Logfile from reiko

Living Caverns
The rough-hewn majesty of this cavern far outpaces any delight in the multitudes of curves that form its enclosure. The glabrous grey granite is shot through with translucent obsidian, lending subtly-veined sparkle to the walls and the foot-trodden smoothness of the floor that shows centuries-old placements of the scarred trestle tables; carven hollows give homes for the glow baskets and the coat-pegs that line the walls. No mosaics, no painting, no tiles: just a few well-done tapestries mark the pathway that lead to the kitchen to the north and the inner caverns to the west, and frame the nighthearth's stew and snacks, while a heavier strip of oiled canvas shields the unwary from the wind in the bowl.
Scattered about in various perches and niches are fifty-seven firelizards.
You see OOC NOTICE (look sign), White Clay Egg Pot, Thief, Vtol, Boy, Siren, and Black bundle here.
Daeyn and Nylca are here.

Cerdith> PinkWraith's eyes, as well, snap open wide, and she quickly dashes behind the nearest source of cover - a nice, big rock...which really doesn't do her too much good, since she left a nice pink paint-trail for anyone searching for her to follow. Incriminating in itself really - pink paint, Pink Wraith...

Cerdith> Mr. Bojangles steps out from the Weyr's living caverns.

Nylca laughs and nods, feeding Syl his meat. "yes. He was the most darling thing when I first got him, but then he grew smart and realized I was spoiling him, and started to demand. Normaly he demands only hafter he knows I'm already giving it to him. I think he feels he's bossying me around that way." Giggles gently as Syl chirrups and tilts his head at her.

Daeyn looks amused, shaking her head. "That's why discipline is key," she observes. "I don't have the sweetest firelizards, but they have learned I don't let them push me around." Although Liulfr still gets away with a lot. "He does look sweet, though from what you've said, it's rather deceptive."

Cerdith> Zaqith stretches, and rolls, folding her wings beneath her to reveal her rounded belly. She makes a contented sound, and stretches again, flexing her talons momentarily before rumbling back into sound slumber.

"Ah, he's sweet enough, just likes to pretend to get his way. I doubt he'd really boss me, he just likes to pretend he can." As it to prove the point, Syl looked up and chirped at Daeyn softly, then nestled against Nylca for a nap. The young woman rolled her eyes at the blue. "Once he gets past the sleep and eat stage I'll start him on some training. I hope he'll become a reliable messanger for me."

Cerdith> Lhana - err - PinkWraith peeks up from behind her cover and ever-so cautiously creeps out, dripping pink paint from her brush all the while. After a careful look about to convince herself that a) Nobody is Watching and b) Zaquith is Indeed, Asleep, she adjusts her shroud, dips her brush back into the can of resplendent pink, and boldly steps forward to get to work, slathering and splashing liberal amounts of pink onto the green's stomach. She works furiously, but gingerly, in hopes that the dragon won't wake up - at least before she has a chance to Paint-and-Run, anyway.

Cerdith> A twitch of a forked tail is the green's only response to the massage of the brush. Mmmm. Yeah. Oil over there, too. Sunlight, and oil...what a day to be a proddy green!

Daeyn shakes her head, absently reaching back to scritch the curled Cytherea. "Hmmm. As long as he doesn't believe he is bossing you around - and it is rather hard to tell with animals, even firelizards - I don't see the harm in it," she allows. "You found out what he likes the best yet?" she wonders, apparently connected to the training comment.

Cerdith> Cerdith shifts himself in the sun, unlidding one eye to admire the glowiness of Zaqith. If he has any thought that pink clashes with that hide, he's keeping it to himself.

Nylca nods slowly. "I think he prefers the choice cuts of wherries, and my cookies. I don't like giving him treats other than meat, I'm afraid he'll get fat and picky about eating." She glances apprehensivly at the sleeping Syl.

