Banzai> Konolan wanders in from the direction of the dorms, moving very slowly, looking very rumpled and rubbing his eyes. Ooohh..looks like someone just woke up from a nap! Despite blinking eyes, he manages to make his way to the klah-pot and pour himself a mug without burning..anything at all. He inhales once of the aromatic drink, then procedes in consuming it as he goes to find a seat, belatedly smiling a greeting at all of those present.

Banzai> Loren chews on another sweetroll. "That'd be nice. Can I have a pillow, too? One of yours." Not like there's much of a difference between any of them, but it'd be best to humor her. "So I can snuggle up with it at night. You can have Llama, if you want? And snuggle up with him. Since I can't snuggle up with you, anymore." At night, at least. Apparently, she's fine with cutting off the circulation to his arm in the caverns. Treneere is simply eyed as Lo' wears out her responses-to-R'ave for the time being, and the candiperson blinks. "I should remember them I don't make a habit of keeping up with all Lis's children and fosterlings and they're the only ones I've heard about." So thppt. Or something.

Banzai> Treneere ahas. A challenge. She remains firmly under her table, ignoring the protests of a bluerider who is, due to her presence, unable to swing their feet. "Never heard of meeeee? Inron...inbob...inconceivable?" Hrm. Anyway, she glares at the Loren. You strange, strange person you.

Banzai> Tevya follows shortly after Konolan, pulling her hair into a tight bun at the base of her skull. Her coat is still clutched tightly around her as she heads to the hearth, taking a moment to fill a mug of juice, before she turns from the hearth and settles in a nearby chair. "'lo." The soft greeting as she settles back in the chair, extending her legs and crossing them at the ankles.

Banzai> Tatia strides in from the inner caverns, loose, wet hair giving testimony to where she's just been. Evidently the bath has put her in a good mood, too, judging from the smile with which she greets the crowded caverns. Her hands glide absently over the backs of chairs along the way, and she quickly snatches at a cookie to nibble on before she bothers thinking about a place to sit.

Banzai> R'ave clears his throat. "Um. You can take Llama." He isn't sleeping with it -- it might start talking to /him/, too. "But yeah, you can have my pillow and whatever else you need..." That non-condition of Lis's is eyed. "I do not think it means what you think it means." Mostly because he's never heard of her, either.

Banzai> Loren beams and snuggles comfortably against R'ave's arm. It's a comfortable arm. Right. "I'll leave ... um, no, not Kya ... um, I have another stuffie, if you don't want llama." It doesn't talk, either. A sage nod on Lo's part, and then she blinks, and she peers at Treneere. "I've heard of you. I just didn't know you were one of Lis's. I thought you were Pyrene's sister, or something. Not one of Lis's." R'ave gets eyed, too. "What's it mean, then? I wanna know." Sniffle. Though Lo' keeps chewing on her sweetroll.

Banzai> Konolan flops down at a table near Tevya, stifling a yawn with one hand even as he moves his mug up to his mouth for another sip. "G'day.." He mumbles, still slightly incoherant with the cloudyness of sleep. Or some such thing. Running a hand over his stubbly chin, he grimaces. The entering Tatia is given a wave.

Night or day, Klah can always be found warming on the High Reaches Hearth...

Living Caverns
The rough-hewn majesty of this cavern far outpaces any delight in the multitudes of curves that form its enclosure. The glabrous grey granite is shot through with translucent obsidian, lending subtly-veined sparkle to the walls and the foot-trodden smoothness of the floor that shows centuries-old placements of the scarred trestle tables; carven hollows give homes for the glow baskets and the coat-pegs that line the walls. No mosaics, no painting, no tiles: just a few well-done tapestries mark the pathway that lead to the kitchen to the north and the inner caverns to the west, and frame the nighthearth's stew and snacks, while a heavier strip of oiled canvas shields the unwary from the wind in the bowl.
Scattered about in various perches and niches are fifty-one firelizards.
You see OOC NOTICE (look sign), Look at Me Postcard to Tatia, White Clay Egg Pot, Jaeshri, Large Picnic Rug, Kageri, Chalea, Question Deck, Streak, the Candidate's Rumor Weed, 'What's in the box?!' crate, and Gossip Drudge 2 here.
Treneere, R'ave, Loren, Konolan, Tevya, and Tatia are here.

Treneere ponders Loren for a moment. Ponderponderponder. And then; "So I can't be Lis' fosterling /and/ Pyrene's sister? Not that Pyrene matters. She's just my /sister/." Clearly an earlier, rougher version of Trenny the great. R'ave gets a Look. "It means 'zactly what I think it means. Just like all those other lecherous words out there." She is all-knowing.

Jet black hair falls shiny and straight just to her chin, a fringe of shorter hair in front just brushing delicate brows. Her skin is creamy-pale, with just a faint blush on high cheekbones and and full lips. Wide-set emerald eyes are tipped up slightly at the outside corners and framed with thick black lashes, giving her a vaguely feline appearance. Neither overly tall nor overly short, Reiko stands straight-shouldered with quiet confidence and moves with an easy, quiet grace.
A heavy woollen tunic dyed deepest indigo covers her narrow frame from neck to knees, concealing any shape the young woman might have, sleeves ending in brightly embroidered cuffs just at her wrists. Similar embroidery embellishes neckline and hemline. Beneath the tunic are warm black knit leggings, tucked into soft black wherhide boots, which appear to be relatively new. Perched on Reiko's shoulder is Kamoku.
Reiko is 19 Turns, 10 months, and 11 days old.

Tatia returns Konolan's wave with a flourish of her cookie before she snatches at another and winds her way toward both him and Tevya. "G'day," she greets, almost managing a smile with her greeting as she plops herself into a chair and deposits her horde of cookies in front of her. Bath.. sugar.. these, evidently, are the keys to keeping Tatia happy.

"You don't have to leave anything, I'll see you plenty, I promise." Now that she's not in his weyr, he probably won't be either. R'ave stumbles answering her inquiry, shrugging. "Um. Like.. I don't know." He may, however, be on the verge of inventing a Pernese dictionary. "Like.. you can't conceive it." That's it. "Conceivable isn't lecherous." Now she sounds like a Lis-kid.

"Oren is lecherous." This Loren knows, because Loren is indeed a smart person. Right. R'ave gets a sappy beam, though, and she snuggles his arm. "Yay. That's good. 'cause my Turnday's soon." A random weyrbrat is stopped. "That sweetstick'd make a really nifty turnday gift." The random weyrbrat wanders away, leaving Loren to grumble and peer back towards Treneere. "Right. Oren is lecherous. And I didn't know you'd become Lis's fosterling. I thought you were living with Pyrene because she was your sister." Pause. "And sisters are nice. I'm a sister. I'm the smartest kid in the family." Most likely, this is true. Isn't it horrible?

