" Kez blinks, but just nods and smiles. He's still not going barefoot.

Khory turns to nod back at the rider. "Sure thing," he replies, before raising a hand to wave, and then through the entryway he dissapears, hollering near the edge for a weyrling to come and get'im. It's not long after that you hear the leathery rustle of wings, and then Khor's gone... back to chores, and his long awaited bath.

Khory goes home.

Reiko eyes Kinecha coolly. "Whatever," she says diffidently, to the comment about traditions. She's not about to argue, but E'ren's joking explanation is met with a twisted halfsmile before she turns to give Khory a quick wave. And then it's back to the sewing. Still slow and rather laborious, but she's not complaining.

Threading a needle with a long piece of white thread, Kinecha looks up at first Khory to give him a nod goodbye, then turns to E'ren, shaking her head slightly. "Well, there was a /tradition/ in my family too.." she notes, neglecting to elaborate on that statement as she holds two pieces of the cloth together, the front and back of the robe, and starts a row of neat little stitches.

Phea walks in.

Surupa smiles towards Amisha, taking her cut fabric and sitting back for her wine, sipping carefully at the glass before she will continue on the rest of her robe. Evil thing, really. Heaving a sigh she simply takes once piece of the material and looks towards the greenrider. "Alright, now what might I do with this?" And she gives Khory a side glance, waving a hand towards his departure before looking back to the others. "Tradition..." She likes this tradition or not? No, of course not. She isn't about to go out upon the sands with no protection at all.

Reiko smirks at Surupa, arching an eyebrow. "Sew it?" A child should be able to figure it out, really. She shifts a bit on the cushions as she reaches the end of her thread, biting it off and reaching to rethread the needle. Poke. Miss. Poke. Miss. A scowl twists her face and she licks the end of the thread irritably. Third try makes it, and she pulls the thread through the eye of the needle and knots one end. And starts on her seam again. Slowly.

Amisha smiles again at Surupa and takes another sip of her juice. She looks at E'ren, asking, "Is it okay if I start it for her, to show her how to best do it? I dont' know if that is allowed or not."

Kezenex waves at Khory belatedly, missing him. Oh well. Silently he wanders around, peering over folks shoulders and trying to fathom how he's going to get this done. Reiko's sewing is watched to the point where it might make a person nervous, but Kez is just trying to get the jist. He almost laughs at Rei's suggestion towards Rupa, but just knowing he's in the same boat, stops him. Ooo. The Herder leans over to watch vain attempts to get the thread through the needle's eye.

E'ren takes a sip from his wine, apparently content to just give advice rather than lend a hand. It's just as well, too... he tends to mess things up when he tries to sort out other people's problems. "When you're sewing, just try to keep your stitches small and even, and about a fingerwidth from the edge of the fabric. And take a couple stitches back for every few stitches forward. It'll make the seam stronger." He smiles and nods to Amisha. "Sure, I'm sure everyone appreciates your help."

Phea is the typical Phea, chubby and cherubic and beaming, with flowers and sweetsticks in her hands and halo'd with glee. "Wow, all the candidates are up here," she admits upon entrance, blinking around the room at each person in turn. "What're we doin'? Sewing? Ohohoh, I can sew socks!" Not very well, but hey, she likes to pretend. Really. "Oh, yah, hihihiiiii, everyone!" A little belated, no?

Surupa slumps down on the floor, poking at the material before she shakes her head calmly towards Amisha. "No, thanks. I have had 'nough help now, and should learn how to sew. I'm sure that I need if 'fore 'nother time as well, so I should know how to now." She pauses, a slow thought coming into her mind. "You think that I can sell candidate robes to candidates to make some marks? I bet that buying tack for my runners is easier than making it myself." Which would also need sewing, of course. /Sigh/. And oh look, it's Phea! "G'day, Phea," she murmurs, a finger waggle towards her as she attempts to get a needle and some thread for herself. Time to try this for the first time.

Stitch, stitch, stitch. Kinecha row of neat little stitches widens and soon one shoulder of the robe has been connected, and the guard-candie makes a little knot to tie it off, then stands to get her wine and take a sip from it. Wince. She'll never get used to the taste of wine. And then she winces again, though not from tasting wine, but from hearing the voice of over-active-hyper candie, Phea. How did she get up here?

Deep in concentration, Reiko doesn't notice at first that she's being observed. But as she completes the first couple of stitches with the new thread, she suddenly feels -eyes- on her, cursing under her breath as her needle misses its mark and jabs into her hand. She whips her head around to glare at Kezenex. "You'll get more done if you thread your own sharding needle," she snaps irritably, before popping her finger into her mouth to stop the bleeding. PerkyPhea is not just ignored, she's actually not noticed.

E'ren smiles wryly at Surupa. "I doubt you could make much money from that... there are plenty of ways candidates can get robes. Some people borrow them from riders, thinking they might be lucky. And I think there's a box of old ones in the storeroom somewhere." Just don't mind the rips and bloodstains. Yeah... there's a reason most candidates choose to make their own. He smiles warmly at Phea. "Everyone's working on their robes. Do you have one started? I think there's some extra fabric around here somewhere."

Kezenex looks up from watchign others sew and wrinkles his nose at E'ren, "But...if you take a couple stitches back for every few stitches forward that's...a lot of work!" Come on man. He's trying to lessen the work load here. On the other hand, E'ren knows what he's doing where Kez doesn't. Not that the MasterComplainer woudl admit that. "Hey, Phea." He greets before wandering over to Rupa...and more importaintly over from Reiko. Osps, "Are you offering to make other's robes?"He questions of the other Herder. And of course the way to get something done with the least work is: Get someone else to do it. Beam.