Reiko breezes in from the Bowl, the oiled canvas flipping shut behind her with a flash of light and a waft of spring-scented air. And the bluerider seems almost as cheerful--unusually so, in fact--a few long strides taking her across the caverns to the hearth. Ah, never the wrong time for klah. She pauses, though, at a plaintive chirrup near her right ear, and reaches for a couple of meatrolls as well before turning to find a place to settle herself.

Cerdith> PinkWraith emits a small, dusty-pink sigh. She thinks it's oil. Gooood. So she moves about to 'oil' all over the hide, splashing and splattering very liberal amounts of pink along that belly, down along her tail, dripping down along her legs, and even flinging spots off of the brush onto the sides she can't reach from that angle. Of course, all this masterworking is creating quite the mess of pink mess all about the sunning green, but that's beside the point. Blissfully unaware of Cerdith's watchful eye, she quietly hums a happy little tune. Ah, what a day to be painting a green pink...

Daeyn blinks in surprise. "Cookies, hmm? From all I hear from the beastcrafters, they shouldn't be able to stomach them ... but then you see the firelizards of brats chewing on them all the time." She grimaces briefly. "Not that I'm labeling you a brat ..." Her eyes lift, following Reiko's entrance, and she nods slowly to the bluerider.

Nylca is neither tall, nor short. Standing at a height of only 5'3, the willowly young woman is anything but intimidating. Her soft brown eyes that twinkle and dance, she gives the allusion of being quiet and calm. Her hair is mousy blonde, troublesome and thick, and it's a wonder she lets it hang as long as it is, about mid back. Her only distinguishing mark, is a faint pink scar over her left eye brow.
She is wearing a rust colored tunic, and a pair of soft worn cream breeches A blue firelizard is perched on her shoulder.
She is a teenager of about 18. She is awake, but seems rather distracted.

Wiry and lean, her form is as streamlined as mercury, the lines of corded muscles and sparse curves melding and melting into each other. Lithe and elongated, she must stand over six feet tall. Her face glows light golden beneath its soft sandalwood tan, as if lit by some inner incandescence. Her pale blue eyes are of disconcerting lightness, sharp and keen. They leap out like beacons in a face composed of high arches and angles ... a face stark and faintly mishapen that is further marred by the outline of a deep knife-scar across her left cheekbone. Sunkissed mahogany tendrils curl about her features, escaped from the tight braid that falls to midway down her back. Dark, thin brows expressively accent her expression, though her face tends towards the hidden neutrality of a mask. When she speaks, her voice is even blended between alto and tenor, cool and androgynous.
A full tunic of deep lavender sisal, sleeves cuffed at three-quarter length, falls comfortably about her, worn quite loose but obviously tailored to her comfort. A single tie of complementary darker hue fastens at the neck, and matching trim lines the base of the shirt. It falls to mid-hip, hiding the top of fitted deep green trousers - obviously the lower half of riding leathers - that in turn disappear into crease-worn but polished obsidian boots. A gold firelizard is perched on her shoulder.
A flash of opal and gold catches the light and illuminates the ring on her finger. Always on, it is thus - like the one who gave it to her - never far from her heart.
She is a young adult of about 26. She is awake and looks alert.

Nylca shrugs in an had-no-clue way. "I hardly let him eat more than a bit for that reason. I don't really know what they should and shouldn't eat, but cookies didn't seem to be the right thing for a full meal." grin is given as she strokes Syl's soft blue hide. "Where did you get your gold?" she asked curiously.

Reiko eyes Nylca evenly at her greeting, emerald gaze sweeping appraisingly over the girl's form before a twisted smile curves her lips. "Hello," she replies, her tone as casual as her demeanor as she settles herself, glancing over to return Daeyn's slow nod with one of her own. "And how are you and Anwyllth?" she asks pleasantly, setting down her mug and tearing off a chunk of meatroll for the hatchling on her shoulder, who obligingly hopples down into her lap.