Tevya bobs her head, having already taken a drink of her juice. As soon as the mug is set down she offers, "Hey Nolan, how're you?" Having finally got enough sleep on her part and that gorgeous picture with Imbriath taken, she is in a chipper mood. "Hey Tatia," Tevya greets the other woman, raising her hand in a half wave.

R'sli arrives from deeper in the Weyr.

Treneere is not impressed with R'ave's explanation. Nor is she much impressed with Loren. "Who's Oren? He's really lecherous? Really really? Like practically /intriguing/?" Apparantly, her vocabulary does not line up. Blame Lylia. She shall have to meet this Oren. And on sisters; "Staying with Rene? /Why/? I was with all the other weyrbrats, until Lis fostered me. Besides. I wouldn't want to stay with Uglydragon." That's just.../wrong/.

Reiko strides into the caverns with an almost frightening singleness of purpose, intent as usual on hearth and klah to the exclusion of any other activity in the caverns. Reaching her goal, she fills a large mug to brimming, taking a moment to inhale the steam with a vaguely suspicious expression. Seemingly satisfied, she makes her way to a nearby table and slips into a chair, only then looking about to see that there are people here she actually knows. And other people too, but whatever. With a vaguely cheerful, "Morning," to include everyone, she proceeds to half-drain her mug in one long sip.

R'sli wheels into the Caverns, pushed by the ever-present Ganabe. Looking around, he spots Reiko, and swears. "Damn. I thought I'd be able to avoid healer-type people this time," he mutters as he nears where Tyara is stationed, his chair clearing a path through the brats. "They really handed me my straps the last time I sneaked out."

Konolan downs the rest of his klah in one gulp. Ain't he just /soo/ elegant and sophisticated? "I'm good, yes..tired. I took a nap." This, of course, explains everything. Or so he thinks. "Mind if I nip a cookie Tatia?" He inquires, eyeing the food hungrily with one eye. The other has spotted a Reiko and is busily trying to draw his attention over there. Which is where it reluctantly comes first,mostly. "Ah..Reiko. Hi!" He waves, smiling.

"Want a cookie?" Tatia stretches forth her half-eaten one in example - not offering - as she speaks, half-smiling toward Tevya. The smile spreads into a grin, corners of her lips twitching at Konolan's question. It's the single brain-cell ruling the weyr these days. "Course not.. they're rather good today." Not that she's terribly picky about her cookies.

R'ave settles back onto a stool, a foot cocked back on a rung. "Yes. Oren is reallyreally lecherous. Intriguigingly lecherous, if you're into that sort of thing," he rambles, hand lifting to greeting to the few out of the crowd that he knows. "Eh. Shards, I really need to get moving and get your stuff before I've got duty, alright Loren?" Grinbeam.

Reiko sets down her mug with a thump, a bit surprised to actually hear her name called. Emerald gaze narrows until she recognizes Nolan, then a twisted halfsmile curls the corners of her lips. Rather than repeat her greeting, she merely nods, distracted from further conversation by R'sli's muttered 'healer-type' remark. Turning in his direction, she purrs, "Feeling well this morning?" Professional courtesy? Or just an idle taunt? Well.... this /is/ klah in the mug, not wine.

Loren isn't someone to be Impressed with, to tell the truth. "Oren's not intruiging, he's odd. And he took my sweetener." The horror, the horror. "...Because Pyrene's you're sister? And I don't think Cadgwith's ugly." Unique, perhaps. A headshake, and then she pauses, peering towards R'ave and nodding and beaming with sappish sweetness again, and all that. "Okay. If you see Kya, um ... I dunno. Try to tell her where I went so she doesn't claw anything up." Or something.

R'ave goes home.

"Oh! A cookie..sure." Tevya comments to Tatia, as she rises from her chair. Pivoting on her heel, Tevya turns and walks the few strides to the hearth food table, fixing herself a platter of cookies and fruit. The platter is returned to the table, set infront of Konolan as she motions to it, "Help yourself, Nolan." Then she slides into her chair, snatching a cookie which disappears as soon as she reaches for the next.

R'sli /is/ feeling better, for all that he harrumphs at Reiko's question. "Yes, no thanks to the constant checking throughout the night," he grouses. From his shoulder, Stanzi adds a tiny growl-squeak of agreement. "It seems that there's always something that has to be checked every candlemark." He motions to Ganabe. "Go get me some klah, would you? A spoon of sweeting." He grins, his ban on anything other than broth finally lifted. "At least I can eat again."

Treneere doesn't plan to argue with Loren forever. She's got a position to maintain. Under-tables are hard to get. There's usually a cat or something there instead. "I might've stayed with her, if she were actually cool. But we don't /have/ to live together. Her weyr's probably ugly, anyway." R'sli's entrance is noted, and marked with Interest. In her cave under the table, she waves. "You!"

Konolan uses his braincell very well. Sleep. Food. Hi? A smile spreads itself across his face as he procures one of Tat's cookies. "Oooh...thanks." He replies, before taking a bite. Cookies are /always/ good. Another wave is given to Reiko, gesturing an invitation for her to join them. He grins as he takes a fruit from Tevya's platter..people serving him food. His dream! "Thanks."

Kariel arrives from deeper in the Weyr.

Tatia blinks, glancing down at the pile of cookies she'd dropped on the table in front of her - and then toward the plate Tevya just deposited. With a shrug, loose stranfs of wet hair as tugged back into place behind her shoulder and she continues her nibbling. It /is/ a rather important task, you know. R'sli's entrance gets another flourish of the cookie - something of a wave - and another offering. "Hey, Ris! Want a cookie? Tevya has made sure we won't run out," she notes dryly, nodding toward the plateful. Nevermind the greenrider's odd appearance - all those bandages and such. Tatia's paying too much attention to the task of eating cookies to comment on his condition.

Saisukei arrives from deeper in the Weyr.

Deep green is lit with a fire that smolders in the depths of Tatia's eyes, flaring now and then into flames. The intesity of her gaze is eased by the faint fleck of gold that mars the iris of her right eye, catching the light at odd moments. Further paradoxes twine themselves through the 'rider's appearance as a pale complexion smooths over a heart-shaped face, offering a stark contrast to the deep, nearly auburn red of hair that hangs straight and smooth to a spot just above the small of her back. On good days, that is. On bad, it flies in unmanageable tangles, and the 'rider has taken to forcing it into a thick plait in the effort to keep it under control. Both her nose and lips tend to be a little on the thin side - she'd call them 'delicate' - but she manages to hide this fact most of the time with either a bright smile or a withering glare. Her stature forces her to look up to most, refusing to give her the height she might want at times, but her frame is smoothly muscled, testimony to the constant activity life with Vespurath demands. Her movements have begun to hold a hint of the unconscious grace of someone who's nearly always moving.
Midnight sky slides down Tatia's frame in deepest indigo to coat her in the warmth of a summer evening. The leathers creep across legs, fitting well to provide ease of movement. Riding jacket is of the same purple-tinged blue, fitting loosely over her arms and fastening with a row of polished silver buttons. Soft fur edges the cuffs and lines the inside, warmth against the biting chill of ::between::. The midnight of jacket is disturbed by the dance of starbursts, stitched at random along neckline and button line before winding around the hem. The shirt under the jacket is simple, of a softer sky blue that speaks of midsummer's day rather than evening. A dipping 'v' neckline leads into cap sleeves, and the hem ends just low enough to slide over hips . Gloves to match the lightness of the shirt fit snugly and tightly, keeping her grip firm. Boots of a shade even deeper than indigo wind their way up her calves, laced up the side for a tight fit.
Cords dance together, one blue, one black, twining in a single loop as each stuggles for dominance. The opposing colors are threaded together with one of deepest, sage-splattered green, a ribbon that proclaims proudly that Tatia is a 'Reaches greenrider.
She is awake, but has been staring off into space for a minute.
Tatia is 20 Turns, 4 months, and 9 days old.

