'Quiet' Corners?

Quiet Corners
Thick woolen tapestries dull the noise from the rest of the caverns, turning this well-lit little room into a welcome escape. The stairs up place it against the bowl wall somewhere above the living caverns, carpeted against the winters chill or left as cool stone floor in summer. Some high and narrow windows can be opened to the world outside, or secured with their heavy metal-sided shutters and blue-threaded curtains.
Glowlight gleams, brightening the well-cushioned stone couches and lighting the weyr residents half-finished projects: knitting undone, sewing only started, leathers being worked soft, and even a hide of sketches or half-finished Thread-chart spread out across one of the tables.
On the perch is Kalfu.
You notice Jobber asleep here.

R'ave comes up the stairs.

Dull tones of ocher shag over pale features, darkening to dirty sorrel where his hair falls further now, drooping in a curtain of dusky fawn to just brush his collar. Amethyst's glow colors wide-socketed irises, though the violet is fouled by streaks of grey in number enough to off-cast orchid. Teak brows violently cap those murky eyes, though their inherent symmetry is oft lost beneath errant umber waves. His face has reached a certain maturity, faint and achingly effeminate, his chin is weak and jawline wide. A small nose and a fair, unbalanced mouth affect this countenance of weak attribute very little, age hinted at by the trivial lines at his eye-corners. His body is of little testament to his gender, narrow shoulders are little but firm with underlying muscle, as are chest, torso and limbs. His hands are battered with work, his five and half-foot height unbent, but somehow wasted.
A ripped beige cotton tunic, a little large flops around him, the arrowed collar falling inches below the cleft of his collarbone. The thin material is lined with burgundy piping, long faded to new-rose crimson 'round the hem and sleeves. Worn, shred-cuffed trousers sag around him, warm fawn sullied to mud brown at ankles and threadbare tawny at the knees. Beaten, bruised boots are shined to a rich burgundy and laced loosely beneath his pantlegs. -- Sienna shades ripple across the wherhide expanse; cinnamon swirls along the evenly dyed surface, sweeping in copper tones from the narrow shoulders to the swirling hemline. Lapels are folded back along sharp creases -- snowy-white llama fur makes an appearance, fuzzy lining present to protect from ::between::'s empty chill. Carefully formed buckles pull the jacket tightly closed -- the material is not quite obvious, though russet fabric coverings make them attractive. Paler philamont stitching forms the cuffs and trims the hem -- the same shades are easily visible along the shoulders, clashing with the sapphire stitching that forms the Tsunami badge -- indigo trimming forms the words 'R'ave, Tsunami Wingrider' along the bottom of this. Emblazoned carefully along the llama fur on the lapels is a pair of bronze dragons -- for Soquilith, of course.
Ungainly lengths of dusk's poignant blue and evening's umbral ebon flip and kink 'round the bronzer's shoulder, rider's pewter-gleaming pride worn with a casual complacency. Through and through ribbons a slapdash spiral of crimson-obscured bronze, silver ghosting ruddiness. Pinioned beneath is a wave-marked badge, denoting R'a a bronzer for Tsunami.
R'ave is 20 Turns, 2 months, and 4 days old.

Miryake comes up the stairs.

Reiko is curled on a couch, a pitcher of cooling klah at her feet, a mug in her hands. Working? Hardly. More likely hiding out between shifts. Seems she won't be alone for long though, as she hears footsteps on the stairs. "Morning, R'ave." A nod and a barely concealed eyeroll for the chatty one. What had her name been?

R'ave has retired to the basic solitude (compared to anywhere /else/ in the weyr) of the corner room, eyes groggy and sleepless. "Mmnn." Orchid eyes squint slightly as he collapses in a mound of pillows. "Morning?.. okay." Why not?

Miryake trots up the stairs, mouth not open and words not flowing out of it for once. Choosing a comfy looking chair she holds a mass of hunter green yarn in her lap. The chatterbox knits? She nods back to Reiko, and nods to R'ave, eyeroll ignored. "G'day everyone...how're you all?" is all she says as she unrolls a lumpy scarf. Well noone said she knits /well/.