Daeyn nods briefly. "I don't think it can really hurt them, but I doubt they receive much nutrition from them, either. Not," she adds with a wry note, "entirely unlike the brats ..." Another small scritch for the firelizard. "Luck, I suppose. Among other things. The ah, mother of the clutch seemed to have plans ..." She purses her lips, turning Reiko's question over with an inordinate amount of thought. "We? We're well. Anwyllth is catching a few well-deserved winks, at the moment ... yourself? And Cerdith?"

Cerdith> Above, Nylanth takes off from Nylanth's ledge.
Cerdith> Above, Nylanth drops down towards the Bowl.
Cerdith> Nylanth drops in from above, landing with a light *thud*.

Cerdith> Waaaaait. Oil isn't /cold/. Or drippy. Or smell like that. One set of lids snaps open, the purple of curiousity lost in the complete orange of proddiness. Zaqith snorts, and looks around. There. A pink thing, making /her/ lovely hide pink! The nerve!

Reiko arches a brow, popping food into the firelizard's greedy little maw. "We're fine," she replies easily. "Actually..." Her voice trails off for a moment as her expression turns distant. "He's in the Bowl. I'd thought he was sleeping as well..." Doesn't seem so, though. She shifts a little in her chair, breaking off another bit of meat for the hatchling.

Nylca smiles lightly and curls her feet under her, snuggling into her chair as she cradles her klah cup, taking small sips and making sure Syl didn't roll right out of her lap while he sleeps.

Cerdith> PinkWraith somehow manages to remain completely unaware of Zaquith's outraged observance as she rushes about, painting a much of the proddy green pink as she can manage in such a short amount of time. At that snort, however, she glances sharply over at those eyes, assuming she's still asleep...and finding she's very, very wrong. For one agonizing moment, she freezes, hood half-off (revealing the lower half of a lovely Lhana-face) and a very incriminating pink brush in her hands. But then...wait for it...wait for it... "Aaaaaaaugh!" she screams, and wheels about to dash back to her hiding rock.

Cerdith> Cerdith shifts, eyeing Zaqith with considerably more interest, the tip of his starlit tail twitching ever-so-slightly with anticipation.

Daeyn exhales a sigh, reaching out her thoughts for Anwyllth ... and meeting that sort of gentle resistance of a sleeping mind. "Hmm. Whatever it is doesn't appear to have awakened 'wyllth." One shoulder lifts in a shrug. "Be careful of him ..." she advises Nylca, eyes narrowing at the pose. "So. Inferno burned down anything down yet?" She says this as if it is a perfectly routine question.

Cerdith> Zaqith rolls to her feet, peering underneath to stare at her pink belly. Oh, that's /it/. It's on, now. Her head whips around, and her nostrils flare, smelling for pink things to start the fun with. She approaches the rock, and sniffs at it, rumbling deep in her throat.

Cerdith> Nylanth swoops in from his ledge high above the bowl, wide wings titled ever so gently as he circles down and finally makes a mostly quiet landing off to the side. With one last stretch, he leisurely folds his wings back and paces a few steps, surveying the bowl with mild interest, Zaqith's antics met with a soft snort, but little else just yet.

Reiko shifts again, noticeably more uncomfortable for the briefest of moments before she carefully schools her expression to something more neutral. Another morsel of meat disappears, and she lifts her head to flash a twisted grin at Daeyn. "Not lately," she replies, as if it's a question she's well accustomed to answering. She kicks one booted heel onto the chair across from her, slouching with deliberate indolence. "How's Mudslide making out with its new wingleader?" Privately, of course, she approves of the choice wholeheartedly. But it's not like Reiko to gush.

