First Do No Harm..

Echoing and austere, blank stone walls are vaulted high to overshadow the row of white-curtained cots along the back wall. Ancient metal gleams steel-bright in the form of sinks and examination table, lit relentlessly by bright glows and reflecting the colours of bottles and jars shelved above. Padlocked cabinets hide the more dangerous drugs and implements, whilst healer paraphenalia litters one solid oak table with sweetly-fragranced herbs and tattered scrolls. A small hearth contains a fire usually banked low, several cauldrons set ready nearby to for heating water. A dark staircase twists up from one corner to the dragonhealer's lair; one low door leads into the lower caverns, another to weyrhealers' quarters. Barn-sized doors open inwards with creak of hinges from the ground weyr.
Comfortable on top of a cupboard are Sploink, Caerulus, Risidan, D'argo, Pudge, Hermes, Enjolras, Klee, and Fluker.
You see examination area here.
Kinecha is here.

Reiko looks up from her random dusting as Kinecha limps back into the infirmary. "And where were you?" she asks coolly, knowing perfectly well the guard had been instructed to stay /off/ her feet.

"I needed some klah," Kinecha says, shrugging as she does her best not to limp too much as she makes her way back to her cot. "What do you care, anyway?!"

Reiko's eyes narrow dangerously. "I don't. I have a job." So she hadn't been in the infirmary when Kinecha took it into her head to wander away. And so she hadn't felt compelled to go looking for the guard. And so, having asked the question and gotten an answer, she turns her back and continues dusting.

"Well, so do /I/," Kinecha says spitefully, her eyes icy as she glares at Reiko's back. "Only I /can't/ do it right now." And thus was confined to the infirmary, forced to spend time where Reiko was. Which didn't please the guard one little bit.

Reiko lets the spite roll off her, casually dusting and redusting the counter in front of her. "How perfectly awful," she says lightly. "Who /will/ protect us? The ever-competent Bitran brothers? Or perhaps the /charming/ Tekin?" Who would have guessed Reiko paid that much attention?

Kinecha tugs off the slippers she'd 'borrowed' from a closet in the infirmary, throwing them on the floor as she gets into the cot, sitting leaned up against the headboard, still staring at Reiko's back, actually snorting at the other's suggestions. "You know the brother's are gone," she retorts, her voice full of anger by know. "Not that you'd care..."

"No reason I should." Know /or/ care, actually. Reiko's tone is actually diffident, deliberately not rising to Kinecha's bait. Turning to face the guard now, she lounges back on the counter, her weight resting on her elbows, a twisted smirk decorating her face. "It's not /my/ fault you're here." Let's get right to the heart of the matter, shall we? Necha has obviously been careless, and now she's bitter. Any influence Reiko herself may have had in the guard's Mood is completely disregarded.

"No one said it was," is instantly replied, as Kinecha tries to calm her temper, using techniques she'd learned in her training, though her eyes are still shooting icy fire at Reiko. "Did Ele teach you to be this rude to patients?" The guard doubted it very much, but then Necha wasn't just any other patient, was she? But she just felt she /had/ to say it.

Reiko has been nothing but pleasant, and she knows it. So she hasn't been exactly /helpful/... but she's not exactly a healer, either. "You've seen me rude," she reminds Kinecha coolly, the glint in emerald eyes /not/ amused, although her own temper is all but invisible. One hand lifts to tuck her hair behind her ear, and she turns away again.

"Right!" A short ironic laugh escapes the guard's lips as she rolls her eyes. "I forgot what you consider rude and nice!" Practically spitting out the words, Kinecha feels a sudden heat rising inside her as she stares back at Reiko, leaving no doubt that she is furious by now.

Reiko turns slowly back to face Kinecha, one eyebrow arching as she lounges indolently back on the counter. "I should fetch a healer," she remarks lightly, looking Kinecha up and down and without remarking on the guard's obvious fury... and lack of control. "Before you hurt yourself again."

Kinecha throws her arms up, in a motion of giving up. "I didn't hurt /myself/ in the first place," she notes coldly, angry not only at Reiko's easy manner, but also at her own lack of control. "Maybe you should.." Before others get hurt, she almost adds, managing to swallow the words before voicing them. "There's no telling /what/ might happen," she says instead.

Reiko smirks lightly, still unmoving, still outwardly calm. "Is that a threat?" Even her eyes are cold. There are, after all, only two people in the infirmary. What could 'happen'? The words hang in the air, and Reiko waits to see what Kinecha will do next. Crippled and all.

"A threat? I don't /make/ threats," she says, pushing off the headboard to throw her legs out of the cot, facing Reiko fully now. And don't think Necha can't do anything with an injured ankle. She was an expert at ignoring physical pain.

If Reiko is at all nervous, she's hiding it well. "Don't forget where you are." Her voice holds quiet warning. Still she waits, neither advancing nor retreating.

"Y'know, I don't /hafta/ stay here," the guard says, reaching for her boots at the end of the bed. Remembering that she's not wearing clothes fit to be outside she mutters to herself, searching the room for her uniform. "Shards." Spotting her bundle of clothes on a shelf behind Reiko, didn't make the guard at all happy.

Reiko follows Kinecha's gaze, looking over her own shoulder to see the bundle of clothing. With a diffident shrug she takes a step or two to the right, still lounging on the counter. "Don't let /me/ stop you." She doesn't have to think too hard about who'd win a physical fight, although she's pretty sure she could outrun the guard if necessary. At least, today. "If you don't want to follow the Healer's advice, then..." she lets a shrug finish the sentence for her, voice and attitude punctuating her complete lack of interest.

"Healer's advise.. Was that I should stay in bed for one or two days," Kinecha says as she gets up from her cot, moving toward her cot, with determined steps, trying not to limp too much. "It's been at least a day and a half already.." So there. Plenty of time for the guard to recuperate (sp) from her injury. Who cared if her ankle still cause her some pain. Grabbing her clothes, she turns around on her uninjured foot, marching right back to the cot. "No reason to stay /here/ anymore!"

Reiko doesn't move at all, only her eyes following Kinecha as she limps her way across the infirmary to retrieve her clothing and back to her cot. "Very well, then," she says coolly. "Since you're no longer a patient, and I've finished dusting..." Somehow her tone makes this sound like important work. "I'll be going." Her quarters are right through /that/ door, a few steps away. Pushing herself off the counter, she starts in that direction without so much as a backward glance.

Hanzatsu blinks in from ::between::!

Hanzatsu> Reiko saunters to the Healers' Quarters.

Hanzatsu> "Surprised you're not going to Niall's cot," Kinecha mutters under her breath, a sentence not meant for Reiko to hear as she takes her leave. Pulling on her pants, the guard wincing a bit as the leg snags on her injured ankle, but keeps going, since she's 'no longer a patient', and shouldn't be holding up a cot in that case. Removing the tunic she's been sleeping in, she replaces it with her uniform tunic, neglecting to tug it into the pants. Pulling her boots toward her, she slips the first one on with no problems whatsoever, but finds herself groaning as she pulls the other one on. "Be that way," she calls out at Reiko's back, when she's done dressing.