Early Morning Crowd

Gar Hold Courtyard

Cress walks slowly and silently in from the Gar Hold Entry Hall.

Merdia is sitting on the swing, looking out over the courtyard.

Noticing that there are people here, Cress stops midstride, "hello," he says. He's in the mood for talk this night, not feeling like going to bed for sleep as he's not tired. "Lovely weather, this night, isn't it."

Merdia blinks at the unfamiliar voice and turns to face its source. "Hi," she says, with a friendly smile. "Yes, it is a lovely night... have we met? I think I've seen you about the hold..."

Standing at only 5'5 this man's size is not impressive. He has blond, short hair and his gray eyes sparkle with a friendly light. His muscles are hardened and he has a scar running along the right side of his neck. His most obvious feature is a missing piece of his right little finger.
His legs are covered by coal-coloured trousers, which are well worn and patched in many placed. A broad leather belt keeps the trousers from falling down around his ankles. A darkgreen shirt covers his upper body, also showing signs of beeing old, having rips along a number of seams. His dark boots, which come up to the ankles, are scuffed but are well-polished with a shine. Cress' Pack hangs heavily from Cress's shoulder.
Red and silver in a double cord and single loop appoints him as apprentice to the Star Craft.
Cress is 18 Turns and 5 months old.

Zenethen watches silently from the lower steps, gazing out over the courtyard

Shaking his head slighty Cress says, "I'm not sure, I'm Cress." A hand is held out to greet the woman, "Nice to meet you." Noticing the other stranger, he once again says, "Hello."

Zenethen nods slightly in the starlight. "well met, I'm Zenethen."

Merdia automatically starts to extend her hand, then stops abruptly as she realizes it's still bandaged. "Merdia," she says with a shrug and a wry grin, dropping the injured hand back into her lap and rubbing at the bandages with the the other.

Looking at Merdia's bandaged hand, Cress gets a slighty worried look on his face. Nodding to said hand, he asks "what happened to your hand?"

Zenethen raises his head with interest. Peering over at Merdia, Zen watches to hear what story she has for an explanation.

Merdia looks chagrined, but it's been enough time now that she can actually chuckle a bit... "I thought the entire hold knew about the stablehand who pitched out the third-level windows to swing from the shutters."

Cress' eyes widen as the explanation comes from the woman.. "Pitched out a window," he mumbles. "How did you manage to do that?"

Merdia ohs... "You /haven't/ heard. I got recruited to help get the threadfall shutters back in working order... must be almost a sevenday ago by now... " She shrugs. "The shutter was stuck pretty tight, and I kind of... pushed a little too hard? It was a pretty stupid trick, I guess... fortunately there was someone to help me back inside."

Cress nods slightly "well, that was certainly lucky, wasn't it?" He'd hate to think what would have happened if there hadn't been anyone there to help her in. "So how did you injure your hand?"

Zenethen frows slightly at the man. "um... didn't she just answer that? after all she was hanging off thread shutters."

Merdia smiles. "He's right... I cut it on the shutter," she explains. "The first person to get to me was Alexander, and he wasn't strong enough to pull me up, so I was hanging on for quite a while."

Nodding Cress says, "Still, it's lucky that /someone/ was there, wasn't it?"

You say, "Definitely." She grins. "So now I get to play in the gardens for a bit instead of mucking stables."

Petrin walks in from the Gar Hold Entry Hall.

Merdia is sitting on the swing explaining the bandages to Cress...

Petrin stands on the porch, he stares at Minyath hard before looking around and seeing Merdia with Cress, he moves over, "Evening."

Zenethen asks Merdia: "did your had hurt at all?" trying to have a "blonde" moment adn have a little fun/

Merdia smiles up at Petrin as he enters. "Hi," she says. Then blinks and turns to regard Zenethen quizzically. "What do /you/ think?"

Kentin walks in.

Zenethen grins at Merdia. "I think it had to have hurt worse then thread scored dragon that wont fly again!"

Kentin waves a hello to everyone, having seen them from inside the entry hall. "Good morning to you all."

