Central Bowl
Seven spindles brush the clouds -- quite literally -- overhead, a jagged, spired cotillion grey-stoned majesty. The bowl from here is expansively large, extending a full half mile in both directions, and although sometimes a bit of a stretch, most of the hubs of activity can be easily observed. Hard-packed ground shows the common pathways, all of them meandering about the craggy bunch of boulders that form a centerpiece: carven, hand-worn and foothold-full, it gives a bit of centerpoint to the otherwise vast emptiness of the area.
To the north lie the hatching grounds and leadership weyrs, while the lows of herdbeasts mark the feeding pens to the northeast. A flurry of ever-present activity marks the living caverns to the west, and another time-traveled path the ground weyrs just adjacent to the southwest. Southeast, a glint of blue shows the lake, glittering and cold.
It is an autumn afternoon.
Clinging to footholds in the boulder-mound are twenty-two firelizards.
Green Kelitath, brown Revnath, green Zoryanth, brown Sevareth, bronze Rixesith, gold Chayath, blue Sakuruth, green Yshanth, brown Druseth, green Miravith, bronze Jhanath, bronze Nezdarvyth, blue Mzadith, green Vespurath, and brown Shirasuth are here.
You see a wagonmaster, George Dubya bush, Trash n Treasures, Trey's Trumbling Wagon, and Little Flower here.
Tatia and K'nex are here.

Cerdith appears from ground weyr's overhung shadows.

K'nex lowers his brows a bit, but it's hardly a threatening look, "I just said they were noisy...It's much easier to fidn a quiet place to nap than to try and sleep through that." How's that for logic. The weyrling glances aroudn the bowl, just as Shira mimics him in glancing about, and comes to the same conclusion..But maybe quiet/er/? "No," Kex mumbles, looking at the ground again. Nowhere ot run to, baybee. Nowhere to hide...

Tatia nods onces, satisfied. "That's good, trust me. Betweening will only get you into trouble." Or rather, it only got /her/ into trouble. She straightens, arms dropping to her sides as s short glance slides toward the groundweyrs, followed quickly by a frown. "So what /can/ you do? Please tell me they haven't given you firestone yet?" Something else that can get them in trouble.

Reiko slips out of the ground weyrs, Cerdith following close on her heels--but for a change, she looks awake and steady on her feet, and Cerdith isn't shoving. Hovering a little protectively, perhaps, but definitely not shoving. She pulls her jacket more tightly around herself against the chilly breeze, headed out into the Bowl for her prescribed 'exercise'... oh, and Cerdith is stretching his wings. Just because they're grounded doesn't mean he can't practice... well, maybe it means he has to practice /more/.

K'nex is curious now. Leaning against his brown's arm, the weyrlign cocks his head at the greenrider, giving her a quizzical look, "Oh? I've never heard that before..." Of course, no one's really talked about betweening, other than it can get you killed or grounded if you try it before being taught. "No, no firestone...yet. I think it's comigng up soon..." Kez ponders that, thinking he's right whne his thoughts are broken by the appearance of someone who collapsed last itme he saw her, "Rekio!"

Tatia grins, eyes dancing as she nods toward K'nex. "Ask Gid about it sometime," she replies, shooting a glance toward Vesp as she recalls weyrlinghood with the now-Weyrleader. "Or heck, ask /Ris/. As soon as you can between, the whole world is open to get you into trouble." She shakes her head, fingers twisting together absently. "No.. it's not the actually betweening that's bad.. it's where it can take you." Her eyes narrow a bit at the firestone, but she's soon distracted by his call toward Reiko - who gets a glance and a frown. The bluerider's likely to ruin her 'pick on the weyrling' fun.

Well, at least /someone/ seems pleased to see her. Not that Reiko cares much. She does, however, redirect her path to bring her closer to K'nex and Tatia, greeting both with her usual twisted halfsmile. "Morning." Pause. Eyeroll. "Afternoon." Some things never change. "Ask Gid about what?" An appraising glance flickers over the greenrider, followed by an equally appraising one for Reiko's clutchmate. Equal opportunity leering. See? She's fine.

