Still /Another/ Search.

A soft roar sounds from crystalline water tumbling over rocks at the far side of the circular lake. Tiny fish, few in number, dart about beneath the mirror-like surface, jumping in and out of the frothy waves at the bottom of the fall. Large rocks, worn smooth by swimmers using them as jumping ledges, bracket the cooling waterfall, but taper into soft sand. To the left of the tumbling water, a few metres past the rocks, a jungle garden begins to grow with brightly coloured flowers, shading trees, and soft, lush grass. But it all halts abruptly to make room for a small stone building, the bathhouse.
It is an autumn afternoon.
Peering at the fish and reflections in the lake are Chereti, Net, Draz, and Zlantine.
Green Larisseth and brown Djarreth are here.
You see Daegi, Squoch, and Floating Wooden Firelizard here.
Kaltia, Elle, Naomi, Zella, and Kita are here.
Obvious exits:
StarCraft Field Bathing House Waterfall

"I d'no," comes Naomi's informed response, as she tilts her head back to whisper over her shoulder at Zella. Eyes once again return to the scene before her, and she raises an eyebrow, hands moving to her hips. "Maybe... you were just tired, an' wanted to have a break? It's nice here," she offers, along with a sage nod. "Or maybe you're lost," is added quickly, as she reaches out to grab Zella's sleeve and pull her closer.

Kaltia giggles, rolling her eyes. "Fine... not 'your baker'. The baker, how's that? And pretty soon, we'll have to make you an honorary StarCrafter...." With all the time she spends here. Slipping over to the other apprentices, she tilts her head as she whispers. "She's losing it... me thinks."

Larisseth barrels about 'til tummy broached the surface, streaked with sand and weed from the bottom. Her neck curls about as she could have swore she saw Djarreth around here, currently hidden by the curve of her gut.
Kita throws her hands in the air at Elle's indecisiveness, responding to her playful jibe with a less than glamourous poking out of the tongue. "Last time I offer to help you on an errand," she grunts in mock bad-temper, giving the green rider a wry look.

Zella raises her eyebrows at Elle. Lost candy? "Is that how riders spend there time...?" She mumbles to Naomi, who Zella seems to think knows it all. And she says this with no rudeness, but instead with sincerity. She nods as Naomi answers her prior questions. "Or maybe... you came to... give us all rides on your dragons?" Well, she has to try.

Linora makes her way up the path to the lakeside, blinking to see so many people there. "Um... hey Kal, Nao... " A splash draws her attention to the water, and she blinks again to see a dragon swimming there... two dragons? Elle gets a grin as she's recognized, belatedly. "What's going on?" Surely they're not taking /more/ folks away??

The most prominent feature of Kita is her bright, flowing red hair. Always left loose, it hangs in waves and reaches halfway down her back. Her mane frames a small featured face, with high cheekbones and large, brown eyes. Narrow shoulders give way to a slim waist and small hips, a legacy to a youth of physical labour. Her skin is a pale, milky colour, with long but slender fingers always ready to help others. A shy smile is almost always playing upon her lips, yet seen only when she stucks the stray strands of hair behind her ear.
Loam's rich, fertile silence embraces Kita's slender torso, wrapping covetous fingers of sleek, sly leather about narrow hips and slight shoulders. Her thin arms are swathed in the broken-in comfort of long-used leathers, while covert fur's silken brush carefully encircles sleeves, shutting out *between*'s frigid touch. A tangible darkness whispers across wherhide surface, infusing the modest cut with a hushed hint of the unknown; impenetrably black in shadowed light, only Rukbat's brushed touch reveals their true shade: a subtle, supple brown, earthy and lusciously deep.
A double cord of orange and black makes up Kita's knot, with a brown strand identifying the colour of her lifemate sewn through. A more recent addition to her uniform lies within the Firestorm wingrider's badge, most proudly worn.
She is awake, but has been staring off into space for a minute.
Kita is 28 Turns, 5 months, and 7 days old.