Merdia glares at Zenethen. "Probably not /quite/ that painful. Hearing yet /another/ voice, she blinks, then waves to Kentin. "Hi," she calls out. "So /this/ is when people gather. I'd wondered."

Cress covers a grin with a cough, raising his hand to his mouth. "Can't have hurt as much as losing a good piece of your little finger," he says and shows them his right hand with half a finger.

Kentin looks around in the dark. "Its dark out,and a bit chilly,why are you all out here?" Finds a seat on the bench.

Kentin realizes people are discussing what has hurt, and from the descriptions, what has hurt alot, and just stares.

Petrin blinks at the trading of 'war wounds' and turns to Kentin, "Good question, posiable to fresh air?"

Merdia stares at Cress's half a finger, then catches herself. "Ouch," is all she says with a bit of a shudder.

Kentin raises an eyebrow at Cress. "Your proud of that?" Turns back to Petrin. "I am going to guess its because your all lunatics, trading injuries, in the darkness, in the cold."

Cress shrugs, "didn't really hurt a lot just when it happened," he says, "not till after, actually." His face contracting at the memory of the incident.

Merdia giggles. "It's not /that/ cold," she says to Kentin. Then she turns to Cress again and indicates the bandaged hand. "That's how this was, too... except I think I'll be keeping all my body parts. ... How did it happen?"

Kentin yawns,and heads off to bed. "Its cold enough,im going to go catch a nap

Kentin goes home.

Zenethen inspects the two's different scars, then after a moment of looking at his own finger, he holds up his right hand, the index finger tweeked towards his other fingers at the middle joint. "I don't remember doing this, but it /had/ to have hurt... its only straight when i bend it like... this." and with that he twists his finger, a couple popping sounds emmitted from the stubborn joints.

Merdia makes a face. "Ew," she says.

"A knife got a little to close," Cress says. Then he continues, surprising himself "I was in a fight." Looking at Zen's finger he nods. That /had/ to have hurt, too.

Merdia blinks and turns to face Cress again. "A fight? Really?" She eyes his damaged hand again. "I hope it was over something important."

Grinning, Cress shrugs, "actually, that's kinda funny. We were fighting over the knife."

Petrin rubs his face, "Not too cold." He mutters. Then looks around a bit more. "Anyone know who /he/ belongs to?" he asks pointing at Minyath.

Zenethen looks at Petrin oddly. "you think its cold out here? i thought it was almost hot out here!" with a sigh Zen leans back on a support beam. "My parents told me that i was playing out in a field as the they were harvesting the grain. one of the guys got a little wiled and accidently chopped my finger most of the way off. the Healer hal had a lot of fun with it... pretty gross if you ask me. ""

Merdia begins to chuckle a bit at Cress's explanation, then turns her attention back to Zenethen. "You're lucky it wasn't your head," she remarks. She resumes her idle push of the swing, rocking it slowly as she looks out over the courtyard, studying the brown dragon. "I'm not sure I recognize that one," she says to Petrin. "Odd to see a dragon sleeping in Gar's courtyard."

Zenethen jumps as he realises that there /IS/ a dragon in the courtyard, brown enough ot blend in with the night... mostly.

Attention drawn to the dragon, Cress shrugs, "I dunno," he says, "I haven't really met a lot of dragons.. or their riders for that matter."

Petrin nods, "That's what /I/ thought." he says to Merdia. He shrugs to Zenethen, "Kentin thought so."

Merdia looks confused for a moment, then ahs. "Thought it was cold?" She shrugs. "I actually thought it was kind of nice. The days have been so hot... " Then she gets to her feet, the ropes creaking with the swing's abrupt stop. "I wouldn't mind something warm to drink, though. Anyone else?" she adds to no one in particular.

Cress just had a redfruit juice not lonf ago, but a mug of klah didn't sound too bad "sure, I'll come with you, Merdia," he says and gives her a smile.

Nathen blinks in from ::between::!

Zenethen exclaims startled "WOW! Nathaniel just teleported!!"

Merdia blinks in surprise. "He's a bit young to have managed that, isn't he?"

Petrin nod and rises, happy to head inside.

Zenethen looks at Merdia "i guess not, cause he just did! I thought he wouldv've glided out here through a window or sothing

Nathen glides down to Zens left hand and lands on it, clinging to it like a cavewall.