Reiko blinks, giving Miryake another look over the rim of her mug. She's not babbling, Reiko's not hung over. Maybe a conversation wouldn't be a bad idea. "Well enough, thanks." Emerald gaze flickers to the lumpy hunter green... is that a scarf? "Nice color." Since she's not feeling particularly snappish and it's the only nice thing that comes to mind. R'ave actually gets a smile, for not disagreeing with her over what time of day it is.

R'ave flicks aimlessly at a tassle, glancing toward Miryake with a slight wag of his fingers. "Who are you?" Yeah, yeah, he /could've/ answered like a gentleman -- but why be a fraud? The truth is much easier.

Miryake grins at Reiko, "Isn' it? It was th' nicest shade o' green I could find...would've made it blue but it's fer my sister, an' she likes green better. But don' tell her alrigh'? It's a surprise. I don' think I'm very good at knittin' yet, but I'm learnin, an' doin' better than I used ta." to R'ave she continues, "I'm Miryake, who're you?" yeah so she didn't catch his name, so sue her.

Reiko nods slowly as the monologue unfolds. "I see," she says finally, the corners of her lips curling up in a twisted smirk. "I won't tell her. Your sister was the screeching one, right?" This is what Reiko remembers of that morning (whatever time of day it actually was). Babbling and screeching.

"R'ave," he answers, yawning. "A pleasure." To meet her -- he's just too lazy to finish. An arm curls 'round the back of his head, entire body twisted in ways abnormal to get comfortable in the mass of fluff. He'll just listen; eyelids drooping as the chatter goes on.

Kariel comes up the stairs.

Miryake nods quickly, "That's her, Saisukei. She screeches sometimes, not as much anymore. I hope not anyway. Nice ta meetcha R'ave. How're yeh t'day?" she shuts up for a few moments, knitting away with little to no skill. After a few more rows she holds up the very lump green...thing that she calls a scarf, already a little long for that, "What d'you think?" she asks all.

A change of pace tonight. Laden with a bottle of red wine in his rucksack and a brimming goblet in his hand, Kare has come to read. Wow. Study? Kare? It does happen occasionally. A leatherbound book is in his hand, emblazoned upon the front a meager "Advanced Pediatrics" for such an overwhelming text. Healerjunk. Gotta love it. Perching into a chair with a sidetable, the Weyrhealer places the glass upon a coaster-like-thing and opens to page... 1 of 532. Great.

Reiko eyes the... thing... and shrugs. "I suppose it'll be warm enough... what is it?" She lifts her mug for another sip, only to find it empty, and reaches for the pitcher on the floor to refill it. Cold klah evidently being better than no klah. But now there are more footsteps on the stairs. Looking up without straightening, she nods a greeting to Kariel, then lounges indolently on the couch again. If he's come to ask her to work, he's going to have to /ask/. She's not volunteering... but it seems he's only going to study. So she'll speak. "Morning, Kariel."

R'ave grunts softly, eyeing the not-so-apt knitter. "Alive." He falls back again, curled 'twixt couch and pillow. A sigh as an actual opinion is asked for. "It's wonderful. Super. Become a weaver." Not that he's really looking.

Miryake states proudly, "A scarf. S'a little lumpy, but I don' think she'll notice." how could she not? She beams at R'ave, actually taking him seriously, silly girl, "Really? Thank yeh, I don' think it's /that/ good, but thank yeh anyways. " Kariel is nodded to politly, "Mornin'." she greets before turning back to her lumpy scarfish thing.

"Morning..." Kare rumbles under his breath in reply, eyes scanning the book's first page blankly. No comprehension involved. Mmph. He can't remember a thing he just read. Or perhaps... he couldn't see it. Reading spectacles are extracted from a pocket and perched upon the tip of his nose... now there. Now he looks like a complete and total dork. But he can see. "Wait. It's not morning." Nose crinkles, and assistant is eyes from over his lenses.

Reiko eyerolls at Kariel. "Whatever." She's awake, it's morning. See the klah? "Did you come here to read, or to harass me?" Because really, she could get that in the infirmary. But back to this... scarf. "Well... when she's wearing it, she won't really be able to /see/ it." Or something. With a shrug, she applies herself to her mug again, not even really noticing how cold and stale it is.

"Don't underestimate your talents," R'ave croaks quietly, arms stretched over his head. "Be all you can be. And whatnot. You know. It's not what the scarf can do for you, but what you can do for the scarf." His head lifts at a repulsively familar voice, hiney quickly scooted 'til he's upright. "Nice specs, Kare."

