Meeting Dsalth

Central Bowl
Seven spindles brush the clouds -- quite literally -- overhead, a jagged, spired cotillion grey-stoned majesty. The bowl from here is expansively large, extending a full half mile in both directions, and although sometimes a bit of a stretch, most of the hubs of activity can be easily observed. Hard-packed ground shows the common pathways, all of them meandering about the craggy bunch of boulders that form a centerpiece: carven, hand-worn and foothold-full, it gives a bit of centerpoint to the otherwise vast emptiness of the area.
To the north lie the hatching grounds and leadership weyrs, while the lows of herdbeasts mark the feeding pens to the northeast. A flurry of ever-present activity marks the living caverns to the west, and another time-traveled path the ground weyrs just adjacent to the southwest. Southeast, a glint of blue shows the lake, glittering and cold.
It is a spring afternoon.
Clinging to footholds in the boulder-mound are fourteen firelizards.
Green Yshanth, bronze Rixesith, and Brown Dsalth are here.
You see a wagonmaster, Cattysaur, Box, and Dustina here.
Skylark, P'rru, and Kinecha are here.

Kinecha walks up to Dsalth, checking over her shoulder that Reiko is with her. "Dsalth, I have someone who'd like to meet ya. This is Reiko. Reiko this is Dsalth," she says, introducing the pair.

P'rru smiles from his languid pose against his lifemate's shoulder. "Aye, great bag of bones, please be polite..." he mumbles, a hand grazing over Dsalth's eyeridges. "Pleasant enough day outside, ladies, is it not?"

Dsalth opens his lids once again. Honest, he wasn't sleeping... Orbs are turned down towards a Reiko and muzzle drops to give the unfamiliar person a /whuffle/. Nothing much as he gives a rumble and a glance at his rider.

Reiko looks from dragon to rider, one eyebrow lifted as she tries to decide which to acknowledge first. She decides on the rider, as he's already spoken to her. "Indeed," she replies, with a smile. Then she's ... whuffled? Eyes widen, and she turns to look at the great dragon. "Pleased to meet you, Dsalth," she says politely, trying not to look too surprised.

P'rru blinks quickly "Ah Reiko, are you from around here?" he asks, not bothering to look for a knot, afterall staring is /wrong/. A hand patters along Dsalth's muzzle before the rider takes a step away, impolite to lounge in front of strangers afterall.

Kinecha grins at Dsalth as he gives the young woman his usual whuffle. "Yeah, the weather is very nice, P'rru," she says and glance up at the sky. Although she can't shake an uneasy feeling she's had the last couple of days, so she doesn't really notice the weather all that much.

Dsalth whuffles a lot, doesn't he? Reiko is glanced at once again with a small curious hue entering whirling orbs of dragon. Brown suddenly warbles softly, watching his lifemate step /away/ from /him/? This will not do... A small bound and brown is beside rider or more like just above his rider with his sorrel head coming down to nuzzle his P'rru.

Reiko steps back, inclining her chin slightly at P'rru's question, silently thanking Kinecha for supplying a name she probably should have known. "I've just arrived, as I was telling Kinecha inside..." a sidelong glance and a small smile for the guard. "I've applied for residence," turning her attention back to the rider, taking half a step back as Dsalth bounds forward, "so now I'll just have to find a way to make myself useful." So as not to be sent back to her Hold...

P'rru chuckles, and gratefully hugs into that muzzle fondly. Always helps to have a lifemate to take your mind of...grandchildren. "There are many ways once can be useful around here- from making meals to cleaning rider's laundrey" he notes, faintly amused. "It's good to see people coming to settle here though, and Kinecha would make a good guide" a hidden compliment for the guard perhaps? "Where are you from, lass?"

Saisukei steps out from the Weyr's living caverns.

There is a job opening as a personal dragon-scrubber, isn't there? Dsalth stretches out his wings and snaps his head towards the young woman called Reiko just as she mention 'useful'. Yes, scrubbing him and oiling him is quite useful... And what's another oil-slave up on his ledge? Brown tilts sorrel head at his P'rru and crooons loudly with yet another nuzzle.

Kinecha smiles slightly at P'rru comment. She /did/ know most places in the Weyr, didn't she? "Just don't offer to go with Dsalth for a scrub," she says, with a grin. "He might end up drowning you."

Stepping out from the caverns, prying a stolen meatroll from her little blue's mouth, Saisukei nods to the small crowd that has gathered in the bowl.

Reiko lifts an eyebrow. Drowning? Maybe when it's warmer she'll think about going nearer the water, but not this time of Turn. She turns a small smile to P'rru to answer his question. "Nabol. And I'd be very grateful to anyone who could show me around; this /is/ my first time at a Weyr." A wry halfsmile twists her lips a bit. "A bit different from what I'm accustomed to."

Ducking, the brownrider avoids Dsalth's muzzle sidestepping neatly. The lughead manages to kidnap people to scrub him, yet still, P'rru hasn't got a weyrmate...ahem..."Yes, yes, I was holdbred myself before I Impressed, I caguely remember how overwhelming a weyr can be" he sympathises with Reiko. "And now, Kinecha, everyone should have a chance at cleaning a dragon- makes them think twice about candidacy" lips twitch into a breif smile momentarily.

Dsalth lifts his head at Kinecha with a loud grunt going to her direction, only to step closer towareds Reiko with musty rumble sending wisps of air towards the young woman and orbs are displayed as an innocent smile. Drowning? He would /never/! And his own ledge is quite lovely to watch the sky from at this time of the year, really.

