Linora of Harper's Tale
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Apprentice Project
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The Rescuing Shipfish

Apprentice Scroll

Six bright stars form the outline of the battered vessel; another four its broken mast. Random dimmer stars indicate the tattered mainsail, and a cluster of tiny stars, the rescuing shipfish.

A small fishing boat was trawling off the coast of the southern continent when a sudden storm developed, taking the crew by surprise. All three crew members being experienced fishermen and sailors, they did their best to 'batten down the hatches' and prepare to ride out the storm, but the sea was not their friend that day. Roiling waves tossed the little ship; howling winds and furious breakers snapped the mast and shredded the sails. In desperation, the men clung to whatever support they could find - railings, ropes, anything - as timbers screamed and twisted and the hold rapidly filled with seawater.
Just as the crew were about to abandon all hope, a squeeing sound came to their ears, the high pitch cutting through the wail of the winds and the crashing of the sea. The captain looked over to see a number of 'shipfish' circling the floundering vessel, his eyes widening in amazement as the squeeing began to sound like ... speech?
The pod of dolphins quickly rallied, and the crew were delivered to the safety of the shallows just as the storm blew out to sea. Too weary to travel immediately, the grateful men camped on the beach that night. As they gazed into the stars, a pattern seemed to emerge... at first dismissed as overactive imagination... but it didn't take much to spot the outline of a battered vessel in the points of light above, or a dolphin in the splash of tiny stars on the ship's port side.

OOC Note:
In order to be promoted to Senior Apprentice, the StarCraft requires each apprentice to submit a 'scroll' -- a chart of a constellation, and the story behind it. ICly, these scrolls are the result of a lot of research, poring through the archives and updating charts of existing constellations... but the truth is that each player invents a brand new constellation and story to make their character eligible for promotion. Seems hard at the time... then they spring a Journeyman project on us!