NOTE: These excerpts represent the parts of the Hatching that Reiko was actually aware of... there was a /lot/ more stuff happening than this. A full account of the Hatching will be posted on the High Reaches Weyr website - watch for a link. :)

Reiko's Robe Desc
White gauze, airy and cool, is loosely gathered at Reiko's shoulders, draping into a softly scooped neckline - the purely accidental result of cutting the front piece of the robe much wider than the back. Sheer it may be, but the unevenly stitched side seams create soft, twisting folds that drape over themselves to lend just a bit of opacity, barely accentuating her slim figure. The garment is sleeveless, with generous armholes, the hem falling in uneven ripples just below her calves. Her feet are unshod, in stubborn adherence to Tradition.

After the flurry of preparation in the barracks and the hasty parade onto the hot Sands, Reiko found herself in a very unlikely pairing... but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Reiko winces as she steps out onto the sands... which are a bit hotter than she actually expected on her bare feet. But she straightens her shoulders, clenching Phea's hand just a bit more tightly, and manages not to hop too much as she makes her way over to Cadgwith and Orbyth... of course dragging the Hyper One with her. She releases the small hand momentarily to bow politely, if a bit stiffly, and reaches again for Phea's hand.

So many things happened all at once! The first egg cracked almost immediately..

Remote-Controlled Everything Egg wiggles just a bit then waits patiently, a hairline fissure appearing with a sharp click. Then with a muted bump and an impulsive wriggle, miniature cracks begin to materialize along the little crimson lines etched into this smokey grey egg, the smooth surface taking on an increasingly grooved pattern as if the dragon inside has tired of the same boring diversions and wants out, wants something new! Suddenly it seems he can no longer tolerate that dark monotony of within, shattering that coldly efficient shell to reveal himself to the world.

Borrowed Talent Dragonet
Vibrant versatility trumpets its fanfare of sapphire and aquamarine to herald this dragon: a wiry grace made flesh with the lithe, efficient lines of a dancer. Brighter blue illuminates the well-formed headknobs: a spotlight for the scherzo of aqua that tumbles the length of his slender neck and back and masques his wedge-shaped head. Turquoise elegance plucks the cobalt that strings his glassy 'sails and echoes darker in the strokes of midnight that chime along graceful spars and talon tips. His starlit tail is no curtain call, however, but an encore that continues life's dance.

Reiko can't help twitching as the first egg shatters. A blue. She clutches Phea's hand more tightly, reflexively, her eyes glued to the dragonet. Oh.

Borrowed Talent Dragonet vaults onto the sands, wide eyes looking about. Did he miss his cue? And what are these white things? He practically sashays the next few steps, pose becoming more confident as he realizes his purpose. He must find his dance partner, that's it!

"Brown! Brown and blue! Two! Brown and blue!" Phea is cheering widly for the dragonets, leaning on Reiko as well as keeping both feet on her solitary sandal. Poor thing. "Look, Reiko! Brown and blue!"

Reiko can't take her eyes away from the lovely turquoise creature, even as she notes other eggs rocking and shattering. She's nearly forgotten how hot her feet are.

Mechelle blinks. /Not/ blue...that ones a brown. Okay, so she's going crazy with everything out there happening so fast. She takes a deep breath, steadying herself and scooting over a bit to be near several of the candidates she actually knows. "Reiko." Just a name, but it helps calm Mechelle down. That's something she can focus on. "Look, dragons!" Duh!

Borrowed Talent Dragonet is certainly in his element now, just look at that crowd, there to see /him/! He'll give 'em a show they'll never forge- oof! And down he goes in the sand, right in front of the row of candidates, their dazzling white robes must have distracted him. Standing, he shakes the sand from one shoulder and peers about. Did they see that?... Too late...

Phea has gone from squealing to screeching. "How /cute!/ Blueblueblueblue.. brownbrownbrownbrown.. hothothothot.." Rather than just clinging to Reiko's hand, she now latches herself to her side completely. "Reeeeiko, look!"

Reiko glances over at Mechelle as her name is called, giving QueasyCandie a quick smile and reaching for her hand. It helps. Honest. She glances back quickly as the blue stumbles in the sand, her breath catching in her throat... but no, he got up. He's fine. He's beautiful.

