More Fun With Leather

Weyrling Barracks
The large covered entryways open into two immense U-shaped caverns that stretch back deep into the rock of the cliffside. Glow baskets lining the cavern walls cast a soft light dispelling the shadows and illuminating the home of all High Reaches weyrlings. Stone couches, some smaller for the greens and blues and some, for bronzes and the occasional gold, so large they have to be climbed into, rise up to loom over the walkways of well-packed dirt.
Along the walls nearest the entrances, shelves and pegs sport several sets of leathers and various books and tools needed when teaching and practicing; crates and supplies also take up residence in various nooks and crannies. Toward the back, a large, man-dug pool for use by the dragonets and their lifemates and several large containers kept full of fresh meat serve as conveniences for the busy residents of these barracks.
To the south, you see Miravith, Niamhyth, and one person.
Snuggled in with the leather supplies and tools are fourteen firelizards.
You see Weyrling Progress Record, Dragon Wing, and Star Studded Sky here.

Cerdith comes out of Cerdith's couch.

Reiko slips back into the barracks, out of the heat of the day, with a little sigh. Maybe now that she's awake, she can figure out this straps business. Where was that box... Slam, bang, bustle... there it is. With a little groan, she drags the heavy box off its shelf, dropping it to the floor with a thump and a puff of dust. She gives Cerdith a quick, appraising glance - did he grow again since this morning?! - and arches an eyebrow. "This is for /you/, you know." Nevermind that Cerdith could certainly fly without them, and she's the one in actual danger if they're wrong.

Vibrant versatility trumpets its fanfare of sapphire and aquamarine to herald this dragon: a wiry grace made flesh with the lithe, efficient lines of a dancer. Brighter blue illuminates the well-formed headknobs: a spotlight for the scherzo of aqua that tumbles the length of his slender neck and back and masques his wedge-shaped head. Turquoise elegance plucks the cobalt that strings his glassy 'sails and echoes darker in the strokes of midnight that chime along graceful spars and talon tips. His starlit tail is no curtain call, however, but an encore that continues life's dance.
Cerdith is 2 months and 26 days old.
He is 14 feet (4m) long, with a wingspan of 23 feet (7m).
Cerdith senses Reiko looking at him.
Cerdith seems to be listening.

Cerdith plops down on his couch, forearms stretched out in front of him, blue head resting there lightly. Faceted eyes watch the straps with interest before his head is whipped up and down, and a muzzle is extended towards the box slightly.

You sense Cerdith stretches, vibrant purples and blues pulled to the ends of existance, lighter and darker stretch marks appearing on the bands. << Do they have to be that color? >>

Reiko tugs at a strap, only to find the entire mess coming out in one tangled clump. "Shardit, I'll /never/ get this figured out," she mumbles... but stops to look quickly at Cerdith. "I thought you didn't care what color they were?" Sigh. "No. R'ave said they can be any color we want." By we, she means Cerdith of course. Because Reiko could care less.

Xeth heads in from the Training Grounds.

E'ren slithers down Xeth's narrow shoulder, borne by the flash and fall of her hide's silvered sparks.

You sense Cerdith ponders this, the stretching colors replaced by a swirl of blues. << Can they match me? >>

Cerdith slips off the couch, lumbering towards the mass of straps, muzzle nudging at them with interest, mixing up this with that.

Reiko tilts her head, eyeing Cerdith carefully as he approaches, a little halfsmile curling her lips. "I don't think dye could duplicate that," she says, reaching a gentle hand to stroke aqua neckridges. "And please don't do that. They're tangled enough already." She reaches into the box again, this time trying to pull the straps apart from one another. "I don't know why I never looked before." Likely because she never though it would be useful to know. "If I could just... get... one of these loose, I'd have a better idea where to start..."

E'ren steps into the barracks, Xeth sidling in not far behind. The greenrider gives a look around... once again, it may not be clear if he's coming just for Reiko, or if he's just looking for something to occupy his time for a bit, but in any case, a smile flickers across his lips when he spots Reiko and he steps over to her. "I should've known I'd find you tangled up in the leather straps. It seems to be a habit with you," he teases.

Cerdith senses that Reiko tenses slightly.

Cerdith whips his head around, front legs in the straps as he examines them, eyes more on the entering rider. Eyes whirling slightly faster, he watches, muzzle extended towards the newest arrival before he turns back towards Reiko and the straps.