Merdia shrugs. "That's probably not the last time he'll surprise you," she says with a little smile. She turns to go into the Hold... maybe it's not too warm to light that fire...

Dining Hall
Coming from the other rooms, the Dining Hall seems a little dimmer, Which it is. Positioned throughout the room are about a dozen tables suited for up to eight people each. It is far more than the Hall needs, but it is always nice to be safe than sorry. A table is set up off to the side. On it is a collection of cooled juices and fruits which are kept fresh from the nearby Orchards. With the constant state of furor created by recent events there few drudges not busy elsewhere, So please serve and clean up after yourself. A fire burns merrily along the west wall, and overstuffed, cushioned couches and chairs have been placed in front of it.

Cress walks slowly and silently in from the Gar Hold Entry Hall.

Cress glances at the chalkboard to see what the menu is for today.

The kitchen's closed down for the night, but the nighthearth is stocked for late-night snacking. Today it has: Fresh redfruits, crispy vegetable rolls, and the inevitable meatrolls.

Merdia heads directly for the sideboard and the klah pitcher. Working a bit awkwardly with her left hand, she sets out a mug and carefully pours out some klah.

Petrin walks in from the Gar Hold Entry Hall.

Petrin strides in, still shaking his head.

Cress ambles over next to Merdia to pour klah for himself.

Merdia looks up from the sideboard where she has now managed to fill the mug without spilling too much, and smiles at Petrin as he enters. "You want one?"

Petrin nods, "Please, thanks." he moves over to the sideboard, "Not that you should be doing that..." he says.

Merdia grins and pushes the pitcher in Petrin's direction. "Go on, then, you do it." She sets about spooning some sweetener into her own mug, a rather laborious process, but she's more cheerful about it than previously.

Waiting for a chance to get at the klah pitcher, Cress grabs a few meatrolls, just in case one of the lizards gets hungry. "Is it still hot," he asks Merdia.

Merdia takes a quick sip with an apologetic glance at Cress; he slipped up so quietly that she hadn't noticed him waiting. "Yes, fairly hot," she says. She takes the mug and walks over to the comfy chairs by the hearth.

Petrin blinks, but takes the pitcher and pours himself a mug, he offers Cress.

Smiling Cress takes the mug, "thank you," he says, nodding. Then he takes the plate with meatrolls and finds a seat near Merdia and the hearth. Nice and warm here. Maybe a little too warm for someone who's slept outside most of his life.

Merdia curls a bit deeper into her armchair, cradling the mug carefully in her hands, and finding that the bandages provide a nice layer of insulation from the hot mug. She looks a bit absently at the coals for a moment before she seems to remember that she's not alone in the dining hall like usual. She glances at Cress again, noticing his knot. "Starcrafter?"

Petrin's behaving very slowly, but brings his mug over to a seat with the others and nods to the fire, "Do you need that lit?" he asks Merdia.

Cress nods, "Yes, I am," he says in reponse to Merdia's question. "Haven't been very long, though."

Merdia nods to Cress, then glances at Petrin with a little smile. "If you don't think it will be too warm... you know I like that fire."

Petrin double checks with Cress, a small smile on his face.

Cress shrugs.. "I don't mind, though it is a little hot. After all, I'm used to being outside most of the time."

Merdia glances back at Cress. "Why's that?"

Another shrug and Cress says, "well, before I came here I travelled with my folks, all over pretty much. So we usually slept outside. And now, I spend a good deal of time outside observing the stars. So I guess you could say that I'm immune to the cold."

Petrin stands a bit confused, then shrugs and desides against it, he drops himself into a chair and sips his klah listening to Cress.

Merdia looks a bit concerned. "Outside? During a Pass?" She shudders.

"Well, it's not hard to find a cave to find cover in," Cress explains. "We usually travelled near the mountains, after all." As though it was the most natural thing on Pern to do.

Merdia blinks. "Give me a nice, safe hold any day," she says, shaking her head slightly. "I mean, I like being outdoors, but... " the rest of the thought is lost in a long sip of klah.

