Kamoku> K'nex lumbers out of the barracks, scratching his side and yawning away his nap. He takes a few wobbly steps towards Gid and Riane, smiling at them brightly -obviously no one woke him fro mthat nap- and says, "Eh? Oh, I'm fine..." Shira pads along after Kez from the barracks, streaching his wings once there's room, "...and so's he." The brownling gestures at Shira with a crooked grin. The straps question is ignored. Let's not go into that...

Kamoku> Kearneth whuffles a soft, polite greeting to the Weyrleader as he walks over, lowering his head slightly.. just as Rianne.. Marianne if you will, attempts to balance upon her dragon's neck. "Darling, of all the moments to pick to feel that now is the proper time to-" As her head comes up and she shakes back her hair, she catches sight of G'deon and freezes for a moment before she offers him a rueful smile. "Straps are in wonderful shape. Tested multiple times in many different ways.. thanks to my darling here," Rianne adds slightly wryly as Kearneth shakes his head slightly in indignant disagreement, looking down to the Weyrleader as if to say 'Never! How could she say such a thing?', his eyes whirling slightly.

Kamoku> Straps are in fine shape. Back where they belong, on the peg in Mneoth's couch. "We're good, thanks, G'deon," Khena says politely enough as she leans against her lifemates shoulder, lazily watching the other 'lings around her. "Yes, I'm lazy today, Mneo," she mutters, glancing at the dragon with something akin to a glare. "We've done plenty today already..."

Kamoku> Pae is chipper as can be, overseeing the exercising of Uzasnyth's wings as he flexes each luxuriously. "Hi, G'deon-sir! We're finefinefine! I've been taking good care of Uzi, and Uzi's straps, and all that other important stuff.. so doncha' worry about us!" The weyrling beams triumphantly, absently stroking the side of her lifemate's neck.

Training Grounds
The marks of thousands of claws give testament to the shuffling of the young dragons that have torn up what little grass once grew in this corner of the bowl. Tucked in between the feeding pens to the south and the curve of the Weyrleader's complex, the training grounds are home to daily exercises and classes, all taking place well out of the way of the hectic bustle of the rest of the bowl. Cut deep into the cliff face, the large, covered openings leading into the extensive weyrling barracks rise high over the heads of any who come near, although the height of the caldera's spindles far above cast their own reaching shadows across the hard packed earth.
It is an autumn afternoon.
Soaring high overhead are Ghede, Selig, Kamoku, Miami, and Ripper.
Green Niamhyth, green Zaqith, blue Kearneth, bronze Nylanth, brown Uzasnyth, brown Shirasuth, and brown Mneoth are here.
You see A group of random brats here.
G'deon, Pae, K'nex, and Khena are here.

Cerdith heads out from the Weyrling Barracks.

Reiko is led in by Cerdith.

Above, Dsalth glides in from the central bowl.

Above, Dsalth drops towards the ground.

Dsalth glides in from above.

G'deon grins at first one weyrling pair, then the next. "You lot have really been learning your stuff," he comments, something rather close to a brotherly smile on his face as he gives one of the smaller greens a light scritch on the muzzle. "Well... if you haven't already, start stretching those wings and limbs, especially the hind ones. We'll be flying today. Recheck your riding belt, and make sure you have your helmets, goggles and gloves. It's pretty cold up there today."

Dsalth swoops in for a comfortable landing, bugling a husky greeting to Nylanth before he delivers a curter rumbles to the weyrling dragons. Sniff. P'rru, wedged up on high, waves. "Hello there!" he won't get down, just steers Dsalth towards the pack. "Look at 'em, lughead, all so grown up" awww.

Reiko steps out of the barracks rather more slowly than usual, despite the helpful nudges every third step or so from Cerdith--who, as usual, looks a lot more chipper than his lifemate. "I'm going," she mutters, without watching exactly where it is she /is/ going, stopping only when Cerdith stops shoving to lift his head in a delighted bugle of greeting. And then Reiko figures it out... another lesson. Flying? She sighs lightly, then starts checking straps.

<Local> Cerdith senses that Nylanth for a change sounds almost (almost!) lazy. Maybe subdued is a better word for it. << Do your stretches well today, young ones. There is snow on the way. >> And with that comment he sends a rather well-detailed image of the substance, just in case.

<Local> Cerdith senses that Uzasnyth basks in the snow, anticipating the lower temperatures. Pae has told him about snow. << Snow is nice. >>

<Local> Cerdith senses that Dsalth returns with a whispered rumble of disatisfaction <<Did you -have- to go and spoil the mood Nylanth?>> and he blusters away thoughts of cold wet snow with that of wild crashing surf on some tropical shoreline.

Khena eyes grow slightly wider, hearing G'deon's comments then gives her lifemate a silent command to stay put while she runs and gets the straps. So there was a reason why the weyrleader had been asking about straps. Lifting the black leather over Mneoth's head, she makes for a quick inspection of the buckles and bindings, while trying to put on helmet, gloves and goggles at the same time. "There.. We're ready," she says, turning to give G'deon a nod of readiness.

K'nex winces slightly. Oh he's been learning...somewhat forcefully. Despite many attepts, he hasn't missed a class he hasn't already had...all becasue of a very insistant brown. "What?" Kez stares at Gid for a moment and coems ot his senses.."Oh, allright..." He scoots back into the barracks, and then back otu again with his riding gear, quickly putting it on and checking stuff before he heads over to Suth and starts checking and re-checkign his straps. "Snow? What prompted that..." Kez puzzles, finishing checking before his brown begins to streeaatch.

<Local> Cerdith senses that Nylanth stretches his own wings slowly while turning a very relaxed gaze on the older brown. << The mood has nothing to do with it, Dsalth >> he replies in a precise tone, pine scents freshening after the sombre hints from earlier. << It is good to know what to expect so that one can prepare. >>

<Local> Cerdith senses that he shivers in breathless anticipation. << Snow? My Reiko hasn't mentioned this. >> But it sounds interesting. Shimmering impatience, silvery-blue, ripples around the edges of his mindtones. She's so slow!

Uzasnyth indulgently stretches his hindquarters, angling his head to peer at Dsalth and P'rru; Pae momentarily forgets the chores at hand, rising to her tiptoes and waving enthusiastically at P'rru. "Purr! I haven't seen you in so looong! Doesn't Uzi look wonderful?" Belatedly, whilst awaiting the older brownrider's answer, she begins to examine her riding gear. "I got my helmet an' gloves an' goggles. We're ready!"

From Kearneth's neck, And off Rianne comes as she vaults neatly to the ground to look up at Kearneth with an expectant eyebrow, and he merely looks back at her. 'Yes?' his eys seem to say, haughtily as he stares at her, and then gives a long suffering sigh and begins his excercises, with extra grace and slow stretching out, as if to prove a point, as Rianne watches with her hands on her hips. "Yes sir, we'll be ready, won't we, darling? Yes, I know. You're always ready, yes we're not doubting you......." With a flick of his proud wings and head, Kearneth begins to move some more, sending out polite greetings as his fellow weyrlings arrive.

<Local> Cerdith senses that Shirasuth has a thought, sunlight streaming through clouds, <<Snow is /cold/. Or so says Kez...>> He'll swim in an ice cold lake, but this snow things is new to him. <<Why's it cold?>>

From his seat between pinstriped, stately neckridges P'rru chuckles "Yes Pae, he looks marvelously strong. But of course, being brown he can't help but be ahead of all the others" so says he with a bob of his head. Dsalth stretches out his wings, taut, as if just trying to join in. "G'deon, your a brave fellow you realise" is added with a wink towards the bronzers. Teaching this lot how to do it? Oy.