Kariel just rolls his eyes Reiko-wards, looking to his book. "I have better things to do than harass you, I promise. A whole sentence of the book is read before R'ave is... heard. Grumble. Great. Just fantastical. "Go fall off your dragon between, R'a." he replies saccharinely, eyes not lifting from his book.

Miryake shrugs a little at Kare, motioning to Reiko, "She said it was mornin'." so it's morning. or osmething. "That's a good idea...maybe I can get her to wear it with her eyes closed...but then how would she get it off without seein' it? Maybe she'll close her eyes, she likes doin' that." long story that you just don't want to hear. Bright gaze goes to R'ave, ooh...deep. "What I can do fer the scarf? Knit it?" blinkblink.

Reiko eyes the book. And the wine. And the spectacles. And shrugs. "Mmmhmm." She's not going to argue with Kariel when he's apparently in A Mood. Why exert herself, when she can sit back with her cold klah and watch him and R'ave randomly insult each other? And of course, admire this /lovely/ *cough* scarf. "I suppose if she hates it you can just tell her about it until she jumps off a ledge." Maybe it would take a little longer for Saisuke to get to that point than it would for Reiko to get to that point. She can only imagine.

R'ave is implausibly deep in ways common man simply cannot appreciate. "Ooh. You're so sexy when you're witty, Kare," he murmurs, grinning. "Ah.. for the scarf?" Now he gets an actual look at the lumpy length.. hrm. "I'd hide it away in a belltower so the other scarfs won't ridicule it, personally."

"Who shoved a tuber up your rear?" Kariel replies, glancing up from his reading and crinkling his nose heavily. Maybe that's a better question for him. But you see, Kare thinks it's everyone else who has a problem today. Not him. No. Not at all.

Auri slips in from the little door.

Miryake looks confused, "What d'you mean? Tell her about it until she jumps off a ledge? Why would she do that? Cause she wouldn' like th' scarf?" sometimes this girl doesn't understand the power of words...her words..her many words. R'ave gets a couple of blinks, "Why would they ridicule it? Would they be jealous? Do scarfs think?..." now you've set her off..."What if they do? What if all things think, an' talk an' we just can't hear them. Wonder what they say 'bout us?"

Auri walks in and hears questions. Auri hears several questions she cannot answer. She is very, very confused. Therefore, Auri's little head comes up with only one plausible solution. She sits down, as she always does when she's very confused. "Hello," she waves pleasantly, smiling, upwards at all the people who aren't on the floor like her.

Reiko snickers quietly as Miryake starts in on her pointless, mindless questioning. /This/ is the girl she half-remembers meeting in the caverns. Now that she's awake and not hung over, it's almost amusing, instead of making her want to jump off a ledge. Ah, the power of words. Such as 'tuber up the rear'. Beautifully graphic. "Nice image, Kariel." The new arrival gets a bit of a look as she sits herself down on... the floor? One thin eyebrow disappears behind Reiko's thick fringe of bangs. "Morning," she responds dryly, not commenting on the other's seating choice. Not out loud, anyway.

R'ave blinks, a dark brow crooked toward Kare. "Such obscene imagery from such a /pristine/ boy," he chirrups, snuggling up with a Big Fluffy Pillow. Miryake is gets one of those special 'you're scary' gawks. "Your tongue's gonna cramp up, soon." Or so he hopes. Auri is tossed another pillow. "Hey, Aur. Do you think scarves talk?"

Kariel rolls his eyes at R'ave again. "I am not." Like it's an insult of some sort? Hmm. Auri is smiled at slightly, a wave offered in her direction before he cuddles back in his chair, sipping at his wine and... eyeing his book. He really doesn't /want/ to read this.

Auri catches the pillow, dimple showing as she beams lovingly at R'ave. "Thanks!" she chirps. She waves back enthusiastically at Kariel, sticking the pillow under her tush so that her very clean white leathers won't get dirtied. "Sc-a-rves?" she intones, looking from Miryake to Reiko to R'ave. "Um...if you want them to talk or something...I guess." If she were'nt already sitting, she'd sit down again.

