Logfile from reiko

Freshened breezes from the lake to the south mingle with the stronger scents of herdbeast, wherry, dust and dung, that fill this elliptical enclosure, a faint odor wafting over now and then from the tannery on the far eastern side of the pens. A sturdy fence winds out towards the central bowl, captures an outlet of clear blue lake, and grows into a stout wind-shelter replete with hay and feeding troughs as it meets the bowl wall. Not too far above, a claw-marked series of feeding ledges lie, decorated by a few discarded and bleached-out bones. A few clusters of green sprout, downtrodden, in the hard ground, tracked over by the stampeding of the herds.
It is a summer noon.
Blue Jakith, blue Urzketh, and green Vespurath are here.
You see Kukalaka and Herd of Herdbeasts here.
Fyria, Tatia, and Rianna are here.

Cerdith extends a graceful forelimb as you dismount, easing your way safely to solid ground.

"He's not to change a drop of color on those straps," Tatia states with a firm frown, words snapped a bit quickly before she's staggering backward, taken off gaurd as Vespurath launches into the air. "Vesp!" she calls suddenly, eyes narrowing. "Where are you /going/? Hungry? You said you /weren't/ hungry, you sharding green lump..." Yes. Tat is slow. Denial is our friend.

Fyria just watches the green launch off, a slow smile creeping upon her lips. "Well well well, looks someone's ready to blood, eh?" Fyria can't help but grin - she's enjoying the fact that Urk can't chase while she can. After all - soon enough, she herself will be caught up in the intricacies of flight, as will Urzketh. The blue watches the arriving dragons with curiosity, but no more. Nah...he's more interested in sun at this point. It's too nice to get all worked up over a silly green, even if she is rather pretty.

A trumpet call from up in the air and the green glides over, looking for /just/ the right beast to pounce upon. The suitors are ignored as they arrive, either in the air or grouped down beneath the pens where Fyria is repairing the fence. Let's just hope that one doesn't 'accidentally' knock another portion of that fence down. Wouldn't that just be a shame, for our un-dragon-savvy weyrling? At leaset, un-dragon-savvy from Vespurath's point of view, and that's all that matters, isn't it?

Shirasuth drops in from above; beasts scatter. Wiser than they look, aren't they?

Tatia is staring upwards, one hand shielding her eyes against the glare as she tracks her green. Her glowing green. Her /hungry/, glowing gree... oh. /Oh/. Evidently something clicks in Tatia's mind - either that, or the undercurrent of Vesp's mindvoice is finally stirring to the surface - because she shakes her head suddenly. "Oh /no/ you don't!" she calls, voice rising in a useless echo of her mindsent orders. "Get back /down/ here! Vesp!" There is no Flight. It's all a matter of Tat's perception and controlly the reality around her...

Kythe glides in from the Central Bowl.

Kariel walks in from the Central Bowl.

And in from the north! In all his pink and beaded glory - Not to mention that spanking llama still on his side - is Shirasuth! Worship the pinkness....even if his Kex doesn't. The pi-er-brown dragon glides down, circling a moment before he lands almost daintily on the ground and offers his Rider a forearm to dismount on. K'nex sighs, shaking his head, and slides down the said forearm mumbling to himself. After all, the pink and llama may be fading, but he's had to stare at the beads stuck to his dragon's head the whole time. "Hmm?" His ears perk, but not in a /good/ way. "What's Vesp doing /now/?" Troublesome green.

K'nex climbs careflully down from Shirasuth's neck, using the bulky brown's extended limb, and steps safely onto the ground.

Reiko slips off Cerdith's shoulder with a scowl; by the time she reaches the fence and perches herself on the top rail, however, her expression is a bit more resigned. "Go on," she mutters, having figured out that it's not just lunch her dragon is after. Emerald gaze slides over the weyrlings to rest at last on Tatia, and a twisted smirk curves her lips. "Don't waste your breath, Tatia," she calls genially, rather perversely cool and collected now that it's apparent to her that someone /else/ is upset. Cerdith vaults to a nearby ledge to wait, the tip of his starlit tail flicking impatiently.

Fyria shrinks back against Urzketh's blue hide with a wide-eyed look, wishing she could cover Urk's eyes, mind, everything from what's about to happen. "COme on Urk...let's go. now. Fast....eek!" She starts as another dragon arrives, then another...her eyes flickering between the green in the pens and Urk on the ground. Oh please oh please let him not get any thoughts. The weyrlings haven't /had/ this talk yet - Fyria can only expect that Urzketh would fly. "no no no...think simple thoughts, Urk...herdbeast, and oiling, and wing exercises...and soiled rushes. yes. Soiled rushes." Urzketh is quite amused at his rider's reaction. /He/ doesn't see much of anything except a bunch of dragons coming to feed. Just as long as they don't disturb the fence, he'll just sit here, rather complacent.