You sense Cerdith tenses, the lightweight blues replaces by heavy, bright yellow, orange, red, sharp lines cutting through the colors. << What is wrong? Does he upset you? >>

Reiko releases her hold on the straps, letting them fall back into the box as she straightens and turns to face E'ren. "Afternoon," she says calmly, her lips curling in a twisted smile. Yes, she got the time right. A diffident glance is given the straps, then she shrugs, emerald eyes glittering. "But I'm not tangled." Obviously. "I hope you're not disappointed." So she could sound a little more sincere. One hand reaches to stroke Cerdith comfortingly.

You think to Cerdith, >> Usually. >> A deep breath. << I'm fine. <<

E'ren chuckles softly. "Afternoon," he greets a bit belatedly. "And if I said I was disappointed, your handsome Cerdith might get jealous." Honestly, he's pleased just to see her, tangled up in leather or not. "I swear, he's getting bigger every time I see him. I bet you could watch him sleep and literally *see* him grow." Xeth yawns lazily, flickering a tailtip in the young blue's direction, her only greeting.

Cerdith stretches his neck out at the strokes from Reiko, head moving to rest lightly on his forearms as he plops down in the middle of the floor. He's a growing boy, he needs his rest. A light snort responds to the greeting from Xeth.

Cerdith senses that Reiko relaxes a little. << And you /are/ handsome. >>

You sense Cerdith stretches, preening in his mind, bright colors of pride swirling around his words. << I'm handsome. Is he handsome? >> And bits of white bubble through the his words, popping here and there as he becomes unsure of the answer.

Reiko actually smiles a little at that, her expression softening at the compliment to her lifemate. "You're probably right," she admits reluctantly. "At least, there's more to oil every day." Her gaze falls back to the box of straps. "And I've no idea how long to make his straps." Or, for that matter, how. But she's not picking up that tangled mess right now, nope.

Cerdith senses that Reiko is abruptly confused. << Who... E'ren? >> Can she answer that without looking at him again? << I suppose so... >> But she reeeally doesn't want to go there.

You sense Cerdith swirls the colors, the white speckles disappear. << Yes, E'ren. >> Does he stop with that, or go on. << Are you upset? >>

E'ren hums a bit, looking at the bin of tangled leather. "Did the Weyrlingmasters talk with you about how to work with the leather? With your lifemate growing so much, you'll want to leave a lot of extra length on the straps and put a few more buckles in so you won't have to make an entirely new set of straps every time he grows. You can check out the placement on Xeth's straps, if you want."

Cerdith senses that Reiko starts stacking up the things she hides behind, then remembers she shouldn't hide. << Not really. Not right now, when he's being helpful. >> She's actually a little relieved. << I really /could/ use the help. >>

Cerdith is a growing boy... he needs lots of extra space in straps. But he holds still, nudging lightly at the box full of leather straps, wings held above his back as he watches, eyes back to their normal pace as he regards the greenrider.

You sense Cerdith knocks through the stacks, voice slightly worried. << When he's not helpful? >> For this is all new for the poor blue, his words starting to melt slightly, colors dripping together.

Reiko purses her lips thoughtfully, her eyes still on the jumbled mess in the box as she listens, trying to follow spoken and unspoken conversation simultaneously. "R'ave said something about leaving extra length. And doubling it over..." She sighs and shakes her head. "But it was so sharding /early/. I missed the beginning, and I haven't had a chance to catch up." She lifts her eyes then, emerald gaze sliding over to regard Xeth... and her straps.

Cerdith senses that Reiko tries to be calming, really. << Please don't worry. I won't let him hurt me. >> She's getting good at it. But she needs those stacks to keep other people away.

You sense Cerdith worries slightly, trying to move through the stacks. << Why would he hurt you? >> If he wasn't worried before, this gets to it as the words melt as soon as they're thought, the color disappearing. Stacks are very bad, she doesn't need them.

E'ren hehs softly. "Well, the trick with straps /always/ is to make sure they don't chafe. They'll be a little more forgiving now before you start flying, so now's a good time to try things out. Sometimes riders will sew in a little extra padding at points their dragon's find uncomfortable." By some silent instruction, Xeth sidles a bit closer and crouches down, letting E'ren reach a buckle and loosen it, revealing a strip of sheepskin across her chest beneath the leather. "Buckles can be weak points, though, so you have to be careful when you connect them up." This is all general stuff, though. "Have you gotten started with a basic harness yet?"