G'deon pauses in his inspections to eye Reiko and Cerdith for a moment, a hand scratch idly at the back of his neck before flipping up the collar of his jacket. Ah, the joys of responsibility. Backing away a few steps he begins addressing the entire class again, eyes just a bit sharper than before. "Now, before we take of, it is important to double check that all is ready. Muscles stretched, straps intact and stable, riders fit... So if all is good, mount up and let me know you're ready." Then he starts to swing back up to Nylanth's shoulders while giving P'rru a wry smile. "Bravery has nothing to do with this," he replies, reminiscent of his lifemate's comment just a moment before.

Issryuith heads out from the Weyrling Barracks.

Shirasuth streatches /here/, and he streatches /there/. The brown extra-streatches his tawny wings. "Now don't /over/ do it, 'Suth..." K'nex glances at his enthusiastic brown, and then looks up at P'rru with a grin. "Oh, yes...Brown ahead and all that...Shira, you done yet?" The ruddy brown is, and Kez checks all his straps and gear before mounting up.

G'deon ascends with practiced steps up to Nylanth's bronzen neck and settles in between two neckridges.

From Kearneth's neck, With one final twist of his wings and stretch of his legs, Kearneth is ready, rippling colors along his hide as he moves forward a few paces to dramatically lower himself slightly for Rianne to mount more easily. With a sparkling glance, Rianne puts out a hand and Kearneth grabs it with his tail to pantomime helping her to a perch. "Why, thank you, darling.... Your manners are nothing if not perfect." In bowing acknowledgement of this, Kearneth inclines his front half slightly and then raises his head to emit a soft croon to those around him, Rianne looking over to the Weyrleader with sparkling eyes. "All is good. All is right and tight, even. Stretched, stretched backwards, forwards and inside out, I think......"

With the assistance of one midnight foreleg, Pae scrambles up Uzasnyth's neck to squeeze betwixt a pair of spot-spangled 'ridges.

K'nex scales Shirasuth's neck, using an extened limb as a step up, and settles amid sienna neckridges.

Khena looks her lifemate over, a slight sigh escaping her lips as she nods at what he's telling her inside her head. "I know you're fit and such, Mneoth. But I s'pose it's customary to ask. And tell the teacher so," she says, muttering the last few words, so as not to be overheard. Giving P'rru a wave and a grin, she takes hold of the glossy-black straps and swings onto Mneoth's neck.

Mneoth lends a weary forearm for Khena to climb to a stable seat between two neckridges.

Somewhere between gold-kissed ridges, Hiza is already perched and buckled between ridges. And thus it may be hard to read her look of surprise, "Oh! Am I missing something?" Rider hurries over-or rather, dragon attempts to mimic Hiza's quick shuffle. "But I'm here, and Iss an' an... what're you guys doing?"

<Local> Cerdith senses that Nylanth pauses for a cool moment as his rider mounts before he sends an almost sharpened hint of wind through his mindvoice. Time to be on guard. << You have been flying well. And now you carry your rider. Remember balance, be careful when you take off and when you land. Your lifemates will take a little time to get used to flying with you >>

From Uzasnyth's neck, Pae is ready. Pae is impatient. Pae is laughing and giggling and squealing as she prepares for flight. "Watch us, Purr! We're /peeeerfect/! Oh! Hihihi, Hiza! How're you? We're gonna fly! Flyflyfly!" Uzasnyth calmly awaits, unruffled by his rider's impatience.

Reiko's hands run over the deep blue straps, slowly, carefully checking them over. Cerdith stretches impatiently, obviously eager to fly again. Finally, Reiko seems satisfied, and hauls herself up just a bit stiffly, without even sparing a look around the grounds. "Yes, I'm fine," she murmurs. "You're fine?... all right then." Nodding once to herself, she fastens her riding belt to the straps, then fumbles with helmet and gloves.

With the help of a handy strap and a gracefully extended forelimb, you swing up onto Cerdith's neck and settle in comfortably.

Cerdith [Training Grounds]
Vibrant versatility trumpets its fanfare of sapphire and aquamarine to herald this dragon: a wiry grace made flesh with the lithe, efficient lines of a dancer. Brighter blue illuminates the well-formed headknobs: a spotlight for the scherzo of aqua that tumbles the length of his slender neck and back and masques his wedge-shaped head. Turquoise elegance plucks the cobalt that strings his glassy 'sails and echoes darker in the strokes of midnight that chime along graceful spars and talon tips. His starlit tail is no curtain call, however, but an encore that continues life's dance.
Brand new leather straps grace his slender neck. Multiple dye baths have rendered them a lovely variegated blue that almost... but not /quite/... duplicates the hues of his hide.
Cerdith seems to be listening.

From his seat between pinstriped, stately neckridges P'rru chuckles to himself, and as Dsalth backpeddles, taking them away from the hub bub and giving ample room for young wings to take flight, he calls out "Pae I will! You be careful now up there, pet...you too Khena. Not that you haven't had practice!" and assorted other helpful rarhrahrah's are hollered out. He's here for support. Yeah.

Nestled on the dusty warmth of Shirasuth's neck, K'nex settles himself on his straps, rocking back and forth a bit as he trys to get comfortable- much to Shira's curiosity. A quick check of the straps, and of Shira's comfortableness and the weyrling nods at G'deon, "Alright..We're ready."

Sandwiched between Mneoth's klah-brown neckridges, Khena's eyeroll at P'rru's comment is thankfully hidden by the large goggles covering half her face. "Yeah, yeah, P'rru," she notes as she buckles straps to her belt, then closes the collar of her jacket tightly around her neck. It /was/ getting cold, after all. Even if you'd never get her to admit it.

Somewhere between gold-kissed ridges, Hiza grins, ever-so-thoughtfully already well equipped with flying gear. And thus goggles, helmet and gloves(well, she had those on already) are on. And green rider is ready. Issryuith warbles happily to clutchmates and Older Dragons, stretching her wings somewhat. "Yes more practice. I don't think," Hiza's voice raises to yell, "We're not in formation, are we?" It doesn't look like it, but the Hiza-type must always ask. Just in case.

Dsalth launches into the air, grunt rasping through his throat with the effort. One, two, three and he sails upwards, higher, but circles, it seems, round the training grounds below.

From Nylanth's bronzen neck, G'deon stretches his hands in his gloves a little, setting his own helmet on his head. "We'll just be doing some simple flying today," he says loudly enough for people to hear. "But do be careful. I want you to become comfortable with flying in this weather." And finally he sets his goggles on and attaches the top button of his jacket, looking to see if everyone is ready. "Okay, on my signal," he calls out, hand raised.

Nylanth coils and then bursts upwards into flight.

Above, Nylanth bursts up from the bowl below.

New wings or old, they work because suddenly you are airborne.

Above the Training Grounds
Weyrling pairs have trampled the ground below into the hard-packed training grounds: ash pits near the pens, targets on the walls, the occasional loose Weyrling out of control here in the gentle thermals. The Weyr curves north towards large ledges and the Hatching Grounds beyond, and south towards pens and lake. What ledges are occupied here are high above the noise and smell of the Weyrs' youngest riders.
It is an autumn afternoon.
Bronze Nylanth is here.

From the training grounds, Kearneth coils and then bursts upwards into flight.
Kearneth bursts up from the bowl below.

From the training grounds, Uzasnyth coils and then bursts upwards into flight.
Uzasnyth bursts up from the bowl below.

From the training grounds, Dsalth coils and then bursts upwards into flight.
Dsalth bursts up from the bowl below.