Vespurath actually obeys her rider for once, her wings folding backward and she plummets Pernward, toward said buck. It's perfect for her. Perfect! Everything's perfect -- except, of course, her chasers. They are flawed. Mwaha. Anyhoo, she lands almost daintily upon the buck and, out of the ordinary, doesn't apologize as she sinks her teeth into his neck, breaking it easily and killing him. HOwever, she also breaks open his jugular and blood begins to pump out, staining his brown fur. Yummy. Lap, lap, she drinks it up. See? She's back down here...*halo*

It's fantastic to be on break, isn't it? The sun is shining, the grass is growing, and the green is blooding. The green is blooding? Mmph. Fan-tastic. Healerman sidles up towards his object of affection of choice... even though he's been rather... uh... deprived...?... and peers over at the big hulk of blue. "Need some help there, weyrling...?"

"That's not what I /meant/!" Tatia hisses lowly toward her green, eyes leaving Vespurath long enough to scan quickly over the gathering dragons.. and their riders. "Shards. Shards." Reiko is scowled at, in tried and true Tat fashion, and then she's striding away, nearly running back toward the central bowl. And the ground weyrs. Tat may not like Flights.. she may dread them completely. But she /has/ learned that they're inevitable. And it's much better to be hidden in the dark murkiness of the ground weyrs - hopefully with some wine - than to linger in the pens. Maybe she'll get lucky and no one will follow.

Tatia heads out across the bowl.

Reiko's smirk spreads by degrees as Tatia stalks away. She'll follow, all right. Reiko slips off the fence, taking a moment to eye Fyria and Kariel for just a moment before setting off toward the ground weyrs.

Out across the hardpacked earth, you move away from the pens back out to the bowl.

Cerdith> Shirasuth is flawed? It's not the pink is it? The llama? Drat, the beads? No, not the beads. Not that the dragon seems at all concerned about any of that, sitting as stoicly silent as ever...although he's /watching/ for sure. His head cranes around to look at his Rider, as if in askance, but then he turns his head back around and his gaze fixes on something else: Heardbeast. And it is with a powerful thrust he goes upwards, glides a few moments, and then lands with a bone-breaking thud on the beast. It is instantly killed, and the brown begins to chew on the carcass as un-messily as he possibly can.

Ground Weyrs
Once a mere overhang in the bowl wall, this arched stone enclave was deepened in aeons past by who-knows-what to provide shelter for injured dragons and their mates. Craggy walls loom high to dwarf rider and dragon alike, sloping back from the weather-open entrance to a low opening into the infirmary itself. Stacked under rock-shaded cover are low supply chests of sturdy timber, flanked with long tables. Other openings are shaded by wherhide curtains, leading to smaller, private caverns for the dragonhealers' patients.
It is a summer afternoon.
To the northeast, you see ten dragons and one person.
Settled on rough-hewn ledge are eight firelizards.
Green Imbriath is here.
You notice Aera and Hyzen asleep here.
Tatia is here.

Cerdith> Fyria isn't typically scared of flights. Shells, she's lived here long enough to have been through a plethra of them...the roaring, the blooding, the friskiness of their riders. But to have a lifemate of her /own/ this time puts a different spin on things, even if he hasn't shown an iota of interest in the green outside of polite discussions. Fy whirls around at a voice rather warily, knuckles white as they grip the neckline of her tunic. "K-kariel? Kar--Vesp...blooding..." She points with a shaky hand towards the pens, muttering "Urzketh...he can't chase...he can't even /fly/..."

Cerdith> J'erai slides from Letarith's neck, a grin on his face. A flight. Though he probably shouldn't be sticking around long enough for it, Leta probably wouldn't obey and stay away. Hitting the ground with a thump, he runs to catch up after the green's rider. Any action there is, J'erai wants a part of it. Leta, though has eyes only for Vespurath. The brown simply sits, watchin, waiting.

Cerdith> Kariel shhhs at the terrified girl, tapping her nose lightly as he looks over to the rather... passive blue. "He doesn't seem too phased, hon...?" If you'd take the time to notice...?

Cerdith> J'erai heads out across the bowl.

Rianna comes into shelter from bowl's wide open spaces.

