A Visit From Hyzen...

Crystal Lake
As you walk along the path, you find yourself near the center of the valley. Situated here, is Crystal Lake. This lake is named for its clarity. At nearly 100 feet, things can still be seen as if they were closer! Unfortunately, this is also a danger, as one has trouble gauging depth, so swimmers beware! A natural spring feeds the lake from underneath, keeping it a nice 80 degrees, even in the winter, though it can get much warmer in the summer. A large square has been set up a short distance for the shoreline.
It is a winter sunrise.

Imbriath saunters with a flash of foxfire and elven gold in from the Hold Field.

Over hill, over dale, through bush, through brier; over park, over pale, through flood, through fire: midsummer green wanders everywhere, swifter than a moon's sphere to illuminate the mercurial elegance of this fey green. Emerald shadows dapple her dreamy hide, kissing the curvy sweep of her rump and tail, and freckling her underbelly with elven gold, while foxfire spins its tricksy fancies in amongst the thicket of her crafty 'ridges. Like love, every shift in hue from pixie's head to laughing tailtip savours the effervescence of her puckish frame, and creeps down to hide in the acorn cups of her earthy paws. Moonlight tangles in the wild forests of her wingsails, even as tomfoolery spangles the starlight sheen of her whirling eyes.
Washing 'longst gorgeous absinthe neck are a splash of foam creamy straps; tumbling down from the small saddle perched betwixt the fourth and fifth 'ridges. Like the sweet milk given from a bovine, the rich colour of the two neck straps meld with the dragon that wears them. Inticately stitched, length by length, are grasping and gracious fingers of the terreverte ivy vine. Etched with the pure and undiluted thread of green, they seem to creep swiftly down Imbriath's neck and to hug about her strong chest. Perched, like over-sized no-winged firelizards, betwixt the caressing ridges of Imbriath is Hyzen.
Imbriath is 2 Turns, 2 months, and 8 days old.
She is 45 feet (13m) long, with a wingspan of 75 feet (23m).
Imbriath seems to be listening.

Linora is sitting on the grassy shore, looking out over the sparkling lake, her knees hugged to her chest.

Wings flare, harsh golden sunlight spewing off the emerald hide of Imbriath as she erupts out of ::between::, bugling defiantly. Slowly she begins a downward spiral, head snaking every which way until she spots Linora. Ahhh... now, there's what she's been looking for. All a girl wants... all a girl needs. Coming to a landing, the greenlet crouches and growls softly, her dark beauty shown in the bright glow of her hide. Hyzen slipes down the straps, landing with a faint thud. "Linora."

Hyzen, glancing towards the ground far below, slipes down the smooth hide of Imbriath and towards the ground with help of lifted paw.

lake monster bobs and weaves menacingly on top of the water.

Linora hears the bugling first, then sees the shadow of dragonwing, twisting around to watch with delight as Imbriath wings in for a landing. She scrambles to her feet as Hyzen descends and greets rider and dragon alike with a broad grin. "Hey, Hyzen... Imbriath. Get too cold for ya up there?"

Imbriath shuffles her paws, moving away from Linora and Hyzen for now, glittering opals focused upon that... that thing on the water. What the Faranth was /that/? She doesn't seek out her lifemate's answer right now. She can figure it out, she can! Wings tucked tightly to her back and head low, greenlet slinks towards the water and the figure. Hyzen ignores her dragon as she studies Linora. Oooh, poor Linora. Folding her arms across her chest, the girl grins broadly. "How've you been, Linora? No, not really. Needed time... away..." For some odd reason, ne?

Linora shrugs, happily oblivious to anything odd about Hyzen's visit... or her attitude, for that matter. "Oh... I been okay, I guess." Been worse, been better. She does notice Imbriath slinking toward the lake monster, and bites back a grin before looking back to Hyzen. "How 'bout you?" She sits herself back down on the shore for a good view of dragon vs. monster.

lake monster is blown too far from it's anchor chain and ducks under the water, wood or not.

lake monster pops back out of the water, several yards from where it had disappeared.

Imbriath squeaks... or a sembelence of one, as the thing disappears under the water. Heyhey! I wasn't through with you! Wings force out away from her body and she gives a launch into the air-- shallow, so as not to go too high. Moving across the water, she examines it for the Creature, curious as all get out. Come out, come out where ever you are... Hy giggles softly before making her reply, eyes darting to the green momentarily. "I've been pretty good, actually." But there's a darkness in her eyes as she reviews the last few days and the happenings. "Could be better in some aspects." Sidling towards Linora and her seat, she plops down rather... really close to the other. "You know, I like visiting you..." Eeep! Run while you still can? Imbriath gives a cry of triumph as the thing reappears, wings fluttering as she lowers as close as she can without getting wet. Head tilts in all sorts of ways as she examines the Lake Monster.

lake monster weaves in the breeze, the sections making it look like it's waggling across the water.

Giggling at Imbriath's antics, Linora doesn't even really notice how close Hyzen has plunked herself. "Really?" Turning now to look at Hyzen... the rider does seem to be rather... almost on top of her. She shifts just a bit, to a more conversational distance, and smiles brightly. "I like it when you an' Imbriath visit. It's fun." Even scrubbing a dragon breaks up the monotony of chores and studying. She leans back on her hands to watch Imbriath, her expression delighted.

Glowing amber/gold embers flash brilliantly in the rounded face of this small dragonrider, hinting at truths untold and the mysteries and joys of being young. Short bangs decorate the high forehead then lengthen back into her usual ponytail, banded together with a small runner-clip. Pert little nose tips slightly up at the end and small mouth is usually pulled into a thoughful and reflective line. Gentle neck extends downwards, drawing ones eye onto the flat chest and towards the jutting shoulders. Short arms, showing little in the department of muscles, lead unobtrusively into delicate hands... slightly calloused and seemingly fragile, they do hold the almost unnoticable knobs of the paintbrush and stylus resting spots. Curving waist leads completely into legs, not stopping for the hips of which there doesn't seem to be. Resembling arms as much as is possible, her legs are also short and seemingly under-muscled to the eye. Small feet poke out from the ends of her legs, not highly noticable to one how only gives her the cursory glance as is common for the quiet and thoughtful.
Shades of darkness spread smoothly over these rich brown leathers, accented by a soft lactescent fur. Ringing her neck, waist and cuffs for the warmth it provides in Fall and basic life in the 'Reaches-- and if one was to look close enough, they'd see that the fur wasn't fully white. The very tips are dyed just the sweetest hint of sage: to match the wild tangles of her beautiful lifemate. Careful and tedious stitching went into the making of the sienna riding leathers, inch by inch sewn with the finest emerald thread. Helmet is a matching brown, goggles either covering rider's face or perched upon the brow of the head-wear. A thick belt wraps her waist, small silver loops poking out 'round the whole thing for the snaps of the straps. Gloves, either snugged around small hands or tugged into the belt, have the same lining of soft fur and hue of burnt umber. Happily stuffed in his little pouch, wedge head poking out, is Phoenix.
Simplistic line of a bright orange twist around the neck of Hyzen, the small though detailed mountain and firelizards proudly shown along with the loving words etched into the essance. A delicate flash of intricate twining shines from the slender finger of young Hyzen; thusly the shape of a hand-wrought ring.
Circling around and around are two brilliantly hued cords on Hyzen's left shoulder: a deep blue and staring black. Dancing with the two colours is a third of proud emerald green, a ribbon worked into the two cords with delicate care. Chevron-shaped badge with sapphire as the background superimposed on dark mountains. More startling still, a pair of dragon's eyes flare out of the cragged peaks, picked out in crimson and gold thread, echoing the dancing flames which lick up from the badge's bottom edge with bold eagerness and untamed hunger in an accurate visual description of the wing's riders themselves.
She is awake and looks alert.
Hyzen is 18 Turns, 1 month, and 19 days old.
Hyzen has no apparent threadscoring.

