First Flight

Kamoku> Lorsalia drags Yajisarath out, her face set in a grumbling sort of expression. "I don't care if we clash. We've gotta practice the wing formations, Jisaaa." She says, stomping along. The greenling snorts, but swings her way into the field with the usual noise of bells preceeding her. Now. Adore.

Kamoku> Cris stalks through the tunnel leading in from the barracks, following Qelketh with straps slung over her shoulder. Hunching over as she mutters a silent complaint to Qelketh for having to haul heavy wherhide around. "Qelketh." is grumbled under her breath as she heaves the straps up farther into her arms before straining them up into a position for Qelketh to duck his head through. "Hurry." is gasped.

Kamoku> Qelketh skitters out of the barracks, not sharing one bit of his rider's mood of carrying heavy wherhide around.. because he's not carrying any. And that is cause for celebration. Even so, he obediently ducks his head and through the straps, in an almost-hurry. Warble. Let's goooo.

Kamoku> R'ave rubs the back of his neck absnetly, cupping a yawn behind a palm. "Eh. It's time already?" Soquilith stirs, the dust forever coating his anemic hide drizzling away from him in loose clouds. Cris and Lorsalia are looked over by the weyrlingmaster, Soquilith's lazy focus roving the young dragons. "You all been seeing that they exercise their flight muscles regularly? If they can't handle this now, I don't want to push'm."

Training Grounds
The marks of thousands of claws give testament to the shuffling of the young dragons that have torn up what little grass once grew in this corner of the bowl. Tucked in between the feeding pens to the south and the curve of the Weyrleader's complex, the training grounds are home to daily exercises and classes, all taking place well out of the way of the hectic bustle of the rest of the bowl. Cut deep into the cliff face, the large, covered openings leading into the extensive weyrling barracks rise high over the heads of any who come near, although the height of the caldera's spindles far above cast their own reaching shadows across the hard packed earth.
It is an autumn afternoon. The sun starts its slow descent to the west. The air becomes cooler as the soft breeze picks up.
To the north, you see Nezdarvyth and Cerdith.
Soaring high overhead are Ghede, Selig, and Kamoku.
Green Niamhyth, brown Druseth, blue Kearneth, green Yajisarath, green Ayamizureth, blue Qelketh, and bronze Soquilith are here.
Lorsalia, Loe, Cris, and R'ave are here.
Obvious exits:

Cerdith heads out from the Weyrling Barracks.
Reiko is led in by Cerdith.

Miami blinks in from ::between::!

Yajisarath flutters her wings, folding and unfolding them carefully. She's been excersizing them. She knows what once she and Lorsa can both fly, her rider won't have to wear that ugly uniform all the time. "What? You're going to teach our dragons to fly?" Lorsalia is slower about making her way out to the field than her eager dragon. "Really truly?"

Cris latches the buckle, tightening it about deep blue hide of Qelketh's. Looking more cheerful after being relieves from the heavy load of wherhide. "There." is pronounced, and attention temporarily shifts to the weyrlingmaster. Eyes shine semi-curiously. Qelketh is eyed. "Sure, flight muscles are good." is pronounced, a heavy pat to blue foreleg provided. Bounce, scuffle.

Reiko gets about two steps out of the barracks when she notices weyrlings gathered and R'ave looking impatient. She's about to open her mouth to ask what's going on when Lorsalia speaks. "Oh... That's /now/?" She quickly does a mental check with Cerdith, who assures her he's even more ready than he was this morning and thanks her for asking as he steps forward.

Soquilith croons something in a wholly innappropriate tone toward Yajisarath. R'ave doesn't bother reprimanding his lifemate, nodding blandly at the kiddies. "Uh. I can't really fly, Losalia. I have Soq for that. So Soq will teach your dragons to fly. It's instinctual, they just need to learn balance and precision and all that.. stuff." All that stuff that he and his bronze bus didn't pay attention to. "Yep. That's -now-, Reiko." He beams, and points ominously toward Yajisarath. "You go first. Let Soq take off first, do what he does... and keep her right close to him, Lorsalia."

Yajisarath tucks her gold-toned head down, a move she and Lorsalia decided many days ago was cute and flirty and all that stuff. Lifting her wings again, she twitches the tip of her tail, watching Soquilith carefully. "She's ready." The rider tells R'ave, mental repremanding her dragon for using the 'look' on the wrong bronze. Yajisarath needs to learn that browns are better than bronzes for her sake.

