Ground Weyrs
Once a mere overhang in the bowl wall, this arched stone enclave was deepened in aeons past by who-knows-what to provide shelter for injured dragons and their mates. Craggy walls loom high to dwarf rider and dragon alike, sloping back from the weather-open entrance to a low opening into the infirmary itself. Stacked under rock-shaded cover are low supply chests of sturdy timber, flanked with long tables. Other openings are shaded by wherhide curtains, leading to smaller, private caverns for the dragonhealers' patients.
It is an autumn midmorning.
Settled on rough-hewn ledge are Bansi, Bow-Wow, Donner, and Simbi.
Blue Cerdith and bronze Nylanth are here.

Jet black hair falls shiny and straight just to her chin, a fringe of shorter hair in front just brushing delicate brows. Her skin is creamy-pale, with just a faint blush on high cheekbones and full lips. Wide-set emerald eyes are tipped up slightly at the outside corners and framed with thick black lashes, giving her a vaguely feline appearance. Neither overly tall nor overly short, Reiko stands straight-shouldered with quiet confidence and moves with an easy, quiet grace.
Overlarge flannel pajamas, their once-indigo color nearly washed completely out of them, hang loosely on her skinny frame. A narrow cord keeps the trousers from slipping down around her ankles; the hems of the sleeves easily cover her hands.
Reiko is 20 Turns, 6 months, and 18 days old.

Lorsalia comes into shelter from bowl's wide open spaces.

E'ren comes into shelter from bowl's wide open spaces.

E'ren slips into the ground weyrs, leaving Xeth behind in the Bowl. He looks a little windblown from sweeps, but the crisp autumn day seems to have lightened his mood, at the very least. "Hello hello," he calls into the maze of caverns, just to see if his call will stir up a healer, at least.

Reiko stirs a little in her cot, scowling lightly as the quiet of the ground weyrs is disrupted by a voice. Cerdith lifts his head, his tail curling a bit more possessively about his lifemate's cot, peering in the direction of the voice with idly whirling eyes.

Lorsalia pops into the ground weyrs, somewhat cheerful and with a basket looped over her arm. This little weyrling went to the market and now she's going to try and make a grounded clutchmate happier. Maybe.

Hiza comes into shelter from bowl's wide open spaces.

E'ren finally locates Reiko, not long after she stirs awake. "Hey, it's you. I heard a rumor you were still alive," he teases, peeking around the partition. "And /you/," he says rather more sternly (if jokingly so), looking at Cerdith. "Why weren't you making sure she was taking care of herself? Isn't that your responsibility?"

Hiza hovers near the entrance, tenatively. Really, her eyes are not pink and her neither are her cheeks. And when she squeaks, quietly, "Rei?" her voice is not hoarse. E'ren and Lorsa do get a weak smile, but Ye Little Greenrider is hovering right now. Chewing on her lip, she manages a wide, if tired smile, at the bluerider.

Cerdith looks about as chagrined as a dragon can look, dipping his head and crooning rather pitifully. Reiko's eyes blink open at that, flickering nervously about the room, growing steadily more confused as she fixes on each face. Since when do so many people frequent the ground weyrs? Finally she scowls lightly. "Of course I'm still alive," she mutters, shifting a little on the cot so she's more sitting up. "And it's not Cerdith's fault." This of course means it's her fault, but she hasn't thought that far ahead yet. "Hey, Hiza... and Lors." She doesn't bother guessing at the time of day.

Nylanth leaves healers' enclave for the central bowl.

Lorsalia skipples towards Reiko, drawing her face into a sympathetic expression as she holds out her basket. "I brought this for you." She smiles, ignoring the others for the time being. "It's a klah pudding and a jar of pretty-smelling skin-lotion." Lors moves to put it next to the cot, but stops and frowns. "Just don't get 'em mixed up, okay?" The greenrider sets it carefully, then straightens up. "And Yajisarath reminds me that there are some aquamarine tassels in there for Cerdith's straps when y'all can go out again. She thought he'd like them."

E'ren flashes an almost flirtatious smile at Hiza and then Lorsalia in greeting, warm and pleased to see them. "You gave a few people a scare," he says, apparently unapologetic for his teasing. Cerdith gets a wink, though, and one might suppose that the greenrider is asking Xeth to pass along a few more genuine words. "How are you feeling? Other than 'still alive'?"

Hiza frowns lightly, wiping her eyes and shuffling a little closer, quiet as her questions are asked for her. So she still hovers, somewhat behind the other 'riders, chewing on her bottom lip, occasionally giving a muted sniffle. Eventually she peeps, "I heard you were gonna get better. R'you gonna get better?"

