Cerdith's weyr
An outcropping of rock shelters this cavern from the worst of the winds off the lake, leaving an opening that some larger dragons would be hard-pressed to squeeze through. The weyr itself, however, is surprisingly spacious, vaulting upwards into mysterious shadowy recesses. A well-worn stone couch dominates the north wall; to the south, a worn tapestry shelters a small alcove where a modest cot stands, piled high with fresh rushes and warm sleeping furs. A bit deeper into the cavern, a small hearth interrupts the smooth planes of the south wall. Attempts have apparently been made recently to make the place a bit more homelike -- the hearth is well-tended now, adding warmth and light, and a large, comfortable-looking sofa sits in front of it.
On the ledge, you see Cerdith.

Elehu smiles softly as she slowly but surely emerges into consciousness, legs uncurling as she starts to stretch, eyes finally opening a crack. Then wider. A tiny frown creases her forehead as she slowly begins to sit up, glancing around the weyr, then the bed, and finally at Reiko. She settles on her side for a moment, just smiling softly as she reaches out to gently push a tiny wisp of hair from the weyrling's face. And for once she manages to not say a word just yet.

Reiko sleeps, her countenance relaxed and peaceful... an expression seldom seen, and seen by few. The touch seems to rouse her slightly, though, a lazy halfsmile teasing at the corners of her lips before her eyes begin to open. If she's at all surprised by her bedmate, she gives no outward sign -- not really being awake enough to wonder much. "Morning," she murmurs, her hand slowly lifting to rest on Elehu's. She'll assume it's morning, since the Healer is awake... even though Cerdith's not awake to correct her.

Elehu leans forward slowly to place a tiny kiss on Reiko's shoulder before snuggling back into her pillow. "Good morning," she replies languidly, voice gentle in a way. "I hope I didn't wake you. I just wanted to see you a little better," she then offers with a slightly embarrassed grin, hazel eyes regarding emerald for a long, quiet moment. "Did you sleep well?"

The smile spreads a bit, soft and hardly twisted at all, and Reiko nods slowly. "Quite," she replies softly, turning to snuggle just a little closer and slipping an arm around Elehu's waist, gentle fingers caressing the soft skin of her back. "Were you comfortable?" She's not complaining about being awakened early.

"Oh yes. Very comfortable, thank you," Elehu replies, eyes twinkling as she smiles. She gently trails her fingers along Reiko's arm as a lazy, but rather thoughtful look comes over her. "And were you comfortable, Reiko? I never expected to be waking up here with you," she admits with a soft laugh, though she certainly makes no motion to leave.

Reiko arches a brow. "Never? Even after I asked you to stay?" The usual twisted smirk returns, a bit of a tease lighting emerald eyes as she draws Elehu closer. "Yes," she murmurs at last. "Very comfortable." She lifts her chin to nuzzle a gentle kiss on the healer's cheek, breath warm on her skin.

Elehu laughs suddenly as she tentatively reaches towards the rider, hand loose on Reiko's waist. "Well, all right, anytime prior to that. And perhaps even then," she adds, eyes closing as Reiko kisses her gently. She takes a slow breath and opens her eyes once more, simply smiling, enjoying the moment. "But when you asked... I thought my heart would burst for a moment. I'm not about to turn and run this time..." No teasing for now, just that quiet, little smile.

Reiko smiles that same twisted smile, drawing back a bit to gaze evenly into the healer's hazel eyes. "Good thing," she murmurs. "It's a long way down, and the lake is pretty cold this time of Turn." Her free hand lifts to caress Elehu's cheek, continuing back to smooth sleep-rumpled hair. "And it's nice to have you here," she adds softly. "I'd forgotten." Because the best way to deal with an unpleasant situation is to block it out... at least, in Reiko's opinion.

Elehu grins quickly, one shoulder shrugging as her hand idly moves from Reiko's waist to caress her back gently. "Well, that's not quite what I meant." She laughs softly as she watches the other woman for a slightly lazy moment or two. "It is most definitely nice to be here," she finally replies, "though I don't know how much I'd forgotten exactly." She winks then and props herself up on one elbow before leaning down to place a gentle kiss on Reiko's forehead, her hand squeezing the weyrling's shoulder. "But that's my problem, not yours," she adds more briskly, even winking.

Reiko regards Elehu thoughtfully, a faint smile curling her lips. "It's really too bad I've drills this morning," she murmurs, inclining her chin to bring her lips level with the healer's. "Of course, you're probably needed in the infirmary as well." She slips her arms around Elehu then, drawing her close and claiming her lips in a gentle kiss, exactly as if it didn't matter at all that they both have obligations.

Elehu's lips curve against Reiko's for a moment in a tiny smile as she closes her eyes, returning the kiss gently before pulling back an inch or two. "Yes, it's a shame. Cutting this short after all this time," she comments unhurriedly before leaning down again to give Reiko a quick kiss against her neck. "Though, if there were anything truly needed, there's usually a firelizard or two who could find me. In an emergency." And low and behold, no flits.

Reiko mms softly, arching her neck at the kiss. "Convenient indeed," she murmurs, gentle fingers lightly caressing the healer's back. "Now if someone else can lead drills, we can stay here all day." And wouldn't /that/ make her wingseconds happy. One in particular. "As long as Cerdith doesn't object." He does tend to take responsibility a bit more seriously than his lifemate, as a general rule. The twisted halfsmile is faintly ironic now, but she doesn't release her hold, savoring the moment as long as possible.

"Hey, it'll be a learning experience." Elehu laughs again as she brushes her fingers across Reiko's neck. "You can't be everywhere at once." And perhaps the Healer would like to keep her right where she is. At the mention of the weyrling's lifemate, however, Ele turns to glance towards the ledge, the light around the edges of the entrance getting steadily brighter. "I would never want to upset him, so if he would rather go," she comments after a moment, "just say the word."

Reiko would likely rather stay exactly where she is, but she's not too keen on upsetting the lifemate, either. She steals a last kiss, savoring the unique taste of Elehu's lips, then reluctantly draws back. "He'd never let me be late for drills," she murmurs. "Why don't you get dressed, and we'll take you home... I can come by later, maybe." It's not quite a promise, for she knows full well that she can't be everywhere at once -- although the words hold a bit of hopefulness. She lifts a hand to gently stroke goldstreaked hair, spiraling a long lock around one finger and slowly releasing it.

Elehu nods slowly, a reluctant little smile curving her lips. She catches Reiko's hand gently, placing a tender kiss against her fingers. "I would like that. But you're right, it's well past time." She pauses just a moment longer before wrapping her arms around the weyrling, giving her one last lingering kiss before finally pulling away with a quiet sigh, eyes remaining on Reiko for just a moment longer before she turns to get ready for her day.