A Pair of Proddy Greenriders

Living Caverns
The rough-hewn majesty of this cavern far outpaces any delight in the multitudes of curves that form its enclosure. The glabrous grey granite is shot through with translucent obsidian, lending subtly-veined sparkle to the walls and the foot-trodden smoothness of the floor that shows centuries-old placements of the scarred trestle tables; carven hollows give homes for the glow baskets and the coat-pegs that line the walls. No mosaics, no painting, no tiles: just a few well-done tapestries mark the pathway that lead to the kitchen to the north and the inner caverns to the west, and frame the nighthearth's stew and snacks, while a heavier strip of oiled canvas shields the unwary from the wind in the bowl. Scattered about in various perches and niches are thirty-nine firelizards.
Ilare and Takovic are here.

Slender in frame, average in height--generally pretty well built--Takovic still somewhat carries the appearance of a child. His complexion is rather pale, suiting his oval face with its straight nose, thin lips, and narrow chin well. A shock of thick, dark, copper-brown hair stays mostly cut and in order, save for his bangs, which disobediently and obnoxiously stray over his forehead. Thin, expressive, well-shaped eyebrows are mostly hidden by his thick, black spectacles, though the round frames do a nice job bringing out his cool, misty, intelligent grey eyes.
Takovic sports a very simple outfit that manages to look good on him anyway. Blue trous and a cream colored shirt could very well be a bit big for him, but a belt at the waist takes care of any problems. Simple black shoes have a better fit, probably a more fortunate thing. Perched on Takovic's shoulder is Vsevolod.
Pinned to one shoulder is the simple knot of a High Reaches resident.
Takovic is 19 Turns, 11 months, and 26 days old.

A bright smile filled with warmth shines out from creamy skin, golden tan faded thanks to snow and cold. Oval face is framed by red-gold curls, recently trimmed short so that the tips of her mane stroke her cheeks and chin gently. Now, only her fringe occasionally obscures amber eyes light enough to be golden, bangs twisting slightly like spirals. Faded freckles are scattered across her nose and cheekbones, the final hints of childhood pudginess fading to the faintest hint. Not willowy - she'll never be that - but strongly built and sturdy, Ilare is as agile on her feet as a dragon midair. Having reached 5'6, she gives the impression of being taller through sheer presence and an insatiable friendliness she extends outwards. Alert and cheerful, her eyes seem to sparkle more since her Impression of Chanticoth, glowing almost bright gold when they're together.
Silken fabric of kingfisher blue has been spun into a smart yet practical shirt. Hemline tucks neatly into formfitting trousers made of sturdy strong wher-hide, sleek and smooth in texture and dyed the darkest tone royalty's blue can be. Fastened 'round her waist, sapphire dyed leather has been fashioned into a belt, firm metal rings for the attachment of riding straps glinting silver. Knee high boots, the colour of darkness, blend with the trous, molding their way up her calfs. Riding jacket hugs her upper body, fitted perfectly so as not to obstruct her movements. In the center of the of kingfisher blue jacket's back, a huge Z in ice blue tunnelsnake skin has been carefully applied, the Zephyr wing's emblem standing out against the darker tones.
Double twisted cords, blackest midnight and royalty's blue, have been braided with a bright brandy-butter brown ribbon and fashioned into a single loop, long tail proclaiming her to be a full fledged Brown Rider of High Reaches Weyr, the badge on her jacket bearing the 'Z' of the wing, Zephyr.
Ilare is 19 Turns, 3 months, and 13 days old.

Takovic is sitting in the corner writing, as he always is. No further need for description...

Ilare is.. busy? Can it truly be? But of course! There's a reason a stack of hide sits before her after all. Little map hides, and lists of holds beholden to the weyr. Minor and major, all in a row. Bleah. Klahh mug is set to one side, and rarely do her eyes flicker up from her work.

Reiko makes her sleepy way across the caverns to the hearth and pours off a large mug of klah. Much klah will be needed at this early hour before she feels remotely civil. "Morning," is mumbled half-heartedly to folks she can almost see. One hand impatiently rubs sleep from her eyes even as the other lifts her mug for that first sip. Mmmmmm.

Sasha strides confidently in from the Central Bowl.

Sasha wanders in slowly with a half smile drifting lazily on her lips. she meanders happily over to the hearth to pour a large mug of klah and then waving to the people in there she settles in a catlike curl on one of the cosier couches, tucking her feet up beneath her.

Takovic doesn't know if he's almost seen or not, but he's not exactly seeing many things occuring either. Perhaps it's concentration, as always, but he's tired too. His writing is slower, and his fidgeting more.

"Hmm?" Gold eyes are dragged from scribbles, resting upon the weyrfolk, before a faint smile touches her lips. "Hey, Reiko." Sasha goes unnoticed, until the faint burble in the back of her mind catches her attention. "Oh.. fardles.." is mumbled, before greenrider is offered a smile. "Hellow Sasha...."

