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Echoing and austere, blank stone walls are vaulted high to overshadow the row of white-curtained cots along the back wall. Ancient metal gleams steel-bright in the form of sinks and examination table, lit relentlessly by bright glows and reflecting the colours of bottles and jars shelved above. Padlocked cabinets hide the more dangerous drugs and implements, whilst healer paraphenalia litters one solid oak table with sweetly-fragranced herbs and tattered scrolls. A small hearth contains a fire usually banked low, several cauldrons set ready nearby to for heating water. A dark staircase twists up from one corner to the dragonhealer's lair; one low door leads into the lower caverns, another to weyrhealers' quarters. Barn-sized doors open inwards with creak of hinges from the ground weyr.
Comfortable on top of a cupboard are Sploink, Caerulus, Risidan, D'argo, Hermes, Enjolras, Fluker, Klee, Phoenix, and Felvis.
You see examination area and Candidate Physicals Board here.
You notice Siannen asleep here.
R'sli is here.

Marianne ducks in from the inner caverns.

R'sli is sitting irritably in his cot, his bruises fading, but still incapacitated by sling and splint. Spotting candidates, he arches an eyebrow. "You should have had your physicals already," he notes sourly. "Or are you here to roll bandages?"

Reiko gives R'sli a cool, appraising stare as she enters, noting his sour mood with a faint trace of amusement. "I have," she replies calmly, with a glance at Marianne. "And actually, I'm here to fold towels. And dust or something." She rolls her eyes expressively. "Since I'm experienced and all." Cough. Her smirk spreads to a twisted halfsmile as she adds, "And how are we feeling today?"... in her best assistant-ish voice. Which is scary.

"It's a lovely day to see you, too, Rider," Marianne remarks wryly as she enters the infirmary, rolling up the sleeves of her shirt past her elbows and raising one eyebrow at him as she closes the door behind her, as she enteres behind Reiko. "I haven't had my physical, but that is entirely beside the point. The /point/ is that this place is a mess, and Reiko and I are here to.. er.. help," Marianne searches for the word and then beams, glancing to Reiko with a twinkling gaze.

"I don't know. I feel like hell. How do you feel?" is the acid retort from the greenrider. "And if this place is a messy, it's because all those ruddy healers are never around when a man needs to use the necessary, and just /try/ to get a cup of warm klah around here." R'sli's hand twitches at the furs, and he sighs. "I mean, it's easier to get thread from the ocean floor, it seems."

"Well. Hell. That's a step up from not talking to us," Marianne notes and then looks about the area with a wrinkled nose and then back at the rider with one raised eyebrow. "Well, I don't know about that. Klah is an easy thing to get your hands on.. it's just a few caverns over. Thread on the ocean floor is a bit more complicated." Marianne closes her mouth on what could have been a mischevious grin and hides it in her long hair as she goes about picking up furs on the floor, throwing one over to R'sli on the cot. "There. That will help keep you warm."

"Perfectly fine." Reiko seems completely unfazed by R'sli's tirade - she's seen worse, after all, and it's hardly directed at her. Even before she was Searched, she wasn't exactly a Healer. Emerald gaze flickers about the infirmary - she never would have believed she'd miss the place, but just try living in the barracks - before returning to R'sli with a finely arched eyebrow. "Since when is there klah in here at all?" Cold or otherwise, Reiko obviously feels she should have known about it. "In any case, less klah would mean fewer trips to the necessary." Efficiency in action.

R'sli flips the fur back onto the floor with what can only be triumphant look. "Well, thank you Masterhealer Reiko," he says with heavy irony, and a twinkle in his eye that belies his sour tone. "I'll be sure and take that under advisement. "I'd get into my chair," he says, waving his good hand at the sad-looking vehicle. "But it involves a certain amount of acrobatics that frankly, I'm not up for. Besides, Ganabe isn't around to push me there."

Reiko smirks. "Thanks for the promotion," she quips, with the barest glance at her knot. "You've saved me Turns of trouble." Emerald gaze flickers over the rather dilapidated chair, then back to R'sli. "I seem to recall Kariel having a fit the last time he saw you in the caverns," she says, with a thoughtful expression that barely conceals her amusement at his predicament. Of course, that had been sevendays ago, but no matter. Nobody tells Reiko anything.

"Him and his bloody pillows," the Weyrlingmaster grumbles. "Between his fussing and Zaqith's worrying, it's a wonder I get any rest around here." He sighs again, and frowns. "Besides," he adds, a wheedling tone entering his voice. "Elehu said I could go out as long as I didn't tire myself out. And I'd be sitting down the whole time."

