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A Turn at High Reaches Weyr

Arrival. It's already winter when Linora and her mentor, Keris, arrive at High Reaches Weyr. By this time, Lin's already seen a Northern winter, but she finds herself a bit unprepared for the Weyr's version of hospitality when her mentor abandons her to the whims of Lis and Pyrene.

The Turns at StarCraft haven't made Linora any less gullible; the girl just gapes. "He... /what/?" She looks from one rider to the other, completely forgetting about the gear she's dropped. "He's just my mentor," she explains. "Ain't there dorms or something... anything?" They can't really mean for her to sleep in a tent. And Keris can't /really/ mean to keep her warm... can he?

Introductions. Linora takes a break from skywatching from the wind-whipped Star Stones to warm up in the caverns and meet a few of the Weyr residents.
Linora fixes a bright grin on Tal for her interest, putting down her broth long enough to finally shrug out of her jacket. "Well, just lookin' at the stars is easy," she says teasingly. "Y'gotta learn what it is you're lookin' at, though, t'start t'make sense of stuff." She shrugs. "I been in the Craft 'bout four Turns now, an' if this project goes well, I oughta finally walk the tables soon." Which would be worth all the work. And all the cold.
More New Faces. The cavern's definitely the place for meeting folks, since people hardly ever venture up those winding stairs...
Linora grins. "Oh... I only been t'Ista Weyr, but I wasn't payin' much attention t'the walls," she admits. "I only been here a couple sevendays anyhow, an' most of it either freezin' on the Star Stones or bent over charts in the craft area." This doesn't seem to cause her any particular concern, however. "StarCraft," she adds, in case the colors are unfamiliar to the stranger. "I'm Linora."
An Unexpected Visitor. Another trip to the caverns. This time, Lin runs into probably the last person she expected to see at the Weyr. Or possibly ever again.

Linora finally turns away from the hearth, cradling her mug in both hands and blowing the steam off it as her pale eyes flicker curiously around the cavern. Yumi's nod is spotted and returned with a bright smile, but it's the shape in the corner that makes her look twice. Well... maybe she's not awake yet? "Rathan?" Probably, if he's hiding in a corner.

Biology Lesson? Seems everything happens in the caverns. On this particular visit, Lin hears an interesting theory or two on conception, then finds herself dancing with a complete stranger.

Linora doesn't know Miri /or/ E'ren, so forgive her if her smile is a little blank. Friendly, but blank. "I'm Linora. Starcraft apprentice. Well, senior, but that don't really mean anything outside the Hall." She pulls a bit of a face, then the bright smile returns. "Nice t'meet ya." She takes another look at Shaela then, and adds a thoughtful little comment. "Course, it'd prolly be better ifya... /you/ know. A lot. That'd work better'n klah. Or cider."

Breakfast With Tatia. Lin finally catches up with an old friend.

Linora thinks for a minute, her brow furrowing in concentration, then shakes her head. "Ali took me on a tour, ages ago, but it was a bunch of hops Between an' circling over places. Mostly." The little grin returns, almost sheepish this time. "Not like appies rate a lotta dragonrides," she reminds her friend.  Tatia grins, lifting her mug in indication. "Depends on who you know, now doesn't it?" she questions with a swift wink.

Another Visit. Lin wasn't going to make it through this project without her share of distractions once Rathan figured out where to find her.
Linora seems torn between disappointment and relief at the subject change... but it's probably safer to avoid bending those pesky apprentice rules when she's so close to promotion. Of course, she's not considering that Rathan's a good bit further from walking the tables than she is (which carries complications all its own), so her smile is bright and unworried...
A Very Pleasant Distraction. Pleasant, confusing... see, there is a reason for that "no relationships for apprentices" rule! (Don't worry, kids -- it's all PG)
Her studies should be enough, right? Linora just assumed that the stars would be enough for her, to keep her happy. She'd been wrong once, and tried hard to forget... but this just feels so /right/. "It don't take long t'learn," she whispers, reaching to wrap her arms around him and resting her head on his shoulder. "We should prolly get back," she adds in a reluctant murmur. Of course, that'd be easier if she weren't holding on so tightly.
Scrubbing Dsalth. If there's a lake, sooner or later Linora will find it. It's a good bit chillier than she's accustomed to, even in summer, but the company was definitely interesting.
P'rru stands shivering in the water that laps just midway to his chest. Dsalth of course has to practically lie down on the bottom, at this shallow depth, just to get the water level hitting his sides at all. "Right, yes, lughead, I'd forgotten you were so desperate to get clean.." sarcastically he answers the dragon. "Oh Linora, would you mind giving me a hand? 4 hands are so much better than 2 when there's this much old, wrinkley hide to cover..."
Lin's Afternoon Off. Well, nobody works all the time. So when Lin's new friend offered her a ride back to Gar for an afternoon, she jumped at the chance to reconnect with an old friend.
Linora shakes her head, and her grin turns almost embarrassed. "I got a free afternoon at the same time that P'rru wanted t'go swimming at Ista, so he an' Dsalth dropped me here for a visit." Odd she hadn't chosen to visit her family at Ista, maybe? Maybe not. After a moment's consideration, she picks up her towel again and makes her way across the water and up the rocks to sit down near Rathan.
High Reaches' Hairdresser. Of course, the folks at High Reaches seem to have interesting notions about hair care.