Long, bright red hair, streaked with lines of glistening white, hangs past the waist of the 5'5 teenager. Short bangs rest just above her emerald green eyes, which stand out against cream-colored skin as they dart from person to thing. Freckles dust her small nose, and then spread lavishly onto her cheeks. Her full, red lips sit in a smirk, not as if she is disdaining those around her, but as if she is plotting some event.
The girl wears a dark green skirt and top, decorated with multi-colored flowers. Soft white slippers cover her feet. Hovering energetically around her shoulder is Van Gogh. Sophocles attempts to burrow under the starcrafter's red tresses.
Zella wears the knot of a StarCraft Apprentice.
Zella is 17 Turns, 4 months, and 3 days old.

"Shells, you sound exactly like Orbit and Char this morning. See if I ever invite anyone out of the Weyr again." Elle echoes Kita's tongue with a stuck-out tongue of her own. Who ever said riders were grown-ups? Greenrider spares a glance to the rolling Larisseth, before glancing over to Kaltia, "Oh, please no. I'm in no way, shape, or form any sort of crafter. Ew... the very concept." And to emphasize the point, she mock shudders from head to toe.

And Larisseth is certainly not mistaken. For Djarreth was there a moment ago, and is still there now. Small bubbles rise to the surface of the lake as he rumbles in amusement at his next playful prank. Only nice weather, good company and a good feed puts him in a mood like this. Ever so slowly, Djarreth allows himself to rise under Larisseth, trusting in his superiour size and strength to possibly hold her up for a moment.

Dusky skin swathes a body of near stocky status, yet rounded with the ample curves of a sultry vixen. Keen face is framed by sparce, silken locks of sloe, glistening tresses that crescent along ends, lightly brushing slight shoulders. Oval face is shaped with high cheekbones, defiant chin, slightly upturned nose, artfully sculpted eyebrows of sable, a thin-lipped mouth ever turned upward to one side --smooth grin tickled with mystery. And then the catalyst... those hypnotic eyes that are so impossibly dramatic against her olive skin. Absolutly huge, slanted much as a feline's would be, brimming with amusement, and of a color so vibrant that all else pales in comparison. A rich jungle blue-green slid with gilding would be the only way to describe the remarkable hue, a color unlike any other and contrasting heavily with shadowed and buxom features.
Not a tad shy, rider appears as though she was poured into her eye-catching leathers. Taylored suede, damson depths slide close to torso with angled sleeves to mid-bicept. Pavonian colar folds up to frame 'round neck and then drops low in a buttoned V with tiny circle of sterling. Skin-tight wherhide glosses over rounded curve of hips, outlines mold 'bout muscles of thighs and calves. Warring swirls of like damson, rich cerise, and madder blue eddy and swirl with relentless turmoil along legs' length to meet laced, calf-high boots; stteply heeled and gossed natural. Perched on Elle's shoulder is Coren.
Orange and Black, with a touch of green, show with her Ista Weyr Assistant WeyrlingMaster's knot. And one cannot forget her FireStorm wingrider's badge.
She is awake and looks alert.
Elle is 30 Turns, 9 months, and 9 days old.

Naomi's eyes widen to what should be anatomically incorrect. Head swinging around to take note of Linora, she blinks suddenly, hands shoved deep into her pockets. "We're just... y'know. Standing. Apparently they-" Hand sweeps out to indicate the riders. "Don't know what they're doing here." Kaltia's suggestion puts a grave expression on her face, and she makes a soft 'tsk' sound with her tongue. "Y'think the Weyr's really that bad?"

Kaltia giggles, shrugging her head a bit, lowering her voice as to not be heard by the riders. That would be a Very Bad Thing (tm). "I'm not sure? It may be..." Glancing at Elle, she blinks a few times, rolling her eyes. "Crafters aren't bad... really." Humph... its still work, just a different kind. And in hers, its of the mind, not physical strength.

Larisseth swings her neck this way and that, offering up quering croons for her wingpal. Left-side limps swing back and forth to shift her postion to look about all the better. And still now Djarreth? She sniffs to clear her nose of water when suddenly her vision changes. Higher... Higher... Higher... And she doesn't even have to lift a wing to look. A delighted croon morphs into an alarmed bugle as she feels that which is pushing up underneath her. *BUGLE!* Body flops from side to side, thrashing 'ti she rolls over with an enormous splash.