Reiko looks blankly at Lorsalia for a moment or two as her brain processes 'don't get 'em mixed up', then looks down at the basket. "Oh. ... Thanks." Cerdith warbles in a more pleasant fashion and lowers his muzzle back to his forepaws, starlit tail curling closer around the cot. Maybe it was the wink, or the silent words from Xeth... or maybe it was the promise of pretty aquamarine tassels for his straps. One can never tell. Reiko shrugs a little, beginning to feel a little uncomfortable at the center of so much attention. "I'm all right," she says vaguely. "I'll be fine." Of course these statements are contradictory. Then belatedly she remembers to add a polite, if mumbled, "Thanks." She certainly hadn't /intended/ to scare anybody.

E'ren looks suddenly startled, remembering something. "Jays... I forgot. I brought you this--" He reaches into an inner pocket of his jacket and pulls out a deck of dragon poker cards, offering them to Reiko. "I thought you might get bored... I'm sure it wouldn't be too hard to find someone to play a game or two with." Otherwise, surely there's a style of solitare that's common around here.

Lorsalia nods eagerly, making a face. "Aren't the healers horrid types? They make you stay in bed all the time- unless you're in some sort of therapy and /have/ to move. Maybe they won't take that pudding away. I asked Michel to make it for you special." When Yajisarath advises her that she's chattering a bit much, the rider steps back, beaming at Reiko. But she must add a bit- "When I had the itchy-spots, they wouldn't let me eat anything but it tasted bad or was strictly good for me."

Hiza purses her lips in a deep frown, scootching along the wall. She didn't bring anything, and so feels a little out of place. "That's good. Get better soon, or.." pause, "Um.. you'll miss too many classes. And.." she mumbles something like, "I'llmissyouawholelotbecauseI'vegoteclassestogotoandcan'tvisitveryoften." with a lot of coughing in there. Lorsa's description of healers gets a slight grin, but not any comments.

Reiko reaches for the cards first, giving E'ren a bit of a twisted smirk. "I didn't imagine I'd ever be bored again," she admits, idly wondering if she'll often have this many visitors, or if she'll need to coerce the apprentices into goofing off to play with her. Cough. "Thanks." At Lorsalia's words, the smirk spreads to a twisted halfsmile. "Positively dreadful," she agrees. If her tone sounds a little sarcastic, chalk it up to standard-issue-Reiko. She practically was one, after all, even if she didn't actually do much work in the infirmary. "But they won't take it away. I'm supposed to eat." She tucks the cards under her pillow and lets her gaze slide over to Hiza. Who will apparently miss Reiko a whole lot--yes, she got it, in spite of the rushing and the coughing. But only because she already had a clue previously that Hiza might be so inclined. "Sure." How else does one respond to that?

Hiza bobs her head, "Well... I leave you to rest or somethin'" Which she doesn't want to do, but oh well. "Get better soon." And with that she scuttles off again, not any more satisified with how Reiko is doing then before.

Hiza goes home.

E'ren just arches a brow at Lorsalia, but refrains from chiding her that her comments about healers might just make Reiko feel worse. If anyone should be allowed to make Reiko 'feel worse', it should be E'ren, of course! "How much longer are you going to be stuck in here? Surely they'll want you back on you feet as soon as you've got your strength back?" When E'ren collapsed from similar circumstances all those Turns ago, he had only been confined to bed for a day or two.

Lorsalia gets slightly confused, but following her not-so-wise dragon, she stands and smiles and nods. "So d'you need anything, Reiko? I'm still not able to ride Yajisarath- the dragonhealers said she isn't quite strong enough, even if every other weyrling is, so I've got lots of time to scuttle around for you if you want." When she isn't doing 'favors' for H'well or P'rru, that is.

Reiko shifts in her cot a little, drawing the blankets up over her lap a bit more, and shrugs, leveling an even gaze at E'ren. "I'm sure they will. Nobody's said." Or maybe she wasn't paying attention when they did? At least now she's got a good reason. She shrugs again at Lorsalia's question. "I can't think of a thing." Not that this is unusual. If she were accustomed to thinking of what she needed, she'd probably remember to eat regular meals. "But I suppose I could have Cerdith let Yajisarath know." Or something.

E'ren gives a slight smile, no doubt guessing that she probably hasn't been paying as much attention to things as she should. "Well, it's good to see everyone's looking after you so well. I'm sure I'll look in on you again soon." Is he preparing to take his leave already? Perhaps he has more reason to feel awkward than he's letting on.

Lorsalia nods, then sniffs. "Okay, Yajisarath says it's time for her bath, so I've gotta go. See you later Reiko." She waves, backing out of the groundweyrs. How does one greet the ..invalid? She gives a wave to Cerdith, too, despite Jisa's dislike for blues. "Bye Cer'."

Lorsalia goes home.