Lower... and lower does the young green sink in the air and towards the water, wings flapping frantically to keep her airborn. Tail weaves slowly behind her-- sinuous as if to mimic the Monster's actions. Imbriath is one of infinate curiosity... when there wasn't a male around in her current state. Finally, she gives up on the vtol actions and lowers fully into the water a slight distance from the thing and swims slowly towards it. Perhaps it bit her? Like that nasty spiderclaw had? Hyzen watches, laughing bubbling up before she turns back to Linora. Aww... no moving away from her. Shifting her position, she tries to re-close the distance. Meh. "And we love coming here. Especially when you're around." How would the poor girl take an arm around the shoulders? Least Imbri is away from males of her species... so Hy's not nearly as bad as she was last time. Poor Living Caverns. Lis-in-making?

lake monster is attacked from underneath by a small, escaping air bubble and almost leaps out of the water a foot or so before landing with a splash.

Linora's eyes are on Imbriath, but she certainly can feel Hyzen scootching up close to her again. Mistake? She's not sure, so she shifts over a bit again. Shells, it's a pretty big lakeshore, plenty of room, right? "Me?" Of course, Hyzen had told her before that Imbriath liked her, but she's still getting used to the idea.

Imbriath bugles loudly as the thing leaps from the water, legs backpedaling so as to get away from the demon! Turning tail when she's sure it can't nip it, the greenlet swims back to shore and thunders out of the water, shaking it everywhere before going to hide behind Hyzen-- as best she can. It tried to /eat/ her! Gobble her up like there was no tomorrow! The horror! Hyzen gahs softly as she gets sprayed, eyeing the bobbing thing then her dragon intently. "It did not." The dragon babbled comments are pushed aside as Hyzen again tries to close the distance. Sheesh, Linora was a flightly one today. "Yes you..." is whispered. Oi. A poke is given Imbri. "Would you like to visit High Reaches today?" Yes, and get her green back among the male dragons and release the terror that is a Kamikaze green upon the LC once again!

lake monster slaps the water a few times as it settles back to gentle floating, almost as if chuckling to itself.

Linora giggles as Imbriath hides behind them, brushing droplets of water off herself. At Hyzen's invitation, her eyes get big. That last trip to 'Reaches had had repercussions for months... actually, she was still kind of getting over it. And it's full winter now, not just early spring. "I'm not s'posedta leave the hall without permission... an' I'd really hafta get something warmer t'wear." No getting sick again... but is she seriously considering accepting? She must be completely clueless.

Laughing at her? The mighty Imbriath? Why... she'll show that thing a thing or two, she will! When it comes closer to shore and stops trying to eat her, that is. Cower. Clueless, eh? That's just... perfect. "I could wait..." All in that breathy whisper of a voice that Hy seems to have adopted from her last proddy session. Standing, she stretches before leaning gently against her dragon. "We have... all day... to spend with you." Imbri, meanwhile, is still watching the Monster to make sure it doesn't charge out of the water and try to eat her.

Linora gets to her feet. "Um... okay. I'll see if I can find Kezz or something. 'Course, she'll prolly wanna come, too, if she can... t'bug Tatia and stuff." As long as she doesn't have to get in the middle of /those/ two, she ought to be all right, no? Wrapped up in thoughts of permission and warmer clothing, she doesn't even really notice that Hyzen's talking funny.

Linora goes to fetch Kezzra, and returns a short time later...

Honey-blond tresses, sunstreaked with platinum highlights, fall just to her shoulders, curling slightly at the ends now that the weight of their previous mass has been reduced. A few wispy pieces refuse to be tamed, often falling into her face to be brushed impatiently behind her ears. She's more or less stopped growing, a mere fingerwidth above 5' tall, and though she'll probably never be overly curvy, she's lost the childlike look she once had. Her features are regular if not actually striking, except for her eyes: palest blue, nearly white, they shine in stark contrast to the smooth, even tan that seems never to leave her skin no matter what time of Turn it happens to be.
Linora has finally resigned herself to cooler weather and got some warmer clothing... Soft flowing skirts of deepest indigo flow over her hips and legs, hemmed just above her ankles. A thick woollen sweater, cableknit in a fisherfolk pattern and dyed a brilliant shade of lilac, covers her upper body from neck to hips, too-long sleeves often slipping down to cover her hands. And the final indignity, thick woollen socks and solid shoes of sturdy wherhide cover her feet - but rest assured they'll be kicked off at the first opportunity. Spray is curled lazily on Linora's shoulder, tail wrapped around her neck, apparently dozing as usual.
Red and silver intertwine in a single loop at her shoulder, the small red tail denoting her status as StarCraft Senior Apprentice.
Linora is 16 Turns, 4 months, and 16 days old.

Linora returns, journeywoman in tow, dressed a lot more warmly and carrying a jacket over her arm... actually the jacket Hyzen gave her last time, which she'd never had a chance to return. Just as well. She flashes Hyzen a bright grin. "Ready."

Kezzra will just be content to blink for the moment. She's being draged along. Okay. Whatever works.

Mayala walks in from the Hold Field.

Hyzen bows to the two as Linora returns with a second. "Ready to go?" For once she doesn't sound as if she's flirting. She wants to get home... for reasons of her own. Imbriath continues to watch the bobbing monster with a wary eye before whuffling towards Linora and Kezzra. "Do you have a jacket, ma'am?" is questioned of the latter before she motions the two to mount by paw and strap.

Linora clambers up onto Imbriath's neck a bit awkwardly, unused to having such heavy clothing on. Yeah, blame the clothes, like she's real graceful.

You step gently upon the proffered limb, grab the straps, and haul yourself up Imbriath's hide and into a seat protected by two streamed ridges.

Imbriath [Crystal Lake]
Over hill, over dale, through bush, through brier; over park, over pale, through flood, through fire: midsummer green wanders everywhere, swifter than a moon's sphere to illuminate the mercurial elegance of this fey green. Emerald shadows dapple her dreamy hide, kissing the curvy sweep of her rump and tail, and freckling her underbelly with elven gold, while foxfire spins its tricksy fancies in amongst the thicket of her crafty 'ridges. Like love, every shift in hue from pixie's head to laughing tailtip savours the effervescence of her puckish frame, and creeps down to hide in the acorn cups of her earthy paws. Moonlight tangles in the wild forests of her wingsails, even as tomfoolery spangles the starlight sheen of her whirling eyes.
Washing 'longst gorgeous absinthe neck are a splash of foam creamy straps; tumbling down from the small saddle perched betwixt the fourth and fifth 'ridges. Like the sweet milk given from a bovine, the rich colour of the two neck straps meld with the dragon that wears them. Inticately stitched, length by length, are grasping and gracious fingers of the terreverte ivy vine. Etched with the pure and undiluted thread of green, they seem to creep swiftly down Imbriath's neck and to hug about her strong chest.
Imbriath seems to be listening.

Kezzra, with the kindly help of a delicate forelimb, manages to pull themself up Imbriath's straps and betwixt ridges of star-kissed emerald.

Hyzen, with the kindly help of a delicate forelimb, manages to pull themself up Imbriath's straps and betwixt ridges of star-kissed emerald.

Mayala silently watches the little group, not saying anything, but admiring the green dragon.

