Healers' Quarters
Granite rises to form a small bubble-cavern; stone is relieved by threadbare tapestries of different herbs. Low fur-covered benches surround a small table, doubling as sleeping places for visitors to the infirmary. A small fireplace bears a pot of warm klah, refilled regularly to aid conversation or study in this multi-purpose room. Wooden doors lead into private quarters, inhabitants indicated by small carved plaques. A deeper alcove is curtained off to provide space and privacy for those apprentices who don't yet rate their own rooms; half-hidden are a couple of comfortable cots, a press or two, and a desk.

Elehu comes out of Elehu's Room.

Elehu has grown into womanhood with quite a bit of success. She has curves in most of the right places, though her body is still a bit on the thin side. Her slender five and a half foot build has a faint gleam of golden bronze, the visage or a traveler. Her rich brown, shoulder-length hair contains streaks of gold, bleached by the sun, that seem to make her hazel-brown eyes shine with an inner fire. Her hands are small, but her fingers are slender and nimble, well built for her walk of life.
A thick skirt, the dark blue of dusk, with two deep pockets on either side falls loosely from Elehu's hips. Peeking out from underneath, just above her dark brown wherhide boots are a pair of leather trousers that look to be lined on the inside with fur. She wears an off-white blouse with wide, loose sleeves covering her arms. Over that there is a sturdy black vest made of oiled leather that falls just above her waist, a dark brown belt matching her boots encircles her waist, and a slender sheathed dagger, about six inches in length, hangs at her right hip, with a small wherhide pouch at her left. Watching closely from Elehu's shoulder is Ref.
A soft cord of the deepest purple winds itself around a similar cord of bright white in a single loop. Small strands of icy blue and shadowy black are intertwined intricately, a long tail of all four colors hanging from the knot, signifying that Elehu is a Healer Journeyman posted at High Reaches Weyr.
Elehu is 19 Turns, 8 months, and 13 days old.

Jet black hair falls shiny and straight just to her chin, a fringe of shorter hair in front just brushing delicate brows. Her skin is creamy-pale, with just a faint blush on high cheekbones and and full lips. Wide-set emerald eyes are tipped up slightly at the outside corners and framed with thick black lashes, giving her a vaguely feline appearance. Neither overly tall nor overly short, Reiko stands straight-shouldered with quiet confidence and moves with an easy, quiet grace.
A heavy woollen tunic dyed deepest indigo covers her narrow frame from neck to knees, concealing any shape the young woman might have, sleeves ending in brightly embroidered cuffs just at her wrists. Similar embroidery embellishes neckline and hemline. Beneath the tunic are warm black knit leggings, tucked into soft black wherhide boots, which appear to be relatively new.
A simple knot, deep blue and black, marks Reiko as a resident of High Reaches Weyr.
Reiko is 19 Turns, 7 months, and 23 days old.

Elehu shuffles out of her room slowly and closes the door behind her while hitching a small blanket around her shoulders a bit more snuggly. "Good afternoon, Reiko," she offers in a fake tone of alertness. "How did that project of yours go the other day?"

Reiko looks up from the counter she's dusting... okay, the rag is kind of in her hand, and her hand is kind of on the counter, but there's not a lot of movement happening there. "Morning, Ele." Even with it spelled out for her, she'll get the time of day wrong. But maybe it's because she's distracted. "Project?..." Cough. "Oh, the inventory." Abandoning the rag completely (as if it made a difference), she fishes in the deep pocket of her tunic and presents Elehu with a rolled up hide. "It's all there." Emerald gaze narrows slightly. "It was cold."

Elehu laughs softly and nods. "Of course it's cold, it's winter," she replies idly while unrolling the hide. She scans over the list quickly while nodding to herself before she rolls it up again and sticks the hide in her own pocket. "Well, that's certainly a good start, thank you for doing that, Reiko." She suddenly starts to yawn and makes a lame attempt at covering her mouth. "Sorry, I uh... haven't been sleeping well the last couple nights.