Long shapely legs flow into full hips and melt into curvy waist, showing that, indeed, Auri has developed that perfect hourglass figure that little body has always promised, with rounds and a bust that rivals even Lis. Still, the totality of the frame is still decidedly petite, and sweet childlike face is almost unchanged. The epitome of innocence times three, she is lightly tainted by just a pinch of maturity dispersed about her features. Cherubic heart-shaped face has slightly elongated, but the single dimple on her right cheek, rosy cheeks, and pouty, pink, full lips remain untouched. Snub nose seems to have lengthened as well, though the mischievious lilt is still there. A pair of huge, liquid cerulean eyes take up half her face, deceptively demure, lined with thick dark lashes. Bountiful locks of gold curls, a cascade of shining sunlight, frame her round face and flow down past her shoulders, twisty locks a perfect summary of a bouncy, curvy, happy appearance.
Clinging to every curve, Auri's white leather pants that seem painted on rather than put on, falling away from sumptuous (child bearing!) hips in spotless ivory glory. They lace up tight with tan weyrhide cord, tied up nicely in a bow just an inch or two below the greenrider's bellybutton. Above this, Auri reveals a good portion of midriff before there appears a white tank-top style undertunic, which has the words 'I love HRW' prettily embroidered and beglittered on it over the tight, fitted chest. The love, being, of course, a bright pink sparkly heart. To complete the image, the girl wears over this a bright magenta satin jacket with white satin ribbing down the sleeves that ends just a bit before the hip. She wears her blonde hair long, ringlets falling silky to the waist. Auri's Basket hangs heavily from Auri's shoulder. Perched on Auri's shoulder is Tirone.
Glossy ebony of starless night twirls sweetly with dreamy daytime sky blue, outlined by silver gleams and a thin ribbon of green sneaking through oh so subtly. Underneath, a crest of a wave on a badge, dubbing Auri a Tsunami greenrider for the 'Reaches.
Auri is 19 Turns, 6 months, and 3 days old.

Saffron laced with aureate gold graces the crown of this person caught in the wrath of indecision as far as looks go: not fully a man yet, but hardly a child. Jawline has traded in its once childish, slightly chubby contours for a distinct angle, giving his face a more distinguishable shape. Heighth has soared from its original five-foot-one upon arrival to the Reaches' spires to a looming and rather substantial six-foot even. Flaxen locks are touseled and disheveled, best described as a mop, with overhanging bangs that cast shadows on his northern, ivory countenance. Wide zaffer eyes are regaining their usual jovial cast, and can be caught peering from 'neath aforementioned bangs, adorned with the same long lashes and an expressive brow which gives hint to his mood at any moment in time. Pert, slighty upturned nose is centered betwixt only faintly roseate cheeks, and just above his narrow, pallid lips with only the slightest of blush tint to them. He's getting back to normal, slowly but surely.
Misty, mint green suede graces Kariel's form with it's soft touch in the form a tunic with long, supple sleeves, and a hemline that reaches a bit below his waist and is belted there with a slender cord of the same doe color. The pastel tunic fades downwards into wherhide pants, cut loosely of a doe-brown suede rather than one of the brighter shades. The tan shadows of the pants flow down over the tops of soft half-boots made of brushed wherhide in the same shade of a slightly darker sienna than the pants. Along the sleeves, neck, and hem of the tunic are small flits, embroidered in burnished silver, with wings of gold and dark green. Kariel's Bag o' Healer Stuff hangs loosely over Kariel's shoulder. Kariel wears Kariel's Listening Tube around his neck.
A knot adorns his shoulders, colors a four parted blaze: purple, white, black, and blue. Tassles and loops, what does it mean? Why, he's the Weyrhealer of High Reaches. Run.
Kariel is 20 Turns and 16 days old.

Miryake looks confusedly at R'ave, "Why would it do that? It's never done that b'fore." and this isn't exactly the most she's ever talked. Auri gets a greeting nod, "Yes, scarves, like this." she draws up a very unscarf like length of green knitting. Well it's one with lots of imagination, it's a little too long and rather lumpy...very lumpy. "D'you think they talk? What if chairs talk? Or anythin'?" fear the talking furnature.

"No problem, Aur." A snort to Miry. "What would chairs have to talk about? Butts?" R'ave looks less-than-convinced that inanimate objects discuss his bum. Kariel is eyed after a dramatically lugubrious eyeroll and pout are lolled his way. "Why're you reading, anyhow?" He's never seen him do it before, so he's allowed to question.

