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June 10, 2002

First day back..
Well, sort of. Daddy went back to work today, 7am till noon. (He's working half-days this week to ease us back into normal life). And what a day it's been! First of all, after this absolute /marathon/ nursing session last night (basically every hour or two from 4pm on) Sadie crashed out around 1am and slept right through until 6am. Nursed a little, and fell back asleep until 8:30. I changed her diaper and laid her down in her crib. It's 11. She's still asleep.

Meanwhile, Danny woke up cheerful and played quietly in his room until he heard me in the shower.

Now he's out back playing in the yard. I'm having coffee and catching up on e-mail. I shouldn't assume this will be a typical day -- that would be much too good to be true -- but I'm having a really nice Monday. :)

And in other news, Sadie's first checkup is this afternoon at 2:30, so I'll need to get the carseat thing figured out. I followed the instructions and she crunched up in the bottom of the bucket like a little peanut, with her neck twisted in a very unsafe-looking manner. :P

And I have five or six huge boxes of baby clothing to sort through. So maybe I'll start that now before I need to start fixing lunch.

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