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Welcome Sadie!

Doctors and Checkups and Shots -- Oh, my!

"Man, this thing is delicious!"

First Checkup - June 10
20.5 inches (they claim the hospital measured me wrong!)
7 pounds 10 ounces
Milestone! - June 24
Mommy put me down on my tummy and I kicked myself over onto my back. Whee!
One-Month Checkup - July 3
21.5 inches (now I'm growing!)
10 pounds 2 ounces
Milestone! - July 9
Tonight I smiled at mommy and cooed. She was so thrilled, you'd think I had recited Shakespeare!
Two-Month Checkup - August 2
23.25 inches
11 pounds 15.5 ounces (they couldn't just call it 12 pounds??)
Milestone! - August 8-9
I slept  through the night! (9pm-4:30am) Go me!
Milestone! - August 11-12
Wow, I thought mommy was happy with 7 hours. Last night I slept from 8pm until 7:30am. Mommy's in heaven. :)
Milestone! - August 22
My first laugh! At first I think Mommy thought I was crying, because she looked at me kind of funny. So I did it again. Fun trick!
Milestone! - Labor Day Weekend
I'm holding toys by myself now (Mommy laughs when I clock myself upside the head with Mister Rattle), and I'm trying really hard to sit up.
Four-Month Checkup - October 4
25 inches
14 pounds 11 ounces (Mommy was sure I was heavier than that!)
I'm big enough for my saucer now (good thing Danny doesn't remember when it was his!), and I love looking at the world right-side-up!
Milestone! - October 8
First solids! Okay, it was a teeny bit of baby rice cereal mixed with milk, but I'm eating from a spoon! Go me!
Milestone! - October 10
I rolled from my back to my tummy today! And... back onto my tummy again. If I could just get out of this playpen...
Milestone! - November 30
I sat myself up today for the very first time! Also, I'm mobile! But Mommy doesn't remember the exact date -- silly Mommy kept waiting for that classic "crawl", and she barely noticed at all when my random pivoting started to propel me forwards. My aim's getting better, too, so they'd better hop to that babyproofing! .... oooh, what's this?
Six-Month Checkup - December 6
27 inches
16 pounds 12 ounces
The doctor says I look wonderful, and I'm very advanced for my age (excuse me while I preen). I had to have four shots, but the good news is that I won't need any shots at all at my  next checkup. Yay!
Milestone! - December 31
I'm getting my very first tooth!
Nine-Month Checkup - March 7
28.5 inches
18 pounds
The nurse was so surprised that I can stand on my own (although I'm not quite ready to let go and walk yet), and that I have my very own sippy cup. I also prefer to feed myself, even if that means more mess for Mommy to clean up. Tooth #3 is definitely through my upper gum now, and #4 is almost ready to make its appearance as well.

Check this page often for Sadie's newest vital statistics, as well as any milestones (first smile, first word, etc.)!