Elfin is the only word that can describe this young woman. Her tousled hair, once short and boyish has been allowed to grow until it cascades in long curly layers, as dark as klah at midnight, (although now streaked with brilliant blue spotches of dye), around and below her shoulders, Lashes as dark as her hair, are long and accentuate startlingly large brown eyes, which are dance with fire and mischief. Standing at a petite 5'3, her body is lithe and slim, with a tiny waist and warmly tanned skin. She is as agile as a cat and her limbs are taut and strong. Her once untrusting 'hands-off' demeanor, developed over years of ill-treatment has slowly vanished and she now radiates an air of calm, but determined contentment.
Velvety burgandy slips and creases its way down a rather thick wherhide jacket,the collar and cuffs lined with soft lamb's wool to protect the wearer from the cold of ::between::. The underlying tunic is a rather substantial affair, the deep, forest green quite a compliment to jacket and trous. Leather also makes up the tightly tailored trousers which protect as well as define her shapely legs before sliding down the gentle curve of her calf, where they slide into matching pair of thick heeled boots. Laces work their way up the sides of the footwear, small metal clasps decorating these lovely creations. Her hair is tied into a high ponytail which snakes in waves down her back.
Sasha's shoulders are adorned with her proudly worn knot...a double twisted cord of royal blue and black, with a single loop, threaded through with a misty green ribbon, indicating that she is a fully fledged Rider of a beautiful green dragon, at High Reaches Weyr.
Sasha is 21 Turns, 5 months, and 24 days old.

Reiko does register that someone has brushed by her - well, probably not that closely - to fill a mug, but sleep-dulled reactions prevent her from offering a proper greeting. In any case, a name is conveniently provided by Ilare, so she files it away for future reference. Maybe she'll remember. She tops off her mug and drags over to an empty table.

Sasha takes more careful note of the people in the room. 'Lare she knows well....they are after all wingmates....and Chanticoth is toooooo cute for words....Reiko is smiled at with a friendly "Hi! I'm Sasha, don't think we've met!" and her hand is extended in greeting. Then, her smile is directed towards Takovic...oh...male....Immediately a blush colours her usually confident face and she is filled with unusually acute embarrassment. " Hi Takovic....hows the project going?" Look down look down, try not to stare....

Takovic's attention can be called by name. Turning abruptly, adjusting his spectacles, then reaching to cover his project, Takovic smiles slightly, tiredly, returning, "One might say well enough, you know, well enough." Upon this response he looks around the room, noting who else is there, then proceeding to tap his fingers rather nervously against the table.

Well.. yes, Chanticoth /is/ cute. He's down right adorable, huggable and handsome too. But Ilare's just the slightest bit biased. Staying silent, she examines her hides, pushing her mane from her eyes. The names of these little holds (and, of course, the folks in charge of 'em) need to be learned. Regardless of her.. dislike. Never mind. And if she stays /quiet/, maybe Sasha, lovely gal that she is, will stay away. Over tehere. Yup.

Reiko registers somehow that she's being spoken to, and fixes sleepy eyes on Sasha. "Hi Sasha. Reiko." Before she can accept the proffered hand, the rider's attention has turned to poor Takovic. Oh, Reiko's been around the Weyr long enough to recognize a proddy greenrider, yup. She lifts her mug for another sip, eyeing the pair sidelong, the barest hint of a smile curling her lips.

G'deon quietly strides in from the Central Bowl.

Sasha wriggles slightly disatisfied with her present position, and sits sideways, allowing her legs to hang over one arm of the chair, swinging slightly as she sips her klah. "Well met Reiko," Tugging off her weyrhide jacket, she slings it over the other arm of the chair and then taking the occasional curiously addictive glance at Takovic, she grins. "Hey Ilare...are you avoiding me for some reason?" Theres no need"...not with a man in the room anyway, although this is only a subconscious thought.Ooooh another one...don't look don't stare..." Hey Gids..." she smiles, blushing even harder...just look at the floor Sash....

G'deon walks in slowly, nodding to those he sees, whether or not they see him. He makes his way over to the small group. "I hope you're all having a good day," he offers casually.

Takovic isn't good at catching inner meanings in glances, probably fortunately. And adjusting his spectacles didn't change that. As he's not being spoken to, he doesn't speak more for now, instead also waving slightly to G'deon.

Ilare blinks at the question, but doesn't look up, thus not noting the arrival of G'deon. "No, Sash. 'Course I'm not. Why would I do that? We're wingmates, after all..." And Sasha's Proddy, and Ilare rides brown.. Fear? Yup, much fear from this brownrider. Looking up at Sasha's greeting of another, a bright smile touches her lips briefly. "Morning, G'deon." A wary glance is given Sasha, before browny busies herself with her hides. Work, an' all that...

Brown_Guest walks in from the Central Bowl.

Reiko's eyes go from the pair in the corner to the entering rider as the others greet him. "Morning, G'deon." Adding her somewhat sleepy greeting to the others. Her seat is conveniently central... good view of everything without being in the middle of anything. And that klah is very much needed at the moment.

Sasha smiles lazily at the newcomer...ooooh a newcomer....stare stare....

Ilare blinks, looking up. A guest? A smile and a wave are offered.

G'deon nods as well to the guest before he takes a seat next to Ilare. In case it gets crowded of course. He gives the brown rider's work a glance but turns again to the guest. "Hello there," he calls over.

Hides, hides, hides. With scrawled names and little ticks or crosses on the sides. There's probably a good reason as to why Ilare's studying them, but for now they're an excuse to keep her... occupied.. in the presence of green (proddy) riders. However, klah breaks have to be taken.. Leaning back in her chair, she gives the bronze rider a grin, before flicking Sasha a Look. You.. proddy.. Green. Don't sit next to me!

Hyzen meekly steps in from the Central Bowl.

Sasha drains her mug and places it on the table as she idly allows her eyes to travel over Gid's well defined muscular.......Stop it!! Catching herself, she diverts her attention to the newcomer and gratefully breathes a sigh of relief. " Hey Hyzen! Hows things?" Hyzen's a girl...phew....more than two men in the room and Sasha might spontaneously combust.....

