Logs For Reiko

Meeting Dsalth High Reaches' most popular brown dragon makes quite an impression on Reiko when she first arrives at the Weyr..
Reiko blinks, involuntarily drawing away from the huge muzzle, her eyes widening as the great maw opens in her face. P'rru had been joking when he said Dsalth... ate people... hadn't he? She goes to take a step away but finds her legs still caught by the brown's tail. "Um..." She shuts her eyes. Such a pity to die her first full day in a Weyr...

Wine And Wagers Which of the Kamikaze greenlings will rise first? Hmm...
G'deon arches an eyebrow curious as comments and glances fly around the room... none of them aimed at him for the moment. Or at least, not that he's noticed yet. Not that he's noticed much of anything lately. Except the wine. Which he sips. Yes, good wine. "There are /always/ bets around 'Reaches, Tatia," he practically drawls. I've heard R'sli talking about what his and Areiah's kid will be. How many eggs a gold will lay, a green firelizard... how much wine Quara really has..."

A Pair of Proddy Greenriders What a thing to walk into, first thing in the morning - two confused and very... anxious, shall we say? ... dragonriders, whose dragons are on the verge of their maiden flights!
Cheerful is an understatement. Even Reiko looks surprised when Hyzen reaches for her. Proddy or no, it's quite the statement. Unfortunately, Ceri's gone before she can take the woman up on her wager. Because her marks are /definitely/ on Imbriath, no question.

Aftermath After the flights were over, Hyzen thought she had a bit of explaining to do... but she wasn't prepared for Reiko's reaction.
Hyzen fidgets in her chair, eyes darting between the two females before sighing softly in relief. "You're sure?" She now knew that a few of them hadn't appreciated her flirting-- like Cayl and Ilare. Kinecha had seemed... in-between. Sniff. A wary eye is cast 'pon Reiko as she thinks, brows furrowed. There was something... "You really didn't mind, did you?" It's... stunned. Startled. Eeep!

The 'Red Stuff' Relationships being what they are in a Weyr, dragonriders need to take special... precautions. Of course, this being Reiko's first RP as an infirmary assistant, she was just a little clueless...
G'deon stifles a yawn, his eyes watering a bit. "The red stuff... I forget what the Healers call it, starts with a 'c'... incase you don't want to, you know, um, have kids or anything." By some miracle, the rider manages not to blush. "I was told I'm supposed to take this stuff once a week. Nasty too, but it's for the Weyr's good, trust me," he teases, winking at Reiko before hopping up on an empty cot.

Good Morning, Lis! Meeting new people is such fun.
Reiko arches a brow. "Anyone actually sleeping within earshot of the living caverns, shouldn't be." Like the drudge she'd spotted dozing in a chair in the corner of the kitchen. She looks into her mug with vague surprise, then takes a sip. "It's fine. What are you talking about?" Shells, klah is klah. Reiko could care less how long it's been cooking. She saunters back to her table and sits down, without bothering to answer Lis' final question. It's really not her problem who's on duty in the kitchens.

Bath Time Reiko didn't really /mean/ to torment poor, shy Khory!
Reiko shrinks back as a splash of steaming water flies out of the bath as Khory hits it, but not quickly enough to avoid soaking her clothing. Great. Hot /and/ wet. Muttering to herself, she tugs her tunic off over her head and throws it onto a bench, then kicks off her wet boots, and finally the leggings as well. Grumblemuttersulk. Might as well wash, she's wet anyhow. Worry about dry clothes later. Slipping into the hot bath, she can't help sighing. It /does/ feel good. "Thanks," she mutters, not quite as sarcastically as she meant to.

Gossip! Dsalth took it into his head that his lifemate needed a 'special friend', which sparked quite a bit of gossip and embarrassment for poor P'rru!
Reiko smiles that same twisted halfsmile. "Purr, dear, the entire Weyr knows about it. You didn't think nobody'd notice?" This half to Dsalth, because she thinks he's looking just a bit too smug. "Some say he's collecting a... 'hareem' for you." Emerald eyes sparkle with amusement... could it be she's picturing poor Purr surrounded by women?

Unexpected Attention Morning-Reiko and proddy-Tatia tried their best, but Niall couldn't be scared away... and apparently he likes a challenge.
Niall stops his playing and just for some reason, figures this would be a good time to leave, and find a new place to play. Standing up, and strapping his guitar to his back. Moving behind Reiko, on his way to leave, he stops to say something to her. "Oh... I do see something I like, and something that's interesting," he quickly says, near a whisper. And then he leaves like he entered, in the shadows, hidden form view.

They Meet Again.. Reiko makes a rare appearance outside the caverns on one of the last almost-warm days before the 'Reaches winter sets in.. but she doesn't get much solitude.
Reiko doesn't bother looking over at Niall, keeping her gaze fixed on the sky. "I'll do as I please," she snaps, not bothering to inform him - as if anyone might not be aware - that there won't be that many more nice days to do just that. And he can smirk if he likes; as long as she's not looking at him, it makes no difference at all.