Linora doesn't miss the critical examination of her hair, but doesn't seem terribly disturbed by it. "Thanks," she says simply, pausing for a moment or two to concentrate on her breakfast again. But she does give Lhana another look at the purple comment. "I... don't think I'd like my hair purple," she remarks quietly, and as non-judgmentally as she can manage.

Something To Look Forward To? Another visit to Gar starts Linora thinking about her future.

"Just a few more months to go now. And... I don't think I wanna get posted just yet," she adds. "Reaches is just too cold, and I dunno where else I'd go. Ista maybe... but I thought it'd be good to stay here at the Hall for a while and teach." Sure, journeymen journey. But that's not /all/ they do. And maybe Lin has other reasons for wanting to be back at the Hall that's been her home for most of the last five Turns.

Pregnant 'Rider Down! Lin's study break at the lakeshore is unexpectedly interrupted by a medical emergency of sorts...

Linora might have gone on staring absently at the lake until full dark, but something about a worried dragon and a frantic brownrider draws her out of her reverie. When she spots Tatia out cold on the ground, she scrambles off her rock to the greenrider's side. "Tat?" She slips an arm under her friend's shoulders, turning anxious eyes to the only other conscious person left on the beach.

Promises in the Dark. Yup, definitely something to look forward to.

Linora's eyes fly open wide, and she nearly tumbles right off the bench in her surprise. She doesn't quite hit the ground though, sitting up quickly with a sharp intake of breath that somehow turns into a sheepish little giggle. "Jays, Rathan. You scared me half to death!"

Crashing the Hall. Linora probably could have figured that visiting Gar with Lis would be a Bad Idea, but she really didn't know the greenrider very well. Live and learn...

Linora barely has time to blink before Lis is out of bed and on her way to the Vault, apparently without having bothered to dress. Whoops. She's got her mouth open to suggest that Lis rethink this course of action when she abruptly hears her mentor.

And As Long As She's Still At Gar... At least she's consistent?

"Hey, you." The greeting is softly uttered, but Linora's voice carries easily in the still morning air. She tucks a wisp of hair behind one ear, pale eyes still fixed on Rathan, waiting for him to turn and look back at her.

So THIS Is A Weyrbrat! Linora had been wondering. Well, not really. She found out anyway.

Auryn barely looks up from her toys. "Hello," is replied, blue eyes looking at Linora for a moment. "This is Druseth," she explains, shaking the brown dragon in the air. "He's chasing Alymath." Who is, obviously, the green plush toy. The girl's face is serious as she tries to tangle the animals' necks, but they're not that easy to handle.

Visiting Gar. Linora should probably just stay hidden at Reaches. If she's not bending apprentice rules, she's mixed up with that darn greenrider.

Linora follows almost reluctantly. She's never been one for pranks, even in her newest appy days, but she can trust Lis, right? Ahem.

A Special Request. It's rare that any non-crafters venture up the winding stairs to the StarCraft area, so Linora's surprised by Kh'ryn's appearance, but glad to help.

Linora frowns thoughtfully. "There's a couple constellations with dolphins in 'em," she begins, taking the stack of hides over to one of the worktables and flipping open a glowbasket for some extra light. "Um... you know that stars aren't really dead dolphins, right?" She peeks very seriously over her shoulder at him. "Those are just stories."

Explaining Charts. Well, it got around to that, eventually, when some of the insanity settled down.

Linora starts to relax a little as this begins to seem like a normal conversation. Nobody coloring their hair weird colors or lying on the floor for no apparent reason. "Mostly at night I'm up on the Star Stones and stuff," she adds, by way of clarification.

Homecoming. At long last, the Turn of work is over, and the shivering Starries make their way back to Gar.

Linora hurries out after Keris, rather heavily laden herself--a pack over each shoulder and a well-wrapped bundle of hides in her arms. "Coming!" Oh, /please/ don't leave without her.

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