Egg Touching

Heat rises -- ripples -- wavers in a stifling curtain that envelops dragons and eggs while smothering riders and visitors. The black sands have been raked into ruts and dips, an alien, uneven surface for anyone trying to walk across them. Some say tension seers the heat: residue of hope, fear, relief, sadness, pain and ultimate joy staining high grey walls and lurking about the many viewing ledges that speckle the walls. Ancient murals of dragonlore fade across the walls near gallery and entrances.
Tucked watchful and warm onto a ledge are Buxom, Nina, and Lihai-Rose.
Gold Cadgwith and bronze Orbyth are here.
You see Cadgwith's Clutch here.
You notice Zi'n asleep here.
Pyrene, Khory, Hiliza, Hyzen, Surupa, Loren, and Phea are here.

Pyrene spots Reiko entering, and waves the newly-knotted candidate in. "You're late.. Go ahead.. feel them, walk among them.... get used to them, et cetera, et cetera."

Hyzen looks away from the candidates and eggs to smile warmly at Reiko, a wave in greeting sent. Pyrene's got it all covered, so greenrider just watches silently, making sure all goes well.

Phea sniffs at the egg before her, sympathetic; poor dear, not able to escape. "Aw, Py -- er, Pyrene, this 'un is saaaad. Why is it sad?" Not that the weyrwoman will necessarily know, but afterall, her dragon did produce the clutch and all. Candidate pauses briefly in her egg-feeling to wiggle her fingers in Reiko's direction. "Hihihiiiiiiiii! -- oh, pretty egg!" White-knot spots Silvered Russian Egg and journeys in that direction, hand extending to rest precariously on its shell. Maybe not as cute, but certainly pretty.

"Maybe it thinks it's going to be blue," Pyrene quips back to Phea.

Emerald eyes widen as Reiko approaches the eggs - the only outward sign of any awe she might be feeling. That and the fact that it's taking her forever to cross the sands. "Sorry," she murmurs as she finally reaches the group of candidates. Hyzen gets a quick nod and a twisted smirk. What /is/ Reiko doing here? Oh. Right.

Cadgwith's Clutch
Something old, something new.... This collection of eggs marks a revolution in visitor attractions by taking the best of museum and historical centre traditions to create a state of the art clutch celebrating the past and the future of our eclectic civilisation. But, unless you have a VIP ticket, this interactive experience is hands-off! Beware crossing the boundary line of the Sands, for the security guards here are big, shiny and sharp of tooth.

1 - Petrified Forest Egg
2 - Dark Broken Mirror Egg
3 - Shattered Mosaic Egg
4 - Antique Landscape Oil Painting Egg
5 - That Faded Picture of an Egg
6 - Liquid Crystal Display Egg
7 - Grandmother's Quilt Egg
8 - Pret-a-Porter Tomorrow's Fashion Egg
9 - 19th Century Persian Rug Egg
10 - Stop Motion Photography Egg
11 - Labyrinth Egg
12 - Science Fiction Double Feature Egg
13 - Twenties Porcelain Dancing Lady Egg
14 - Hiphop Lifestyle Egg
15 - Electrifying Camo Harp Egg
16 - Remote-Controlled Everything Egg
17 - Cherished Spinning Top Egg
18 - Rusty Bike Egg
19 - Sleek Red Convertible Sports Car Egg
20 - International Space Station Egg
21 - Montgolfier First Flight Balloon Egg
22 - Latest in Cell Phone Technology Egg
23 - Crumbling Papyrus Egg
24 - Wild and Wicked Internet Egg
25 - Microsoft Windows Egg
26 - Byte After Byte Egg
27 - Mouldy Old Celtic Copper Ring Egg
28 - Heirloom Bronzed Jade Brooch
29 - Silvered Russian Egg
30 - Ancient Egyptian Cloisonne-Work Egg
31 - Enamelled Blue Faberge Egg
32 - Nuclear War Egg
33 - Wurzburg's Romanesque Cathedral Egg
34 - A Starbuck's on Every Corner Egg
35 - The Boob-Tube Egg
36 - Antiques Roadshow Egg

Hiliza purses her lips, stroking the surface of the egg for a long moment after she gets the feeling from it, "How sad," she comments, shuffling toward something that is doubtless brighter, though perhaps not in color. Her mouth drawn in a straight line from the last touching, she carefully inspects Antiques Roadshow Egg. Appraised it is, and Hiliza gingerly touches the surface of the egg, hands roaming as if to inspect it for anything that could make it seem less vaulable than the others to her. Of course, she won't find it, but at least she's learning about the egg, mm? "A very busy egg, you are..." Hiliza's talking to the eggs. Well, they sort of talk back, so... at least that's half-way normal-ish?