Good 'Morning'.. Oblivious as usual to the time of day, Reiko settles in to enjoy some actual food for a change (and a rather large quantity of wine) and watch the caverns fill up.
Reiko eyes Derwin over her wine, emerald gaze narrowing slightly. "Anytime," she drawls, a twisted smile curling her lips. "Were the Weavers having a special? Or was someone just cleaning out their weyr?" A long, restorative sip follows that remark, and Reiko just feels better and better. Niall has made himself scarce, Tat is in a Good Mood, and there's plenty of wine to be had. Not a bad morning (for a snowy afternoon).

Taking Stock Figures. Reiko finally decides to do some actual work (hung over from the previous evening's cavern-watching, no less!), and she runs into /him/ again..
Reiko stops her muttering, swinging her head around with a scowl already in place to hide her surprise. Still kneeling in front of the cabinet, she looks first at the bag, then up at Niall, then back at the bag. Klah? She reaches for it... then stops herself to peer almost suspiciously up at him again... but the need for klah wins out, and her fingers close tightly around the bag. "Thanks," she mutters grudgingly, waiting no longer to get some of the steaming beverage into her system.

Like Flit Like 'Pet.. Nature calls Healer Journeywoman Elehu's green firelizard, with rather interesting results...
Reiko smirks lightly. Interesting, indeed. Her gaze turns upward to Klee as well. "I should think so," she responds, equally mildly. At least, from the mental pictures Reiko was getting. "So." A question? A change of subject? Her tone deliberately leaves her meaning unclear.

Another Bath This time, with less pleasant company. And Reiko's foul mood follows her right out into the living caverns..
Merra isn't looking at Reiko at this point, and so she doesn't notice the glare directed her way. But she does casually ask, "What's up, Reiko. Couldn't help but notice you're a little grumpy. Just not a morning person?"

A Reeeeally Bad Hangover.. Reiko runs into Niall again; this time, his attempted 'kindness' has interesting ramifications.
Reiko doesn't move... doesn't even bother to open her eyes all the way, emerald slits regarding Niall sidelong with dull suspicion. "Sorry for what?" Sorry for something he /did/? Or for something he didn't do? She's not even completely sure what happened, just that she was cold, and then she wasn't, and he was there.

'Quiet' Corners? Reiko's escape from the hustle and bustle of the living caverns turned into a very interesting conversation.
Reiko eyes Kariel for a long moment as he eyes Auri, a smirk of her own curling her lips, more amused than leering, but it's largely hidden behind the mug of now-very-cold klah she's nursing. She might have commented, but R'ave's... raving draws her attention instead. He moved. Who? What did she miss?... Her brow furrows as she mentally thinks back over the conversation, but all she can come up with is talking furniture. So she greets Lis instead. "Morning."

Same Crowd, Different Day.. Toss in two hungry people, one plate of food, and a lot of wine. :)
Reiko slips in from the hallway, laden with a tray of food and a skin of wine, which she deposits with a thump and a smirk in front of Kariel. "I thought /assisting/ was limited to the infirmary," she remarks, maybe just a bit caustically. Aren't there drudges, after all? A second skin is kept for herself, and she flumps into a comfy looking couch with an indolent stretch. Kare gets a break, she's taking one too. Simple as that. Studying, her left eye.

Another Hangover ... and this time, it's not Reiko who's hung over.
Reiko eyes Niall for a long moment, eyes narrowed to emerald slits, the smirk not lost on her. As the bag is tossed, a hand darts out to intercept it, and she arches a brow at Niall as she quickly opens it and takes a long sniff. "More spiked klah?" She shakes her head and closes the bag, tossing it negligently back in his direction and turning to Elehu. "He's only hung over. And if he feels half as bad as /I/ did," - here she eyes him viciously - "leave him."

First Do No Harm.. By now, there's practically nothing civil remaining between Reiko and her former lover. So when an 'accident' brings Kinecha to the infirmary, the situation deteriorates rapidly..
Reiko smirks lightly, still unmoving, still outwardly calm. "Is that a threat?" Even her eyes are cold. There are, after all, only two people in the infirmary. What could 'happen'? The words hang in the air, and Reiko waits to see what Kinecha will do next. Crippled and all.

Searched! A reluctant Reiko (is there any other kind?) is dragged outside for 'moral support' as Konolan meets a distant cousin.. or something. (Let's not get into the lapse in judgment on /his/ part.) In any case, blue Fluffyth takes a keen interest in Reiko..
Reiko eyes Konolan narrowly. "Adopted?" She's heard about Dsalth and his abductions, and hastily takes a couple more steps back. If she's going to be someone's weyrmate, it's bloody well going to be by choice. Not that Bun'ny is all that bad... and the appraising gaze turns bluerider-wards as she momentarily forgets the draconic attention. No, wait. "I am /not/ going to be adopted," she states quite firmly. And Tatia is eyed for suggesting it.

And thus begins a new chapter in Reiko's life... Candidacy!