From the training grounds, Shirasuth coils and then bursts upwards into flight.
Shirasuth bursts up from the bowl below.

From the training grounds, Mneoth coils and then bursts upwards into flight.
Mneoth bursts up from the bowl below.

From the training grounds, Issryuith coils and then bursts upwards into flight.
Issryuith bursts up from the bowl below.

From Kearneth's neck, And up they spring..... a pair in blue and black zooming up into the sky, a blur of motion as Kearneth's rippling movements split the winds as he makes his way upwards with only a few casual flips of his wings to help him ascend, flying far and past the others to casually turn a slow circle.. nearly losing his balance, but then falling back in his place in line.. after no small urging from Rianne, and with a tossed head to let her know.. politely.. how happy he is about /this/ limitation..

From Uzasnyth's neck, Pae cheers, elated; she will never adjust to the actual take-off. "Goooo-ooo, Uzi!" She whoops, clutching the straps for dear life, warily peering over the side to see the ground below. Uzasnyth rises and rises, wings beating obediantly as he gains altitude; he isn't all that delighted, but he rumbles cheerily at his rider.

Reiko looks paler by a couple of shades as Cerdith vaults into flight; fortunately helmet and goggles do much to disguise this. Shells, but it's cold up here! She releases her hold on the straps to fasten her jacket more tightly around herself, not bothering to look at the view much. Cerdith's wings unfurl to catch the breeze gently, beating with ever greater confidence to bring them skyward.

Shirasuth flaps his wings hard. And up, up, up they go! It's a bird, it's a plane...no. It's super-No. Wait. It's just Shirasuth and K'nex. Well, that's not that bad. Even if Kez is clinging to the straps in a deathgrip, a cross between terror and elation on his face. "It's kinda cold," he squeaks out, sluping on his rusty brown, but smiling. No need to worry, after all. Despite a lot of energy put into that flight, the brown glides easily in the air, not even rocking his rider much. See? He's such a good liddle dragon. Well, not so little anymore...

Dsalth just coasts above them all, trumpeting a warning to take it slow. Or suffer a long-winded rambling edict about what happened way-back-when, from his rider. Sorrel and khaki blazes against a greyer sky, and the older dragon swings left above them, watching.

Somewhere between gold-kissed ridges, Hiza grins widely, though she's scarsely visiable beneath(yet to be described) riding gear and cloths. Issryuith gently swoops through the air, careful to be too flashy, but delighting in the freedrom from formations. Laughter bubbles up from green rider as she holds the 'ridge in front of her, and Iss moves back, gliding through the air currents, ducking through a low cloud("Iss! That's cold! But incredible!") and coming to hover restless back with the group. "Yes, I think you're very much getting the hang of it!"

<Local> Cerdith senses that Nylanth's mindvoice fills with comforting warm rays like sunlight through the tops of trees in summer, bringing a fresh, almost dewey scent. << We will keep things simple today >> he informs them softly, letting the weyrling pairs enjoy the sense of flying. << We will circle up to the Star Stones first. Make sure you give your clutchmates plenty of room. Dsalth, if you would lead the way? >> This bronze isn't getting used to commanding, is he? << If you need to land at the Star Stones, please do so. G'deon and I will watch from below. >>

Mneoth makes mighty stroke of his wings in order to clear the ground beneath his feet. Taking to the air, he makes quite sure to keep careful distance to the other weyrlings, not because he's afraid of bumping into them, but because he's afraid /they/ might bump into him. Wings stretched out for balance and support, the brown catches thermals and other winds flowing around the bowl of the weyr's airspace. "Very good, Mneoth," Khena shouts, words almost ripped from her lips as wind beats into her face.

<Local> Cerdith senses that Dsalth let's his voice be heard in a rasped tone <<Certainly, Nylanth>> and then a louder more boot-camp instructor voice for the weyrlings <<Remember to communicate, your riders can not hear much above the noise of wind and wing>>

Dsalth straightens out and begins a lazy spiral upwards, pace kept slow and rather pedestrian. Too bad if they wanted to go speed racing. Mwah.

Reiko makes no sign of being aware of the communication passed to her, seemingly content to let Cerdith have his wings. And for all his excitement at actually flying, the blue is quite well-behaved. No silly stunts or acrobatics. He's taking good care of his rider, yes he is.

Uzasnyth follows after Dsalth, slowly climbing through the sky (and he won't get stuck this time, nyah!), gliding leisurely upward. "Up we goooo-oooo," Pae sing-songs, words muffled by wind and the constant swoosh of Uzasnyth's wingbeats.

From Kearneth's neck, "Oh, darling...... let's /go/, then!" Rianne suddenly loosens her grip on the straps that she had been clinging to, sitting up slightly to whirl one arm around in the air as Kearneth increases his speed from a graceful float to a mesmerizing pace...... only to slow again not moments later at Dsalth's slow pace setting, his rider blowing out a long breath as she mutters, "Oh, /fine/ then, P'rru.... ruin all our fun, why don't you?" Of course no one can hear that.... good. But Kearneth did, and shifts his shoulders that same graceful slow gliding he had in the beginning. Ahhh....

<Local> Cerdith senses that Issryuith is joyful in watery, sunlight blues, << Is it not beautiful to fly with your riders? >> Thin trickles of gold invade, softly happy << I will follow you, Dsalth. >> Slowly, << Am I doing smashingly? My Hiza says yes. >>

From Nylanth's bronzen neck, G'deon peers upwards, eyes gaining an almost icy edge in their intent gaze while he studies the dragons' movements. Which by and large are really quite good. But after a moment he urges Nylanth to gain a height equal to to the dragons near the back. The better to see, of course.

Sandwiched between Mneoth's klah-brown neckridges, Khena isn't allowing Mneoth too much freedom to test his wings. Or practice using them as the situation is. She has her brown follow the older, more experience form of Dsalth, her own eyes trained on him and his rider, while Mneoth seems to be enjoying the sights.

Somewhere between gold-kissed ridges, Hiza *belatedly meant careful -not- to be too flashy.

<Local> Cerdith senses that Uzasnyth's words are swift like those Southern jungle cats, savannah-gold brimming delightedly at the edges. << We fly! Mine says I fly perfect! >> The sunlight fades, replaced by docile summerblue-skies. << We follow. >>

Nestled on the dusty warmth of Shirasuth's neck, K'nex blinks as Shirasuth cranes his head back a little. "Oh," Kez mutters, nodding his head. Star Stones, then. Follow Dsalth. Well, Shira can remember all that and do it. He's just a sort of a...Neck ornament right now. The brown, meanwhile, is proving he can do just fine once given directions...He's not even over-shooting it today. See? Golden wings flash, catching thermals as the dragon glides alogn after Dsalth.

Dsalth banks slowly to the side, giving ample time for the young dragons to follow his path towards the star stones, up and up, but levelling out at almost every step. Between neckridges, P'rru gives the signal to prepare to land and the dragon beneath him responds, clipping his wings in purposely, preparing to stop by the star stones.

Dsalth pushes their way upwards through wind and thermals.

Issryuith wings back and forth slowly, careful to move upward or down gracefully, tail swooshing, to avoid the others in the air. Acrobatic? No. Grace? Of course. Wings are snapped back to catch the air at Dsalth's words, straight, and tail ceasing it's movement. Rudder, not banner. "I'm holding on, Iss." Hiza assures, mentally and out loud. It just amuses her the way the currents steal her words and fling them away from any ears.

<Local> Cerdith senses that Shirasuth beams, like the sun rising over the peaks at dawn and sreading orange light and warmth to a new day, <<Flying is...wonderful>> There's just no other way to put it. Sunbeams twinkle through clouds <<Yes! Yes, we're all doing well...>>

Uzasnyth pushes their way upwards through wind and thermals.