Reiko scowls lightly, now perversely annoyed that everyone is leaving (even though she hadn't been overwhelmingly pleased to have so many visitors at once). She's not going to argue with Yajisarath's desire for a bath, though, being rather well-acquainted with that particular green's fastidious nature. "See you, Lors... thanks for the.. um..." -- what was in that basket again? "-- the basket." Then emerald gaze returns to E'ren, a faintly amused smirk curling her lips. "Sure," she says. "I'll go back to being bored, then." She slouches back down in her cot, pulling the covers up to her chin.

E'ren pauses as the weyrlings begin to leave... perhaps now he could bring up what's on his mind? Even as he looks like he's about to go, he pauses, looking back at her. "Reiko... are you sure you're all right? What happened to bring about your collapse, anyway? There have been so many rumors around the Weyr I don't know which ones to believe," he admits with a wry smile.

Xeth comes into shelter from bowl's wide open spaces.

Kariel comes out of the infirmary, arrival announced by squeak of hinges.

Reiko blinks once, then looks sharply back at E'ren, who is suddenly not leaving. "I'm sure I will be," she says diffidently. Of course, a couple of days ago she'd been equally sure that she /was/. Then her eyes narrow thoughtfully, fixing on the greenrider with an almost suspicious glance. "What sort of rumors?" Because the best way to avoid answering a question... is to ask one.

E'ren gives a slight smile, a fierce mischief in his eyes. "You answer my question first. You'll likely find the 'rumors' amusing more than anything else. Of course no one who knows you would believe them, which is why I asked the question." Weyrs are rife with rumor anyway, so it shouldn't surprise her that an incident like this should spark interest. Then he adds, a bit more kindly, "No one's particularly unkind, so you needn't worry."

Kariel slides out from the Infirmary's depths, sleeves rolled up to mid-arm and forearms rather damp... he's been... cleaning. Although no one can be sure quite why. But nonetheless, he has... until he heard the chatter from just outside. Sapphire gaze settles on E'ren and a wry smile comes to his lips, moist fingers pushing hair back as he approaches... butting himself in because it's official business, and all. "Mmm. Rider Reiko, aren't you supposed to be under my care to get rest?" Eyebrows waggle teasingly... although a lingering hint of truth remains behind the words.

Ah, a distraction. Another good way to avoid answering a question. Reiko's gaze slides sidelong to fix appraisingly on Kariel now, to all outward appearances completely unruffled by his warning tone. "Am I not lying in a cot, Kariel?" she returns mildly. And it's quite true, of course. The cot with a nearly full-grown blueling wrapped around it. And the greenrider hanging about asking questions, of course, but it's not as if she's out doing calisthenics. "Maybe you can tell E'ren I'll be fine?"

E'ren looks up at the Weyrhealer's entrance and smiles a bit in welcome. However disappointing it is to be interrupted again in his long-desired discussion with Reiko, he hopes this will just be a delay and not a permanent ending. "I don't doubt that our sweet Reiko--" (and here he uses a fair amount of amused irony) "will be fine. Though I have been rather curious about how long she'll be confined to bed." If Reiko herself doesn't know, he might as well ask the Healer.

"She's under my care. Of course she'll be fine." That's a given - conceit? Who? What? Oh. Him. Of course not. Bag perched on his shoulder is undone and slung to the side of the cot, Cerdith given a fond scritch meanwhile. "They're doing better, I concede... but she'll be bedridden until I feel that she's fully ready. And that depends on how much rest she gets." Rest = good, don'tcha know. Yeah. Bag rested, he then goes to retrieve a chair from near the Infirmary door, still babbling like the brook he is... "And how her checkups turn out. Speaking of checkups... it's time for one now... according to my timetable, at least. So I'm afriad I'm going to have to cut visiting hours short for now..." Meek look is cast as he lifts the chair and brings it over, apologetic look cast to E'ren. "But you're welcome to come back a bit later... since it is only midafternoon... although I'd prefer no visitors after 21 o'clock?" Because the ady needs her rest, and all.

Kariel pushes open double doors to enter the infirmary.

As Kariel babbles on, Reiko is forcibly reminded of one of the reasons she didn't spend much actual time working in the infirmary, and her scowl deepens by several degrees as he announces an unexpected 'checkup' -- not that she shouldn't expect one occasionally, but she'd rather expected that Elehu would continue to supervise her recovery. She's actually further annoyed to realize that she'd prefer to have Elehu, for reasons she doesn't feel like even thinking about, but it doesn't stop her from letting Kariel know in no uncertain terms that this is /not/ a good time. Of course, she spoke without considering the fact that this leaves her with one less alternative to answering E'ren's questions, but as the double door swings shut behind Kariel, she sort of remembers. Um. "See? I'll be fine." Kariel said /something/ useful. Maybe E'ren will forget what he asked? Reiko can't remember either, only that she didn't want to answer.