"Sound like Orbit and Char?!" Kita exclaims, somewhat horrified. "I don't mind sounding like Char, but I dunno about Orbit..." she hastily justifies. "I just can't stop thinking of her as a bloo-brat." A sudden mischevious glint fires in Kita's eyes as Elle proclaims her horror at Crafts. "If Elle was involved in a craft," she whispers none too quietly to Kaltia, "it would revolve around men. She could start up a Man-Hunt Craft."

Elle gives Kaltia a far more scathing glances as she is 'hmph'ed at. "Wait. I remember you now." Ah yes, this would be the girl she grabbed the other night. "You were suppose to go with me to the Weyr. You were my Starcrafter." Ah yes, possessiveness spoken once more.

Kaltia giggles, nodding her head, rolling her eyes a bit at the title. "Yes, I was your StarCrafter.... and with the Weyr, did you finish whatever it was that you were in such a rush to drag me off for?"

Naomi promptly shuts her mouth again, leaning back and out of the way. If the greenrider wants Kaltia, well... who's this apprentice to stand in the way? Eyelashes are batted quickly, and she gives Kaltia a little look, the corner of her lips curling up some. "Possessive, aren't they?" Eyes flicker back to the riders, then the dragons, who recieve a sharp look just out of the corner of her eye. Clearing her throat, she takes another step back, looking at Linora.

Djarreth rises to his haunches in the water, peering around with worried countenance as the sight of the green slips his gaze for a moment. Eyes whirling faster, he finally spots her, somewhere amidst the great waves formed by her entrance into the water. Tiumphantly, Djarreth raises his head to trumpet loudly, the sound bouncing off the walls of nearby buildings and echoing around the lakeside.

Linora can't quite stifle a giggle at the thought of a man-hunt craft. They'd have to change that rule about apprentices not dating... then abruptly her attention is returned to Elle as the 'rider lays claim to Kaltia - again... then to Naomi as she's... looked at? "What?" she murmurs Naomi-wards, taking a few steps closer to the other apprentice.

"Absolutly not!" Hrm, how who would this loud dejection be for. Kita and her craft comment or Kaltia and her dragging off mentioning. Elle blinks as she glances back out to the lake waters at Lari's call-to-arms, smirking. Serves her right. "Then get out!" Obviously, the green ignores her. Naomi is awarded a smirk at her words, but attention move back to Kaltia, "No, I haven't. And I still need one. A Starcrafter. Actually, I could use a couple, for later, but you would do for now, seeing as I've already claimed you and all."

"Ah..Elle...what are you doing?" Kita states slowly, hooded eyes warily watching the greenrider as she claims the poor girl. Her gaze shifts momentairily to her dragon, yet even his mood doesn't break her curious interest in the scene before her. "You can't just drag a Craftmember off to the Weyr...can you?" she suddenly doubts. The notion is fraught with possibilities...

Larisseth trumpets right on back as she collects herself, absolutly drenched. Don't even ask about the straps. Granted, her call is nowhere near as deep as Jar's but she can still hold her own. A stream of water splits her gaze in two to drop in the form of a dribbling waterfall off the end of her muzzle. Cute, isn't she. With a flick of her tail to the brown, ment to slash him, naturally, she wades back out of the water.

Claimed again. She certainly is a poor girl, if it seems as bad at Kita makes it act. "Um.... you mean now?" Right now? "And why am I being claimed, again?" Not that she's really... objecting or anything, but she likes to know these things. (Kaltia)

Naomi bestows upon Linora only a cheerful grin, linking her arm with that of the other apprentice and directing her to stand beside herself, needing that little extra bit of support, it seems. At Kita's words, she chimes in with a comment of, "They've done it before." Not that that makes it any more right in her eyes, but Kaltia's the one who stands in the position of being dragged off. "Well, I wouldn't drink the water there," she murmurs as an off-handed sort of suggestion to Kaltia, once again clinging to Linora.

Djarreth tilts his head on the side, glowing eyes whirling as he absorbs the drippy dragon doing an excellent calendar-girl look. A small rueful rumble erupts from him as he notices his playmate leave, and after a moment's pause he follows close behind. Only because his rider doesn't want to sit on a wet hide ::between::.