Cerdith> K'nex smacks his hand against his forehead as his brown goes after a heardbeast and then realises it hurts. Ow. Note to self: Don't do that again. "Oh no..." Whine. The brownrider seems rather...stuck...in his decision. Follow Tat or stick around here? Or go find somewhere to hide until it's all over. Uh...Kez looks around and focuses on Fyria for a moment with a shrug. "Yeah, Kariel is right..." Lucky /you/ Fy.

Cerdith> Tat's going to get lucky, alright. Vespurath's going to see to that one. And hopefully the green will be scoring this afternoon as well. In any event, she's dolled up for it. Rediculous green makeup has mostly come off of her face, but remnans of eyeshadow and lipstick can still be seen. Plus the nekkid figures on her shoulder. All those are forgotten, however, as the buck is sucked dry and with an undeniably challenging trumpet, the green launches upward, making for the sky. Vesp is tiny, even for a green, and one herdbeast is enough to send her zinging for the stars. Or at least, the sky.

Cerdith> Vespurath leaps up Up UP into the air.

Ozu-Zarkh enters silently with a tiny gust of freezing air from ::between::!

Cerdith> Letarith leaps up Up UP into the air.

Cerdith> Shirasuth leaps up Up UP into the air.

Contrary to her green's opinion, 'lucky' is all in the eyes of the beholder. Tat's eyes, right now, are rather wild as they fix unblinkingly on the door to the groundweyrs, watching riders file in. She herself has claimed a corner - always the best, you see - and is forcing long, slow breaths in and out. When do hormones kick in, again?

Cerdith> Fyria draws back from the nose-tap as the dragons suddenly are airborne, her wide, frightened eyes watching them soar higher and higher into the sky. URzketh bugles a departing noise towards them before drawing his head back at an even keel with Kariel's, sniffing profusely. This one smells familiar. Now where has he caught his scent before...

Cerdith> Cerdith was curled up nice and neat on a ledge, the wedge shaped head watching the procedings in the pens with half-there interest. The trumpet heralds a return, and the blue crouches down, hind limbs pushing him upwards after the star-destined green, ready to cross the sky, wings spreading almost immediately.

Cerdith> Up up up! Wings beat to lift you up out of the dusty pens.

Cerdith> Above the Feeding Pens
Cerdith> Wayward breezes carry the mixed scent of herdbeast and wherry from below, occasionally fusing with the salty odor of the ocean from afar. Spires overlook and shadow the pens below, often blanketing the scythed, claw-cut ledges used for feeding. Thermals, unusually steady for this area, keep that scent aloft and ever-present, growing stronger as they descend to the feeding grounds below.
Cerdith> It is a summer afternoon.
Cerdith> Green Vespurath and brown Shirasuth are here.

Cerdith> Letarith bursts up from the dust below.

J'erai comes into shelter from bowl's wide open spaces.

Reiko, on the other hand, doesn't seem bothered at all. She even came the long way, through the caverns, to snag a skin of wine for the occasion. She'll keep her distance for now, though, half-watching Tatia... although most of her attention is on the action outside.

J'erai doesn't care about the flight outside, he's more interested in the rider, herself. He has no use for dragon mating, just his own. He grins fox-like at Tatia, so assured of himself and his dragon that he just waits.

K'nex comes into shelter from bowl's wide open spaces.

K'nex is...not here. Not really. He's a figamentation of your imaginablenation. Or..something. Slink, slink, slink. Kez sticks close to the wall. He'll just be passing through now to find some dark place to hide...hum-dee-dum. Ahem. Ignore that braided rider along the wall.

Oh, /there/ they are! Hormones, that is. Wild eyes fade for a moment, taking on that distracted expression that indicates an exchange with her lifemate, and when they focus again, it's with a slow, simmering smile that's allowed to trail along the riders who are, for the most part, hugging the walls of the groundweyrs. Mmmmmm. [Tatia]

Cerdith> Cerdith was curled up nice and neat on a ledge, the wedge shaped head watching the procedings in the pens with half-there interest. The trumpet heralds a return, and the blue crouches down, hind limbs pushing him upwards after the star-destined green, ready to cross the sky, wings spreading almost immediately.

Cerdith> Letarith eyes the green as she takes off and stretches his haunches. After a stong lift, the arrogant brown takes to the air, diving after the green, his wings beating heavily, as he lifts after the female.

Cerdith> Shirasuth bunches his muscles, springing aloft after the green. His bulk makes his take off a little slow, but he makes up for it by immediately catching a thermal and rising up after Vespurath. The sunlight glitters off of his wings, not gold as it usually does, but because of the paint, a bright neon pink.