Cerdith stretches his neck towards the straps in his own inspection, interested in the network of leather on the green. Head then dips back towards the box, muzzle nudged into the mess contained within.

Cerdith senses that Reiko isn't really sure on this point. A deeper hurt, buried and half-forgotten, colors everything. << I only trust you. >>

You sense Cerdith nudges at the hurt greys and blacks mixing as he tries to cover it up. << I will never hurt you. >> And it seems so important that that is the truth.

This must be the part Reiko missed, because nothing sounds familiar. She takes a few steps closer for a good look at Xeth's straps, interested enough not to mind how close that brings her to E'ren. He's only being helpful, after all. But at the question, she straightens, and shakes her head slowly. "R'ave had to leave before any of us did more than choose leather, and ... Cerdith wanted to swim." So she naturally didn't give the straps another thought until, well, now.

Cerdith senses that Reiko is suddenly worried, reaching out in a mental embrace. << I know you won't. >> Her own hurt is buried deeper, so it can't spread again.

You sense Cerdith mixes colors together, the greys and blacks taking on a slightly green hue as his mind tries to embrace her. << Do you like him, but don't want to get hurt? >> And the pale colors spin slowly, reaching out for her.

E'ren chuckles a bit. "Well, the toughest part is picking out the leather and cutting it, sometimes. A flaw could be a matter of life and death. But I'm sure R'ave talked to you about all that." He looks over in Xeth's direction, pondering a moment. "The design itself is pretty simple, really. There's probably a diagram in your manual?" They still hand those out, right?

Cerdith stretches his wings as he continues to submerge his head in the box of straps, more interested in that then anything else around the barracks. Including the greenrider.

Reiko scowls. If they did, it was before she woke up to join the class. "I don't have one." Hence trying to pick through the tangled mass of 'samples'. Turning abruptly, she strides back over to the box on the pretext of looking at the straps again, wrapping an arm around Cerdith's neck almost tenderly. Without looking up, she adds, "But yes. R'ave talked to us about all that." And presumably other things as well, which she meant to check with the others about.. eventually.

Cerdith senses that Reiko doesn't want to get hurt. Ever. << I don't know. >> How she feels about E'ren. The stacks return, building up almost of their own accord, as she considers the question.

You sense Cerdith nudges through the stacks once more, fire red and orange trying to move the stacks out of her mind. << You must know. You are you. >>

E'ren looks briefly scandalized. "No manual? How will you learn formations?" He doesn't dwell on it, though. Going to the box, he picks a likely tangle of leather and pulls, trying to tug out one of the 'samples'. The blue's help isn't particularly... 'helpful'... but the greenrider doesn't complain. "All right... well, let's haul one of these out and look at it. If we're lucky, it'll come close enough to fitting Cerdith that we could tailor it to use as a pattern for your own."

Cerdith pulls his muzzle out of the box, one end of a strap wrapped around his nose. But he is helping, really! Eye focus on the green rider for a moment before he turns his head, the wrapped strap moving the box slightly with him.

Reiko hasn't thought that far ahead, apparently, from the blank look she fixes on E'ren at his comment about formations. But suddenly he's right there, going through the box... but he's still being helpful, so Reiko allows her attention to focus on the problem at hand. She reaches into the box herself, none too optimistically, and starts picking at the tangled leathers, chuckling a little as the box begins to move across the floor. "Silly." This to Cerdith, in about the fondest tone that's ever left her mouth, as she reaches to loosen the strap from his muzzle.

Cerdith senses that Reiko feels like she can't really explain. << Sometimes I think I do. >>

E'ren chuckles a bit, finally managing to pull free an entire set of straps. There's still plenty half-hanging out, though, as the greenrider begins arranging the straps on the floor. The straps pattern seems pretty basic, though. "Let's see... these don't seem too bad. A little big, but you can tighten 'em to check the fit."

You sense Cerdith turns the words upside down, pondering over them, letting them dissolve in the pastel colors. << But you don't know? How do you know you like someone? >>

Cerdith tugs on the strap around his muzzle, resisting for only a moment before he lets it be pulled free. But then his muzzle is stretched towards the set liberated by E'ren, curious to the extent of the network of straps.

Reiko drops the leathers in her hands as it seems E'ren has had some success, scooting over for a better look. Her eyes go from the straps on the floor to Cerdith... and back. "All right." She's perfectly willing to go with E'ren's advice on this, since he seems to know what he's talking about. And as long as he's been a rider, he really ought to. "So.. what do I do?" This is too important to pretend she has a clue, when she doesn't. She gives the blue a scritch as he nuzzles up for a closer look.

