Linora of Harper's Tale
Description and Personality

Description and Personality
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PC History

When she first arrived at Gar and presented herself at the StarCraft Hall, Linora appeared to be barely out of her childhood - even though she was well into her teens. Her movements were awkward as well, and unrefined. In the Turns since she's been with the Craft, Lin has matured physically - in addition to having some experiences that more or less forced her to grow up a bit, shattering the rather childish innocence that characterized her early RP.

Despite generally adhering to the Craft rules that govern apprentices' behavior, Linora has had a number of adventures during her apprenticeship, as the logs of her RP will attest. She's managed to make some lasting friends, fall in love, have her heart broken, and even travel a bit.

Today, nearly five Turns later, Lin is officially posted at the High Reaches Weyr (with her mentor, Keris, of course!) working on a charting project that will hopefully lead to her eventual promotion to journeywoman. Dealing with the extreme change of climate, plus the vagaries of the dragonriders who obviously inhabit the Weyr, is helping her to discover new levels of patience and strength within herself which will undoubtedly help her when her turn finally comes to lead other apprentices in their Craft studies.


Honey-blond tresses, sunstreaked with platinum highlights, tumble heavily to a spot just above her hips, although her hair is generally worn in a single thick plait down her back. Short in stature, girlish in appearance; nonetheless she has a look about her pale blue eyes that's old beyond her Turns. Set in a warmly tanned oval face, they remain her most striking feature, more for the odd gleam that lights them than for color or shape. Full lips are just a fraction too wide, quick to warm her distant expression with a genuine smile or merry laugh.
A lightweight cotton shirt, crisp and cool, is tucked neatly into a pair of tan trousers - sleeveless, with a softly scooping neckline, dyed a soft, robin's-egg blue. The trousers, amazingly, actually seem to have been made to fit her, tailored flatteringly to waist and hips, following the lines of her legs and hemmed neatly just below her knees. On her feet she wears a pair of knotted wherhide sandals.
Red and silver, royal and black -- four cords form a single loop at her shoulder, with a small tail to denote her status as StarCraft Senior Apprentice posted to High Reaches Weyr.
Linora is 20 Turns old.