A wave? A gesture? Reiko is /definitely/ going to need more klah. This mug is empty anyhow. She gets to her feet with a fair amount of grace, snagging the nearest klah pitcher and hauling it over to Nolan's table, where she sets it with a bang and a slosh. "Klah with your cookies, Nolan?" She fills her own mug, then holds the pitcher in Konolan's general direction, helping herself to a cookie with her free hand. "Morning, Tatia," she adds lightly. Emerald eyes give the greenrider the old once-over, taking in wet hair and well-fitting leathers in a single glance before returning politely to Konolan. Klah?
"Ris?" Kare calls as he ducks into the main cavern, eyes searching around rather frantically. How in Faranth's name did that man get out of the infirmary? "Ris. There you are. You trying to kill me? Or just yourself?" So he's not a horribly funny Healer. We all have our talents, right? Right. And comedy is merely not one of Kare's. "If you had wanted out, why didn't you tell me? I could have helped you get here..." And with that, he's gathering pillows to stuff around said bandaged greenrider with his free hand, watching him rather warily. Other hand is occupied with a rather odd, padded bag. "You okay?" Because it's his hide if he isn't. "Siannen's gonna kill me if she catches you." Which makes... no sense, but is true, nonetheless.

Konolan must be in heaven. Beautiful women serving him cookies and Klah..and he got to sleep in. What a life! A somewhat silly-grin appears on his face as he nods his thanks at Reiko. "Yes, please." He holds up his mug, so that it can better be filled with that lovely brown liquid. Mmmmm. The cookie in his other hand is finished at this point and he starts on his fruit. " are you all?" He inquires generally.

Areiah arrives from deeper in the Weyr.

Saisukei stops immediatly as she enters the caverns. Sorrel eyes, that looked somewhat happy for a moment, turn to a sorry stare. "Shards...I jus' had to come on in now...didn' I.." She says, grumbling as much as she does, which is /not/ unusual. Or maybe it is? Faranth knows. Waving to Konolan, as he's one of the only people she really knows in here, well except for Tevya, who she moves through the crowd to join. "Tev!" Safety! She might as well ask if she can use Tevya as a safe haven. "Wha's wit' dem" Whine! Or could it "Shells, Tev, if t'is happens everytime I come on in here I'll brain somebody." Grrr.

Loren chews on sweetrolls, staring dreamily in the direction R'ave departed in. Yes, Lo' is weird. And Loren will be doing your laundry.

R'sli waves his good hand at Kariel's fluttering, and finally takes to swatting at him with one of the aforementioned pillows. "Leave off, Kariel," he frets. "Ganabe here was taking care of me. I'm a man grown." At the mention of his name, Ganabe appears with the cup of klah. Seeing Kariel, he blanches. "Um, Sir? Are we in trouble again?"

"They let you out?" No hi, no how are you, nope, none of that formal stuff - Areiah just sidles up to R'sli with a cheerful grin, edging 'round nervous attendants and Healers and everyone else milling about her greenrider. "Feeling better, then? Or marginally so, at least?" Kariel gets a wink, and the little weyrwoman leans her hip against a table, folding her arms. "And you're keeping busy with your pet patient, I see - it's been a sevenday since I've seen you, you know."

Tevya glances up as Saisukei comes next to her, laughing and motioning to the chair next to her. "Join us Sai..please. There's cookies and fruit." Grinning at her friends later comments, she is unable to respond. The Caverns were always full..people and workers running all around. "Well I'll warn you when it gets really crowded, that way, you can avoid it..okay?"

With a little smirk, Reiko fills Konolan's mug, then slips into a nearby chair to start on her own. "Well enough," she responds dryly, although her attention is discreetly focused on Kariel and R'sli... surely nobody could blame /her/ for the wayward patient? She's on break, after all. Cough. Of course, it does seem as though the Weyrwoman's entrance will handily distract all parties from Reiko herself, so she proceeds to enjoy her cookie. And the company. Although she does eye Saisukei narrowly. No screeching today, she hopes.

Thankfully, Tatia's only paying a minimum of attention to Reiko - not enough to catch that once-over, for sure. Which means that, for now, this greenrider is still in a good mood. She still has cookies, after all - even at the rate she's handing them out. "Cookie?" she questions, now glancing toward Reiko. One track mind? "Mmmm... lovely," she responds, glancing toward Konolan with a grin as she catches his question. "And clean. Does wonders for your state of mind, I swear." Cleanliness, that is.

"Not trouble." Kare insists, batting at Ris's swatting hand with only the best of intentions. "You may be a grown man, but if anything happens, you have a redheaded bodyguard that will skin me alive. And I'm not up for that quite yet." A wink is tossed in Ris direction as Kare stuffs another pillow by his side, waggling a finger. And then he's off to socialize, offduty and perfectly aware of where all his patients are. A glass of red wine is nabbed from the refreshment table, heel turned upon to glance across the room and to Lylia, a smirk gliding across his lips. "I know, I know... been busy helping Kale with her... things." Read into that what you will. Wine is sipped and hand raised, causing Kare to have a flash of inspiration. "Oh, yeah. Lo? Siannen thought you might like one of these..." And the bag is lightly placed in her lap, unraveling around it to reveal a glimmer of white. That done with, Kare perches with his wine in a largecomfychair, waggling his eyebrows at Areiah ever so... indiscreetly.

Kariel hands Milk Egg to Loren.

Saisukei simply grumbles at Tevya's reply, and takes the offered seat, sitting with a huff. There's steam coming out of her ears by now. Just picture it. "Yeh, you warn meh, Tev." This is said with a quick nod, and a another grumble. "But' wit' my luck I'll walk on in anyways." Hrmph. "Cookies? High Reaches Cookies?" Well...considering where you are, dear Saisu, they would be HRW cookies now wouldn't they? Nah...really? "Fruits. Eh! Skip dem fruits jus' give meh a cookie." Another glare is given to the room in general. "Or jus' alotta ale..." Eh...Humbug.