Amisha nods to Surupa and, seeing that no one else seems to need her help, she sits down again by her own sewing basket and takes out the light green fabric she's been working on herself.

Salea has arrived.

Phea's mood darkens slightly as she is informed that robes are being sewn and not socks (and probably because Reiko is present, hmph). Oh well. "Uhhh.. er, no, sir, I 'aven't started one. I really dunno how to sew.. robes. Only socks!" The healer-candidate peeks at her other white-knots, 'brows drawing in what appears to be contemplation. "Could.. someone help me? 'Cause, well, I dun' wanna mess it up or nothin'.."

Surupa is very lucky that she didn't hear anything about bloodstains, of else she would have immediately begin to rant away and shiver in fear if she heard that. But now she is simply concentrating on getting the thread through the needly, her eyes narrowing calmly and-- Beginner's luck! It's in! "Hey, that wasn't too hard..." She grins, and carefully pulls the string through before looking up towards Kezenex with narrowed eyes. "I'm not offering 'nything. And if I were, I wouldn't be making /your/ robe." Sniff. She glances a moment towards Phea and continues with the thread... "Do I have to knot it or something so it won't just go through the fabric?" In other words, 'Shoo Kez and go make your own since she is working here.'

Xaner walks in.

Salea cheerfully enters, calling out a greeting. "Heya! Heard there were some busy workers here and I thought I'd bring more supplies?" E'ren is shyly grinned at, as Salea shifts a large package from one arm to another. "If I'd be allowed to join in." Material and threads are deposited, and then Salea finds a spot near Shae, pulling out her own mending to do.

Kinecha knocks back the rest of the wine in her glass, refilling it from the bottle on the table. Might as well get drunk, when nobody's complaining about it right. Looking from the glass in her hand to her half-stitched robe on the floor, she ponders bringing the glass with her instead of having to get up everytime to have a drink. "Better not," she mutters, leaving the glass on the table as she returns to her robe. "Still need the other shoulder, the sleeves and the sides," she notes to herself, slumping as she tries to thread her needle again. Not an easy task when you're half drunk. "Salea!" she calls out hearing the brownrider's voice. "How're Fallanth's straps coming along?"

Kezenex grins at Phea, "I'd help you, but I don't really know what to do either." Although, he knows a little more than he's letting on after a little obervation. Of course, he's still open to someone else doing it. Sniff. Puppy's eyes are directed at Rupa, "Awww. Why not? I haven't ever done anythign to you.." At least not that he remember's. He's innocent of any charge! Huffing Kez thumps away and sits back down on the carpet. He's really gettign the feelign he's not appreciated much - if at all.

Reiko huffs faintly as Kez moves away from her, pulling her finger out of her mouth to examine it. With a shrug, she starts sewing again, belatedly hearing the advice about backstitching. Mostly because it was repeated. For a moment she considers starting over, then she shrugs. "It only has to stay together long enough to get through the Hatching," she reminds Kez a little sullenly, still annoyed. She rolls her shoulders, stiff from sitting crouched over her work, and glances over at Surupa-of-the-silly-questions. "What do /you/ think?" she asks sweetly. Knot it? Pull it through? Duh.

E'ren enjoys propagating myths and legends regarding candidacy and hatchings, but scaring kids senseless with tales of maulings isn't something he does. "Let's see... I think Amisha was helping people get started." That means E'ren can still lounge around and sip wine, right? Hearing Salea's voice, though, he perks up and waves from the weyr's social area. "Come in, come in. Of course you're welcome, and everything you've brought. Do you have any needles with larger eyes? I think some of the candidates are having trouble with the ones here...." Then again, he's only half-paying attention, too. "There's wine too, if you want." It's a sewing *party*, emphasis on *party*.

Grump. Grump grump. Nope, Xaner doesn't look too very pleased with all this, carying around a few sewing materials with him which are glared at every so often. Sewing is evil. Yes. Yes it is. He knows this. Doesn't everyone else? Those needles are out to get him after all. He has all he needs to make a robe..he just..doesn't know how. Poor boy can't sew. He glances around quickly. Hm...who could he..'persuade' to do this for him?

Amisha hears Phea's question, and E'ren's answer, and sets down her own sewing. "Yes, I can help you, if you want." She's starting to feel a little more confident, seeing how she, a simple resident of the weyr, is able to help them do something they can't do. She smiles at Phea and goes to her.

Salea rummages through her supplies, finding large-ish needles, "These may be what you're looking for, E'ren. My eyes sometimes get the better of me and I find these really easy to use." Passing them on, she collects a wine glass and ends up beside Kinecha, ready to show off a new strip of leather. "These are a much darker shade, Kinecha - and they're coming well, if slowly. How's your robe coming?"

"Hey, Sal," the weyrwoman greets the older rider with a shoulder-nudge before returning to her attempt at rewinding the white thread that has spun off its spool. "Always up for a sewing party, hmm?"
Shaela * whines, me, always, me with the no name ;)

"Hiiiiiiiiii, Salea! Hiiiiiiii, Xaner!" Phea quips from her corner, hunkering down with her slice of material to begin sewing. "Um, uh, first, I stick the thread.. through the needle, right, Amisha? 'Cause.. the needle won't fit through the thread." Process of elimination! "Oh, an' I'm Phea, an' it's nice to meetcha'. Thanks for helpin' me sew an' all!" E'ren is eyed. "I thought candidates weren't supposed to drink wiiine? Rupa's drinkin' it. And Kinecha. But I'm a good candidate, so I won't!" White-knot merrily begins to poke the eye of the needle with her string of thread, to no avail, almost jabbing herself with the needle in the process. Eep.

