Unexpected Attention

Living Caverns
The rough-hewn majesty of this cavern far outpaces any delight in the multitudes of curves that form its enclosure. The glabrous grey granite is shot through with translucent obsidian, lending subtly-veined sparkle to the walls and the foot-trodden smoothness of the floor that shows centuries-old placements of the scarred trestle tables; carven hollows give homes for the glow baskets and the coat-pegs that line the walls. No mosaics, no painting, no tiles: just a few well-done tapestries mark the pathway that lead to the kitchen to the north and the inner caverns to the west, and frame the nighthearth's stew and snacks, while a heavier strip of oiled canvas shields the unwary from the wind in the bowl.
Scattered about in various perches and niches are fifty-seven firelizards.
Niall is here.

Rough features, long dark hair, and steady eyes are what you notice about this youth first. If you continue to look at him, you notice that he stands about 5' 10. His rough features were caused by the elements over the turns. His dark hair has been kept long, and is normally tied back at the base of his skull. Light eyes; make up the rest of his facial features. His light eyes are always steady, no matter what happens. They are also the opposite contrast to his hair. One set dark, and the other light. His muscles are tone, and he's not overly muscular, but that does detract from his strength.
Niall is 16 turns and 18 days old.

A low groan seems to come from the vicinity of the hearth, where Reiko has been slumped in a chair, her head on the table, barely cushioned by her folded arms. Groggy and annoyed, she pushes herself to her feet and stumbles over to the hearth to fill a large mug with klah, which she somehow manages to accomplish without wearing very much of the steaming beverage. Then she grips the pitcher, white-knuckled, and hauls it back to her table, eyes barely open. It's going to be a looooong day.

Niall walks into the caverns, keeping to the shadows and out of sight. No sounds are emitted from his walking, and most, ever looking straight at him, would never see him. But instead of leaving, and heading outside, like he normally does, Niall stays. Out of his shadows, he walks, seeming to appear out of no where. To the nearest chair he moves, and with a loud thud, he sits.

Reiko stops mid-sip as a loud thud pierces the sleepfog, peering narrowly around the caverns until her eyes rest on the stranger. Blink. Her gaze flickers appraisingly over him, then she picks her mug up again. "Morning," she greets flatly, not bothering to wonder how he managed to creep in unnoticed. It's not hard to slip by this one.

Niall shifts in his chair, leaning back some. He here, and might as well get comfortable, till he moves from this seat. A flat greeting catches his ear, and his eyes travel from a spot on the ground to person who greeted. Looking the other over a time or two, and then nodding some, he smirks. "Mornin'," Niall finally greets, indifferently.

One thin eyebrow disappears behind Reiko's thick fringe of bangs as the smirk registers in her sleep-addled brain. Without comment, she kills the first mug and pours a second, one hand irritably lifting to rub some of the sleep from her eyes. As she drops her hand she notices the other's gaze, and her eyes narrow. "See anything you like?" she drawls lazily, setting the mug on the table in front of her with a thunk and meeting his eyes stare for stare.

Niall allows his grin to slide into a more appreciative and mischievous one. An indifferent shrug comes from him next, as he looks straight at Reiko. "I haven't seen anything I practically like, yet." His eyes slide over the other once more. Another shrug comes from him, whatever he thinks about what he sees, is carefully hidden.

Reiko stares narrowly at the young man for a long moment before picking up her mug again. "Feel free to stop looking anytime," she snaps, "if you're not seeing anything interesting." She settles in to ignore him, topping off her mug and slouching back in her chair.

Niall chuckles, and nods some. Leaning back into his chair that smirk of his widens. "I never said I did see anything interesting, just I haven't had a chance to see if there is anything I like." He says lightly, drumming his fingers on his guitar.

Emerald eyes slide over to regard him sidelong, Reiko's long fingers tapping absently on the side of her mug. "Not as if it matters to me what you like," she mutters grudgingly. She takes another long sip of klah, then tops off the mug again, trying to ignore both the smirk and the 'interesting' comment.

Kinecha saunters quietly in from the Central Bowl.

The guard's eyes sweep across the cavern, landing on Niall, then Reiko and one corner of her mouth comes up in a halfsmile as she moves further into the place, toward the hearth and a mug of klah. "Morning," Kinecha says, turning back to the two, coming to sit near Reiko.

Niall drums his fingers on his guitar, once, twice, several times more. Then a string is plucked, and the note fills the air. A light chuckle of his fills the air too, all at Reiko's statements. With the entrance of another, Niall silences himself, and nods to the new arrival. "Mornin'," he greets cheerfully to Kinecha.

Reiko blinks at another voice, glancing up at Kinecha with a rather sullen expression. This is only her first pot, after all, and it's barely half empty. "Morning," she echoes flatly, leaning back in her chair for another sip. The mug is returned to the table with a thump as a light chuckle ripples through the cavern, and her sharp intake of breath as she swings her head around to stare at him again /might/ have preceded a rant, if she didn't abruptly decide it wasn't worth the effort. She tops off her mug again, even though it's still nearly full, maybe just for something to do..

Kinecha's eyes follows Reiko's, looking the other up and down, wondering just what had been going on here before she came in. Eyes back at Reiko, the guard decides that there's no point in trying to speak with her when she was in this kind of mood, and leans back in her chair, klah mug in hand. Just watching. With the halfsmile playing on her lips.

Niall lets his smirk, fall into a smile, as a few more strings are plucked, and their notes ring out. A little music, and some fun, all things to do, since Niall isn't occupied with another person at the moment, that and Reiko, isn't the most sociable person, but that doesn't matter.

Kinecha turns her gaze back to Niall, failing to come up with a name for him, as he makes his presence known by playing his guitar. Not often one heard music in the weyr these days.

Reiko? Sociable? She's barely civil until her second pot. She's already been dragged into a conversation, isn't that enough? And now there's music. Scowling, she reaches for the pitcher to refill her mug, only to find it empty. Clatterbang, slam, she gets to her feet, stalking over to the hearth to fetch another.

Niall continues to pluck at the stings, since no one has stopped him. Adjusting his guitar, by swing it around so it sits more in his lap, than at his side. With this new position, the notes come quicker and lighter, filling the air, yet are almost nonexistence, like their creator. A quick look goes to Kinecha, a longer on to Reiko, and his notes change after that.

A grin is tossed to the musician, as Kinecha's eyes follow Reiko's movements, then she leans a little closer to Niall, her eyes glittering with humour. "She just needs a few more pitchers of klah," she whispers, and then leans back, sipping her own klah, glancing up at Reiko again.

