Jet black hair falls shiny and straight just to her chin, a fringe of shorter hair in front just brushing delicate brows. Her skin is creamy-pale, with just a faint blush on high cheekbones and and full lips. Wide-set emerald eyes are tipped up slightly at the outside corners and framed with thick black lashes, giving her a vaguely feline appearance. Neither overly tall nor overly short, Reiko stands straight-shouldered with quiet confidence and moves with an easy, quiet grace.
A soft blouse of white cotton, sleeveless and open at the throat, ends at her waist in a wide, brightly-embroidered band. Jade-colored skirts swirl heavily about her legs, devoid of decoration, from slender waist to delicate ankles, just a flash of creamy skin showing beneath the hem. Soft black wherhide slippers cover her feet, enough protection for moving about indoors and occasional treks across the bowl.
A simple knot, deep blue and black, marks Reiko as a resident of High Reaches Weyr.

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