Petrin nods to Cress, "How do you find sleeping in the Dorms?" then turns to Merdia, "Although it's a bit new for you too."

Cress grins, "well, I don't mind the people there. It's just hard to adjust to being inside. When I first came here, I had trouble sleeping." Not that it mattered, since he's in the StarCraft, which where being up at night is an advantage.

Merdia chuckles. "I'm accustomed to being packed in with a lot of other people, but it's a bit different when they're /family/."

Petrin aahs, "But doesn't Gar feel like family yet?" he asks, a small smile on his face.

Merdia smiles. "Have you visited the dorms lately? There are people crashed there that I haven't even /met/ yet." With a little shrug she adds, "I'd just as soon /not/ have Gar be too much like /my/ family..." A small sigh escapes her as she looks into the ashes on the hearth.

Picking up the plate still with the uneaten meatrolls, Cress stands up. "Well, I think it's about time to get some work done," he says, and takes the plate and the used klah mug to the sideboard. "It was great talking with you both."

Merdia half rises as Cress goes. "Nice meeting you," she calls.

A wave is given and Cress is off to the Star Hall..

Cress walks slowly and silently to the Entry Hall.

Petrin waves to Cress, then turns to Merdia, "You've got a large family." he checks, "You couldn't have got on with all of them." He sips his klah.

Merdia grins. "Hardly," she admits. "I do miss my brothers at times, though." With a shrug she looks into the ashes again. With a glance back to Petrin she adds, a bit shyly... "Now that Cress isn't here to be too hot, could you... "

Petrin hops up and tends to teh fire...

Petrin takes a long match and reaches into the fireplace to light the fire. The fire blazes up and crackles, and sparks fly up the chimney.

Petrin turns to Merdia, and stays on his haunches looking at Merdia, "Are they still at home, or did they leave as well?"

Merdia looks down with a shrug. "They were still there when I left... I never even said goodbye." She shakes her head to clear it, and hugs her knees into her chest. "Can we talk about something else?" she adds, barely audible.

Petrin blinks, then turns and heads back into his chair, his face thoughtfull. After a brief pause he replies, "Did you get some rest?" He waves to her hand, "That will heal better if you give it a chance."

The fire leaps and crackles, and a few sparks rise slowly into the chimney.

Merdia relaxes a bit and nods. "I've not been to the stables in days.... Natch is reassigning me to the gardens until Sarilka says it's healed, so I have to go there in the morning.

Petrin smiles looking more relaxed. "Good. Then if you'r in the gardens, what's this about a maze?"

Merdia brightens. "You haven't seen it? It's quite fun. If you try it, bring Bright with you. It's easy to get turned around."

"So you've been in it?" Petrin asks leaning forward, "Did you get lost?"

Merdia giggles. "I helped build some of the rooms, but that didn't make it any easier to navigate! I had to send Darken up for an aerial view."

Petrin tilts his head listening to Merdia's giggle, and his smile broadens "That does sound like fun, I wonder what it's like at night..."

Merdia considers for a moment. "I think there's plenty of moonlight..."

Petrin sits up, "Well should we try it?" He asks.

Merdia looks a bit surprised, then smiles. "Sure."

Semarinne walks in from the Gar Hold Entry Hall.

Semarinne walks in, looking around for someone. Spotting Merdia, she smiles and waves, heading towards her.

Merdia smiles back at Rinne, returning the wave. "Hi," she calls reflexively, knowing it doesn't matter if she speaks or not.

Semarinne finally reaches Merdia. Grinning, she asks, "Guess what?"

Merdia says, "I give up. What?"

Semarinne laughs. "You didn't even try," she chides. "Here," she smiles, putting something into her friend's hand.

Semarinne hands you Silver Carved Ring.

Silver Carved Ring
A simple circle of silver, not too thin, but not too broad either. Carefully carved along the ring is a design of flowers and leaves in a neverending vine. Silver Carved Ring is not being worn.

Merdia holds it up to the light with a delighted exclamation. "It's beautiful!"

Semarinne smiles, a soft blue light in her eyes. "It's yours."