Soquilith doesn't blunder too badly as he lifts stocky forearms, the coarsely crafted muscle filling out his hindquarters rippling as he spreads inky wingsails, making his lift-off gentle, rather than abrupt. Another raspy bugle trills for Yajisarath as he turns his head back, hovering impatiently.

"No. You have to wait." Cerdith stops in his tracks, a disappointed croon emitting from his throat. Reiko catches up to him and murmurs, "Just pay attention. You'll get a turn soon." Giving her lifemate a comforting scritch as high up his shoulder as she can reach, she turns emerald gaze to watch.

R'ave sneezes. "Once around the grounds, Lors, make her stay low -- and no speeding." That's over 65 mph, in case you wondered.

Ayamizureth pads out of the barracks, following reluctantly behind the other dragons and their riders. The swampish green sortof slides along until she reaches somewhere in the middle of the grounds, and stops. As for exersising? Yup. 'Cause Loe told her to. She even demonstrates, unfolding a single wing to inspect it, then curling it back in. Head swings towards Loe, as if asking questions. Many questions. Just too make sure she gets all her plans just right. She doesn't even seem to be paying attention to the dragons about to do their flying.

"Be careful, Wherryhead." Lorsalia bites her lowerlip in worry for the green as she settles on her hindlimbs, then pushes off. Plunk. Something didn't go right there and she's still on the ground. Yajisarath's rider rushes to the dragon's side, frowning. "What do you mean you forgot to jump? Wasn't that what you were doing?" Jisarath laughs, rippling with the emotion as Lors'ia backs away so that she can begin again. This time, when she pushes against the ground, she does lift off, expansive wings spread to catch what she can. Soon, the young one is in the air, keeping close to Soquilith, flapping her wings to stay up.

Loe wanders in, not looking freakishly cheerful. Or grinning toothily. Or doing anything like that, because Loe's just in a dweeby sort of mood. Ayamizureth gets a bob of the head as Loe tromps behind the green, fiddling with the hem of her shirt. "Right, right. That's good. Mm-hmm." And then, Loe stops. And stares. And drools. R'ave. Over there. Having made this astute observation, Loe chooses to stand relatively still and look relatively safe. Or else she's just busy chatting with Ayamizureth -- in any case, she's not whining. And that's always good.

Soquilith is snickering! What a bad example. He leads the young green in a low path 'round the training grounds, nicker-whirrs echoing as he warns her to fall back as he lands. He descends butt-first, hindpaws balancing his weight as he grounds himself, calling the green to land. Like, now.

R'ave waves nervously at Loe. Aheh. Sweatdrop. "Tell her to land -slowly-, Lorsalia.

Cris perks towards Qelketh, leaning into pastel colored stomach as she watches the greenlet take off, patting Qelketh happily as she stares. "Remember to jump and do it real good, Qel." is declared as she continues to watch the bronze touch down, waiting. "careful, though. Don't hurt yourself."

Lorsalia nods, cups her hands around her mouth and yells, "Hey, Jis'rath! Do it slowly!" Yajisa flicks her tail in acknowledgement and pulls her wings back a little, eyeing the ground. "What do you mean you don't know how?" Is another grumble from Lorsalia. "Just /do/ it." Rumbling above, the greenling tentatively shifts in the air, butt-down like Soq, and falls much less gracefully. Practise should make perfect. Just pretend you didn't see that.

Reiko leans into Cerdith's shoulder a bit, watching carefully. Mild surprise crosses her face as Yajisarath needs two tries to get off the ground.. she's pretty sure Cerdith won't have a problem with that. Since it's taken most of her concentration to keep him on the ground. Now landing...

Qelketh shuffles forepaws again, tailtip twitching as he peers at Soquilith and Yajisarath. Yup. He can do that. And.. he'll do it real good. Tailwiggle. Wings flutter again, rather impatiently.

Ayamizureth settles down, leaning in one side. Then something unsettles her. She whuffles towards Loe's back, where wings just might be. Except they aren't. Oh well. Following Loe's gaze, she turns swirling eyes on R'ave, simply to blink. What's so interesting? She can't seem to figure this out. So, Aya just tilts back, and sits on her hindlegs, looming, in that ever protective way, over Loe. Mwaha. But quickly, eyes turn to the green who can't seem to land, and an impatient snort is sent thattaways. Just land already. Hmph.

R'ave eyes Lorsalia. "I meant through that whole mind-link thing. It's handy." Soqulith waxes wise, and is surely telling Yajisarath she did well -- or not. "Nice landing. Now.." He spins, and his errantly pointing index-type finger lands on... Qelketh. Dingding! "It's Qel's turn, Cris. What for Soq to take off, than fire when ready."