K'nex glances up at Shirasuth, who glances back down at him with that 'no-nonsense' look, and Kez sighs. "Oh, I don't think I'll be allowed to get in much trouble," he comemnts wryly, "But I'll be doing a lot of exploring...," her continues, pattign the rusty forearm. "I'll be sure to ask about that, though." He turns a little to smile at Reiko. Apperantly, she /is/ fine. "Oh, Er...Tat said somethign about betweening and getting in trouble." He shrugs. Sounded more interestign whne she sadi it.

Whereas Tat's lifemate adores getting her into trouble. Reiko is studied with narrowed eyes that indicate she caught that leer - and isn't terribly happy about it - but she remains silent, turning her gaze instead toward K'nex. "Well. I suppose there are some advantages to riding brown." Right. Because none of /them/ are ever inclined toward trouble. Behind her, Vespurath snorts, neck lowering to force Tatia to straighten rather than lean against her lifemate/

Reiko somehow manages to get into trouble without Cerdith's help... actually, in spite of it. Now she levels a narrowed gaze at K'nex. "How does betweening get one in trouble?" She's still trying to sort out how she managed to get herself grounded even after having had the lesson in how not to. Ahem. Emerald gaze slides back to Tatia, meeting the greenrider's narrowed gaze with a pleasant, if direct, stare. "And how are you and Vespurath?" Since nobody asked /her/.

K'nex shoots a pout up at the looming head of Shira, and then sighsm looking bakc at the ground and muttering sometihng like 'spoil-sport'. Shira much prefers to /prevent/ trouble. Kez blinks and looks up at Tat again, "You mean they're all like that?" That being 'anti-trouble'..and sometimes seemingly 'anti-fun'. "Hmm? I dunno...She said to ask Gid or Ris..." Don't ask him. He's innocent. He knows nothing.

And don't ask Tat - at least, not when she's busy scowling at Reiko. "Aren't /you/ suppose to be in the ground weyrs?" she questions, eyeing her pointedly as she stumbles to stand straight. "And we are just fine. Or we /were/, before people interrupted us." Poor Kez - he's getting the brunt of Tat's reaction to Reiko and Reiko's leer.

If Reiko is one of the 'people' that interrupted Tatia and Vespurath... in whatever they might have been doing... she could care less. Straightening her shoulders a bit, she levels an unblinking gaze at Tatia. "I'm supposed to be getting some exercise," she informs the greenrider mildly. Ignore the icy flash in her eyes. "As is Cerdith. We won't be grounded forever, you know." Not until graduation, like some. Ah, the benefits of having actually lived in the Weyr for a few Turns. It makes it so much easier to be unfazed...

[Elementalings] Tatia oys. That was a low jab, Reiko. ;)
[Elementalings] Reiko looks innocent...
[Elementalings] K'nex snickers.

Shirasuth rumbles again, moving away from and around his rider and takign a few steps away before turning and looking back at him. Well? Poor Kez indeed...Tat's gone back to being irritable and Shira's not even right next to him for comfort anymore. But that's an easy thing to fix. And so Kex slinks over to the brown. He's not going to stand up to anyone, in fact, he's leaving. Right now. "you two have, fun. now," he parts before scrambling after the retreating brown.

[Elementalings] K'nex goes to beeeeed. I hate school.

Shirasuth continues, heading north.
K'nex continues, heading north.

Tatia stares after the retreating brownrider, frowning... and then turns back to Reiko with a reluctant sigh. Does this mean she has to be pleasant toward her? She straightens, hands settling on her hips as if that stance is protection. Against what? Who knows. "Well. I suppose it /would/ be a nice change for you to take care of your lifemate," she agrees snidely.

Interesting notion of how to be pleasant. Reiko arches a brow, drawing her arms around herself a little more tightly. But her tone is nothing less than pleasant as she replies, "Cerdith has always been well taken care of." Anyone with eyes could see that. It was /herself/ that she neglected, not that she's about to admit any such thing to Tatia.

