Living Caverns

Hyzen meekly steps in from the Central Bowl.

Reiko drains her mug and gets up for yet another refill, sparing hardly a glance at the suddenly silent Tevya. Kinecha must've really freaked her out with the pregnancy comment. Either that, or the girl was more tired than she thought. Heh. She fills her mug, glancing up at the sound of footsteps in the entrance. Oooh. "Morning, Hyzen." She fixes glittering eyes on the greenrider, wondering if the girl's previous attentions were wholly dragon-roused...

Glowing amber/gold embers flash brilliantly in the rounded face of this small dragonrider, hinting at truths untold and the mysteries and joys of being young. Short bangs decorate the high forehead then lengthen back into her usual ponytail, banded together with a small runner-clip. Pert little nose tips slightly up at the end and small mouth is usually pulled into a thoughful and reflective line. Gentle neck extends downwards, drawing ones eye onto the flat chest and towards the jutting shoulders. Short arms, showing little in the department of muscles, lead unobtrusively into delicate hands... slightly calloused and seemingly fragile, they do hold the almost unnoticable knobs of the paintbrush and stylus resting spots. Curving waist leads completely into legs, not stopping for the hips of which there doesn't seem to be. Resembling arms as much as is possible, her legs are also short and seemingly under-muscled to the eye. Small feet poke out from the ends of her legs, not highly noticable to one how only gives her the cursory glance as is common for the quiet and thoughtful.
Shades of darkness spread smoothly over these rich brown leathers, accented by a soft lactescent fur. Ringing her neck, waist and cuffs for the warmth it provides in Fall and basic life in the 'Reaches-- and if one was to look close enough, they'd see that the fur wasn't fully white. The very tips are dyed just the sweetest hint of sage: to match the wild tangles of her beautiful lifemate. Careful and tedious stitching went into the making of the sienna riding leathers, inch by inch sewn with the finest emerald thread. Helmet is a matching brown, goggles either covering rider's face or perched upon the brow of the head-wear. A thick belt wraps her waist, small silver loops poking out 'round the whole thing for the snaps of the straps. Gloves, either snugged around small hands or tugged into the belt, have the same lining of soft fur and hue of burnt umber.
Simplistic line of a bright orange twist around the neck of Hyzen, the small though detailed mountain and firelizards proudly shown along with the loving words etched into the essance. A delicate flash of intricate twining shines from the slender finger of young Hyzen; thusly the shape of a hand-wrought ring.
Circling around and around are two brilliantly hued cords on Hyzen's left shoulder: a deep blue and staring black. Dancing with the two colours is a third of proud emerald green, a ribbon worked into the two cords with delicate care. Chevron-shaped badge with sapphire as the background superimposed on dark mountains. More startling still, a pair of dragon's eyes flare out of the cragged peaks, picked out in crimson and gold thread, echoing the dancing flames which lick up from the badge's bottom edge with bold eagerness and untamed hunger in an accurate visual description of the wing's riders themselves.
She is awake, but has been staring off into space for a minute.
Hyzen is 17 Turns, 8 months, and 26 days old.
Hyzen has no apparent threadscoring.

It's always known when a dragonrider approaches by the sound of their riding boots 'pon hard floor. It was a blessing and a curse, depending. Hearing Reiko's voice, Hyzen winces slightly-- but she'd known the other was here. Phoenix was more than just an annoying pet. No food nor mug is grabbed, she just moves towards Reiko's table with an apologetic air. "'lo, Reiko. How're you?" Proddiness are just deep emotions dredged up from within-- so there was something behind her feelings. But she's not used to such things. "Mind if I sit?"

Tevya finally wakes from the stupor she had just been in and takes a long swig from her mug. She looks at the newcommer, remembering her from her first day in the weyr. Silent, she keeps the mug to her lips until it it is drained. She gets up and goes to the pot to await her turn for a refil.

Hyzen calls to Phoenix, who flies over and wiggles down into her pouch.

"Well enough." Reiko's response rarely varies. Her lips curl in a twisted halfsmile as she nods once, slowly. "Not at all." She lounges back in her chair and lifts her mug for a sip, her eyes never leaving the other's face.

Tevya filled her mug and sat back down at her table. She sensed that rouble might be brewing...

Tevya Tevya glances at the women sitting at the table. Slowly she gets up enough courage to walk over to thier table. "Can I sit here?"

Hyzen offers a warm nod to Tevya before sliding into a chair-- looking everywhere but at Reiko. This was going to be harder than she first thought. "Look... about a few days ago..." She pauses, finally able to meet the other's gaze. "I'm sorry. I wasn't thinking... my dragon was ready and... I reacted." Tevya is glanced at, and a wavery smile crosses greenrider's lips. "I don't mind..."

Tevya Tevya nods her thanks and pulls a chair from the table. She sets her mug down, resting a hand on the table.

Reiko nods again, looking more amused than anything else. "Don't give it a thought," she says warmly, setting her mug down on the table. "It was... interesting." And not altogether unpleasant. Emerald eyes flicker over Tevya as she joins them before returning to Hyzen. "No need to be sorry at all."