Merdia's mouth drops open. "Really??" She reaches to grasp Rinne's hand with a grateful squeeze. Abruptly she remembers her manners. "I'm sorry... have you two met?" She looks from Rinne to Petrin and back.

Semarinne laughs, nodding. "Really." Looking at Petrin, she smiles. "I believe so. /Very/ briefly though, I think."

With a few final pops and crackles, the fire goes out.

Merdia shrugs. "I guess he's a bit distracted," she apologizes. "We were about to check out the maze..."

Semarinne's eyes light up. "Oh, I heard about your new maze here at Gar," she smiles.

Merdia smiles. "Yes. I've been through it once or twice -- it can be pretty confusing."

Semarinne laughs. "Isn't that the /point/ of a maze," she teases. "To get lost?"

Merdia giggles. "Yes, I suppose it is," she admits. "As long as you make it out eventually..."

Petrin nods to Semarinne but shakes to Merdia, "Just briefly, I don't think we were introduced...." He holds out his hand, "I'm Petrin, well met." he adds formally.

Semarinne accepts the offered hand with a warm smile. "Semarinne, Rinne if you like," she grins. "Well met."

Merdia adds in a quiet voice to Petrin, "Be sure to /look/ at her when you speak... she can't hear you."

Semarinne raises an eyebrow slightly at Merdia. "What did you just say?" she smiles, not really expecting her to answer.

Merdia just grins to Rinne. "Nothing of any significance," she replies. She holds her left hand out in front of her, low, to admire the sparkling silver ring. "I don't know how to thank you," she says to her friend.

Semarinne laughs. "Don't mention it," she smiles. "I enjoyed doing it."

Merdia smiles gratefully at her friend. "Are you at Gar long, this trip?"

Semarinne shakes her head. "Today's my last day," she smiles. "I'm due back at Ista later."

Merdia nods understanding. "Well, safe journey to you, then."

Semarinne nods. "Thanks," she smiles. "When are /you/ gonna make a trip down to Ista then?"

Merdia blinks. "That's a good question," she says with a little smile. "I haven't been anywhere since I became a Gar resident. I'll have to look into that."

Petrin stands back a bit, allowing the two to talk, his eyes glance down at Merdia's finger every now-and-then.

Semarinne laughs. "You really should," she smiles. "Ista's great. Especially the people," she adds, with a slight blush. Ooh, something's up with Rinrin...

Merdia notes the blush and grins. "Oh, so /that's/ why you're in a rush to get back. Next time you're at Gar, do leave a bit more time to chat."

Semarinne rolls her big eyes at Merdia, laughing. "Oh, okay, so I /do/ have a reason for rushing home," she smiles. "Ya wanna know more?" she teases tantalisingly. Looks like Rinrin /wants/ to share.

Merdia glances at Petrin, aware that he's a bit excluded from the 'girl talk'. "If you don't mind?" she asks him. "I'm really curious..."

Semarinne grins at Merdia. "Okay, okay, I'll tell," she smiles. "Um, what do you wanna know first?"

Merdia chuckles. "Better sit down," she says, indicating the comfy seats in front of the hearth. "Start at the beginning, if you please."

Semarinne takes a seat and nods. "Right," she laughs. "What /is/ the beginning, in your opinion?" Wink. She sure ain't making this easy.

Merdia lifts an eyebrow. "All right, then. /Who/?"

Semarinne blushes. "Clayton," she smiles.

Merdia hmmms. "Okay, there's a name... anything else you'd like to share?"

Semarinne laughs, shoving Merdia gently. "You're enjoying this, aren't you?" she grins. "Let's see... he's a distant cousin of Cationa's, which I /think/ is how we first met..."

Merdia ahs. "And when might that have been?" she presses on, with a grin to let Rinne know that she's enjoying it immensely.

Semarinne shrugs slightly. "About... 3 months ago?" she offers with a smile.

Merdia says, "And...?"

Semarinne's eyes widen with innocence. "And we got 'long pretty well," she smiles. "And one day I met him in the gardens and... things kinda went from there..."

Merdia grins. "Is that so?" she says. "Do you have... an understanding with him?"

Blinkblink. Ever seen a perfect look of innocence? You're seeing it now. "Understanding? Huh?"