E'ren smiles wryly. "Well, if you can get Cerdith to step over here, you can try to connect the straps around him and tighten them to fit." E'ren will help, but this is something Reiko will have to get used to doing. Xeth yawns again and her eyelids--all three sets, one by one--droop as a nap comes on... she's still there to model how the straps go, though.

Cerdith senses E'ren looking at him.

Cerdith senses that Reiko considers that. << I don't trust him. >> Somehow this translates to not liking him. But even Reiko knows there's something wrong with that logic.

Cerdith watches the green for a moment, distracted from the straps before his head whips around to examine the straps, curious once more. A few steps forward and the blue stretches his head towards them, eyes whirling.

You sense Cerdith coats the thought with colors, pondering the idea. << Why don't you trust him? You trust me? >> And it seems they're back to where they started from.

A chagrined expression briefly crosses Reiko's face, disappearing almost immediately. "Of course." Cerdith is there almost before she can think to ask him - apparently he's as interested as his 'rider is. Okay... now he's standing over the straps... Reiko scowls a little as she considers how to connect things, taking a quick look at Xeth that doesn't really help her all that much. Finally she walks around Cerdith, looping the long end of one strap over his back... then comes around again. With a shrug, she draws up the other long end and fastens the buckle. It /kind/ of looks right. It's really not a good fit, though... unless she completely did it wrong. Which... she might have. And then there's the bit that's supposed to go over the... which neckridge? She pauses uncertainly, the long end of a strap looped over one arm, the rest snaking across the floor.

Cerdith senses that Reiko sends a tickling mental hug. << Because I know you won't hurt me. >> She's not so sure about E'ren. Or anyone else, for that matter.

E'ren just watches, letting Reiko puzzle a bit before he offers any advice. Mostly, she's doing a good job on her own. "Maybe try to tighten up that buckle there. And that loose strap should wrap around him further back. Careful of his wings, though." Maybe he was hoping she'd end up all tangled in the leather again... could he be disappointed that it looks like she's got a good handle on things?

Reiko does her best to follow E'ren's instructions, and soon has the straps more or less on. Without getting tangled up. Could it be she's being extra careful not to compromise herself? But to all outward appearances, her attention is fully on Cerdith. "How does that feel?"

E'ren steps up to Cerdith, testing the room in the straps by tugging on them gently, making sure they're in a natural position. He takes in and lets out straps on a couple buckles, repositioning the straps a bit. "Not bad.... Not anything you'd like to fly Thread with, but good enough to use as a model. Maybe give a bit of extra space in yours here. Cerdith's certainly growing up with a well-proportioned physique."

Hiza is not tired this time, merely bored with sitting on her couch. And Issryuith could use some oil, so the short greener shuffles to get a bottle and shuffles back, pulling the lid off as she moves, "You're just growing and growing, aren't you, sweets?" Hiza giggles fondly, and starts with Issrtyuith's head and neck, since she doesn't have to crouch to do those bits. A pause, and then, "Oh, hello E'ren, Reiko. Didn't even notice you." A pat to her green's head, "Iss did, though."

Reiko watches intently as E'ren adjusts the straps, smiling a bit at Cerdith's mental confirmation that they feel just fine. And between her pleasure at the compliment and Cerdith's delicate preening, she finds it extremely difficult to keep her expression neutral. "Thanks," she says quietly, for both the compliment and the assistance. "Morning Hiza." Pause. "Afternoon." Well, she's distracted.

E'ren flashes a smile at Hiza, and Xeth gives a sleepy rumble of greeting. "Hey there, Hiza. Need any help with working on your riding straps? I've just been chatting with Reiko about hers." And maybe giving her a nudge or two towards working on them. He smiles faintly at the emotion that Reiko lets slip... sure, it's perfectly natural to feel that pride in one's lifemate, and E'ren enjoys seeing Reiko experience it.

Cerdith senses Hiza looking at him.

Hiza rolls up her sleeves and rubs the oil into Issryuith's neck with her hands-cloth just doesn't have that special touch. "Hi, E'ren. Ah... I haven't started mine, I overslept and missed the class." A sheepish grin is given as she disapears(well, sort of-Iss isn't that big yet) to the other side of Issryuith. "They look good on him, Reiko." Nodnod.