Reiko arches an eyebrow, but finds nothing in Elehu's tone to take offense at, so she only nods. Not that she'd expected praise; she'd only finished the chore out of spite. Her expression changes, however, at the yawn.. to a wry, twisted halfsmile. "Not ill, are you?" That'd be ironic, to Reiko's way of thinking. Do Healers get sick? Not to mention that she almost never has trouble sleeping. More the other way around.

Elehu laughs softly and shakes her head. "No, not at all, one of my firelizards has just been a bit... um... demanding lately. I'm not sure why, but she refuses to let me sleep. Very odd." She sighs a bit and glances towards the infirmary. "Well... I suppose I'd better get started with whatever's on the list today. You know, I think I did fewer chores as an apprentice," she adds wryly.

One thin eyebrow disappears again behind Reiko's thick fringe of bangs. "One of Necha's lizards took it into her head to fly," she says offhandedly. "I'm assuming that's why she was such a sharding pain that morning." Morning, afternoon... whatever. Pain would be the important keyword here. Either it was a proddy flit, or maybe the guard has just grown weary of dealing with her temperamental 'friend'. Nobody's said, and Reiko isn't asking. But she does take Ele's hint, leaving rag where it lies and turning toward the infirmary. Assisting is assisting.

Elehu goes out into the infirmary.

Bright lights sparkle in your eyes as you go out into the infirmary.

Echoing and austere, blank stone walls are vaulted high to overshadow the row of white-curtained cots along the back wall. Ancient metal gleams steel-bright in the form of sinks and examination table, lit relentlessly by bright glows and reflecting the colours of bottles and jars shelved above. Padlocked cabinets hide the more dangerous drugs and implements, whilst healer paraphenalia litters one solid oak table with sweetly-fragranced herbs and tattered scrolls. A small hearth contains a fire usually banked low, several cauldrons set ready nearby to for heating water. A dark staircase twists up from one corner to the dragonhealer's lair; one low door leads into the lower caverns, another to weyrhealers' quarters. Barn-sized doors open inwards with creak of hinges from the ground weyr.
Comfortable on top of a cupboard are Sploink, Caerulus, Risidan, D'argo, Pudge, Klee, Hermes, and Enjolras.
Elehu is here.

Klee immediately starts berating her humanpet as the Healer enters, receiving a rather weary look from Elehu. "Klee... if you have to go, just go. I swear that silly thing is more attached to the infirmary than I am," she adds in a mutter.

Reiko follows Ele into the infirmary with an air of deliberate casualness, although she's really waiting to be told what needs done. Maybe more dusting. The chittering green earns an appraising look through narrowed emerald eyes. "Go where?"

Elehu sighs a bit and threatens to toss a towel in the green's direction. "She wants to fly, but she won't leave I think unless I actually kick her out." She glances at the firelizard and just rolls her eyes. "It's her first time you see. She'll get the hint."

Reiko actually chuckles. "You'd think it would be instinctive," she murmurs, giving up on following and crossing the back of the room to lean indolently against an empty counter. "I know Banzai had no qualms about chasing, when 'Zulie went up." Not that he'd caught.

Elehu suddenly laughs as well as she just sort of falls into a chair. "Oh, I'm sure it is." This time she really does throw a towel at Klee. "Shoo, you silly thing! It's not my fault it's cold outside." The green responds with an angry chirp, but promptly goes between.

Klee suddenly disappears ::between::!

And now, the flit's-eye view...

Above the Mountains
Swirling air flows buffet you from all sides, a culmination of the threads of many different weather patterns as you soar high above the Alpine Meadows, a rippling, shimmering sea of green beckoning from below. The blackness of volcanic rock cuts off your view of the weyr, though the Star Stones remain as a reference point, forever reaching for the stars. Clean, cold, crisp air takes your breath away, flavoured with the tang of a myrriad of different aromas.
It is a winter afternoon. The sun has begun its descent all too quickly, and although the afternoon sun is warm on the melting snow, the air is cold and will certainly reverse any work which the sun has done this short day.
Gliding around is Klee.

Mosfet blinks in from ::Between!:: with a squeak, ready to investigate anything and everything.