Gone is the roundness of youth in this man's face, his tinker heritage almost lost in the wind-burned lines of a rider's countenance. Coal-black hair, dusted with starlit single strands of silver is trimmed short, a scant knuckle's height in the longest of them. A pair of silver-framed spectacles with small, round lenses perch on his nose, making his violet gaze a bit more intense. Not the biggest rider in the Weyr, his 5'7 frame is tightly packed with ropy muscles gained from turns of riding. As he catches your gaze, he offers a lopsided grin, leaving the urge to count your teeth to be sure he hasn't charmed any away. Oh yeah. He's one to watch out for, all right.
Ris looks worse than he feels. Bruises color one cheek, and there's a neatly stitched gash above his brow, sure to leave a scar. One hand is in a sling, and his linen shirt hangs open to reveal the banding of gauze protecting his ribs. One leg is in a splint, all the way to the hip. As a result, the Weyrlingmaster is stuck in one of those wheeled chairs that the healers are always pushing sick people around in. Someone, in an attempt to soothe the irritated rider's bedside grumpiness, has tied a gawdy bunch of Southern flowers to the handles, which seems to be doing nothing to soothe R'sli's manner at all. Coiled around R'sli's neck is Stanzi.
He is awake and looks alert.
R'sli is 30 Turns and 19 days old.

"A fit doesn't begin to describe that episode," Marianne notes as she begins to clean the Infirmary with busy hands as she looks over to the pair a few feet away, looking down at the dropped fur with one raised eyebrow before she looks back to what she's doing, waiting more for the rider's reaction, or so it seems, before she says a word. At that, she looks over at him. "I think that the pillows are usually an asset to rest, yes?"

Reiko smirks again, nodding at Marianne with a positively vicious sparkle in her eye. "Generally," she agrees. Mind you, nobody bothered to train her - much - but Reiko usually has a pretty fair grasp of the obvious. Provided she's met her daily klah quota. Which evidently she has. She turns again to eye the Weyrlingmaster appraisingly. "Did she?" Her tone is almost patronizing - clearly she hasn't paused to consider how roles could conceivably shift in the not-too-distant future. Shrugging elaborately she continues, "I suppose it wouldn't take much effort to push you out there." And he's unlikely to run off on them.

R'sli shakes his head. "No, not at all. I'm small for a rider." He raises his eyebrows behind his spectacles, and affects a mournful look. "I hardly know what's going on with the Weyr any more."

"Oh, no. Shall we catch you up on gossip, then?" Marianne says with a faintly mischevious twinkle to her eye as she looks over at the rider with a smile flickering around her face, winking to Reiko as she does so. "It must be terrible. No one to tease.. and you can't see those greenriders glow. You missed quite the glowing performance this afternoon by Sasha, by the way,"

Reiko eyes Marianne sharply, a twisted halfsmile curling her lips. "Sasha? Really. Why do I seem to miss all the fun?" Darn the luck. She folds her arms across her chest, affecting an indolent posture, considering. "What do you think, Marianne? Should we humor him?" Nevermind the cleaning that won't get done in their absence. Oh, wait. Mari's one of those really conscientious candidates, isn't she?

R'sli looks interested. "Sasha? What happened?"

"Oh, G'deon didn't seem to think it was all that fun. He looked like a hunted animal," Marianne says with just the faintest flicker of a grin as she looks over to Reiko for a moment with twinkling eyes, but then appears to seal her lips as if putting a piece of very sticky tape on them. Nope, not saying a word, says her face. "Well, I don't know Reiko. I think it would depend on how cooperative he would be with us were we to make up his bed and make him let us give him some furs and pillows..." Bargaining with the riders? Absolutely.

Reiko snorts lightly, shaking her head at Marianne. "What, you want him to let us wait on him? That's your idea of a bargain?" She rolls her eyes expressively. "You can do better than /that/." She glances at R'sli sidelong, discreetly looking for his reaction.

"No, I want him to stop being a grouch, Reiko," Marianne says pleasantly, turning to face the other candidate as if the rider weren't there at all for a moment. "But I can't /tell/ him that outright. That would be just rude." And so she isn't.. she's telling Reiko. If he's there to hear.. well, what can she do about that? A twinkle dances in her eyes as she looks back to the rider, as he comes back into existence again for her, apparently. "And the sooner you get better, the sooner we don't have to keep keeping you there. We don't do this for fun, you know. As pleasant as our time is here, of course.."