Cerdith> PinkWraith utters a small, frightened squeak, the dripping paintbrush still in one hand whilst the other is clenched against the edge of the rock. Vainly, she squirms, attempting to flatten herself against the rock without accidently sitting in a little puddle of pink. Oh, why did she have to come up with such a fool-hardy plan? Her hood slips yet farther off her head, thus far going unnoticed by an almost completely identifiable Lhana. "Pleasedon'tseeme, pleasedon'tseeme," she chants under her breath, again and again, as if it might somehow make the pink splatterpaint trail leading straight to her any less visible. "Pleasedon'tseeme, pleasedon'tseeme!"

Cerdith> Cerdith lets out a whuffling snort, almost amused. From where he's crouched, he can see the Pink One quite clearly.

Daeyn frowns faintly, the expression creasing her brow. She seems about to ask a question, and then decides against it, concentrating on the dregs of the tea that is by now more lukewarm than anything. "Just curious. There have been rumors," she says with a wry smile. "So far? Quite well, so far as I've observed. No major complaints. And its new wingsecond, as well." Trying to lay that sentence down according to dramatic strictures is a process doomed to failure.

Cerdith> Zaqith sniffs once, and snorts, lowering her head to turn one orange eye on one pink lunch treat. With a snarl, she realizes that eating said treat would most likely upset both her stomach and her rider, she instead bellows, the steam of her breath bathing the pink one in cinnamon tremors. That done, the green launches herself at the Pens, and begins ripping into a herdbeast.

Reiko seems to understand the gist of it, though, without too much difficulty. Most of the first meatroll is gone by now, and the little gold curls into her lap. With a sigh, Reiko reaches for her klah at last. "Oh, a new wingsecond as well?" She arches a brow Daeyn-wards. Well, nobody'd ever said Reiko was terribly observant. "That's..." Whatever Reiko had been about to say trails off indistinctly. "Oh." She gives a quick glance around the caverns, then takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly, concentrating on drinking her klah.

Cerdith> Lhana - for she is now quite visibly Lhana - starts at the sound of Cerdith's snort and freezes again. Ever so sloooowly, she swivels her head around to catch sight of the blue, who, of course, has full view of her no longer very disguised self. She lets out another little shriek and casts about frantically for a new hiding place, all the while hoping against hope that Zaqith can't see her yet. That hope is of course shattered as she is bellowed at. PinkWraith screams and then...she's gone. A very pale and bug-eyed Lhana pulls herself shakily to her feet...just in time to see the beginnings of a flight. Her jaw drops, and PinkWraith-Lhana sways, reels, and....faints. *thud*

Cerdith> Nylanth has certainly made note of Zaqith this time as she heads towards the pens with no lack of agitation. The bronze pauses mid-step, and watches, then in a scurry of dust leaps into the air, pumps his wings once and glides towards the pens to follow the green.

Daeyn blinks once, cocking an eyebrow. "Well, yes. Since one of the wingseconds was promoted ..." she trails off before she can something unintentionally snide. Her eyes focus in on Reiko, expression inquiring. "What ... precisely is going on?" she asks, her voice a bit tight. She knows she is missing something, and there are myriad things a dragon could get him or herself into ...

Cerdith> Hynerian meanders in from the north.

Cerdith> Cerdith pays no attention to the fainting candidate behind that rock, vaulting into the air and sailing off after Zaqith to the pens. He circles once as the green attacks her prey, then backwings with a warbling bellow to sink his talons into a young buck.

Nylca stands once Syl is carefully cradled in the crock of her arm.
Her klah cup is picked up haphazardly and hurridly set on the counter top. "I'll be going now." She smiled politely to Reiko and Daeyn. "It was nice talking to you."

Nylca exchanges the protection of stone for the bowl outside.

Reiko swallows. "Zaqith is rising," she replies tersely, setting down the mug and gathering up the somnolent hatchling in her lap. "I should go." She gets to her feet with a surprising amount of self-control, given the circumstances, tucks the hatchling into the crook of her arm, and makes her way deeper into the Weyr.

