Abundant chestnut curls frame a heart-shaped face, of which the most striking features are a pair of wide dark eyes. Her pale complexion, almost translucent, is dotted with a few golden freckles. Merdia is tall and graceful, her slight frame belying surprising physical strength, the result of many Turns of hard work. Her hands, though neatly manicured, are work-hardened, and a faint, jagged scar crosses the breadth of her right palm.
Practical and unassuming, Merdia wears a soft, longsleeved tunic the color of new leaves, gathered at the waist by a sturdy wherhide belt. Dark brown trousers are tucked into supple wherhide boots, obviously well-worn but carefully maintained.
A simple silver band, carefully carved in a design of flowers and leaves in a neverending vine, encircles the smallest finger of Merdia's left hand.
A double cord, blue and forest green, loops once at Merdia's shoulder, the long tail and single tassle denoting her status as Gar's Assistant StableMaster.