Takovic has no intention of making anyone spontaneously combust. In fact, he has no intention of intruding, even. As the conversation continues, he just watches, occasionally adjusting his spectacles or brushing his bangs back from across his forehead. Yawn.

Reiko's more awake now, really. She just needs a little more klah... she gets to her feet to refill the mug, almost-open eyes swinging toward the cavern entrance to note Hyzen's entrance. Another name to file away for later. Hope she remembers when she's more awake...

Hyzen saunters in, helmet swing by it's straps from one hand while the other pats at her flattened hair. Spotting friends all over the place, she waves a cheery greeting before snagging a mug of strong klah. Moving towards the others, she gives Takovic and G'deon a warm smile before nodding towards Sasha, sipping her drink. "Pretty good... and with you and Branwyth?" She'd heard... things. As in, Branny was shiney too.

G'deon waves a drudge over, ordering a plate of meatrolls. "And fresh this time, alright?" he adds politely, but leaving no room for arguing. The drudge however only shrugs and makes her way back to the kitchens. He turns to wave to Hyzen then glances over at Ilare. "Whatcha studying there?"

Hyzen too? That.. That.. Oh dear. That means Imbriath AND Branwyth might be out there, flirting with her dragon. Oh dear oh dear oh dear.. Well, at least Nylanth is out there to share the.. uh.. Pain? Annoyance, certainly. Reiko and Takovic are given a sudden enviable glance; they don't have to put up with this as they do... "Hmm?" is her automatic response to the question, before she rests her gaze on G'deon. "Oh, it's a list of the holds and their holders who come under our jurisdiction. Might do to know some names.." Those holders can get as bad as proddy riders, you know.. Ilare sips her klah after speaking, shuffling said hides.

Sasha gazes at Hyzen,a kindred spirit,with a soft smile, and then suddenly realises in a dazed fashion that Hyzen is competition......Smile freezes slightly as she gestures her friend to come and sit down. "Branwyth is fiiiine. She's just a little more frisky than usual....but I expect you know how that feels, right?" she allows herself to cast a long glance at Takovic as she speaks....funny, she'd never realised how those intellectual types could look sooo interesting when they were concentrating on something.....wonder if anyone else has noticed....her eyes flick around the room. Noting Ilare's activity she drags herself back to reality. " thats actually not a bad idea," she admits admiringly, flashing her wingmate a sparkling grin.

Takovic has never noticed he may look interesting, but again, that may be because he never notices /anything/ when he's genuinely concentrating. Which he actually /isn't/ doing now. He's more daydreaming (though probably about his projects), leaning forward onto the palms of his hands, elbows resting on his knees.

Proddy riders bad? There's nothing bad about proddy riders! Hyzen resembles that comment, you know. Taking the seat, she leans it back onto two legs, eyes shining as she gazes over the rim of the mug at the two males. She absolutely /refuses/ to look at Ilare like that, though. Girl rider will live with her proddy dragon, but she won't go against what her holder parents had taught her, thank you. Another sip of klah before grin is cast Reiko-wards-before the same inspiration that had dawned on Sasha now dawns on her. But it's not as strong as say a goldrider and her dragon. So she shrugs it off. Imbriath is, indeed, flirting (or trying to) with Chanticoth and Nylanth and any other male dragon within a two mile radius of her glowing form.

Reiko brings her klah back to her table, a nice safe distance from -eep- /two/ proddy greenriders? Good thing she's not male, eh? Takovic gets another sympathetic glance ... happily, he seems oblivious to the attention. Lucky fellow. The mug is lifted for another sip.

G'deon nods to Sasha, then smiles sidelong at Ilare. "Aye, those Holders get a real kick out of people knowing their names. Not that we have any reason /not/ to know of course," he adds thoughtfully. He pauses before reaching over for a mug, then stands, heading over to the hearth for a bit of klah. He quickly makes his way back to his seat though. Best not to tarry too long next to proddy green riders, no?

Whimper. There's a grin on Sasha's lips. Meant for Ilare. Whimper. Go drool over Takovic. He won't notice. Plus he's male. It won't frighten him (much). Hyzen is glanced at, sympathy in her eyes. She can hear her dragon flirting shamelessly back. Poor Hyz.. G'deon is nodded to, though. "That's what I thought. Might make them.." less weird? Nah, Holders will forever stay in that category in her mind. Unless, of course, like Reiko, they become weyrfolk. Then they're forgiven. "More inclined to be polite."

Takovic would be frightened were he attentive, but he's not...Not even to the precious papers on the table. WHoahhh.

Hyzen smirks slightly into the half empty mug before lifting her eyes to land and meet Ilare's own. Imbriath knew how to do it-- it was her specialty to flirt. But greenrider will keep her own self in check. Right? Right. ... maybe. Clearing her throat, she watches G'deon move about, eyes admiring the same that Sasha had noticed, but maybe a bit more openly. Placing the mug onto the table, she brings her chair back to all four legs and casts a wink towards Reiko, grinning widely. Hey, she can do things she normally wouldn't... and with Gids telling her to go with it-- well, she will! Just to see the other's reaction. Bwah.