Issryuith pushes their way upwards through wind and thermals.

Past ledge and rock to Star Stones and higher still, you circle up past even the Spires themselves.

Above High Reaches
Quite, quite high, nothing braves these heights but stone and dragon and cloud; the Star Stones jut dutifully above the Weyr proper, flayed by the mountain winds that are consistant at this altitude whilst the rest spreads below, protected by its crown of jagged stone spires'-teeth.
It is an autumn afternoon.
Bronze Cairhoth, Brown Dsalth, brown Uzasnyth, and green Issryuith are here.

Shirasuth battles up from the Weyrling grounds far, /far/ below.

Mneoth battles up from the Weyrling grounds far, /far/ below.

Nylanth battles up from the Weyrling grounds far, /far/ below.

Kearneth battles up from the Weyrling grounds far, /far/ below.

Dsalth waits for a moment before diving in, a gentle, non-show-off landing, claws scraping the rock of the star stone ledges before coming to a rest, his rider already swivelling in his seat to watch the others join them.

Up, up, up -- Uzasnyth is not far behind Dsalth, battling wind and sky to land cautiously on the starstones. Pae is still ecstatic, albeit she contains it long enough to ensure her lifemate has a safe landing.

Dsalth drops, pouncing through the air towards the familiar Star Stones.

<Local> Cerdith senses that Nylanth urges everyone to swoop down to land at the Star Stones, adding gentle reminders to be extra careful on the landing.

Issryuith drops, pouncing through the air towards the familiar Star Stones.

From Kearneth's neck, And so Rianne contains Kearneth to his quietly graceful pace, content to just be as he is, his head swiveling in a dozen directions as he looks all around him, apparently pointing things out to Rianne.. until Rianne reminds him of the more important thing.. the landing. Which of course he's /never/ forgotten......

Kearneth drops, pouncing through the air towards the familiar Star Stones.

Uzasnyth drops, pouncing through the air towards the familiar Star Stones.

You circle once and then pounce forwards, leaping down through the air.

Star Stones
With Thread in full swing and fall charts so common, this old sentinel is a bit of a charming antiquity, a monument to history: lichens eat at the stone in crevices not latey scrubbed, and firelizards perch in the unblinking socket of the Eye Rock. Only snow lands often on the broad, lower ledge, and only wind climbs the short stair to the top, but the view for the curious is worth it and more, as all the mountains of the Reaches' range spear the sky above, and the Weyr itself lays below, its ring of spires like some great titan's discarded crown.
It is an autumn afternoon.
To the west, you see Cairhoth, Shirasuth, Mneoth, and Nylanth.
Balanced in the Eye Rock is Arson.
Brown Dsalth, green Issryuith, blue Kearneth, and brown Uzasnyth are here.

Nylanth drops in from Spires' height.

Shirasuth drops in from Spires' height.

Mneoth drops in from Spires' height.

Nestled on the dusty warmth of Shirasuth's neck, K'nex shivers. Geez, it's even colder up here. The weyrling shinks a bit, hugging his dragon's neck for extra warmth, and smiling as Shira conveys something to him silently. The ocher hide gleams a bit as the brown glides in, shortly after Uzasnyth and Dsalth, to hover over the said Star Stones...and then every so carefully drop himself onto them.

Mneoth might not be the fastest, or the most graceful dragon in the Weyr, but he certainly does keep up with the older brown, his wings only beating when necessary, thus concerving energy. Smart, isn't he? Seeing Dsalth land, he glides in to settle near him, his expression one of almost pride. See, he's learned to land without stumbling.

Issryuith absolutly delights in the sheer altitude, and the wonderful gasp of her Hiza, who has never been up to the Stones, thank you. "Oh!" She breaths, glancing below. But Issryuith warbles in comfort, gliding down to catch the ground, tucking her wings in as she does so. More laughter burbles from the rider-type, bending to give an awkward hug to lifemate. "Wonderful!"

Cerdith matches Dsalth's none-too-quick pace easily, though he keeps his distance, hanging back as if he wouldn't like the flight to end too soon. He even banks for an extra spiraling turn before finally settling in on the Stones with hardly a scrabble of talons. There he settles back on his haunches a bit, jewel-faceted eyes whirling an odd greenish yellow. Reiko pulls her jacket more tightly around herself, waiting for the next set of instructions.

From Nylanth's bronzen neck, G'deon quickly lifts off his helmet, hair flying every which way in the wind as he eyes each dragon in turn, one hand resting almost tensely on his own dragon's neck. "How is everyone feeling?" he asks, voice almost implying riders as well as dragons. "Feel fit enough to head back down after a breather?"

Uzasnyth circles the starstones briefly before actually landing, paws scrabbling on stone as he comes to a slow halt. "Oh, Uziii-ii!" Pae squeals, hugging the brown's neck endearingly. "You did wonderful! Perfect! You're the best flyer /eeeever/!" After the praise is concluded, she beams over at G'deon. "We're fine! It was fun!"

From his seat between pinstriped, stately neckridges P'rru props himself to a standing, kneeling on his dragon's shoulders. "They did very well, G'deon!" he rings out, bright smile on weathered features. "Smashing! And even better since none of you fell off! Good job!" praise praise but all they'll get from Dsalth is a half-hearted grunt.

Sandwiched between Mneoth's klah-brown neckridges, Khena lifts her goggles, settling them on her forehead as she looks down at the view from up here. "Fantastic view, dontcha think, Mneo," she says, then bursts into a laugh after a moment of listening to her lifemates voice in her head. "He says the view from our weyr will be much better.... Oh, and yeah. We're ready to head back," she adds as an afterthought, answering G'deon's question.

Reiko removes goggles and helmet, absently raking gloved fingers through her hair to straighten it a bit. Emerald gaze slides over to G'deon, and she shrugs lightly. "Cerdith is fine," she returns simply, either missing or ignoring any other implication in the Weyrleader's question.

Nestled on the dusty warmth of Shirasuth's neck, K'nex perks up a little, looking at Gid, "Well, Shira's fine and dandy. He's ready to keep on flying...and I'm ok, if a little cold." Good thing for that jacket. "So I'm ready to go back down whenever everyone else is..." Shirasuth shifts himself, so to be more comfortable on the ledge, and furls his wings to make for more room as he rumblies at his clutchmates. They flew!

Somewhere between gold-kissed ridges, Hiza grins, pulling goggles back to smile with her entire face, "Lovely, G'deon! Everyone! Absolutely!" Green bobbles her head, snorting lightly at her clutchmates, getting a pat on the neck. "Issryuith says she'll be ready to go as soon as everyone else is."

From Nylanth's bronzen neck, G'deon nods slowly to P'rru and the weyrlings, the smile on his face not /quite/ matching their enthusiasm. But long days can do that. "Uh... good. Good to hear. Well, when people are ready, P'rru and Dsalth, could you two lead the way back down?" Seemed to work rather well after all. "Then Nyls and I can follow once everyone else is ready to go." And his voice isn't really all that strained. It's the altitude. Yes.

From his seat between pinstriped, stately neckridges P'rru thunks back down into his seat. "Well since everyone seems to be willing to go, down we fly!" he's chuffed, almost as much as the weyrlings are. Dsalth ambles to the very edge of the ledge before leaping off, mustard wings snapping to attention, catching the frigid breeze, sending him coasting away from the stones.

Dsalth takes off.

Uzasnyth takes off.

Mneoth takes off.

Issryuith takes off.