Reiko fortunately doesn't hear Kinecha making excuses for her, banging around the hearth to find a decently full pitcher to bring back with her. And as her back is to the cavern, she also doesn't notice she continues to be the object of a certain stranger's attention. Returning to her table without a word, she fills her mug brimming, thunks the pitcher onto the table with a bang and a splash, and slouches into her chair again, one long finger tapping on the table with the rhythm of the music in spite of herself. Her other hand reaches for her mug, and she lifts it to her lips and blows off the steam, finding it more difficult to ignore those around her but still giving it her best effort.

Niall grins, in spite of himself. But between his music and Kinecha's, how could he not grin, or at least smirk. His notes pick up in tempo, and complexity, as he nods some to Kinecha. Agreeing with her he is, but could it also be Reiko's and his first exchange in a conversation?

Compared with Reiko before her klah, Kinecha could actually be said to be cheerful when she was in her bad moods. Now, this morning she /is/, in fact, in a good mood and thus starts to whistle along with the guitar, a sound more or less on key.

Reiko eyerolls as Kinecha's whistle is added to the music, finally snapping. Mug hits table with a resounding bang, hard enough to slosh some of the remaining klah over the rim of the mug to spread across the tabletop. She glares, first at Kinecha, then at the stranger, then back at Kinecha. "Does /everyone/ have to be so sharding cheerful this early in the day?" she mutters darkly. Since it actually /is/ morning for once, not just in Reiko's imagination.

Niall hits one finally note, dragging it out, holding onto it as long as he can. When it does finally dissipate, a small shake of his head comes, and he smiles to Reiko. "It's not that early, to be dark." At least it's not in his opinion. "And I rather be cheerful and outside, but I have on one to enjoy the outdoors with, so I'm stuck here." And their Niall goes, with a hint here and a hint there. His hints interlaced in his tone, hidden for notice, but understood none the less.

Kinecha's whistling stops as her smile fades and she stares back at Reiko. Not in disbelief, she knew what kind of mood the infirmary assistant could be in before her klah, but such an outburst was unusual. Giving the musician a sideway glance, she looks back at Reiko over the rim of her mug as she takes a swig of klah.

Reiko scowls. It /is/ early, she's sure of it. At length she notices Kinecha's stare, and drops her gaze to her mug. Hints, stares, it's a bit too much for someone who just woke up. And after sleeping at her table all night, no less! Oh, the mug seems to need a refill. Imagine that. She tops it off, slouching back in her chair and glancing back at the stranger. And his guitar. "It's cold outside," she informs him, her voice no warmer than the autumn air.

Kinecha sighs, feeling her Good Mood drain away, like the klah in her mug, even with the musician trying to add something positive to the morning's cavern. Shaking her head, she empties her mug, setting it down on the table with a rather loud bang. "I should go get changed for my watch," she mumbles, nodding to Niall, then gives Reiko a long look as she gets out of her chair to move toward the Bowl.

Kinecha exchanges the protection of stone for the bowl outside.

Niall nods at Reiko's statement, right before he stares the music back up. Slower this time, less complicated, but the notes are held out longer, and made to resemble the winter winds, through mountains. "It's not that cold, at least not for me," he informs.

Reiko turns her scowl to Kinecha's retreating back, setting her own mug down and fiddling with the handle. After a moment or two of that she looks over at the stranger again, eyeing him narrowly. "Is that so?" Her tone is plainly disbelieving. After all, it's only going to get colder before it gets warmer. But her eyes are distracted by the movements of his fingers on the strings of the guitar. Dragging her gaze away, she reaches for the pitcher and refills her mug. Again.

Niall decides to pick up the music, trying to imitate the wind even more. The unusual combination of notes pulls it off quiet well though. "It is so. Coming from about Telgar does that to a person." That smirk of his comes back now -- does it ever leave -- and it's directed at Reiko no less. "Are you going to refill your mug after every time you look at me?"

Atreya walks in from the Central Bowl.

Reiko's eyes narrow. "I'm going to refill my mug every time it's empty," she snaps. Even though it wasn't exactly empty the last time or two she topped it off. "Are you going to smirk every time you look at /me/?" Yes, she's finally got enough klah in her system to be aware of her surroundings, actually needing a bit less than usual to notice this stranger who seems determined to be noticed. In fact, she touches neither pitcher nor mug at this point, the fingers of one hand drumming irritably on the tabletop.

Tatia slips in from the Central Bowl.

Hyde appears from ::between:: in a cloak of dark blue and a flash of polished talons.

"But you mug hasn't been empty the last couple times or so, that you've refilled it. Now has it? And my smirking. That's always there, but others have found quiet complimenting when it's been directed at them." Niall's smirk is there, but now it's more because Reiko has pointed it out. But guitar continues to play, and he adverts his eyes to her drumming of her fingers, and the back at Reiko.

Atreya wanders into the LC stretching as she walks then walking more normally as she finishes stretching. She heads over towards the tables near the hearth with the food an eyebrow arching as she passes the apparent klah addict though offers a wave to Reiko. Another wave hello is sent towards Nialle though no other indication of noticing them and once she reaches the tables with food they appear to occupy her full attention.

Reiko /glares/ at Niall. "I'm not 'others'," she informs him coolly. Atreya's wave passes unnoticed, as does Tatia's entrance. Still she doesn't touch the mug or the pitcher, determined to prove him wrong. Even though her fingers twitch with the effort to remain still.

Tatia plods into the 'Caverns with a vehement scowl already in place. Oh yes, this bodes well for further interaction with the greenrider this morning. She pauses, framed by the doorway, to place her hands firmly on her hips while she scans the room. Her eyes flash by both Reiko and Atreya before settling on Niall with a look that erases the scowl. Lucky boy? Most likely not. Just refrain from mentioning the glowing green lump outside, and all will be well. Hopefully. The plod turns into a slide, and Tatia makes her way toward Niall - and Reiko - easily.

Atreya grabs a plate after a moment or three and stacks a couple of bubblies on it before grabbing a mug of klah and perching it too on the plate so she can lazily carry just one item. She turns then slowly and peers around the room trying to decide where to sit presumeably and after a moment or two heads over to a table just behind Reiko and Niall's table.

Niall ends this session of playing his guitar, and will start back up when asked, or he feels like it, whichever comes first. "I know you're not 'others,' I was just stating a fact there. But difference interest me the most." And another hint comes from Niall, and again it was interlaced in his tone. It's been awhile since he last did it, and it was time for another one.

Reiko scowls some more and gives in, taking a huge swig from her mug and returning it to the table with a thunk. Glancing up, she notices Tatia sliding in her direction. She also notices the focus of the greenrider's attention, and a tickling suspicion nudges at the edges of her consciousness, which she stubbornly ignores. "Morning, Tatia," she greets, with forced casualness. She eyes Niall some more from the corner of her eye. "You'll get a /lot/ of 'different' at the Weyr." Oblivious to his hinting? Likely.