Sasha nods at Ilare. "Holders have always been suspicious of dragon riders in general...they have to tithe to us and then we run off with their sons and daughters on search.....I suppose we owe it to them to try to at least know their names..." She swings her legs over the arm of the chair and rolls slightly to focus her gaze on Takovic who is still gazing into space. "Hey Takovic, its the first time i haven't seen you scribbling something....does that mean you finished a project? And if you have, can I see?" she rolls her eyes at him slightly, suddenly becoming horribly aware that she is flirting and colouring immediately and dropping her gaze to the floor.

Glowing amber/gold embers flash brilliantly in the rounded face of this small dragonrider, hinting at truths untold and the mysteries and joys of being young. Short bangs decorate the high forehead then lengthen back into her usual ponytail, banded together with a small runner-clip. Pert little nose tips slightly up at the end and small mouth is usually pulled into a thoughful and reflective line. Gentle neck extends downwards, drawing ones eye onto the flat chest and towards the jutting shoulders. Short arms, showing little in the department of muscles, lead unobtrusively into delicate hands... slightly calloused and seemingly fragile, they do hold the almost unnoticable knobs of the paintbrush and stylus resting spots. Curving waist leads completely into legs, not stopping for the hips of which there doesn't seem to be. Resembling arms as much as is possible, her legs are also short and seemingly under-muscled to the eye. Small feet poke out from the ends of her legs, not highly noticable to one how only gives her the cursory glance as is common for the quiet and thoughtful.
Thickly knitted llama fur forms a deeply hued shirt of royal blue, converging gently around Hyzen's form. Long sleeved and high-necked for the heavy winters, there isn't much design to this article of clothing. Except... maybe, if you look close enough you might see the crafitly sewed designs that make up the whole shirt itself. Stitched into the right shoulder is a small badge with a slanted line the colors of High Reaches Weyr: blue and black. The pitch colored pants are held up by a thin, short-furred belt that combines both shirt and trousers. Cut to hang flowingly down the wearer's legs, form isn't really an option here. A crease moves down the middle of each leg until the cuffs, where black boots adorn the small feet. Not the kind to be called showy, they are sturdy and well fit for the work they do. Happily stuffed in his little pouch, wedge head poking out, is Phoenix.
Simplistic line of a bright orange twist around the neck of Hyzen, the small though detailed mountain and firelizards proudly shown along with the loving words etched into the essance. A delicate flash of intricate twining shines from the slender finger of young Hyzen; thusly the shape of a hand-wrought ring.
Circling around and around, never ending like the bond that is shared between dragon and rider, are two brilliantly hued cords on Hyzen's left shoulder: a deep azure-blue and staring ebony-black. Meandering slowly, languidly, dancing and twining with the two colors is a third of proud emerald green, a ribbon worked into the two cords with delicate care. A small tassle is made up of the ends of the three colours, flapping gently 'pon shoulder's side, making it known her rank as High Reaches rider of the fey green Imbriath.
Hyzen is 17 Turns, 8 months, and 3 days old.
Hyzen has no apparent threadscoring.

G'deon leans back in his chair, studying Hyzen and Sasha for a moment. He nods to a drudge as he brings a rather large plate of meatrolls. "Thank you," he mumbles quietly. "Um... anyway. Yes, learning Holders' names is a good idea. Sometimes it's a good idea to learn the crafters in the area too." Mostly so you can point people in their direction of course.

Reiko looks up from her mug in time to catch a ... wink? ... from Hyzen. She straightens a bit, and takes a good look at the 'rider. She'd had no idea proddy extended quite so far. Well, she's certainly had worse offers. A wry smile twists the corners of her mouth.

Takovic snaps out of it, literally, looking up as always with an abrupt jerk of his head. "What, so to speak?" he stutters first, adjusting his spectacles, then looking at the greenrider. "Finished? As it were, not quite, you know, not quite..." He starts rather casually (for him), his voice reducing to more of a quaver, however, as he realizes that some may be present who know not of his hobby. "Why, as it were, why?" He reaches back toward the table, one hand resting on the page as if for security.

They seem... tame-ish. And Sasha has, as she'd hoped, turned her attentions to the poor unsuspecting Takovic. But still, Hyzen is.. there. Hmm. "Very good point, G'deon," she agrees, trying hard not to feel uncomfortable as she picks up the next hide, placing it atop the one she'd been looking at previously.

Hrm, not exactly what the girl had been expecting. But then, folk in the Weyr weren't so startled by such things as the people holed up in the holds. Hyzen thinks a moment, watching Sasha and Takovic out of the corner of her eye while also noting the wry smile of Reiko. Tilting her head, she doesn't go as far as to send an air-born smooch of sorts... she's seen a few of the other proddy greenriders do so, but it scared /her/ let alone the person would she would be sending it to! Bah. Shaking auburn-locked head, she turns slightly in her chair to peer intently at Ilare and G'deon. Starestarestare. She sees you! And she's starting to worry herself-- the way she's acting.

Sasha leans towards Takovic..oooh a response...thats soooo...stimulating....." Oh you know...you were showing me some of your stuff a few months back....I was just interested. I actually mentioned it to a friend of mine - Fennara? You know she was one of the harpers who performed at the Graduation party. She said she's interested in taking a look at your work sometime" Sasha smiles at him disarmingly....then realises a fatal flaw in her chatty conversation....introducing the name of another girl? What was I thinking!!!!! "Of course /I'd/ love to hear it played....when its finished..."" she adds hurriedly.

G'deon gave up being nervous around green riders, proddy or not, Turns ago. He does however give the two in the cavern a wary glance before looking back over at Ilare... who doesn't seem to be paying attention. In that case... He leans back and smiles back at Hyzen. Perfectly harmless, right?