"Ow!" Loren squawks, pulling her hand back and glowering at the egg. "Hrmph." Looking perturbed with the results of her most recent foray into the world of prettily-colored eggs, Lo' slinks back into dark-is-yummy mode, wriggling through a few other candidates in order to get at Shattered Mosaic. "You'd better not shock," is the agitated warning, and, making sure her glove's nice and snug, Lo' touches. "... Blues aren't bad. Fye's a bluerider, and Sora, too. So that can't be why it sad. Maybe it got ... /shocked./" Touch-touch to Shattered Mosaic, and a glower to Wicked and Wild. Bad, bad eggie.

Marianne moves into the heat, shimmered and blurred by the ripples that rise off the Sands.

Petrified Forest Egg
A screaming, screeching, squealing grove of terrified trees trembles against the dreadfully dark and dreary shadows which drape themselves lasciviously about this little egg. Jabberwocky-green slithers, slathering acidic puce of alarming brilliance into the shocked and horrified depths of dismally stolid stone timber as if to make time itself stand still in fright. Scared scallops of sacred, scorching scarlet torque the trees' trunks, clinging in trepidation and terror as beasts of black and bourbon-brown attempt to climb to the fearful crags of this frantic, frenetic, forested shell. Eek!

Khory nearly takes Cablet's spot down on the sands, the Boob-tube egg's /that/ addicting. There's so many colors! And patterns! And.. Pictures?!? His hand starts to itch too, as though begging to reach out and press, in sequence, certain points along the egg. The thrill that passes under his touch demands some sort of answer, as though he should comment aloud on the excitement that can be felt... And that is what causes the older candie to pull away. Too busy for him. Seeing Reiko, he waves and points. "This one here is... hypnotizing.." he states, getting the exact word wrong, but sure that Reiko will catch on once she touches the shell. Without a backwards glance, he heads on towards the Mongolfier egg. Ooh, this one looks like it could really fly!

Surupa takes a few steps back from her current egg, a wicked smile displayed on her face as she grins brightly towards it. Very interesting... She gives the hyperactive Phea a glance, almost a hope that the young girl will find an egg that might calm her down for once. She gives each candidate a look, a curious glint to her eyes before she calmly turns around and heads towards a new egg-- International Space Station Egg-- and gives it a good look around. Quiet candie she might be, but she does like to study her eggs well... They seem to like to bite other candidates at times. Caustiously, her free hand is placed upon the shell, though eyes are trailing away and towards Cadgwith to see if she has stirred.

Phea is not as awed by the Silvered Russian Egg as the previous one -- Starbuck's at Every Corner -- but still revels in the sweeping tranquility she is suddenly suffused in. "Wooooo," candidate drawls, dazedly, warily inching her hand away from the egg. Erp. Next, fingers skitter across the Remote-Controll Everything Egg, tracing patternless abstracts across the shell.

Running onto the sands, a whirlwind with golden hair the most promient feature that can be seen stops at the edge, careening to a very undignified stop, her slippers nearly sliding off her feet before she sheepishly sticks her small feet back into them, pushing long locks of hair out of her way. A deep breath, and then Marianne.. for so the whirlwind is revealed to be, flutters her green eyes closed and then attempts to step out onto the sands as quietly as possible, offering a grand, sweeping curtsey to the golden queen, "May I be deemed worthy to touch your growing children?" Marianne asks in a mumur, almost teasingly as she glides her way across the sands.

Reiko arches an eyebrow at Khory as she steps closer to the Boob Tube egg. "Hypnotizing?" Belatedly she remembers (reminded by Marianne and her sweeping curtsey - a movement /not/ to be imitated by Reiko) to show respect to the queen, accomplished by means of a rather stiff bow before she sidles over for a closer look. Almost of its own volition her hand reaches out... a quick sidelong glance at Cadgwith assures her that it's likely to remain attached to her arm... and her fingers at last rest on the shell. It seems almost to pulse beneath her touch, and it's a long moment before she remembers to withdraw her hand and move on.

Crumbling Papyrus Egg
Earthen tones crinkle their way o'er shadowed shell, picked out by the creamy, crisp hue of papyrus paper, disintegrating around the edges, hue dissipating into a coffee-stained crumbling mess at the base of dusky spheroid. Faint striations are visible against the natural hues, painted over with near-nondescript decorations in bold red, mellow yellow and true blue, black script weaving its lonesome way in and out of crudely represented figures, indecipherable as it's faded over the years.