Soquilith (and we're sure it's the /dragon/ this time)leaves Yajisarath with a bit of a cranky snuffle. Alright, alright. He catcalls once, to Aya, that molten booty wriggling as he extends, once more, into flight.

Cris jumps, stumbling up from her position lazily leaning against a Qel stomach and relaxing until it would be Qelketh's turn. Which is is, now. Grimace is provided and thumb nail is nibbled slowly before she slinks out of the blue's way, and with a shove, sends Qel towards the hovering Soquilith.

Loe khe, hees -- quietly, of course -- inching back towards Ayamizureth before emitting a few randomly eerie tee, hees in no particular direction -- and then she grumbles. (For no particular reason, of course.) "I wanna go," comes the whine towards the not too happy W'eiluv, Loe waving a hand. "I get to go before you." If only because he's already been through all this and he won't argue back. "So shuddup." And then, taking a moment to look freakishly spastic, Loe b e a m s up at Ayamizureth. "Aaaaaaaw. Soquilith said hi. He's so nice." Loe flaps a hand at Reiko. "He said hiii." And then at Cris. "Yaaay! Good luck!" Whee.

Qelketh waits, waits.. and fires. Spring! Wings flap twice, then start beating at the air double-time. FLapflapflap. He's catching up to Soq, really. And why doesn't -he- get any catcalls? Flapflapflap.. And then he's up somewhere close to Soquilith. Hover. See, Cris? He's doing it really good. Gya.

Lorsalia joins Yajisarath and sticks her tongue out at R'ave. Just because she prefers speaking with Yajisarath vocally doesn't mean anything. Jisa knows what she's saying. "You did real good, Wherryhead." Rider strokes an eyeridge, purring a little while the young green dragon leans into her hand, eyes whirling happily. She was good and she knows it. Wait until Dsalth sees her!

Soquilith regulates his speed enough to allow Qelketh to pass him -- hey, a little hoist on the ego can't hurt. He herds the blue, rather than trail him, making sound only to warn the weyrling of his landing, executed in a boringly similar manner to his first.

"He does nicely, Cris. Tell him to land, now. Through the mindlink." R'ave grins perkily toward the blueling, raspberrying right back at Lors. Rank means nothing.

Reiko just ... blinks at Loe. "That's great." Maybe she /did/ build that shrine after all? But Cerdith is impatiently waiting his turn, starlit tail flicking up little puffs of dust behind him.

Cris squirms, eyes wide as she watches the blue dragon swoop, though beaming as Qelketh passes the big bronze. Eyes hazing out for a moment to demand a safe landing from bluelet lifemate, Cris bounces excitedly from the ground.

Ayamizureth seems to cackle along with Loe, silently, but immitating any movements needed to make such Khe Hee sounds. Then impatiently twitches. She wants to fly too! *whine* But any twitching or Khe Hee movements, stop when Soquilith catcalls, or as Loe put it, 'says hi'. The only response is an indignant snort. No, she's not social. Couldn't you tell? Looming over Loe again, she hisses lightly. When is it their turn? Shouldn't /she/ have gone first? Hrmph.

Qelketh powerflaps a bit past Soquilith before being herded.. They have to go down -already-? So disappointing. He executes a little dart to the left and back to the right before landing, only remembering the butt-first bit about halfway down. Oops. Rear end is aimed at the ground, and he plunks down. Safe!

Loe's head bobs frantically at Reiko. "It is, isn't it?" Maybe she did. Maybe it's a used bubblegum shrine hidden in a closet somewhere. Even if Pern has no bubblegum. Le sob. "Don't snort, Ayamizureth." Loe pat-pats. "We'll go soon, m'kay?" Prance, prance, goes the greenlet. Prance.

Yajisarath has enough of the coddling and sneaks her snaky-form away from Lorsalia to take a place in line again, attempting to cut in front of the big-bootied Ayamizureth. "No Jisa." Rider states, loudly. "You can't go again. You already went. Besides, it's time for you bath and we never put the bells on your straps today. Don't you want me to put bells on your straps?"

R'ave straightens his hair as he watches Qelketh. "Cerdith, Reiko, it's your turn. Same thing." Eyes lock on Cristen, kindly. "He did well." And again, the finger'o'doom plunks on Cerdith. "Wait for Soq."