Takovic is all right with Sasha's remembering, but as soon as Harpers are brought in to the discussion, he stiffens, fidgeting increasing further. "You, so to speak, told a Harper, you know, a /Harper/?!" He doesn't sound angry, just enormously alarmed, and his expression shows it. It also shows that he wishes he hadn't been alarmed at such volume. More resignedly, again leaning forward, he adds, "I've finished others, you know, I have...But you told a Harper, as it were? A real Harper?" Eek. You'd think a composer wouldn't mind...

You can see Ilare all you like, just don't... do what Sasha's doing. Please. Ilare's attention is now resting upon green wingmate and the young man she's attempting to chat up under proddy influence. That's dangerous, that is. Once again rejoicing in NOT being Impressed to a green, brownrider sips her klah before leaning slightly towards G'deon. "Poor Takovic, hmm?" Words are softly spoken, hints of amusement diluted within the whispered words of sympathy. Not really paying attention to much else except how close the green proddies are to her, anything else is missed.

Other than almost being the focus of an extremely proddy and possibly confused greenrider, Reiko is largely unaffected by the atmosphere in the room, finding to her delight that she can sit back, sip her klah, and enjoy the show, as it were. Emerald eyes slide over to regard Takovic as he becomes visibly more flustered - interestingly, it seems to have more to do with Sasha's mention of a Harper than with her obvious flirting - draping, really. That is one intense young man. Mmmm.

Hyzen tries to keep a straight face-- but between comments from her lifemate and the thoughts in her own head, she finally allows a laugh to break forth. Not loud, but there. Licking her lips, she eyes Sasha enviously for her forwardness before leaning back in her chair and scooting it towards Ilare and G'deon. They look rather lonely. And what about Reiko? Hy can't seem to keep her eyes off the other but not in the way she'd been staring at G'deon earlier. Nu uh. Sure. It's all in the other's mind, really! "Hello G'deon, Ilare how're you doing this fine day?" Cough. Her voice is low, sweeping-- almost caressing in the way she says it. Oh dear, hide while you can! Least she's got enough sense left to keep her clothings on.

G'deon turns back to Ilare, that same smile on his face. "Hmm? Oh, Takovich. Yes, poor think," he agrees all too readily. That was the right answer, right? "It's too b... um, it's a good thing you don't get proddy, right Ilare," he comments after a moment then quickly takes a drink from his mug. Oh, and the meatrolls! Good, distraction is good.

"Very good thing," agrees Ilare, not really noticing the quick change of words by the bronze rider beside her. Pushing her mane from her eyes, brown rider reaches for her klah, even as Hyzen speaks. Oh.. my... She didn't sound like that.. yesterday? The day before? Proddy greens... fear! "Oh, I'm... well.. you?" Meatrolls? Can she have some?

My, it's getting warm in these caverns. Must be all the hormones. Reiko lounges back a bit in her chair, idly sipping her klah. Hyzen's stare is noted, her own gaze not averted... although perhaps not quite so obvious. Especially since she doesn't have the benefit(?) of an anxious lifemate urging her on. No, this look is much more casual, though probably no less appraising. Oh, yes. Someone will be flying soon, no doubt about it. Glance flickers to Sasha again as she wonders which of the two will rise in flight first...

Confused would describe this rider extremely well....although 'draping' herself over somebody? Hardly. She has the raging hormones alright but hasn't a clue what to do with them...at least not in a social setting....Blinking slightly at Takovic's response, she flinches slightly. "I only mentioned it,and Fenn was interested..but if you don't want to show pwople what you are doing then thats fine...a shame, because I know you work so hard on these projects...but fine!" A bucket of mental ice water thrown over her, she feels embarrassed and unsure how to continue. Glancing back she smiles at Ilare...so strange how she is avoiding looking at her, whatever Ilare might say to the contrary. Oooh Gids does look good today though, she muses thoughtfully....

G'deon quickly pushes the plate of meatrolls between Ilare and himself, then nods to Hyzen. "I'm fine... same as yesterday. And you and Imbriath?" he asks a little too casually as his eyes roam over towards the exit out into the Bowl. Shards, not again.

Takovic leans forward a bit further, head again propped up on hands, grey eyes downcast. "I just don't know, you know, I don't know..." He pauses, concerned he alarmed Sasha but yet more concerned about his own fears and worries. "One might say I don't know, you know, what a Harper would say, so to speak...It's odd, you know, odd..."

Facepalming isn't an option, is it? A roll is reached for, lifted and concentrated on utterly. Because, you know, it's food. And much more deserving of her attention than proddy greens. Right? Yeahh.. Chanticoth can handle that. He's the guy out of this pair, after all. Ilare isn't, as Sasha has noticed, looking at either green. Rather, she's admiring the ceiling now as she chews. And trying not to flee in panic. How close are these two to rising, anyway? Note to self: Hide in /weyr/.

Ceridwin arrives from deeper in the Weyr.

Ceridwin smiles absently at everyone and heads directly for the klah.. Loves these mid-morning naps.. keeps her totally refreshed.

Hyzen grins at the flustered tone of G'deon, eyes sparkling as she gazes between her two friends intently. Gasp! She took her eyes off Reiko? What's the world coming to? A hand reaches out to gently try and touch Ilare's own-- teasing in manner, though yesterday or was it the day before? She'd been embarrassed by such a display. "That's good. I'm really glad to hear it." Seeing Sasha's gaze towards Ilare, she frowns slightly almost like her dragon was towards Branwyth flirting with /her/ males. Scooting closer to the two, she adverts her gaze back to Reiko, beaming and jerks her head slightly for the other to come closer. Swoon.