R'ave skulks broodily in from the Central Bowl.

Atreya flumps into a chair at the table near Niall Reiko and where Tatia's zoning in on and twists the chair a bit to lean against a nearby wall settling plate onto her lap and feet up on the table near her so she's nice and comfortable. A hide's pulled from her rucksack that she'd set near her chair and she peers at it as she sips some of her klah. Quietly she sits there content as can be in the nice peaceful lc...

Tatia frowns slightly as she manages to approach the table without so much as a look from the male. This is not the way things are supposed to work. The greenrider pauses slightly, clearing her throat before looping an ankle around the chair next to Niall. The chair's not used as a seat, however - it's more of a footstool. Somewhere to prop her boots as she settles herself on the edge of the table. Manners - who needs 'em? Reiko's greeting gets a flickering glance from the greenrider, eyes settling cooly on her. An equally cool tone joins the look as she replies. "''Morning... Reiko." And doesn't she sound oh-so-happy to see her, too?

R'ave capers ever-so-elegantly into the caverns, soon losing grasp of that intial inertia and easing back into a normal saunter-trudge. Tatia is eyed for a moment as he gathers a 'skin of juice and a mug, pouring and moving on to gut a few creampuffs. "Morning," rasps the minibronzer, settling onto the arm of a chair.

Niall slides his guitar to his side, leans back in his chair some, and shakes his head at Reiko's response. Well, there are others here, who may be more receptive. A nod goes to Atreya, and then to Tatia. But that nods turns into long look. Can leave people out, now can you?

Reiko could care less who's happy to see her, as usual. She pours some more klah into her -empty- mug and slouches back in her chair again, eyeing Tatia discreetly as the greenrider settles her sitting-down parts on an eating surface. Tasty. She eyes her own table, as if it might have been sat upon as well, and shrugs. Turning her eyes back to the stranger as his attentions are diverted from her, she scowls once again, perversely irritated that he's /not/ smirking in her direction now. But R'ave's greeting reaches her ears before she can formulate a fitting remark, and she turns her focus to him instead. "Morning," she responds automatically, emerald gaze unconsciously sliding back to the stranger and his guitar.

Atreya glances up over the hide she's reading lowering it just enough to peer over towards the other table where most everyone else is. Eyebrows raise at the greenrider's manner but she keeps silent, likely much safer after all as greenriders can get-well green rider'ish right? Might not all be the same but many often get temperamental and this one has a few indications of that possibility. Using hide to appear occupied she continues to watch quietly as she sips her morning klah.

Tatia gives Niall a slow smile as she leans forward, elbows propped on knees. "And 'morning to you, too," she notes. just for good measure, you know. Politeness and all that. R'ave's greeting is noted with interest, and she straightens to wave a hand toward the bronzer in delight. "R'ave, love! Come keep me company!" After all, two males are better than one. "Me and.." At this, her gaze drops back to Niall with interest. "What'd you say your name was, love?" Reiko is summarily ignored - as is Atreya. Wrong gender, you know.

R'ave swings out the mug-burdened hand as he tumbles backward in his chair. "Tatia, are you feeling well?" The bronzerider has a right to be cautious, what with the lurking possibility of proddiness. He does oblige, relocating to a chair somewhat askant of his clutchmate.

"Niall." The names given, along with his smirk that seems to be directed at whatever female he happens to be talking to. His fingers drum idly on the nearest item, and a quick look is taken of all the surroundings. With this look, Niall's smirk and eyes fall back on Reiko. Seems his attention is divided now.

Siannen walks in from the Central Bowl.

Atreya is quite happy to be ignored as Greenriders temperament goes on an upswing and having been at High Reaches Weyr for awhile and been in others she knows enough to become all the more wary. Left ignored gives her a chance to continue to watch quietly from behind the cover of the hide anyhow and that's what she does munching on her bubblies and sipping her klah nice and quietly.

Reiko eyes Tatia once again, a bit less discreetly this time, as the proddymagnet draws the *cough* unsuspecting males to her like vtols to a spinnerweb. Just as well the greenrider is ignoring her, as she'd likely take off Reiko's head for 'staring'. As Niall gives his name, she turns her eyes to him again with another appraising glance, fingers drumming on the otherwise-forgotten mug. Now his smirk is returned with a twisted halfsmile, as things begin to get interesting. "Yes, Tatia," she chimes in with R'ave's concern. "I do hope you and Vespurath are well?" And before Tatia can take offense with Reiko's 'innocent' question, she turns to R'ave and continues, "And how is Soquilith faring, R'ave?"

"I'm feeling quite well, R'avedearest," Tatia intones smoothly, smile widening just a bit as he does as she com.. er. Requested... and draws nearer. "Why do you ask?" Reiko's echoing of the question evokes a snapping gaze shot in her direction with frightening swiftness. Tat /always/ has time to take offense at an innocent question. And what's this? She got a name, but she's swiftly losing the attention - which is not a good thing. "Niall, hmm?" the greenrider all but purrs. "Haven't seen you around." This comment comes complete with a slow, appreciative gaze. "New to the weyr?" Ignore Reiko - pay attention to Tat. C'mon - your life goal should be to Keep Tatia Happy.

Siannen makes her way in, smile flickering across her face as she spots former candidacy-mates. Two of 'em, even. "G'morning Tatia! Morning Pup!" Others are eyed, and a rather sheepishly cheerful, "Morning everyone whose names I -don't- know..." is called out. Path meanders, finally leading her to R'ave, though attention is on Tatia. Just 'cause she usually tries to pay attention to Tatia. It's easier to keep her from biting people's heads off, that way. "There anythin' I can get ya? Cookies, somethin' like that?" As she hasn't gotten her own, yet.

"Decently well," R'ave murmurs, glance centered on Reiko. At the mere promise of flight, Soquilith fares at least three times better than he had beforehand. Tatia is conveniantly ignored, now, for he did as instructed -- now she can't henpeck. In theory. "Sian." His interest, and due attention, are active now, and focused on the redhead, rather then the dregs of his 'juice.

Ilare strolls, all casual-like in from the Central Bowl.

Niall diverts his attention from Reiko, back to Tatia, and taking all to much pleasure in it. His smirk is given back to Tatia, along with a nice long look up and down her, and a appreciative grin. "I'm not new, I've just had my attention occupied by another."

Ilare is carried into the caverns by smoothly bouncing strides. Someone's chipper today, neh? The crowd is noted idly, and a wave tossed towards familiar faces as she goes juice hunting, eyes twinkling in the fire light.

