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Welcome to the world!

Well, the big day finally arrived, as we knew it would. After a half-dozen false alarms, our beautiful daughter came into our lives right on time!

What's New? 
March 7 - Nine-month checkup! Click here to see how big I am now.
February 7 - Photos! See me stand! See me smile! See my gorgeous big brother (have I mentioned I adore him even though he knocks me over and yells at me?)
December 6 - I had my six-month checkup today! Where'd the time go? I'm learning lots of new tricks -- check my milestone page for new vital statistics and skills. Mommy finally put up some new pictures, too!
October 4 - Another checkup. More shots (ouch!), but I was very brave.
August 27 - Mommy finally got a  picture of that elusive smile!
August 9 - There's a whole lot of sleeping going on! Also, Mommy added a page with links to our family stories. And new pictures, too!
August 2 - Today was my 2-month checkup! I'm big and healthy, but I had to have four shots. Ouch!
July 7 - Check out the new 'Watch Me Grow' page for updated vital statistics and my newest photo. And there's a new photo in my Photo Album of me with my big brother!

Vital Statistics

Sarah Elizabeth
Date of Birth: June 1, 2002
Time of Birth: 4:50 a.m.
Place:  Emerson Hospital
Weight and Length:  7lbs 5 oz, 22 in.


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