Ceridwin raises an eyebrow at Hyzen's attitude toward Reiko and sighs.. better her then me.. Oh well, shrugs and taking her mug and a few sweetrolls, heads over to a table to watch this little drama unfold.

Squeak! Hand retracts away from Hyzen's touch, alarm touching the amber eyes as Ilare stiffens. Um, a little help here, people? Or rather, non-proddy types. /Fear/. Glancing over at Reiko and Takovic, as well as the newly arrived Ceridwin, Ilare doesn't quite retreat behind G'deon. But she does inch closer. He IS male. And much bigger than she. A great shield, yes? "Um.." Eloquence doth not feel like sharing it's skill with her this day, it appears. Glance is given bronzer. She's /your/ wingmate. You deal with her!

Sasha slowly gets up and saunters across to the hearth to replenish her mug of klah, a soft smile thrown to the newcomer as she passes, but with no real interest in her....not like the two men in the room....sooooo fascinating for some reason just at the moment....she meanders back to her chair, running an idle fingertip or two subconsciously along the back of G'deon's seat as she passes before settling herself back down to gaze again at Takovic, hoping fervently that she hasn't upset him. "Just forget it Takovic, I won't say another word about it to my friend....although she did think that what you were doing sounded interesting. You should have more faith in yourself..." she murmurs, encouragingly.

Ah, but deal with what? "Don't worry, Ilare, it's just a faze. One that comes rather often but still." A lot of help G'deon is. He glance back at Hyzen and grins, offering a slight shrug. He doesn't move much though as Ilare tries to hide beside him. "So Hyzen, any idea when Imbriath might be going up?" One needs to stay on top of these things after all.

Cayl silently, suavely, glides in from the Central Bowl.

Reiko just shakes her head, watching the greenriders with amused interest. Poor Sasha seems not to know what to do with herself. Hyzen, on the other hand, seems to be adjusting nicely. Equal opportunity flirting. Reiko approves. Although Ilare apparently doesn't? Hmmm. She gets up to refill her mug, then moves to Ilare's table. If her presence will help, she doesn't mind. Not a bit. Lounging back in her new chair, she fixes a twisted halfsmile on Hyzen. "Won't be long now, I'd wager," she observes, wondering exactly what those voices in the head sound like...

Ceridwin chuckles at the whole proddy issue, but quietly.. far be it for her to be in either rider's sights. She is having fun here and decides to join Reiko as well. Picking up her mug and food, she moves smoothly to an empty chair. "Want to lay a bet, Reiko?"

Just DEAL. As long as it's not /her/ getting flirted with.. Ilare seems to have no problem with him flirting, if only so the attention is moved away from her. Cayl is given a STAY AWAY if you value your LIFE, look, before Ilare moves just a wee bit closer to G'deon. Fear.. Don't look at her like that.. Hyzen's her /friend/. So's Sash. Chan can flirt as much as he likes but she's having /none/ of it. Hmm.. Gotta wonder if this is some sort of post traumatic stress thing post-LisFlight...

Takovic is a bit too weirded out to be genuinely encouraged at this point. He lifts his chin from his hands long enough to adjust his spectacles, then he comments, "You already have, you know, you have already." Told, that is. He pauses, sort of a lengthened part in his usual stutter or waver. "Why did you, as it were, why?" Not an angry why, but a confused one. "What made you, you know, think to..."

Hyzen doesn't seem surprised when Ilare backs away from her and her touch. Bad touch? Naaah. She just needed time. "Oh, I don't know. When she feels like it, I suppose." Shrugging her shoulders, she smiles brightly when first Reiko then Ceri joins her at the table. "Well, hello you two. How're you? I don't think I have the immense pleasure of your names?" Cayl is spotted and the girl's contenance brightens even more! If she gets any gloweyer, she'd be rivaling her own dragon! "Cayl! Oh, come an' sit with us!" Sasha is given another half-hearted glower for her nearness to G'deon. BACK, evil demon, BACK! Snort. Hy turns back to Reiko and reaches out to her, grinning. "So nice of you to join me..."

Ceridwin sighs and puts down her mug. "I'm Ceri and I am so sorry I ahve to leave just as we were getting aquainted." Sure she is.. really... "But I have a swim partner to meet and if I keep him waiting, he might leave.

Ceridwin exchanges the protection of stone for the bowl outside.

Striding slowly into the living caverns, Cayl glances about at the rather large crowd. Late for lunch..dinner..breakfast, (whatever meal these peps were having) already? The Inferno spots a few familar faces and quickly strides across towards...Ilare. "Hey, 'Lar..." Her sentence doesn't even get to finish before the greeting smile evaporates and she stares. "What's wrong Ilare?" She asks, her voice slightly quieter. Then that simple, dumbfounded expression is passed towards Hyzen, which evolves into instant discomfort. A hand scratches the top of her other palm as she stares at Hyzen. Cough. "Hey..Hyz. You look..Cheerful today!" Ilare is given another -look-, though this one of confusion. Why hadn't Mzadith warned her?

Kinecha moves purposefully in from the Central Bowl.

G'deon just stares at Hyzen for a moment. Then he remembers to close his mouth and smiles pleasantly at the others as they also join the once rather empty table. He shifts rather uncomfortably and glances down at Ilare. So maybe he's not quite as comfortable with this as he likes to pretend.