Simbi tumbles in from ::between::, a flash of blue coming from his active wings.

Klee gives an angry chitter as she's joined by not one, but three male firelizards. She calls out a challenge to at the arrogance (in her tiny mind) of the lads and suddenly takes off, her filmy wings taking her straight up towards the few clouds in the sky.

Fathomless fatigue: his skin's color and texture are akin to moonsilver beams lighting 'cross the weakest of saplings, bone structure carved at steel-sharp angles and hewn with miniscule stripes of tarrying crimson. Cinders, smoldering over the skeletal frame of his pewter-ensconced beige fire the undersides of his belly and legs, biting in liquid tangerine crests, swirled with swollen motes of cerise, as if he's been stung, riveted by indented pinpricks along the tenderest lines of his body. His talons are angry-bright rapiers, his face is an ash-dark burn, featureless and slack.
Banzai is 1 Turn, 7 months, and 3 days old.

Roxanthe blinks in from ::between::!

Lythander blinks in from ::between::!

Mosfet doesn't think he's being arrogant. He's just showing up to cheer a friend, acquaintence...down when she's in a bad mood, right? That's the set in his tiny mind as he croons warmly toward the green, lifting off as well. Hey...why're you mad? Why do greens just get mad like that? Pumping his wings steadily and looking around as he flies, Mosfet is still not quite sure of the logic behind these things.

Simbi creels his own challenge, not only to the glowing green, but the other males as well as he wings up high to get a view of the situation, darting along thermals expertly while making sure his not on any crashcourse toward any of the other males. Just the female. Going after the female.

Roxanthe creels loudly as he blinks in from ::between:: Youngin' that he is, he follows right after his bronzen brother Cylanthe. Disregarding perches for hovering in the air, he eyes those below him with wary eyes. His own screech of warning is added, a low, shrilly warning to the males.

Cylanthe engages in his own warning creel. He was no longer a newby to the flight path. No, he'd already been in one. Tensed flaps bring him to hover momentairally over a perch before he lands with a shaking motion. His bronzen head swings about, searching the other suitors, peering to see if any were as strong as he thought himself to be. His brassy creel is given, drowining out his brother Roxanthes.

Banzai might be considered arrogant. He might also take offense, if he noticed. But he's intent on a glowing green figure, ready to meet her challenge. Spreading his wings wide, he catches a thermal and hovers, nearly motionless, waiting for her next move.

Klee utters another high-pitched creel as she turns about on one wingtip and goes diving past the chasing fair. She swoops down almost to the meadow below before gliding up in a barrel roll and racing off towards the Weyr.

Kiro blinks in from ::between::!

Lythander glides in, drawn by the lure of a lady playing hard to get. Arrogance is not his forte, but he can't resist warbling his long-practiced lines as he flies after, intent on winning her as his leading lady. When she turns, he manages to follow after, wings nowhere near feeling the stresses of age.

Mosfet doesn't go for the whole fancy maneuvering thing. Instead, he goes for the "keep flying and hope you don't miss" approach. Which serves him remarkably well, considering for his almost smacking into another brown, he manages to pull in front of that one at least. Swooping down as well more from the near collision rather than to mirror Klee's moves, the brown is still on the chase. But he still doesn't get it. Why do they fly away?

Banzai folds his wings and drops, plummeting after the green, spreading his wings as she rolls and rises again. Strong strokes propel his lithe body after her, motes of crimson seeming to pulsate against the sleek brown of his hide.

Roxanthe gives chase, poor little one is he. Madly sweeping wingsails try franticaly to keep pace with the glowing green as he tries and flies a true and steady path. His tail swings haphazardly behind him, as his eyes glower, supressed emotions flickering behind them.

Simbi pivots around his own wingtip, perfecting a perfect turn to follow the oh-so-glowing female in her path, his wing a blur seemingly the color of the sky just before a storm. He's as fast as any wind on the planet and will not let either female or fellow males outchase him. Here he comes, swooping down toward Klee following the wind which holds him high in the sky.