Wine. Ah yes. Reiko knew there was something she was forgetting. Emerald gaze lifts from her work to the bottle on the table, then over to E'ren, who's obviously enjoying all of this watching-other-people-work-and-drinking. Well, who wouldn't? Setting her half-finished project aside, she hauls herself up off the floor and makes her way over to the table to fill a glass. Oh, much better. She almost doesn't mind Phea and her yodeled greetings. Almost. Draining the first glass, she fills it again, only then returning to her seat among the cushions. Ah. "This should improve my sewing," she murmurs. Or at least make her not care if it's less than perfect. Hey, it made the mending go easier. Or something.

Kezenex semi-ignores Reiko. Meaning he listens and remembers what she just said, but doesn't /look/ like he's paying attention. He was just /looking/. Humph. Seems to make people annoyed with him for some reason, though...Oh no. He rolls his eyes at Phea the 'good candidate'. Bah. Crossing his arms, he...stares at the ceiling since no one wants him staring at them. Maybe the ceilign will get annoyed and fall on him?

*hic* A not-so-polite sound escapes Necha's throat as she turns to the brownrider, giving her a large smile as she makes a point of inspecting the strip of leather. "Looking good," she says, nodding as a glance goes to Salea's glass. "Careful with that. Don't want it spilled over my robe... I'm almost done with stitching the shoulders together," she continues, holding it up to show off. Nice piece of work for someones who's already half drunk, doncha think. "Then I'll have to stitch the sides, and sleeves. And sew the sleeves onto the robe.." Still a lot of work to be done. *sigh*

Hm. Scooot. Xaner grins suddenly with a wave at Phea, before scuttling over to Rupa with big, huge, cute, puppy-like blue eyes. Look at him. He's a lost puppy. He's sad-looking. He's pitiful. Help him? "Suruuupa? Can you sew?" Look! Watery cute eyes! Is this a face that can be turned down? Oh yeah, he's got the cute thing down.

Amisha smiles and says, "It's nice to meet you, Phea. Have you measured yourself and the fabric yet?" She pulls her tape measure out of her pocket, where she stuck it earlier after finishing the other measurements.

Surupa is silent, can't you tell? She is simply sipping at the wine, tying a knot in the thread... And it /wasn't/ a stupid question anyways. But she won't comment on it because she is trying to sew up her robe at last. And finally, drowning down the last of her glass, she simply looks up from her work and quirks a 'brow at Xaner. "Not really..." And you can tell, because she hasn't even done anything with her robe just yet. "Is there a ride to get down now? Think I should get going."

E'ren casts a wink at Reiko, watching the girl's progress with the wine. "Just don't spill it on your robe. It'll stain." He doesn't mind corrupting candidates, not at all. Someone corrupted him once-upon-a-time, right?" And though he doesn't exactly want the candidates to end up on the Sands in little more than ponchos, he does find their creative sewing techniques rather interesting. He nods to Surupa. "There should be some of the older weyrlings on duty in the Bowl. Just hail one of them and they'll take you down."

Xaner whimpers. Poo. He flops into a sitting position with his materials. Oh well..time to stab himself with the needle again trying to figure out how to work the whole thing. He'll take scrubbing dragon teeth any day over this. Yes. Mmhm. "Can't I just cut a hole in a bedsheet and wear it over my head?"

Salea is content just to sit and listen to the chatter throughout the room - and take advantage of a good glass of wine. "When I was a candidate" she says in her best imitation of an old aunt, "There was one young lad from...lets see...must have been a cothold, for he wasn't too sure how to finish the seams in his gown, and too proud to ask for help. Got right up on the sands and -poof- his gown starting coming out at the seams. You can imagine what came next..."

Reiko eyes Kinecha over the rim of her glass, surprised enough to forget she'd rather not speak to the guard-turned-candie. "Sleeves? In that heat?" Her own may be completely shapeless, but at least she'll be cooler. Besides, it will take less time to sew. E'ren's comment is met with a coolly appraising gaze and a twisted smirk. "Are you implying I can't hold my liquor?" she purrs. Not as if the robe isn't safely behind her anyway. And as if she'd waste perfectly good wine.

Phea blinks at Amisha, addled, before recovering some semblance of her wits. "Oh. Yeah. Um, nope, I 'aven't, but I guess I should've. M'bad, m'bad." Xaner is giggled at, with a playful swat of her hand. "You silly boy! That would be kinda cute, though.. Why do we have to wear robes anyways? And why do they have to be white? Can't they be," so predictable, "Orange? Orange is soooo much better than white." Candidate listens to Salea's story, and is reduced to giggling again. "Did the lad Impress?" Hey, who knows, it could have been a turn-on? Rupa is given a wave. "Bub-bye, Rupa!"

"I can get you a ride?" Shaela offers the Candidate, already getting to her feet. "I'd probably be best to get back to my daughter, anyway. Make sure she gets tucked in all right." You never know with that L'shil -- he's likely to tell her scary stories, or something awful.

Surupa drags her pieces of fabric, flinging them over her shoulder as she bobs her head carefully towards the rider. She drowns down the last of her wine, setting her glass to one side before giving a rather formal bow. "Thank you for all your help. I appreciate it." Polite Rupa, of course, simply says and begins to move back towards the ledge with a sad little farewell to the candidates. She leaves... Aw.. "G'bye, I'll see you all 'round." But before she turns around, she flips a look towards Shaela with a warm smile. "That'd be nice?" Ooh, a ride from a gold? And has anyone noticed that she has taken most of the white thread and needle with her? Who knows. "I'd appreciate that..."