Hyzen makes sure that the others are rightly situated before she straps herself in. Digging around in her large pouch at the side of the saddle, she produces a warm, down jacket like that of Linora's and hands it back to Kezzra. "It's cold in the 'Reaches." With that said, she's about to give the launch signal when Mayala is seen. Pausing, she glances back to the two before offering a smile. Was this other supposed to go too? If so, better speak up now or forever hold your peace. Greenlet shifts her weight, still watching the Monster until she's airborn. Evil, evil thing that it was. Trying to eat her.

Linora blinks, noticing Mayala for the first time and sending the girl a cheerful wave. "Hey, Mayala!" Then she glances at Kezz... she'd like to ask her new friend to join them but doesn't want to push her luck...

Mayala smiles at Linora and says, "Hi!" She wishes she could go with Lin but doesn't think it would be possible, even if she has nothing else to do.

Kezzra giggles, nodding a thanks to Hyzen as she slips into the jacket. "If you'd like to come it's fine by me. As long as this lovely rider and her green don't mind."

Mayala grins and looks up to the dragonrider with pleading eyes, "Do you mind?"

Hyzen laughs before adjusting her position. "I don't mind. Just step on Imbriath's foreleg there..." And she points to said part, "Grab those straps and haul yourself up." Greenlet obligingly holds up her paw, never taking her attention from the lake monster. "Just strap in and I'll check them to make sure you don't fall off." And out comes another jacket-- her final one-- and she waits for Mayala to mount before handing it over. (OOC: mount im)

Mayala, with the kindly help of a delicate forelimb, manages to pull themself up Imbriath's straps and betwixt ridges of star-kissed emerald.

Linora isn't scared, really... she's done this before... but she does make sure she's got a good tight hold on the riding straps before Imbriath takes off.

Hyzen checks Mayala's straps, pulling one a bit more secure before she grins and gives the jacket over. "Hang on tight!" Her arms rises in the air, balled into a fist before she yanks it down in the signal to fly. Imbriath, with one final snort to the Monster, launches into the air and gives the first critical three downsweeps. Circling high above the lake, she rumbles faintly before going against Hy's wishes and giving a little twirl in the air. Hah! The lake is so pretty upside down, don't you think? And with that, she pops into the darkness of ::between::.

You take off.

Above Gar
You soar high above the grassy plains of Gar. From here you can see the hold itself, nestled in the outcrop of a cliff face, and vast fields of farmland and grazing lands. Herds of animals roam the fields, under the watchful eye of Gar herders.
It is a winter midmorning.

Imbriath warbles softly as she prepares for the inevitable leap into the rigid coldness and nothingness, slipping easily into the domain of ::between::!

You hang, senseless, in the dark nothingness of ::between::... absolute darkness surrounds you, and the profound cold stings you... you wait, and count...
Above High Reaches
Quite, quite high, nothing braves these heights but stone and dragon and cloud; the Star Stones jut dutifully above the Weyr proper, flayed by the mountain winds that are consistant at this altitude whilst the rest spreads below, protected by its crown of jagged stone spires'-teeth.
It is a winter midmorning. The sun rises brightly in the eastern sky, turning the land into a painfully bright snow-covered panorama. The north wind dispels any warmth the sun might have provided.

Imbriath abruptly appears from that no-where, bugling loudly as the freezing winds of ::between:: follow her.

Linora blinks hard against the blinding brightness of sun on snow after the blackblack of between, still catching her breath from Imbriath's aerial acrobatics. Brrrr! Even colder than she remembered!

Mayala comes back from the shock of between. She's glad she's alive. What a ride!

You abandon the view from high above the bowl and circle lower, passing the Spires and Star Stones on the way down.

Above the Bowl
The ocean's tranquil thermals settle within the center section of the bowl's airspace, unusually smooth and bouyant -- though oft to switch as the seasons shift. Lingering beneath spires' constant presence, the perpetual activity of the weyr can be observed from every direction: from the testing rustle of dragonet wings, to the playful games sent aloft.

Wings tired? Or you just want to feel solid earth beneath your paws...

Central Bowl
Seven spindles brush the clouds -- quite literally -- overhead, a jagged, spired cotillion grey-stoned majesty. The bowl from here is expansively large, extending a full half mile in both directions, and although sometimes a bit of a stretch, most of the hubs of activity can be easily observed. Hard-packed ground shows the common pathways, all of them meandering about the craggy bunch of boulders that form a centerpiece: carven, hand-worn and foothold-full, it gives a bit of centerpoint to the otherwise vast emptiness of the area.
To the north lie the hatching grounds and leadership weyrs, while the lows of herdbeasts mark the feeding pens to the northeast. A flurry of ever-present activity marks the living caverns to the west, and another time-traveled path the ground weyrs just adjacent to the southwest. Southeast, a glint of blue shows the lake, glittering and cold.

Sasha strides confidently to the Caverns.

Imbriath lands with a light thump, crouching down as she waits for her passengers to dismount. Hurry, there are some fresh males just /waiting/ for her and her pretty glowing hide! Hyzen chuckles softly before sliding down to land on the paw. Patting her green, she then leaps from that to the ground, motioning for the others to follow.
Hyzen, glancing towards the ground far below, slipes down the smooth hide of Imbriath and towards the ground with help of lifted paw.

Living Caverns
The rough-hewn majesty of this cavern far outpaces any delight in the multitudes of curves that form its enclosure. The glabrous grey granite is shot through with translucent obsidian, lending subtly-veined sparkle to the walls and the foot-trodden smoothness of the floor that shows centuries-old placements of the scarred trestle tables; carven hollows give homes for the glow baskets and the coat-pegs that line the walls. No mosaics, no painting, no tiles: just a few well-done tapestries mark the pathway that lead to the kitchen to the north and the inner caverns to the west, and frame the nighthearth's stew and snacks, while a heavier strip of oiled canvas shields the unwary from the wind in the bowl.

Linora heads right for the hearth, shivering in spite of her jacket. At least she had a chance to dress more warmly this time - but warm for Ista's chilly winter nights is still rather light for winter at 'Reaches.

Mayala follows Linora. Even a late night swim never got as cold as this. She's glad she slipped that jacket on at the last minute.

Sasha slowly wanders into the cavern, looking furtively about in case anyone who saw the spectacle that happened the day before, should be about...Skulking in she slinks hoping to be unnoticed to the the hearth for her klah fix....

Kezzra lived at Reaches for awhile, just being inside is enough for now. "I don't think I quiet caught your name before." she says, as if asking for a name to be supplied, to the greenrider she just arrived with.

Hyzen saunters in, followed by a crowd of three. Mwahahha. Look what she and Imbri caught! Spotting Sasha, the girl moves towards her, light flaring in her golden-amber optics. "'lo Sash, look what we brought in!" A hand is waved towards the others-- and now that Imbri is back among the boys, Hy's in a worse state. Maybe they should keep her penned in the Weyr during her proddiness? If she goes out hunting like she just did. T'was her luck to snag two more'n she thought. Hehe. "Welcome to the 'Reaches!" is exclaimed to her passengers, laughter coming and overflowing as she eyes each one. Eeep. Join in the fun, Sasha? "Hyzen..." is given in reply to Kezzra's words.

From Mayala's shoulder, Zhaan huddles close to her, nuzzling her to warm her and himself up. Mayala is glad she brought her little blue wonder along.

Sasha looks unimpressed. She was kinda hoping to be ignored...but since Hyzen has acknowledged her presence sh must make the effort....." Hey Hyzie...more women? Could you not have found some nice blokes to bring for a cup of klah?" Sash is not herself, forgive her...the hormones rage too deeply...

