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Welcome Sadie!

Our Joys and Frustrations

June 1, 2002
Finally!  The birth story! (Some readers might find the content to be just a little too much information. Don't say we didn't warn you!)
June 10, 2002
First day back.  That'd be Dad's first day back to work after Sadie's birth. Mom's first day alone.
June 12, 2002
Coping. Wednesday morning reflections on Mom's first night alone doing bedtime for two kids.
June 15, 2002 -- Just wait a minute.
The same wisdom apparently applies to the vagaries of a two-and-a-half year old's temper as well as to the weather in New England.

My beautiful little boy went from cheerfully playing this morning to inexplicably flinging himself on the floor and crying about something completely unintelligible. He finally calmed down, and Daddy's taking him to McDonald's playplace for lunch. Because we're still waiting for something like summer weather (it's been a bit more than a minute now, though, and it's still raining...).

And he came over to give me a kiss goodbye. And without any prompting, he leaned over and kissed baby Sadie in my arms, as gently as anyone could wish, and said, "Good bye, Baby."
June 28, 2002
Busy day. This day began rather inauspiciously, but ended up being pretty good.
July 7, 2002
Danny asked to hold the baby today, so we set him on the couch and carefully arranged Sadie in his lap and showed him how to put his arm behind her head to help steady it. And with his free hand he gently rubbed her tummy and said, "I love ya, Sadie."

And mommy and daddy melted into little puddles on the living room floor.

July 16, 2002
Tuesday.  Again. Not Mommy's favorite day.
July 29, 2002
Tough Love.  We tried not to make too many demands on Danny while he was having to adjust to sharing our affections with the new baby, but the line has to be drawn somewhere...
August 14, 2002
My baby sleeps! *ahem* I guess that's a pretty self-explanatory title. :)
August 23, 2002
Did someone say sleep? Of course things couldn't be that easy. What would I have to complain about?

On this page are Mommy's thoughts and observations (with links to some of the longer entries) about Sadie's birth and the changes to our family -- unedited, and written as they happened.