Cerdith> Star-destined, star-dappled -- it doesn't really make a difference to the make-uped green. Her chasers, at this early point, are mostly in a pack -- all struggling after the same unattainable target. And yes, she is unattainable. There is no way they can even match her speed, agility, and yes, even her beauty. Mwahaha. << You, my lovelies, >> Her voice is low, sultry, and altogether maddening. << Want me. >> Matter-of-fact, isn't she? And /oh/-so-right.

Reiko concentrates on her wine. Long slow sips as emerald gaze slides over the riders gathered in the shadowy ground weyrs. She does notice the change in Tatia... likely only because she's looking for it, though. Nevermind that twisted little smile.

K'nex is concentraiting on making it out the back, or something, before anybody speaks to him and therefore acknowledges his presence in the room. Because /then/ if he leaves, someone might consider it rude (although others might appreciate it) and if there's one thing Shira's taught him, it's don't be rude. So he'll just creep out the back now. Excuse me, pardon me, don't mind me...

Cerdith> Letarith drifts on the currants for the moment. He has a plan. Yes, a /plan/. And this /plan/ is so great, he'll catch Vespurath, and he'll look great doing it. That's because he's brown, and the browns are the best. As he sweeps nearer to the ground, flying low, lower than most dragons would in a flight. He's got a plan...Oh, yes. Wings lie spread, floating beneath the brilliantly glowing green and the other chasers.

Cerdith> Shirasuth rides the thermal up as high as he can go before having to find another to continue his upward trek. Up, up, up, he goes. His size might prevent him from being as agile as Vespurath, or some of the others, but what he lacks in quickness he makes up for in stamina. Focusing on the glowing green, he soars after her, not bothering to respond to her taunts. He's too busy focusing on his next move to worry about trading barbs. The end goal after all is to catch, not to talk. And he plans on doing just that. The sun's rays cause the beads on the back of his head to glitter with almost a firelike intensity, the same intensity that he feels.

Cerdith> Cerdith is in that pack, of course he is, even if he is near the tail end of it. Wouldn't do to get lost, now, as if that's even possible. Slipping sideways around an already fumbling blue, he croons, pondering the best way to fall for the shooting green, without losing the place. He can't be afraid to fly, for its the only way to catch Vesp.

Stars echo themselves in Tatia's eyes, glimmering with promise as something that might be a low purr begins in her throat. "Who brought the wine?" she questions suddenly, voice low and silky as she watches each rider. You can't have a flight without wine. Her lips twist into a mocking smile as her eyes settle on the sneaking K'nex. "Be sure Kez gets some, won't you?" she sings out in perfect confidence that /someone/ has wine. "He loves alcohol." Oh yes.. she seeeees you. Just try sneaking out now.

Cerdith> Vespurath will taunt all she wants, even if they don't respond. Well, rather, they don't respond verbally. They'll respond, alright, and she'll make it the most memorable response they'll ever have. Since when was Vesp a seductress? Since she tasted that herdbeast's blood. << Perhaps you would like to actually try? >> The green's voice is low and silky, an unconscious imitation of her riders'. The green /had/ been going straight up, shooting for the stars. Now, however, she's going to do something more sneaky, just as her rider attempts to be sneaky about geting Kez drunk. She flattens out, still flapping for speed. With any luck they'll shoot past her. In any event, she makes for the open maw of an empty weyr and, at the last moment, banks, her legs flailing into the dark blackness that is the weyr. With that banked turn, she angles up toward the sky once again.

J'erai ignores K'nex. And Reiko. Neither are where his interest lay. Tatia. Her dragon, therefore his target. Eyes swivel to pin down the brownrider, tossing a contemptuous glare at one who would try and run away from a girl like that. Just like his dragon, he is, all pompous, no insecurity to cover the ignorance. He simply watches, making no moves yet. Here's another one with a plan in mind: watch and wait.

Reiko smiles, lowering the skin to her lap, emerald gaze sliding from Tatia to K'nex with equal appreciation. "Do you, Kez?" she calls sweetly. "You're welcome to share mine." She's even beginning to remember that he promised her something that he hasn't given her yet. Must be something in the air. She leans back on one hand, half reclining on the cot, and holds the skin out invitingly, tilting her head to eye her clutchmate with unabashed interest. Until something else distracts her, of course.

Damn. He's been spotted. The brownrider slowly turns around, smile plastered on his face. "Tatia. Fancy seeing you here..." Shards. "Um...No, I'll skip the wine, really. Makes me do funny things..." As Reiko knows. And all of Ista Weyr....Ugh. "Ahem. Thanks, but no thanks Reiko..." Kez sighs, and leans against the wall. So much for his great plans of sneaking throguh and finding a small dark place to hide.