Linora turns quickly at Kezzra's question, abruptly realizing she'd forgotten to introduce... shells, hadn't Kezz /lived/ at Reaches for a while? She'd assumed the journeywoman knew most, if not all, of the riders there. "Sorry, Kezz," she says with a grin. "An' that was Imbriath that brought us." She turns a smile to Sasha which kind of fades a bit at the other's words... Blink. What is she missing, here? If there are any other introductions to be made, someone else will have to take care of it; Lin's completely distracted now.

Hyzen sticks her tongue out at Sasha for her words. The other has to learn to live! Hehe. "If I could have, I would have. But..." And she casts a coy look towards the three and slowly slinks towards Linora. Haha... can't see her! Yes, stay by the fire... no! Shards and shells. But Hy was sneaky... and she circles the tables and ends up right at Linora's back. Winking towards Sasha, she slowly slides her arms around the other's waist and rests her chin on Lin's shoulder. "Thank you for the introduction, Linora..." Softly said as she nuzzles the ear on this side. Oooh yes...

Kezzra did live at Reaches for awhile. And the last time she was here she ways hiding in Purr's Weyr. Just cause she lived her doesn't mean she knows everyone.

Mayala blinks and hopes that action was because of the green's proddiness. She pets Zhaan and keeps an eye on Hyzen.

Sasha's eyes are dark and furtive.....she casts a slow gaze over hyzen's frineds and says nothing.....

Linora nearly jumps out of her skin as Hyzen's arms wrap around her waist and -eep- her ear is nuzzled?! Gasp! "Um... y-y-you're welcome?" Her eyes dart frantically around the caverns. Help? The hearth before her, Hyzen behind her... where to go, what to do?

Kezzra can't hardly help but giggle. Proddy green riders have always been rather ammusing and then Linora flipping. Far too entertaining.

Mayala sees that Lin needs a little help so she says, "Um...Linora? Can you come here for a moment? I need to ask you something." She steps a little way away from the warmth of the hearth and hopes Lin will follow her...without Hyzen.

There's no help in a Weyr when a proddy green is out on the rampage. Mwahahaha. That's exactly what Hyzen had been counting on, yes ma'am. The Caverns were her favorite hunting grounds for others to flirt with. Just ask Cayl or Ilare. They'll tell you horror stories of the last proddiness of this certain greenlet. Tightening her embrace, she gives little kisses along the nuzzled ear before darting a glance to Mayala. Ooooh no you don't... but if Linora really wants to move, Hy can't stop her.

Sasha's mug of klah is filled and she slinks to a seat, curling up and enjoying the warmth of the hearth. Grinning slightly at Hyzen, she remembers all too well what Hyzen is like when the urge takes her....

Can't stop her? Linora's counting on that as she tries to wriggle free of Hyzen's embrace. This is just... /wrong/, isn't it? "Hyzen, stop it! Please?" She turns pleading eyes to Mayala. She's following. Really. Honest.

Cayl silently, suavely, glides in from the Central Bowl.

Kinecha saunters quietly in from the Central Bowl.

Kezzra slips up beside Hyzen and Linora. Not that she would really know what she might be getting herself into, but who ever does with greenriders in this state. "Hyzen, dear, why don't you just let her be?" Linora's only an apprentice and doesn't seem to be taking this all too well.

Kinecha's eyes sweep the cavern as she enters, spotting people she'd seen before. StarCrafters. Her movement takes her to the hearth, where she pours a mug of klah, then takes a seat at a table, where she can observe the other people here.

Kinecha pulls off her wherhide gloves, one finger at the time, then slips them into the pockets of her jacket.

Sasha's eyes gaze with amusement over her klah mug and chuckles slightly...almost wishing she were as forward....but unfortunately there is no one she can flirt with comfortably...although if the hormones get the better of hr who knows what she'll do. Pity Oren isn't about...she missed a good opportunity there....

Hyzen is having way too much fun... but she doesn't like to be shunned-- not that she noticed it much. Letting Linora go, she turns abruptly at Kezzra's words and throws her arms around the other's neck. With no warning at all, she plants a hard kiss upon the other's mouth. So take that! Defiant eyes search Kezzra's for anything other than a returning desire. Mwahahah.

There's definately that nervous twitchy thing going on, the kind that if you stared at for too long you'd also develope it. Cayl slinks into the caverns, her eyes gazing widely about before she makes her way towards the food counter...cautiously.

Mayala becomes shocked at the action toward Kezzra but assumes she's delt with Hyzen's kind before. She's just glad Lin's safe.

Kezzra is about ready to die now. Oh wasn't that an interesting change of attention. "Hyzen. Go jump in the lake." said as the journeywoman attempts to keep a straight face. Cold seems to help. If only for a moment.

Kinecha raises an eyebrow ever so slightly, suddenly realizing what was happening here. No fighting today girls? The raised brow is followed by a halfsmile, as she sips her klah, her eyes twinkling as she watches Hyzen flirt.

Sasha sighs and with an effort tries to make small talk. "So you are from Gar? My frined Tatia and i were there the other day...." she emphasises 'friend' with a slight 'I don't wanna talk about it ' glare at Kinecha.

"I'll jump in the lake if you'll jump in with me..." comes the soft tone of Hyzen as she presses closer to Kezzra. She doesn't notice Cayl's arrival... nor that of anyone else. Playing gently with Kezzra's hair, she giggles softly. "You told me to leave Linora alone... why can't I get to know you better? You seem like such a nice person..." Watch and learn, Sasha friend. You don't have fun until you've tried both sides of the fence. Evilness.

Kezzra rolls her eyes. "I think I'll pass this time darlin." So doesn't need to get a cold here with a baby at home, right. Right.

G'deon quietly strides in from the Central Bowl.

Linora is still standing stunned, staring with undisguised amazement as Hyzen abruptly turns her attentions to Kezz. For a long moment she seems to have forgotten to close her mouth, then she sidles closer to Mayala. Suddenly everyone looks suspicious, and she fairly jumps away from Sasha as the poor rider tries to be polite. "Um... yeah... I know Tatia." Whimper. She backs away. Slowly.

Mayala becomes more and more sickened with every action of Hyzen. She just hopes Hyzen is easier to get along with when the green's not proddy.

Hyzen is shunned in more than one way, here. This was bad. Was she loosing her touch? At least she'd freaked Linora out. Letting her hands slide languidly down from Kezzra's neck, she takes a step back. "Maybe next time..." And NOW does she see Cayl. Woo! And look, there's a G'deon for Sasha! Go Sasha, go Sasha. Making sure the bluerider sees her, Hy moves enticingly towards Cayl, a wide grin on her face. "Oooh, Caaaayl. How're you doin', lovely?"

Sasha puts a hand on her face and stares broodingly into the hearth. In a reverie all her own she fails to notice any new entants to the cavern.

Mayala grins slightly at the stunned Lin and whispers, "I thought I'd at least try to help you out. I do have one question though..." She pets the crooning Zhaan and waits for Linora to recover a little before continuing.

Cayl has succeeded in being unnoticed! Which is /more/ then alright for this bluerider. She begins to quickly topple a plate with food stuffs, not picky and choosy as speed is key. Maybe she can sneek off to that little corner over there an hide in the nonexistant shadows? Now she understood Mzadith's love of Shadows. He had, in fact, taken a liking to them on his rider's behalf: For she'd be hiding for 80% of her life now. And now, she starts her slinking towards the... "Shells.." Cayl picks up the speed, pretending she doesn't even hear Hyzen. Nope, no proddy greeners around -here-. Nope. (Run)

G'deon walks in quietly making a quick survey of the caverns. Nothing out of order (yet) he heads towards the kitchens, assembling an early lunch for himself. That done he grabs a glass of juice and heads over towards the others.

Kinecha leans back in her chair, streching her legs out in front of her to cross them at the ankles. Smile on her face hasn't gone, just the opposite in fact, it's grown wider, as her eyes dart from one to the other in the cavern. Proddy riders? Great entertainment.