Reiko is beginning to tune Miryake out now, as just so much noise. Her attention has been drawn instead by immaculate white leathers, and the 'rider on the floor gets a casually appraising look, emerald gaze flickering over her, stopping just short of being impolite. Just. "So /you're/ Auri." Just putting two and two together and coming up with a smirk. "I'm Reiko. Infirmary assistant." She eyes Kariel briefly, then shrugs.

Auri's brow furrows. "Um. If furniture talked I suppose you could make friends with it, er them, er...yeah." She beams sweetly upwards at Reiko, nodding. "Yup, I'm Auri," she says in a singsong. "Very nice to meetcha." So /she's/ Auri? Has the infirmary asst. heard of her somehow? More likely, heard of her dragon's reputation. "Don't bother Kari," Auri whispers at R'ave. "Reading betters the mind and we should all persevere to better ourselves," she says with an affirming nod.

Book is once again looked away from, Kariel pestered. "Well. Now that Keral's back to do his studies, it made me think that I ought study more too." Another wonderful excuse not to go home. He seems to be finding plenty for his needs. "So I had Fenrys go to the Hall and request books on my specialties." This would be one of them. See? Reading. Eyes drift to Auri though, and he... smirks, nodding. "And that too, sweetling." Aww. Affectionate name. Hmm.

Lis comes up the stairs.

Miryake looks at R'ave, slightly miffed, "Maybe they /do/. How would you know? Did you ever talk to them? Betcha didn'" she says firmly, turning back to her scarf. It's nicer. Knitknitknit...

Lis pants up the stairs, leaning heavily on the doorway just inside the stairwell to gather her composure and muttering something about inconveniences to pregnant women before strolling in with a smile on her face. Hello, my children...

"You're getting wacked in your old age," R'ave murmurs toward Auri, an eyebrow twitched toward his hairline. And soon, the other 'brow joins its mate, Kariel turned a generic stare of disbelief. "What?!" Cue the freak-out. "What do you /mean/?" His conversation with Miry goes off rail -- his eyes are about to burst from his head, so he'll have to get back to you on those talking tables. "He moved! You can't just..." And R'ave's voice is all gate-hinge squeaky.

Kariel promptly puts his hands over his ears, face contorting into a glare. "Shut /up/, R'a." Shards. This is why they don't get along. They annoy the living crap out of eachother. "He moved back to work on his Senior project. Now shut up." Gyuh. R'ave whining = worse than grating fingernails against a chalkboard.

Reiko eyes Kariel for a long moment as he eyes Auri, a smirk of her own curling her lips, more amused than leering, but it's largely hidden behind the mug of now-very-cold klah she's nursing. She might have commented, but R'ave's... raving draws her attention instead. He moved. Who? What did she miss?... Her brow furrows as she mentally thinks back over the conversation, but all she can come up with is talking furniture. So she greets Lis instead. "Morning."

R'ave sags. That's all. Of course, he's grinning madly, but hey. "Alright, alright, Mr. Personality, I'm shutting up." And he's giggling, too. "Hey, Lis. You're looking lovely, as always." He leaps from the pillow-mound, pats Auri on the head, and waves to everyone else en masse. He's.. twitterpated. And humming. Eww. "Have to.. tend to Soq."

R'ave goes home.

And suddenly... it hits Kare. And he gets what he's needed all day... a very, very, long, hard laugh. "Ohhh. Ohhh, Faranth." Oh, this is too funny. Memories! Man, he had forgotten... R'ave... Rauve... Keral... oh, this is just /rich/. Soquilith will be utterly thrilled. But for now, Kariel gets the thrill... hunched over in his chair, cackling. Yes, cackling. "Aaah!"

Miryake waves a little to R'ave as he leaves, and Lis as she enters before bending back over her knitting. and...is she /talking/ to it?

Auri patiently rearranges her hair so that the ringlets hang /just/ in order, then turns about to "Hello!" Lis demurely. Old? Auri? Hah. Auri shall never be old. She giggles a bit at Kariel's comment to her, then looks sincerely pensive as he and R'ave start snapping. "Is there something wrong?" she offers softly. "Do you wanna talk about i-...err.." Auri blinks a bit at the Healer, stands up, and sits back down.