E'ren gives Xaner a wry grin. Apparently he missed earlier parts of the conversation, too. "Dragonets tend to be very clumsy... and curious. If you wear something too loose, you're practically inviting one to nose up under your robe or get tangled in it." Not that that couldn't happen anyway, of course. Dodging is pretty important out on the sands too.

Shaela tosses a wave to the others present -- "Thanks for the juice and all, E'ren" -- before heading out to the ledge.

Shaela goes out.

Surupa goes out.

Salea nods to Phea, her own hands still for the moment as memories flood back. "Yes...lets see...became S'ew and Poorleth. Good sweep riders, and partnered with the headwoman at the time."

Xaner thinks about this a moment, then snickers to himself. Dragon nose up under his robe would find some..stuff. And that's not stuff to be played with. Wait a second..Eep! Ok! No bedsheet robe for /this/ neon candie! Nope! He just stares at E'ren a moment before furiously working at trying to sew. Sewing is good! is! Somehow..

Kinecha rolls her eyes at all these people whining about having to sew, then makes the last stitch on the shoulder seem, knotting the thread and biting it over. Giving Reiko an icy stare as she stands, she shrugs, getting up to retrieve her wine from the table, then looks back down at the other woman. "Short ones.. Amisha cut them for me," she says, downing another swig of wine. So maybe she didn't know how to drink wine, but she /did/ know how to get drunk, and it had been far too long since that had happened last. Too busy with wine and staring at Reiko, the guard-candie doesn't notice that people are leaving.

Gulp. Kez snakes a glance at Salea and makes a mental note that maybe going back on stiches isn't such a bad idea...."Ugh, not /orange/ again." Kez is really coming te hate that color. Rupa gets the barest wave before Kez turns his attention..elsewhere. Kinecha is eyed again. Wasn't there a rule about not getting drunk?

Amisha she stands and, encouraging Phea to stand, she quickly takes the necessary measurements. This done, she, as before, kneels down by Phea's fabric and measures and cuts it, with the little extra to allow for the hem of the robe. "There, Phea... let me thread the needle for you, as well." Takes the needle and deftly threads it, so glad she got it on the first try, unlike earlier in the caverns when she had to try three times to get the thread in the needle. She holds the needle out to Phea, if she wants to take it and do the sewing herself.

With a startled "Oh!", Salea begins to gather up her leather and rolls it tightly. "Sweeps soon and I'll be late if I don't get a move on. Thanks E'ren" she says over the conversation. "Its always a pleasure to visit such a nice weyr." With a couple hushed goodbyes, Salea slips out.

Salea goes out.

Phea simply beams, clapping pleasantly for Amisha. "Oh, yay, thank you! I'm not very good at this.. robe-sewing, just sock-sewing, an' they're kinda-sorta-very different or something." Candidate peers at the offered needle, pondering, before speaking carefully, "Couldja start it for me, an' kinda show me what to do? Oh, byyeeee, Salea!"

Her own glass empty again, Reiko stands as well. So maybe she can't sew and drink at the same time. The eggs aren't hard yet, after all. There's time. She thinks. So it's back to the wine table, where Kinecha happens to still be standing. Emerald gaze flickers over the guard-candie with just a hint of disdain as she reaches for the bottle and refills her glass, then pointedly turns her back to return to her seat. Settling comfortably in among the cushions, still ignoring her chore, she savors the wine, her eyes closing in pleasure... the better to shut out things (or people) she'd rather not see.

E'ren pours himself another glass of wine before leaning back into his chair again. It's so nice to see a bunch of candidates working so industriously and not getting into trouble, right? "See you later, Salea," he calls, waving, perhaps a bit belatedly. He spots Reiko relaxing and smiles a bit wryly. "Did P'rru ever manage to get back his riding straps after the other evening?"

Xaner goes home.

Kinecha's eyes follow Reiko's trek across the floor and back again, then she turns to Kez as if having felt his eyes on her. "I'm getting my work done," she says, pointedly swallowing another sip before returning to her robe, spread out on the floor by her feet. "Now, what to do next," she mutters as she sits, trying to decide if she should do the sides or sleeves first. Sides. Sleeves were optional as Reiko so nicely had pointed out.

Kezenex intends on doing this sewing stuff later. Far away, in a little hole, in the dark. Well, maybe not in the /dark/ - he's going to get enoguh holes in his fingers as is - but in a sutably hard-to-find and drab place. So no one can see him mess so wonderfully they hate him for beign so good. In the mean time, he sits and looks innocent giving Necha the wide-eyed innocent look when she glances his way. He's relly gettign the feelign these people don't like ot be looked at...

Amisha smiles and nods, picking up the fabric. She sews the first six inches of the robe's shoulder, going slowly so that Phea can see how she is doing it. "Like this... you can go as slowly as you need to get the line as straight as possible. But don't worry if it goes a little off one way or the other. Just try to work it back to the correct line and keep going." She smiles at Phea as she explains and demonstrates.

Reiko opens one eye to regard E'ren, a lazy smile twisting her lips. "He did," she replies, without elaborating, but the sparkle in that one opened eye can only be described as wicked. She lifts the glass again for another long sip, savoring it all the more because it's forbidden - nevermind that she hasn't exactly been strict in adhering to that rule. It's the thought that counts.

E'ren flickers a smile at Kezenex. "Tired of working on your robe? You can have some wine, if you want." Certainly it will be fine if the candidates are all supervised when they drink, right? The truth is, no one told E'ren he couldn't give the candidates wine, and even if they did, he likely wouldn't listen. He chuckles at Reiko and grins. "That's a shame... I thought later I should've brought the straps up here so he'd have to come fetch them." Anything to lure the brownrider into his weyr, right?