Same thing - or so Tat was told over and over again as a weyrling. "Really?" she questions with an arced brow, arms now crossing over her chest. "That's why you decided to throw yourself to the ground and worry him to death, then?" So she doesn't have her story exactly right.. why should that stop her?

Reiko smirks now. Because it's been enough time that she can ignore how frightened she was, and pretend it didn't happen. "Cerdith wasn't worried to death." Obviously. Since he's still here. And look, he's stopped stretching, snaking his slender neck around to eye Tatia warily. We're not upsetting the lifemate, now, are we? A trilling croon of caution warbles forth, and the blueling bounds back to Reiko's side.

Tatia arcs a brow, head tilting toward Reiko as she manages - or almost does - to look rather superious in her all-knowing posistion of wingrider. "I see. So he didn't mind it at /all/ when you collapsed and had to be rushed to the infirmary. Strange lifemate." Yes, now she's insulting both rider and dragon - and within hitting range, too. Oy.

[xx] Reiko /dies/. I'm already grounded. Do I need to deck Tatia, too? ;)
[xx] Tatia grins. Perhaps? ;)
[xx] Tatia can be nice if I /have/ to...

Issryuith meanders in from the north.

Hiza is removed from Issryuith's neck, sliding down and gaining assitantance from tail if need be.

Reiko can see she's being baited. For what purpose, she can only begin to imagine, but she's not about to bite. That perverse thing. "Wait until he starts destroying random holds before you decide if he's strange," she replies mildly, a wicked sparkle lighting her emerald eyes.

[Elementalings] Tatia ohs! /Reiko/!
[Elementalings] Reiko looks innocent?
[Elementalings] Tatia ponders how to deal with that without putting us /both/ in the infirmary.
[Elementalings] Reiko hides...

Issryuith comes to a halt at her rider's mental command, and gives a whuffle in the direction of aaaaaaaall the other dragons situated. And Hiza herself gives a hop and a pat to Iss's flank, the green already squirming to plop down somewhere relatively comfy and chit-chat. "Reeeiiikoooo!" Calls the Hiza, who, for someone with 'so many classes' and 'no time to visit', seems to find the bluerider quite often. Coming to a halt near the talking pair, she continues: "Rianne says gets some sleep!" Message delivered, Hiza grins at Tatia, and then Reiko again, "So how are the both of you and your looovely lifemates?" Forgive. She just woke up. Refreshed and stuff.

[Elementalings] Tatia peers at Hiza. Please tell me you're here ICly and will keep Tat and Reiko from killing each other? Wheee!
[Elementalings] Reiko giggles. No killing of Reiko!
[Elementalings] Hiza grins. Peacemaking Hiza, available in three smashing colors.

From the swiftness with which Tatia's eyes harden and her hands clench into fists, it's a /very/ good thing that Hiza chose this point in time to make her usual hyperactive entrance. The greenrider is already straightening, taking a step toward Reiko... and then she's distracted, simple as that. Or perhaps not so simple - after all, Tat's not /stupid/ (contrary to some beliefs). She knows that she's as likely to end up grounded as Reiko is she goes after the bluerider. "Hiza," she greets cooly, turning her gaze toward her. "Hi."

[Elementalings] Reiko /dies/.
[Elementalings] Hiza luffs her friends. O.o How is it that Hiza latches to the .. the.. you-guys types?
[Elementalings] Tatia has no clue
[Elementalings] Tatia thinks it's cause we're way cool
[Elementalings] Hiza noddles and hugs.

Reiko isn't stupid either--well, one might think she was, to openly goad Tatia like that. But she didn't miss the greenrider's threatening demeanor and was already steeling herself to get hit--or worse--when Hiza appears with her suddenly welcoming distraction. And really, just as well. Cerdith didn't miss it either. "Hello, Hiza." Her tone is amazingly level considering the bedlam of emotions ringing in her head. She even manages to silently calm Cerdith before the blue alarms the entire Weyr -- /again/. The twisted smirk settles back into place across her features. "I've been sleeping all day, thanks." Maybe she shouldn't have got up.