Cerdith> Shirasuth is going to catch Vespurath, oh yes he is. See, he even got dressed up for the occasion. Everyone knows that browns are best, but a pink brown? He's in a class by himself. Still continuing upward on the thermal, he quickly realizes his mistake and slips out of it. Folding his wings back, he dives downward. Luckily he didn't follow before, for there was no way that he would have been able to make that turn. As it is, he just has to worry about catching up, and in that regard, he spreads his wings wide and begins the long, smooth strokes that propel him faster and faster toward the green.

Tatia can't have /this/! The star-spangled world is supposed to be revolving around /her/. Tatia stands, stretching slowly, movements at odds with the rate at which her mind is spinning, spiraling ever upward. As her dragon banks, a triumphant, mocking smile slides into place. "Some.. people.. are just so /sad/," she draws, gaze resting tellingly on the brownrider before it shifts.. toward another brownrider, a face not as familar. "Mmm, love. What fun is it standing over there all by your lonesome?" she questions in liquid tones as her gaze rakes across J'erai without shame.

Cerdith> Letarith trumpets as his carefully constructed plan changes. His brown wings beat ferociously as he attempts to rise to Vespurath's height and follow her swerve. Luckily, he's far enough behind, and low enough to catch easily onto her trick and /not/ crash into the weyr's wall. There won't be any mistakes this time. Wait, who's talking about mistakes? The self-assured brown hasn't /made/ any of those...ever. At least not in his mind, since he won't admit them. Brown wings beat quickly, attempting to cut the crown of chasers off.

Cerdith> Cerdith is in the pack still, and moves with the pack, caught offguard as the pack ends up going off in the wrong direction. Searching for the green and he ends up lost, struggling to bank hard and return in the right direction. Nearly making a full circle, he finds himself once more in line, finally working on putting speed to use, rather then relying on going with the crowd. Wings beat hard to keep up, limbs pulled close to his body as he edges his way past a small brown, cutting him off for a better position. Respond? Define respond... there are lots of ways to do it, even if they aren't always the way you want.

J'erai's grin stretches, just a bit more. Eye locked on the green's rider, he steps forth, moving slowly, predatorially towards Tatia. His eyes stray to the others before brown eyes lock on Tatia again. "Oh, I'm not by my lonesome, you're here, cutie." Smooth, now, isn't he? And arrogant too. The perfect attitude to match his dragon's.

Cerdith> Respond to /this/, Baby. Vespurath changes her directions, giving herself a little barrel roll in order to do so. See, she's a green. She's also one of the smallest, if not the smallest, greens at High Reaches weyr. She can do a barrel roll and drop barely any. After such, she zooms upward again, but now the sun catches her glowing hide in just the right way so that her stars gleam. See? Now the saying 'reach for the stars' is rather appropriate -- and Vesp knows it. << Think you touch the stars, my lovelies? >> Tauning, silky voice comes once again. << Think again. >>

Reiko shrugs as the wine is refused. More for her, after all. She savors another long sip, watching Tatia slink across the cavern toward the unfamiliar brownrider. And letting a slow, appreciative gaze sweep over the greenrider's body. Her eyes close momentarily as she senses Cerdith faltering, and when she opens them again, it seems her windows of opportunity have narrowed somewhat. She takes another long sip, then eyes K'nex again. "I don't remember you doing anything funny last time I saw you drunk," she observes mildly, the twisted smile returning. "You ought to have some, you know. It helps." The way things seem to be going, Reiko might actually need quite a bit of wine.

K'nex is attempting to ignore what's going on, and look perfectly innocent and unflustered at the same time. It's not /quite/ going as planned. The brownrider clears his throat awkwardly as Tat trys to make some point and he deliberatly looks away. Ceiling. Hello. How are you? That good, huh? But then the ceiling starts sharing all it's dirty little secrets and the things it's seen and poor Kez has to focus on something else. Darn ceiling is worse than Lis. Well, Reiko will just have to do. "When /was/ the last time you saw me drunk?" Wait, don't answer that. "Helps what?" Maybe you shouldn't answer that either.

"Not with you," Tatia responds, lips curving into a delicious love'em and leave 'em smile as her eyes flick once more across J'erai. "As if you could /catch/." The smile twists into a sneer. "Any of you. Pathetic." Nevermind that it's their dragons doing all the work... Tat's fast in the grip of Vespurath's mindlink now, entwined beyond quite knowing what she's doing.

