Living Caverns
The rough-hewn majesty of this cavern far outpaces any delight in the multitudes of curves that form its enclosure. The glabrous grey granite is shot through with translucent obsidian, lending subtly-veined sparkle to the walls and the foot-trodden smoothness of the floor that shows centuries-old placements of the scarred trestle tables; carven hollows give homes for the glow baskets and the coat-pegs that line the walls. No mosaics, no painting, no tiles: just a few well-done tapestries mark the pathway that lead to the kitchen to the north and the inner caverns to the west, and frame the nighthearth's stew and snacks, while a heavier strip of oiled canvas shields the unwary from the wind in the bowl.
Scattered about in various perches and niches are forty-seven firelizards.
You see OOC NOTICE (look sign), White Clay Egg Pot, Chalea, and Streak here.
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Elehu quietly walks in from the Central Bowl.

Reiko is standing as near to the hearth as humanly possible without actually igniting herself... well, given the fact that she's still dripping wet, that'd be quite a feat, although there is steam rising from her back. She hasn't even reached for the klah yet--likely she's waiting for the feeling to return to her fingers.

Elehu shuffles in slowly from the bowl, arms pulled into the sleeves of her dark sweater and wrapped around herself. Tired eyes, shadowed faintly from beneath, scan the cavern in one hazy motion. She nods to Takovic quickly once she starts moving a little nearer towards the others, then peeks at Reiko a little bit from the corner of her eye. "Lovely turn in weather we've had this afternoon," she finally comments, a fake shade of cheer applied to her tone. "At least it's not raining, anyway..."

Reiko looks up with a smirk. "Not quite warm enough for a swim," she returns genially, "although I couldn't convince Cerdith of that." Hopefully she won't end up with an extended return visit to the infirmary as a result of giving in to his wheedling. Rubbing the warmth back into her fingers, she finally reaches for the klah pitcher, one eye on Elehu. "Like some? You look like you could use it."

Elehu nods quickly, almost without thinking, and gives the weyrling a thankful smile. "I'd love that, Reiko, thank you. And don't worry, in another, what is it now, just a month or so? And you and Cerdith can go anywhere on Pern for those baths of his... Won't that be nice?" she adds quietly as she slides into a chair near the hearth. She leans her head against the backrest for a moment, eyes still on the blue rider, though they flicker to Takovic once or twice. "Quite a handy tool that will be, too. Just in time for winter."

Aeron arrives from deeper in the Weyr.

Reiko pours a second mug and replaces the pitcher, her expression thoughtful. "Just in time for winter," she repeats, liking the sound of that. "If Reaches' autumn doesn't kill me, that will be handy indeed." So she exaggerates. This is not a person who's accustomed to spending a lot of time out of doors. She holds one of the mugs out for Elehu to take, lifting the other to her lips for a long, warming sip.

Tall (hovering around 6' or so) and lean, Aeron is hardly what one would call muscular. His limbs have definition, however, if not strength, and are nicely proportioned to his body. Complexion is markedly clear, colored just between tan and pale. Bright, blue eyes appear larger than they really are because of the fringe of thick, dark lashes surrounding them. Thickish, black hair has been cut very short - except for a narrow strip of bangs on either side of his face, which is just past ear-length and colored purple through some mysterious process. A straight, thin nose leads down to thin lips, which conceal mostly straight, white teeth.
An ordinary black tee shirt is worn over a long-sleeved, grey undershirt, fitting just a little bit loosely on his lean frame. Also loose-fitting are grey, multi-pocketed pants, held up by a black belt which is normally covered by his shirts. Black, thong-style flip-flop sandals protect his feet from rocks and the like.
Intertwining threads indicate that Aeron is a HRW weyrfolk!
He is awake, but has been staring off into space for a minute.
Aeron is 18 Turns, 1 month, and 7 days old.

Aeron walks into the cavern, a certain bounce to his step. He heads for the klah, preparing himself a nice, fully sweetened mug. Then he turns, giving a wave to those already present, and heads over to sit near them. "Lovely day, isn't it?" he asks cheerfully. Ah yes - /good/ mood.