Merdia giggles. "You know. Mutually exclusive. That sort of thing." She peers at Rinne, waiting to see what she'll come up with...

Those eyes again. "Mutually /exclusive/?" she asks. "Whaddya mean?"

Merdia grins. "If you don't want to tell me the extent of your ... erm... relationship with Clayton, I can certainly respect that."

Semarinne laughs. "We haven't /done/ anything, if that's what you mean," she grins, winking.

Merdia chuckles, turning a bit pink as the conversation turns into territory she's unaccustomed to discussing. "But you like him?" she asks.

Semarinne nods emphatically. "'Course I like Clay," she smiles, blushing again.

Merdia says, "And he likes you?"

Semarinne laughs. "Would he kiss me if he didn't?" she grins, then holds up her left hand for Merdia to see the ring on it.

Merdia's eyes widen. "Wow."

Long golden tresses fall down Semarinne's back, tumbling all the way down to her waist. Blonde is tinged with ochre hues, giving a rippling effect to her straight hair. Almond-shaped eyes sparkle like flawless sapphires, deep blue and twinkling with humour. Petite and attractive, Semarinne is considered by many to be very much sought-after.
A pale, almost white, blue blouse, tied at the front with leather strings, complements Semarinne's deep blue eyes. The blouse is tastefully paired with a knee-length turquoise skirt. Finishing off the outfit are black wher-hide boots, rather worn but still in good working condition. Semarinne wears the knot of a Ista Hold Resident.
Semarinne is 21 Turns, 3 months, and 20 days old.

Silver Ring
A delicate band of silver, the size of a woman's finger. Without any decoration, save for a tiny spot of diamond, it still has an appeal of beauty of its own. Silver Ring is being worn.There is an inscription on Silver Ring.

Merdia says, "It's lovely."

Semarinne smiles, her eyes sparkling. "Thank you," she grins. "I think so too. 'Specially since /I/ made it!" she laughs. "He bought it from me one day for a mark, then ups and asks Cat to inscribe something in it then gives it to me. You wanna see what he got inscribed?" she asks, rolling her eyes playfully.

Merdia grins. "Sure you want to share that?"

Semarinne laughs. "It's no biggie," she assures her friend. "Cat saw it."

Merdia giggles. "Cat /wrote/ it. Of course she read it."

The inscription on Silver Ring reads:
To Rinne, with all my love forever. Clay

Merdia smiles. "Very nice. What a lovely sentiment." She looks almost wistful for a moment, just a shadow passing really, before she returns the ring with a grin. "Sounds like he's pretty serious."

Semarinne laughs, sliding the ring back onto her finger carefully, with a hint of a wistful smile on her lips. "Clay /loves/ teasing me," she grins. "He made me kiss him before he agreed to tell me what he wanted Cat to write on the ring."

Merdia chuckles quietly. "I'll bet he /really/ had to twist your arm."

Semarinne giggles. "Believe it or not, he had to steal it."

The very thought puts a little flush on Merdia's cheeks, but the grin stays. "With you kicking and fighting the entire time, no doubt!"

Semarinne turns pink. "I think I kicked him," she laughs. "Gently, of course," she adds with a chuckle.

Merdia nods, but she's not buying it. "Well," she says, deciding to let it go, "so you have a ... special friend at Ista." She smiles. "That's terrific, Rinne. Couldn't happen to a nicer person."

Semarinne smiles gratefully. "Thank you," she beams. "And you? Got anyone in mind?" she grins.

Merdia blushes insanely. "That's a bit complicated," she says quietly.

Semarinne nods slowly, slight concerned. "Why, what's wrong?" she asks, a soft look in her eyes.

Merdia shakes her head. "It isn't anything serious... it's almost silly, really." She shifts a bit uncomfortably in her seat. "I grew up in a huge family - I have six brothers, so I've always been comfortable around men... until they stop acting like brothers and start acting like... well... /men/."

Semarinne nods. "I have to say I don't really /understand/ that, since all I've got 'sides me parents is little Everinne."

Sigh... Unfortunately, Semarinne couldn't stay and chat... so the explanation will just have to wait. :)