Reiko is perfectly willing to work on hers. She just isn't sure how to go about it. Straightening her shoulders, she pretends not to notice E'ren's reaction. "So I should make mine like this?" Emerald eyes narrow as she studies the configuration, but she's distracted by Hiza's compliment. "Oh... these are just for a pattern." Or something. Turning back to Cerdith, she runs her hands over the straps now, feeling each buckle to see how it's attached. Cerdith rustles his wings a little impatiently. "Just a little longer," she murmurs.

Storm-tossed jade sloops along the elegant arcs of this graceful dragonet, gliding in giddy waves of color that swirl silver to refined aqua along every slim and lissome contoured edge. Built sleight but strong, her fathoms deepen from the shimmering sterling nuzzling the inquisitive tip of her muzzle to the fey curves of her willfull, willowy tail. Each artistic neckridge is crested in sun-wrought gold, rising into filigrees of pale carrageenin that web and lighten the sea-deep green of wings whose mainsails flutter as wild and free as the life atwinkling in her jeweled gaze.
Issryuith is 2 months and 27 days old.
She is 11 feet (3m) long, with a wingspan of 18 feet (6m).
Issryuith seems to be listening.

E'ren ahs softly and nods to Hiza. "You should probably get the lecture from R'ave first, then." Then to Reiko: "You heard all about selecting leather and cutting it, right? Well, now you have the basic layout of the straps, and you can see how they should fit on Cerdith. You can measure out the lengths of leather and then stitch them together... you should probably add a bit more 'growing length' here and here, though."

"Well, regardless, Cerdith looks good in 'straps." Hiza is cheerful as pie, or a bubbly, or something, diligently working on oiling her lifemate. A head bob to E'ren, "Yes. It would've been nice if someone had woken me up, but I'm sure they tried and I know Iss doesn't like to be up early anyway." A font pat on one gold-kissed neckridge, and Hiza moves down, slathering on oil and rubbing it in, humming softly.

Issryuith gurgles with pleasure as she half lids her eyes. Her Hiza is rubbing her. She's making all those horrible itches go away. Issryuith didn't have sensient thoughts at times like these. She just gurgled happily.

Reiko nods once, taking note of the growing-length points, then nimble fingers unbuckle the straps to let them fall in a heap on the floor. With a gentle thump to Cerdith's shoulder and a silent request for him to find somewhere else to stand, she stoops to gather up the mass of leather. Cerdith, however, is still interested enough that he doesn't go far, pushing the straps around with his muzzle, 'helping' to gather them up. Eventually, she manages to get it all together and back into the box, slightly less tangled than before, and gets to her feet. "Thanks." To Hiza for the compliment, to E'ren for the help. Sigh. "Maybe I'll have them finished before he's ready to start flying."

E'ren chuckles softly. "You'll likely need them before then, though. First formation drills are usually on the ground... first walking, then riding. You've got a while before you have to deal with that, though." Besides, isn't flying something more to look forward to? "I'm sure there will be plenty of other people to help you out with your first straps, if you need help." Reiko looks too cute tangled in leather not to help her, right?

Hiza grins, "Feels good, eh, Iss?" Of course it does, and Hiza knows this, Hiza just likes to talk. Obviously. "No more dry spots, no more itchy spots, lots of lovely smooth hide, green and bright, and bea-u-ti-ful!" Alright, so the song is more another weyrling's style, that doesn't change the fact that Hiza is, indeed singing it, albiet not loudly and not -too- horribly off key. Momentarily she adds, "We'll all be done by flying time!" for Reiko's benefit, and then continues adding nonesense about happy green hides glimmering with oil to her song. Cheerful much?

Issryuith croons as her rider sings to her. She doesn't really have ears, so she can't hear what's really being said. She just knows the beautiful melody in Hiza's head. She begins to stretch her back and perks up at bit at the mention of flying.

Of course Reiko is looking forward to flying. But adding ground drills to sewing chores is not doing a lot to improve her outlook. Ah, well. It /is/ temporary, right? "Thanks, Hiza." She can ignore cheerful, right? At least it's not too loud. But what's this? Other people to help her? Emerald gaze slides sidelong to regard E'ren appraisingly. "You mean you're not volunteering?" She dusts off her hands, a bit unnecessarily, not waiting for a response. "I'll start after I've had something to eat." A warbling croon from Cerdith brings the blue a sharp look. "You can't be hungry again?"