[Elementalings] Tatia ha's at Reiko. My dragon could take your dragon anyday!
[Elementalings] Reiko laughs!
[Elementalings] Tatia hmphs.
[Elementalings] Tatia: She's even still a little bigger.
[Elementalings] Reiko: Not for long. :)
[Elementalings] Tatia hmphs. Well. We'll get back when Tat goes proddy. ;)

Hiza nods, "I figured you probably have been, but Rianne told me to tell you, so I did." A warm smile for the bluerider, who is eyed-but hardly gets a taste of her own medicine, "You're looking much better. Good, even." Tatia gets a great big smile and then the ever-chipper Hiza launches into some inane prattle about leathers and what color and style they should be, when she should order them, and etc. Finally, she takes a breath, and questions, "So what have you two been up to... besides getting on each other's nerves." Hiza winks. She knew it would be good to be cheerful. Really, she's not entirely blonde. That her Player's job.

Tatia's expression tightens a bit before she offers a thin smile and a faint shrug. "Sweeps, as usual," she replies as her gaze settles on Hiza and remains resolutely turned away from Reiko. "And Threadfall, of course." That just to point out the difference in their ranks - in case any have forgotten.

Reiko is oddly too distracted to do much actual eyeing of poor Hiza -- in fact, she doesn't even notice she's being eyed herself. "Thanks," she responds automatically. She takes a step or two away from Tatia, straightening her shoulders. "I think you know what I've been up to," she adds dryly. That'd be nothing much besides eating and sleeping... staring at the ceiling... occasionally getting a little exercise and maybe the odd death-threat. Cough.

Hiza peers from Tatia to Reiko, and purses her lips, at a loss for words in the tension between two people she cares about. "Erm... Lorsalia finally got to go flying with Yajisarath... 'n Tako got to meet Iss yesterday. He said she's pretty." Greenrider desperatly tries to think of more news to share, coming up with, "Sua and Skeseth left their couch before it was dark out." Of course, that's supposed to be funny, but she reports it with full seriousness, "Aaahhhmm... I dunno. Don't you guys have anything to talk about? Tatia, no news? And Reiko, nobody's visited with something interesting to say? Did you try that stuff Lorsa gave you?" Sigh.

[Elementalings] Hiza occasionally finds it hard to come up with topics for Hiza, since I'm not nearly as social as she is. O.o
[Elementalings] Reiko is randomly impressed.
[Elementalings] Hiza: Really?
[Elementalings] Tatia nods. Me too.

Tatia simply shakes her head, retreating into the safety of mute silence as she leans against her lifemate again. Vespurath, crooning softly, slides her tail toward Tat and around her feet, while the greenrider waits for someone /else/ to break the silence.

[Elementalings] Tatia: Ok. Can you tell I'm getting tired? Think I'm gonna have to slip out

Above, Dsalth drops in from Spires' height.
Above, Dsalth drops down towards the Bowl.
Dsalth drops in from above, landing with a light *thud*.

Reiko begins to relax a bit as Tatia backs off, turning her full attention to Hiza-who-will-probably-never-ever-hit-anyone-regardless. "Actually, P'rru came by the other morning with a brand new firelizard. I can't remember what he named her... Rompa... um..." She shrugs. "Something like that." Emerald eyes roll expressively. "And for some reason, he seems to want me to meet his son." Or something like that. Of course, he'd also berated her soundly for worrying the whole Weyr with her carelessness, but that's such old news that she refuses to even repeat it.

Dsalth continues, heading north.

P'rru meanders in from the north.

[Elementalings] Tatia does admit to never having problems with Tat's snapping.. and I /swear/ I'm not as mean as she is.
[Elementalings] Reiko: Are you really a redhead? ;)
[Elementalings] Tatia grins. Yes.
[Elementalings] Hiza snorkles.