Lis descends upon whining, among other things, and so floats over towards the pillow pile which looks rather inviting at the moment. "'Ello," she returns to Reiko, hip-swinging in a bizarrly motherly fashion towards Auri, merely eyeing Kariel. Cackling.

Reiko just blinks at the entire R'ave/Kariel exchange. Most of which soared right over her head. O-kay. Cackling weyrhealer is eyed warily, then disregarded in favor of the golden ringlets. Until Lis speaks, and emerald gaze swings Lis-ward instead. "How are /you/?" One last hope for rational conversation, perhaps? As opposed to talking scarves/furniture and raving riders/weyrhealers?

"Oh. Oh /man/." is all Kare can reply, clutching his stomach as he laughs... book falling to the floor. "Oh. R'ave. Keral. Long time ago... oh... this is too perfect!" And with the reply, he gathers his legs up and hugs them to his chest, still cackling, mind you, and begins to rock back and forth. He's gone loooony.

Auri suddenly claps a hand to her mouth, blue eyes opening /wide/. "Um...bye Reiko, bye Lis, bye Karies," the girl squeaks quickly, standing up and frantically dusting off her spotless bum, just in case. A little brat-like voice in her head just informed her of an upcoming squirrel-massacre. "Got to go!" It's like having a baby. A large, bloodsucking baby.

Auri goes home.

Lis drops herself carefully into the pillows, the air in her path *whoosh*ing out of the way as her skirt parachutes and the pillows flatten under her rear - though it's not big enough to crush them all. Lobbing a small one at Kariel - "Get yourself together, boy!" - she informs Reiko supiciously, "Just fine. Healthy as a wherry. You're not spying for the Healers, are you?" Reduntant, of course, as Kariel is Weyrhealer - she just forgot. "Bye Aurs!"

Miryake looks up from her chit-chat with the scarf..yeah now whose loony?...to look with wide eyes at Kariel. She doesn't say anything...wow miracle there...just sort of stares, knitting forgotten.

Kariel is hit by the pillow, duely, and falls over in the chair, resting against a pdded armrest as he begins to take deep, deep breaths. Must. Calm down. For sake of. Weyr. Mmmmph. Giggle. Running his hand over his face, he finally brings himself into a halfway presentable fashion, sitting up and smiling at the room... and laughing again. Oh, this is rich. If only you knew how funny this was!

Reiko snorts. "Hardly." This to Lis. Kariel can do his own spying. If he's coherent, which it seems he's not. Getting to her feet, she crosses the room to his chair, lifting his winebottle and eyeing it appraisingly. "You've barely started drinking," she remarks, replacing the bottle with a thump. As she returns to her seat, she notices that, except for the ... giggling... it's gone rather quiet, and she eyes Miryake to see if the girl's still breathing. Well, her eyes are open. "Just ignore him," she suggests, flopping back in her seat to attempt to do just that.

Lis lets out a sigh of relief as she confirms that Reiko won't ask every personal detail about her recent pregnancy - she's not showing, but she's glowing - and informs Kare in her best nanny voice, lifted from Pyrene: "Stop giggling and get to the gossip already, or at least do us a favor." Scarf-girl gets a few vague looks from the corner of her eye.

The gossip is simple enough. "R'ave... Rauve... always had a... a..." Cackle. Composure. Mmmph. Hee. "A /crush/ on Keral." A crush. On Keral. Keral. Cackle. Gossip, Kare knows plenty.

Lis' brows slide slowly upwards in surprise, having learned R'ave's past preferences. "He always was kinda girly," admits the greenrider duly, "though I thought he had that... thing with Pia's cousin." Maybe Keral was one of those rebound skanks.

Miryake rises to her feet when she's done staring. "If you say so." she mutters, "And they call /me/ weird." she shakes her walnut crowned head slowly. "I've got ta get goin..." she adds a little louder before scampering away to go talk to her scarf in peace or something of the sort.

Reiko lounges indolently in her seat, mug cradled on her lap between her hands, long fingers drumming idly on the sides. "And..?" She evidently fails to find either oddity or humor in the 'gossip'. Miryake doesn't even get a wave as she leaves, not that she'd see it in any case, although there's a tickling though in the back of Reiko's mind - amazement that anything shut that girl up.

