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Welcome Sadie!

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Hours after the "big event", Mommy and Sadie are doing just fine.


One day later, and look! Mommy's out of bed!

A pair of Sarahs

Sarah stayed with big brother Danny while Mommy and Daddy were in the hospital that first night, and had the privilege of being the first non-family member to greet the newest arrival. Sadie is less than 12 hours old in this picture.
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Big brother Danny with Mommy, June 2

What a smile, huh? Danny seems to have mixed feelings about the new arrival -- probably not too surprising at two and a half -- but he's doing pretty well.

"I love ya, Sadie."

Update! A month later, we're beginning to settle in. And although we still have moments of jealous whining, it's already obvious that Danny loves his new baby sister. Hooray!

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