Cerdith> Zaqith is hungry, yes, but hot blood and tearing flesh aren't doing it for her. She fells a second and third in short order, hissing at the gathering males. Nope. My meat. Males stay over there, well away.

Daeyn's brows lift high, and she stands abruptly. "So much for getting a lift home," she murmurs ... for she certainly is not disturbing Anwyllth's slumber. "Good day, Reiko. Good ... luck?" Her tone is questioning.

Cerdith> Lhana goes home.

Cerdith> Mr. Bojangles glides to the Caverns.

Mr. Bojangles glides in from the Central Bowl.

Cerdith> Nylca blinks, as she spots the dragons. Nylca walks quickly to the side, wanting to watch, but not get in the way and become a target for an angery dragon. She drops to the ground and crosses her legs in front of her, setting the sleeping Syl in her lap.

"Thanks." Reiko's tone is absent, and she doesn't bother to look back as she slips out.

Deeper, darker, narrower... passages kink and twist into the Weyr.

Cerdith> Nylanth lands close enough to Zaqith to get a good look at her, his nostrils flaring for a second as he takes a whiff as well, large eyes whirling a little more quickly as he ignores her hisses. Having fed lightly before he and his rider returned to the Weyr earlier that morning, however, he stalks off a short distance and just watches in silence.

Cerdith> Pink and green, now tinted with red. Zaqith continues her orgy of blood and gore, lashing her tail at the encroaching males. Not yet. Stay back. The green--er--pink--no, green raises up, and bugles, the brassy sound ringing in the spring air. Soon! Maybe one more...another buck falls in a bellow of pain to sate the glowing beauty's rising hunger.

Cerdith> Cerdith feeds almost daintily, grace touching even the otherwise horrific sight of the shimmering blue ripping his chosen herdbeast limb from limb. It won't take much to fuel him, or much to weigh him down, so he makes the most of this meal, lapping greedily at the hot blood, whirling gaze locked on Zaqith as she feeds, transfixed by the gleam of her hide and the shrill of her brassy bugle. There isn't enough pink paint on Pern to disguise her condition by now.

Cerdith> Nylanth rumbles softly, a faint echo of a hum as gleaming eyes turn from electric blue to hazy gold, flashes of orange-red spiralling towards the center. His attention has certainly been caught by the pink-touched green, dark tail lashing swiftly about him as he leans forward, wings half-furled. He can wait...

Cerdith> Zaqith lashes that pink tail, and looks over her shoulder at her suitors. Okay. There's not as many as she'd like, but she's willing to see whether bronze or blue will get pink on their hides. Hmm. All right, then. Let's go! And with that, she leaps into the sky, bugling her challenge behind her.

Cerdith> Zaqith takes off.

Cerdith> Above the Bowl
Cerdith> The ocean's tranquil thermals settle within the center section of the bowl's airspace, unusually smooth and bouyant -- though oft to switch as the seasons shift. Lingering beneath spires' constant presence, the perpetual activity of the weyr can be observed from every direction: from the testing rustle of dragonet wings, to the playful games sent aloft.

Cerdith> Nylanth takes off from Central Bowl

Cerdith> Zaqith
Cerdith> Stellar-gilt jade surges over her diminutive frame, the endlessly deep hue cracked and shattered by the force of diaphanous volatility. Within each striation, grains of mica glitter, brassy gold, accentuating her sylphic proportions with their opalescent shimmer and glinting from beneath the verdigris that caps each perfectly defined headknob. Rounded shoulders brace in a wide-set stance, bisected by the rocky 'ridges scattered along the length of her spine as jagged fragments of rougher opacity. Copper trails into bright wheaten quickening along the length of her long, lithe tail; caustic brightness in a resonant contrast to sunlight's subtle charade.
Cerdith> Well oiled cinnamon colored straps encircle Zaqith's neck, stitched together with rose leather. Hand holds hang from the band, and two buckles shine from their respective spots, Zaqith's hide protected by the fleece padding beneath them.
Cerdith> Zaqith is 15 Turns, 5 months, and 27 days old.
Cerdith> She is 44 feet (14m) long, with a wingspan of 73 feet (24m).
Cerdith> Zaqith seems to be listening.