From Nylanth's bronzen neck, G'deon slowly replaces helmet and goggles, taking a little more time than usual to resituate them.

Kearneth takes off.

Reiko takes that extra few moments to breathe, not putting her helmet back on right away. But it's not a very long time before she catches up to the others, silently asking Cerdith to follow. The blue hesitates only a moment before vaulting off the Stones--a bit less force needed, after all, since they're only going /down/--shimmering wings unfurling to catch the thermals.

You take off.

Above High Reaches
Quite, quite high, nothing braves these heights but stone and dragon and cloud; the Star Stones jut dutifully above the Weyr proper, flayed by the mountain winds that are consistant at this altitude whilst the rest spreads below, protected by its crown of jagged stone spires'-teeth.
It is an autumn afternoon.
Bronze Cairhoth, Brown Dsalth, brown Uzasnyth, brown Mneoth, green Issryuith, and blue Kearneth are here.

Nylanth takes off from Star Stones

Mneoth warbles, unsettling his surprised rider by taking off before she's had a chance to put her goggles on again. "Mneoth!!" Khena's shout goes out, loud enough to be heard even about the whistling winds. The brown only gives off an amused croon, as he beats his wings a few times to keep up with Dsalth.

Dsalth leads then downwards, almost flitting from each gust of wind to the next, using it's energy to help his sail, billowing like a parachute. Tail whips, side to side as needed, acting as rudder, taking the wing down further towards the weyrling airspace.

Uzasnyth leaps into the air again, wings snapping open vehemently and ensnaring the wind. "Down, Uzi, not up!" Pae reprimands the brown teasingly, watching Dsalth descend -- and Uzasnyth follow.

Nylanth circles just a little higher after leaping from the Star Stones, bother dragon and rider peering down from above as they begin a slow descent following the others. Nylanth gives out a long, soft croon, almost comforting in tone, wings only flapping once or twice as the winds demand.

Shirasuth takes off from Star Stones

Kearneth drops lower into the Weyr's caldera.

Dsalth drops lower into the Weyr's caldera.

Uzasnyth drops lower into the Weyr's caldera.

You abandon the view from high above the bowl and circle lower, passing the Spires and Star Stones on the way down.

Above the Bowl
The ocean's tranquil thermals settle within the center section of the bowl's airspace, unusually smooth and bouyant -- though oft to switch as the seasons shift. Lingering beneath spires' constant presence, the perpetual activity of the weyr can be observed from every direction: from the testing rustle of dragonet wings, to the playful games sent aloft.
It is an autumn afternoon.
Brown Dsalth and brown Uzasnyth are here.

Uzasnyth risks it and heads towards the Weyrling Grounds.

Mneoth drops in from Spires' height.

Nylanth drops in from Spires' height.

Dsalth risks it and heads towards the Weyrling Grounds.

Nylanth risks it and heads towards the Weyrling Grounds.

Watch for flying Weyrlings! The training grounds are busy, dangerous airspace.

Above the Training Grounds
Weyrling pairs have trampled the ground below into the hard-packed training grounds: ash pits near the pens, targets on the walls, the occasional loose Weyrling out of control here in the gentle thermals. The Weyr curves north towards large ledges and the Hatching Grounds beyond, and south towards pens and lake. What ledges are occupied here are high above the noise and smell of the Weyrs' youngest riders.
It is an autumn afternoon.
Brown Dsalth and bronze Nylanth are here.

Mneoth glides in from the central bowl.

Issryuith loops in from above the feeding pens.

Dsalth brings them round towards the training grounds, slow and steady wins the race...or so he keep reminding the dragons that follow in his wake. An updraught almost catches the older brown unexpectantly, and he's forced to bugle crankily into it, and realign his wings to the level, dropping down in a slower circle still.

Cerdith seems almost eager to land, oddly, dropping below the others in a wide spiral, taking great care not to jostle his rider unnecessarily. As he nears the ground, he extends his wings fully, slowing himself further.

The earth really /is/ flat after all. At least the ground you drop towards.

Training Grounds
The marks of thousands of claws give testament to the shuffling of the young dragons that have torn up what little grass once grew in this corner of the bowl. Tucked in between the feeding pens to the south and the curve of the Weyrleader's complex, the training grounds are home to daily exercises and classes, all taking place well out of the way of the hectic bustle of the rest of the bowl. Cut deep into the cliff face, the large, covered openings leading into the extensive weyrling barracks rise high over the heads of any who come near, although the height of the caldera's spindles far above cast their own reaching shadows across the hard packed earth.
It is an autumn afternoon.
Soaring high overhead are Ghede, Selig, Kamoku, Miami, and Ripper.
Green Niamhyth, green Zaqith, blue Kearneth, and brown Uzasnyth are here.

Shirasuth heads from Pens to Weyrling grounds, leaving the fenced beasties behind.

Above, Nylanth drops towards the ground.
Nylanth glides in from above.

Above, Issryuith drops towards the ground.
Issryuith glides in from above.

Above, Dsalth drops towards the ground.
Dsalth glides in from above.

Hiza is removed from Issryuith's neck, sliding down and gaining assitantance from tail if need be.

Rianne is politely but /very/ firmly slid off Kearneth's neck and to the ground with a gentle thud.

G'deon slides from Nylanth's neck and lands gently on the ground.

Above, Mneoth mimics Dsalth's movements, but with a twist of his own, circling the opposite way. A motion making his riders face grimace unhappily beneath goggles and highcollared jacket.

Above, Mneoth drops towards the ground.
Mneoth glides in from above.

Dsalth plunges down into the hard packed soil, stirring up dust-devils and snorting in almost a draconic sneeze. Achooo! Happily P'rru leaps off his dragon, cheeks pinkened from the cool air above. "Well I have to admit I'm rather pleased at how your all developing. Aren't you aswell, G'deon. They'll be real riders soon enough and a welcome addition to the fighting wings" the brownrider rattles on, hand whumping Dsalth's shoulder fondly.

G'deon thuds to the grounds once more, the corners of his mouth just a little tight as he glances up at Nylanth's whirling eyes. Helmet is slowly pried off and attached to the appropriate part of the riding straps, jacket unbuttoned a little as the weyrleader glances around quickly. "Is that everyone?" he asks, one gloved tugged off quickly before running a hand through his more than unruly hair. "Don't forget, you need to stretch /after/ exercising as well...."

Dsalth watches with interest as P'rru descends carefully

Sandwiched between Mneoth's klah-brown neckridges, "/Don't/ you /ever/ do that again," Khena yells as the brown lands neatly on the ground, his warble of pride interrupted by the tell-off from his lifemate. "That was a dangerous stunt that, Mneoth," she mutters angrily as she tears off helmet, goggles and gloves, then throws a leg over the brown neck, sliding to the floor of the Grounds.

Mneoth crouches low, a sigh escaping his lungs, to allow Khena to shift to the ground.

Nestled on the dusty warmth of Shirasuth's neck, K'nex slips off the brown dragon, not meetign the ground as soon as he thoguht he should have and stumbling upon impact. Thump. "Ugh!" Kez glares at Shirasuth, "Did you grow again?" Huff. The rider dusts himself off, and nods at G'deon, "I /think/ that's everyone," he comments uncertaintly and groans as the weyrleader mentions streatching. Not that Suth seems to mind as he flexes.

Hiza tilts her head at G'deon as she pries off her helmet and googles, smoothing down her hair where it sticks out at odd angles, and coming to rest on the ground. "I think it is, Gid." Something doesn't seem quite right but Hiza lets it be for no, mentally telling Issryuith to do he post-excercise stretches. And the green does, wriggling her limbs one by one, and wings in turn. Even though they count as limbs. Or something.