Cylanthe creels loudly, launching himself off the perch with such power that several barely clinging leaves fluttered to the ground. His brother is passed easily, as a bronzen tail sneaks playfully around to twap against the blue. Onlookers might assume it's teasing, or menacing behavior, but Cy has eyes for one now, and one only. Creeling loudly, he seems to be taunting the green, not knowing or caring that it was suppose to be the other way around.

Klee chances a glance back at her pursuers, but doesn't make that mistake again as suddenly the pack seems a bit too close for comfort. Frantically the little green tries rising again into the clouds, using those thermals to the best of her ability.

Lythander creels, half from the sheer exultation of flying, and half from the lust turning his eyes to whirling orange globes. He's not perfect, not by any means, but he's putting his heart into the chase. It's getting to be a matter of pride, his winning a flight, but he tries not to let that distract him. As the green rises, so does Lyth, well, lithely, pushing after her with equally frantic beats of his own wings.

Roxanthe creels, an "Ah! Victory!" Creel, but, as the green slips out of sight, he fumbles and dives towards the ground, an honest mistake on his part. Furious wingbeats regain the altitude lost as he falls behind the pack. A slight rising of his left wing sends him banking to the right and almost a mid-air collision with another chaser, albeit a tiny brown (NPC) who barely dodges Rox's mistake.

Flecks of dark green coalesce into her young form. Her wings and limbs have filled out well, complimenting her body in beautifully graceful proportions. Her smooth hide stretches sleekly over her ladylike form. Wings held at her side, jade green sails smooth, almost transparent. She is quite small, even for a green, yet she refuses to admit it. The arch of her neck is proud, as is the fiery spirit held in eyes; she is not one to be trifled with.
A small band of deep purple rings this little green's neck, signifying that her human pet is of the Healer Craft.
Klee is 2 Turns, 5 months, and 7 days old.
Klee is awake and seems alert.
Klee seems agitated and proddy.

Simbi turns his wings slightly to alter his speed and descent and swoop up-up-upward to follow the green into those wonderful heavens, where he could make his home if he didn't need to come down for a feed and an oiling every now and then. Neatly avoiding the others, he keeps his line for Klee more or less straight.

If thermals can carry one firelizard, then it shouldn't be hard for another to find them. Even if by accident. Mosfet, haplessly good natured, manages to be caught in a wind of sorts, then tumbled tail over nose and flung forward in the process. Where he still, amazingly, starts flapping again. But hey, that's less effort, isn't it? Creeling for the fact that everyone else is, Mosfet doesn't let Klee out of his sight for all the mishaps just the same. Maybe she'll like him because he's cute?

Banzai relies on his strength, rather than the unpredictable thermals, each stroke of his wings bringing him nearer to his prize, sinewy neck outstretched, his entire posture broadcasting his desire for this graceful sylph. Her determination spurs him onward as well, her challenge only whetting his appetite.

Cylanthe beats his wings, slow and steady wins the race, and hopefully the green. His brothers creel isn't lost on him, as, in a moments indecision his head sweeps back, watching his blue brother drop. Another creel is issued, a sort of command or chuckle, but the blue regains his ground. Cylanthe glides into a thermal, carrying him upwards and into sight of the green once more. Another creel as he begins to pick up his pace, no fancy aerobics for him. He was glorious enough.

Simbi is a storm within by now, reflecting the coloring of his hide, tumbling faster and faster after Klee, wings awhirl as he manages to deflect any males coming too close to him. Letting out a high-pitched creel, he challenges again making it know that he may be a smaller blue, but that only made him faster, and more agile than those heavy-butted browns and bronze.

Klee's cries of agitation and frustration turn suddenly to a bugle of challenge all her own. If these "men" want to chase her then they'd better earn it! Zig-zagging through the air, the darkly glowing green turns back towards the pack and dives at them. Catch her if they can!

Lythander glides after Klee, a swift line of motion akin to the waterfalls from the mountains above. Despairing hearing, meanwhile, picks up the confident creels of the other pursuers, a sound that he immediately tries to shut out, focusing everything on the lovely lady evading him. The warble from his own mouth is anything but self-assured, but he continues on, drawn by an inner pull that will not be denied. Drawing on hidden reserves of strength, he lunges for her, seeking the twining of necks.