Linora backs away from Mayala, too. Poor Mayala will just have to wait if she wants Lin to be calm when she answers. "What?" She keeps right on backing up until *thump* she backs right into Kinecha's table. With a sharp intake of breath, she looks around, not even relieved to see a somewhat familiar face. Then a thought hits her - shells, does she have to go home with Hyzen, too? Finally she spots Cayl. Another person who looks just as uncomfortable as she feels. And she rides a dragon - that isn't green! Maybe she can take her home? Soon?

Pyrene wanders distractedly in from the Central Bowl.

Oh no, Hyzen wasn't going to let Cayl escape /this/ time! Picking up from her showy walk, she breaks into a run after the poor bluerider, giggling all the while. "Aw, come back, Cayl! What's to be afraid of? I won't hurt you!" Run, run, run. But the greenrider's smart. They always escape by the bowl exit... not this time! Cutting off from her pursuit, she stands so as to block any bowl-escape Cayl had been planning before advancing on the other. "What's the matter, sweetie? Not feeling too well? I can make you feel better!"

Mayala smiles at poor stunned Lin and whispers, "What is the purpose of this trip?" She giggles at the fact that she just came along for the ride, and because her curiosity of the Weyr overcame her.

Sasha's eyes flick from her lonely corner over to Hyzen...and her antics. And then she sees Gid getting food....filled with confusion she studiously tries to ignore him. .....but he's a man.....oooh not fair..."Hello G'deon" she murmurs stiffly...maybe he won't hear...

Pyrene sidles in, peering confusedly at the morass of people--a worrying percentage of whom seem to be proddy. "What is the purpose of /this/?" she mutters, over-hearing Mayala's comment. She'll just edge around the outside here and not get involved with the greenriders.

Aiana walks in and just begins to hear Hyzen speak and how she is blocking Cayl. Aiana glowers, brows furrowing and emerald eyes darkening to a stormy hue as she surveys the situation.

Kezzra's steps lead her over to Linora now. "Yes." she repeats Mayala's question. "Just why did we come here?" She's good at forgetting to ask that before hand sometimes.

Most people run for bowl, sure: That's where Cayl -would- have gone. Food is abandoned, plate clattering to a stop on a table she passes as she takes off as well. No lingering around, she's been through this before. Hyzen proddy was -not- fun! Aiana, Pyrene, and G'deon's entrances haven't been noticed by the bluerider as she takes a sudden 'dive' towards the kitchen, disappearing around it's corner.

G'deon slowly lets himself fall into a chair over by Sasha. "Hello, Sasha. How are you and Branwyth doing today?" he asks as he carefully settles his plate in his lap. His eyes flicker over to the other groups of people, but apparently he's much too hungry to worry about them as he tears into a sandwich.

Kinecha groans as she sees Aiana come in, disposing of her still halffull mug on the table in front of her. Why couldn't a guard just sit down in the cavern for a quiet mug of klah, without people fighting, proddy riders appearing, or rude ones coming to disturb a queit moment.

Hyzen pauses as Cayl makes a detour towards the kitchen. There wasn't an exit in there, was there? Giving a startled cry, the greenie dashes into the kitchen as well, ignoring the others as she disappears through the doorway. "Come back, Cayl! Just one little kiss, please?!" comes drifting back out before an eruption of laughter pursues.

Linora blinks, gaping stupidly at Mayala. Purpose? Then she looks over at Kezz. "On accounta Hyzen asked... I didn't know!" She wails helplessly. How /could/ she have known what Hyzen really had in her twisted proddy little mind? Hyzen was her /friend/!

An echoing clang resounds from the kitchen's direction, the sound of a pot slamming to the ground and a hoarse threat shouted, words lost in sliding sounds.

Sasha watches Cayl and wonders why she is being so quiet. Acknowledging Gid's presence, she arches a brow..."Thought you'd be avoiding me today...."

Kezzra giggles. "You just came beacause?" she asks of Linora. "No reason at all." Well Kezz doesn't always have reasons for anything.

G'deon studies Sasha for a long, quiet moment before shrugging, another bite taken from his sandwich. "Nah, forgive and forget, right? I know how hard it is to cool off after tempers flare... and I know you and Tatia well enough by now. Yesterday was just a... a fluke, that's what."

Giggles continue to emit from the Kitchen-- that of Hyzen's as she continues in her chase. Words, faint, come out but are too distant to be heard correctly. Another series of loud noises follow a short silence. The cooks are not going to be happy?

Pyrene watches and shudders, but finally gets up the nerve to drop into a seat and observe the goings on. "Who's flirting with who tonight?" she asks the nonriders in the room, in the vain hope that she might get a sensible answer.

Darien arrives from deeper in the Weyr.

Darien wanders into the caverns, and peers around, and waves to folks as he sees the crowd.

Aiana shoves her fisted hands in her pockets and just listend to the commotion. Jealous, no. Protective, yes.

Mayala giggles at Linora's answer. "Well, at least I have something to keep me occupied," she says shrugging slightly so as not to disturb her precious blue flit.

"Back!! Or...or...I'll hit you with..." There's a pause from the kitchen, the sound of more scrambling echoing from it's depths. Finally, a triumphant voice errupts! "A ...tubber.." Obviously the triumph has faded just a smidge. This is followed up by more crashing sounds as dishes are litterally nocked to the ground.

Elehu enters quietly in from the Central Bowl.

Darien blinks as he hears the sounds from the kitchen, and runs over to the kitchen doors, and peeks in, he's a baker app of course, and no one should destroy the kitchens, well, not unles sit's him, or the other baker apps running around here, "hey, who's messing up our kitchen?! I'm going to get into so much trouble, they're probably going to blame it all on me!"

Taking a deep breath, Kinecha ponders doing something about thise riders in the kitchen, but knew instinctively that there wasn't much she could do anyways. They're not gonna kill each other, after all. Right?

Aiana snorts at Darien, "Ain't no one gonna blame ya fer a mess y'didn't make...stop bellyachin'..." she tells him, as she brushes past and steps into the kitchen doorway.

The sound of a shattering bowl is heard, echoing in the following silence. Uh oh. A shrill scream is heard-- triumphant before Hyzen appears dragging a struggling Cayl by her arm. "Caught ya!" The ones gathered at the door are passed by... she's not shoving, but the kicking and flaying Cayl? Watch out! "Now, let's go sit in a table and talk all nice and quiet like..." Talk isn't the only thing on Hy's mind, though, judging by the look in her eyes.

Darien frowns to Aiana, "But I'm a baker, and just an apprentice at that, and we always get blamed for messes, even if we don't make them. Besides, it's still time to prepare food, what'll we do if they ruin all the stuff? I mean, can't keep this Weyr fed without clean food!"

Sasha's eyes have not completely unthawed towards G'deon....she casts him a look which is a mixture of the strange haunted hungry look that has invaded her eyes recently, and a frostiness which can only be attributed to the fact that he dumped her in the snow yesterday. "You should have left tatia and i to sort things out..." she growls...

G'deon stares in the direction of the kitchens as he cleans his plate and deposits it carefully on the table beside him. He stands slowly, a hand resting on his him. "Well, I suppose there are more than enough people here," he comments to himself. "I for one could use some fresh air," he mutters before looking down at Sasha. "Look, it wasn't you and Tatia I was worried about, to be perfectly honest. If you two want to go claw and beat at each other fine, just keep your lifemates far away. It's hardly worth it to lose perfectly healthy dragons because of your proddy-induced spats."