E'ren laughs softly. "Well, I'd hate to take up all your time," he says half-teasingly. "But you can always have Cerdith contact Xeth if you want me to come help." Very easy paging system. Upon hearing her name, Xeth stirs, rumbling and stretching a bit. E'ren glances over at her briefly before looking back at the weyrlings. "We've gotta fly now, though. Sounds like you'll have your hands full."

Hiza gives one neckridge an extra scratch, song dying down into a muted, fond burble, "Isn't it exciting, Iss? I'm going to learn how to make straps and make you the prettiest ones in the whole Weyr, and then we'll get to learn formations and how to be really real riders." The implication and lurking threat of Thread apparently doesn't hit her at this moment, as Hiza continues babbling on happily, grinning at Reiko, "You were there with Catia said they were growing super-fast now... I wouldn't be surprised if Iss is hungry too, and will want to eat once I'm done oiling her." Her whole face smiles at the green, and she asks, "Are you, sweets?"

Reiko is already up to her elbows in raw meat, putting her own meal on hold. Again. Between the lack of sleep, irregular meals, and extra exercise, she must be wasting away. "Sure," she says wryly, stealing another quick glance at E'ren as he turns to go. That'll happen. "See you." She peeks over at Hiza then, blinking as she tries wrapping her brain around that many words all in one breath. "Um... yeah." Was that the right answer? Safer to concentrate on Cerdith, who is fortunately too busy eating now to remember to ask Reiko difficult questions.

Issryuith opens her eyes fully and blinks at Hiza. Ofcourse she's hungry. She's always hungry. She's a growing dragon. She had to do her best to eat well and eat often so she could be healthy and take her Hiza flying as soon as possible. She almost seems to spring to life at the mention of food though, wanting to go find some now that she's been asked if she wanted it.

E'ren watches the weyrlings for a moment or two longer, then turns and wanders out, Xeth sidling along behind him.

E'ren heads out to the Training Grounds.
Xeth heads out to the Training Grounds.

Hiza rubs the last bit of oil in Issryuith's hide, and says, "Alright, I'm done, so go eat-but not too quickly. You know that, though." Rider chuckles and answers aloud, "The same place it's always been," a gesture toward the food, "Let me clean my hands off and you can get started eating, if you'd like." The greenrider gives a pat to Issryuith's neckridges and wanders toward the pool, dunking her hands in and scrubbing them off. "Oil makes /me/ slippery."

Issryuith takes one cautious look at Hiza as she washes her hands before trotting over to the meat and dipping her muzzle in, finding something that smells delicious and pulls it out. She turns, the raw meat hanging from her mouth, and almost smiles whistfully at her rider... before chomping down and eating the meat.

Reiko instinctively steps to one side to make room for Issryuith in the feeding area, as if the space she took up were consequential. She pauses for a moment, with a mental reminder to Cerdith not to eat too much too fast, and arches an eyebrow at Hiza, her lips curling in a twisted halfsmile. "I should think it would," she remarks. "At least it's only your hands."

Hiza waddles over, hands clean and oil free for the most part, "Well, that's the only skin I got." Her uniform has blotches of oil stains both new and old here and there, however. At something Issryuith says, Hiza cringes, and chuckles softly. "Does he ever offer to share with you, Reiko?" is asked as the short rider settles down next to Issryuith. It's not the meat that bothers Hiza-it's the prospect of eating it, really.

Reiko shrugs. "Not usually." Not that it would be a big deal, really; it's just meat. She looks Cerdith right in the eye, a twisted smile curling her lips, then shakes her head. "He's too hungry to share," she informs Hiza. "Too bad, really. I haven't eaten yet." Emerald gaze slides sidelong to check out Hiza's reaction.

Hiza sticks out her tongue distastefully, "I hope you're kidding, Reiko. Isn't raw meat bad for people?" Hiza believes this-that makes it so. Right? Glance goes to Issryuith, "Besides, I like my food cooked..." Her nose wrinkles as Issryuith eats, and Hiza pulls her legs up to her chest, smiling softly.

Reiko chuckles a little. "Not if it's fresh." And nobody would feed less-than-fresh meat to growing dragonets. Cerdith has seemingly had enough, and saunters back to his couch to settle in for a nap. Tough life. Reiko snags a meatroll from the tray, chewing as she crosses the barracks after her dragon. "I could use a nap myself," she muses, settling on her cot with a sigh. "Night, Hiza." Whatever time of day it is. She's going to sleep.