Phea inspects the movement of Amisha's needle intently, storing the process away for later reference. "Oh, that's not so hard! Sort of like sock-sewing!" Well, duh. Eyebrows knit in concentration as she imagines what the robe would look like, with a crooked stitch. "Aw, I think if it were not-straight it would kinda look neat! Don't you think?"

So, getting to work on the rest of her robe, Necha first needs to thread the needle. Squinting, she holds both up in front of her face, close enough to her eyes to be able to see the hole in the needle. She'd been able to do this without any trouble before, so why wouldn't the thread go in now? "Shards!" she exclaims, giving up the whole thing, putting the needle and thread back in their box, crumbling up the white fabric and then returning to her wine. "Cheers," she calls out, raising her glass.

Kezenex worked /so/ hard on his robe. Yeah. Sure. Watching people is very hard work. He must've been doing something, 'cause everyone seems to know when he was watching them. Alright, he'll indulge himself a little...The Herder slowly gets up, glancing around like he's just gonna get caught, and then takes a glass for himself and poors a little wine. Just a little. "Oh, yes, cheers...," he says, mimicing Necha.

Amisha looks like the is thinking about it. "Well, maybe in some types of sewing, but I don't think it would look good on the seems." She shrugs. "But, however you want to do it." She hands the needle and fabric to Phea, but stays to watch and be there in case she needs any help or asks any questions.

Reiko drains her glass again and sets it aside for the moment. Three glasses is just enough to make her begin to relax a little, no sense pushing it. She's still got sewing to do. And then there's the getting back to the barracks bit. Must do that. Eventually. Sighing faintly, she picks up her work again, gathering the folds in the front with one long running stitch and beginning the first shoulder seam. Hm. Maybe the wine really /is/ improving her sewing? A little smile lights her face before she looks up at E'ren again. "Hm? Oh... yes," she says, amusement coloring her voice. "Pity, that. I'm sure P'rru would have enjoyed a visit." Yeah, right.

Tall now, the once average lad falls short of towering over people, but stands a few inches above the normal height none the less. Kez is still quite thin, his lanky-ness hasn't quite disappeared and it doesn't look to ever completely go away, either. An awkward lad, he's begun to fill in, growing stronger and bigger every day despite his tendancy to be long and bony. Long, dark red hair, messy from being rarely brushed, is tied up in small, multiple braids around Kez's head falling down almost ot his chin. His long, lightly freckled nose almost seems to fit in his face now, and the baby fat left over in his cheeks from his childhood has gone away, leaving him looking older than he acts. Dark green eyes full of mischief peer out from under curving brows, always wary of the firelizard. His dusky tan skin is marred most obviously in one spot by a long, thin white scar running down his upper left arm.
Kez is wearing a plain, drawstring shirt. A tanish color, the monochromatic shirt hangs loosely on Kez's skinny frame. It's obviously meant to be tucked into pants, as it hangs down past his waist, but rarely is. Flowing down his legs is a baggy, wherhide pair of deep mahogany pants. A belt of worn and well-used black wherhide that is twisted tight around a loop holds them up. His sturdy, calf-high boots look like they are made of the same stuff as his belt and while they look better taken care of, they've almost always got some dirt in them.
Kezenex wears the plain white knot of a HRW Candidate.
He is awake and looks alert.
Kezenex is 19 Turns old.

E'ren chuckles at Kezenex, not much minding that the candidate would rather drink than work on his robe. It does take a bit of motivation to work on something like that. "Enjoying Candidacy, are you?" he asks the red-haired lad. "You aren't worn out from doing too many chores, are you?" He smiles at Reiko. "Well, I'm sure I can coax P'rru to visit for some reason or other." E'ren can be crafty when he wants to be.

Phea goes home.

Amisha stands after Phea leaves and looks around to see if anyone else needs her help.

Kinecha leans against the table, being comfortable near the wine that way. Didn't even taste as bad now she was sufficiently drunk. What was this about P'rru? Her favorite brownrider in the whole weyr. "Why should P'rru come here?" she asks, pinning the greenrider with a long gaze from over the rim of her wineglass. Protecter of Purr at work here.

Reiko chuckles now, low in her throat, looking up from her work with glittering eyes. "Go on, E'ren," she drawls. "Tell her about the other night." This is just too sweet. Good wine, and she gets to see Kinecha annoyed - and /not/ at her for a change. Still the needle doesn't stop, neat little stitches closing up the shoulder seam.

Kezenex is a regular drunkard. Well...not really - or actually at all. Settlign down again he begins to sip his wine and grins, a little of that Kez-Pep restored. Yup. It takes motivation..Something Kez lacks when it comes to some - if not all - kinds of work. "Oh, yeah...I have fun. You know, whenever I'm /not/ doing chores. And once and awhile, when I am." But that usualy has more to to with the trouble caused than the actual chore. P'rru? He knows that name. He is weyr. Kez blink, looking at E'ren for answers.

Amisha seeing no others needing her assistance, she sits again in her chair and sips her now warm juice, then starts her own sewing again as she listens to the others talk.

E'ren doesn't get pinned with candidate gazes. Nope, sorry. Idly, he spins the stem of his wineglass between his thumb and fingers, watching the movement of the red liquid. "Why shouldn't P'rru come here? Do you have some kind of problem with me having visitors?" he asks, giving Kinecha half a glance and an arched brow. He chuckles at Reiko and shakes his head. "Nothing very serious happened the other night. P'rru and I do enjoy talking, too... we aren't just about tying each other up with leather straps." So to speak.