Hiza blinks, twice, completly missing P'rru's entrance and gapes, "P'rru has a son?" See, that was interesting and new. 'Gratulations, you're on the road to Hiza-hood. Or... not. "I don't really follow who's related to who. It's too much, with little-people," a.k.a babies, "springing up all the time to everyone I never expected to have 'em, and older people with grown children." The tiny greenrider shrugs, and only now spots P'rru. So he gets a wave, a beam, and an ever-so-blunt, "I didn't know you had a son."

[Elementalings] Reiko /dies/.
[Elementalings] Tatia: Indeed.

Now that /does/ catch Tatia's attention, and the greenrider's gaze whips toward the entering P'rru. "/P'rru/? Has reproduced? Faranth." Complimentary, isn't she? Her breath escapes slowly, and she shakes her head. "How'd /this/ happen, Purr?" No, she doesn't need a birds and the bees lesson - she just needs to be more careful of her phrasing.

[Elementalings] Tatia grins.
[Elementalings] Reiko: Do you people have any idea how many times Purr has reproduced? ;)

Dsalth meanders in from the north.

[Elementalings] Hiza is clueless.
[Elementalings] Auri: P'rru: Daddy of all Pern.
[Elementalings] Tatia grins. Not ICly

"Tatia! Hiza! Reiko!" Purr greets them all with open arms. "I've brought you all some little trinkets.." he avoids the questions for the moment to fumble in his jacket pocket. "Hold out your hands...yes I've got another grown son, I didn't know about him, but he found me and yes...he's from Igen. Nice lad" that should suffice.

Reiko blinks a /lot/ as P'rru appears as if on cue to be hit with a barrage of questions. Oops. Obediently, she extends her hand, a rather sheepish halfsmile curling her lips. "Thanks, P'rru. How's that little gold?" She's betting he'll prefer that subject, and P'rru is one she doesn't generally care to antagonize.

Hiza squeaks, "Another? Well I'm sure all your children are wonderful people." She blinks a couple times before holding out her hand, too innocent to dread terrible things. Actually, she expects candy(even though he said trinkets). Yes, in (insert amount here) ways, Hiza is very much a young Hold Brat. Just don't tell Chelle. Tell Chelle she's still a Hold Child. Anyway, eyes go round, "Ooo. Tankee, whatever it is." Maybe she should've waited till it was distributed.

Tatia blinks, startled, though she does extend her hand obediently. She peers at P'rru, eyeing him. "So what.. children just keep popping in from no where? Honestly Purr, I know you're a brownrider, but /still/..." Now Dsalth is eyed, and then Vespurath. Well, at least Tat will be well aware of any children she has.

[Elementalings] Reiko giggles.
[Elementalings] Tatia grins
[Elementalings] Hiza: Now that's an interesting concept.
[Elementalings] Hiza thinks Tatia and Hiza bebbies should rule over the Weyr.
[Elementalings] Reiko ponders. TatSpawn would be almost as skeery as ReikoSpawn.
[Elementalings] Hiza: Heck, maybe even all of Pern.
[Elementalings] Tatia whoos! TatSpawn! Heck. She /should/ have a flight sometime in the relative future. ;)
[Elementalings] Hiza: And by Tatia and Hize bebbies, I mean TatnHizaSpawn. O.o

"Asleep on Dsalth's shoulders" Purr replies with a winning smile to the blueling. And sure enough RompBomp-whatever is curled up tight, a little flash of sun-gilt gold on the older brown. Into each hand that is held out, he deposits a different coloured shell- a yellow one for Hiza with a smooth rounded surface, a dusky brown for Reiko with nobs and drill holes, and a spikey grey one for Tatia. "I've been to the beach" also reason for his soaked-to-the-knee trousers. "Yes all my children are wonderful, Hiza. It's in their blood. "Humph, Tatia. I know all my kids, thankyouverymuch, except it seems Adric. His mother didnt tell me, nor him, that I was his true father" there. He has no blame in that.