A slow smile curls the corners of Reiko's lips as R'ave seems to be easily distracted from Tatia as well, emerald eyes sparkling with a perverse kind of glee... which fades as Niall proceeds to ignore her. Well, two can play that game. Picking up Siannen's name - or part of it - from R'ave, she turns her twisted halfsmile on her instead. "Morning, Sian. I'm Reiko." She pours some more klah into her mug, /not/ empty this time, but she doesn't really care who thinks what about her at this point, and calls over to Siannen. "There any creampuffs left over there?" This in response to her offer, whether it was directed at Reiko or not. Yes. Well into her second pot, Reiko comes /alive/.

A bright smile filled with warmth shines out from creamy skin, its golden tan paled by the snow and cold. Oval face is framed by red-gold curls, the tips of her short mane stroking her shoulders lightly, occasionally aiding her fringe in the art of obscuring her light amber eyes. Faded freckles are scattered across her nose and cheekbones, hints of childhood pudginess faded to nothing in the two turns of 'reaches living. Hardly willowy in form - she'll never be that - but strongly built and sturdy, Ilare is as agile on her feet as a dragon midair. 5'6 in height, she gives the impression of being taller through sheer presence and insatiable friendliness. Alert and cheerful, her eyes seem to sparkle, glowing a rich, lambent gold when thinking at her lifemate.
Soft wherhide slithers about Ilare in the form of riding leathers, hugging the curves of her body and emphasising the waist and bust a little more than usually are designed. The rich fiery amber colour of an early morning sunrise emphasises the red-gold of the wearer's hair and gifts her the appearance of some ancient sun-goddess, perfect for the summer. The trademark Zephyr jacket, the tunnelsnake skin 'Z' on the back stained marigold, is single breasted and fastens with clasps of brass, while leather fringing on the sleeves sways with every movement. The jacket, shearling-lined to keep Ilare warm during moments ::between::, reaches to just below the waist and hides the plain belt that secures the trous with the result of making it hard to see where the jacket ends and the trousers begin. The only thing perhaps marring the lines of the clinging trousers are the hip pockets. High boots, secured firmly with brass buckles polished to a soft lustre, obscure most of the trousers up to the knee. A pair of gloves accompany the outfit, as does the mark of the weavercraft, barely visible at the base of the jacket.
Double twisted cords, blackest midnight and royalty's blue, have been braided with a bright brandy-butter brown ribbon and fashioned into a single loop, long tail proclaiming her to be a full fledged Brown Rider of High Reaches Weyr, the badge on her jacket bearing the 'Z' of the wing, Zephyr.
Ilare is 20 Turns, 7 months, and 12 days old.

Height, or overall lack of it is now a given; stinted growth leaving Siannen at a rather childish inch or so over four and a half feet. Willowy figure gives the only hint to her age, graceful curves adding definition to otherwise too-delicate form. Fingers are long and slender, though not overly so; simply, they fit her. Sun-touched bronzen locks brush past slender shoulders, often falling forward to obscure sparkling eyes of intensely pale, liquid blue. So light they appear almost colorless, the right is perfectly crystal-blue, while the left is flecked with gold. Set in a delicate and mobile, if stubborn, face, they seem to only add to the air of knowing innocence that the childlike one unconsciously exudes. Freckle-dusted pallor changes little, freckles most evident 'cross nose and cheeks, lines of which are increasingly defined as shift from child to adult becomes more pronounced.
Gather best is donned, and Siannen is looking as blazingly lovely as ever. A long, silken gown of a silk-like quality drapes her form in the purest of ivories, the neckline not too low, but curving slowly to a point at the middle of her upper chest. However, her eyes are coaxed to the point of brilliancy by a draping sort of zaffer jacket over her billowing candescent gown. The long sleeves bell out for a cool draft with no trace of the white gown; obviously, sleeveless beneath its shrouding coverlet. It comes to almost meet along her bustline, dipping low and meeting to lace in 'x'es to her waist, where is splits and follows the outwards flow of the skirts to just six inches below its end. Suede shoes have been dyed to the same tint of beryl, completing the ensemble with a further touch of elegance.
Size couldn't fool them for long, and Siannen's sticky-gooey-messy old knot has now been replaced. Or reworked, rather: cleaned-up blue and black now worked into the form of...the knot of an Assistant Nanny.
Siannen is 19 Turns, 3 months, and 26 days old.

Tatia shifts her gaze toward Siannen for a moment, expression shifting toward a faint frown. At least this one's been trained correctly, eh? But see, she's female - which means that Tat would much prefer that she just head to the kitchen for cookies - and stay there. But since she /is/ offering. Frown still in place, she nods curtly at Siannen. "Do grab me some wine, will you?" And with that short sentance, she glances back to R'ave.. who is now not paying attention to her. Shards, but this takes work. "So, R'ave. What have you been up to? I hope they haven't had you on sweeps..." The wrinkle of her nose indicates just what the greenrider thinks of /that/ duty." And let's not forget Niall.. who's fixed with a hard stare. "Another? Well then, be glad I showed up." She sends a snide glance toward Reiko, jumping instantly to conclusions without bothering with a care for 'fact'.

Atreya raises her eyes slightly at Sian's great big hello to everyone in the lc but simply nods back. She's finding the whole Tatia drama and everyone around her quite interesting after all and Trey does love things like that. A nod's given towards Ilare as well as quick eyes catch sight of that rider entering the LC but main attention is still centered towards Tatia with hide up to attempt to make her less noticeable just in case. She takes another bite of her breakfast then sips some klah with her spare hand.

Siannen is happy to keep people happy, at least so it seems. For now. Requisite stash of cookies is pocketed, the redhead snagging a few creampuffs as well. Wineskin is eyed, as are glasses...but with a shrug, she just grabs the whole thing. Return trip is uneventful, plate of creampuffs deposited by Reiko, and wineskin handed to Tatia. "There ya go. I figured it'd be easier not to have to fuss with a glass, and stuff." R'ave's attention can now be focused on, and the diminuative redhead makes her way closer once again. "Hiya, Puppy...wan' a cookie?"

"So far I'm glad," Niall says charmingly. For him, his tone conveyed everything, and at the moment, is showed an appreciation for Tatia. But her conclusion, gives him an excuse to turn his attention to Reiko. Which is what he gladly does, but he's not forgetting Tatia.

R'ave doesn't reflect Ilare's twinkle, but he does manage a grin in her direction. Sure, a grin that falters magnetically back to Siannen -- but he tried. "Of course, Tat," he responds, a odd look craned toward the greener. "Sweeps. Chores. An adventure into the un-exotic." A wry smile. "No thanks. I think I'm gaining weight as is," he mentions, grinning toward Siannen. A hand falls on his stomach -- he has gained weight, it's from booze.