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Miri rubs her eyes and yawns, finally waking up.

Amisha blinks when she hears E'ren, and looks up at him, staring, really, in surprise.

Kinecha blinks slowly as E'ren drops his final remark. Tying each other up? The greenrider had been tying up her bestest brownrider friend? Ohh, she knew what greenriders was all about, and particularly E'ren greenrider. Electing not to retort she turns slightly, refilling the wineglass in her hand, as a glance goes to Reiko. Obviously /she/ knew something.

Miri leaves for the Curtain.

Reiko smiles a little, one slow nod of her head given to E'ren in acknowledgment if not actual agreement, and turns her attention on her sewing, oblivious to any odd glances shot her way. Now that she's sewing, she's sharding well gonna sew.

Kezenex raises an eyebrow, taking another sip from his glass. Leather straps? Maybe he doesn't want to know. Although, who can't be a little curious? Carefully, Kez pushes some braids from his face, and looks around the room, trying not to attract attention to him by looking at anyone in particular. Still..Leather straps? Tieing up? Weyrs...

Bramble wrinkles into ::between::, tarnished black disappearing from sight.

Warrior winks into ::between:: in a flash of tarnished bronze.

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Okay, so it wasn't exactly *tying* as much as *tangling*, and most of that was E'ren's fault... unless one blames P'rru for asking him to help. For his part, E'ren just seems unaware of all the stares and dropped jaws... he's just enjoying his wine, right? "P'rru's a nice fellow. Very handsome, too, don't you think? I hope his Dsalth is around the next time Xeth rises." Greenriders always have things like that to look forward to.

Face set in stone, Kinecha returns her stare to E'ren. "Nice, yes," she mutters, downing more wine. But she'd never considered him handsome. At least not handsome handsome. As in, they way others might look at him. The brownrider and the guard had never had any sort of relationship other than being friends. At greenrider's last remark, she get coughs, having never throught P'rru's fancies went that way. Maybe Dsalth would be around, but did Purr have to?

Reiko looks up again from her work with a thoughtful expression. "I suppose he's handsome," she offers. Since she hadn't been watching, she has no idea whether the question was directed to her, but since it hadn't been answered, she might as well offer an opinion. The twisted halfsmile returns at the notion of Xeth rising and Dsalth chasing. Innteresting.

Kezenex would probably consider P'rru a little not nice...or too trusting. After all, the brownrider left paint and candidates in his weyr alone. At the same /time/, no less. Foolish morta-Rider. "Oh, yeah. He's pretty nice," Kez comments leaving out the part about 'too trusting' and filling up his glass again. No need to bring up P'rru's weyr...In the meantime the Herder just kinda nods at E'ren.

E'ren hasn't exactly attracted P'rru's fancies yet, though that intense blush he got the other night was definately a good sign, in E'ren's book. "Well, one never knows what the future will bring," he says simply, not overly anxious to say too much about the brownrider in his absence. So, it's time for a subject change. "You all have been at the Weyr a while now... which riders do you fancy?" he asks, the look in his eyes turning definately mischevious. "Don't worry, everything spoken here will be in the strictest confidence."

Amisha starts to yawn, and covers her mouth to hide it. She blinks her eyes a few times, then continues sewing

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Kinecha has been here longer than a while, which the greenrider really ought to know. "Which rider?" Now why had she never considered which rider she fancied? Well, maybe because they seemed unobtainable goals for her when she was a guard? Of course, there were some she liked more than other, but fancy? "Dunno, really," she mutters, glancing at Reiko for just a moment, then down at the wine left in her glass. Which quickly disappears into her mouth and down her throat.

Reiko gazes evenly at E'ren, eyes narrowing thoughtfully as the needle stops its motion completely. "I don't know that I'd say fancy," she says lightly, reluctant to commit herself. "And there are many riders I know... but not well." Very true. But a sparkle lights her eye as she offers an answer of sorts. "Hyzen can be quite charming."

Kezenex takes a sip, downing half his glass, and give E'ren a look like 'huh?' and blinks. "Fancy?" Loft Boy pauses a moment to give this some serious thought, but it doesnt' take him very long to coem up with an answer, "Well, no one I guess...I really haven't met that many." And that's just the truth. Besides, it's hard to 'fancy' someone who cowls at you and assigns you chores for more tiem than you have in a day. "I know who Loren fancies? Or more than that? But I'm guessing that's common knowledge, so..." He shrugs and sips his wine some more.

E'ren winks at Kinecha, taking note of her hesitation. "Haven't you been spending more time with riders now than you used to?" he points out. He didn't necessarily think they'd be 'unattainable' for her before. To Reiko, he nods. "Hyzen's cute enough, I suppose. For a girl." That's just for E'ren's own benefit, rather than Reiko's, obviously. He shakes his head at Kezenex. "Nah, I was just wondering about you all. Gossip's best when you get it straight from the source." Didn't he just say everything was in confidence? Oh well.

Gossipy E'ren really did want to know who everybody fancied, eh? "Well, maybe there are a couple," Kinecha says, shrugging as she fills her glass again. How many glasses was that? She's lost count. "Not that I'd tell you," she continues, looking at greenrider over the rim of her glass again. At least not when certain other people were present.

Reiko could actually care less about other people's opinions, or whether she's the subject of idle gossip. Biting off the thread at the neck, she knots it off and begins on the second shoulder seam, taking a moment to smirk at Kezenex. "Yes, dear, that would be common knowledge." Now that she's looking in his direction, she takes a moment to look him up and down, appraisingly. Hm. Not half bad. Now back to sewing.