Cerdith> Nylanth gives an almost amused bugle as the chase begins, wide-stretched wings bringing him ever higher as he follows closely behind, a bit slower than the the other two, but he certainly has his eyes trained on the green and all but ignores Cerdith for now.

Cerdith> Trydanth circles higher and higher still, up towards Star Stones and Spires.

Cerdith> Cerdith springs skyward with enviable grace, his wings snapping open at the apex of his leap and beating strongly to bring his lithe body high into the sky after Zaqith. In his youthful enthusiasm he seems oblivious to any other chasers, and in fact expends quite a bit of energy in a display of aerobatics that loops him above and around the green's path before zeroing in on his target.

Cerdith> Zaqith shrieks, whirling in the air in a nauseating pinkish tornado. She whips her head under one wing to hiss mockingly at her pursuers. Fools. No one is as fast as this little green. Her wings snap as the sails fill with air, carrying her in a speedy, yet graceful arc.

Cerdith> Nylanth would smirk if he could, well caught up in the competitive edge as he strives to rise above Zaqith, tail whipping about as he banks hard to the right, then swooping up as his wings carry him ever higher, darkly pointed snout aimed all the while at the green with a touch of pink and a dash of glow.

Cerdith> Cerdith is quick, yes he is. But more than that, he's /creative/. Whirling eyes fix on Zaqith, orange-red with desire and flecked with a determined gold, and one wing lifts to catch a convenient thermal, banking him sharply to intercept her trajectory. Hardly winded, he's just a breath or two behind her now, counting on his agility to compete with the larger bronze's greater strength.

Cerdith> Zaqith flies faster, pulling ahead of the males with a show of glittery speed. She backwings, slightly, caught in one of the thermals that betray the unwary dragon. She falters, and regains her flight, albeit her distance advantage has decreased.

Ele's Spiffy Hole in the Wall
This room is a natural little hole in the wall. Looking out towards the west there is a round, but very small and heavily shuttered window. It looks to have been a crude vent at one time from when the area was still an active volcano but a basic windowpane has since been added along with light purple curtains, giving the room a soft, cozy feeling.
A small bed has been tucked into the corner, covered by a think snowy white quilt. A clothespress stands at the open end of the bed and a few pillows are stacked at the end against the wall a small wooden nightstand set up beside them. A glowbasket sits on top of the stand, and there is a small drawer built in, and just above the nightstand there is also a glowbasket hanging from a hook in the wall. Against the opposite side of the wall there is a small desk with one chair pushed underneath. A matching chair stands off to the side, and a wooden shelf has been built into the wall above the desk with stacks of hides and small vials and jars stacked on top plus yet another glowbasket. A tall but narrow bookshelf stands just beside the door, stacked with still more hides plus some wineskins, bottles and other odds and ends. Between everything else there is a thick wool rug spread on the floor to protect uncovered toes from those cold 'Reaches winters.
It is a spring afternoon.
To the east, you see one person.

Cerdith> Nylanth at his most calculating gives a rumble that's lost in the speeding wind, an almost delighted sound as he sees a chance and takes it, wingspan narrowing as he dives, hoping to intercept. Cerdith may be quicker, but the perhaps if the bronze does this just right... but alas, the ever turbulent winds of the high reaches shift just enough to throw him a little off course, wings straining as he throws dartlike tail to the side, trying to correct at the last moment.

Cerdith> Cerdith creels in unabashed delight as Zaqith's falter brings him closer still to the glowing pink-painted green. He tips a wing, catching the same thermal that slowed her down, and letting it push him into a graceful roll, wings tucked against his back, propelling him forward at a dizzying speed. At the last moment his wings snap open, hopefully bringing him within reach...