Cerdith settles himself carefully, furling his wings with a worried croon. Reiko swings a leg over his neck and slips to the ground... and keeps slipping, her knees buckling underneath her. And the worried croon turns into something a bit more frantic.

Cerdith extends a graceful forelimb as you dismount, easing your way safely to solid ground.

Issryuith pushes Hiza out.

Kearneth heads into the Weyrling Barracks.

Rianne heads into the Weyrling Barracks.

G'deon finally tugs off his other riding glove, the pair tucked behind his riding belt as he turns to nod to Nylanth's comment. The weyrlings and dragons all get a long look as that golden-touched hair is again quickly raked. Until first Nylanth, then his rider, picks up on Cerdith's calls. Long legs bring the bronze rider quickly to Reiko's side, a look of consternation on his face. "Reiko?... Cerdith, what happened?" Not that Gid would expect a reply really. But Nylanth does.

K'nex climbs careflully down from Shirasuth's neck, using the bulky brown's extended limb, and steps safely onto the ground.

Shirasuth lifts his head suddenly, wings twitterign a little as he picks up on Cerdith's alarm. "What? What?" Says Kez, as he picks up on Shira's alarm, "What?" The brownling takes a few steps in Reiko's direction, then a few steps away and comes to a halt after making a few rounds of circles.

P'rru is too busy rounding over towards Khena who's rebuking her lifemate than to notice poor Reiko and her troubles. But Gids has, and he's probably more fit at fixing any problem than this brownrider. "Khena, love, he was just testing his ability" he notes "Ill-timed, yes, you should be giving us more of a wanring but still" Dsalth hunkers down, a low rumbled question towards Cerdith and co.

<Local> Cerdith senses that he is basically incoherent, splashes of color exploding through his mindtones, black worry edging in from the sides.

Mneoth gives off a worried warbles, his eyes whirling as he turns to Cerdith and his rider, forgetting all about his own rider being mad with him. Shuffling a few steps toward the blue and rider, he suddenly extends his tail, pushing Khena along with him.

<Local> Cerdith senses that Mneoth is worried and concerned, his baritone mindvoice darkening as he approaches the upset blue, >>Is your rider alright, Cerdith,<< he asks, the worry in his voice becoming more and more evident.

<Local> Cerdith senses that Shirasuth worries, fire flying over the grasslands, dying itno embers and litghting up againg as the howling wing breezes over it. <<Is everything ok?>> Sunlight obliterated by smoke and dust, the brown almost echos Mneoth's worries and thoughts.

Khena would answer P'rru. Really, she would. But a push of her lifemate's tail has her turned in the direction of Reiko and her blue. "Mneoth! I'm sure Reiko's alright," she says, turning back to the brown, then to P'rru, a voice constantly calling in her head to see to Reiko. "Really, P'rru," she says, trying to ignore Mneoth in her head. "He could have crashed into one of the others." Getting another push from a brown tail, she throws up her arms, and then heads toward the fallen rider.

Nylanth is remarkably calm, now that he knows what that tension was he kept picking up. First things first, he swings his head to either side of the blue 'ling pair, a short, but commanding snort given the others. G'deon kneels beside Reiko, using the few skills he once learned and hoping it applies here. "Reiko," he insists, voice quiet, yet clear, fingers reaching to find a pulse.

<Local> Cerdith senses that Nylanth thinks << We must give them room >> Not a torrent, but a strong stream not the less, heat blasts from the bronze's mindvoice, his tone taking on that sharp edge used during a Fall and yet keeping that cool edge at the very borders, calming in essence.. << One of your riders must get help. >> And a pause with a visual image << A Healer. >>

<Local> Cerdith senses that Dsalth stays in the background, unwilling to add his own thoughts to the turmoil. <<My P'rru is off now. He will find one>>

P'rru just marches off at a cracking pace towards the weyr.

P'rru heads west towards the Northern curve of the bowl.

K'nex doesn't have to move far to give room, seeign as he never really made it past his dragon. But after mental instructions, Kez takes a few steps back, even at Shira does, the brown's eyes whirlign in oranges and reds, wings streatched out to either side of him. His rider, slinks closer to him, picking at his nails and looking on concerned.

Reiko opens her eyes about halfway, scowling with annoyance. "I slipped," she tries weakly, still not willing to admit she might need help. How long was she on the ground? Only a few seconds, right? Cerdith warbles his relief at the words, nuzzling even closer even as he allows room for G'deon to help.

P'rru wanders in from the Northern Bowl, keeping an eye out for Weyrlings on Patrol.

At the constant encouragement/pushing of her lifemate, Khena does come closer, dispite Nylanth's warning not to. As does Mneoth, though his attention is more on the dragon, trying to calm him down. "What happened, G'deon," she ask the weyrleder, looking down at Reiko, a slight smile breaking out across her lips as the blueling wakes up.

Elehu wanders in from the Northern Bowl, keeping an eye out for Weyrlings on Patrol.

P'rru bring a healer with him. "Here we go. Everything will be alright, weyrlings" he says, still puffing like a steam train. Get excercise. More of it old man. Dsalth ambles over to his rider, muzzle dropped forlornly to his shoulder.

G'deon would never really keep a rider's lifemate away, however, his sky blue eyes finding those of the blue for a moment, willing Nylanth to comfort the young one before looking back down at Reiko, one hand pressed to her temple despite her response. Head whips around as he hears P'rru's voice once more, then with one gently reassuring squeeze he moves back to make way, at the same time trying to make just a bit more room for the weyrling and her dragon.

Elehu briskly enters, all but on poor P'rru's heels as she slings her healer's satchel from her shoulder, taking G'deon's place beside Reiko. Her own hands quickly feel for Reiko's pulse near the throat, though her eyes quickly check the weyrling's for reassurance. "Reiko? Do you know what happened?" She's really not being patronizing, just following protocol. A Healer's life. She glances up for a moment at the others, probably expecting them to fill in anything Reiko cannot provide herself.

K'nex reaches out to lean one hand on his brown, whos has since then furled his wings again and is now waiting patiently for results. Or something. His Rider just leans for support, and watches like his dragon, not moving, just staring. The brownlign glances at Elehu, and shrugs..."She...said she jsut slipped..." And that's all he really knows of the matter.

G'deon's face is a stoney plan, hands held tightly at his sides as if to keep them from fidgeting. He should have known... noticed something. "Make sure your dragons cool down," he tells the others, eyes not leaving the downed weyrling or her lifemate. His voice is almost detached and cool, but boiling beneath with hinted emotion. "Get them to stretch. This cold can injure tired muscles..." Nylanth offers another croon, almost as if trying to soften his rider's words.

Khena steps back, now that Elehu was here. "Get back now, Mneoth," she says, pushing at her lifemate's muzzle, the brown reluctantly responding by shuffling back a few paces. "Is she alright, Ele," brownling calls out though, her face still showing traces of worry. Probably a reflection of her lifemate's state of mind.

Cerdith sways uncertainly. Reiko is awake. This is Good. Reiko is not getting up. This is Bad. He does back off just a bit as Elehu moves to take G'deon's place. Reiko is further annoyed to find that she doesn't have the energy to even resist, much less get to her feet. "I told Gid. I slipped. I'm fine." But probably anyone looking at her could figure out that's not exactly the truth. She's even paler than usual.

P'rru sidles up beside G'deon. "You weren't to know" he says, voice low lest anyone overhears them. "Not to worry, with a healer here she'll be put to rights...better get the others occupied, otherwise the whole weyr could wake up" with the whines of worried dragonets. "You heard the weyrleader!" he turns to the remaning weyrlings. "Stretches, continue please". Although he does keep a much concerned eye on Reiko. Poor pet.