[Elementalings] Hiza: Only Hiza doesn't have an e in it.
[Elementalings] Hiza: Stream of concious, anyone?
[Elementalings] Tatia stares. Hi. I don't think Tat and Hi can have babbies /together/
[Elementalings] Reiko: Unless there's something Hiza's not telling us?
[Elementalings] Hiza beamkles.
[Elementalings] Hiza: WAIT! No.
[Elementalings] Hiza didn't mean that. They can pretend. O.o
[Elementalings] Hiza: Oooookay, I'm tired.

Reiko's fingers close around the shell, lifting it for a closer look. "Thanks, P'rru... it's pretty." In a dusky-brown-with-nobs-and-drill-holes kind of way. Soaked trousers are eyed narrowly. "Did you come Between like that?" Reiko does /not/ like to be cold. And she's pretty sure these shells weren't found in that frigid excuse for a lake. Notice she's still not touching the topic of P'rru's various offspring.

Hiza makes a little ooo face at the shell and.. beams at Ye Old Brownrider, "Thank you very much, it's lovely, really." Greenrider is so enthralled with it that she... plunks it into her pocket. "I'll be sure to put it somewhere where I can see it always." Knowing Hiza, she means this, "Right next to my rock from Sua n' my jar, n' my puppet, n' anything else I get. In fact, I'll go put it away right now... Plus Issryuith," who is trundling back over, "is tired. She didn't get a nap because she was waiting for me to finish mine. Be good, and thank you again."

"Um.. thanks, P'rru," Tatia intones doubtfully as her fingers close around the shell. Small aquatic things hold too many odd memories for her to be truly thankful - even if she did like it. "Let me guess.. terrorizing the Istans again?" she questions, abandoning the topic of PurrSpawn for the moment.

Hiza is helped by willowly green tail onto Issryuith's equally willowly neck.

Issryuith continues, heading north.

P'rru shakes his head "Oh no, Tillekians this time" he says with a sheepish grin. "I didn't go between, we flew straight" thus Dsalth dozing off now from the excercise. "Still, getting too cold to surf those waters now, I'll have to swap to southern I think" shoulders crunch upwards as Hiza departs, a little wave sending her off. "Anyway, Reiko love it's nice to see yuo up and about looking much better" nod. Turn the topic back around to someone else.

A wry halfsmile twitches at the corners of Reiko's mouth at P'rru's explanation. "Sounds.. lovely." If there's any hint of sarcasm in her words it's likely because she doesn't imagine Tillek to be significantly warmer than Reaches at this time of Turn. But Southern /does/, in fact, sound lovely, and she makes a mental note to have Cerdith learn /those/ coordinates just as soon as he's permitted. "And thanks... Elehu says I'm to get some exercise, and Cerdith needs to be able to practice as well." Oh, and we're right back to where we started, it seems..

"Right," Tatia notes slowly, eyeing him before turning suddenly. "Well. I wish I could stay and chat - really. But.. we've got to go." Why? Mostly because she's tired of the present company. But she /is/ nice enough to not say that. Instead, she simply turns and mounts, giving one last wave before Vespurath launches upward.

Tatia *just.. thudded. And must go before I die. ;)
P'rru *hugs.
Reiko *smooches a Tat. Thanks for not killing Reiko. ;)
Tatia *loves. And thanks for not killing Tat. l(
Tatia *erms. ;), even.
P'rru *can kill you both if you like?

Tatia climbs up shadowed hide to settle between Vespurath's slender 'ridges.

Among Vespurath's sage-shadowed 'ridges, Tatia *munches on Purr. Sure thing. ;)
P'rru *goes to find his meatcleaver
Reiko *eeks!

Vespurath takes off.
Above, Vespurath takes off from Central Bowl
Above, Vespurath soars in for a landing on Vespurath's ledge.

P'rru watches Tatia also depart and breathes a sigh of relief. "Never know what to expect from her" he notes, shaking his head. "In any case, it's good to see some colour back on your cheeks, Reiko, you were getting me rather worried" He smiles, hazel eyes still double-checking the blueling isnt about to keel over.