Tevya clears her throat, not quite sure if she remembers or was told the riders names. Somewhat red faced she says, "So you two are called...?"

Hyzen fidgets in her chair, eyes darting between the two females before sighing softly in relief. "You're sure?" She now knew that a few of them hadn't appreciated her flirting-- like Cayl and Ilare. Kinecha had seemed... in-between. Sniff. A wary eye is cast 'pon Reiko as she thinks, brows furrowed. There was something... "You really didn't mind, did you?" It's... stunned. Startled. Eeep! Tevya's question draws her from thought and she smiles. "M'name's Hyzen, rider of green Imbriath."

Reiko nods again, more slowly, her eyes still on Hyzen to see her reaction, which also seems to amuse her. "Quite sure." Flirting is always a good thing, indeed. She glances over at Tevya. "I'm Reiko," she informs the girl. "Just plain weyrfolk at the moment... although I may have my hands full with weyrbrats soon, if I can ever corner Tyara." That same twisted halfsmile returns to her face, and her eyes slide back to regard Hyzen thoughtfully.

Tevya looks into the multi-colored eyes of the green dragon Imbriath and then up at Hyzen. "Sorry ran out turns ago."

Tevya notices the change in attitude between to two women, Hyzen and Reiko. She senses there's something she must have missed, and makes a mental note to check the news. She tries to hide her smile as she takes a drink from the cup. Then "So what's been happening around here? Anything interesting comming up?"

It's not easy to make a dragonrider look taken-aback. Reiko has managed to do so /twice/ with Hyzen. Girl sits in her chair, staring. It's not that she's sickened-- she's lived in Weyrs for more than half her life. She's been raised to understand it. But for it to be /her/? Twitch. "Um... I'm... um... glad." Stammer. Stutter. Startle. "There'll be a clutching in Ista soon." For Tevya's question, obviously.

Reiko is certainly an equal-opportunity flirt, and casts appreciative glances where she may. She may... or may not... mean anything by it. One can never tell. But rather than press poor Hyzen, who's apparently somewhat uncomfortable, she addresses the latter statement. "Oh, a clutch at Ista? How interesting." She lounges back in her chair and lifts her mug for another sip.

Hyzen looks slightly relieved as Reiko changes the subject. Poor girl was still getting over the shock of things. "Yes... it should be soon now, if I'm figureing right." Gloved hand comes up and she mutters softly as she counts. "Soon." she concludes. She's no expert on gold dragons, you know. "Would you like to see it?"

Tevya sputters on the sip of klah she just sipped. Her at an impression! She couldn't think of anything better than that. Ever since she first saw a dragon that's all she wanted to be was a dragon rider. Her face lights up with excitement and she says "I..I'd love to!"

Oorla walks in from the Central Bowl.

Oorla eases into the caverns looking especially cheery today. "Morning Hyzen," she says, and nods to the other two who she really doesn't know very well before going over to the table find some breakfast.

Tevya looks at the newcommer and back at Hyzen. "Who is that?"

Reiko grins. "I would, in fact," she says to Hyzen. She pauses for a sip of klah. The new arrival gets a wave, one eyebrow arched as she notices her cheerful expression.

She is tall, anout 5' 10 and very slender. Straight ebony hair cascades to just below her waist, contrasting sharply against her creamy-golden complexion. Her prominent eyes, vioelt, framed with long, dark lashes, are large and expressive, but hardly grotesque. Serenely pretty, she carries with her an aura of calming shadows, and she always seems good-natured and cheerful, though she seldom shows it by smiling. Instead, watch for the grin in her eyes, which shows her to be highly optimistic and good humored.
She's dressed from head to toe in purple so deep it's almost black. Her tunic, though otherwise unadorned, has long, loose sleeves that billow in the slightest breeze, and rather than sensible trousers, she's wearing puffy, ballooned pantaloons that gather just above her ankle. A loose sash is wrapped about her waist, and her long hair falls freely down her back. She's certainly not dressed for riding, but hey, you have to wear your fun clothes when you get the chance.
No longer a 'ling, she wears the knot of a full dragonrider!
She is awake and looks alert.
Oorla is 26 Turns, 4 months, and 14 days old.

Hyzen smiles broadly. "I'll know when it starts-- I'll find you guys on the day it begins." Nodding sharply, she leans back further in her chair, grinning broadly at Oorla. Tevya's question gets a raised brow before whispered words are passed. "It'd be better if you asked her yourself." Sparkle.

Oorla finishes assembling a plateful of meatrolls and stickybuns, then pours herself a glass of redfruitjuice. Claiming a seat near the fire, she cocks her head at Tevya and tells her, "The name's Oorla. Glad to meet you."

Tevya grinns rather heasatently, and takes a drink from her cup. "Tevya. Nice to meet you too."

Reiko lifts her mug in a vague salute. "Reiko." Tossing it in, just on principle. Emerald eyes slide back to Hyzen. "That'd be nice. Thanks." Her first hatching... something to look forward to.