<Local> Cerdith senses that Mneoth's mindvoice still hovers at the edge of worry, the baritones having lightened some, however, since the first distraught warbles from Cerdith. >>Is your rider going to be alright?<< he asks, waves of lingering fright of another dragon's rider's health, entering his query.

Shirasuth is already cooled down. Sorta...He's just waiting. And he's not tired, either. But he lifelessly streatches, not really putting much effort into it. Flap, dip, oh, forget it. This brown's attention is elsewhere. The same place as his riders. Kez glances at Khena, and keeps silent since she's already asked.

Elehu presses her lips together for a moment in a look of concentration, not to mention just a touch of worry at the corners of her eyes. Hazel gaze sweeps towards Khena for a moment, mouth opening slightly as if to speak, but Reiko's answer brings her attention back with almost fiery intensity, barely kept from her voice. No room for emotion when on duty. "You're not fine, Reiko," she simply answers after a long moment, voice pitched to carry only to the weyrling, and possibly those close enough. Gentle fingers feel at that pale skin for a moment as the Healer's face sets into an even stronger look of determination before she sits back just a little, glancing back at G'deon. "I want a stretcher," she tells him quickly, leaving no room for arguing, weyrleader or not.

<Local> Cerdith senses that he doesn't know what's wrong with his rider. The explosion of colors has paled to a worried watercolor wash.

<Local> Cerdith senses that Dsalth won't say anything, but he sends a cosey, invasive warmth into the minds of those around him, consoling but strong. Nothing to hint that he's worried. Just a comforting musky whisper.

G'deon takes a deep breath before nodding to Elehu, sending a quiet command to his lifemate before blue eyes seek out the others. "You should probably tend to your own lifemates," he says quietly, though there is hesitation. In other words... stay if you want. Then he turns on a heel, trotting to the barracks of all places, disappearing inside, and if you were looking, into the offices beyond. And after a longer moment he returns with the requested stretcher, lying it down beside the pair on the ground.

Stretcher? That wasn't exactly the word Khena wanted to her out of the healer. Turning to see G'deon disappear and appear again, she doesn't move from her spot, hovering near the small grouping around Reiko, dispite the weyrleader's order. Beside's Mneoth was right beside her, doing his own stint of observing while 'ling and dragon both were trying to calm each others nevers. "What's wrong, Ele," Khena asks, keeping her voice low enough to not announce her question to all the other 'lings, but loud enough for the healer to hear.

Reiko scowls, but it's not very enthusiastic since it seems to take a lot of effort. And before she can even open her mouth to protest the use of a stretcher, there it is. The little resistance remaining seems to seep out of her, leaving an almost frightened look in her eyes. She tried so hard to be fine. Why isn't she? Cerdith's warbling turns almost comforting, although it's still laced with worry.

Elehu doesn't even wait for the stretcher to be settled before she glances at the surrounding riders and weyrlings... She'll need help, but she doesn't know many of them that well. And so eyes fall on her ever faithful assistant in times of need. "Gid, can you help here?" she asks softly, not waiting for a reply as she turns to Reiko. "Please... just try to relax, Reiko, and lie still. I'm going to take you to a ground weyr so we can figure out what happened. And get you out of this cold," which certainly isn't helping the Weyrling's pale and clammy skin. Well, /she's/ not going to. "Gid, help me lift her to the stretcher. Can two of you carry this?"

K'nex glances away from Reiko for a moment to watch Shirasuth listlessly streatch - well, at least he's doing it at all - and then turns his attention back to Reiko, now that things seem to be calming down...a little. "A streacher?" He mutters, patting Shira while having a silent conversation with him, obvious by that Kez keeps nodding his head absently. Shira crances his neck towards the barracks, whirling eyes watching as the weyrleader gets out a streatcher and croons softly.

P'rru steps forward to offer his services again. "I'll do it, wouldn't be good to separate the 'lings from their dragons right now" in otherwords, he doesn't want Mneoth or Shirasuth going bonkers aswell. "To the ground weyrs then?" he asks, waiting by one end of the stretcher for further orders from the healer.

Cerdith senses Nylanth sends calm, still colors, like the light reflected from a quiet pond. << We must go with your rider, Cerdith. The others are taking her to a place nearby, and you should go with her. She will be taken care of. >> Then another wave washes over, scented lightly of lavender and nutmeg, a splash of proud Burgundy encompassing. << You are doing very well. >>

Khena glances from one to the other, her eyes finally locking onto her lifemate, "alright, alright," she mutters, stepping forward again with a nod to P'rru and G'deon. "I'll take the other end, then."

G'deon quickly kneels once more, waiting for Elehu's signal before shifting Reiko as lightly as possible to the waiting stretcher, then stepping back once more to stand near his lifemate. The others can handle this, the bronze pair's responsibility now is the distressed blue.

Cerdith hovers protectively, jeweled eyes whirling in worried yellows and oranges. He does, however, back off enough for those carrying the stretcher to get into position. Reiko doesn't bother protesting as she's lifted onto the stretcher, mostly because she doesn't seem to have the energy to.

P'rru waggles a hand at Khena. "Well up that end, love, and I'll lift this at the same time" hands wrap round the stretcher handles, and a one, two three, heft. "We'll follow you Elehu if that's alright." Dsalth drops his haunches to the ground heavily near Mneoth, a slight rumble heralding a passing comment to the younger brown. She'll be apples.

Elehu pause just a moment, searching Reiko's face for the briefest moment before she also stands and steps back, motioning P'rru towards the head of the stretcher and Khena to the foot. "Steady does it," she tells them, probably unnecessarily, satchel clutched to her side. "And... no jostling, please. Just slow and smooth, to the ground weyrs." Eyes only hinting at worry flit to the bronze rider's face for a moment before she heads off the procession towards the northern bowl.

Elehu heads west towards the Northern curve of the bowl.

Nylanth rumbles quietly, darkly wedge-shaped head dipping towards Cerdith, encouraging him to follow his rider.

Khena lifts in unison with P'rru, the weight of the slight Reiko hardly straining her muscles at all. Being able to see the blueling's face from her position at the footend, she tries to crack a slight smile at her, but comes out with a worried grimace instead. Not that brownling really /wanted/ Reiko to see her concern.

Open sky is exchanged for protecting stone.

Ground Weyrs
Once a mere overhang in the bowl wall, this arched stone enclave was deepened in aeons past by who-knows-what to provide shelter for injured dragons and their mates. Craggy walls loom high to dwarf rider and dragon alike, sloping back from the weather-open entrance to a low opening into the infirmary itself. Stacked under rock-shaded cover are low supply chests of sturdy timber, flanked with long tables. Other openings are shaded by wherhide curtains, leading to smaller, private caverns for the dragonhealers' patients.
It is an autumn sunset.
Settled on rough-hewn ledge are Bansi, Bow-Wow, and Donner.
Bronze Nylanth is here.
Elehu is here.

Elehu has already hurried ahead, quickly preparing one of the emergency weyrs. It's what they're for, really. She quickly motions the 'assistants' towards her. "Just set the stretcher on the cot for now," she says quickly, though her voice is much softer than her usually brisk Healer's tone.

P'rru slowly and steaily carries the end f the stretcher into the groundweyrs, steering them towards the cot. "Ready, Khena?" he asks, hovering his end above it, waiting for her to set down her end in unison.