Labyrinth Egg
Angular curves decorate the perfect curve of shell, as if a maze had been placed there and populated with a myriad of strange and curious creatures. Odd, sparkling branches can be seen, walls appearing and disappearing as if of their own accord, and characters from some strange card deck guarding doors to nowhere. The shape of a large, lumbering beast can be seen, as can a host of other strange beings from some child's nightmare. Near the center of it all, a young girl makes her way toward a terrible and beautiful male figure holding a child- the image of a distorted clock hovering nearby.

Surupa snaps her hands back, more of a scowl upon her face as she gives the egg a glare. Of course she doesn't like that one anymore. "Shardin' cold," is all that she is able to say, moving away from the Space one and towards another. Somewhere further at the other end of the sands, perhaps. She moves closer towards the Wurzburg's Romanesque Cathedral Egg, eyes roaming around and boots taking her around the egg slowly until at last she comes to a halt and places her hand upon it. That poor hand has taken enough feelings around, what can be next?

Hiliza grins down at the egg and says, a bit sillily, "I suppose the results of that will have to wait awhile." She pulls her hands away, eyes searching for another egg to catch her attention. "Oooh.. that one is bright..." Hiliza moves slowly, almost jerikly toward Stop Motion Photography Egg, idly giving the Labyrinth egg another glance. But she's touched that one before, and so crouches before Stop Motion, slowly, frame by frame, if you will, reaching out to inspect another egg with her hands. Once her hands do touch it however, they take a play date, merrily running around the eggs surface in a game of 'touch all the colors'.

Hyzen beams towards Marianne as she arrives, watching as she steps onto the sands and bows. A glance goes towards the golden queen at the question from the candidate before she turns back to just watching... that's what she's good for, you know.

Microsoft Windows Egg
Drab and dull, a faded beige stains lifeless this egg's angular countenance, creeping with near-deliberate sloth around the apex and hidden well by a large splotch of black. The dark void of cyberspace is dotted with tiny gray speckles: interconnected explorers, each a step larger than the last but still the same shade. And without warning -- the black freezes, cutting back to an immobile tableau of a user's irritation manifested in bland mouse-gray, crashing to carbon oblivion only to restart quietly in a blossoming of fresh taupe.

The hiss of static is abruptly tuned out to be replaced with mesmerising images. Everything you could ever want is illustrated, every experience you've ever had is re-run, every fantasy you've ever dreamed is played out.... Hypnotic indeed, for although you know such images lack substance, how can you tear yourself away?

Hynolonie moves into the heat, shimmered and blurred by the ripples that rise off the Sands.

Having enough with the First Flight egg, Khory wanders off to find something.. different.. to touch and look at. He ends up before Nuclear War Egg, squinting his eyes at the odd colors covering it's surface. It seems, rather.. um.. well, "Icky," he breathes out, clamping his mouth shut as he realizes that he said that aloud. However, hand reaches forward anyway, searching and wanting to know what such an 'icky' egg would feel like. He's almost afraid his fingers will disolve upon touch...

Majorie eventually moves, still apprecitive of the egg she was feeling. Hips swing toward the Twenties Porcelain Dancing Lady Egg, and she brings her lips into a wry smile. "My, my." The tall candiate swoops down to touch the egg gently but insistantly, fingetips roaming inquisitively around the surface. A glance shoots out toward the others involved in this same practice, as well as the dragon and riders, but her attention is mostly on the egg.

Marianne considers that since the golden queen has made no roar or objection to her presence on the sands, Marianne takes that as a good sign, stopping at a rather unobtrusive egg that she had been about to pass by in favor of a brightly colored egg, the Flashy Red Convertable Egg that seems to wink out at her from it's place.. and yet, she stops at this egg.. something about it sparks a flicker of interest in her eyes. It is the Mouldy Old Celtic Copper Ring Egg that has caught her green eyes. "Why, were you trying to hide from us, you sneaky little thing?" Marianne questions laughingly, as she sits down, sending a wink and a grin in Hyzen's direction, before her attention returns downwards. "Why, I do believe that you were attempting to hide your beauty from us.. Now, are you a shy one? You have nothing to be shy about, I assure you.." She talks in a soothing calming voice as she leans over to caress the egg.

Reiko blinks. And blinks again. This egg-touching business is decidedly different from what she'd expected. Whatever that had been. Another long look is given the Boob Tube Egg... somehow looking different? With a quick toss of her head, she moves on. She comes upon the Labyrinth Egg next, eyeing the patterns on the shell narrowly. It almost looks like... she reaches out slowly, tentatively, the tips of her fingers just brushing the shell. Yes. The images seem clearer now, almost as if one could get lost there.