Roxanthe finally gets the knack of the chase. Frenzied wing flaps carry him closer to the pack, as the green briefly comes into sight. He wastes no energy on creeling, just on his frantic wing flapping. Steadily he gains lost ground, now just behind his bronzed brother. Slowly his head passes the tail tip, but that is all he gains. Energy lost in the dive, he hangs on, glimpsing the green with every few wing flaps, usually calm orbs swirling with muted oranges and flaming reds. One last ditch effort is given as he unsheaths his tallons and prepares to catch her, or land on a perch, whichever he meets first..

Banzai backwings as Klee abruptly turns on her tail, catching a lucky thermal and flipping head over wingtip to pursue, dropping beneath the pack briefly, whirling eyes fixed on the darkly glowing green.. reaching.. every muscle strained nearly to bursting, he's determined to succeed. A sharp downstroke gains him the last needed bit of altitude, and he's near enough to taste her now. If he can.

Cylanthe creels and croons as every flap of his wings bring him closer to the prize of the candle mark. His talons are unsheated in anticipation, as he banks once more, bringing him directly behind the green. A loud, warning creel is given to the other 'suitors', yes, he was running out of speed, but he could go at his pace for turns. His eye orbs never leave the greens back, legs twitch with uncanny timing to the flapping of his wings, ready for the green should she drop below him.

Simbi screeches as the proddy one comes straight at him. Luckily he's the one who's fast and agile and can spin like the wind changing direction without warning. Thus he's after the green, so close to her tail that he can almost snap at it with his teeth. Rising above her, his wings not even needing to beat hard to do it, he nearly closes his eyes as he, stretches out his talons for the catch. Please don't let anyone get in the way..

Mosfet doesn't know if he can catch, nor is he clear on why the greens make it so difficult. He's not gonna hurt her. Even if he's never seen something glow darkly before. But he's not deterred. Brown wings still pumping rather exaggeratedly, head still bobbing as he flies, Mosfet zips on. Or thunks on. Or whatever he does. Zig-zagging somewhat by his natural flight rhythm, it takes him some reaction time to dodge before the chance of being impaled. Yeep! Creeling in alarm, Mosfet turns back around, starting the other way. He may want to win, but not to be killed. Makes no sense, this Klee, first running from something she should like at that time of the month, then turning back and trying to kill it...

Klee tried, she really did, but those little wings of hers can do only so much flapping, and suddenly as she heads straight into that back, she's snagged out of the air by some brown talons, a nice... soft... brown next entwining with hers. Angry chirps abruptly stop as she gives in, no longer even paying attention to flying as she decides to let Banzai do that for her...

Lythander didn't really expect any different, and he glides off to find his 'pet. If his warbling is a little despondent, let it pass.

Lythander suddenly disappears ::between::!

Simbi backwings, barely avoiding the two intertwined firelizards, giving off a loud creel as he glide higher into the sky. Dissapointed? Yes. Defeated? Yes. Embarrassed? Well, of course. Poor young Sim so wanted that glowing green and one of those slow browns caught her. Hrrmf!

And back in the Infirmary...

Elehu blinks a little as she sits down once more. "Well now... that was interesting," she comments mildly. "Terribly sorry, I was a bit... distracted. Yes, distracted." Something like that. She frowns up at the returning Klee, sans glow, and sighs. "Done with that for a while, yes?"

Reiko smirks lightly. Interesting, indeed. Her gaze turns upward to Klee as well. "I should think so," she responds, equally mildly. At least, from the mental pictures Reiko was getting. "So." A question? A change of subject? Her tone deliberately leaves her meaning unclear.

Elehu shifts a little in her seat, a wee bit of color to her cheeks that isn't normally there. "So.. yes. Um..." Not so calm and collected today is poor Elehu as she raises a hand to her forehead trying to collect her thoughts once more. "Shard it all, silly thing," she might be heard to mutter. "Remind me to send Klee far, far away next time. This is much too annoying." And healers are supposed to be sympathetic.

