Pillow Fight

Naomi rolls over, pillow still clutched mercilessly around her head, covering her ears. Feet hastily kick off her blankets, and she moans a little, before rolling cleanly off her cot and onto the floor, landing in a pile of blankets. Sigh. Eyes open suddenly, and she looks around, somewhat frantic. "What... what happened?"

Chaya wakes up, stretching her lithe form. She strokes a waking Copper, and the bronze chirps sleepily. She turns to look at Naomi. "Nightmare, I think." She says, misted eyes sympathetic.

Linora sits up with a start. Shells, hadn't she just told Aaron the girls' dorms were quiet? She looks to see Naomi on the floor in a pile of blankets, and blinks. "You okay, Naomi?"

Naomi sniffles, clutching a bit of the blanket pile to her chest. "It was... /horrible/. Horrible." Eyes are raised, and she looks at Chaya, then at Linora. "You were there!" And she turns, looking back at Chaya. "And you! You were in my head!" Uh. Right. "Don't hurt me." Sniffle.

Chaya bites her lip, and offers the other a hand. "Well, it's over now." She tells the other girl consolingly. Copper chirps, confused at Naomi.

Linora blinks again. What a thing to wake up to! "Nobody's gonna hurt ya," she adds, just as confused as Chaya's flit.

Naomi looks positively terrified of Chaya, backing away slowly. The younger girl gets a snarl from the blonde senior apprentice, as she scrambles back into bed and covers her head in a pillow. Linora gets a sharp request of: "Save me!"

Chaya stares. Copper chirps again, his eyes whirling red with anger that his pet is being treated in this way. Chaya blinks. "I'm not going to hurt you..." She ventures, eyes worried.

Linora tries to stifle a giggle, not really successfully. "Really, Nao... nobody's gonna hurt ya! It was just a bad dream." Or something. She gives Chaya a sympathetic look, tapping her temple with one index finger and nodding very slowly, knowing that Naomi won't see it with her head under the pillow. Nao's a little... crazy at the moment...

Naomi slowly, ever-so-slowly removes her head from beneath the pillow, and creeps across the room, zombie-like, her arms outstretched in front of her and her eyes blank. Expression dazed, and unaware, she shuffles in socked feet across the floor, making nice little scraping noises. She approaches Chaya, arms still outstretched, and then pulls her arms back, eyes bulging. "Good morning!"

Chaya stares some more. Finally Copper lashes out, his head flying out from beneath the sheet of slivery hair. *screeeeee* <<You leave my humanpet alone!>> He screeches, his eyes spinning red. Chaya grabs his muzzle. "You stop that!" She orders.

The screeching and yelling rouses the sleeping blue in Linora's cot, and he adds his own dulcet tones to the general clamor. Linora instinctively covers her ears with both hands.

"What'd I do?" Naomi chimes innocently, settling herself down on an unoccupied cot beside Chaya. "Isn't it a good morning?" Perfectly angelic, this one. The blue upon her shoulder chirps cheerfully back at Chaya's Copper, also blissfully ignorant. And so, within a chaotic mess of noise and greetings, Nao picks up the pillow closest at hand and throws it at Chaya's head.

Chaya oofs as the pillow hits her head. SHe reaches for a pillow her self and whaps gleefully at Naomi. "Yes." She said between pillowswings. "It." *swing* "Certainly." *swing* "Is." *whap.* And we have a connection!

Naomi topples over, landing on the ground with a loud *thump* noise. "Ow." Not that she seems pained in any way. The pillow previously thrown is retrieved, and the girl steps forward, adding her own swings and whaps to this grand pillowfight, until, of course, the pillow's seams break, spilling feathers on the floor. Not to worry, though, 'cause right by Linora's cot is another pillow, which is promptly snatched and swung at Linora, herself. "Good morning," she greets, between swings.

Diena has connected.
Diena wakes up.

"Ow!" Not that Linora's hurt - just surprised. She grabs a pillow herself and springs off her cot, swinging... well, flailing... at Naomi. She's probably have a bit better aim if her eyes were open. "I'll give you... a good... morning!" Spray vaults off the cot as well, wisely fluttering off to find a safe perch near the ceiling.

Chaya's pillow swings, not really caring if it connects with either Linora or Naomi. Instead it flumps Diena, who just woke up. Chaya giggles, and throws an apology to the sleep other-person before going after Nao, who started the whole thing.

Diena groans and rolls over.. pillow fights? This early? She sits up "Are you guys just getting to sleep?"

Naomi dives at Linora, arms going around the other girl's waist in an attempt to bring her down onto the cot she was at before, pillow discarded. It's StarCraft wrestling, ladies and gentlemen. That's quickly forgotten, though, as Nao springs forward to tackle Chaya, looking at Linora over her shoulder and giving a wink. "It is good."

Chaya is tackled. She flumps back onto her bed, shreiking a little. "Hey!" Copper chirps alarmedly, and soars off the shoudler before he can be flumped onto the bed as well. Chaya eeees as she is pinned, then tickles Nao, trying to get the other apprentice to get off of her.

Linora shrieks as she is grabbed, then un-grabbed, giggling a bit as Nao turns her attentions to Chaya and is met with a tickle-attack. Tackle, tickle. Woohoo! She retrieves her pillow and dashes over to join the fray, slipping in the pile of feathers and hitting the floor with a thump. Undaunted, she reaches up to add her own tickling. Whee!

Naomi is... tickled. And laughs. It's almost mechanical laughter, followed by a couple of shrill shrieks, and she pulls Chaya down onto the feathery floor next to herself and Linora. "Anyone feel like..." Choke. Laugh. Cough. "Breakfast?"

Chaya giggles breathlessly. "I guess..." She says after a few more involuntary giggles. She gets off the feathery floor, brushes the worst of the feathres off, and grins.

Linora pushes up onto her knees and brushes feathers off herself, coughing from the exertion and the dusty feathers. "Sure," she says, grinning. She gets up onto her feet and tosses her pillow at Diena. "You coming, Dee?"

Diena shakes her head "I would but I have a class in a few minutes.. Ill catch up with you later" she nods groggily.

Naomi stands, slipping once, then righting herself again. "Yah. Food. Dining hall?"

Naomi bounces to the Vault.