"Ready," Khena says, nodding, then lowering her end of the stretcher carefully to the cot. Releasing her grip, she turns to Ele, her face set in a slight frown. "Are you gonna tells us what's wrong with her," she whispers to the healer taking a step toward her, head tilted to one side as her expression clearly demands some sort of explanaition. Well, she /had/ to tell Mneoth /something/, didn't she?

P'rru leaves the stretcher and clips over towards Khena. "Now let Elehu get to work, love" he tells the brownling, hinting at her to calm down slightly. "If there's anything else I can do for you, don't hesistate to ask" this to the healer as he peers down at Reiko, worry lines creasing his forehead.

Reiko winces a little as the stretcher is lowered, bringing her hands up to cover her face. She's not going to bother opening her mouth again because she'll only try to say she's fine. She does have the presence of mind to reach for Cerdith, who has brought himself just as close to the cot as he possibly could.

Elehu slowly lets her satchel fall to the ground beside the cot while rolling a blanket tightly, face almost pensive before she can clear it to neutral, turning to Khena. "Shock," she answers quietly, grimacing just a little as she addresses Reiko and the others. "For some reason, there's been a lack of oxygen... and I mean to find out why." That same stubborn resolve often noted in her older brother now appears loud and clear in her own demeanor. "Reiko, I'm going to lift your legs up a little... we need to get your blood circulating again." She then finally turns back to the other riders and tries to give them an encouraging smile. "This will turn out all right. She's in good hands." And no, that's not an ego trip.

Khena takes a deep breath, eyes looking P'rru over as she crosses her arms in front of her chest, though she /does/ take a few step away from the healer. P'rru might /look/ calm, but Khena knew that he wasn't. The old brownrider was just as worried as she was. "Shock," she repeats, hearing Elehu's diagnosis. Closing her eyes for a moment, she tries to remember if this had been covered in one of the First Aid classes she'd had, but comes up empty. "She'll be alright, then?"

Nylanth stays close to the exit, really only peeking his head around. G'deon asked him to watch out for the young ones after all.

P'rru sniffs gently "We should leave her too it Khena, there's no sense in us hanging about adding hassle" he notes, patting the brownling on the shoulder. "And there's Nylanth..come along, won't you want to see to Mneoth?" although the brownrider just shrugs, giving Khena the option of staying or going. But he slinks out towards the exit quietly.

P'rru leaves healers' enclave for the central bowl.

Reiko nods slowly, shifting a little to make it easier for Elehu to get the blanket under her legs. Cerdith's muzzle is likely less helpful, but helpfully meant, nosing in and around where the Healer is trying to get her hands.

Elehu gives Khena a long look, smiling gently as she kneels beside the cot. "Yes, she just needs rest," she answers, taking her listening tube from her satchel, though hands just fall to her lap for the moment. That was all just damage control really. The real work is always much more dull. "Reiko? How are you feeling?" she asks, looping the ear pieces around her neck for now as she glances up at the weyrling's lifemate. "Truly now," she adds much more quietly, perhaps meant for them alone as she leaves it up to Khena as to stay or leave.

Simbi tumbles in from ::between::, a flash of blue coming from his active wings.

Khena blinks slowly as P'rru marches out of the Ground Weyrs, then glances back at Reiko and the healer, deciding that the call inside her head best be answered. "Take care, Reiko," she says, sheepishly, then turns to follow the older brownrider out to the Bowl.

Khena leaves healers' enclave for the central bowl.

Reiko slowly draws her hands away from her face, revealing an expression more worried than many may ever have seen on this weyrling. "Tired," she whispers, knowing that single word barely scratches the surface but not really willing to take it apart. With a worried croon, Cerdith backs up a bit to give Elehu room.

Elehu simply sits there for a moment, mouth opening as if to speak. But before she can utter a word she just slides the listening tubes to her ears and warms the disc at the bottom. Safety in procedure, so to say. "You gave me quite a scare back there," she finally does comment, voice bordering on an emotional edge. She then holds the disc to Reiko's wrist for a long moment, worried eyes turned to study the other's face. "I wish I had noticed earlier," she then adds even more quietly, pulling the tubes from her ears once more and just waiting a moment.

Reiko's eyes are on the disc. On her wrist. And on Elehu's hands as they go about their quiet tasks. She doesn't react to the statement about having frightened the Healer, but she does frown at the second. "Noticed what?" she says, a little suspiciously. If she's changed, it's been gradual enough that she hasn't really noticed. And she's rather grown accustomed to being bone-tired all the time--even begun to assume it was expected of her.

Elehu tries to steel her facial features once more, though her glance wavers towards the infirmary entrance. Perhaps Kariel would be a better choice for this. Except he isn't here. So finally she just looks back to Reiko and smiles a little, holding her hand for a moment and lifting it. And if the weyrling can't notice the difference between the Healer's arm and her own, Ele will be glad to spell it out.

Reiko looks blankly at the uplifted hand, not seeing any significance at all in the gesture. "What?" she murmurs crossly, letting her eyes close. She doesn't like guessing games on her best day. Which this decidedly is not. Cerdith slinks closer still, curling himself around the cot, starlit tail flicking occasionally in random agitation.

Elehu lets out a long, almost pained breath as she gently lays Reiko's hand back on the cot. But instead of answering right away, she stands to pull a few blankets from the closet nearby, setting them down beside her. Then she sets to work at gently sliding the stretcher canvas out from beneath Reiko before really looking at her again. "You're thin as a pole, Reiko," she begins almost painfully. "And you look like you haven't had a decent night's sleep in months..."

Reiko winces a little at the frank appraisal, startled enough to reply without hiding. "I haven't," she admits quietly. She looks at her own hand for a moment, then lets it fall to the cot, her voice dropping to a rough whisper. "And I guess I forget to eat sometimes..." A warble from Cerdith makes her screw her eyes shut tightly. "Okay. A lot of times." Now that she's talking, her lifemate won't let her get away with any more half-truths.

Elehu pauses for a moment, not even bothering anymore to hide the worry from her face. Not that it seemed Reiko could see her at the moment anyway. Nimble fingers begin to tug at the rider's boots now as Elehu just goes about her task with the quiet determination more characteristic of the healer. "Well... no use worrying now. Okay? We'll get you up and about in no time." Once she figures out how. She then drapes a blanket over Reiko's legs and just sits, her own eyes closing for a moment. How indeed.

Reiko wouldn't know how to fix a problem she didn't really realize she had. But it feels really good just to lie down, so maybe she'll just do that for a while. She almost doesn't notice her boots being removed, or the blanket being laid across her. She doesn't even seem to have the energy to reply properly, only murmuring a vague affirmative as she drifts into a dreamless sleep. Cerdith seems to relax as well, lowering his muzzle onto his forepaws with a faint huff as he settles in to keep his vigil.

Message 21 of 21 on *High Reaches (#3155):
Date: Mon Sep 3 00:48:19 2001 CDT
From: Reiko (#21442)
To: *High Reaches (#3155)
Subject: Weyrling Gossip
It should have been a lesson like any other; the Weyrleader took a group of weyrlings above the Bowl to practice mounted flying. But on landing, the rider half of a blueling pair collapsed on the training grounds. Fortunately, the dragon, although obviously upset, was not panicked enough to disappear between--the rider having never fully lost consciousness, and several older dragons being on the scene to provide support.
Upon examination, the rider was found to be exhausted and undernourished -- apparently she'd been subsisting on caffeine and stubbornness -- and she and her lifemate have been confined to the ground weyrs until further notice. It remains to be seen how the weyrlingmasters will deal with this situation...
OOC: Reiko is down, but not out. Cerdith is fine. This Moment of Angst was OOCly sanctioned, and IC ramifications are fully expected!