Emerald gaze turns once more to the healer, an appraising glance cast over face and form. "Annoying?" Reiko's smirk broadens into a twisted grin that doesn't quite reach her eyes, and her casual attitude is a stark contrast to Elehu's.. discomfort.

Elehu uselessly begins gathering random hides together as she nods, if a bit unconvincingly. "Yes, annoying because... well... I don't know, it's just annoying. Maybe I should just go take a nap or something," she adds in a defeated tone as she gives up on the hides and just leans back in her chair.

Reiko pushes off the counter with an indolent air and takes a few casual steps nearer to Elehu's chair. "Alone?" Now, wouldn't /that/ be a waste. She doesn't bother to consider why the Healer seems suddenly more.. interesting to her. Nothing to do with a certain bundle of brown hormones - after all, the bond isn't /that/ strong, is it?

Elehu glances up at Reiko as she frowns a little. "Alone? Well... what else would I do?" she asks innocently enough. "That is, well, I don't know." She slumps a bit in her chair and just sort of fidgets with a stray thread from her blouse. "I really shouldn't be here right now," she suddenly comments quietly. "I can't even concentrate long enough on my own thoughts, so not much good I'd be if someone came in needing help."

Two more steps close the distance between them, Reiko's hand coming to rest on the back of Elehu's chair. "You're quite right," she drawls, pushing her luck without even thinking about it. Inhibitions? What's that? "There are other Healers. And I could give you a suggestion or two." Long fingers are near enough to stroke that lovely goldstreaked hair, but Reiko contents herself with a smirk and a narrowed gaze.

Elehu finally relaxes for some reason, being the rather clueless person she is. She turns in her chair to smile up at Reiko hopefully while at the same time pushing that irritatingly warm blanket from her shoulders. "Really, what sorts of suggestions? I know there are teas and all that to help with sleeping but I'd really rather not bother..."

Reiko's smirk spreads again, a gleam lighting emerald eyes as Elehu begins to relax. Shaking her head slowly, she kneels on the floor next to the chair, the better to see the Healer's face. Not an unpleasant sight at all. "Not tea." She's very near now, almost near enough to touch, seeking Ele's eyes. "Call it.. a natural remedy." Or unnatural, depending on who one asks. But this /is/ a Weyr.

Elehu blinks slowly at Reiko, perhaps not comprehending. "Natural is good," she mumbles after a long moment. She smiles a little uncertainly and shrugs her shoulders. "But I... well, I just don't know how to... well no, what I mean is..." Okay, so she does understand now. Obviously since that bit of a blush from before turns a bit more vibrant. "Natural would definitely be good right now."

Reiko moves, with surprising gentleness, to lightly brush Elehu's cheek with the backs of her long fingers before reaching for her hand. "Good." A murmured acknowledgement of the Healer's sudden understanding as well as a commentary on the turn of events. Reiko gets to her feet again, hand still outstretched.

Elehu stands slowly, a soft and almost curious smile on her face. "Good," she echoes quietly as she takes Reiko's hand, and maybe a bit too tightly at that. She suddenly grins and nods her head towards the Healers' Quarters. "Time for a nap...?"

"Indeed." Reiko's voice is a throaty murmur, and she doesn't object at all to the pressure on her hand as she leads the way out of the infirmary.

Ele's Spiffy Hole in the Wall
This room is a natural little hole in the wall. Looking out towards the west there is a round, but very small and heavily shuttered window. It looks to have been a crude vent at one time from when the area was still an active volcano but a basic windowpane has since been added along with light purple curtains, giving the room a soft, cozy feeling.
A small bed has been tucked into the corner, covered by a think snowy white quilt. A clothespress stands at the open end of the bed and a few pillows are stacked at the end against the wall a small wooden nightstand set up beside them. A glowbasket sits on top of the stand, and there is a small drawer built in, and just above the nightstand there is also a glowbasket hanging from a hook in the wall. Against the opposite side of the wall there is a small desk with one chair pushed underneath. A matching chair stands off to the side, and a wooden shelf has been built into the wall above the desk with stacks of hides and small vials and jars stacked on top plus yet another glowbasket. A tall but narrow bookshelf stands just beside the door, stacked with still more hides plus some wineskins, bottles and other odds and ends. Between everything else there is a thick wool rug spread on the floor to protect uncovered toes from those cold 'Reaches winters.
It is a winter sunset. As the sun sets, the clouds gather close for the night just in time to lend brilliant color to the horizon. The sky above deepens to the black chill of a winter's night as the red-tinged clouds slowly draw in to cover it over.
You see Elehu's rucksack here.
Elehu is here.