Cheerful is an understatement. Even Reiko looks surprised when Hyzen reaches for her. Proddy or no, it's quite the statement. Unfortunately, Ceri's gone before she can take the woman up on her wager. Because her marks are /definitely/ on Imbriath, no question.

Kinecha walks slowly across the cavern to pour a glass of juice. A few rolls are scooped onto a plate, and she walks to a table and takes a seat, nodding to people, as she passes them.

Ilare notes Hyzen.. and Sasha.. and Cayl. Cayl! "Hi!" Oh dear, she didn't pay attention to the meaning of the look, did she? Ah well, never mind. Exchanging a look with G'deon, she shakes her head slighly. And frowns just a little. Heeeey... Her bronzer! (Wait, she didn't say that out loud, did she? No? But it's not toooo obvious, is it?) "Gids, didn't you mention you had.." thinkthinkthink. Save him at least, and THEN flee yourself! Thats the plan! Yeah! "Some deliveries for the smithcraft and minercraft to handle today at Tillek?" All said with a straight face. And no, her tone of voice isn't strained or otherwise devoid of emotion at all. You're imagining things .

Hyzen giggles softly as Ceri leaves, waving a cheery goodbye to the other before turning back to Reiko. "I didn't catch your name, love." Low voice-- but nooo! She's using... endearing words! Faranth save you all. Cayl is given a jaunty wink before she nods her head towards an empty chair. "Sit, why don't you, Cay-sweetie?" G'deon and Ilare are turned slightly to and-- yes, she finally does it-- she sends an air-kiss towards /both/ of them. Don't want them feeling so left out, now! Kinecha is noticed slightly, but no more as one eye drifts towards Sasha. Stay... no touchy her flirt-toys.G'deon blinks once at Ilare, but he catches on quickly, this bronzer. "Shards... you're right Ilare," he replies, getting to his feet a little too quickly, almost falling in the process actually. "It's a very good thing you reminded me. Very good." He gathers himself, only sparing another confused blink for Hyzen's... air-kiss? "Uh... right. Tillek. Smiths. Right." And... he's off!

G'deon exchanges the protection of stone for the bowl outside.

Sasha blinks slightly disconcertedly at Hyzen's actions....is there something she is missing here? Hyzen is fluttering her lashes at girls? Sashas shakes her head a little....something to consider? Quickly she banishes the thought....shudder....she's not that desperate yet...is she? Startled to see Cayl enter she waves, and scereptitiously goes back to giving quick glances at Takovic, and occasionally Gids...although why she's bothering she has not got the foggiest clue....G'deon is sooo obviously interested elsewhere and Takovic....'well maybe its me' she thinks doubtfully, seeing Gid leave.

Carnan walks in from the Central Bowl.

Reiko blinks. Oh, yes. Hyzen's flirting with /everyone/... the entire room is one big Hyzen flirt-o-rama. Let's not seem too surprised, eh? "It's Reiko," she says. Not love. Not yet. Heh. Oh, now where's everyone else gone? "See you, G'deon," she calls, too late for him to hear. More klah, yes, that'd be good.

An evanscent twilight, sans of even the most miniscule star -- ebony tresses, cropped until they are nothing more than a coy fringe, contrast affectionately as flaxen-brown skin. Eyes resemble a pair of twin moons -- each teetering 'twixt the shades of blue and grey, nestled smugly in the crevices of a thin-lipped, sharp-nosed face. Tall he is not, bordering a mere 5', and his arms and legs lack equally in a brawny appearance.
His garb is charming simplicity, albeit unfitting for his new climate; a simple short-sleeved shirt, thin and flimsy, is splayed across his upper portion in a vibrant crimson, a pair of black buttons gracing the collar. At the waist, a pair of black shorts -- dirtied significantly, due to various reasons -- slither loosely down his legs. To complete the outfit, a pair of matching sandals cover a small portion of his feet in worn wher-hide.
Carnan is 12 Turns old.

Shango shreeches for food, and Kinecha breaks up a meatroll, looking down at the little brown, "take it easy, will you," she mumbles to him, while trying to both feed the lizard and get something to drink at the same time. Thank Faranth, that her other two lizards aren't here.

Takovic doesn't necessarily expect an actual answer from Sasha, but does glance up at her again, still visibly alarmed, then returns to his still very fidgety leaning-forwardness.

Air.. kiss? Hyzen /air-kissed/ Ilare? Eyes don't quite bug out, but within the brown rider's mind, the proddy equivalent to the threadfall alarm is going off. Meep! Carnan isn't noticed, nor do Takovic or Reiko register in her mind as she STARES at the greenrider. Ohhhhhh shards.. "Hyzen? Dearheart?" Now her voice sounds strained, as she fixes Hyzen with a gold not-quite-glare. "No." No flirting, no being proddy-flirt with her. She really can't take this sort of... pressure. And it IS pressure.. Sniffle.

"I can't believe they sent me here.." Inexorable: the worst species of parent-types. Carnan is obviously perturbed with the abrupt movement from not only warm to cold, but hold to weyr. Uh-oh, what has he walked in on? Immediately, the boy halts in his stumbling to stare -- hey, who needs subterfuge? -- to assess the situation unfolding to the best of his ability. Which isn't very much, mind you.