Hynolonie skids to a stop just short of the sands and adopts a look of grace and maturity as she steps foot onto the hot black sands. She smiles and courtsies to Cadgwith then finally lifting a hand to wave to the great golden beast, wondering if she remembers her. "Cadgwith! YOu have a beautiful clutch." She grins and walks over to where Pyrene is, and does a little bow to the former nanny. "Morning, Pyrene. How are you?"

Shattered Mosaic Egg
Fallen splendor saddens this large egg; decadence lost in the worn and weary shattering of tone and tile. Terracotta brown struggles to shelter the remaining shards of beauty that crack and shatter across the broad sweep of shell, even as ruddy sunwarm umber clings in idle adoration to those polished stones of red on amber, and blue awash against deep and delicious emerald-green. The story once told by the intricate mosaic of glaze and gloss has been fractured into a maze of stygian shadows and the splintered remains of an artist's coruscant imagination.

Tick tock tick tock... The time's slipping past, yet Time itself is lost. Walls seem to rise up on other side, but perhaps they too are illusion. The obvious path is never the right one and the wrong one is often no less invisible. Nothing is what it seems, and yet you have to solve this puzzle sometime... and time is running out. Tick tock tick tock....

Surupa smiles warmly as she leans closer towards her current egg, overjoyed to actually be with this one after that evil cold Space Station. She heaves a sigh, reluctant to have to move away from the loving warmth as she gives mother gold a glance. She should continue her own journey before Cadgwith feels like kicking them all out. Instead, one foot after another and she slowly makes her way towards the 19th Century Persian Rug Egg, eyes linking towards any candidate around, hand darting out to be place on the shell as boots slowly shift upon the warm sands.

Loren hmms softly, a vague smile settling on her face before she wanders slowly from Shattered Mosaic egg; bakerlet wrings her hands for a few moments, peering around at the rest of the Candidates before moving towards Petrified Forest Egg. A quiet hum, and then she touches, planting her palm carefully on the scarlet-swirled surface.

Pyrene nods to Hynolonie, grinning brightly. "I'm pretty good. Hiliza brought me my juice on time this morning." Cool juice. What more can a Sands-bound rider ask for? "Hurry up and have at the eggs. Cadge isn't likely to hold out much longer."

Hiliza tilts her head to the side, and gives the egg a reassuring pat, "You'll have decided by Hatching time, I promise." She grins and then makes an ooo noise at Reiko, whispering, "That one's very nice," Hiliza really loves it, but she's detirmined to meet and greet as many of the eggs as she can, provided they aren't the icky ones like Nuclear Waste. No, that one is skirted around and Hiliza shimmies her way to yet another egg, giggling as she extends a hand toward the Hiphop Lifestyle Egg. "Edgy and bright.. I like you already." Hands dance across the surface, and Hiliza sways a bit as she explorers the egg. "Touch of dark, though... But mostly, you seem like a happy egg." She bobs her head and continues to search out the intricies of it's surface.

Now that his hand is firmly placed against the shell, Khory realizes that Nuclear War egg ain't as icky as he first thought... It's still a living thing inside there, he must remember... And though chaotic in its casing, it deserves a chance to be fully explored. And so, fingers travel across the egg, following the broken patterns and halting designs. Interesting... as are all of the eggs. Once again, he leaves one egg for another, sidling by the Rusty bike egg once more, and then on to Remote Controlled Everything egg, fingers comingo out to once again explore...

"....and you know, if you'd just brush up that outwardly mouldy look, you'd be absolutely stunning," Marianne continues her fashion advice to Mouldy Old Celtic Copper Egg, caressing it back and forth all the while as she laughs softly, putting her hand on it once more before she rises to her feet and says lovingly, "Now you think about what I said, dearie, do you hear me? I'll visit you later perhaps and we can continue our chat..." Straightening up, Marianne looks around the sands and spots Wurzburg's Romanesque Cathedral Egg with a curious glance as she walks over as if considering it, touching it lightly with the tip of one fingernail. "Well.. aren't you just a bit different from your sibling over there? Such style... how charming..." Her eyes dance back and forth a bit.

Hynolonie grins and nods at the goldrider, before preforming an exact about face and turns to view the eggs. She wrinkles her nose and takes a moment to slip through the mounds of hardening eggs before lightly touching her hand to the surface of one. She wrinkles her brow and smiles to herself, then turns on another egg, gently running her fingers across the surface. She continues for a while, going from one egg to another marveling at the texture and the colors.

