Ground Weyrs
Once a mere overhang in the bowl wall, this arched stone enclave was deepened in aeons past by who-knows-what to provide shelter for injured dragons and their mates. Craggy walls loom high to dwarf rider and dragon alike, sloping back from the weather-open entrance to a low opening into the infirmary itself. Stacked under rock-shaded cover are low supply chests of sturdy timber, flanked with long tables. Other openings are shaded by wherhide curtains, leading to smaller, private caverns for the dragonhealers' patients.
It is an autumn sunrise.
Settled on rough-hewn ledge are Bansi, Bow-Wow, Donner, and Simbi.
Blue Cerdith and bronze Nylanth are here.
Elehu is here.

Emerald eyes blink open, and Reiko takes in the unexpected surroundings with vague alarm. Cerdith stirs immediately at the altered mindtouch, lifting his head to nuzzle into the cot, the rest of his body still wrapped protectively around it. "Hi," she murmurs, lifting a hand to stroke the soft muzzle. "No, it's okay. I'm fine." She can say this and mean it, because she hasn't tried to move yet. And because denial is such a habit with her.

Elehu stirs quietly from her seat, book carefully set to the side as she hitches her sweater around herself a little better despite having added extra fuel to the small fireplace nearby. "Hi there, Reiko," she says after a moment of watching her with Cerdith. "How are you feeling?" And she'll just stay standing over here for now.

Reiko turns her head sharply at the sound of Elehu's voice -- perhaps not the wisest action, considering the empty spinning sensation that accompanies it -- hiding her discomfort with a vague scowl. "I'm fine," she repeats automatically. Withdrawing her hand from Cerdith's muzzle, she goes to push herself up to sit... but she's thwarted, both by her own weakness and a well-meaning nudge from her lifemate. Stay.

Elehu has grown into womanhood with quite a bit of success. She has curves in most of the right places, though her body is still a bit on the thin side. Her slender five and a half foot build has a faint gleam of golden bronze, the visage or a traveler. Her rich brown, shoulder-length hair contains streaks of gold, bleached by the sun, that seem to make her hazel-brown eyes shine with an inner fire. Her hands are small, but her fingers are slender and nimble, well built for her walk of life.
A thick skirt, the dark blue of dusk, with two deep pockets on either side falls loosely from Elehu's hips. Peeking out from underneath, just above her dark brown wherhide boots are a pair of leather trousers that look to be lined on the inside with fur. She wears an off-white blouse with wide, loose sleeves covering her arms. Over that there is a sturdy black vest made of oiled leather that falls just above her waist, a dark brown belt matching her boots encircles her waist, and a slender sheathed dagger, about six inches in length, hangs at her right hip, with a small wherhide pouch at her left.
She is awake and looks alert.
Elehu is 20 Turns, 7 months, and 8 days old.

Elehu takes the few steps need towards Reiko's cot while pulling a small stool a little closer. Just by a bit however. "Yes... quite fine," she replies, voice carefully schooled to remain neutral, but only succeeding a little as she smiles softly down at Reiko, then a rather adoring grin given Cerdith. "He hasn't budged one bit," she comments quickly, laughing. "I think I'm going to take up my brother's offer to let Nylanth bring some food in." How appetizing. And speaking of food... "I hope you slept enough. I didn't want to wake you. I had one of the apprentices bring in a small meal for you though, when you're ready."

Cerdith lets out an almost pleased warblecroon, whuffling Reiko encouragingly. She can't really help smiling at the blue, but when her eyes return to Elehu her expression is almost worried. "He won't go hungry, will he?" She checks--he's not hungry now, certainly. And still she doesn't seem to have made the connection that she ought to be just a little more concerned with her own health than she has been. She's only done what she's always done, after all. But she does seem to appreciate the offer of food. "And klah?" she asks hopefully.

Elehu laughs softly, smile turning almost warm as she glances back at Nylanth for a moment. "Oh, Cerdith will be well taken care of, I promise. Now, as for klah," she adds, turning back to study Reiko's features for a long moment. "A little. But I'm afraid... Well, I have to ask you to cut back Reiko. Especially for now." Smile turns into a hint of a grimace as she turns a bit distractedly towards the covered platter off to the side. "Your body has become exhausted. And I'm not completely sure from what. Yet. But I mean to find out." And again that steely determination appears for a moment as she smiles down at Reiko encouragingly, standing so she can move the platter within the Weyrling's reach. "All right, not much here. Fruit, a sandwich... I wasn't sure when you'd wake up." Lips suddenly close as she realizes she's babbling. "I'll make some klah."

Reiko scowls darkly at the order, but she does reach for the platter, long fingers closing around a redfruit. No klah is a Bad Thing. She studies the fruit for a moment, then bites into it... and suddenly realizes just how hungry she is. It isn't long before she's finished every edible bit of the fruit and reached for the sandwich as well. She eyes Elehu for just a moment before starting in on it, finally murmuring a grudging thanks. For the klah, of course.

Elehu actually enjoys the ground weyrs for the simple reason of convenience. Everything has to be right there after all. So it isn't long before she has fresh klah brewing, and just moments later before she brings Reiko a steaming mug. Lips quirk into a grin as she sets it down beside the emptying platter. "I take orders too," she comments lightly, eyes twinkling just a bit more now that Reiko is actually up and eating. "Anything you want. I'll... send an apprentice to the kitchens." heh.