Linora can't figure out Elle's fascination with StarCrafters, frankly finding it just a little, well, scary. She takes a couple steps back, pulling Naomi with her insomuch as her arm's attached to hers, as Larisseth and her brown companion emerge from the lake, more as a courtesy than out of nervousness, and looks from Kaltia to Elle and back to try and figure out what's going to happen next.

Elle casts a quick glance to Kita, "If she was a he, you wouldn't have to ask that question. But yes, I actually have some personal business with the Starcraft, and for once I'm going to get it done." Greenrider bobs her head to emphasize this point, then looks back to Kaltia, "Well, yes. Of coarse now, I've spent way too much time at Gar as it is. You will need your-" Rider cuts off in mid-sentence as the lifemate butts into her thoughts. She lifts a finger in placation to Kaltia, "Give me a second..." A couple of steps takes her t'wards Larisseth.

Kita sighs once more, shifting her weight to her other foot as she folds her arm across her chest, waiting for Elle once more. An eyebrow is raised in mocking amusement, until a great, wet dragon muzzle is pushed into her neck. The brownrider jumps, and attempts to affect an air of irritability as she rubs at her wet neck. The low croon from Djarreth soon prevents this, and with a laugh Kita throws her arms around his wet neck.

Kaltia turns quickly to head towards the hall to collect what she assumes is most likely her riding gear. And to leave a note to Reese as to where she is... the Journeywoman can handle explaining it all later. Stopping in her tracks, she glances over her shoulder at the rider, waiting to be actually excused to collect what she needs.

Larisseth drops to the ground, looking very sphynx-like as she looks quite plainly at her rider. With her foreingers spread for maximum drying affect and tail extending well away from her, a silent conversation slips 'tween her and Elle, with Elle quirking her grin more and more as it continues on. Finally, she offers spoken words, "Honestly? Truely? This isn't some sort of joke, right? Right? Right?...Right? But I had her first.... I did!" Abruptly, the rider turns about upon booted heels, looking to Kaltia. "Larisseth says that you belong to her now."

Kaltia closes her eyes for a second, trying to decipher just what it is that Elle means, turning her body completely around to stare at dragon and rider. "So I'm being reclaimed? First by you, now by your dragon? Just what is it, today?" Doesn't she get to claim herself, or something?

Kita lifts her head from her dragon's neck, yet makes no move from her position. Awkwardly, she tilts her head back to exchange a glance with Djarreth's glowing eyes, and as one they look back to Elle and Kaltia. "We come on some weird errand that I don't totally understand, and end up being on Search," she grins, her arms tightening around her dragon's neck in barely restrained joy. "I'm surprised you didn't pick up on her, 'Reth. You'll muck up your record..."

A brow is raised again as Naomi watches, occasionally turning to whisper to Linora. Arms are crossed over her chest and she leans back, watching with a detached fascination. "It's in the water," she confides to the girl at her side flatly, shaking her head slowly. "It's no wonder they want to take Kaltia." And then, the blame is suddenly put on the dragons. "They're even worse," she hisses under her breath, pointing a finger at the offending green.

Elle stamps her foot. As childish as the movement is, nonetheless, Elle does it once more. Shoulders slump, "Larisseth... can't I have one for once." The dragon sniffles and then shakes her head from side to side. No, that gesture is pretty plain. Elle turns back to Kaltia, "Larisseth says that you are hers. She finds that you are the perfect person to take back to the Weyr and be a candidate for the current clutch of dragon eggs that are on the sands." Rider takes a step t'wards Kaltia, lowering her voice as if to block out Lari's hearing, "I'm supposed to ask you if you want to be a candidate, but Larisseth bascily won't let you out of her sight 'til we get you back to the Weyr."

Mac Loudness blinks in from ::between::!

Linora is beginning to really feel a little left out - three times the dragons came and took her friends away, and left her standing confused! But Naomi's hissing gets through to her and she turns her head to grin at the other apprentice. "Nah, they're okay." A little... different, perhaps, but okay. She turns her smile to Kaltia, really happy for her.

Djarreth lifts his head from protectively covering his rider (who is still clinging to his neck), to bugle a hopefully encouraging call to the possibly new-Candidate. The more people the better, in his mind.