"I escaped," Ris admits to Areiah when Kariel is out of earshot. Ganabe is ignored, for all that the boy is sagging with relief behind the wheeled chair. "They've been chasing me for the last four days." His eyes sparkle behind his newly-restored spectacles. "It's boring in the Infirmary, but don't tell Sian that. She'll take it personally." That aside, he snuggles closer to his goldrider, and looks around. "And where are the children?" he asks. "Did you finally have 'Bryth sit on them?

Konolan smiles a greeting at Sai. Perhaps this one also wants to pamper him? (*g*) "Thanks a bundle Reiko.." He repeats before taking a long drink out of his mug. He throws a sly grin at Tevya at the mention of being in washing in the baths. Ahem. "Well, that's good. I like to be clean too." Right. He nibbles a bit more of his fruit.

Tatia fixes Konolan with an amused stare as one slim brow arcs upward. "You do?" she questions, pausing to finish off a cookie. "Never would have guessed." Well now - even in a good mood, Tat's got a bit of a bite to her. The greenrider grins, eyes twinkling as she stretches across the table to claim another cookie.

Laughing, Areiah wraps an arm about R'sli's shoulders, leaning to press a kiss to the top of his head. Aw. "Fionchadd has a handle on it. They love watching him paint - it's absolutely adorable, they're just fascinated by the colors." And there's no doubt they get that from their mother. "Aries tried the hands-on approach this morning, though," she continues, lips quirking, thoroughly amused. "You should've seen Finn trying to get them cleaned up." Heh.

Tevya laughs, sliding the platter towards Saisukei. "No ale Saiu! pleasantly." Right. She lifts her mug to sip from it, catching the words bath and Nolans glance before she quickly sets the mug down and covers her mouth to hide her choking. Not giving that a response, she aims a quirked grin in Konolans direction before snatching another cookie from the platter.

Reiko is mercifully unaware that Konolan thinks he's being pampered, or she'd surely be halfway across the caverns in protest. She /is/ aware, however, of Tatia's bite, evidenced by the low, throaty chuckle that escapes her, and the glittering gaze that turns Tatia-wards. "No, no... I'm /sure/ I've seen him bathe." She just can't resist contributing. She's /quite/ sure she's seen him. Bathe. Indeed.

R'sli laughs, and nods. "I think that Ashli is destined for harpering," he says. "At least, she's just like my sister Ilka was at that age. Always into everything, but not as hands-on as Aries is." He wrinkles his nose. "I hope we haven't a Smith in the making there."

Phea arrives from deeper in the Weyr.

Khevys arrives from deeper in the Weyr.

Konolan's eyes narrow Tat-wards, then at Reiko, but he chooses to ignore the barbs--he's in too good a mood to take offense. "Aye, Reiko knows I wash." He obviously doesn't censor his words first thing in the 'morning'. The fruit is finished off and the pit tossed waste-wards. Quite deft, seeing as it goes in. Leaning back, Nolan grins and sighs contentedly. Ah..this is the life.

Khevys exchanges the protection of stone for the bowl outside.

Saisukei doesn't want to pamper nobody. Not Konolan. Not Tevya. Shards! Not even herself. She's too bloody lazy. Way too lazy... This can be told from the way she's slouching in her chair, and sipping from a mug of Klah that she picked up...somewhere in her travel to see Tevya. Only Faranth truly knows whose mug it was originally... Ahem. She lifts a hand with a dramatic sigh and takes a cookie, biting into it savagely. "No ale!" she says almost choking on the cookie. "Wha's t'is world comin' too! Life ain't werth it wit'out." Without ale that is. "Chat! Hah!" Scoff. Grumble. Choke. Swallow cookie.

Standing up to his full inches, and he always does, this young man comes to 6'1. Medium-length blonde hair is cut at just above the tips of his ears, causing him to perpetually be pushing it out of his clear blue eyes. Freckles cover his fair skin, dancing merrily across his oval face.
He's currently clad in long brown leather pants that don't hang off his frame as if they're too large, but aren't tight either. Just the safe medium. His tunic is a deep forest green, and covers up to his wrists on his arms, although the sleeves are currently pushed up. Tall boots adorn his feet, completing his outfit.
Upon one broad shoulder a single cord can be found, dyed the shade of blue common to crisp automn morning skies, intertwining with a thin one of pure black. It's looped once, indicating that this one's a resident at the 'Reaches.
Konolan is 23 Turns, 9 months, and 12 days old.

"Wouldn't G'deon be thrilled if we did, though?" Areiah answers, grin easing into a soft, silly smile. "I could see him going into Smithing, honestly. Dad would be so pleased; he'd see to teaching him himself, of course." Hip bumps R'sli's shoulder, lightly, and subject is deftly changed: "How's Sian doing? She's holed herself up in the infirmary with you, hasn't she?" Not that the 'rider *really* needs to ask. Of course Siannen stayed with her father.

Phea has been graced with one of those quietly nonchalant moods, and slips into the caverns silently to retrieve a few cookies for her afternoon snack. "Mmm," she says, appreciatively, dipping a hand to pluck one cookie from the nearest plate. At that moment, the candidate appears to acknowledge those occupying the room, and settles for a shockingly calm greeting of: "Hihihiiiiiiiii," and a waggle of her cookie-possessing hand.

Kariel is ignored. But that's okay. Really. Areiah and Ris are watched hawkishly, red wine occasionally brought to his lips in a rather smooth motion... that is, until the mention of Siannen. With that, his gaze drops to the floor and then introvertedly into his bubbling goblet, brow knitting slightly as he watches the fizz ascend to the top. Fascinating. Really.

Loren steps into the shadows that lead back into the Weyr.

Pia comes down from the workrooms above.

Pia appears at the bottom of the stairs, the girl lurking in the shadows cast by the archway.

Reiko turns her eyes to Konolan in frank appraisal, from the top of his head to the soles of his boots and back to his face, pausing whenever fancy strikes her. "Yes, Tatia... he washes." The smirk returns. "At least, he washed /once/." Perhaps more often. But that's the limit of her experience. Emerald gaze glances about the caverns again, flickering over Kariel and his wine, Saisukei and her... mumbling... innnnteresting.

"Really?" Tatia questions, gaze steady despite the sparks of teasing that lurk in her eyes. "That unforgetable, was it?" Her tone is doubtful as she turns her weighing gaze to Konolan in spectualtion. "Wouldn't have thought it." She grins suddenly, settling easily into her chair as Konolan brushes off her first barb. Aw - it's all teasing in good fun, right? "So who's getting the juice?" she questions suddenly. After all, she got the cookies. Kind of.

"Saiu!" Tevya laughs, shaking her head even more. "I'll have to drag you along with me when ever I come in here. That way you wont be as leery to come in here. You know, you'll know a few more people and feel more at home." Another cookie is taken as she bites thoughtfully into it and continues /lecturing/ Saisukei. "Oh, and you'll have to try the Stew, it's absolutely delicious!" Having suggested that, she turns back to her juice to take another sip.