Kariel whews softly, shaking his head. "There was Cao, yeah. But there was also Siannen's cousin... male cousin... can't even remember his name... who slept in R'ave's cot..." Giggle. "And now Keral's back. And R'ave's a bronzerider. And..." He giggles again. Incessantly. How can Reiko /not/ find this funny? "It's just... funny." Giggle. "He's been straight... supposedly... since he impressed. and you saw him! HE fluttered. Out of the room. Giddy." Giggle.

Lis looks considerably less twitchy now that the mumbling girl is gone - never really can trust people who talk to themselves - and she shrugs at Reiko. "Male cousin, huh? Well, there's R'sli and T'lendel, aren't there? D'renn wasn't exactly..." She gropes for a word, not entirely sure how to express the concept in a non-vulgar fashion, deciding upon: "Limited to females, as it were. Doesn't mean anything, really." Everyone sleeps with everyone.

"But... it's... it's /R'ave/." This explains everything. In Kare's opinion.

Reiko eyes Kariel. "How does Impressing change a man's ... preferences?" So R'ave fluttered. Forgive Reiko if she doesn't know the 'rider well enough to think that's unusual. She tries another sip, finally finding the beverage unsatisfactory - which is saying a lot. Screwing up her face in an expression of distaste, she sets the mug on the floor and slouches back again. Lis' explanation gets a vague nod - she's naming people Reiko doesn't know, after all.

Lis counters Kare, jeering, "What, do you have a crush on him, now?" Sensing Reiko's vagueness, she adds on helpfully. "Bronzerider and greenrider. D'renn's my weyrmate - he's a bluerider." Apparently, he's not the infamous weyrlingmonster her once was.

Kariel freezes in his tracks. Whoa. Face falls solemn, and then... to horror. "That's disgusting, Lis." Ruin all his fun. Shudder. R'ave. Liking. Ugh.

Reiko arches an eyebrow, a twisted halfsmile curling the corners of her mouth. "Really, Kariel. You should live a little." Emerald gaze falls on the winebottle again, then on the pitcher at her feet, then wanders back to the bottle. "You going to drink that whole bottle yourself?" Or share? Hmm?

Lis can't resist pushing Kariel's buttons, simply because she knows what to push. "Reiko's right, Kariel. I probably would've moved in with either of my best friends, Lylia or Quara, if they hadn't shacked up." All of her clutchmates, settling down... "Though Pyrene's a dear. I got to snog her once," she replies proudly, waving away the offer of alcohol with a grimace - the baby - and manages to tell all without it's tounge-loosening effects.

Kariel reaches to the side of his chair, shrugging as he grabs his winebottle and refills his glass. "I do 'live'. Plenty. I just... live with women only." Yeah. Winebottle is eyed, and he shrugs, a smirk gracing his lips. "If you've got a glass, there's plenty for all. But none for you, Lis." And she waves it away. Good. "So I suppose all would just be... you, Reiko....." Blink. Wait. "You?" Gaze falls on Lis, and jaw drops a tad... "And Pyrene?" Well. If it any female at the weyr hadm it /would/ be Lis... but... wow.

Reiko only has the mug, which is still half filled with nastyklah. So she dumps it into the pitcher and holds it out. "Will this do?" Because really, she's done with the klah. And the mug holds liquid. Lots and lots of liquid. She smirks. "Nothing wrong with living with women."

Pyrene was drink, so it wasn't really a fair snogging, but holdbred as the girl is, Lis'll take what she can get. "What," coos the greenrider with an embarassed smile assumed onto her face. "Py never told you." Oops. Yeah, right. "Some men are so terribly /banal/," she sighs expressively, giving Reiko a signifigant glance as she pulls out the two-mark words. (Overheard from a Harper, of course.)

"Am not." Not that he knows what banal is. But he's certainly not. Because it sounds unpleasant. "Nothing wrong with two girls... having fun." Yeah. Because that's what she's accusing, right? "Nothing at all." He's so full of testosterone, it's coming out his ears. "And nothing wrong really with two guys... just... I don't prefer it myself." Yeah. And with that, Kare leans forth, filling the... mug... about half full with leftover Benden Red from the Healer powwow last night.