Kaltia stops once again in her tracks. What a day, really. "But... but..." First she's claimed, then reclaimed, and now she's dragged off to the Weyr? Le sigh.... maybe she'll have more choice later, tho probably not. "Um... I guess?" What else is she suppose to say, tho, really. Glancing at Lin and Nao, she curls up her face. "Um... anything I should know, before I go?"

Naomi rolls her eyes at Linora, giving the apprentice a nudge with her elbow. "You poor, delusioned little thing." Eyes rolled upwards, she flicks fingers in something akin to a wave towards Kaltia, tapping her foot slowly. Of course, the grin she flashes the now-Searched one is positively charming, and she makes it clear that she's wishing her friend some luck at the Weyr, interspersed with random warnings. "Have fun. Don't let anything bite you... it may be venomous. Good luck. Don't get stepped on..."

Elle blinks and just peers curiously to Kaltia, "I expected crying or fainting or even a bit of screaming, not calmness." Greenrider glances to Kita, shrugs her shoulders, and then looks back to Kaltia, "Well, you still need to gather up your things. And when you tell one of your Master or Journeymen where you are going, /please/ do mention my name. I've already done this two times in the last couple of days, including this morning."
do/don't :}

Kaltia giggles, nodding her head, suddenly realizing where all the others had gone. "Well, I'll do that? Although I really can't understand the crying or fainting or screaming...." It's totally pointless, really. They're just dragons. "Can I go get my stuff now?"

Elle takes a step back, gesturing to the girl, "Uh... sure. Definitly. Just don't take long or Larisseth here will find you all by herself. And I doubt anyone around here would appreciate a green dragon in your Hall."

Linora can vouch for Elle's words, having somehow managed to witness both Searches - now all three! Well, maybe they'll stop before they've cleaned the Hall out of apprentices... "Need any help, Kal?" Not that apprentices own much...

Kaltia gasps, nodding a bit at that idea. "I'm pretty sure they wouldn't, ma'am...." Glancing around, she grins, nodding quickly to Lin. "If you want? It would be a help..." And that way she wouldn't be all alone, either. Headed towards the hall, she motions for Lin, and whoever else, to follow.

Kaltia walks to the StarCraft Field.

You release Spray, who launches into the air.

Spray> Linora walks softly to the StarCraft Field.

Spray> Elle chuckles faintly as she beconns for Larisseth to stand. "We better follow after at least to the courtyard... easier to keep track of her?" To this, the green rumbles a greeting. Elle glances back at Linora, offering her a bit of a wink before starting off.

Spray> Naomi licks her lips slowly, backing away from Linora to put her hands back on her hips. "You think I'm comin' along with you to help? Pfft. I've got better things to d-" The statement is cut off, however, because as soon as her fellow 'crafters have deserted the area, she's marching off behind, quirking another eyebrow back towards the dragonriders. "Odd bunch," she mutters softly, shaking her head as she moves along.

Spray> Naomi bounces to the StarCraft Field.

StarCraft Courtyard
Where the hills of Gar meet the softer plains of the valley, rock slowly turns to gravel, dust and earth, leaving a large natural courtyard tucked against the walls of the hall. A low wall marks a boundary for the courtyard, rock and earth's battle for domination kept outside of it. Strong doors set in the hill wall, provide a new way to get into the hall, long windows letting light into the otherwise quite dark hall. They look out upon a grassy valley, filled with water, vineyards and herdbeast. Trails formed by the feet of human wind around rocks and trees, trailing off into the wilderness.
It is an autumn afternoon.
Stretched out on the low wall are Venusnv, Azrael, and Idoru.
Green Larisseth is here.
You see Guinness and Anie here.
Naomi, Kaltia, and Elle are here.

Kaltia pulls herself out of the hall, backpack stuffed totally as she drags on Linora's arm, hand clinging tightly to fellow Starries' arm. To let go means she's really leaving, even as she kinda /wants/ to go. Eyeing the rider, she curls around to glance at the hall for a second. "I think I have everything..."

Linora barely keeps up with Kaltia, laughing even as she's hauled bodily out of the Hall. "I can't come with ya, y'know!" How would she ever explain it?