Konolan turns a light crimson at Reiko's frank appraisal, but holds up well under it, even managing a slight smirk and a quirked brow. A smile is thrown people-wards..basically at those unknown to him. He's all cool and nonchalant. See? Eyes flick at Tat once more for her comment, but he silently gets up and grabs up a pitcher of juice, returning to place it on the table. Now they're even. "Here..would you like me to pour you a glass?" He inquires solitiously..beware.

Phea is quite happy to settle down in a randomly selected chair, knees tucked up against her chest as she idly nibbles on her cookie-treat. Pia receives a brief fingerwiggle, accompanied by a blithe beam, and then attention is returned to cookie-eating and the conversations drifting around her. "Juiiiiice?" Is drawled, upon hearing Tatia utter the word, and Konolan is awarded a sweet request of, "Couldja please pour me some, too?"

Pia's lips twist into a little sulky frown, and one hand lifts to petulantly push a stray lock of hair out of her eyes. "Too many people in my caverns," she mutters, regarding the generous crowd with barely hidden dismay.

Saisukei kinda gets the feeling she's being watched. But then again...she /is/ paranoid. She looks over her shoulder Reiko. So you're the one watching me and my...mumbling. Actually it's more like grumbling. She flashes Reiko a sarcastic grin, just to be perverse and all. Right. Then it's back to Tev. "Yeh. You be my guardian." oooh personal guardian! Squeal! The entire caverns are scanned, sipping at her anonymous Klah mug, and people are eyed. People are scaaaary. "Do Ah reeaaaly wanta know any of dese folks?" Hah. Very funny. "Stew, really! Tev! We're talkin' 'bout my stability here. If t'eses people here don' clear out, I'm gonna flip! Shards!" Somehow everything gets turned around to be about...Her.

Tatia isn't suspicious - after all, Konolan wouldn't be stupid enough to upset the good-natured Tat, now would he? "I'd love it, thank you," she intones sweetly, smiling up at him. "All these cookies tend to leave me rather thirsty." Phea is glanced at swiftly, and Tatia manages a weak smile as she inches her chair in the opposite direction. Those darn Candidates always lurking about... rather spooky, really. And try as she may, Tat just /can't/ remember the names.

Konolan now has to be nice, because someone else asked..and it wouldn't do to spill good juice all over Tat, now would it? And so her glass is filled neatly, with no 'mishaps.' He then turns to Phea. "Of course.." He doesn't know the name, and so he just obliges her by filling her glass with pretty juice. The perfect little gentleman.

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R'sli falls asleep.

"Who are all of these people?" Pia inquires sulkily, query undirected in her irritation. "And why are they /all/ here now." All she wanted was a quiet meal and a glass of wine.

Reiko's nose wrinkles, ever so slightly, at the offer of juice... even if it wasn't directly made to her. In any case, when the word 'juice' has six syllables, it tends to draw one's attention, and emerald gaze slides Phea-wards, narrowing slightly. More new people. Candidate-type people, if she's reading that knot correctly. Someone warned her. She can't remember who, so she tops her mug off with klah instead and eyes Saisukei for the sarcasm... which apparently doesn't even merit a raised eyebrow, but rather is coolly ignored as she reaches for another cookie.

Phea isn't spooky, just hyper. Difference! The movement of Tatia's chair receives little notice, as she is more interested in staring contemplatively at the sprinkles adorning her cookie, although the greenrider does receive a cooed greeting of "Hihihihiiiiiii, Tatia!". The white-knot simply beams (all unintelligent and llama-like) as Konolan obliges her; how sweet! "Thank'eeeeeee," she purrs innocently -- not seductively, thank you! -- swishswishing her newly acquired cup o' juice around. "You're such a darling!"

Tevya shakes her head once more, glancing now at Saisukie, "Yes stew. Stew is good for you and..well, it's good for you. Not like ale.." At that word her lips are pulled thin and she shakes her head. "That's not good. Makes you edgy." Raising her eye brows she grins. "Which, you couldn't possibly be, could you?" Good natured teasing as Tevya winks softly at her friend. "Besides, meeting people is fun." Right..when they were two people at the most. Crowds got to her too..she just didn't let it show..much..

Lorsalia arrives from deeper in the Weyr.

The housekeeper arrives to cart R'sli off to bed.

Saisukei lets everything show. She didn't used to...but this High Reaches place has corrupted her beyond belief. She really, really, used to be afraid to even say hello to someone, 'lest her father'd club her... "Stew is good...if i's made correctely." Emphasis on correctly. "An' Ale is plenty good. Jus' as lon' as yah stay away frem cliffs." Sagenod. Yes. Stay away from cliffs when drunk. Duely noted. "Nah, Tev! I'm not edgy! Not at all!" *Twitch*. "An' meetin people is fun. Jus' you try saying ten t'ousand hellos." Reiko's eyeing is browfurrowed at and then shrugged away. She didn't do nothing! Honest!

"So." And you thought you were going to escape! Hah! Somehow, Areiah has squeezed into a spot right next to Kariel's chair, joining in the wine-scrutinizing. "What's up with you and Sian, these days?" There is absolutely nothing subtle about the little brunette, some days. Lucky Kare; he seems to have caught her on an off day. Or, rather, she seems to have caught him.

Xaner arrives from deeper in the Weyr.

Pia heads north into the redolent depths of the kitchens.

Kariel squeaks ever so lightly, looking to Areiah and turning... oh... about a dozen different gradients of red. Never knew the human face could produce so many? Well, there's an area where Kare's talented. "I... nothing's up... we're just friends..." Kare's just a friend who, ya know, watchs her while she's sleeping in the Infirmary and such. And brings her breakfast and lunch and oft dinner. Just a friend like that. Yeah.

Xaner exchanges the protection of stone for the bowl outside.

And because keeping the 'Caverns a fighting-free zone is much nicer than having a ranting (and juice-soaked) greenrider on your hands. Tatia grins, reaching for her glance as she shoots a quickly "Thanks," toward Konolan. And she's sincere, even. After all, she only teases those she likes - everyone else is simply snapped at. And those sharing her table know this, right? Her grin fades into a wary smile as she glances at Phea, fingers clenching her glass. "Um... hi." Nevermind the name.

Lorsalia goes home.

Uh huh. Areiah ain't buying it; and she proceeds to say so. Cheerfully, mind you, but still. "Or you could tell me what's *really* up," she chirps, easing down 'til she's perched upon the arm of the Weyrhealer's chair. "And why you're sitting over here all by your lonesome trying not to be noticed."

"Yeah, that's a good idea, Saiu!" Tevya replies, biting back more laughter. "'sides, you dont have to greet every one.. just the people you know." On an afterthought, she hastily adds, "Or, just one big 'hello!' all nice and like." Tevya continues. " can always use getting a cookie as an excuse. Cookies are good too."