Not forgetting..? Attention finally turning away from food and something to quench her thirst, Ilare turns widening eyes on those present. Oooookay.. Has she missed something? She certainly didn't noticed a slowly growning hunk of green beyond the walls, thus is clueless to the possible reason fot Tatia's behaviour. Notthat she's paying enough attention to her old clutchmate for that. R'ave is given an amused eyebrow arch for the attention lavished upon Siannen, a face she's glad to see - not had the chance to chat to her in a while. Atreya is smiled politely at, as is Niall, before Reiko is nodded to and brown rider takes a seat at the Zephyr table. Waaaaaay over here.

Reiko casually ignores Niall's attention, focusing instead on the newly-arrived creampuffs. "Thanks, Sian," she tosses out casually, even though the little redhead has already moved on to her 'puppy'. And so Reiko's attention follows, discreetly eyeing the bronzerider's stomach as his hand falls there, arching an eyebrow without comment. Ilare's entrance is belatedly noticed, the nod returned with a curt one of her own and a twisted halfsmile, which widens as Ilare proceeds to make herself scarce from the... proceedings.

Charming is, after all, a matter of opinion. And from Tatia's expression, it's rather obvious that Niall's attempt fell short. Especially when he then turned his attention toward Reiko. A frown replaces the safer smile, and she catches the wineskin Siannen threw at her without so much as a 'thanks'. Fingers clench around the 'skin, flexing there for a moment before she slides from her seat. Ignore her, will you? Tat's not one to sit by and take that idly. And so, her back is turned on Niall and she repositions herself to better smile at R'ave. Clutchmate - bronzerider - responding to her questions. All good signs. "Aw, c'mon, R'ave, love." she notes with a smile at aboslute odds with her earlier frown. "Share my wine with me.. there's no way I can drink the whole thing myself." Really, there isn't. That'd be a scary thought. Ilare's entrance is barely noted - her eyes flicker up long enough to recognize the brownrider, then fall back to R'ave.

Aten exchanges the protection of stone for the bowl outside.

Lis ambles aimlessly in from the Central Bowl.

Aten glides, with only the occasional smooth wing dip, in from the Central Bowl.

R'ave is getting creeped out. Tatia's being all... wine-sharing and doting. This is, of course, a symptom of proddiness, but it nevertheless serves to weird him out. "Wine?" Eyes fall, dimly, to his juice, and his pooch of a pot-belly. "Maybe a swig, Tat." He can worry about the relative softness of his abs later.

Siannen fingerwiggles at Ilare, mouth opening to say...something. But it closes with a blink, as she, in turn, is distracted by Tat. Oh, dear. "Rauvey...?" Bronzerider is blinked at for a moment before she deposits herself beside him - on the side away from Tatia. "You're not gettin' fat. An'...an'..." Uhhhm. Oh, blast. Hope blossoms in her eyes at the entrance of Lis, though she only breifly tears attention away from the creepiness of Tatia. "Liiiis..." Help? Sian shifts a little closer to the bronzer, peering at Tatia in dismay.

Atreya nods towards Lis as she catches sight of another person entering however though her attention is still focussed towards the table near her more then anything. Hide's forgotten now and absentmindedly it gets placed on the table beside herself after all no one's noticing her anyhows so she can simply watch quite avidly and that she does whilst eating and drinking.

Lis emerges from the darkness dressed similarly, black leathers pulled from whatever closet they've been stuffed in. Shiny. Flashy. Even a little metal-spangled. Greenrider merely blinks as she's addressed by Siannen, a little disturbed by the hope. "Siannen...?" she ventures cautiosuly, nodding in return to Atreya.

Niall looks back at Tatia, and noticing a back to him, a shrug comes from him. It's hard to capture his attention, and maintain it with just words. Actions will always captures his attention, and Tatia's back to him does that. Now he needs to find a way to gain her attention. Well, until he can figure out how to gain it back, some music would nice. So he starts to play again, plucking a few strings on his guitar, and increasing from there, keeping the notes near nonexistence.

R'ave wrinkles his nose. "I'm not getting thinner, either," he points out, grinning. He tends to gravitate toward Siannen, being that she's a safer option than Tat. "Hey, Lis." Stare.

Iisana comes down from the workrooms above.

A wave from the Zephyr table, where red clad brown rider sits, sipping juice, and watching the spectacle. Hah. Just watch HER get dragged into this slimy mess.. "G'day, Lis. How's Alymath today?" calls Ilare, her eyes twinkle cheerfully. Nope, she's no reason to be afraid of anything t'day. She's the morning off.

"Just fine," Lis relates to Ilare, adding, "Not proddy. And this time I can vouch for it," just to see what sort of reaction she can get from Tatia. It'll help confirm the Alymath-analysis. Young'uns are passed by as she scrounges some breakfast, idly sloshing a bit of cider into her oatmeal. For, uh, flavor.

Tatia isn't creepy. She's proddy. The line may be thin, but it's there... really. Niall's playing evokes only a faint glance from the greenrider before she's smile at R'ave again. Now /that/ was the proper response. "Take as much as you like, dearheart," she intones, sliding off her perch to sway her way toward the bronzerider, 'skin extended. All others are ignored - there are simply too many people in the Caverns these days. Really. Particularly those of the female gender. Lis, however, does get a notice, and she raises her gaze toward her wingmate with a bit of a snap, lips pressing into a thin line, though she doesn't comment. She's not proddy, either. Really.

Reiko watches silently over her creampuff as the caverns fill, her gaze sliding back to Niall as the music resumes. Not nonexistent. But Lis gets a twisted smile and a wave as she enters... and the mug is refilled again.

Atreya raises an eyebrow hearing Lis's comment to Ilare though eyes continue to watch Tatia curiously. Out of bubblies she simply sips her klah though it too's likely to be running low at this point. Eyes and ears peer and listen round though quite curious as to all the going on's in the busy weyr as she normally has avoided it at breakfast time, until today that is.

Lis whistles cheerfully as she catches Tatia's gaze out of the corner of her eyes, suspicion confirmed. Tempting fate, she slides into a seat the the table closest to Ilare et al - she's not stupid enough to sit at the table of a possibly-proddy certainly-dangerous greenrider. "So. How is everyone?" Cheer. Cheer.

Siannen crinkles, somewhat mollified. "Well, true...but still, I don't think you need t'worry." Riight. One hand reaches for his, the other creeping down to retrieve a cookie from her pocket. A-heh. Lis is watched, cookie-bearing hand waved in greeting. "Hey, Pup? Wanna go sit over there, or soemthing?"