Is there any sudden resemblance between Blueriders and livestalk? Cayl not only is being dragged beyond her will, but as soon as she sees Aiana near the door way, she latches a hand onto the side panel, trying to stay her place regardless of the arms latched around her waste. "Aia! I can explain.." Not the best words to come from Cayl as she kicks back with a leg to knock Hyzen off her, looses her balance, and almost falls. Almost, for she's holding onto the panel..barely.

Aiana sees red, and her face is screwed up into a murderous expression, "Y'let her be..." she says giving Hyzen a hard poke-shove to the chest, and then follows it with a string of vile curses that is enough to make anyone's leathers curl and smoke, "She ain't no one's property t'be manhandled about... Let 'er go or I'll change yer gender fer ya..."

Elehu knocks the snow off her boots as she stands near the exit to the bowl, a confused frown on her face as she watches and listens to the goings-on around the cavern.

Mayala watches the interesting scenes unfold around her. Oh yes...this is much more fun than staying back at Gar.

Darien wanders into the kitchens, to go clean up the mess, he doesn't want to get in trouble after all, and sighs a bit, before he goes all the way in.

Sasha's face is a picture...furious she slams down her klah mug and stands to face him."As if I'd ever do anything to hurt Branwyth! How dare you!" she pushes past him and storms out of the cavern, oblivious to the chaos that is ensuing all around her, and if the truth be known half hoping he'll follow.

Sasha exchanges the protection of stone for the bowl outside.

Pyrene pulls up her legs and rocks forward in interest. Aiana is going to kill Hyzen. this could be interesting. A quick glance goes to Gid and Sash and she snorts lightly. "Watch it, you two. Behave." Pyrene, of course, being the model of good behaviour.

"Yeah, take it easy now," Kinecha says, getting to her feet and moving toward Hyzen, Cayl and Aiana. Probably more to prevent the Rude One from tearing the greenrider to pieces than anything else.

Linora stands completely still, unable to imagine a safe move to make. Even standing still might not be all that safe, for all she knows.

Hyzen yanks on Cayl's waist, trying to get her further out of the Kitchens until she's shoved. Blazing eyes come up to study Aiana and... *gasp* she lets Cayl go! "Ex/cuse/ me? Who are you to speak to me like that?" Due to her emotions, she leaps at Aiana and tries to drag her down-- clawing at whatever is in reach of her. Tidal wave of strong emotions! Watch out High Reaches... And doth a fight ensue? Of 'rider and resident? Stay tuned!

Mayala just stands there stunned. She stays close to Linora and hopes nothing really bad will happen.

Darien wanders around in the kitchen, picking up bits and pieces of the broken bowl or bowls, carefully, so he doesn't injure himself, and puts them on a counter, to deal with later on.

Kinecha moves quickly, wrapping her arms around the rider's waist, pulling her off Aiana. Okay so maybe the guard wasn't terribly fond of the girl, but fighting wasn't accepted. "Hyzen, will ya stop it," she says right into her ear, pulling her back from Aiana.

Elehu jumps to the side out of the way as Sasha goes storming past her.

From Mayala's shoulder, Zhaan flaps his wings, clearly upset by all the chaos. Mayala pets him to calm him down. Such a sensitive little blue wonder.

Linora feels like she's in the eye of a hurricane, huddling close to Mayala in the middle of the mayhem all around the cavern. And what happened to Kezz? And how are they going to get home?

G'deon's own face darkens as Sasha storms off. Setting his glass on the table beside his plate, he pulls his jacket more snuggly around his neck and moves to follow, only sparing a nod for Elehu at the door.

Aiana seemingly growls at Kinecha, not really noticing the scratch on her own neck as she doesn't let go of Hyzen's leathers, having grabbed fistfulls of the material, "Let me have at her!" Nobody attacks Cayl, proddy or no as far as she concerned, "Y'aint worth the air yer breathin'... /don't/ touch Cayl again unless'n she tells ya so..."

Pyrene decides that discretion is the better part of valour for fear that she'll blamed afterwards. Out the door she goes, trusting that Cadge will protect her from proddy riders and dragons in the bowl.

Pyrene exchanges the protection of stone for the bowl outside.

Hyzen struggles in Kinecha's grip, her dragon's mind and the strong emotions giving her more strength than she would originally have. Finally, she breaks away from the guard, snarling for the other to stay out of it. "This is between me'n Aiana, thank you..." Glowering optics turn back to the other, the anger flaring up before she's yanked back to the other. Leathers are so annoying sometimes. Fight, fight! Cat fight? Mwahah. Swinging a fist, though small, she sniffs at Aiana's words. "She's a bluerider an' c'n take care of herself you... you wherry hen! She's not your mate and I can do what I want with her! So take that!"

Cayl is being fought after. Really, she should feel proud, honored: However, she's far from it. "Getcha hands off her!" She states, watching Hyzen dive after Aiana. The bluerider's responce would have been more vehmement (sp), however with Kinecha's intervention she doesn't have the room to manuever and pry Hyzen away, nor the reason. Wait, now Aiana's... And Hyzen's.. "Shells. I give up. If anyone needs me I'll be over there trying to eat." She turns, throwing her hands up in the air and starting for her disgarded plate.

Darien returns from the kitchens, after cleaning them up in a somewhat decent manner, he leaves the others folks in there to do the rest, he at least got the broken bowl up, and things like that. As he wanders back out of the kitchens, he peers around, and frowns, then calls out, "Who wants some fresh klah and sweetrolls!"

Mayala begins to worry about how she's going to get out of this mess. Right now she really doesn't want to fly back to Gar on that proddy green with Hyzen.

Kinecha throws her arms wide, in a surrendering motion. What was happening to the weyrfolks and riders? This was the third fight (that she knew off) in only a few days. Not forgetting her duty to the Weyr, she intervenes between the two again, undecided as to who was attacting who, she just pries (sp) them apart as well as can be expected. "That's enough!!"

Taking a deep breath, Linora throws caution to the wind and slips across the caverns towards Cayl. Away from the pile of angry people by the door, and toward ... possible salvation? Not even sweetrolls distract her. In a moment she's standing shyly by the bluerider's table, hoping the crazed and the proddy won't follow. "Um... Hey, Cayl." Remember me? Please?

Kezzra is still here. Just quiet. She knows enough people here to get the three of them back to Gar. So if nothing else she'll find someway/

Aiana does duck this time and doesn't get hit. She glares though, not at Kinecha but at Hyzen, "Y'keep yer distance..." she says and then, spits on Hyzen's boot. Fiesty. She wasn't looking for a fight but she'll jump into a fray no problem, "She ain't yourn t'feel up anytime y'please...try /askin/ next time or I'll shuff y'aup yer dragon's backside do far y'ou'll be able t'see outta her eyes..." she turns then, "Keep her in check..." she tells the guard as she whirls around and goes to join Cayl.

Mayala suddenly notices Lin has left her side. She becomes a little frightened and silently follows Linora, hoping that no proddy dragonrider will notice she has no protection while she tries to get to her friend.

Elehu keeps her post over by the exit out to the bowl, hazel eyes watching everyone with that calculating gaze of a Healer assessing the possible damage. As things start to calm down a bit though she finally pushes herself from the wall and heads towards one of the tables.

Darien peers around, and frowns some, "No one wants fresh klah, or sweetrolls? After destroying the kitchen, someone could want something!"

Cayl is still, for the most part, very much on edge. Still, she has herself well and under control. Blinking to Linora, she narrows her eyes for a moment. "Hey...." Not Lina...Lora...no.. "Linora?" She was absolutely horrible with names. The bluerider's hand rubs at the back of her neck, mumbling something under her breath even while she tries to smile towards the starrie. "Not...not exactly Reaches..finest, right?" She states by way of an understatement. Aiana is spotted as she strides up, yet still that nervous twitch is there. Food is still abandoned. "Maybe we..should go for a flight. Yes, a flight. Maybe visit the beach?" Anything to get away from Hyzens, Tatias, and anything else creeping around these halls.