Miami exchanges the protection of stone for the bowl outside.

Konolan is a! "No problem." He replies to Tat and Phea, oblivious to the latter's enthusiasm which might otherwise have ground at his nerves. He's happy..why shouldn't others be, right? A glance is thrown Pia-wards..she couldn't be complaining about /this/ 'darling', now could she? "Ah.." He sighs, re-seating himself and picking up his cooling mug of klah, to sip at. "Well.." His mind is going nowhere, fast. "Tatia." He begins anew, making a foray into *gasp* conversation. "Do you know a rider named Bun'ny?"

Kariel shrugs and smirks up at her, hand swaying to lightly swish his wine around. "Mm. Because I didn't want to get involved in you and Ris's conversation." At least he's honest. "And I did tell the truth. It's rather hard to make any sort of move when her father's laid up in my infirmary right next to her." Hand moves up and wraps around her waist lightly, trying to drag her down into his lap ever so sweetly. Much easier to talk. "It gives me time to watch her, though... and talk some... but just... blather." In other words, filler talk while Kare shuffles nervously.

Tatia blinks at the unexpected question, eyeing Konolan over the rim of her glass while she sips at her juice. "Bun'ny?" she questions catiously before shaking her head. "Um.. no, don't think I do. Who's the dragon? Maybe Vesp knows...." Of course, the green is notoriously horrid with names - but it's worth a try? "Why?" she questions as an afterthought, lowering the glass.

Saisukei nods quickly, her brains rattling about in her head. Listen long enough and you'll hear 'em! "Maybe yer right?" then with a sigh she adds. "I duuuunooo Tev...Ah guess saying 'hi' couldn' hurt nobody." Shrug. "Jus' don' leave meh wit' dem!" She pleads. "I'd lose meh nerve and keel over...dead." She's sooooo dramtic isn't she? Then *finally* Saisukei finds something to agree with Tevya on! "Cookies /are/ goood!" This is said matter-o'-factly and with a headbob. Then it's time for people watching! Or rather staring, and absently she grabs for another cookie, shoving it into her mouth, and eating it...obviously.

"Ah," replies Areiah, neatly sliding from chair's arm into Healer boy lap. Mmm. "So small talk, then. Well - you've gotta start somewhere, right?" Lithe legs are dangled over the edge of the just-vacated chair arm, feet swaying randomly. Yes, she really is eight Turns old, deep down. "Wise of you to behave with Ris around, though. He'd kill you." Twice, for good measure, even.

"Exactly. So, you come into here, and, offer 'hiya'." Tevya interjects, waving a cookie about in the air, "And mention a cookie..and people will be glad to talk to you. That's why the 'Reaches has cookies, you see." Sagenod on the behalf of Tevya as she turns the waved cookie to her mouth. "Plus, company is usually good."

Reiko kills the second cookie and drains her second mug, feeling distinctly like there's something elsewhere she ought to be doing. Maybe it's the fact that the conversation is leaving her behind again. Couldn't be her own inattentiveness? Cough. Standing quickly enough to nearly topple her chair behind her, she turns to Konolan with a bit of a twisted smile. "Have the rest," she says lightly, a graceful gesture indicating the still half-full klah pitcher on the table. Emerald gaze flickers over Tatia again, a bit less discreetly this time, but it would seem that the greenrider is distracted again. With a toss of her head and a casually intoned and not particularly directed, "Nice seeing you again," she slips out of the caverns.

Phea exchanges the protection of stone for the bowl outside.

Kariel shrugs at that, a goofy grin lacing his lips. "Eh. He didn't kill me in the turns I dated her... why would he kill me now?" Delayed reaction? Goldrider is cuddled up and he sighs, eyes falling and rising again after thoughts are gathered. "I don't know where to begin, Reia. /That's/ my problem." Poor, lost, obsessed boy.

Which just goes to show that not all riders in a Weyr know one-another, right? Konnie chuckles. "Nothing important..I just found out that she's a rider here..and my second cousin. On my mother's side." How he came about this information isn't important either. "Well, I got a message earlier today from her, and she wants to meet me in the bowl in a couple of minutes. So..I'm going. Perhaps you can come too?" He's a tad scared of people he doesn't know. "Reiko!" He calls out, after the departing girl. "Don't go yet.." Perhaps she'd like to come for moral support?

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Tevya kicks off her sandles before climbing into bed, where she slowly drifts off to sleep.

Areiah, awkwardly, pats Kariel on the head. Because she can't think of anything more comforting than that. "You'll figure it out, I'm sure. You and she." A pause, as she cocks her head, and then: "She does know, doesn't she?" That's always the tricky part.

Tatia blinks at Konolan, fingers running absently through hair that's quickly drying into a tangeled mess. "Come? Why?" she questions, leaning to grab another cookie. Despite her question, she does stand, arms reaching above her as she arcs backward, stretching. "What... can't meet someone without a few girls along for moral support?" she questions, teasing grin lifting her lips upward again as she drops her arms to her side. Yes, she was distracted upon Reiko's second once-over. A very good thing, considering.

Kariel shifts a little in his chair, nibbling his bottom lip. "She knows I still care?" Understatement of the year award goes /to/... "But... maybe not to what extent." Because he's a chicken shi... scaredy cat.

Saisukei doesn't particuallarly like company. Unless it's Tev! *BEAM* "So tha's why dey got good cookies here!" It finally dawns apon her! Well...after Tevya points it out so kindly. Then with a wave and a slamming of a Klah mug, she bids Tevya a goodbye. "Thanks fer the advice Tev. An' when we're in crowds, never leave meh alone!" This is instructed with a joking wink, and then she disappears into the inner caverns.

Reiko stops midstride, pivoting around to eye Nolan narrowly. Don't go? She folds her arms across her chest, suddenly regarding him with as much suspicion as she would a certain itinerant musician. Cough. "Excuse me?" Having heard little of what he said besides her own name, it's Tatia's statement that fills her in. "Meet someone?" Moral support? With a shrug and a twisted smile, she follows, finding something about the situation to be oddly amusing.
Saisukei steps into the shadows that lead back into the Weyr.

The housekeeper arrives to cart Tevya off to bed.

Konolan rolls his eyes at Tat, but doesn't deny anything. Hmph. He gets up from the table, pushing his chair back with a noisy scrape. "Ahh..I'm supposed to be there soon...the Bowl, that is." He grins at Reiko and gestures for both her and Tatia to follow..
Konolan exchanges the protection of stone for the bowl outside.