Cerdith> Shirasuth isn't even going to try following that maneuver. She might not drop any, but he'd probably drop like a stone. And as it is he's already behind a bit and trying frantically to catch up. Pink covered wings cut through the air, but only until he spies her heading upwards. Extending his wings wide, he catches the nearest thermal, sending him soaring upwards after her. Up is his game, up is his area. No one can go up like him, and up he does go.

Jamvolio shines a vigorous emerald, a wisp of cold air followed with the blunt return from ::between::!

Reiko gets to her feet then, and saunters over to K'nex. Cerdith chases, she chases. Does it really matter who? With a twisted little smile, she offers the skin once again. "Candidacy. Unless you were drunk at the last Vesp-flight I saw you at." Wait, maybe alcohol /does/ make K'nex do funny things, since he'd kissed Reiko the first and fathered a child the second. "And it does help. Trust me." Trust. Reiko. Is there enough wine on Pern to make someone do that?

Cerdith> Respond to that? But...but...but.... And so saying he sweeps in the wrong direction. Another deep trumpet and he twist his body around to try and make up for what he lost /this/ time. His hind feet kick back as he attempts to dive around, up and after the green, all at once. Brown wings sweep backwards, twisting at the same time. His wings beat, short and fast strokes as he changes direction, then long and hard as he attempts to follow and catch up. [Letarith]

K'nex clears his throat again as he hears Tatia's acid remarks and looks properly shamed at being called 'pathetic', but only for a moment or two. Reiko's all up in his grill right now. Eep!! "Uhh...oh, that." See Kez try to pretend like he doesn't remember that night of drunkness in E'ren's weyr. "I don't /think/ I was drunk at the last...um. No, I really think I'm safer without the alchohol," he stammers, backing up a bit. And he's up against a wall /again/. Drat it! He keeps getting cornered with his back to a wall...Help?

Cerdith> Cerdith most certainly does not desire to end up on the ground, especially not in the middle of a flight. Because that's just not normal. Thus, the maeneuver is unattempted, even if it means taking lower scores from the judges. Strugging to gain altitude, he heads upwards, back towards the Milky way, hoping to find just what he wants to end his search. Wings beat against the wing, avoiding getting swept off his path. Response? What's that? Does a dawn out croon count?

Tatia's firey gaze shoots toward bluerider and brown, and her sauntering shifts directions as she seeks to correct this situation. "Back /off/," she hisses under her breath as she places herself directly in front of Reiko. World revolving around Tat, remember? Her fingers flex, positively claw-like as she stares down the bluerider. "You may realize that your pathetic little blue of a chaser can't keep up with my Vesp, but that doesn't mean you get to sample the goods before the dragons come down."

J'erai grins like a chesire cat, all eyes and body for Tatia. "Ah, baby, I'll catch. You can't have better than me." Yep, he's certainly a romantic, ain't he? Sweet talk 'em and bed 'em. Really. That's seems to be his 'plan' though he doesn't seem to realise that he can't sweet talk for the life of him. He glares as Tatia's attention is diverted and arrogantly steps in the path between Tat and the wall....errr, /K'nex/.

Cerdith> The sun all but blinds the green, but that's alright. She knows up from down, and she has given up most of her maneuvers, heading for the straight-up path. She might dodge right or left, around a low-lying cloud or two, but she's going all out at this point. Sun flashes off her glowing hide, sending dazzling flashes into her persuer's eyes. She no longer taunts them with real words -- she's not focused on her words enough. She does, however, send them taunts nonverbally, mind-to-mind, and a laughing trumpet echoes her taunts. She's got this covered. Covered, you hear?

Reiko might back off, but she doesn't back down, eyeing Tatia evenly and with no small satisfaction at her height advantage. "Jealous, dear?" she croons sweetly, knowing perfectly well that she's pushing her luck and just far gone enough between the alcohol and the hormones to not care very much. "I don't mind waiting to see." The other brownrider is eyed with thinly veiled amusement, but no further comment.

Yay! His hero to the rescue! Nevermind that Tatia's thoughts may focus on K'nex now that she's just saved him from an unknown future. He isn't thinking about that currently. Hey, look. It's J'erai's backside. "Uhm, mind moving? I can't breath..." Claustrophobic anyone? A person or two he can handle, but this is almost as bad as a /crowd/. Must be those hormones. The brownrider shimmies a bit away, just so he can breath. Pant.

Cerdith> Shirasuth is intent on up. No dodging of clouds or anything else, he instead plows right through them. The shortest distance between two points is a straight line and he's not going to waste energy or risk a loss of speed by trying to avoid them. Fueled on by both the distance between them and the mental taunt, he quickly switches thermals. Still not moving fast enough for his tastes, he begins long hard strokes with his wings, propeling him even faster towards his ultimate goal. He /will/ catch her.

