Another Hangover

Living Caverns
The rough-hewn majesty of this cavern far outpaces any delight in the multitudes of curves that form its enclosure. The glabrous grey granite is shot through with translucent obsidian, lending subtly-veined sparkle to the walls and the foot-trodden smoothness of the floor that shows centuries-old placements of the scarred trestle tables; carven hollows give homes for the glow baskets and the coat-pegs that line the walls. No mosaics, no painting, no tiles: just a few well-done tapestries mark the pathway that lead to the kitchen to the north and the inner caverns to the west, and frame the nighthearth's stew and snacks, while a heavier strip of oiled canvas shields the unwary from the wind in the bowl.

Niall arrives from deeper in the Weyr.

Reiko is sitting alone at a hearthside table with the remains of what was evidently a rather large meal in front of her, in addition to her customary klah mug and pitcher. Yes, she eats. Occasionally. Just at the moment, though, she appears to be staring into the fire.

Enter in shadows and exit in shadows, that's how Niall moves, and now was to be no different, and would have been no different if he hadn't heard noises, and stepped out of the shadows from the pain. A seat, he needed to sit down before the pain of his headache got any worse. Softly he sat down, and grabbed the nearest poised to throw at the noise, but died down before he could.

Reiko has been ignoring whatever noise might be bothering Niall, most likely out of spite, but she does notice when it stops. Emerald gaze slides sidelong, belatedly seeking the source, finding Niall instead. And narrowing. "Morning," she says casually, slouching back in her chair and eyeing him appraisingly. An eyebrow arches as she can't resist adding, in a slightly louder tone, "How are /you/?" Because she thinks he's looked better.

Niall grimaces at the 'morning,' and resisted the urged to throw the object in his hand at Reiko for her last comment. No outward signs were given at wanting to throw the object at her, but she herself had a hangover, not long ago, from the same drink he is. "I've been better," he softly said, hand reaching into a pouch to pull what looked like a piece of root from it.

Reiko eyes the object in his hand, dimly remembering having seen something like it before. As her eyes return to his face, a smirk curls the corners of her lips. "I'll just bet," she remarks dryly, reaching for her mug. She lifts it slowly, eyeing him over the rim. "Shall I call a Healer for you?" An amused twinkle lights emerald eyes.

Niall quickly put the piece of root in his mouth and chewed. He wasn't going to go to any healer to save his life, and Reiko knew that. A slight glare went to her, but didn't last long, as he looked her over. "I will see /no/ healer." He said, grimacing at ever word.

The smirk spreads to a twisted halfsmile as Reiko sets the mug back on the table with a light thump. The glare is noticed, as is the once-over, which only seems to increase her amusement. "Nonsense, Niall. I can have Elehu in here in no time." Unusually solicitous, she gets to her feet, even takes a step or two in the direction of the infirmary. "You just stay right here." Smirk.

Niall would have glared again, but concentrating hurt to much, so he just looked her over again. He can't complain, not all, but he hoped it would work out to be close to a glare to Reiko. "You do, and I /will/ kiss you!" He threatened, fully meaning it, whether he had a hangover or not.

Elehu arrives from deeper in the Weyr.

Reiko laughs. Really, actually laughs. "You'll have to catch me," she informs him. No easy task, given his present ... condition, and her motivation. She turns on her heel and nearly walks straight into Elehu herself. "Ahhhh. Morning, Ele. /Just/ who I was looking for." The smirk turns into a twisted smile, emerald eyes glittering. "Poor Niall's not feeling well." And doesn't Reiko sound heartbroken?

Elehu grunts slightly at Reiko's "greeting", but the journeyman is quick to return the smile. "Oh? What seems to be the problem?" she asks curiously, glancing over Reiko's shoulder at the mentioned Weyrfolk.

Niall mumbles something, probably best left unheard. "Catching you wouldn't be a problem." He informed her, grimacing again as he spook. He glared at Elehu for a moment, before returning his attention to Reiko. The effects of what he ate starting to work now. "I'm perfectly fine," he said, trying to keep the venom out of his tone. No, he truly doesn't like healers.

