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Welcome Sadie!

July 16, 2002

The day of the week I've most dreaded for years... was actually okay.

Bless him, Danny took a nap this afternoon, without complaining. I've actually given up telling him to nap. I just started shutting him in his room with a video after lunch and taking my chances. Two days in a row, that resulted in a nap. And today, it resulted in a very neat, two-hour nap from which he woke himself up quite cheerfully around 4pm.

And playing in the yard for a couple hours.

Dinner at six.

Bedtime for Sadie at seven. I can't believe I have a predictable baby. She gave not a whisper of complaint when I laid her in her crib at 7pm, and was asleep minutes later. She slept through Danny watching the end of The Great Mouse Detective (for the fourth time today), through Danny's bath, and remains asleep now. If the past few nights are any indication, she'll probably sleep until midnight or 1am... I'm seriously considering waking her up at 10pm to nurse again in the hopes I can get her to sleep through until 4am or so. What the hell, it's been a pretty good day.

Five minute warnings are working very well for Dan... today, anyway. "Okay, dinner's in five minutes." He came inside before time was up, helped me nuke his macaroni and cheese, and sat at the table for his entire meal. "Okay, after dinner, we're going upstairs and you can watch a movie while I get Sadie to bed." Again, no problem. "Okay, when the movie's over, it's bathtime." He was in the tub before the credits had finished running. "Five minutes, and I want you to dry off and get into your jammies."

And so it went. I got him into his jammies, got him a cup of juice, read him a book, and told him I was leaving. With plenty of warning that I'd be doing so when we'd finished reading.

"Can you go?"

*blink* You want me to leave? "Yes, mommy. Close the door."


Are you sure, Danny? "Yes, I'm sure."

I closed the door. Good night, Danny. I love you. "Good night, Mommy. I love you."

He loves me. :)

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