Tatia ignores all males for the moment as her gaze sweeps derisively over Reiko's frame. "Of /you/?" she questions with a short laugh. "Hardly." Her voice hardens as fingers continue to flex. "Just making sure things are in their proper order." With everyone paying attention to /her/.

Cerdith> Cerdith doesn't need to see anymore, there is no more time to change, to try and dodge. He simply must get closer and closer, as her talking dissipates, wings strain hard to catch up, he can't miss her, he must get there. There is only time to grow, to get closer. His lack of tricks in the ascent may make him plain, but what is there to do? Fighting on, he attempts to get past the other chasers. This most certainly is no romance... What about him? Can you imagine it? He'll get there eventually.

Cerdith> Letarith will catch the green. He's great, he can and he will catch the glowing beauty, because that's what he does best. Inflated ego lends Leta the power to beat his wings harder and bring himself closer to the finishline. The ultimate goal, at least for the moment, is Vespurath, and Letarith must have her to keep his ego in such a wonderful place. Clouds are ignored as they sweep past his body, his wings beating and his eyes whirling in anticipation.

Reiko arches a brow, twisted smirk intact, outwardly unfazed. "I wonder what sort of tune you'd sing if Cerdith /did/ catch," she murmurs, her gaze darkening to something almost feral as she returns Tatia's once-over with a good bit less derision. She's not paying attention to the males in the room anymore, either.

Oh, everyone's paying attention to Tatia allright. Even K'nex. Although, they must be paying attention for different reasons. The other brownrider's intentions are, um, obvious and Reiko's busy challenging Tat. Which leaves K'nex staring. And as much as he might privately get some satisfaction to seeing them fight it out, he feels his duty is to step between. Maybe the flight got to him after all, he seems to be sacrificing his sanity here. "Now now...Can't everyone just get along?" He inwardly groans at the thought of Cerdith catching. Tatia'd be mad for days... "Please get along?" He whimpers.

Cerdith> Plain? Whoever said /any/ dragon was plain? Much less one who is able to catch the ellusive Vespurath. She's quick, agile, and tiny, but that also means that she's tired. Not that she'd ever admit it. The dressed-up, tattooed dragon slows gradually, just enough to become entangled. With another dragon. One that compliments her hide perfectly. Amethyst eyes of the Flight calm to the blue of the dragon's hide with hom she plumets to earth. Who needs romance when you have Cerdith?

J'erai glares at the women of the room and turns to check on K'nex. His eyes roll as he tosses a glance at Reiko before attempting to draw Tatia's attention from K'nex and back to himself. "Ladies, don't worry about Cerdith, as it'll be Letarith that will catch, and none other." He winks at Tatia, his grin impossibly wide.

Cerdith> Cerdith is caught off guard, when instead of heading straight on past the goal, he finds himself entangled with the green, letting more then the wind sweep her off her... wings? And the pair stays together.

"Cerdith will /never/ catch," Tatia hisses in response, eyes flaring as she stares down Reiko. Hormones are flying high, twisting through her consciousness in all sorts of interesting ways as her mind remains linked ohsotightly with her lifemates, pulling free, flying up, getting.. tangled? Ohhh, no.

Cerdith> Shirasuth slips out of his thermal and hovers for the briefest of moments as he watches the blue and green intertwine. The intent and purpose gone, he begins a leisurly descent back down to the bowl and his waiting rider.

Reiko is there, too. With Cerdith, as the vibrant little blue meets his goal in a tangling of necks and tails. "Oh no?" she murmurs, reaching to tangle her fingers into Tatia's fiery tresses. With all the sensations bursting through her body, it's all she can do to manage even this much control as she closes in to claim a catch of her own.

Uh-oh. The Flight is over and he's standing inbetween the two Rider's dragons. Ah-ha! Not for /long/ though! Zip! As soon as K'nex realizes what's happened (and had a moment to mentally groan about it) he's /outta/ there. Out of the way, out of the ground weyrs running as fast as he can for his dragon.

Tatia would respond to that, see, but she's much too busy being lost in the Flight.. and the after effects. Suddenly she's not arguing with Reiko anymore... She's going to regret this in the morning.

Cerdith> Letarith trumpets forlornly as the prize is stolen by another. Another tally goes up on the mistakes board, another marble weights the ego down. Wings tilt backwards, just enough to allow Letarith to drop weightily towards the ground. He trumpets once more, quietly, as he drops and reaches for his rider's mind.

K'nex leaves healers' enclave for the central bowl.