Elehu sits on the edge of the bed finally and glances down at her lap for a moment before sneaking a peek at Reiko. "Look, I'm sorry about all this... I really should have send Klee away, but I didn't know what would happen." She sighs a little and bites her lip nervously before looking away again. "I guess what I mean is you don't have to stay... I mean, with you and Ki... Well, you know."

Reiko sits down on the bed as well, nice and close. "Don't mention it." Really, don't. Anyone who's seen guard and infirmary assistant together lately would wonder that they even spoke to each other. And since Reiko's feeling... not snappish, and that's presumably a Good Thing, it's probably best to leave that subject be. One hand lifts to brush a few strands of hair from Ele's face, gently redirecting her face for a better look at those eyes. "There's nothing to be worried about." And take that any way you like.

Elehu smiles with relief as she nods slowly. "Well, yes, see there's also the fact that... Well, I know it's strange and all, with me being from a Weyr, and now living in one, but, well... I don't know what, um, what all goes on." She gets to the point eventually as her own hand rubs gently at Reiko's side, perhaps even unconsciously. "I'm being silly, aren't I?" she asks, grinning.

"Mmmhmm." Reiko nods slowly, not commenting. After all, she's not typical Holder fare herself. But the touch is noticed, taken as encouragement, and her own touch becomes a light caress, from Ele's cheek, to her neck, to her shoulder. "Not silly," she murmurs, leaning closer, her lips mere inches from the Healer's now. "There's always time to learn." Reiko did.

Fade to black...

And The Next Morning...

"Well now... that was a bit more than a nap," Elehu murmurs from her side of the bed, rolling over just a bit to glance at Reiko. "Not that I'm complaining of course..."

Reiko half opens her eyes, a twisted halfsmile curling her lips as she regards Elehu. "Mmmm." Still not much for conversation before her klah, but somehow not in the usual foul mood. One hand reaches up to brush a stray lock of hair behind Elehu's ear. "Interesting, that."

Elehu laughs softly and nods as she wiggles just a bit closer. For warmth of course. "Yes, interesting indeed." She pauses for a moment, sitting up a bit to rest her head on her hand. "You know, Reiko... I'm glad you stayed," she finally comments, smiling softly. "I mean, you don't have to; I'll understand if it was just because of that silly little flight."

Reiko half shrugs, but she's considering that. "I generally do as it suits me," she says at last, with characteristic vagueness, but her voice is more gentle than diffident. The flight had only opened her eyes to what was there all along, after all. As to what happens next...? The hand continues across Ele's cheek in a gentle caress. She's not slamming any doors.

Elehu smiles a little bit more and nods, leaning into the caress. "That must be nice," she comments quietly, "to be able to do what you want, when you want... I've never allowed myself to do that I think." She laughs softly and turns her head just enough to place a gentle kiss on Reiko's hand. "I could get used to it though."

Reiko's eyes narrow for a moment. "It was a long time coming," she murmurs. Hard-won, and something she's not about to let go of. The twisted smile returns at the kiss, and she draws her hand back slowly, only to slip it around Elehu's waist and draw her closer. "So do you want to not work today?" Emerald eyes sparkle with rare mischief; she's pushing her luck again - this time, deliberately.

Elehu actually giggles, much as she hates that sound. "I think I can put off work for a little while. Until I'm needed in the infirmary anyway." The life of a weyrhealer... She brushes her fingers across Reiko's neck softly, if a bit timidly, and grins as she leans a wee bit closer. "I think we have better things to do than brush counters." For the meantime...

Fade to black...