Central Bowl
Seven spindles brush the clouds -- quite literally -- overhead, a jagged, spired cotillion grey-stoned majesty. The bowl from here is expansively large, extending a full half mile in both directions, and although sometimes a bit of a stretch, most of the hubs of activity can be easily observed. Hard-packed ground shows the common pathways, all of them meandering about the craggy bunch of boulders that form a centerpiece: carven, hand-worn and foothold-full, it gives a bit of centerpoint to the otherwise vast emptiness of the area.
To the north lie the hatching grounds and leadership weyrs, while the lows of herdbeasts mark the feeding pens to the northeast. A flurry of ever-present activity marks the living caverns to the west, and another time-traveled path the ground weyrs just adjacent to the southwest. Southeast, a glint of blue shows the lake, glittering and cold.
It is a spring evening. It is dark, and a few stars have begun to make their appearance known. The breeze has died off, and the crickets are starting their evening symphony.
Clinging to footholds in the boulder-mound are twenty firelizards.
Green Kelitath, brown Revnath, green Zoryanth, brown Sevareth, bronze Rixesith, green Siulth, gold Tiareth, gold Chayath, bronze Soquilith, Brown Dsalth, green Vespurath, brown Orsoth, and brown Druseth are here.
You see a wagonmaster, George Dubya bush, Trash n Treasures, Trey's Trumbling Wagon, and Gigi here.
Shawn, Lylia, Phea, and Konolan are here.

Tatia steps out from the Weyr's living caverns.

Shawn starts to /finally/ catch her breath, "I have /lots/ of practice, Lylia..." how else could she have that whole early warning system with her mother's lifemate down to such a science? Another deep breath and she looks around. Was she the only one who did not come home with a sunburn, "Hey Tat!" she yells as she sees her come out of the living caverns...

"Konolan?" A diminuative woman in her mid-thirties inquires as these new people step out from the Caverns. A distinct family resemblance is evident..the same set to their eyes. "Ah..I'm Bun'ny." She introduces herself, somewhat hesitantly.

Oooh, why is Xaner leaving? Sniff. Phea follows after him, like the devoted, inquisitive little puppy-candidate she is; don't leave her hanging with all these scary 'riders, now! "Oh.. uh.. er, I'm goin' with Xaner."

Phea bounds, with childish glee, to the Lakeside.

Tatia follows, eyeing Konolan in amusement as she juggles the handful of cookies she'd snatched on her way out. At the crooning greeting of her lifemate, she tosses a few toward Vespurath with a faint grin, and the green makes short work of them. "Bun'ny, you say, Konolan?" she questions, gaze rapidly searching the bowl for unfamilar dragons - only to be caught by Shawn. "Hey!" she greets quickly, lifting a cookie-filled hand to wave toward the brownrider. "Shawn! Want to come be moral support for the lily-livered?" she questions with a grin that's short toward Konolan.. and now Bun'ny, as she appears.

"Tatia!" Lylia gives a cheerful little wave, ducking her head in acknowledgement of the greenrider. Reiko and Konolan also get a dip of the head in greeting... Unfortunately, sleepiness prevents her ability to be /sure/ she knows their names. She can barely remember her own at this point. But Shawn gets a thorough snicker. "I'm sure you have." She can still be impressed by Shawn's ability, no?

Reiko steps out of the caverns with a shiver and a scowl. "It's /dark/," she complains, to no one in particular, peering around the Bowl. She pulls up short as yet another stranger appears, wrapping her arms around herself and trying to appear a good bit more composed than she feels. After all, she's not the lily-livered, she's supposed to be the moral support.

Shawn appears to be just catching her breath and shakes her head everyone gets a little twiddle of the fingers in acknowledgement of either a hello or a goodbye... "I'm afraid that I need a meal after all that excitement..." Shawn ventures... of course, when does Shawn /not/ want to eat? "And then I'm back on sweeps tonight, so I better get some sleep..." s'too bad really... this is the best mood that Shawn's been in since her last day off...

Konolan eyes this new woman curiously, drinking in her features. "Aye, I'm Konolan..." He greets hesitantly. "Pleasure to meet you, Bun'ny and.." He looks at the blue behind her, not knowing his name. "These are my friends, Tatia and Reiko.." He adds, gesturing towards the two who accompanied him out.

Tatia rolls her eyes swiftly at Reiko's statement of the obvious, though she tosses a broad grin toward Lylia before she settles into her role of lingering in the background and munching on cookies. She lifts a hand in acknowledgement as her name is mentioned, but other than that, she remains silent.

A short, shaggy crop tames some of the curl that kinks this young woman's blonde hair, but a few helixed tendrils still brush their gold against her temples and cheeks, setting off her dusky skin and stormy, sea-blue eyes in equal measure. The fact that she is fairly petite helps to deaccentuate the angular features of nose and chin; even now, after reaching her full growth, she only stands just over five feet. Time spent as a rider as well as growing up has changed her stocky, tomboy frame to one of petite strength with the subtle curves of a young woman; her youth, however, is still apparent in her tomboy's gait and the hellion flash in her eyes.
Snug pearl grey wool encases Shawn's torso; three-quarter length sleeves end a few inches from her wrist and her long neck all but disappears into the turtleneck. The hem of the sweater ends a bare inch below the waistband of her black wherhide pants which are placated to accomodate a rider's belt and equipment. Knee-high boots kept to a high polish protect her pants and feet from the 'Reaches cold winter sludge. Perched on Shawn's shoulder is Erik.
Shawn is 19 Turns, 11 months, and 10 days old.

"Blue Fluffyth." Bun'ny supplies her lifemate's name. Fluffyth rumbles slightly and rolls over to regard these new people..his nostrils flare slightly as he sniffs at Konolan. "He says he likes you." giggles the rider, startlingly girlish for one her age. Fluffyth then turns to Tatia to give her the once-over. Another rider-type. His whirling orbs finally settle on Reiko and he leans closer to whuffle her. "Uhm..he really seems to like her." States the rider, perplexedly.

Shawn stretches slightly, all is good and she flashes a backward grin toward Lylia and shakes it all off, "Well, as I said my stomach is calling me..." where does this person /put/ all the food anyway? S'not like there's a whole lot of room in there, "See ya later, Tat... Lylia..." she drawls...nods to those she doesn't know by name and saunters off across the bowl... for his part, Ors /tries/ to find a spot that isn't muddy and settles in to wait... used to this, fly down, eat/wait, fly up, fly down, eat/wait.... now what Shawn /really/ needs are one of those dumbwaiters...and then the kitchens could send her food up without Ors having to do any of the work... yeah, that's it... or even better... a kitchen /in/ the weyr... the possiblities are endless... endless I tell ya...

Reiko takes a step or two back as she's whuffled. And not even by a dragon she knows. Scowling lightly, she looks from Konolan to Bun'ny and back. At least dragonbreath is warm.

"Evidently I'm beneath his interest," Tatia notes dryly, a wry smile indicating her amusement as she eyes Reiko. "I think you should feel flattered. You've been adopted, or something."