FlirtToy#New=Stares down at Hyzen. Eeeeew, itchy! Maybe Cayl's just paranoid. "Sweetie?" Ilare is glanced at again, before she finally shakes it off. Just shake it off, put it off, leave it off...er...*cough* The bluerider /quickly/ plops down hard on the seat as if to squash any roving thoughts. Kinecha is -glared- too. Why does she get to escape evil clutchmates so easily? Then, a small hand waves in resignation. No need to be mean to the Lucky. Hyzen is looked to again. Try to devert the topic from 'sweetikins' type stuff. "So, Hyzen, how's wing training going?"

Sasha smiles happily as Kinecha enters and also nods to the newcomer.....male....She catches her breath.....too young....Eyes flick back to Takovic but there is no sign that anything she has said has made a difference to him.....sighing slightly she comes to the conclusion that it must be her. How come hyzen seems to be so relaxed about all this. its not fair. Disconsolately, she stands and flumps down next to Ilare, in the seat the g'deon has just vacated. "Hey Lare", she smiles warmly, as she quietly listens to Hyzen's conversation with Reiko and Cayl.

Hyzen's bottom lip peters out into a pout at Ilare's words as a hurt look marrs her bright eyes. "No? Why no?" Snuffle. But that mood quickly changes as she looks back at Reiko. "Reiko. That's such a lovely name..." Scooching even closer to the other, she tries to drape her arm around Rei's chair, grinning broadly. Who could turn down such a face? "Oh, great, Cay-love. It's always interesting to fly with Imbriath." And Cayl gets the renouned airkiss sent her way. The newest arrival is grinned at-- but that's where she stops for such young people.

Takovic really has been affected by what Sasha said--otherwise he wouldn't have asked more questions, otherwise he wouldn't have reacted so at first. But he's just not good at showing other interest when he's so alarmed. He wonders why Sasha would think his projects were of interest enough to show a Harper, but he's just too worried of the answer to ask.

FEAR. She's doomed. It's just undeniable. Ilare is a ProddyRiderMagnet. It has to be down to her dragon. Gotta be. Not his fault they think he's sexy... *sigh* A.. Smile is offered Sasha before it gives way to the thin line formed by her lips as she fiddles in her seat. Her shield is gone. Although, in many respects that's a good thing. Glare. She's not happy. Someone do her a favour and distract the greenies so she can try and make a run for it? Straightening in her seat, she ignores Hyzen's question and starts on some meat rolls again.

Cayl 's eyes suddenly brighten. She, she may be able to have fun with all this uncomfortableness. It certainly beat scratching all the skin from her form, plus watching others squirm was fun! Blinking a few times at this revelation, the bluerider winks cautiously to Hyzen and looks to Ilare. "You know, I -told- you /this/ would happen." She motions towards Hyzen, then glances over towards Sasha. "Hey, Sash. How're you?" She realizes she hasn't greeted Sasha yet. Then, the rest of the group is given a once-over. Poor folks, always having to deal with those things of a proddy nature. The boy is given a sternish-gaze. Run. Run while you still can. Then, a simple wave. Back to Hyzen. Airkiss is once more ignored. *shiver. Eek!* "I could...tell. How old are they now? The dragons I mean."

Carnan should probably be thankful for Faranth's blessings, being spared by a proddy greenrider and all. Instead of bluntly intruding on the topics at hand, he merely waves a vague hand of greeting and utters something that could be assumed as: "Uh, hi?" An inquire reaches the tip of his tongue, only to be swallowed hastily; who /knows/ what these people are up to, airkissing and calling each other things such as 'Cay-love'.

It's a nice enough face, really. Reiko doesn't even mind the proximity, even if it's a little public. "Thanks, Hyzen." See, she was awake enough to remember. Of course, remove the proddy green, remove attentive 'rider... but that's not today. Besides, Reiko is hardly the sole object of Hyzen's attention. So she just goes with it. And sips her klah.

Kinecha leans back in her chair, the brown lizard in her arms. Sleeping, for now anyways, and she has time to drink her juice and observer the others here. Proddy riders and all. A slight nod, and crooked grin is given toward Reiko, who seem to have attrated the attention of one such rider.

Sasha's eyes light up at the sight of Cayl..."I'm good...I think?" suddenly sighing she slumps a little in her seat, realising from Ilare's stiffening as she approaches that she is almost afraid of her. "Actually no. lets be honest about this....I'm completely bemused and confused if the truth be known!" she announces with a slight frown on her face. She watches Hyzen's apparent ease with her situation and wonders why on earth she feels so...so....lonely. Is that the right word? Probably not...but its the best one she can think of.

Aztek winks in from ::between::, a harsh sun of bronze spreading below him.

Hyzen stares at Cayl when the other gives her a wink, blinking several times for the fact that someone-- rider-like, was paying attention to her and returning her favours! Stunned, she sits there a moment before tha grin breaks back out on her face. Reiko is just lucky Hy's only going as far as to place a arm around her. She's not far enough gone to pull a move-- /thankfully/. Well... maybe, anyways. The child is eyed... but again, she notes he's too young for her such attentions, so gaze drifts towards Ilare. An idea-- so devine that it sets her giggling, pops into her head. Quickly, she jumps from her chair and moves the few feet towards Ilare. Without so much as a warning, she perches in the brownriders lap, wraps her arms around Ila's neck and lays against her. "Oh, Ila-love, I'm sorry if I make you nervous..."

Takovic is confused as well, and still nervous, still looking down and fidgeting, not certain the issue's been dropped yet.

Reiko grins as she is dumped for a rider-type. Only a matter of time, after all, no? She slips out of her chair and drops her empty mug on the sideboard, and disappears into the inner caverns with a quick wave.