Reiko is decidedly /not/ about to keel over. In fact, she looks healthier than she has at any point since she first came to the Weyr, which is needless to say a tremendous improvement over a sevenday or so ago. "Tatia is generally interesting," she remarks cryptically, watching the green pair until they disappear before finally turning back to face P'rru. "Thanks." Again. Cerdith warbles sweetly after the departing Vespurath, finally stepping away from his lifemate to resume his not-quite-ChantiDance.

P'rru doesn't know what disturbs him more. The Cerdith-Chantidance attempt or the remark about the greenrider. "She's bearable in small doses" is his final remark on that topic before he eyes the blue dragon, lips taut over his teeth. "Ahem. He should get a style all of his own, you know Reiko. Instead of trying to fill a big brown's boots. He's a lot sleeker it seems to me..." if there's a compliment buried in all that, good luck in appreicating it.

Reiko turns to look at Cerdith... true, the ChantiDance doesn't suit her sleek little blue. "He likes Chanticoth," she offers, even as she passes along P'rru's well-meant observation. She gets a trilling warble in response, in addition to some unspoken comment that nearly makes her laugh out loud. But not quite. "He says it's fun." This is not to say he won't outgrow it, of course. Already the swaying hindquarters are taking on a more delicate, sensual movement, and the wingstretches are ever-so-slightly more artistic. One must begin somewhere, after all. And the dance lesson effectively chases all further thoughts of Tatia from her mind.

P'rru chuckles as he watches Cerdith go through the motions, of dance of course. "I like Chanticoth myself. In fact Dsalth was rather smitten with him as a dragonet, possibly because the young brown listened to everything my old lughead told him. You can get pretty far by humouring Dsalth at times" smile seems stuck and he slides hands into jacket pockets to watch the show. "He'll be aerobatic won't he with that felxibility" something Dsalth has never had of course.

Reiko's lips twitch in a little smirk at some remembered comment, but she doesn't let her mind stray too far in the direction of future flights. Too many questions to answer. "I expect he will," she says mildly, before looking up at P'rru again and humming thoughtfully. "Most folks who humor Dsalth only get as far as your weyr," she adds. Her tone is almost completely uninflected, but there's a definite tease twinkling in those emerald eyes.

P'rru reaches out to cuff Reiko lightly on the shoulder at that comment and she even manages to get a guffaw out of him. "True!" he sing-songs. "Though he hasn't been nearly as prolific at kidnapping folk for awhile, perhaps the old canine's grown out of it" well Dsalth has changed his tune for the gold flit afterall, letting her sleep on his warm hide. He is probably just waiting for her to put more meat on her bones so she can be a better snack in reality though. "Privately though Reiko, I wanted to ask you something. I noticed something about one of the greenriders the other day that did rankle me a little" he drops his tone, serious for the moment.

Reiko chuckles a little as P'rru takes her teasing in his usual good-natured way. This is why she doesn't get all that tense around the old brownrider, and that's a fact. But her exression turns a bit more concerned as his tone changes. "What?"

P'rru purses his lips. "Twas something I overheard Lorsalia say to Khena, or about Khena I can't remember.." but that's brushed aside as Dsalth bellows, removing himself from cuddley green dragon in the corner to wander over and snort impatiently. "Shells, alright 'salth, S'nor can't summon me at a moments notice! Well alright he officially can, and I'm coming" he begins clambering up the lithe brown and waves out at Reiko. "I'll track you down later and finish the conversation love, you look after youself though, you hear me?" yes do not go against the word of Purr. He'd be all snooty. The brownrider waves cheerily as Dsalth spreads his wings and launches into the air, heading for Pilloeth's ledge over by the lake.

P'rru swings up to ease himself between defined neckridges

Dsalth takes off.

Above, Dsalth takes off from Central Bowl
Above, Dsalth circles leisurely towards the lake.