J'erai glares as the two women become intwined in each other. A bid mix is he, arrogant, and a poor sport, and out he backs from the ground weyrs, an agry glare gracing his brown eyes. Not a word is said as he dodges the walls and leaves.

And some time later...

Reiko awakens slowly in the deepening dusk, stretching languorously before letting her eyes close again and snuggling closer to the warm body beside her. She murmurs something vague and contented, shifting deeper into the furs and looping one arm lazily around her bedmate's waist. Who /knows/ who she thinks she's with, but it's a good bet she's forgotten it's Tatia.

Tatia was probably never really aware that her bedmate was Reiko. Somewhere along the line, her mind overlaps with Vespurath's, and the outcome of flights isn't usually realized until Tat wakes up next to the rider. Thus the reason that Tatia's eyes fly open and stare /straight/ ahead as an arm wraps around her waist. She's quite sure that she usually sleeps alone.. or, on occasion, curled next to Eitanex. This is not normal. And she can't quite bring herself to roll over and find out which dragon caught. It's safer to stay here, curled on her side, Reiko's arm over her waist, eyes staring blankly at the wall of the groundweyrs.

Reiko, on the other hand, seems perfectly content. Apparently it's not unusual at all for her to share a bed. She does notice the slight stiffening, though, and manages to get her eyes open just a bit. Enough to see a tumble of fiery red hair, which perplexes her momentarily, until she begins to remember. And there's that twisted smile again, as she moves her arm from Tatia's waist to tangle gentle fingers into her hair. This was unexpected. Not unwelcome... but unexpected.

That slight stiffening becomes much, much more noticeable as Tatia's entire frame goes rigid, muscles tightening. It's obvious now that the other half of this flight is awake.. and that Tatia's going to have to make it /quite/ clear that flights are a one-time-thing. There's no extra entertainment in the morning.. or evening.. whichever this is. "Let /go/," she hisses slowly, fingers clenching as her mind whirls with the possibilities. Just /who/ was chasing this flight, again? "And don't /touch/ me."

Reiko withdraws her hand. Slowly. And shifts to prop her head on one hand, facing the greenrider's back, her own expression mildly amused. "Whatever," she purrs, to all outward appearances completely unperturbed. "It's all the same to me, after all." Although Reiko has generally found the 'extra entertainment' after flights to be quite enjoyable, it's quite a different story when all parties aren't in agreement on this point.

Tatia's eyes widen instantly as that voice.. that /familar/ voice... is heard. She flops over to stare, wild-eyed and horrified, at Reiko. It /can't/ be. "What are you doing here?" she questions instantly, nearly hissing at the bluerider. Nevermind that it's a silly question. Tat's mind can't quite wrap around the implications of waking up, naked, in bed next to Reiko.

Reiko can't suppress a twisted little smirk. "Well... I /was/ sleeping. Before that..." she lets her voice trail off, not bothering to give words to something Tatia will certainly remember for herself by this point. But she does spare a lingering glance at the greenrider's form, still mostly hidden by the furs.

Barely. Things tend to fade into a blurry haze during and after flights for the greenrider. Yet another reason she despises them. TAtia's expression is fiery, eyes blazing as they stare at Reiko. The safety of violent anger.. it works in a surprising number of occasions. "Get out," Tatia hisses lowly, clutching the furs that cover the bed toward her. "/Out/."

Reiko rolls one shoulder in an indolent shrug. "In point of fact, I have as much right to ask /you/ to leave," she points out mildly. Nevermind that she had very little inclination to do so. But she doesn't argue the point further, rolling over to retrieve her fallen clothing and dressing with unhurried deliberateness. At last she turns to glance at Tatia over her shoulder. "Come now. It wasn't /that/ bad." The smirk borders on a leer for the briefest of seconds before the bluerider turns away to fetch her wineskin, abandoned hours ago. "See you around, Tatia." She starts toward the infirmary, pausing only a moment to glance about the ground weyrs with an almost bemused expression before her eyes settle on the greenrider again, just perverse enough to be oddly pleased at the other's discomfiture.

"Enjoy the memory, then," Tatia shoots back, voice hot enough that it ought to be able to scorch the bluerider. "Because it will /never/ happen again." Pleased at Tat's discomfiture? Then Reiko out to be getting a kick out of /this/ situation for months to come. Because Tatia holds grudges.. and takes a very, very long time to get over things like this.

Reiko will probably have forgotten the entire matter by tomorrow--certainly within a sevenday. With a twisted halfsmile, she tucks a chunk of hair behind her ear and shrugs again. "I don't believe in never," she replies mildly before turning on her heel and slipping into the infirmary.