Reiko turns back to Niall with a finely arched eyebrow and a twisted smirk. "So you /think/," she says coolly, with a tone that suggests he might be sorrier if he caught her than if he didn't. But he can insist he feels fine if he likes. Reiko's turning her attention back to Elehu. "Some people just /won't/ be helped," she murmurs, giving the Healer a discreet once-over. "How are /you/ this morning?"

Elehu colors faintly at Reiko's scrutiny but simply clears her throat, again giving Niall a glance. "Now really, Reiko has been an assistant long enough to tell when someone's sick, so if she says you are, you'd better have a good reason as to why you think you don't, sir." She takes a step back, her hands nervously stuck into her pockets to keep them from fidgeting.

Niall grins evilly, keeping his head low to hide it from the healer's view. But before he acted to her, he looked over at Reiko. His grin turned to smirk then, letting her know he didn't care what she did, if he caught her. Now it was Elehu's turn to deal with Niall. He grabbed a large bag and tossed it to Elehu. "Try some, and you'll know what I'm dealing with." Now he watched, waiting to see if she took some of his unique klah.

Kinecha saunters quietly in from the Central Bowl.

Reiko eyes Niall for a long moment, eyes narrowed to emerald slits, the smirk not lost on her. As the bag is tossed, a hand darts out to intercept it, and she arches a brow at Niall as she quickly opens it and takes a long sniff. "More spiked klah?" She shakes her head and closes the bag, tossing it negligently back in his direction and turning to Elehu. "He's only hung over. And if he feels half as bad as /I/ did," - here she eyes him viciously - "leave him."

Elehu shudders softly and shakes her head to Niall. "Thank you, but I'll pass. Besides, I prefer my klah hot," she adds with a wink. She offers a quick wave to Kinecha as the guard walks in, but then her hand goes right back in to her pocket. It's safe there. She wrinkles up her nose a bit at Reiko and shrugs. "Well... sometimes that sort of Healing is best left undone, true..."

Ceridwin arrives from deeper in the Weyr.

Ceridwin raises one eyebrow at the number of people actually around today.. and heads for the food.. Cheese, bread, and redberry juice... Spying Elehu, she ehads that way and grins. "Mind if I join you?"

Hanging onto Tekin's shoulder Kinecha limps into the cavern, looking none too happy. "No, I don't need a healer," she mutters to the other guard as she slumps into the nearest chair. "I'm sure it's just a sprain... Just go get me a mug of klah," she tells the man, treating him as if he were her recruit again. Tekin, being a rather nice guy, shrugs and moves toward the hearth. Spotting Elehu on his way, he makes a change of course making for the healer instead. Bending down to the healer, he whispers to her, "Elehu, ma'am... She won't go to the infirmary." Nodding toward Necha, he looks at her with worry in his eyes. "Could you please tell her to do something about that ankle of hers?"

Niall sat back some, grinning at Elehu. This healer didn't seem to bad, but healers in general are not his favorite people. Blame his up bringing on it. "Yes it is," he answered Reiko, his smirk widening. "Still upset about that I see. Well I can't blame you, but I can't be either."

Elehu blinks idly at the other guard who comes towards her and nods quickly. "Well, of course. Sorry, Ceridwin, I have to go see to Kinecha. Since this guy here obviously would rather suffer." She starts to head over towards Kinecha while asking either one of the two guards, "Now just what happened?"

Ceridwin nods to elehu, patients come first, no problem there. So, she sets sets her plate and glass down and begins to eat

Reiko eyes Niall coolly. "Upset? Whatever gave you /that/ idea?" Just because a 24-hour period of her life can only be remembered in bits and pieces, and she has less reason to trust him every time she sees him? She'll just leave poor nervous Elehu to her distractions - yes, Reiko /did/ notice - but wait, it seems Elehu is leaving Reiko. Hm. Guard and recruit are casually ignored, Ceri is randomly eyed. Finally, with a toss of her head, Reiko returns to her chair, long fingers drumming on her table in a rather agitated fashion as she proceeds to ignore everyone.

