Logs For Linora

Right about this time, Ista Weyr moved into Search Mode, resulting in a rather large number of StarCraft Apprentices being whisked away to the Weyr to become Candidates. Linora managed to be in the middle of several right in a row, with the rather unsurprising result of feeling completely abandoned at the Hall.

Search. First to go were Tierza (okay, not a StarCrafter, but a dear friend of Lin) and Tstar.
Linora starts backing away, feeling distinctly in the way. Tierza doesn't need her help anymore, and the dragons hadn't wanted her. "Bye, Tie," she calls out cheerfully. "Try t'write and stuff." Or something. "So long Tstar." Just met her, and she's leaving. Well, Alex will be relieved.

Another Search. Next down, Beyla and Libby.
Linora sits down on the low wall, feeling an odd sense of deja vu as she watches the dragons in the courtyard. Didn't she /just/ do this?

Still Another Search. And then Kaltia!
Kaltia giggles, nodding her head, suddenly realizing where all the others had gone. "Well, I'll do that? Although I really can't understand the crying or fainting or screaming...." It's totally pointless, really. They're just dragons. "Can I go get my stuff now?"

Pillow Fight Naomi does a bit of instigating in the dorms, with interesting results. (Oh, Nao ended up Searched as well. Lin somehow managed to miss /that/ one!)
Naomi topples over, landing on the ground with a loud *thump* noise. "Ow." Not that she seems pained in any way. The pillow previously thrown is retrieved, and the girl steps forward, adding her own swings and whaps to this grand pillowfight, until, of course, the pillow's seams break, spilling feathers on the floor. Not to worry, though, 'cause right by Linora's cot is another pillow, which is promptly snatched and swung at Linora, herself. "Good morning," she greets, between swings.

Tatia Visits. Okay, this is really more about Tatia and Orpheus than about Linora, but it's a fun log. So link to Tat's page and take a look. :)
Linora ohs and shrugs in a lying-down kinda way at Tat's explanation. Whatever a Hermie is. The argument seems a little circular, but she doesn't dare ask for clarification, since Tatia already seems annoyed. "So... what happened to him?" Maybe she won't mind telling /that/ part of the story, since she seems to be pretty happy that he died. Or whatever.

Advanced Optics Lesson Linora's study break turns into an impromptu class when Journeywoman Jorina decides to share something new she's learned...
Jorina grins at Linora first. "Me too. Got tired of studying." Which brings her to look at Shanel. "Aren't you tired, too?" The journeywoman crosses her legs, then dumps the sack, albeit with care, into the patch of grass her limbs outline. "Anyhow, these are lenses and mirrors and stuff. I've finally taken the time to learn optics stuff properly and it's really interesting. Didja know that the, uh, conve- no, the concave mirror can reflect things onto something else? Makes a picture!"

The Beginning Of The End Notice anyone missing in the last several logs? Someone who'd been a rather central figure in Lin's life? Well, she'd been missing him, too. And now it looks like that's going to be a permanent situation.
Maybe Linora wouldn't be happy on the road. At the moment, she's having trouble imagining being happy anywhere. Not in the Hall. Not in a Hold. Not in her heart. She can feel him leaving now, as his arm loosens around her shoulder. Not just leaving the Craft. Leaving her.

Linora Makes A Change. Maybe she thought it would make her feel better. Maybe it was to distract poor Diena from asking questions Lin didn't know how to answer...
The cloth disappears under Linora's folded arms. A long snuffle later, she lifts her head, her face a bit pinker and puffier than usual. She's sure Diena doesn't need to be told what's bothering her... and she knows if she tries to tell, that she'll lose that last little hold on herself and fall apart completely. So she changes the subject. "Wanna cut my hair for me?"

Alex Tries To Help The last thing Linora needed just at this particular moment was a crazed, pubescing Alexander hovering around her and asking questions. But there he was. And you can always count on Alexander to lighten an angsty mood. :)
Linora drops her head on her knees, looking at him sideways. "Nothing." Nothing she can begin to explain. Not that she thinks Alex would understand... or care. What is he, 11? 12? Please. She can't even figure out why he likes to hang around her so much. Nobody else does.

Talking to Tierza An unexpected outing to Ista Weyr with Journeywoman Carise gives Linora an opportunity to confide in someone at last.
Linora can't help smiling at Tierza's businesslike tone. A list, huh? She wipes her eyes with her hands and looks over at her friend. Sniffle. "Acourse I want him t'be happy," she whispers. Miserable Cress is no fun to be around. "But what if that don't include me?"

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