Zinyea comes out of the infirmary, arrival announced by squeak of hinges.

Intense midnight orbs sparkle with an internal brilliance that her cherry-kissed cheeks and gentle arc of nose deny outright. A delicate coating of the lightest tan covers her entire body and remains free of even the smallest of freckles, but is not afraid to flush, should the occasion arise. Tufty hair clings in short, uneven strokes of dappled sand blonde, freeing itself only in shaggy, eyebrow kissing bangs. The rest is cut off at the nape of her neck, a boyish haircut on a feminine face. Her young body is willowy, unbound from the fat of childhood and curving softly in her blooming womanhood. Her growth spurts in recent Turns have slowed down, leaving her just shy of five feet, four inches. When she speaks, however formally, her voice is a smooth alto, kept unusually calm and at times even distant.
Yellow clings to a blossoming body, golden color meeting in buttons and revealing sultry crimson beneath. Matching lace overlays top shirt, sleeves reaching and cuffing at wrists, antique'd color playing off the red beneath. Indeed, blood-red shirt beneath is barely shown, leaving slight room for belly and then clothes dance back, the red replaced with black, with snakes around legs in a loose pair of mid-calf reaching trousers. Upon delicate feet lie simple sandals, every toe neatly displayed and ankle bound with thin leather straps. Jangling around left wrist is twisted sterling silver, and a coppery tone lends itself to the right bangle, a perfect circle. Zinyea wears Zinyea's Listening Tube around her neck. On her shoulder, taking in everything and looking pleased with himself is a brown firelizard. On Zinyea's lower arm, a bronze firelizard inspects all who dare look out of line.
Twining together in a single loop are purple and white, two cords existing solely for the purpose of telling her rank: Healer Apprentice.
She is awake, but has been staring off into space for 2 minutes.
Zinyea is 15 Turns, 1 month, and 25 days old.

Reiko isn't too debilitated to let an appraising eye flicker over Elehu as she props herself up to reach for that klah mug. She's about to shoot back a wise remark when she catches the bit about the kitchens. Oh. /That/ kind of order. The usual twisted smirk returns as she drinks. Okay, now /this/ is better. Cerdith settles back down with a satisfied *whuff*, resting his muzzle on his forelimbs, tail remaining curled about his lifemate's cot. The mug is lighter by half when Reiko returns it to the tray, and she's already looking surreptitiously around for the pot. "I'll want more than this one mug," she remarks wryly, fixing an even gaze on the Healer.

Elehu just watches Reiko for a moment, trying not to return that smirk. She's being /attentive/. Yes. Luckily she's saved from such efforts by the entrance of her newest mentee, picked fresh this morning. "Ah, good. Getting moved in all right?" she asks, voice suddenly switching back to the brisk tones used when on the job. "Zinyea, this is Reiko, one of the Weyrlings here. And her lifemate of course, blue Cerdith." Yes, she felt like saying blue. "And this is Zinyea. She just moved here this morning from Ista." Ooh, and such an easy way to ignore the klah comment.

Zinyea quietly slips into the ground weyrs, peering around for her mentor, and biting her lip, hovering near the infirmary door uncertainly. "Journeywoman Elehu?" She pads slowly over, smiling lightly, "Yes, I'm quite settled," A slight shiver, and she comments, "Do the stores have clothes?" Weyr life=new for Inie. And then: "Well met, Reiko." Blue eyes peer at the weyrling for a long while, memorizing her face. And she'll just be polite and not ask about why the woman is in the cot.

With a vague shrug, Reiko lets the subject of klah rest, emerald gaze sliding sidelong to size up the new arrival. "Likewise," she replies curtly, foregoing the usual formalities in favor of her sandwich. She's not about to explain herself, either. That's Ele's job. The sandwich is soon gone, however, and the rest of the klah behind it, and Reiko eases herself back to lying on the cot. Staring at the ceiling.

A quick nod is given Zinyea as Elehu tries one of her more enthusiastic smiles. "Oh, they have all sorts of things. Caverns and caverns filled with supplies from boot laces to shovels to wine." Not that apprentices can have wine. Just a thought. "Again though, feel free to get what you need. There's usually at least one assistant down there to help out." But at the mention of assistants she trails off very lightly. "Reiko... do you want anything else right now?" she asks softly.

Zinyea presses her lips together and nods, idly playing with a strand of super-short hair. "I'll go down and get some more appropriate clothes later, then." Apprentice hovers a moment, smoothing out her shirt or shushing her chittering brown 'lizard. Eyes watch the interaction between rider and healer, feeling a bit out of place. But she's new, she reminds herself, and will get used to it. Face sets in a small smile, "Is there anything I need to be doing?"

Weyrlings can't have wine, either... not that it would improve Reiko's general health at the moment to add alcohol to her system. At Ele's question, she only shakes her head. "No. I'm tired." It's not entirely true, but since she can't leave the ground weyrs, sleep is as good an escape as any. She shuts her eyes tightly and waits for everything -- and everyone -- to go away.

Elehu nods slowly to Reiko, not that the Weyrling is looking anymore. "I'll come back later on. With more food..." Then with a minute shake of her head she turns to Zinyea with a bit more energy than required. "No, not right now... Why don't we just get you settled here. We can go visit those stores..."

Zinyea would raise an eyebrow but she's just not the type. So instead she merely nods, giving a half-smile to the 'sleeping' weyrling, and trailing along behind Elehu, once Elehu leaves, anyway.