Mechelle looks over her shoulder, making sure there aren't any candidates that might have snuck in behind her. /That/ could be disasterous, from what she's heard. She takes Reiko's offered hand with a squeeze. "They're...something else!" What a statement from this nanny!

Borrowed Talent Dragonet struts his stuff now, eyeing the Candidates sidelong as he shows his stuff before them. One by one, down the line he goes, each one weighed and measured... but his steps are hastening now... Perhaps there's no time for dramatics.

Reiko gives Mechelle's hand a squeeze, shifting from foot to foot as the heat seems to grow more intense. She is /not/ going to complain.

Phea is getting more and more clingy: now, both hands are clutching at Reiko. She's nervous and hot! She can't help it! "Reiko, Reiko, if one is gonna maul me.. protect me!" Sob. Is Reiko even paying attention? "Bluuueeee. Broooown. Hooooot." Coherent, no?

Borrowed Talent Dragonet is nearly desperate at this point, for the show must go on! Methodic twitching of starlit tail increases to a lively tempo, whirling facetted eyes scanning that eager crowd for the talent vital to complete his act. He suddenly skids to a halt, head whipping around to peer back towards the other end. Body pirouettes, inky talons gliding over the sand as he drifts closer... closer... until twirling gold-rimmed sapphire gaze meets that of tilted emerald. He takes a step, dipping down a bit as if bowing before his lady of choice. Will she accept his proposal to dance?

Reiko will not be mauled. Reiko will not... what? Dance? She blinks once, slowly, her hands going limp.

Pyrene ohs. "Look we have an Impression!" she calls out generically. Bee and Bopth. And it's not blue so it is Good. Speaking of blues... "And that blue's choosing. Ouch. Poor girl." Glance to Cadge. "I mean, lucky girl." Ahem.

Borrowed Talent Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Reiko, and steps forward.

You experience an indescribable feeling as a dragonet turns and looks at you.... you feel a consciousness merge with yours, becoming part of you, and still apart... then you realize you can hear a voice in your head...

The subtle music of your life starts humming through your head as a still small presence makes itself known. As the volume and intensity of the notes gain momentum, the presence takes form and begins to surround your thoughts in a twirling dance of light. Suddenly as the arpeggios reach their peak, your mind explodes with the brilliant flash of a supernova, and when the peak of the concerto subsides, there is only warmth, love, and belonging. Then a tingle of energy, as if hovering on the point of laughter, enters your mind for the first time and announces calmly << I am Cerdith. >> and you know that you are his.
>> My name is Cerdith! <<

And everything around her faded into so much noise...

Sora bounces excitedly, tugging on a R'ave-arm. "R'ave, look! That one girl, she Impressed! And /her/!" Reiko gets a squeal. "Good job, you! Go, blue, go!"

Marianne's eyes widen a bit more, watching one dragonet in particular, and then looks to Reiko curiously. The hatching of yet another pulls her attention away, but slowly, it returns to the previous two. "They're all choosing," she murmurs to Rowann, before turning to smile slightly at Kezenex. "Did he choose Reiko?" is suddenly hissed, as she turns to gaze upon the girl.

Phea is too suffused in dragonet-oggling to hear Lorsalia -- and then, as she sees Reiko and the blue, she just /screeches, "/Reiko!/ ReikoReikoReiko! Reeeeiiiko!" Dance, dance, dance. "Yay, Reiko!"

Tamber lets out a gasp! He knew it would happen, he was told it would happen, but he never /expected/...he hops with even more forces as Reiko Impresses, "Reiko!" He clutches Xaner, "It's Reiko!" Duh. :)

Sasha punches the air "Whoooo Reiko! Go Girl!"

Loren stares over at Reiko. "/Reiko/!" Shriek, goes Lo', who removes her hand from Aeris' long enough to wave it. "Yaaay!" Sheik, and such, and Lo' forgets her spastic surveillance for a moment.

Kezenex guhs..."Impressing?" Really? Seriously? No joking? Oh my...Wobble. "Ok," he whispers at Hy. "Bronze!" Squeak! Kez wobbles again, shifting his feet. Dragons, dragons everywhere..."Reiko!" The name is squalked! All/right/! She wasn't eaten!