Oh, the horror! "You dare to spit on my boot, child?!" cries Hyzen as Aiana walks away-- but the poor rider is being restrained by Kinecha. "Let go, fardling wherry! This isn't your fight!" But the resident was out of range and the guard was rather strong. Scowling, she settles down and finally manages to yank out of Kinecha's grip. "Don't /touch/ me," she spits before stalking away. Ah... now she's free to attack someone else with her charm! Who should it be... but then she has another mood swing. Aiana was just too much, over there talking with Cayl. And the bluerider not running! Slinking around the tables and what not, she comes up behind Aiana and reaches out to try and snag her hair-- trying to keep her from going anywhere.

Linora's relief is transparent. Almost palpable. So much so that she leaps at the offer - whether it was intended for her or not. "Gar? Oh, please? I'll give Mzadith the best scrubbing ever." Just get her out of here!!!! She links an arm through Mayala's, not wanting to leave her fellow apprentice behind. But now... Hyzen's coming back! Eep!

Kinecha follows Hyzen in a rapid pace, shrugging out of her jacket as she goes, depositing it on a chair. Now that wasn't nice, pulling at someone's hair. Even if it was Aiana's. "You know, you make it my fight," she tells Hyzen, as her left arm goes around the rider's waist once again, pulling her away from the girl. She was a guard here, and it was her job to stop fights, even if it meant getting involved in them herself.

Aiana had been busy offering a smile to Cayl and had been reaching out a hand to touch the bluerider's cheek, "Owarrrbh!" she is intrerrupted by a hair grab. See, she didn't start anything today! Hope Kinecha is watching. "What the /shard/ is your problem you weresport'd behind! Go find someone' whose interested in relievin' yer needs instead o' causin troulbe wit yer ankles bolted together!"

Darien frowns some, as no one wants fresh klah, which he sets down on a table, and then gets an idea, he has those still warm, sticky sweetrolls, and though he's never really gotten mad, he is a bit mad over the ktichens being messed uop, he starts hurling the warm, sticky sweetrolls, and a few
bubblies in the direction of Cayl's table, and at Aiana, Linora, Mayala,
Hyezen, adn Kinecha, as they are all near the table.

Mayala hopes they can get out of here in time. Maybe if they went to the beach she could see her old friend. Just as she was about to suggest the beach, a sweetroll hits her in the head. "Hey! What was that?" she yells, looking around.

Hyzen kicks out at Kinecha for her inerruption. "Leave me along, Kinecha!!" Ooh... double punctuation on that one! Keeping one hand entwined with Aiana's hair, she drags the other with her. "I'll have Imbri... eat your or something! Let-me-go!" Wild in her kicking at the other while she tries to retain a hold on Aiana's hair. But the resident could escape if she wanted-- considering Hy was being distracted. "IMBRI!" A shrill bugle erupts from the bowl before a green head wedges into the caverns... and that's all that comes, mind. Tongue snakes out, trying to nab Kinecha.

Aiana grabs a hold of Hyzen's nose and squeezes...if she doesn't let go of her hair then Hyzen isn't getting her nose back...

Hyzen has disconnected.

Getting a kick on her shin, Kinecha winces, but still keeps a firm hold on Hyzen, even if a dragon tongue is napping at her legs. "She's not worth it y'know." Aiana that is, and turns around with Hyzen in her arms, getting her away from Aiana.

As soon as Cayl sees Hyzen coming up behind Aiana, her eyes unfocus. Her dragon's asleep, but maybe she'll punch through that hazy link and wake up the blue before standing up and growling. "Let her -go- Hyzen!" She hisses before reaching out for Aiana and pulling back. (Poor Aiana) "Come on, lets go. Gar you say?" Her eyes flash towards Linora, her expression eager to snatch up upon the opertunity. "Come on, lets go then. I haven't got time for hormonal greeners." She glares towards Hyzen, releasing her hold on Aiana as (We'll say Hyzen released her's) and turning towards the door.

Mayala is glad they'll be leaving, even if it's not to the beach. She smiles at the thought of getting out of this crazy place.

Darien glares at Cayl's table, and continues to toss the hot, sticky sweetrolls at the table, "hey, you can't go anywhere untily ou all apologize for the kitchens, and to the folks working in there. We slave for you people, and what thanks do we get? You break stuff in our kitchens! I'm going to ask Damia, and Michel if we can stop cooking for you all for a while, and then see how you get by, with empty stomachs!"

Linora doesn't wait for a second invitation. "Gar!" Ducking sweetrolls, she trots after Cayl just as fast as her legs will carry her. And as far away from the insanity as humanly possible.

Mayala quickly follows Linora, careful not to upset her little blue flit any further.

Aiana follows Cayl out, though she leaves behind a string of colorful curses (and obscene gesture) and epithets in her wake...what an education for some of the more tame members of the weyr.

Cayl throws a quick glance over her shoulder as the cook speaks, closing her eyes in exasperation for a moment before shrugging. "Blame Hyzen when she's sobered up. Then again, I did break the plate.." Had tried to throw it at the greener. "So m'sorry for that." Then, she's out the door. She didn't need anymore repremanding: She was almost sure her Wingleader would be breathing down her back soon enough.

Juro arrives from deeper in the Weyr.

Cayl exchanges the protection of stone for the bowl outside.

Linora exchanges the protection of stone for the bowl outside.

Mayala exchanges the protection of stone for the bowl outside.

Kinecha releases Hyzen now that Aiana is gone and the object of the greenrider desire along with her. Having avoided being hit by any flying sweetrolls up until now, she moves toward her table and her - now cold - klah. Slumping into her chair she picks up her mug, sips at the klah inside, and winces. Eww.

Kezzra exchanges the protection of stone for the bowl outside.

Darien takes the warm klah and pours a mug of it, and trots it over to Kinecha, "here you go, fresh klah!"

Aiana exchanges the protection of stone for the bowl outside.

Jager comes out of the kitchens, the smell of fresh baking following just behind.

Kinecha looks up as her klah is refreshed. "Thank you," she says and gives the baker a weak smile. "Shoulda stayed in the headquarters," she mumbles. She'd known that proddy riders were on the prowl. And where proddy riders go, trouble follows.

Meanwhile, in the Bowl…

Yeah, and the last thing Chanticoth needs is to be buried under an avalanche. How the heck would he go about flirting them. A large snowball is aimed and fired at Nylanth, with the hope of silencing the big noisy bronze. Intimidating? Ha! The Chanti is not intimidated. Often.

Aiana steps out from the Weyr's living caverns.

Tatia lays prone for a moment, grip loosening from Sasha's arm as she replies. "We were.. we /are/.. Shardin' rock!" In her present mood, she's likely to throw large amounts of snow at /it/, too." Pushing herself up, she starts to rise as well, though she's still got that armfull of snow handy.

A torrent of snow, soft to the touch and yet is large amounts extremely heavy, cascades down over the two prone green riders, pinning them underneath it...and obscuring them from view....nothing moves...

Pyrene gratefully takes Gid's arms. "My hero!" she exclaims pointedly, with a significant look at her dragon, who continuing to shower snow over the greenriders--she stops at Nylanth's second signal, right?

Linora spots Mzadith and bolts across the bowl in his direction, although it's hard to run quickly in the snow. Not just the snow on the ground... snow flying through the air? Eep! She scampers behind Mzad as quickly as she can - she's quite cold enough, thanks!