Iisana heads down from the crafting areas, hair sticking up in a variety of interesting directions thanks to a lack of comb in her room. Klah is snatched from a table and practically hugged to death as she grips onto the jug like it's a lifeline for her as she sits down. The room gets a sweeping glance, eyes resting a moment longer on Tatia. Proody greenrider? Eek. Just let her get out her garlic...

Not proddy, suuuuure. "Well, glad to hear you're both well." Unlike some folk we could mention. Ilare's beginning to peg onto the fact that, yes, Tatia is Proddy. Oh well. Not her problem yet. Eyes go over Lis' leathers, and an eyebrow is arched. "Nice leathers, Lis." She leans forward a little, the fringe of her jacket stroking the table top. "If you need a weaver recommendation sometime, I'd suggest using Eirtae to commision leathers from." Body wiggles in her chair. "She made mine." Aren't they just the best? "Me? Oh, good. Had night and late night shifts for simply ages," thats sweep ride shifts, folks, "And then dawn patrol.. But now I've a MUCH better schedule." If you wondered why you saw very little Ilare lately, that was why. Iisana is offered a grin and a wave.

Gingerly plucked from Tatia's fingers, R'ave hordes the 'skin for a minute or two before returning it. "Thanks, Tat, a lot." You have now contributed to the Make R'a Chubby Charity. Be proud. "Proddy good," he chimes to Lis, brow wrinkling. "Pretty good." Quickly, his eyes flicker toward Siannen as his hands folds with hers. "Sounds better than getting drunk." Admittedly.

Well the lose of one's attention, can be replaced by another's. Or at least that's what Niall thinks, and it's worked so far. So his attention floats back to Reiko, along with everything included with it. His music is still soft, so not to disturb others, but it does becomes more complex, and faster.

Reiko is the focus of attention again? And R'ave leaves with Siannen? Pooooor Tatia. Look out, Weyr. Reiko's fingers drum idly on the side of her klah mug for a few moments as she fixes a twisted halfsmile on Niall, then she goes back to klah and creampuffs. She does hazard a glance at Ilare as the 'rider goes on about her leathers, and those get an appreciative once-over as well. Quite nice, indeed.

Lis idly dusts some crumbs from her polished-leather lap, peering up at Ilare. "Oh, these old things? Well, I finally got them reconditioned after Pyrene's waters broke all over them..." Ew. "Good to hear you're doing well," she replies generally, around a mouthful of spiced oatmeal.

Tatia sighs, the sound rising loudly over the din of the Caverns. R'ave's watching Siannen. Niall's watching Reiko. And Tat.. Tat's not happy. She straightens, reclaiming her 'skin with a violent yank that sends a bit of wine splashing toward the floor. "Don't mention it," she snaps. Ignore her, will you? She'll just have to seek company elsewhere - even if she has run out of males and ended up in a foul mood. What else is new? Clumping steps echo her anger as she carries herself directly toward Lis and Ilare. She even makes an effort to be polite as she draws near in time to catch the last of Ilare's conversation. "New leathers?" Sure, it's snappish and short, but at least she's not scowling?

"Thanks.. Well, they look pretty good after conditioning, I must say." Although black like that would never suit Ilare. Would it..? The sudden stomping arrival of Tatia makes the brownrider blink, and a chair is kicked out and offered to the ProddyOne. And folks, no scowling is a Good Thing. Trust a former Kamikaze Clutchmate! "Mmmmhmmm, got them this summer. Haven't really had time to show them off." Preen.

Iisana seems to realise she's getting waved at and half raises her hand, offering a slight wave before pulling her hand sharply down before she's seen to be waving madly across the living caverns. Most undignified. She hides the abbreviated motion by running her hand through her hair, attempting to straighten it out. It's not exactly wonderful without some sort of mirror, though.

Atreya finishes off her klah and gives a look round the lc before grabbing rucksack and heading out to the bowl. She knows enough to edge around where Tatia is though, if she is proddy it wouldn't be a great person to accidentally bump into after all.

Atreya exchanges the protection of stone for the bowl outside.

Siannen mmeps faintly at Tat heads where she had intended to head - which serves to make 'here' all the more safe. "Or we could always stay here and not get drunk, riiight?" Happily clasped hand remains in his, Siannen leaning against him ever-so-slightly. "And we can watch from here, too..."

"/Very/ nice," Lis approves, going over Ilare's leathers with a careful eye. D'renn would say much the same thing, only eyes would linger in different places for different reasons. "You Zephyr riders never do cease to amaze me, with your leathers." A word reaches her ears, and she perks up. "Drunk? Who? Where?"

Time to lean back, play his instrument, and watch Reiko. All good ways to relax some, in the crowded caverns. Tatia, gains a glance every so often, but as she's not near, she does not gain his attention, as another has.

R'ave eyes the trio of chick-riders, shaking his head. "Mmm.. yeah, guess so." His free hand wags amicably back to Iisana, though his attention is shaky and fades back into closer circles. "What're we watching?" He's seen this before, it happens all the time.

Preen. Preen? Ilare was never one for fashion once upon a time. But hey, she looks *good* in this thing! "Well, I wanted something different. But still with the trademark Z." At least her colours don't clash. And thats all down to one fine weaver. "I know Sasha commissioned a new set, but I've not seen her lately." And they're in the same wing too. For shame!

"Lovely." Tatia's admission comes grudgily, and she doesn't bother with a study of the leathers as Lis does. She does, however, plop into the offered chain, feet kicking up to settle on the table. That's what it's there for, isn't it? With a frown (no, not quite a scowl), Tatia turns her attention to her wineskin, and a long, /long/ swallow is quickly taken. Oh good. DrunkProddyTat. Even more fun that your usual dose of Tatia.

Lis eyes the wine-guzzling warily, gathering some sense of authority - she /is/ a Wingsecond after all - as she plays bad-cop to Tatia. "Should you be drinking all that? It's barely morning, and we might need a spare sweeprider." There's a significant glance towards the greenrider which suggests Lis could /make/ that need.

Iisana is still embracing her klah jug. One might think she doesn't plan to drink it in the near future, just hug it possesively until it goes cold. Leathers... drinking... it doesn't really intrude much on the mind of a sleep-fogged miner.

/Now/ it's a scowl - and it's directed at Lis. "Then why don't /you/ sweep?" Tatia suggests bitingly. Erp. Yes, that was a greenrider just talking back to her wingsecond. "I'm busy." As in, she really must pause to take another gulp of that lovely wine.

Reiko slouches back in her chair again, one long leg crossing over the other with unconscious ease, and pops the last of her creampuff into her mouth. Then she just watches the caverns over the rim of her mug, her gaze sliding between Tatia and her wine, Ilare and her leathers, and Niall and his guitar. Innteresting indeed. We'll just delay that infirmary shift for a while.. if there were anything she were urgently needed for, she'd certainly be summoned.