Cerdith> Ack. How did they get so close? Zaqith isn't hanging around to find out, and folds her wings, zooming at the Weyr Bowl with rising speed. Snapping her wings open at the last possible second, she catches an updraft and is gone in a ninety-degree direction than the one she started out in. Let 'em keep up with that.

Cerdith> Cerdith lets out a warbling shriek of surprise as the green abruptly eludes him, and loses precious moments trying to determine exactly where she's vanished to. Spotting her at last, he scrambles to regain his lost ground, shimmering silver-blue wings beating strongly until he catches the wind just right, looping around and back in hot pursuit.

Cerdith> Nylanth's frustration is plain as fiery red flashes in whirling eyes, wings going taut and head whipping to watch the green's flight. Half a second passes, however, before the lean, wiry bronze is shooting across the sky, desperate to make up for this lack of foresight.

Elehu comes in from the hallway.

Reiko is sitting on the bed, curled into a very tight bundle with her back against the headboard and her arms wrapped around her knees. Emerald gaze is wild and unfocused, and she seems completely oblivious to her surroundings by this point.

Cerdith> Zaqith shrillly voices her surprise and dismay as the males make up the advantage. She cuts right, then left, before a nasty updraft carries her backward. It's a moment before she can right herself, and then, all she can see is blue. Blue and pink and green, roll across the sky in a springtime airshow.

Elehu turns to hang the small satchel she'd retried from the infirmary on a hook on the door as she walks in, then stops, turning again to glance towards the bed at a very unexpected sight. Not only is she surprised to see Reiko here, but curled up the way she is brings a quick look of worry to the healer. "Reiko?" she asks, voice soft but anxious as she takes the few small steps towards the bed and kneels on the rug beside it.

Cerdith> Nylanth stops up short with one massive stroke, hovering as he watches Zaqith twine tails with that of Cerdith. Eyes whirl blood-red for the span of a heart beat, but in the next moment already begins to subside as the bronze turns about on his tail and plummets towards the ground in a rush, only to snap his wings out again, billowing in the wink as he rushes farther out from the Weyr, letting the mountain air cool his heated emotions.

Cerdith> Cerdith flips his wings open just as Zaqith is blown back, and has just barely the presence of mind to press his tiny advantage, reaching to twine his neck with hers, oblivious now to any colors but the simmering hot red of passion. Wings furl protectively around her as they spiral, then spread again, enough strength remaining to guide them in a gently downward arc.

Reiko looks up with a sudden start, almost managing to focus on Elehu's face, her breathing shallow and ragged. "I couldn't find you," she whispers, the plaintive tone cut with an almost desperate edge. "Cerdith..." Her voice breaks off abruptly as draconic influence takes over momentarily, transforming her. Emerald gaze darkens, and she uncoils herself, turning to reach for Ele, trembling fingers sliding into the goldstreaked tresses, barely controlled.

An odd little smile curves Elehu's lips gently, though sympathy is strong in her expression as she quickly catches on to the situation. "You were looking for me..." Voice trails off to a whisper, her hand rising to touch Reiko's gently before the healer rises to sit slowly on the bed, her fingers soft as they trail down Reiko's arm in a caress.

Reiko shifts as Elehu sits near her, arms folding around the healer in an embrace too heated to be called tender. A muffled little cry escapes her at the moment Cerdith catches, and the embrace intensifies as she nuzzles into Ele's neck, lacing hot kisses along the sensitive skin. "Yes," she whispers, breath warm against Ele's ear. "I need you."

Elehu's breath catches at the intense sensations of Reiko's embrace and kisses, her arms reaching around the rider's shoulders as she beings to lie down beside her, darkly hazel eyes wide in stunned surprise, and even delight. "I'm here for you Reiko," she whispers back, again, that odd smile tracing its way along her expression as Ele smooths that dark hair from the other woman's face softly.

[Fade to black]