Ground Weyrs
Once a mere overhang in the bowl wall, this arched stone enclave was deepened in aeons past by who-knows-what to provide shelter for injured dragons and their mates. Craggy walls loom high to dwarf rider and dragon alike, sloping back from the weather-open entrance to a low opening into the infirmary itself. Stacked under rock-shaded cover are low supply chests of sturdy timber, flanked with long tables. Other openings are shaded by wherhide curtains, leading to smaller, private caverns for the dragonhealers' patients.
It is an autumn before dawn.
Settled on rough-hewn ledge are Bansi, Bow-Wow, Donner, and Simbi.
Bronze Nylanth and blue Cerdith are here.
You notice Khena and Elehu asleep here.

Cindrah comes into shelter from bowl's wide open spaces.

Cindrah (#22462)
female Traveler
Here is a rather short girl who looks to be about 12 turns old, judging by the roundness of her cheeks and the wideness of her blue eyes. However, the way she carries herself seems to be something done by someone who's a bit older. Her hair, blonde in color, hangs to her shoulders with a few waves that may have been caused by sleeping on it and not brushing it upon awakening. Her figure, sadly, is that of the 12 turn old that she looks like, though her clothes usually hide this fact.
IC Age: 15 Turns, 8 months, and 23 days

Cindrah , half-bent over, her eyes scanning the ground, stumbles along with one hand behind her back.

Reiko sits cross-legged on her cot. Well, technically it's not really /her/ cot. Her cot is in the barracks. She's busily gathering up the little gifts and trinkets that various visitors brought her, collecting them all in a basket on her lap. Cerdith is curled up nearby, his tail wrapped around himself, watching with interest.

Cindrah walks along, following no obvious trail at all in a curved path, sometimes stopping and doubling back upon her former steps. She doesn't even look up from the ground, not even when she pauses to brush her hair behind her ears.

Reiko drops her feet to the floor now, satisfied that she hasn't overlooked anything, and pushes herself to her feet. She flicks the blankets into some semblance of order, rather carelessly. Someone will just be stripping the cot anyway; likely some hapless infirmary assistant. The thought brings a twisted smirk to her lips as she loops the basket over one arm and turns to go. Whatever it is she's thinking about, she's definitely not paying attention to her surroundings. As if /that's/ unusual. She is, however, paying attention to her dragon. "Ready, Cerdith? I'm sure there's /something/ we ought to be doing." The blueling scrambles to his feet and follows... he's more observant than his lifemate, however, and pauses to fix a whirling eye on the wandering stranger. It takes a moment or two, but Reiko eventually realizes he's not following. "What? ... Oh, hello." An appraising glance is cast over the girl... not really questioning, though. It's not Reiko's business who comes into the ground weyrs and why. Particularly when she's not even supposed to be here herself.

Cindrah starts at the noise of speech, straightening herself and peering at dragon and rider. When she's addressed, she simply gives a self-assured nod, as if it's perfectly all right for /her/ to be wandering around the Weyrs, or at least she wants people to think that. "Hello. Have you seen any tracks around here?"

Reiko arches a brow. "No." There just might be something in her tone to indicate that she doubts the sanity of this stranger. Or it might be one's imagination. "Should I have?" Her free hand settles on her hip, her posture indolent.

Cindrah shrugs her shoulder. "I dunno. I think I lost the trail... something drank all the klah in the kitchen... All of it! And I'm looking for the culprit. People shouldn't be that rude. they should at least let the kitchens know that we're out. Some people want to wake up and have a mug of klah, and if there's no klah there, how can they??"

Emerald eyes narrow almost dangerously as Reiko regards the stranger, bridling a bit. "Is there some reason you think the culprit should have come /here/?" This bluerider may be known for her *cough* addiction to klah, but she's under strict orders /not/ to overindulge. Besides, she can think of one or two others who could give her a run for her marks... but wait. "Some/thing/?" Not some/one/? "What do you mean?"

Cindrah grins, her eyes widening with excitement. "The tracks. I think they belong to a firelizard. Or to a really small dragon." With a giggle, she looks at the blue and winks. "No offense, of course, I think dragons would be smart enough to tell someone that there's no klah left." Then she frowns, rubbing her chin with her hand. "Unless of course it wasn't a firelizard at all... could have been one of the canines. Or one of the kids... I just bet it was one of them, wearing shoes meant to make tracks to /look/ like a firelizard!"

Cerdith is definitely /not/ a really small dragon, for all that he's not full grown yet. And he leaves the klah to Reiko, who normally takes enough for several people. She tilts her head now, considering the stranger's theory. "I hadn't realized firelizards were partial to klah. Or that they left 'tracks'. Mine fly." Generally speaking. She also hasn't seen many children small enough to wear firelizard shoes... or those that could, certainly couldn't have actually walked on them.

Cindrah shrugs her shoulders. "It's strange, but the facts speak for themselves. Well, the tracks do. I think... Um, anyway, if you haven't seen any hyper firelizards, I might as well be looking in the nursery."

"Indeed." Reiko's tone drops to a bemused murmur. She ought to care about missing klah, she supposes; just as well she's been ordered to cut back. "I assume you know where it is?" Since she hasn't seen the girl before. But she scarcely looks old enough to be out of it herself.

Cindrah nods, her expression making it clear that she remembers the brat-infested area, with all the little kids biting and screaming and -- she shivers and then affects a smile. "I sure do. Thanks for your help. When I solve the mystery, would you like to know?"

Reiko shrugs, giving the girl another once over. "Sure. You'll find me in the weyrling barracks." With a glance over her shoulder, she silently asks Cerdith to follow, then turns back to the stranger again. "Ask for Reiko. Cerdith's rider." Either will do. She adjusts the basket over her arm and turns to go, Cerdith ambling along behind her.

Cindrah waves her hand and then looks back to the ground, her nose twisting up in concentration.

Cindrah leaves healers' enclave for the central bowl.