Elehu takes the mug with another grateful smile, sniffing at the klah's aroma for a moment with a pleased sigh. "Sometimes I think the smell of klah alone is enough to pick me up a bit," she comments quietly, though that doesn't keep her from taking a slow sip. Hazel eyes quickly spot Aeron as the young man walks in, so the Healer offers a little wave to the weyrfolk, replying that it has indeed become a rather nice day before glancing at Reiko. "And why would the autumn kill you?" she asks, amusement faintly coloring her voice.

Reiko picks at her wet clothing with a twisted smirk. "It wouldn't if I could stay indoors like civilized people," she remarks dryly in response to Elehu's question, turning to give the cheerful young man a polite nod. "If you don't mind chilly," she says lightly, taking another sip from her mug.

Aeron smiles and nods back to both of them, looking from one to the other as they speak. At the last remark, he shrugs. "It's not really that bad. I mean, it's going to get a lot colder, so I'm just glad it's not there yet..." Yeah, he's being an optimist today. "Now, I know you both look familiar, but I don't think we've ever been introduced... I'm Aeron."

Takovic is sitting in the corner, writing something completely distractedly.

Elehu shivers in spite of herself. "Well, yes, there is that... Don't you have anything dry to change into?" she asks the weyrling quite seriously. "I'd hate to see you get sick," is added with a worried frown. Until she glances at the two men in the caverns with them. "I mean... there's so much, um... training left. Right?" Yeah, that's the ticket. "And it would... you know, be a shame if you had to miss any," she finishes lamely, voice quieting as she scoots down in her chair just a bit as she waggles her fingers at Aeron once more. "I'm Elehu," she simply replies.

Reiko shakes her head, droplets of water flicking off the ends of her hair. "I really should plan ahead, since I can't seem to dissuade him." Emerald gaze slides over Aeron in casual appraisal before she replies. "Reiko. Blue Cerdith's rider." And this is fun to say because it's the first time she's actually introduced herself this way. Turning a bit to dry off at another angle, she regards Elehu over her shoulder, eyes narrowing with vague suspicion. "Yes, it /would/ be a shame if Cerdith missed any of his training because I was sick." She's got this idea that the Healer's interest isn't purely professional now, but she's not going to comment.

Braithen walks in from the Central Bowl.

Aeron takes a sip from his mug, basking in the loveliness of the drink. "Well met," he replies to them both. Then sips his klah again before eyeing Reiko curiously. "How /did/ you get so wet...if you don't mind my asking?" Ah yes, must be polite.

Braithen walks out.

Elehu grins at Aeron's question a little bit before turning demure eyes on Reiko. "Though if you had to get sick," she comments as if to herself, "at least you'd get the best care around." Which for some odd reason amuses the Healer, if only for a moment as she catches Reiko's suspicious look. She takes another slow sip of klah, then glances away to set it down nearby. "It really wouldn't be too much trouble to get extra clothing... I mean, especially with the winter months quickly approaching and all. And before you know it, the rain turns to snow..." She suddenly frowns, grimacing to herself. "Ah, shard it all. I forgot. Um... I sort of... well. No, never mind."

Reiko screws up her face in a little grimace at Aeron's question... but it's reasonable, so she answers. "Cerdith wanted to swim. I couldn't say no." Her clothes are nearly dry now... well, okay, they're only damp. Her back is to Elehu by this time, trying to dry off the front of her clothing a little more fully, so she has to judge from the tone of her voice what's going on. "No, you're right of course," she agrees mildly... but she turns to face the Healer completely as her tone changes, eyeing her curiously. "Forgot what?"

Aeron smiles at Reiko's answer and sits back to enjoy his klah for a few moments.

A subtle but gradual blush begins to tint Elehu's cheeks, a very faintly panicked look flashing across her features as she glances around quickly. "Well, nothing important really," she begins, shifting in her chair a bit. "I sort of... um. Well, I got something for you. I mean, I had someone else get it, but... And it's not here, I'd have to get it." She winces a little before glancing up at Reiko, perhaps just now rethinking this idea of hers.