"Nothing happened," Kinecha says, shooting arrows at Tekin with her eyes, the poor man retreating to get her klah. "Just slipped is all.." Reaching out for the mug the other guard has brought her she takes a long swallow, while he turns to Elehu to explain. "We were drilling. She fell and hurt her ankle, even if she won't admit it I think it looks bad," he says, doing his best to ignore Necha icy stare.

Elehu nods slowly as she stops beside where Kinecha took a seat. "What kind of pain is it?" she asks Kinecha briskly, ignoring the guard's previous comments about not needing help. "Sharp? Dull? Throbbing? Has it started to swell or bruise?"

Niall blinked a few times and tried to bury his head into the chair he was sitting in. Pain from all the noise, and here is just where he happened to be. The pain wasn't as strong as it was when he first entered, but it was enough for him to reach out and grab the item he did have, to throw. He did throw it, in Reiko's direction, nowhere close to hitting anyone, as he stood up.

Ceridwin listens with interest to the healer chat.. maybe she would be needed? Maybe not, since Elehu was a full healer, but hey.. helping would be fine..

Reiko has already decided not to assist in this /particular/ bit of healing unless she's specifically asked, but her attention is distracted by movement from the corner of her eye as Niall - throws something? Her head whips around to glare narrowly at him, twisted smirk in place. "Crawling off to some quiet hole?" she guesses, a bit of a taunt evident in her voice. The -object- on the floor is eyed for a moment before she looks at him again. "Do you run as poorly as you throw?"

"It doesn't really hurt," the guard says, giving her colleague another sharp stare. Moving a bit in her chair, she invariably moves her leg as well, and a wince passes her face. Raising her hand in a dismissing motion, she sighs and looks up at Elehu, "sharp," she says, "'n I dunno if it's bruising, haven't checked it." Who would pull off their boots in the weather outside to check on an injuired ankle anyway?

Reiko took that? Wow, she must be getting mellow. Or she just really doen't liek Ceri. Either way, the masseuse is stunned that she didn't at least throw it back.

Tekin stands by, looking from the healer to Kinecha, his arms crossed in front of his chest, looking much as if he's standing guard against his colleague running. Not that she would get far, though..

Niall stops on his way to the nearest exit and snapped around. He eyed Reiko, and smirked. Slowly he walked over to her. Stopping at the item he threw, he picked it up, and sat it down on, as he crossed the gap between him and Reiko. "Some other time I'll show you how well I throw," Niall said, making sure he was near face to face with her. "But I should give you something before I go, just because I feel I should." With the way he felt, it wouldn't matter what she did to him for this. He kissed Reiko, fulfilling hit threat, and then left without giving anyone the opportunity to do anything about his actions.

Niall steps into the shadows that lead back into the Weyr.

Elehu eyes Niall out of the corner of her eye and frowns, but shaking her head she glances back down at Kinecha. "Well then, I suggest you move your wounded self to the infirmary so that we can get you off your feet and take a look at that ankle."

Kinecha stares so hard at Niall's dissapearing back that she only faintly hears Elehu's order, then blinks and glances at Reiko before turning full attention back on the healer. "Very well," she says, setting the halffilled mug down on the table, then uses Tekin's shoulder to lean on, as they move toward the infirmary. Better off, getting away from this place right now.

Elehu steps into the shadows that lead back into the Weyr.

Kinecha steps into the shadows that lead back into the Weyr.

Reiko stares Niall down, to the last possible moment, refusing to believe he'll actually have the nerve to actually fulfill his threat. But he does, leaving her sputtering and furious as he stalks back into the shadows. "Of all the..." Whatever Reiko's thinking is left unsaid, only a sharp hiss escaping her as she turns on her heel and stalks out of the caverns. Into the snow.

Bundle up 'gainst snow or sun! The bowl is open to seasons' wrath.