Ground Weyrs
Once a mere overhang in the bowl wall, this arched stone enclave was deepened in aeons past by who-knows-what to provide shelter for injured dragons and their mates. Craggy walls loom high to dwarf rider and dragon alike, sloping back from the weather-open entrance to a low opening into the infirmary itself. Stacked under rock-shaded cover are low supply chests of sturdy timber, flanked with long tables. Other openings are shaded by wherhide curtains, leading to smaller, private caverns for the dragonhealers' patients.
It is an autumn before dawn.
Settled on rough-hewn ledge are Bansi, Bow-Wow, Donner, and Simbi.
Blue Cerdith and bronze Nylanth are here.

P'rru comes out of the infirmary, arrival announced by squeak of hinges.

P'rru shuffles through the darkness, long purple robe tossed over his shoulders. "Now which curtain would she be behind?" he whispers to himself, poking about, scuffing in slippers. Poke poke.

Shouldn't be too hard to find Reiko--with a nearly fully-grown blueling wrapped around her cot. She's awake, actually... staring at the ceiling. New occupation. She's been staring at the ceiling for days, it seems. But she turns her head in the direction of the shuffling and whispering... doesn't really sound like a Healer. "Who's there?" she calls out softly. Cerdith lifts his head abruptly, curling his tail a bit more possessively around her cot.

"Your awake, love?" Purr calls out a little louder, shuffling towards blueling and um stare right back, eyes flickering up and down, as if there'll be a neon sign explaining why she's bedridden on her personage. "I'm not interupting your rest, should I go...yes I'll go and come back at a better time...yes, sure" he hovers back and forth trying to make up his mind. Old bugger.

No neon sign. Although if one looked closely, it's pretty apparent how gaunt Reiko is, even after several days of resting and eating. "I'm awake... don't leave, please." Cerdith shifts a little to make room for P'rru, starlit tail snaking to one side. Emerald gaze settles on the old brownrider, looking almost hopeful. A little non-healer-type company would be welcome.

P'rru nods "Alright, hold on a moment" he scuttles off to find a stool and drag is screeching and scraping towards the cot to perch on. "You look wretched" tact. "So I won't round on you for being stuck in the weyr when Dsalth could be giving Cerdith pointers on how to fly better" there's a vague chuckle and he brushes gnarly fingers across the blueling's forhead. Don't comment on the sign of affection. He'd go all gibberish. "And how are you, Cerdith, keeping your rider safe and sane?" he addresses the young dragon "You'd better be out there hunting meals every now and then aswell, don't you forget to keep yourself healthy". Yes, the brownrider has the ability to talk like a schoolmaster to any creature.

Nylanth opens one eye slightly to give the brown rider a soft snort. As if he'd let one of the little dears go without, especially with their rider hurting.

Cerdith lets out a soft little warbling croon, unlidding one eye to regard P'rru evenly. He's fine, look how sleek and shiny. His Reiko took very good care of him. She just forgot to take care of herself. She does frown lightly at P'rru's frank assessment of her appearance. "Thanks." Was that sarcasm? Well, she's not dead. "I should be out soon." She thinks.

P'rru slouches on the stool, giving Nylanth a good scrutiny "Even you could do with a few more herdbeast yknow" he remarks to the bronze before attention turns back to the ones he was here to visit. "Alright, Cerdith, I believe you" a wan smile smooths back wrinkled chops for a moment. "Now, Reiko, I'm not going to be intrusive as I expect all your other visitors have been, but I -am- concerned. It worries me that you could have whatever is going on in your bright young mind result in this" a hand waves over her sorry carcass. "Humph. I suppose I shouldn't even try to imagine what goes on in a young woman's mind.." is he getting to a point anytime soon? Apparently not as he pauses and changes tack. "I've a son" he says rather brightly, as if the blueling already didn't know about that.

Reiko decides not to respond to P'rru's attempts to figure out what she might have been 'thinking'. The simple fact is she wasn't, and it's not something she likes to admit. Bad enough to be flat on her back, more or less forced to admit she's not as strong as she pretended to be. But her eyes narrow a bit as P'rru mentions his son. "Another one?" She knew about Kaorru, certainly, but Faranth only knew what other flights the brownrider had been involved in since then. Seems like ages ago.

P'rru rests his elbows on the cot, leaning forward, chin in his palms. Like a bad smell that never goes away isn't he? "Yes, another one..but a suprise you see since he's grown. Y'know, once you get out of this weyrlinghood, perhaps you could show him around?" wink wink nudge nudge. No he's not serious. "He seems a little smitten with Sasha actually" he adds, frown lines magically appearing. "Name's Adric, nice enough boy but well, family always does bring a lot of confusion and nager with it I suppose.." and as if she doesn't have enough of her own problems, he'll natter on and add his own. Till she smites him dead. Or not.

Reiko isn't about to smite anyone, least of all P'rru. Especially since he's not harping on her or asking her a lot of questions that she doesn't feel like answering. She shifts a little in the cot, propping an extra pillow behind her head. "Show him around where?" Purr's not bad-looking, after all. It might even be interesting to meet this son... but a questioning warble from Cerdith abruptly quells that line of thinking.

P'rru shrugs. "I don't know where." at Cerdith's tone he blinks and fans a hand dismissing the notion of anything funny happening. "Anyway, it's a whole other kettle of fish what he'll end up doing, I've offered to take him in here, but he's a herder apprentice. That runs in the family, funny isn't it. Taking after his old man even though he didn't know I existed" The brownrider smiles to himself inwardly. "Ooh and look-" he reaches into his robe and pulls out a small, creeling gooey creature, all wings and legs. "I really didn't mean to, I don't need another flying belly to irritate Dsalth anymore but it just happened, isn't she a little sweetling?" the gold of course he means.

Cerdith settles again, apparently reassured by the brownrider's dismissive wave as well as by the change in Reiko's train of thought. It's hard to remember to be lecherous when one is confused. "You were a Herder?" And he didn't know about this son? Well, that's not so hard to believe, actually. But she's distracted again by the creeling hatchling, a wry smirk curling her lips. "You ought to clean her up a bit, Purr."

P'rru shakes his head "Oh no, a stablehand, but my father was a herder and my grandfather before him a journeyman. Tis in our blood you see" a wink and he levels his gaze on eht firelizard who, being shoved into the cold air, begins creeling pathetically. "Your right..oif..alright RompBomp, settle down, Daddy will get you back into bed!" and he becomes all giddy, gushing and cooing round the squawling creature. Shh, don't let -that- ruin his reputation as a hard-as-nails toughie! "Reiko, I'll return a little later, bring you some real klah eh? And some of Skylark's muffins" he adds, getting up and shoving the gold into a deep pocket that wriggles and writhes. "I'd best get her sorted, otherwise Dsalth will get his wish and have firelizard for breakfast!" and off he scurries, murmering to his pocket.

P'rru goes home.