"Tatia scaring everyone?" Is Siannen's comment, then, "We can leave, if you want...?" So that there's less of a chance he gets pounced when...well, you know.

Lis purses her lips, realizing that if Tatia really /is/ proddy, sweeps would be like letting a rabid canine loose in a gather. But anyhow... "Because I've /done/ my round. I've been checking up on the groundcrews in a few smaller holds, too. But just because your dragon's gone and decided to fly doesn't mean you can drink yourself into oblivion. Wingrider." Greenrider finishes with a reiteration of rank, employing her best nanny scowl. Making a scene? P'raps, but it's no news to Lis, who goes on spooning sludge into her mouth.

Oooo.. Ilare's not about to be trapped in a Tsunami batch of catfighting is she? For one, the blood would stain her leathers, and clash horribly with the shade of red they're dyed. "Creampuff anyone?" Hehehh.. Maybe that'll cause the earth beneath her feet to stop trembling.

R'ave eyes Lis. "Huh." No comments on hypocrisy, not today. "I suppose that would be a generally good idea, Sian." He's in no mood for proddiness, nevermind what Soquilith is waggling out in the 'bowl.

"My /dragon/?" Tatia questions quietly - dangerosly so. Her wineskin is tossed to the table as she glares at Lis. "Vesp has not decided any such thing..." Really. Just ask her. The joy of Denial. "/And/ I think /what/ I drink is up to /me/." The pointed use of her rank only serves to deepen her scowl into a full-fledged glare, and her feet thud against the floor as she drops them from the table. "Wingsecond," she finishes, twisting the word into as much of an insult as she can manage. It's amazing what tone of voice can do. Ilare's offer is considered for a mere second as the glare flashes the brownrider's way, but she doesn't bother to reply.

Niall stops his playing and just for some reason, figures this would be a good time to leave, and find a new place to play. Standing up, and strapping his guitar to his back. Moving behind Reiko, on his way to leave, he stops to say something to her. "Oh... I do see something I like, and something that's interesting," he quickly says, near a whisper. And then he leaves like he entered, in the shadows, hidden form view.

Niall exchanges the protection of stone for the bowl outside.

"Not if you're drinking just to get drunk," LIs replies calmly, attempting that sage-like air. "That's abusive. Especially if you're on duty." Niall's departure is noted, especially the lack of background music. R'ave's 'Heh' just recieves a blank glance. Eh?

No glare is returned, but an eyeroll certainly is. "Tat, if Vesp isn't proddy, then sit down and drink your wine like a good rider." Can't have her clutchmate make a fool of herself. Creampuffs, dispised by Ilare actually, just don't tell the cooks!, are offered to Lis now, calm innocence on Ila's face obvious. "You want one?" R'ave is shot a 'Help me out here!' look. He is, after all, a Bronzer. Thus, in spite of any flab, he is a BigStrongStrappingLad.

A BigStrongStrappingLad whose cute li'l redhead is busy removing him from the scene. "See, I sooometimes have good ideas. Since Soq likely won' take us to the weyr...wanna head somewhere eles?" Trust Siannen to steal the one guy on hand.

It's rather nice that Ilare's soothing words come fast on the heels of Lis's. Tatia scowls a bit more, though the glare has faded, and settles back to reclaim her wine. "I'm trying," she notes, tilting the 'sking back. "But /some/ people just can't bear to watch people have fun." This is fun. Really. "Have to be ordering people around every second of the day." So it's a bad jab. Give her a break - Tat's brain's a bit muddled of late.

R'ave smiles flatly at the brief moment of Lis-attention. But, Ilare's expression is given a respectable amount of consideration -- and by the way, 5'6 is never considered strapping. But he's not getting in the middle of a proddy squabble, he'd likely lose a hand. "Yeah, lead the way, Sian." Cough. "Quickly."

Lis can't refuse a creampuff - Pern's more likely to fall apart first. Taking one from Ilare with a polite 'Thank you', she tsks with disturbing maternity at Tatia. "I'm only looking out for your own good," quips she to the greenrider. Nyah.

Ceridwin arrives from deeper in the Weyr.

Wimp. Snort. Ilare's gonna tattle about your wimpiness to Soquilith and you'll never hear the end of it, R'ave! So there! "You're welcome," is the reply to Lis, before plate is planted on the table and bubbly pies fished from the plate not quite out of reach. Hmmmmmmmmmm... Yum.

Siannen nods, gaze flickering to the trio, then to the exit..."This way looks good, Pup.." Les' -gooo-...

Ceridwin sighs.. great.. greenriders! And wonders who is going to fly next. May as well make sure she has lots of clean towels and plenty of massage oil as well. The disappointed losers often come to her for destressing.

Siannen steps into the shadows that lead back into the Weyr.

Siannen leads R'ave out.

Reiko's eyes widen almost imperceptibly at Niall's parting whisper, and she turns to glare after his departing figure before sinking back in her chair with a sigh. She finishes her klah at last, second pot handily decimated, and gets to her feet. Infirmary calls. But she'll take the long way.

A Bit Later...

Volcanic Pool
Somewhere in the depths of the mountains heat boils and burns towards the surface of the earth; rock bubbles, stone melts, lava flows. Here, barely on the surface, some faint reflection of those fires warm these pooled waters. One is hot -- almost too hot -- one just right, and one as icy cold as the snow that oftens surrounds them. The contrast of ice and steam set one's skin -- or hide -- tingling.
It is an autumn sunrise.
Niall is here.

With guitar propped up on some rock, away from the water of the pools, Niall removes his tunic, then his boots. Tosses to the side, he takes deep breath, and moves over to the pool of his choice. His hand dips in, and the waters just right. Now there's only one more piece of clothing to go, before he can enjoy relaxing in the pool.

Reiko makes her way up the path from the catacombs slowly, walking backwards, blinking as her eyes adjust, and looking back the way she came from with a bemused expression. The things one finds when avoiding wor... *ahem* exploring the ground weyrs. At length she turns to look where she's headed, only to stop short when she spots Niall and his guitar. Lovely. Well, it seems he hasn't noticed her yet, so she slips behind an outcropping of rock. Maybe she can slip back to the Weyr and save her exploring for another time..

Niall finishes the removal of his clothing, and tosses his pants to where his other clothing lays. Into his pool of choice he slips, settling at the edge quickly. A quick look around, a grin, and then Niall closes his eyes, starting to relax in the pool.

