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StarCraft Senior Apprentice

Linora grew up at Ista Hold, the youngest child and only daughter of simple, hardworking parents. Her eldest brother apprenticed himself to the SeaCraft when Lin was still quite young. The SeaHall being quite close to the Hold proper, Lin saw her brother often during his apprenticeship, and treasures the memories of the stories he would tell her of all the things he was learning. During his last summer home before he shipped off for the last time, this brother had spent many a long night with his devoted little sister, pointing out various constellations and telling her stories.

By the time Linora reached her teenage years, those nights were a distant memory. Although she remains fond of her brother, it's been Turns since she's seen him or heard from him. Finally, at 15, Linora left home and joined the StarCraft to learn more about the stars that were now her only connection to her beloved brother, finding comfort in the familiar patterns and imagining him looking up at the same sky, wherever he might be.

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Linora at 20

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