Hanzatsu> Central Bowl
Hanzatsu> Seven spindles brush the clouds -- quite literally -- overhead, a jagged, spired cotillion grey-stoned majesty. The bowl from here is expansively large, extending a full half mile in both directions, and although sometimes a bit of a stretch, most of the hubs of activity can be easily observed. Hard-packed ground shows the common pathways, all of them meandering about the craggy bunch of boulders that form a centerpiece: carven, hand-worn and foothold-full, it gives a bit of centerpoint to the otherwise vast emptiness of the area.
Hanzatsu> To the north lie the hatching grounds and leadership weyrs, while the lows of herdbeasts mark the feeding pens to the northeast. A flurry of ever-present activity marks the living caverns to the west, and another time-traveled path the ground weyrs just adjacent to the southwest. Southeast, a glint of blue shows the lake, glittering and cold.
Hanzatsu> It is a spring afternoon.
Hanzatsu> Clinging to footholds in the boulder-mound are sixteen firelizards.
Hanzatsu> Green Kelitath, brown Revnath, green Zoryanth, brown Sevareth, bronze Rixesith, green Siulth, gold Tiareth, brown Druseth, green Niamhyth, blue Mzadith, Brown Dsalth, and bronze Nylanth are here.
Hanzatsu> You see a wagonmaster, George Dubya bush, Trash n Treasures, Trey's Trumbling Wagon, Wagon Two, and Gigi here.
Hanzatsu> Kezenex, Treneere, Mechelle, and Hynolonie are here.

Hanzatsu> Hynolonie raises an eyebrow at Mechelle's excited greeting and slowly makes her way over, eyeing Treneere a bit. She half smiles and nods to the former istan nanny, then looks about the bowl some. She then eyes Kezenex for a moment, wondering just exactly... "What are you guys up to?"

Hanzatsu> Treneere knew he'd be interested. Wicked little grin. "Oh, somewhere. Nothing special, I mean, it doesn't even lead anywhere interesting. Just Uglydragon. And all her little uglies." Mechelle is beamed at. See? Someone believes in her.

Hanzatsu> Mechelle, too, listens for the explination of the 'Uglydragon'. "I know where the catacombs are." she offers. "I stumbled upon them one day. YOu wouldn't /believe/ the hidden corridors and things they have around here!" she notes Kezenex's wince with a smirk, "What's wrong with /you/?" she winks at Hynolonie and explains, "This young one here is going to find a pirate's lair and become a pirate boss. She'll be the best one around!" Now didn't she just say she wouldn't tell?

Kezenex knows all about the catacombs. He was down there too, but he just pretends to not be interested in the bratling's story, "Oh? Is that all. Nothing importaint. You probably can't even remember how to get there..." The 'pirate' says, flicking mud off himself. Mechelle is given a stern look, "There is /nothing/ wrong with me..." Pout. There isn't. Oh dear, it really his getting crowded out here.

Treneere rises to the challenge. "Do too!" she squeaks. "I don't forget nothing. Specially nothing Rene tells me not to tell anyone about." And she just loves thwarting Rene. "There's this dead-end corner, all cobweb'd and stuff. Only it's not really a dead-end, see? Watch that first step, though..." It's a doozy. She starts off on a quest to chase something shiny. Questions will have to wait.

Treneere goes home.

Mechelle raises an eyebrow at Kezenex, not sure why he's giving her such a bad look. She just asked a simple question..."So..rry!" she drawls out with a huff. If he wants to be that way! She turns her attention, instead, to the others. She grins at the pirate girl, and then waves as she runs away. "What a dear child..." is her comment...until she hears Pirate-girl's last comment. She turns back to Kezenex and steps away, "You're /sick/?" Ohhh get away!

Kezenex has been bugged all day about being sick, he has a right to be cranky about it. He's not sick! Huff. He smiles though, of a sneaky nature, as the Brat goes away...right after giving him the information he needs - Muah! - and then he frowns. "I'm /not/ sick!" He yells and then 'yips' and clutches his head again. Oww.

Hynolonie walks to the Caverns.

Mechelle raises an eyebrow slightly as she eyes Kezenex, "You're /not/?" she asks gently, not wanting to disturb his headache. After all, she doesn't like to cause people to feel /worse/. "Maybe you should lie down for a while?"

Reiko slips out of the caverns and crosses the Bowl with long steps, pausing when she sees a group of candidates gathered. With a shrug, she starts in that direction, with a mumbled 'morning'... Then she gets the gist of the conversation. "Who's sick?" She eyes Kez sharply as he denies it, then a little smirk crosses her face as she gets an idea what might have caused that headache.

Above, Vespurath takes off from Vespurath's ledge.

Above, Vespurath drops down towards the Bowl.

Vespurath drops in from above, landing with a light *thud*.

Across shades of pine and sage, Tatia slides down Vespurath's side, landing on the ground with a slight bounce.

Tatia slips to the Caverns.

Kezenex tries to smile, but it's a bit lopsided and is soon replaced with a wince. Ugh. "I'm fine, really, I swear..." Twitch. The Herder starts methodicly rubbing his temples again, tryign to ignore the rattling in his head. Ow. Oh no. Kez groans again as he see Reiko, who might just know why his head feels like it does. "Bleh."

Mechelle smiles at Reiko, her most pleasant smile, though it doesn't quite reach her eyes. Instead there's uncertainty there. "Hello..." she says as pleasantly as she can. "Kezenex seems to have a really bad headache." she explains, still not at all aware of what could be the cause of the candidate's 'sickness'.