Reiko sits on her rock for a long couple of minutes, fuming inwardly, before venturing a peek. Good, his eyes are closed. Wouldn't want him to think she'd followed him here. That would /never/ do. She slips back out from behind the outcropping and starts back the way she came, still looking toward the pool out the corner of her eye. This turns out to be not the brightest idea she's had all day - but it /is/ rather early yet - as her bootheel catches on an uneven spot in the path, sending a shower of small stones skittering along the ground. She freezes in her tracks. Was that audible? She doesn't dare turn around to see, but continues along the path slowly, more carefully now.

Niall grin widens, as he hears the shower of stones. Well, he already knew someone was out here with him, but that just confirmed it. "Allo, to whoever that may be." He called out, sliding from one section of the edge to another. Standing up, the path and the other person are clearly seen. "Ah, Reiko. If I'm not mistaken." He knew he wasn't, even if she never had given him her name, others had said hers.

Reiko stops as her name is called, turning slowly to fix a twisted halfsmile and finely arched eyebrow on Niall, neither blanching nor flushing at his lack of clothing. "That's right," she replies casually, folding her arms across her chest as she takes the few steps back up the path toward the pools. Determined not to be caught out, she eyes the abandoned guitar with a smirk of her own. She's every right to be anywhere she likes, after all. "So this is where you prefer to play."

Niall lowers himself back down into the pool some. That smirk she had already received so much of, was back, and directed her way again. This situation became quiet humors to Niall, and that could be seen across his features. "I prefer to play out in the meadows, and relax in here."

Reiko nods, coming the rest of the way up to the pools and lowering herself onto a nearby rock. Now that she's been spotted, no /way/ is she going to allow herself to be frightened away by a mere smirk. "I generally do /my/ relaxing in the Baths," she remarks at length, glancing around the area with thinly veiled curiosity. "Of course, I didn't know about this place.."

Niall shakes his head some, not liking the idea of relaxing in the baths. "It's to crowed, compare to here. And you're the only person who's come here, that I haven't brought." In the water he shifts, moving himself to a new spot, to bring him closer to Reiko.

Reiko arches an eyebrow as Niall shifts closer. This is a spot to bring people, is it? Hm. "I see," she murmurs dryly, getting all sorts of interesting ideas about this young man. With a shrug, she leans back on her hands, deliberately indolent. "I suppose the fresh air is an improvement," she remarks offhandedly, stubbornly refusing to rise to his bait.

Niall shrugs, and pushes back off the edge some. To the center of the pool he moves to, but his eyes stay on Reiko. "So is the warm waters of this pool, better than the bath's I assure you." He set out a a hint, his biat, but he knew it probably wouldn't be taken. But he can try can't he?

Reiko eyes him for a long moment before leaning forward to dip a hand in the water. After a moment or two she shrugs diffidently, drying her hand on her tunic. "Air's still chilly," she informs him, as if he weren't the one with no clothing on.

Niall nods but grins as he thinks of a way around Reiko's comment. "That's why you slide into the pool. The warm water will keep you warm." His grin disappears, and his smirk reappears, as he thinks the rest of his statement, but keeps from saying it.

Reiko doesn't need to have the rest of his thoughts spelled out for her. The corners of her mouth twitch in a twisted smirk, emerald eyes sparkling with an almost amused light. "Is that so?" she says wryly, leaning back on her hands again and eyeing him appraisingly. Again.

Niall nods again, his smirk widening as he watches Reiko. He floats some, stretching out some as he does, for reasons only known to him, but is plainly visible. "It is so. And the company in the water, is not that bad."

Reiko seems to consider this last statement, then the twisted halfsmile is back. "I imagine there are any number of young ladies who could confirm that?" One hand lifts to tuck a strand of hair behind her ear, but she doesn't look away or blush.

Niall chuckles silently to himself, and shrugs some. "There are... but I've always found action speak louder than words. More can be found out that way." Another attempt by Niall at setting out bait, and probably another loss, but it's been worth it.

Even Reiko is not too oblivious to be aware of the blatant come-on, but she's just perverse enough to pretend that she is. "Indeed," she murmurs, indolently shifting on the stone and crossing her ankles. "You know," she muses, "between your music and your /acting/... you might consider the Harper hall."

Niall laughs, and can't be blamed for trying. And he can't be blamed for continuing either. "If I was acting Reiko, I would have done some other things by now." Closer he slides, as things are becoming more interesting and with that came, more fun.

Reiko chuckles, low in her throat, as Niall slides closer, tucking her feet up under herself and leaning forward a bit. "Such as?" Her tone and manner manage to convey actual interest, but the sparkle in her eyes holds a bit of a taunt.

Niall grins, smirks, whatever you want to call it. Being drawn in by the taunt, and happy to see an interest. This was he wanted to happen, and it was more than he thought would happen. "Are you sure ya want to know?"

Reiko arches an eyebrow, drawing herself up to sit a bit straighter. Emerald eyes narrow as she regards him closely, considering the question. "I asked, didn't I?" Her voice drips saccharine, and her arms fold across her chest. Waiting.

Niall shrugs and shakes his head. That was probably not one oft he smartest things ever said to him, but that's going to be his problem. Pulling himself out of the pool, he stands, and then moves over to Rieko. "You asked," he states, and then he shows. His first act, and probably the most deadly to himself, was the kissing of Reiko. And he was expecting anything from her, because of what he's doing, and ready for it all too.

Reiko is uncharacteristically speechless; even as she watched him coming towards her, she still somehow had no clue this was coming. As he draws back from the kiss, she gapes stupidly at him for a long moment, then a hand comes up, lightning quick, aiming a well-placed slap at his cheek.

Niall smiles, nods and moves back to the pool. Where he slides back in, and moves back to its center. The slap was expected, and more was also. "You said you wanted to know what I'd do if I was acting. I'm not acting."

Reiko stares hard at him, her eyes flashing. "I /expected/ you to /tell/ me," she spits, one hand coming up to cover her tingling lips. Every nerve on edge, she has to force herself to breathe normally. She's so flustered she doesn't even wonder what he means by 'not acting'.

"I act not talk. As I said, talk does nothing compared to actions. And I act when at all possible." Niall stated calmly, seemingly unphased. To the back of the pool he went, bring up more distance between them.

Reiko looks at her hand now, pink and stinging from the slap. Abruptly the twisted smirk returns. She'd acted too, now, hadn't she? And it had felt /good/. With a sharp burst of laughter, she gets to her feet. "Thanks for the lesson," she calls across the pool. "See you around." A wave, a wry halfsmile, and she turns to head back down the path to the Weyr.

Niall's smirk returns as he looks over Reiko when she stands. "I'm glad to be of service. And I'd be happy to give you a lesson anytime." So his meaning was blunt, but at least it was truthful. "See ya."