Lhana arrives from deeper in the Weyr.

Takovic is still sitting in the corner and writing.

One corner of Reiko's lips twitches ever so slightly at Elehu's blush and panicked look, and a twisted smile spreads slowly across her face as she considers the idea of a gift - if that's indeed what Elehu is talking about. Emerald gaze rests unblinking on the Healer's face now. "Oh, really?" Her tone is mild, only the barest hint of curiosity tinging around the edges of her tone.

Lhana briskly strides into the room, flipping her hair over one shoulder in her own blustery way. A pleasant nod to all those in the caverns already. She glances at Aeron before quickly and pointedly looking away as she goes to get herself some klah...

Aeron is looking a bit confused by this conversation, which seems to be about something utterly different from what they're actually /saying/. Seeing Lhana enter the room, he utters an "" under his breath before abruptly devoting his full attention to his klah mug.

Elehu hesitates for a moment as she gets herself a bit more under her control again. "Uh... yeah," she replies quietly, her own lips curling in the briefest of smiles. "Unless you don't want it of course. I mean... it's really no big deal." The Healer nods a little to Lhana as the woman enters, she herself slowly getting to her feet. "Look, maybe I'll just get it now. And you can decide," she finishes quietly, face becoming a bit inexpressive compared to just a moment ago. "Or come with... whatever you want," she adds, glancing one last time at the others in the cavern.

Reiko picks at her still-damp clothing thoughtfully, then steps away from the hearth to follow. "I'll come," she says with a shrug. "Maybe I didn't take all my clothes out of the healers' quarters." It's a pretty slim hope, but worth a look. Or maybe she's looking for a reasonable excuse to accompany the Healer. She's not saying which.

Lhana watches the two who are about to leave with mild interest, then shifts her gaze to the quiet man over in the corner. After all, she wouldn't want to talk to... Taking her mug, she goes to sit near Takovic, shooting Aeron a brief, angry look. Lhana, hold a grudge? /Never/.

Elehu flashes an almost relieved smile at the weyrling before she offers a quick wave to the others. In case they're looking of course. "Oh, that's a thought, y'know. I don't think I ever checked. The apprentices usually take care of that area," she says in a flurry of words before disappearing into the inner caverns.

Elehu steps into the shadows that lead back into the Weyr.

Takovic glances over as Lhana seats herself, looking back behind him then and adjusting his spectacles. Whatever's going on, he doesn't know.

Aeron nods to Elehu before she goes and rolls his eyes at Lhana. Honestly, that whole thing was, like, two sevendays ago. Or something like that. Just sip the klah, Aeron... And he does.

Healers' Quarters
Granite rises to form a small bubble-cavern; stone is relieved by threadbare tapestries of different herbs. Low fur-covered benches surround a small table, doubling as sleeping places for visitors to the infirmary. A small fireplace bears a pot of warm klah, refilled regularly to aid conversation or study in this multi-purpose room. Wooden doors lead into private quarters, inhabitants indicated by small carved plaques. A deeper alcove is curtained off to provide space and privacy for those apprentices who don't yet rate their own rooms; half-hidden are a couple of comfortable cots, a press or two, and a desk.
Settled on top of a tapestry-rail are Kiro, Azio, and Mercury.
You see Ehko's Hammock, Mikrori's Mattress, The World of Dima, Amie's Cot, Rev's Cot, Anhe's Cot, Fenrys' Hammock, and Nette's Cot here.
You notice Dima, Fenrys, Antoinette, Revelan, Alirah, Amabel, and Anhelica asleep here.
Elehu is here.

Elehu pauses suddenly. She hadn't been running exactly, but still, the pause is quite abrupt. "Oh, right. You wanted to see if you left anything here, right?" she asks, turning to glance at Reiko.