Cerdith senses Issryuith Quiet shifting waves of deep blue and green seem to ebb into existance. <<Dear Cerdith, My rider would like to know how you and your rider are faring. Could you tell me please?>>

E'ren certainly has ways of getting around healers--even the Weyrhealer--but it's a relief to have a chance to finish their conversation at last. "I never doubted you'd be fine. I just wondered how long you'd be in bed, is all. When I collapsed from not eating all those Turns ago, they only kept me in bed a day and a half. Of course, I'm sure they're more protective of weyrlings than candidates, though," he says lightly, though that might be to mask thoughts he's not voicing.

Cerdith thinks to you, << I bespoke Issryuith with: Cerdith catches the waves, sending sparkling patterns of relief across them. << We are fine. She only needs to rest. And eat. >> >>

Cerdith senses Issryuith sends warm thoughts back across her colorful waves. <<My Hiza thanks you for your information, and she is concerned for you as well, since your rider's 'accident,' Though, I'm not quite sure how eating and accidents are related.>>

One corner of Reiko's mouth twitches slightly at the notion of needing to be protected, perhaps at some half remembered conversation... she certainly never imagined she'd need to be protected from.. herself? But E'ren said something else that interested her, and she turns her head to regard the greenrider thoughtfully. "You collapsed from not eating? Did you forget, too?" A softness lingering about her gaunt face is probably the only outward indication that the walls are at an all-time low--fatigue combined with relief, and the security of being almost completely surrounded by Cerdith, curled as he is around the cot, his thoughts enveloping her.

E'ren at last pulls up a chair to sit beside the bed... he has gotten a little tired of standing near the doorway by now. "No, I didn't forget. The complete opposite, in fact. I started worrying about all the animals that were being killed in order for us to eat, and it bothered me so much, I stopped eating. When they put me on tunnelsnake-hunting duty... I just collapsed down in the catacombs. Fortunately there was another candidate with me, though, or I might not have gotten out." He smiles then, his grey eyes warm. "You shouldn't be so nervous around me, since we have so much in common."

Reiko actually isn't nervous, just at the moment. Cerdith's mental touch has been stronger than ever since she collapsed on the training ground, close and comforting. Besides which, she hasn't really got the energy to spare. Her eyes close as E'ren tells his story, picturing it in her mind. "That's awful," she says at last, very quietly. "I don't even have a good reason." Well, not that she can think of, at any rate. Abruptly she shuts up, as if she's said too much.

E'ren smiles faintly, reaching out to touch her arm gently with a reassuring touch. "I'm sure you had a reason of some sort. If you don't want to talk about it, that's okay. I just thought... since we've both gone through the same thing... you might want to talk to someone who would understand." His words are quiet and hesitant, as if he fears just voicing them would pressure her too much.

Reiko shakes her head slightly, not bothering to open her eyes even at his light touch, and for a long moment she's silent. "I just don't think of it," she says at last. "We're so /busy/ all the time. And Cerdith needed so much attention..." A low rumbling croon interrupts her here, and she changes her tone abruptly. "No, it's not your fault." This, obviously, to Cerdith. But then she opens her eyes to level an almost defiant gaze at E'ren. "It's not as if I /stopped/ eating." It's more like she never ate much at all.

E'ren hums softly, thinking, his dark brows furrowing for a moment over his grey eyes. "Sounds like you've got a lot of bad habits you haven't bothered to change. I guess you've gotten a few talks about good nutrition and all... I remember Catia sat me down and talked to me a while after my collapse." He gives a quick smile then. "Maybe I should share some of the recipies I was given after I became a vegetarian. Even if you don't give up meat, it's important to think about what you're eating and if it's enough to take you through your day... especially when Cerdith begins to learn to go Between." That's the potential for serious danger.

Reiko frowns thoughtfully. "You cook?" Well, why not, actually, since he knits. For someone who's given up trying to figure people out, Reiko somehow continues to be surprised... but just at the moment, she's not hiding it as well as she generally does. Partly because she's tired... partly because the thought of collapsing Between puts a cold fist in the pit of her stomach. "That'd be... nice, I guess." She can't even figure out how to brew decent klah. Reiko cooking should be interesting. "Thanks." Her words are starting to slur together now, though, and her eyes are more closed than open.

E'ren gives a soft laugh, realizing she's falling asleep on him. "Next time I come by, I'll bring some," he promises, then stands. "Get better soon, dearheart," he murmurs, sounding almost sentamental. "And you... look out for her next time, okay?" he says sternly to the blue, before slipping out.

E'ren scampers up Xeth's forelimb in a shower of silvered sparks and is assisted into place between two neckridges.

Xeth leaves healers' enclave for the central bowl.