Reiko gives Kezenex a coolly appraising look, the smirk spreading to a twisted halfsmile. "You don't look 'fine'," she says lightly, but a wicked glimmer lights emerald eyes. "I used to work in the infirmary, you know." Well, he probably doesn't, but she's ignoring that really. "I'm sure one of the Healers will be able to suggest something." Like sleeping it off. Heh. She's in a really good position to smirk; having started later than the others, she never quite caught up in terms of actual ingestion.

Kezenex is not sick! Herder Candidate just sits there, indignant and pouting. "I'm /not/ sick," he mumbles, still rubbing his head. Reiko just get a /look/ in response to that. He is not goign ot any healers. He's just fine. Humph. And just to prove his point he states 'I'm /fine/!' again. Sitting there wincing and rubbign his head, however, doesn't make him look exaclty the picture of perfect health.

Mechelle tilts her head over to the side, eyeing first Reiko, and then Kezenex, not sure what she should do in this situation. And she's so /used/ to knowing just what to do! Hmm... "Maybe we should go ask a healer to take a look at him?" she asks Reiko. "Or...or...maybe some klah would help?" So anxious to do /something/ that will help him feel better!

Reiko arches an eyebrow, her expression thoughtful. Klah does usually help. But it might be a lot more fun to torment the poor HerderCandie a little. "I /do/ know all the healers pretty well," she remarks, a wicked grin beginning to light her face.

Well, you could hit him in the back of the head and knock him out? That would be helpful. Other than that...He jumps on the klah idea, just to get them off the 'healer' idea, "Oh yes. I'm sure klah would help..," Herder bats his lashes. See how cute he is? You don't want ot get healers involved...He's smile slips a little at Reiko's remark, "Really. I'll be ok..." Pout. Pleeeaaase don't send him to the healers!

Mechelle continues looking back and forth for a moment, and then decides that if he thinks klah will help, then klah he'll get! She nearly /runs/ inside the caverns, appearing a few moments later holding a mug full of steaming hot klah. She thrusts it towards Kezenex with a grin, "There...That should fix you right up..." Or at least she hopes. It wouldn't do to have a sick candidate, after all!! She backs away soon, though. If it /is/ contagious, /she's/ not going to get it!

Reiko stands calmly, watching Mechelle and the mad klah-dash with thinly veiled amusement. "That's a good start," she drawls. "But don't you think a healer would be a better idea?" Emerald gaze slips over Mechelle, lingering slightly before returning to Kez. "Just in case?" Uh-oh. Is Reiko sounding /sweet/?

Kezenex grins sorta nervously at the nanny-type, but accepts the Klah and drinks it slowly. "Thanks," he mutters, truely sounding thankful. Mmmm. Well, he's not /fixed/ but he feels a little better? Huggign the mug to him, he darts a glare at Reiko. "No." Pause for a sip. "No Healers." No matter how 'sweet' she sounds, he's not seeign healers.

Mechelle is torn between what Reiko says and what Kezenex says, "I could go find one. You know, it never hurts to make sure..." doubt clouds her eyes and she glances at the caverns, as if expecting a healer to just pop out of there. "Maybe you ate something that didn't agree with you..."

Reiko smirks, refraining from comment. Of course it wasn't something Kez /ate/. "Everything they need is in the infirmary," she reminds Mechelle, her smile turning truly wicked. "He /really/ should go there." Now she's talking about poor Kez as if he's not even there. Saves her from noticing the glare and possibly getting annoyed again.

Something sure didn't agree with him, but it wasn't somethign he ate. "I hear Phea's - or was it Pia's? - cookies have bad after effects," Kez remarks. Not that he's sayign he did or didn't have any. "I'm /really/ sure I don't need a healer," he says again. Why don't the - ow - belive him? "No, no, no!" Ow! A bit too loud. The klah does seem to perk him up a bit, though..See?

Mechelle raises an eyebrow up slightly. Maybe she and Reiko should just /carry/ him to the infirmary? "You /have/ had your physical, haven't you, Kezenex? If you haven't, there's another reason you should go. After all, it could be something more serious than we /think/ it is..."

Reiko gives the HerderCandie a good long look, a faint smirk curling the corners of her lips. "Really, Kez. They won't eat you." Now Vespurath, over there... ahem. "Why don't we just take a walk over there?" Just through the ground weyrs, see? "I'm sure they've got something that will help." All those bottles she dusted... some of them /must/ be useful, right?

Vespurath takes offense to that. Really. You can tell by the way she bares her teeth while shifting slightly mid-nap.

Kezenex is /not/ going to just let them carry him so stop those thoughts right now! He's not going /any/where. Except maybe bed later. "Oh, sure I've had my physical. Recently. They said I was fine...and I am," the herder lies over his mug. Hm. "It's nothign worse than a headache..." Whiiine. Kez contents himself with sipping his drink. The Herder glances up at Reiko and shakes his head, "Nuh-uh. I don't need to got there." They /might/ eat him. And Vesp would /eat/ him...annoying him by keeping supplies out of reach, maybe even sit on him, but not /eat/ him...

Don't test her. Vespurath's limits are not a good thing to push.

Mechelle eyes Kezenex like she doesn't quite believe him. "well, maybe they missed something...Or maybe..." she stops as the big dragon moves, baring her /teeth/? Eek! She moves a bit behind the others, near enough to the door of the living caverns to dive through if Vespurath decides to dive for them. "Only if you're /absolutely/ sure, Kezenex..." she decides she'll let him off the hook for now, but you can bet she'll be keeping a motherly eye on him for the next few days.

Vespurath shifts again, now turning away from the group of candidates. Baring her teeth? Would she do something like that? It was just a trick of the light - really.

Reiko eyes Kez one more time, but decides to let it drop. "Maybe you'll be more careful next time," she murmurs, slipping by him to return to the caverns, passing close enough to brush against him.. just barely.