"Great! That's great!" She doesn't really know Reiko all that well, but it's /blue/! Thus, Cayl /knows/ it has to a goooood thing.

"Reiko!" Rowann clings and cheers simultaneously. "Reiko! Reiko Impressed!" So.. wow.

"Bronze," Ciera announces. "This time, I think it really is bronze, too." If not, she can blame it on the wine. "Oh, and look! The first blue has chosen. Lucky, lucky girl. Reiko, isn't it?"

Xaner is..clutched. And bounces along with those hot feet. Owie owie. "Ooh! Reiko!! Go Reikooooo!"

"Reiko?" R'ave murmurs toward Sora, eyes getting.. bigger. "Cool." He bounces a little with the bluerider, to avoid being jostled. Umph.

Khory blinks. "Reiko," he states, casting a glance to Kinecha. "She just impressed.." he whispers.

Hiliza actually lets go of Surupa's hand, and starts jumping up and down, screeching, "Oh! OH! Reiko! Reiko!" Hiliza resists the urge to run over and hug her fellow candidate. Afterall, she's busy. "Oh Reiko! Congratulations!" And Surupa's hand is found again, though Hiliza is near-tears happy.

Lorsalia oohs at Reiko and pulls on Loren and Essie's arms. "It went to Reiko, Reiko Impressed a blue!" She squeals, positively extatic that the blue didn't pick her. But look- that Balloon egg is showing a crack or two. Without waiting, Essie scoots forward, pulling Lorsalia with her. She's gonna be right there for the dragon, she will be.

Hynolonie's face breaks out in a big grin as she spots Reiko Impressing. WHOO! "HURRAY! REIKO!" She assumes there'll be a new name, but its just so much fun to shout her old name now. "CONGRATES!" The littlest candidate jumps up and down. wooo! "Um.. sorry Kez." She realized that she was yanking on his arm the entire time.

Ilare wooos! "Reiko! Oh, wonderful!" What an excellent choice! A'sh and blue Squirtleth are motioned over, even as the newest brown gets BLINKED at. He's.. handsome. Ish. Maybe? Not as good looking as hers.. "Lots of browns." That's her bet.

Mechelle hurries to step away from Reiko, grinning at her friend, "Congratulations!" she says again. "Reiko, the dragonrider!" she murmers, stepping away even more. Gotta give them all the room they need, of course!

Pyrene lets out a startled cry as she recognises the weyrling. "/REiko/?? Reiko on blue? She's not a bluerider! She can't be." She was kind of sensible.

Surupa looks towards the blue and whimpers. "They want to maul me, I tell you. Just waiting for me to come out in the open an' then three of 'em will come running at me and tear me to pieces!" /Shudder/. Blink. "Reiko?" And she glances that way. "/Oh/, hey! They took away Reiko!" How evil of them.

D'renn peers in the same direction as Ciera, agreeing eventually, "Bronze it is." But. Um. "Was that Reiko? Blue? Wonderful!"

"Reiko! Over here, please!" R'sli calls, and motions the new weyrling over.

G'deon claps suddenly as the blue bows before Reiko. "Fantastic!" he blurts out, once again the little boy on the sands. "Reiko! Let's get him fed. Did you hear a name?" he asks, turning to the Weyrlingmaster.

"Is that her name?" Sora wonders, then bounces. "Another one!"

Hyzen claps with her rolls, dropping crumbs all over the place for the Impressions. "Reiko!" she cries in triumph, grinning widely before examining her rolls. "Oh my."

"Oh, Reiko?" Kinecha mutters, not sure if she should be happy or dissapointed. Though a smile does spread on her face. There was no way she could be angry or jealous at Reiko was there. "Blue, then... Fits her well enough.."

R'sli shakes his head at G'deon. "Not yet."

Reiko's jaw drops. Really drops. "Cerdith," she murmurs, trying the name on her tongue. The cheering around her is only so much noise as she reaches for the dragonet with trembling fingers. "You're beautiful," she murmurs. But now she's hungry. No... he's hungry. She glances up at G'deon sharply as he speaks. "Fed. Yes..."