Naomi shuffles in quickly, following behind Linora and Kaltia all the way. Not that she's likely to call it following -- but that hardly matters. As the other two starcrafters emerge from the hall, so does she, just a moment after they make their appearances. "Could you move -any- faster?" she fumes, though she hardly seems angry just now. Kaltia's shoulder gets a pat, the most emotion she feels like sharing just now, as she takes another step backwards. "That's right, Kal. Linora and I get to stay here and wait anxiously for your return." Said with a wink.

Elle stands at Larisseth's side, a hand upon the now dry hide. Still, we won't mention those poor straps. Water spotted and all. And they were so beautiful. Elle glances up at Kaltia and the drug Linora, chuckling. "I sure hope so, you will be gone for a long time." A glance to Naomi, "If she impresses, it will be even longer. Here, let me take your stuff and secure it to these... these... these straps."

Kaltia nods her head, glancing over at Nao with a quick roll of her eyes. She's so... supportive. "If... Nao. Remember that, if. So no stealing my spot against the wall in the Dorms. Unless you promise to give it back when I get back." See..... she shares Nao's confidence.

"Longer?" Naomi's eyelashes are batted once again, this time at Elle, and Kaltia gets another reassuring smile. "Well, y'know we both wish you the best of luck with that. I can only hope that next time I see ya, you're not entirely corrupted." She takes a large step forwards now, attempting to get one of those 'last looks', eyes wide again. Kaltia's once again awarded with a slow, nearly suggestive wink, and she quickly reaches over to nearly strangle the girl in a hug. "Sure. Unless you're eaten or stepped on... or you drink the water."

Elle takes a step back and gestures for Kaltia to preceeded her onto Larisseth. "Go ahead and mount up... uh, You have ridden a dragon before, right... I'm sorry, what was your name again?"

Still more or less attached to her fellow apprentice, Linora somehow manages not to get strangled in Nao's hug. With a giggle, she reaches over with her free hand to take Kaltia's backpack, holding it out for Elle to take. "She'll be fine, Nao." Eyeroll, then a grin for Kaltia. "Good luck, Kal," she whispers, backing quickly away.

Elle takes up the pack given by Linora. "Thank you." She makes quick work in securing it to the straps, before looking back to Kaltia, "Go ahead and go up first. I'll sit behind you and make sure you are secured as firmly as possible."

Kaltia merps as her bag is taken, shaking her head with a silly grin as she realizes she's still clinging to it, before turning back to give the fellow apprentices each a quick hug. "Thanks... I'll need it... And Nao, I'll send you some of the water, okay?" A wink, and she pulls away hurrying towards the green. "Okay, ma'am, Yes ma'am, and Kaltia ma'am..." Never hurts to make a good impression, especially as she answers questions.

Kaltia uses Larisseth's politely extended foreleg to mount the petite green, bestriding viridian neck.
Elle uses Larisseth's politely extended foreleg to mount the petite green, bestriding viridian neck.

From Larisseth's neck, Elle slides up behind Kaltia, "Assistant WeyrlingMaster Elle, Firestorm Wing of Ista Weyr, and green Larisseth's rider... You've already met Larisseth." The green rumbles deep in her throat, making the sound not only heard but felt. She quickly secures the crafter, then leans over to speak in the girl's ear, "This shouldn't take long. Just hang on to that ridge before you and let Larisseth do all the work."

Naomi rolls her eyes sky-wards for a moment, then takes a step back, her arm weaving its way around Linora's and dragging her back, along with her. "Don't get ... y'know. Stepped on." Lips curl up once again, into a slightly less amused, but more compassionate smile. "See ya, Kal." And then, she turns back to look at Linora. "How 'bout a snack or somethin'?"

From Larisseth's neck, Kaltia giggles, waving one more wave to those on the ground before following Elle's directions and taking a firm hold of the ridge in front of her, takes one final look at the Hall... waiting for what she knows is coming from past riding experiences.

Linora obediently steps back, waving to Kal with her free hand. "Bye!" Then she turns a grin to Naomi. "Sure.. sounds good." And stuff. Wondering if her arm will be released when the dragons leave the courtyard...

Naomi gives Linora a wink, heading back into the hall. "We can head up to the vault, or maybe the appy quarters. I'd like to be the first one to get my hands on Kaltia's cot." Hand is placed on her hip, and the other gestures towards the door. "Shall we?"

Linora nods, grinning, and heads for the Hall.