Reiko reluctantly tears herself away from the puzzle of the Labyrinth Egg, her outward composure inwardly shaken, but intact. "Interesting," is all she says, and that barely audible. Another couple of steps bring her closer to the Microsoft Windows Egg and its odd configuration of patterns. Emerald gaze narrows as she steps up to kneel beside it for a closer look, head tilting to examine it from every angle before she finally reaches out to caress it lightly with her fingertips.

You will be assimilated. Such is this egg's overall intention. Your fingers need to be updated to be compatible with this shell, and as for your mind... well. Of course, this egg can handle it. Upgraded and mass-marketed, this year's mentality will be all the rage. Of course... you'll only be able to use it for Cadgwith's clutches.

Hynolonie plops to her knees infront of the small A Starbucks on Every Corner Egg, and rubs her hand across the surface, before just letting her fingers rest on the shell. She bit her lip for amoment and stared at the muddy coloring and the small shape. She seemed to like this one the most, perhaps because it was small, like her.

Loren doesn't stare or squawk, expression blank as she pulls her hand swiftly away from Petrified Forest's less than comforting greetings; the need for a less frightening experience convinces Loren to plant a hand on the warmer surface of Grandmother's Quilt; this will require a platter of sweetrolls when it's all over. Stability comes in sugar-coated pastries.

Hynolonie blinks and sits back, tilting her head to one side and opening her eyes wide. That, my friends, was definately an eye opening experience. She just sits there, feeling a little energize and a little thrilled too. Finally, Lonie blinks. She smiles and grins at the egg, as if it could see her and starts to get up. It was simply amazing that dragons were even magnificent in their eggs. Her eyes shift quickly to Cadgwith, still wide with that caffiene stare and she nods to herself. Hm. time to get going.

Pyrene spins around, prompted by the change in her queen's mood. A judicious look over her dragon and she turns back to the candidates. "Right then, you ne-er do well bunch. Scoot! Don't forget to bring me some juice at lunch either! And thanks!" See? She can do manners.
Hyzen glances towards Cadgwith, blinking before she bows to Pyrene and gold and heads out towards the candidates. "Cadgwith is done with being receptive," she calls out, her grin evident. "Come on folks, let's go... no need to bias her against you." Haha. Greenrider shuffles towards the exit off the sands, pausing to make sure none of the candidates dawdle.

Loren hmms at the egg, then towards Cadgwith; gold gets a polite nod, and the bakerlet scuttles off after everyone else, waggling a hand in no particular direction on the way out. Sweetrolls. Time for food.

Hiliza is grinning and babbling at the egg when Pyrene shoos them all. So she raises, bows, nods a couple dozen times, and beats an otherwise hasty retreat. "Thank /you/ very much!" Shuffleshuffleshuffle. Flee.

Hyzen escapes the earth-born heat and heads off the sands.

Loren escapes the earth-born heat and heads off the sands.

Khory is about to move on to another egg, when something manages to make the hairs on the back of his neck stand up straight. Turning, he sees Cadgwith, and her swirling gaze. "Um.. Maybe I'll just be going now.." he states at the same time that Pyrene shoo's them off. Bowing once again to the gold and her lifemate, the blond candie begins to limp off of the sands, his tye dyed socks now /very/ dirty. Quickly, he scoots up next to Surupa and Hiliza. "What'cha gonna do now?" he wispers.

Hiliza escapes the earth-born heat and heads off the sands.

Hynolonie scoots away from the eggs, bows gracefully, if not quickly to Pyrene, then to Cadgwith, then takes off towards the edge of the stairs, smiling and still buzzing from the egg touching.

Reiko may be oblivious, but it's hard to miss an irritated queen dragon. She snatches her hand back away from the Microsoft Windows Egg and its attempts to assimilate her, taking a couple of steps back and turning emerald gaze to Hyzen as she begins herding the others off the sands. And wastes no time following.

Surupa sweeps her hands gently over her current egg, eyes sweeping over to study the surface before she turns around to head over towards the next egg, reality kicking her quickly. Oh no, the mother gold is awake. She scrunches up her nose silently, bobbing her head quietly towards Pyrene before she heads back towards the exit as quickly as possible, darting between two eggs to catch a glimpse of the lovely Nuclear War before she follows the line of candidates. Amber eyes trail over towards Khory, a shoulder rolling back in a quiet shrug. "Chores, I s'pose," she answers before heading away.

Surupa escapes the earth-born heat and heads off the sands.

Khory escapes the earth-born heat and heads off the sands.

Oh yes it will be so nice to get off the sands...