Cerdith warbles joyfully, bounding forward with great energy to position himself near Soquilith. Reiko silently cautions him to wait, surprised to find she's tensing herself in anticipation. "All right," she replies, her eyes never leaving her lifemate.

Ayamizureth does a bit more than snort. She /hisses/. Quagmire hide tensing as Loe reprimands. Hrm. Bad Aya. No cookie. Coming down from her hind legs, the green moves so that she is next to Loe. And not towering behind her.

Soquilith is making no effort at caution any longer. With a lethargic whuff, the bronze flexes his 'sails into position, a huge, twisting leap practically rocketing him off ground. A mental check to Cerdith -- do that, and you'll be the only one-winged blue in the weyr.

"Beam him up, Reiko," R'ave barks, eyes all narrow-ish on his own lifemate. Dork.

Loe pats Aya's forelimb, beaming. Well. Hisses are better than snorts. "I think we're next." And then, Loe waxes Happy and Cheerful in Reiko's direction. "Yaay! Whee! Yaay!" No, Loe did not have sweetsticks. (It was sweetener. So hah.)

Qelketh did weeeeell. Yes. He did. He scurries over to Cris, wings fluttering again expectantly.

Cris beams rather happily at the comment from R'ave, praise almost moving in to push out the fact that Qelketh almost killed himself doing that death defying turn. "My baby, don't do that ever again, you might fall and get hurt!" is scolded at her lifemate as she slinks towards the blue, hopping up to cling about thick, strong, handsome blue neck. See how cute Cris is and how hunky Qel is? Admire. "Good boy."

Yajisarath ignores her rider and twitches her tail impatiently, settling back like to take off, then sitting normal again. She does this a few times, trumpetting lightly for the others as they have successful lift offs and landings. Bet Aya won't be able to get off the ground the first time either, though. Her rear end will weight her down. Or else her head will fall off with the force of it all.

Cerdith settles back on his haunches and /leaps/ -- Chanticoth would be so proud! -- this time unfurling his wings and catching himself. He's up! His wings beat strongly, bringing him near Soquilith /without/ the acrobatics he was warned against. It's thrilling enough just to be -offtheground-. Reiko catches her breath, her eyes lighting up in unconscious concord with Cerdith's pleasure.

Qelketh is a good, hunky blue. Yes. Head and neck are obligingly lowered to Cris-height with a crooooon. He would never kill himself. Really. Not intentionally. Wingflutter, tailwiggle, and he whuffles at Cris's hair while he watches Cerdith now.

Ayamizureth's head will stay connected to her neck. Thank. You. Very. Much. Though it is beginning to itch a bit...A wary glance is sent is Soquilith's direction. Hmmm... Might just be useful. Twitching impatiently, again, she flicks her serpentine tail. Hrmph. Twitch. Flick. Hiss.

Soquilith whicker-warbles plesantly as he sinks, now soaring almost directtly beneath Cerdith, keeping the mental chatter constant -- collisions are Bad. Cerdith's form is eyed as he dodges, making a warning call as he does a silly, supercilious 360 -- and lands.

Loe prances, swoons, and does various things to attract weird looks from W'eiluv. "Whee. This is all so exciting. Everyone's doing so well." Spasticbeam. "Everyone's so /perfect!/" Swoon.

R'ave coughs. "He's flying well, Reiko. Bring him down gently. Soquilith is a bad dragon. Don't do what bad dragons do." Love is in the air..

It's all over too soon. Even Reiko thinks so, and Cerdith is definitely looking rebellious. But land he does, arcing around behind Soquilith in a somewhat wider turnaround and backwinging to a somewhat skidding halt, hindquarters first, a rather large puff of dust accompanying the landing. Coughing slightly, Reiko hurries to his side, flinging her arms around the slender neck and hugging her lifemate tightly. "That was /wonderful/!" she breathes. "No, it was just right. You don't want to push it your first time. You'll have lots of time to practice." Like the rest of his life. Whee.

Sieryn wanders in from the Northern Bowl, keeping an eye out for Weyrlings on Patrol.

R'ave smiles quirkily at the exaggerated look of irritation flung his way from Soquilith. "Nice, Cerdith and Reiko. Now..." Who could be left? "Oh. Aya..." And suddenly, the bronzerider has a migraine. Go figure. "It's your dragon's turn, Loe."

Cris gives a tight squeeze to thick Qelketh neck, before letting go and being happily whuffled, smoothing hair back down into place and slipping into a stance leaning casually - and cutely, don't forget cute - against blue pastel hued tummy, cheerfully watching Cerdith go up and touch down. Leaning in closer to bluelet, assurement of, "You were better." is perkily provided.