Kinecha shakes her head, a slight smile on her face. "Just learn to swim first," she advices Reiko. She would cross her arm if it wasn't for the blue curled up in her crasp. "That way you'll be able to get to shore without help." Nope, she hasn't forgotten that day yet. P'rru had promised her that no harm would come from helping out with the scrubbing, but she'd almost been drowned by the big lug. Okay, so she knows that the dragon wouldn't have let her drown, and he was still her favourite dragon in the Weyr. Still, it was a Turn day she'd never forget.

Both eyebrows have now disappeared under Reiko's thick fringe of bangs, emerald eyes wide at all the attention she's receiving from the brown dragon. But the smile doesn't fade, even as she nods acknowledgment of Kinecha's advice.

P'rru glances between the women, lip twitching again. "Aye, swimming is a neccesity if your to come paddling with 'phins in southern with us" he recommends, arms folding neatly across his chest. "Dsalth, mind your manners" he reminds his lifemate allowed, although we all know who is the boss in this relationship, and it ain't the one with 2 legs.

Dsalth crouches, lowing gently before his rusted tail curls out, fapping P'rru's legs on it's way past. Then weaving, it heads for Reiko, and firmly wraps around her legs.

"Well, luckily I have learned to swim," Kinecha says. "No thanks to you, Dsalth," she continues teasingly, and seeing a tail come towards Reiko, she exclaims, "careful, Reiko!"

Reiko freezes as Dsalth's tail wraps around her legs. This was unexpected. Not entirely unpleasant, but perhaps a bit unnerving. Smile still in place, she reaches to stroke the huge tail, hiding her surprise at finding it soft to touch. "It's all right, Kinecha," she says calmly. "I'm fine." The comment on swimming at Southern is completely lost on her in the face of this new development.

Fine for now, yes, Kinecha thinks. But dragons had their own sense of humour. If there's anything she's learned in her Turn at the Weyr it's /that/. And some of it wasn't pleasant.

Dsalth inches forwards, or rather, he pulls gently, bringing Reiko to him. Nostrils flare as his muzzle heads for her face, sniffing, sniffing, sniiiifing. P'rru doesn't even seem to notice, it's not out of the ordinary at all. "Oh yes, he's just inspecting you Reiko, nevermind..." he says, meanwhile the brown's jaws open- yellowing blunted teeth on show. And that dragonbreath? Think stale musty wherry. "Dsalth isn't Miravith or Druseth..." the brownrider notes vaguely as if that is some kind of help.

Saisukei walks to the Lakeside.

Reiko blinks, involuntarily drawing away from the huge muzzle, her eyes widening as the great maw opens in her face. P'rru had been joking when he said Dsalth... ate people... hadn't he? She goes to take a step away but finds her legs still caught by the brown's tail. "Um..." She shuts her eyes. Such a pity to die her first full day in a Weyr...

Kinecha chuckles. Miravith, now there's a scary dragon, and she'd seen both sides of the green. The somewhat gentle, as the dragon had actually sent images into her head, and the time where the beast had almost swallowed someone's head.

P'rru whumps a hand along the khaki neck of his lifemate who promptly clamps his mouth shut, whuffles one final time at Reiko and withdraws muzzle and tail, scooping behind his rider. "He says your hands are just the right size, Reiko" comes Purr's dry voice. "He so does like small hands..."

In your mind, you hear a soft voice say, << Your hands are nice and slight. >>

Reiko's voice comes out in a harsh whisper, her outward calm inwardly shattered as a voice echoes in her head. "The right size for what?"

Kinecha looks to P'rru for an answer to that question too, and is glad, for some reason, that she doesn't have small hands.

P'rru chuckles "For scrubbing his hard to reach places of course" he supplies the answer without ado. Dsalth stretches behind him, blazer wings rustling. "And alas, we have sweeps to do, please excuse us ladies?"

P'rru swings up to ease himself between defined neckridges
Dsalth goes home.

Reiko stands where she was, without moving, for a long moment, only blinking as the great dragon wings aloft. After a long moment, she turns to Kinecha. "Is he /always/ like that?" Still sounding a little croaky.

Kinecha looks at Dsalth take off as well, "who? P'rru or Dsalth," she asks with crooked smile. "Actually, they're both very nice. And never mind that drowning remark I made, it was really my own for letting P'rru talk me into the water when I couldn't swim."

Okay, maybe it was her imagination. She only /thought/ she'd been about to be eaten. Reiko shakes her head slowly, her smile returning as it slowly sinks in that a /dragon/ spoke to /her/. "Nice, eh?" she says wryly. "Be sure to let me know who the nasty ones are... preferably /before/ I get too... wrapped up."

"Well, then you might wanna stay away from Miravith," Kinecha says, trying to spot the green, but can't see her anywhere. "She can have a really bad temper at times." There, the woman has been warned off Miravith if she should ever encounter the green. "But most of the dragons here are actually quite nice."

Reiko nods once. Well, her first encounter with a dragon was a bit... unnerving. "I'll try to remember that," she says.

Kinecha grins at the look in the womans eyes. "You should be happy that Dsalth's the first dragon you met up close," she says, nodding toward the ledge they had landed on. "He's one of the nicest dragons here, honestly."

Reiko follows the direction of Kinecha's nod, seeing the ledges above for the first time. After a long look, her eyes return to the guard. "Indeed. Well. Thanks for introducing me." A genuine smile lights emerald eyes.

"You're welcome," Kinecha says and smiles. "Although, you'd most likely meet a dragon sooner or later." She reaches out her hand to shakes the other woman's. "It was nice meeting you, Reiko. I'm afraid I'll have to go now. I'm on duty soon."

Reiko takes Kinecha's hand in a firm handshake before releasing it. "Of course," she says. "It was nice to meet you as well." She smiles. "I'm sure I'll see you around?" It would be nice to /know/ somebody.

Kinecha nods, "You'll see me around," she assures the woman, and moves toward the headquarters with a wave to her.

Kinecha moves purposefully to the Guards HQ.