E'ren laughs then, winking at Kinecha, looking more charming than trustworthy, perhaps. "C'mon, you can tell me. And these guys... these are your fellow candidates, so of course you could trust them." Then he gets an idea. "I'll give you a kiss if you tell. Or Reiko will give you a kiss, whichever." He's pretty free with the promises tonight, isn't he? Thank goodness there's plenty of wine.

Kezenex raises an eyebrow again, but just a little. Gossip? Oh no...He's not giving anyone something to gossip about him. There's probably enough out there already, considering the weyr seems to live of gossip. For now, Kez jusr kind sips his wien and nods and smiles at everyone. Glancing at Reiko he nods, "Ayup. I thought so." He saw that once over. Althoguh, considering she was snapping at him earlier he's a bit surprise. But you don't have to like to loo, hmm? The Herder grins at Kinecha. He's innocent. He swears by his MasterComplainer-ness.

Kinecha chokes on the wine in her mouth, bending over as she launcing into a coughing spell. Not so much the comment on greenrider giving her a kiss, but having Reiko give her one. Now wouldn't /that/ be something? "And just how're you going to get /her/ to kiss me?" she croaks, motioning to the other woman. Not very likely that that would happen ever again. "No, you'll just have to find another incentive, E'ren..."

Reiko's head snaps up from her work, emerald eyes flashing. "I most certainly will /not/," she retorts sharply. "And I for one don't care /who/ she likes." Or doesn't like. The slow smirk returns. "Kiss her yourself, if she doesn't slap you." She's forgotten about Kezenex again already, just as quickly as she'd forgotten he annoyed her. Blame the wine if you like, it's standard procedure for this one.

E'ren really doesn't know too much gossip about the candidates, except perhaps Khory.. and that's only because he knows he's the reason for the gossip surrounding the former messenger. The reaction to his suggestion about kissing makes him bite his lip to keep from laughing. "Okay okay... how about Kezenex? He looks like a good kisser. What, do candidates not like kissing each other anymore? Back in my day, that was a pretty common passtime." Well, not strictly for everyone, but it was for some people.

Kezenex raises /both/ this eyebrows this time as Necha suddenly flies into a spasm of coughs, but mirth twinkles in his eyes as he watches the two girls and their reactions. He hides a smile - or is it a smirk - behind his glass. Kez doesn't mind being forgotton right now...It's more fun jsut to watch sometimes. Snicker. Blink. Well it's Kez's turn to sputter a bit now, although he's not choking. "Um...," he opens his mouth to say something, but then decides against it and just fills his open mouth with wine.

Kinecha's get wider still, if at all possible as she glares at greenrider. Kiss Kez?! Was E'ren out of his mind? "Not a chance, E'ren," she notes, swallowing another swig of wine. Had enough yet? Well, not enough to go ahead and kiss a /man/ that's for sure. "That sorta tactics won't work.."

Reiko glances up again. Strike two. Maybe E'ren will figure out Kinecha this time? It's not as if the guard is terribly complicated. Cough. Her smirk spreads slowly to a twisted smile as she lays her work down on the pillows beside her. "I'll kiss him," she announces, a wicked gleam lighting emerald gaze as she looks him over again. "Unless you'd rather not?" Oh, how much wine has everyone had tonight?

E'ren tsks softly, shaking his head. "Sorry Kez, I tried. I know you wanted to with her, but... well, I did my best." It was all in that 'um', right? "Okay, what sorts of tactics do you prefer, then, Kinecha dear? Games with leather straps?" He grins and casts a wink in Reiko's direction. Her suggestion leads to him arching a brow, however. "I think everyone should have the experience of kissing lots of people. It's fun, and good practice." So to speak.

Kezenex is both relived and insulted. Hey, he's cute. Even if he is annoying to some people. Kez certaintly hasn't had enough, and he proves this by filling up his glass again. Oy. "Huh?" The Herder just kinda..looks at Reiko over his glass and gives her a sort of lop-sided grin. How much as he had? Three...four glasses? That's not a ...giggle...lot of a guy who almsot never drinks...Hee. "Uh, right E'ren. Whatever you say...," he's not admitting ot anything. He's just going ot quietly drink his wine.

Kinecha stares from E'ren to Kez, then back again, her face deadly serious by now. "Face it, E'ren... Short of having your dragon picking the name out of my brain, you're not getting an answer," she says, tilting her head forward to look at greenrider through hooded lids. Oh, wait. Did she just give the rider an idea on how to extract the answer? 'Stay out, Xeth!' she thinks, not knowing if the dragon will pick up on it or not, but it's worth a shot, right?

Reiko pushes herself up off the cushions again, pausing to retrieve her glass, and steps over to the table for a refill. Kezenex is eyed again as he... giggles? Aw, how cute. She rolls her eyes expressively as Kinecha doggedly refuses to answer. "As if it's important," she says lightly - the barest of jabs, delicately delivered, almost imperceptible. She crosses the weyr again, but not to return to her seat. Stepping closer to Kez instead, she arches an eyebrow inquiringly. He didn't really answer, after all, did he?

E'ren's lips twist into a humorless grin at Kezenex's reaction. "If you want a girl... or a boy, for that matter... the best thing you can do is tell them. Just look that person in the eye and say 'I want to kiss you.'" A little smile plays at his lips, and he leans in towards the young man, his grey eyes dark and intense. "'I want to kiss you.'" A pause. "See?" Poor Kinecha, Renren's attention seems to have slipped. On the other hand, that probably means that Xeth won't be doing any brain-picking any time soon. Maybe poor Reiko too, if E'ren's causing any distraction.