Sieryn goes home.

Of course Qelketh was better. Because he's more.. Qel-ish. A pleased rumble is accompanied by the turning of head to whuffle at cute-and-casual Cris more. Whufflecroooon.

Loe squeals, squeaks, prances -- "Our turn! Whee! Our turn!" And, eventually deciding that prancing in circles will not be much help, Loe directs herself towards R'ave, motioning for Ayamizureth to follow. "Our turn, our turn. We're last but it's oouur turrrn." Loe is very happy, you see. "Whee. Okay." Bounce, bounce, stop. She's near R'ave. Over there. "Okay." Chipperbeam. "C'mon, Aya -- our turn."

Ayamizureth holds out a forelimb absemtly, to stop Loe from swooning, demanding that she stop with a quick muzzle-nudge. Now, noticing that Cerdith has landed, she gives another snort/hiss thing, Aya watches Loe bounce over to R'ave, following behind her almost reluctantly. And yes...Aya gives out migraines. It's her job. Mwahahaha. Ayamizureth will be perfect in flight. Because that is what she is. Perfect. Through this all, she continues to hiss, of course. Eyes turn to Loe. She /knows/ it's her turn, though she is less than pleased that they were last....

Soquilith was bored -- but now he has to take hell into the air. And it's /hissing/. Ew. Wings ajar, he lifts himself with little effort, though he's going a little quickly. Let's get this voer with.

R'ave smiles, eyeing Loe blankly. Um.. what's he teaching? "You.. uh.. " Soquilith makes a loud noise. "Oh! Right. Air. Put.. the dragon.. in the air... Oh. Have Aya take off, Loe.. hee. Er, once around, careful landing.. yep. Hee." Awww.

Loe swoons. Hey -- Ayamizureth's going up in the air, anyway, so it's not like she won't have a few moments free of nudging muzzles. "Okay." Squeak, goes Loe, clapping her hands together and peering towards Aya to issue the appropriate commands. What fun.

Ayamizureth is hell? Yes. Hell with wings. Very-happy Loe not sold separately. Hell settles back onto her hind legs, and stretches the wings just for good measure. know. It /looks/ good. And no comments from the peanut gallery, thank you. Aya hisses again, and pounces, feline-like into the air. And woo! She made it on the first try! Head still intact...

Lorsalia sighs, watching Loe from where she leans against the twitchy-impatient Yajisarath. It's like a Pae-clone. Too scary to even speak of. That's why she remains silent, see.

Soquilith always looks cool, even when a small oddly shaped hellion flanks him. (Applause not needed, thanks.) He puppets her carefully, warily 'round the circumference of the grounds, announcing his landing moments before he hits the ground running, head thrown around to watch Aya.

R'ave isn't really paying attention any more. He's just sort of.. oogling Loe. No touchie, of course. Just looking. He hasn't in quite some time. "Um. Land." Not the ground, the verb. Ignore the drool, please.

Loe isn't Pae. Loe is hell's handy snap-on accessory. Which probably isn't much more sane than Pae, but, hey, whatever works. "Ya-a-a-ay, Aya! You look perfect!" Nevermind Aya probably can't hear her -- not that Loe cares, swooning back over in R'ave's direction as soon as the appropriate encouragement is given. "You .. um. Ayamizureth. Um. She looks nice. She's doing a good job." With her head on, even. So hah on Yajisarath.

Ayamizureth is the puppeteer here okay? And she knows it. Oh yeah, she also looks good. And she knows it. And of course her rider, Loe-puppet/snap-on, does too. It's just, she's not in the air. *cackle*. Feeling somewhat rushed as they take their quick little flight around the grounds, she lingers in the air, before dropping to the ground. Not on her rump. On her legs with precision. /This/ is what she was built for. A pleased look is sent to Loe, and to Soquilith, the bronze getting a bit more of a seducing tail flick. More scary, than seducing, actually... And then, she takes her green self, and goes to stand by Loe. She /is/ perfect. Mwah.

"Yes. Aya's doing an excellent job. Just excellent. Never seen better." Nevermind that R'ave has yet to actually -look- at the green. He does, eventually, now that she's approaching a landing. "Uh. She did that funkily, but it works. Good job, everyone. Practice, but do not over-practice. Keep up to date on the condition of your lifemate when they're in the air, and don't try to fly mounted, yet, or I'm sure somethigg bad will happen. If you need me, have your dragon speak to Soquilith."

R'ave goes home.