Reiko follows Elehu back into the chilly caverns, her arms wrapping around herself more tightly as she goes. When Ele stops, she nearly walks right into her. "Oh... right." She gives a cursory look around, seeing nothing but apprentices' cots and presses. "Is there a place people would put things that weren't theirs? A lost and found?" She shrugs. "I'm not even sure there'd /be/ anything... what was it you wanted?"

"Well... I'm not sure," Elehu replies rather absently, glancing around as well, a tiny frown creasing her forehead. "I can look a little better later on. Perhaps Alirah would know." She blinks once before grinning at Reiko. "Oh, right. It's just in my room. And... if you don't like it, just tell me, 'kay? I'd rather know." She studies the other woman for a brief moment, then ducks inside.

Elehu quietly walks into Elehu's Room.

Elehu comes out of Elehu's Room's room.

For a second, Reiko looks as if she might like to follow, but then she seems to think better of it, waiting more or less patiently for Elehu to return. Somehow the healer quarters feel very foreign to her, despite the amount of time she actually lived here, and when Elehu finally returns, relief is evident on Reiko's face. "Don't worry about it," she says quickly. "I'm pretty sure I didn't leave anything I'd want."

Elehu quietly reappears after a brief moment, a small bundle under one arm as she turns to close her door. Then one last pause before she takes the few steps towards Reiko, finally holding out the bundle, a dim light of uncertainty flickering in her hazel eyes. "I just thought this might come in handy," she says quietly.

Elehu hands you wrapped bundle.

Reiko takes the bundle, looking at it curiously for a moment before opening it. When she finally gets the package open, her jaw drops. Really drops. "Elehu." She turns it over in her hands, finally slipping it on. "You shouldn't... I mean..." Her voice trails off. "This is beautiful. Thank you." And so warm. Impulsively, she reaches to hug Elehu, surprisingly enough not giving a thought to how such a gesture might be received. It's rather uncharacteristic for it to be offered, after all, but Reiko hasn't often been the recipient of such a generous gift.

oiled leather jacket
Sleek and terribly efficient in cut, this hooded jacket has been made with versatility in mind. Dyed to a cunning shade of blue and covered with a light odorless oil, the leather has been sewn together in a subtly curvaceous form, accented nicely by a slender belt looped 'round the waist and trim pockets at hips and shoulders, flaps sewn above to keep out precipitation. The sleeves and hood have been left at a generous length, both just short enough to stay out of the way and complete with drawstrings for those windy days. For the cooler seasons there is an additional layer of downy soft fur, held in place by small, sturdy buttons but easy enough to remove when all that is needed is a layer to keep out the rain. Oiled leather jacket is not being worn.

Elehu returns the hug, laughing softly. "I'm so glad you like it," she says softly before taking a slow step back, not to mention reluctant. That was quite unexpected after all. "I just... I don't know. I thought you might find some use for something like that." She bites back a smile just a wee bit as she looks Reiko over, nodding to herself. "Gid helped a little, but I thought that color might suit you and all." She just laughs, crossing her arms loosely.

Reiko smiles. "I love it. Thanks. I was just thinking I needed a jacket." When she was shivering in the training grounds watching Cerdith practice, no doubt. Her arms are wrapped around herself again, less from chill and more from needing something to do with them. "So yeah... I guess I should get back."

Elehu nods slowly, an almost quiet smile curving her lips now as she takes another step back. "Yes, I suppose you should." Her eyes glimmer softly, smile growing just a little more. "Did I ever tell you I'm proud of you?" she suddenly adds, voice just short of a pleased laugh. "You've really seemed to find your place in life. Well," she says briskly, clasping her hands together. "Right, time to get moving I suppose. It must be evening already. My best wishes to Cerdith and yourself... Clear skies, Reiko." And she'll just stay here for now.

Reiko brushes what might be imaginary dust off the sleeves of the jacket, a motion more reflexive than anything else, pausing to look sharply up at Elehu. Proud? For a minute she looks as though she doesn't know what to say. "Thanks," she says at last, her usual composure and certainty conspicuous in their absence. "Night, Ele." She's quite sure it's night by now. At least she won't be freezing on the walk back to the barracks.