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Journeyman Project
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Charts of the Northern Skies, 30th Turn, Tenth Pass

It was already winter when Linora and her mentor, Keris, arrived at High Reaches Weyr for a Turn-long charting project. With no Starcrafters posted to the Weyr, it had been Turns since the sky charts were last updated. Since things do change (albeit slowly) in the heavens, it fell to Keris as ranking Charting specialist to see that new charts were made. The actual work was left to his mentee, naturally.
It took a little time to adjust to the chilly climate and all the new faces, but most of the time Lin was too busy to worry about it. That and the fact that she kept such odd hours -- camping on the Star Stones by night with her notebook, transcribing charts in the wee hours of the morning, and then sleeping most of the day.
Of course, it wasn't all work, all the time... there were a few (very few) occasions when she accepted the generous offers of her dragonrider friends (who certainly didn't mind the change of climate) to visit Gar for short periods. Since at least part of that time was spent in the Archives comparing notes, the socializing aspect might be excused. After all, what the Journeymen don't know...
At long last, the final charts were finished, and the prodigal 'crafters returned to the Hall, weary from travel and glad to be home. Lin spent a sevenday or so in the Archives, cleaning up her final copies, then presented them to Keris with bated breath. Would he finally think she'd done enough work to merit that long-awaited promotion?
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