Reiko's smirk broadens into a twisted smile that doesn't /quite/ reach her eyes, sliding a bit closer to Lis in a rather conspiratorial fashion. "Yes, but... he's /awfully/ cute." Emerald gaze slides over Kariel appraisingly, sidelong, before returning to Lis with a glance that's no less appreciative. Equal opportunity leering. She watches with interest as the mug is filled... half-filled, one eyebrow arching as the bottle is withdrawn. "Thank you," she says coolly. Ah, well. At least he's sharing. It's better than the klah. And at the first sip, she realizes just how /much/ better, and emerald gaze turns appreciative again. Of the wine? The Weyrhealer? Who really cares?

"Aren't you drinking a bit much for a Weyrhealer," Lis remarks caustically, the happy prospect of getting Kariel drunk enough to climb into R'ave's cot weighed against maturity's noble decision to keep him sober enough for his duties. Eyes widen with suprise as Reiko's vague mischief -- last time she did something like this, it got interesting -- but she decides to play along. "Well, I'll give him that. There's something to be said for two guys, ah, 'having fun' - to use your phrase, Kariel - though."

"I always drink this much." If you haven't noticed. Kare holds more wine than a keg. Reiko's gaze is noticed and a wry little smile meanders its way onto his lips... eyebrows rather quickly rising and falling in a rather... suggestive response. Cough. "I just have no interest in it, Lis. Never have." It's that simple.

Reiko shrugs lightly, actually managing to sip wine rather gracefully from a largeish klah mug. "People should do as they please," she remarks offhandedly, but her eyes narrow slightly as she adds, "without being judged, if at all possible." She knows better, of course, but she's found the Weyr a bit more... hospitable... than her Hold had been. The eyebrows are noted with vague amusement. Indeed.

"Pity we're both attatched," comments Lis innocently, stretching arms over her head for a joint-popping reach. Ahh. "We used to have so much fun in the old days, didn't we, Kare?" The affectionate term is used as she peers through her lashes at said boy - man, now, really - spoiling the effect by giving Reiko a sympathetic quirk of lips. "Believe me, girl, there's more strange things in this weyr than I've ever seen, and those who pass judgement don't survive too well."

Kariel .. mmphs softly at the word attatched, shifting uncomfortably. "Yeah. That's... sort of debatable right now." He's not attatched. Really. Cough. "And yeah... we did have... fun. Quite." Eyebrow waggle. Wine is sipped, and he suddenly sighs, reclining back in his chair. "Why can't things be like they used to be?" The painful question he's been asking for a while.

Emerald gaze slides from Kariel to Lis and back. Attached? Reiko might snort except she doesn't like to waste good Benden red. "Nothing stays the same," she remarks dryly. Not in her experience, at any rate. Lis gets a slow, thoughtful nod, the corners of her mouth curling again in a twisted smirk as the comment seems to please her.

Lis lets a single furry brown arch upwards at Kariel's squirmy answer, for she did not know his... maritial status. Or lack thereof, apparently. "Debatable, huh? D'renn and I are practically joined at the hip, only with a long tether. We always come back, though." Because no one else would keep either of 'em. "People change," she agrees with Reiko. "And they get older. Wiser.... well, that's debatable too."

"Well. We were never handfasted..." Much to it seems everyone's disbelief. They never were. Everyone just thinks they were. "And we've grown kind of... distant." Kare's grown distant. Kale's right where she was. In his room. Where he never goes aymore. Cough. At least she's still there as far as he knows. "I wish they didn't." he mutters under his breath... no. Kare can't get over the past. It's... a flaw.

Niall slips in from the little door.

Lis picks at the tassles of one frilly pillow, quipping smartly to Kariel: "At least yours hasn't skipped to Ista for good." Bitter comments and other personal bits are set aside for the moment, however, and she nods to the entering Niall.

Reiko drains the mug at last. She eyes the bottle for only a moment, then shrugs, unwilling to push her luck with Kariel's generosity. Especially in his current Mood, which has apparently shifted from giddy to... morose. Lis' change of focus is noted, and emerald gaze narrows as she recognizes Niall, then quickly shifts to the others. "I think I need some sleep," she murmurs, slipping out of her seat and abandoning mug and pitcher without a backward glance. "Have fun reminiscing."