Logs For Linora

Understanding.. Taking Tierza's advice, Linora tries again to talk to Cress.. with mixed results.
Cress shakes his head, swallowing a lump. "That's not it, Lin..." he mumbles, tearing his eyes off hers to look at the floor again. "I'm really sorry if I made it sound that way." He couldn't explain why the road had a deeper influence and pull on him, than his love for her. How could he explain that without hurting her further. "I love you," he whispers.

A Busy Afternoon Linora's new haunt, the Koi Pond, is invaded... and she's cheered up a bit in spite of herself.
Linora isn't wiggly. When did that happen? As she puts her arms around Rasha it occurs to her that she has in fact been sitting quite still. For quite a long time. So it takes her a minute to process what Orph is saying... but when she gets it, she gives him a little smile. "I know /I/ never saw ya in there," she observes. And she used to be in there /all/ the time. "Course you're prolly too busy propping up girls in the vault." Teasing? Oh, she must be feeling better. She doesn't even bother to censor her comment for Kezz's benefit. Why should she be any different from all the other apprentices in the craft?

Holdless Linora inadvertently stumbles on a group of Holdless folk living in the caves at Gar. When she tells Cress about her discovery, the discussion takes an interesting turn..
Linora tilts her head to look at Cress, looking at the table. What'd she say now? The cave thing? Well... he /had/ once said something to her about wagons, and caves... Remembering there's still juice in her mug, she takes a sip, looking for his eyes. "So... what's it like?" He'd told her once, she thinks... but she's a lot more interested in the answer just now.

Out Of Sight... Seems Lin isn't the only apprentice bending the rules and dealing with heartbreak. Again she finds herself in the unaccustomed role of giving advice. Advice she feels distinctly unqualified to offer.
Linora's eyes widen a bit, just a bit, before she quickly turns to look into the pond. "Oh... " Now she gets it. She chews her lip, looking at the fish and hugging her knees to her chest. Funny for /her/ to be giving advice, since she seems to be the most clueless appy in the entire Craft... at least where matters of the heart are concerned. But she'd at least /been/ to the Weyr recently. "I know they keep the Candidates real busy and stuff... an' goin' away's not the same as forgetting." At least, she seriously hopes it's not. She's really putting a lot of faith in the truth of that statement.

A Visit From Hyzen turns into another trip to High Reaches for Linora. She may have been dressed for it, but no /way/ was she prepared..
Hyzen watches, laughing bubbling up before she turns back to Linora. Aww... no moving away from her. Shifting her position, she tries to re-close the distance. Meh. "And we love coming here. Especially when you're around." How would the poor girl take an arm around the shoulders? Least Imbri is away from males of her species... so Hy's not nearly as bad as she was last time. Poor Living Caverns. Lis-in-making?

Advice for a New Apprentice Again Linora finds herself giving advice - this time, to a new arrival at the Hall...
Linora grins. "Naw... I only didn't recognize ya 'cause I never met ya." Although... not many look like Tris. Lin would've remembered meeting her. "I'm Linora," she says, extending a hand in the traditional greeting, markedly less awkwardly than usual. "Welcome, and stuff."

Linora Makes A Decision. Sort Of. When nothing seems right, what's a girl to do?
Linora draws her arms tightly around him and nuzzles into his shoulder. "Naw... you know what t'do," she whispers. He always has known, just denied it. For her? She'd like to think he had his own reasons. She draws back a bit to look into his eyes, her own hopeful... almost fearful. "Take me with you?"

Telling Cress. Even after she thought everything was okay, Linora finds Cress more confusing than ever. His reaction when she tells him about her recent 'adventure' at High Reaches takes her a bit by surprise...
Linora is definitely turning pink under that tan, her eyes looking anywhere but at Cress. "She wanted /me/." Of course, Hyzen had been easy enough to distract, but that didn't change how shocked Lin had been, to be the target of a greenrider's... attentions.

Hyzen Comes Back... After that last visit, Linora's a little wary... but Hyzen is still her friend. With good advice. And maybe an answer to Lin's dilemma?
Linora tilts her head, not quite following Hyzen's question. "He said he'd like it, if I came." Of course, not until she'd asked him outright. She looks even more doubtful now. "An'... I don't think he's gonna settle." Wondering again if sleeping under the stars... unprotected by stone... would be as scary as she thinks it would be. Blink. She looks at Hyzen again, almost not believing the offer. "You'd... do that? For me?" Then he wouldn't seem so far away. Only... three heartbeats, right?

Secret's Out? Dinner with Diena feels distinctly like a cross-examination. Or is that just Linora's guilty conscience?
Diena smiles shyly "Well, I have to admit it's been fun work. I mean, most of the time I just sitout in the field and listen to the wind. And sometimes" she grins "even catch glimpses of conversations."

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