Nylanth is covered in snow. No no no, /he/ is covered in snow? This is /not/ supposed to happen because this bronze is bigger and smarter, yep, he is. Nostrils flare as his tail nonchalantly forms a catastrophic mound which he instantly sends flying in the direction of Chanticoth. Muwaaa, take that!

Cayl strides out of the living cavern in time to watch a brown land in the near distance. Backstreeth. And a very weary N'sync. See, he doesn't like Hyzen too much, but she might prove more...accomidating while she's proddy. And serve as the distraction Cayl had called to him to be. The browner disappears into the living cavern even as Cayl walks towards her blue. "Kay, mount up. We're going somewhere warm. And away from Hyzen." She smiles to Aiana, her eyes spotting those scratchmarks over the other with a gaze of discust. Then she purses her lips and stops by Mzadith's side.

Mayala escapes from the chaos in the Caverns to walk right into another mess. Shards, what is going on around here? She follows Linora, glad that she has warm boots on.

Aiana doesn't bother to slide her shoes on, she's too all fired and seething to pay much attention to the cold and they weren't going far. She doesn't say anything just follows Cayl with her arms shoved in her pockets and her brow still furrowed.

Chanticoth has learned to duck at some point during all that training to fight thread. Ducking is always useful. Dodging Nylanth's attack, a tongue wags out for a moment, before tail slaps snow in any direction. At anyone who's in the way. Vaguely in Nylanth's direction though.

You see Mzadith watching you intently as you clamber up the straps-'ladder' and settle between his neckridges.

Mzadith [Central Bowl]
O dark dark dark, blue goes into dark like the languishing flames of a winter fire; spirits dream the blue-lashed shadows of this dragon's ephemeral hide as the mysterious clarity of twilight partners carbon in a dance that blackens the edges of his narrow spine and rounded sweep of tail. Indigo inks the artistic curves of chin and chest as if to tease the elemental fires that flicker up the tolerant, enchanted slopes of his ample rump and reach down into the misted polish of immaculate claws. So svelte, so sleek, so self-possessed beneath the spidery diadem of paper-thin sails, that one might fail to notice the wizardly whimsy dancing in the stillness of those soulful eyes.
Tied skillfully to Mzadith's straps are Zany Emerald Necklace.
Mzadith seems to be listening.

Mzadith hugs the ground and watches quietly as Mayala clambers the straps-'ladder' and settles delicately between two neckridges.

G'deon laughs outloud at the success of Nylanth's and Cadgwith's snowshowers. He ducks around the gold's side at Sasha and Tatia... then looks again. Suddenly he runs out towards the middle of the bowl and holds up his hands, shouting for Nylanth and Chaticoth to stop for a minute. "Where are they?" he says, heading towards the snowbank that wasn't there a couple minutes ago.

Mzadith hugs the ground and watches quietly as Kezzra clambers the straps-'ladder' and settles delicately between two neckridges.

A large pile of snow now decorates the bowl.. and a strange sort of stillness resounds from that direction as at least two of the shouting voices are silenced. Massive amounts of snow dumped on your head'll do that. No movement stirs..

Mzadith hugs the ground and watches quietly as Aiana clambers the straps-'ladder' and settles delicately between two neckridges.

Pyrene finally manages to stand on top of the snow, casting nervous glances around for enemy fire. "Waitaminute..." she calls, waving her hands ineffectually. "Cadge, stoppit! Where're Tat and Sash?" It may be noted that her voice is not one of concern, rather fear--the unseen enemy is more dangerous.

Nylanth isn't an amateur either! It's gotten quite good at dodging, so with a duck of his massive head and neck, the snow goes flailing over, but wait, wasn't someone hiding behind him? Ooh, there he goes running... not to worry about anymore. Mimicing the blue, Nyl's own tail starts swinging about, sending a blizzard in every open spot, having not heard his lifemate's request, that is.

From Mayala's shoulder, Zhaan snuggles close to Mayala. He seems to know whats coming. They both prepare to go back to the cold of between.

Cayl pulls herself up after the others, looking around to make sure they've strapped themselves well and in. She seems all too chipper now. Especially now that she's getting away from this place for a little while. She blinks as she notices a few more forms then she had previously thought, shaking her head she too straps in and gives the hand motion to go aloft. Barely in time, she warns her passengers just as Mzadith lunges into the air.

Mzadith hugs the ground and watches quietly as Cayl clambers the straps-'ladder' and settles delicately between two neckridges.

You take off.

Above the Bowl
The ocean's tranquil thermals settle within the center section of the bowl's airspace, unusually smooth and bouyant -- though oft to switch as the seasons shift. Lingering beneath spires' constant presence, the perpetual activity of the weyr can be observed from every direction: from the testing rustle of dragonet wings, to the playful games sent aloft.
It is a winter midmorning. The sun rises brightly in the eastern sky, turning the land into a painfully bright snow-covered panorama. The north wind dispels any warmth the sun might have provided.

Wind caresses wings and and pinions as you circle higher and higher up out of the caldera.

Above High Reaches
Quite, quite high, nothing braves these heights but stone and dragon and cloud; the Star Stones jut dutifully above the Weyr proper, flayed by the mountain winds that are consistant at this altitude whilst the rest spreads below, protected by its crown of jagged stone spires'-teeth.

Mzadith readies himself, then dark, dark, dark blue disappears into ::Between:: like the languishing flames of a winter fire.

You hang, senseless, in the dark nothingness of ::between::... absolute darkness surrounds you, and the profound cold stings you... you wait, and count...
Above Gar
You soar high above the grassy plains of Gar. From here you can see the hold itself, nestled in the outcrop of a cliff face, and vast fields of farmland and grazing lands. Herds of animals roam the fields, under the watchful eye of Gar herders.

Mzadith croons softly as he blends in from ::Between::, blue-lashed shadows spreading in a shower beneath him.

You glide down for a landing.

Gar Hold CourtYard
You stand on the porch of Gar Hold. Just inside you can see the elegant, yet simple design of this burgeoning hold. Outside, you have a beautiful view of the hold valley. Large trees line the trail here, creating a nice canopy of shade for the weiry traveller. A couple of paths diverge from the hold to follow their own paths. Each path is set with red brick cobblestone. Flower Beds line the porch creating a nice feeling of returning home. Several rockers, a bench or two, and a swing can be found on the porch, for those who wish to come out and enjoy the beauty of nature.

A short while after Mzadith winks in from between, he glides lazily down towards the courtyard far below. Wings stretch and grab at the air before legs thrust groundward and the blue lands 'neatly' upon the cobbles. Cayl leans wearily forward against her dragon's ridge, as she glances towards her passengers.

Aiana is the first to dismount, perhaps needing to work off that energy she's bottled up...her jaw set hard teeth amost grinding.

Mzadith hugs the ground and watches placidly as Kezzra clambers down the straps-'ladder' and lands easily upon the ground.

Kezzra goes home.

Mzadith hugs the ground and watches placidly as Mayala clambers down the straps-'ladder' and lands easily upon the ground.

Linora has never been quite so happy to see Gar. She quickly unbuckles her straps and slips to the ground, looking every bit as shaken as she feels.

Mayala pets her little blue flit and says, "Thanks for the ride!" She's glad to be back home and away from the chaos.

Settled skillfully between Mzadith's ridges of wizardly raspberry, Cayl watches as her passengers decend, smiling towards each of them courtiously before turning her gaze to Aiana. With a soft sigh, she unbuckles Mzadith's rather tight straps and reaches her arms forward to hug around the blue's neck, all the while looking towards Aiana. "You gonna be okay, Aiana?" She asks, her voice quiet.

Linora goes home.