Kinecha pins Reiko with a long stare, eyes following the woman as she comes and goes to the table. "Not important, eh? Well, I don't s'pose it is from your perspective," she says, voice icy as she speaks. Jab back, though Reiko probably didn't care about such things, the guard-candie couldn't just let it slide. "I mean, you don't care /who/ you're with, do you?"

Kezenex grins, giggling into his wine glass. Ooo. Can dragons really just pull answers from one's mind like that? That could be useful. Maybe it'd be worth putting up with one...Maybe. Wine gone right to his head, Kez just kina..grins at everyone, tryign to nod seriously to E'ren, "Well, yes. Derect would most likely be the best apporach," the Herder holds his serious hace for about two seconds before that big ol' grin pops onto his face as he winks at Reiko.

"As long as it isn't you," Reiko drawls, with a faint smirk in Kinecha's direction. She seems to find E'ren's instructions amusing... if interesting, but as she notices Kez's wink, the smirk spreads to a twisted smile. "Is that your idea of direct?" she teases lightly, lifting her glass for another long sip.

E'ren just shrugs then, figuring something is going on between the candidates they'll have to work out for themselves. Although this is utterly amusing, he shouldn't push them too hard. "I suppose you don't have to kiss Reiko if you don't want to. Though I think she's really quite pretty and kissable." And she looks charming tangled up in leather.

Kinecha stares. Just stares at Reiko, standing there, wineglass in hand, muted by the words uttered by the other woman. Well. It's not as if she didn't know how Reiko felt about her, now was it? Draining the wine, she fills the glass again starting her umpteenth glass of a liquid she didn't even like.

Kezenex ppbbbts. "Of course not, E'ren was direct. No room for misinterpretign that, right." He nods in E'ren's direction, "Of course, some people like mind games and things, but it you jsut want results...," Kez trails off, shrugging. Wine-induced grin still on his face. And then the Herder spills a little more wine into his mouth. He knows nothign abotu tied up in leathers, but he's have to with E'ren for the rest..

Reiko arches an eyebrow, turning her head to regard E'ren appraisingly. "And I thought you'd rather kiss Kez," she teases. Perhaps he would. But she's flattered nonetheless. No room for misinterpreting at all. Emerald gaze slides back to the Herder with a lazy smile. "I don't care for mind games," she says, fixing calm eyes on his. "I want to kiss you." Someone has /definitely/ had enough wine.

E'ren gets up and goes to Kinecha, slipping an arm around her to distract her before he reaches for her recently-poured glass in an attempt to gently extract it from her hand. "I think you've had enough, dearheart. You can't go back to the candidate barracks smelling like a winery." He's often a bit dense when it comes to tension between people, but at the very least he knows when someone's had a bit too much to drink.

Kezenex is just *hic* kissable? Mrow. HE hugs his wineglass to him, taking the occasional sip - what glass is this? - with a small giggle. I know some else who had /way/ too much wine. Grinning rougishly, Kez leans towards Reiko, tryign not to giggle. "That's /fine/ with me," he responds smoothly, except for the giggle that escapes as he speaks.

"Hah" Kinecha tosses a stare at Reiko. No mind games, eh. The other woman is quickly forgotten though as E'ren's arm comes around her, and her wine disappears. Dearheart? Winery? "I'm not drunk," she grumbles, grasping his wrist with her hand, wrenching herself free of his arm. "And /don't/ do that again," she says cooly looking into his eyes. "Unless you'd liked to be decked, that is." So maybe she is a little drunk. She wouldn't usually have made a threat like that to a rider, had she been sober.

Reiko takes a step closer to Kezenex, stretching up and lifting her chin to bring her lips even with his, and kisses him quite thoroughly before stepping back again. "There," she murmurs. "That wasn't so bad, now, was it?" She gives the Herder a wink and goes back to the table for another refill. She hasn't had nearly as much as the others. She started later.

E'ren manages to escape with Kinecha's glass of wine, though he gives her a charming smile as he backs away, complying. "You can deck me in the morning if you like." Does that mean he'll try slipping his arm around her again? Well, you never know, with Renren. He gently clears his throat, looking back towards Kez and Reiko. "I think it's about time you all got back to the barracks before someone starts to miss you. Though it was nice to have you all come visit." It's been a lovely party, hasn't it?

Kinecha's slide across the room to Reiko and Kez, "didn't I just know it," she mutters, bending to gather her half-finished robe up in her arms. "Well, I for one think this party was over a while ago, anyway.." She gives Reiko another cold stare, then strides toward the ledge to get a rider back down to the Bowl.

Kezenex returns the kiss, and leans back almost looking sober. And then he giggles, spoilign the effect. "No, not at all," he murmurs, smiling slyly. Hmm? Oh, downing his glass, the Herder stands up, wobbles, and regains he footing. "Oh yes, lovely. Shoudl come back some time..Got lots of work done..." Kez wobbles towards the door. "Nice meeting you, E'ren," Loft Boy says before almost tripping over some fabric. Hmm, I may need this. So he scoops it up, fallign on his face and havign to lift himself back up before waddlign out...

Kezenex goes home.

Reiko stops, her hand still on the bottle, her empty glass sitting on the table in front of her. Ah, well. It was nice while it lasted. Now for the reality of the barracks. Sigh. Leaving bottle and glass where they sit, she slips over to the stack of cushions and retrieves her own robe, gathering it under her arm. Then she heads for the ledge, passing quite near E'ren on her way out to murmur a quick thanks.

Kinecha goes out.