"Yeah, food sounds good," Lylia mutters, running a hand through her hopelessly tangled hair as she darts into the 'caverns. A nice dinner sounds /very/ good. And some numbweed for the sunburn, before a niiiiice sleep. She can practically feel it.

Konolan looks upon Fluffyth curiously. "Does he? How...nice." He rubs at the back of his neck embarassedly, for he has nothing else to say of someone of his own flesh and blood! "Oohh..yeah Dsalth adopted my sister." He grins. "So, Bun' have you been?" Over the past, oh 30-odd years he hasn't known her. Odd boy.

Reiko eyes Konolan narrowly. "Adopted?" She's heard about Dsalth and his abductions, and hastily takes a couple more steps back. If she's going to be someone's weyrmate, it's bloody well going to be by choice. Not that Bun'ny is all that bad... and the appraising gaze turns bluerider-wards as she momentarily forgets the draconic attention. No, wait. "I am /not/ going to be adopted," she states quite firmly. And Tatia is eyed for suggesting it.

Bun'ny grins and nods at Tatia's statement. "Yeah..he doesn't take instant liking to many, but those he does...had better watch out." Right. "He'd like it very much if you scritched him..." She relays to Reiko, ending with a suggestive lift to that sentence. "I've been good, Konolan..and you? Dsalth adopted your sister? " Ooooh..awkward small-talk. Fluffyth extends his tail towards Reiko, letting the tip curve possesively about her ankles. His.

Reiko is abruptly stopped from any more backward steps by a rather large blue tail wrapping about her ankles. Now she's been here before. And the next step was nearly having her head eaten by Dsalth. So the hand automatically extends - anything to forestall her fate. "If you insist," she murmurs... and it's unclear whether she's addressing rider or dragon as she obediently - if somewhat less than enthusiastically - obliges.

Konolan grins at Reiko and gives her a thumbs-up..and reluctantly turns back to Family Conversation..which isn't turning out to be spectacular. "Ah..yes. I've been good as well..and yes. Kitriana was 'abducted' by be his scritcher." The last is whispered so that Reiko would have less chance of hearing it. "Right Tatia?" He asks the other rider-person for confirmation.

Fluffyth curls his tail more tightly about Reiko's legs and croons contentedly at her, a deep thrumming noise which issues from his throat. He lowers his head carefully so that the scritching one may have an easier time about her job. "Ah..yes? That is..strange." Replies Bun'ny. "I didn't hear anything about it but.." she gestures airily. "I don't always hear all of the gossip."

Tatia has disconnected.
Tatia falls asleep.

Quite handily trapped, Reiko continues her scritching, although her eyes are darting about the Bowl in search of a likely escape... without much success. And still the lame conversation continues between Nolan and his ... relative? "Excuse me," she ventures at last, the motion of her hand slowing somewhat as she eyes the pair. "Don't you think this is about enough 'scritching'?"

The housekeeper arrives to cart Tatia off to bed.

Konolan chuckles at Reiko and shakes his head. "I doubt it, though only Bun'ny could tell you for sure..." He glances at his second cousin curiously. "Do you think so?" He inquires of her, forsaking the 'lame' small-talk gratefully.

Bun'ny chuckles and shakes her head..."Fluffuth says 'No.'. Emphatically." She states, nudging her lifemate playfully. "You know, you can't keep her dearest.." She blinks. And blinks again. "Uhmm..Konolan..." She leans over and whispers something in his ear, gesturing helplessly at Reiko. Fluffyth just looks smug and rumbles a bit, inching closer to his scritcher.

"No?" Reiko scowls deeply, drawing her hand back. We'll just see who's getting scritched. Nevermind that she can't seem to extricate herself from this tail.

Konolan's eyes widen and his jaw drops at what Bun'ny whispers in his ear. A smile slowly spreads across his face. "Reiko...Bun'ny just told me what Fluffyth said." He'll take great delight in sharing this juicy tidbit. "Ahem. He said that you'd "Probably better get used to scritching dragon..because he thinks you smell nice. And that..uhm..." His eyes twinkle, and he plunges onward. "And that dragonets like nice-smelling things. So he thinks you should..Stand." The last word just hangs in the air.

Fluffyth's tail clenches reassuringly about her once more, before loosening. His brilliant blue whirly-optics move closer to her and he snorts once, reassuringly. Bun'ny claps him on the flank and chuckles lightly. "My dear, you're so full of surprises...and stop clutching her like that. You'll scare her." Obviously, she doesn't know Reiko..

Deeply involved in trying to remove her legs from Fluffyth's tail... or vice versa... Reiko misses the point. "I'll stand a lot better if I can Have. My. Legs. Back." Each word punctuated by a tug. She begins muttering darkly about the absolute silliness of such a statement, but the tirade trails off as the meaning sinks in. Not stand. Stand. "Stand?" She blinks once, turning a suspicious glance from Konolan to Bun'ny and back. "You're not serious."

Konolan snorts at Reiko's misunderstanding, but manages to suppress a smile by the time she turns to look at him. All light and innocence. "I think he is." He says simply. A thumb is jerked at his cousin. "She wouldn't lie about something like that." He's only just met her, one would lie about something like that. The gentleman in him manages to re-surface past the sarcasm and propels him forward to offer help in extricating herself from the blue's tail. "Here..let me help you there."

Bun'ny shakes her head at what Konnie said. "No, I wouldn't lie about Standing..neither would Fluffyth...Fluffy, please unwind your tail from poor..Reiko's legs." Fluffyth obliges, careful not to accidently knock the newly-made Candidate with his tail.

Reiko is numb enough to accept the assistance with nary a sarcastic remark, stepping carefully away as the tail unwinds. Stand. Her. Well, they'll likely realize their mistake before very long. In the meantime, she can... um... "So now what?" She swallows back any doubt, folding her arms across her chest and putting on her bravest face.

Konolan's hands hover, ready to steady her should she stumble. "Congratulations!" He starts off, grinning. This is /big/. "I'm not sure what first..I assume that perhaps you should move your stuff into the Candidate barracks?" He tries to recall what 'Necha told him about her Search experiance, while turning questioningly to Bun'ny.

Fluffyth rumbles again, this time in approval. This one didn't faint away on him. Which is good. "Well, yes, that's a good start..and you have to get you're new Knot.." replys Bun'ny..I'm sure Konolan would be able to help you move your stuff, though. That's the most important part!" She grins. Fluffyth turns and looks at her anxiously. "Ah..right. We have a patrol now..Congratulations Candidate Reiko!" She says in farewell as she mounts Fluffyth and grabs the fighting straps but a moment before he leaps into the air, to take them to their weyr.

Reiko blinks after the departing bluerider, staring for a long moment before it occurs to her that Konolan is waiting for her. At which point it occurs to her she doesn't even know where the candidate barracks /are/. She takes a deep breath, then turns to look at him. "There isn't much to move," she says simply.

Konolan smiles reasurringly and nods. "Okay..lead on, then. To the Dorms." He slips out in that direction.